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Quit growing your audience and focus on these 3 things instead.

94. You’re Not New At This

Stop lying to people and telling them you’re still new in business.

You’re not.

It’s also costing you money and costing them the results they desperately want to think of yourself as a beginner.

Listen to this short and sweet episode to get the 3 ways to change your “I’m new” belief into a much more profitable and confident “I’m the best person to help you right now” belief.



Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, I want you to stop what you’re doing right now and subscribe and leave a review, if you haven’t done so already pretty pleased. And thank you, it helps a ton for the show to get shown to more people so we can help more people. And I mean, candidly, I forget to ask for reviews. I put it in my notes to do that very first thing at the beginning of this episode, because I normally forget to do that. And it really, really does help to get the show out to more people. And to have more of an impact, which is the entire goal here. So please subscribe and leave a review, if you haven’t done so already. And also, while I’m at it, making all of my please Are you on LinkedIn, if so follow the profitable nutritionist page and connect with me personally over there. I just created a new profile recently, if you don’t know this about me, I in a blind rage deleted all of it wasn’t really a blind rage it kind of was it was a little self righteous. Anyway, I deleted all of my social media profiles, business and personal in 2021 720 2720 21. And LinkedIn was one of them that bit the dust. But I am back on LinkedIn and have created a new profile. And I’m really enjoying meeting podcast listeners over there. So if you are on LinkedIn, come and connect. Let’s chat. All right, let’s get into today’s topic, which is going to be very short and sweet. And to the point. First of all, do you find yourself saying things like I’m still new, or I’m still getting started? Or I’m not that experienced yet, when you are talking about your business or when you’re talking about working with clients? If so, I don’t want you to ever say anything like that, ever again, ever. It’s poison. It’s the antidote to money. It’s the opposite of what you want. Don’t call yourself a beginner. Don’t call yourself new. Don’t speak those words over your business either stop it right now. And now if you’re someone that says these words, or thinks these words, I can hear you loudly arguing in your mind right now is saying but it’s true. I am new. Did you talking about it’s true? No, you are not. And there is zero upside to you proclaiming that you are the words that you speak matter a lot. And the thoughts that you think in your mind, also known as the words that you’re saying to yourself, matter just as much. I have a client actually, I have several clients that I have coached this on recently, but one in particular came to a coaching call and the profitable nutritionist program. And she was frustrated because she had some really great marketing ideas. And I’ll tell you what those are in a second. But the crux of her coaching request was, I have some really great ideas for marketing. And I find myself not doing them, because I’m still new, and I just don’t feel comfortable. And then she told me what these marketing ideas were. In particular, there were there was a network of professionals that she followed online, on Twitter in particular, and she knows that she’s listening to this episode, she knows I’m talking about her. And she said, you know, Twitter is where I go to listen to the experts that I follow. That’s where amazing information is shared. I geek out on the science stuff. I love it. These people are so freakin smart. And I follow them there. But I don’t chime into the conversation. And I have some really great ideas about marketing. But I feel like since I’m still new, I’m just not going to get in the game there. And I’m not going to do those ideas. I keep putting it off. So I think that the coaching that she thought she was going to get on that was in regards to the strategy of the marketing. But what I coached her on and what I would coach you on, if you have similar thoughts is that you actually aren’t new. So I asked her on this call. I said, Well, tell me about being new. Why are you new? And she gave me all of the reasons why she was new how long she had been in practice, how many clients she had worked with or not worked with, as the case may be and the experience she didn’t have yet but she was going to be getting and the certifications that she could get in the future but doesn’t have yet fill in the blanks on all of the all of those things, right? And I said, Okay, this is fascinating. So when will you not be new anymore? And then the psych Hmm, that’s a hard question to answer. Of course, it’s a hard question to answer because there isn’t actually an answer. And we’re going to talk about that in a second. So I tell you this little snippet here, this memory of a recent coaching call with a client of mine, because I coach on this a lot. And if you are listening to the podcast at the beginning of your business, you may be having very similar thoughts that are poisoning the well for future clients to come to you for sure. And most of the time, it is very innocent when people tell me this and so it probably if this is something that you think often too you probably don’t even notice it, meaning my clients that say this a lot they’ll say it, like they’re just reporting the weather, like so. I mean, it’s not an issue when I say it’s innocent. It’s like it’s not an issue that they’re coming with. They’re just telling me well, since I’m new, I can’t do this or since I’m still new, I don’t have this experience, fill in the blank on whatever the thing is that can’t be done because you’re still new. Except Nope, you’re not new. This is just a story. It’s not actually true. Here’s what I want to offer, you are actually really well established. How is this true? I want your brain to explode with this. How is it true that you’re actually really, really well established? That you are an expert? In what you help people with? Even if you don’t have personal experience with it? Although I bet you do. How are you an expert? How are you really well established? How do you know a ton about this topic? How are you so well qualified to help people? How are you years, years decades may be ahead of them, the people that you’re helping, this is your life experience. This is your family’s experience. If you’re a parent, this can be your experience with your children, certifications, trainings that you’ve taken, all of that stuff counts here, how are you actually really well established? How are you really far along with your business and your understanding of what you do? Start thinking about that? Don’t think about being new, that’s not helping you and it’s not helping your people? How are you actually so well established? Now, I’m going to ask you this question. What a successful business owner think of someone that’s a really successful business owner, but that person in your mind, would they ever think of themselves as being new? Or would they say I have a baby business? Or I’m not well established yet? Or my business isn’t established enough? For blank? No, never, never that successful business owner would never say that. Because what’s the upside of saying or thinking that thought? Or taking on the identity of a beginner? Nothing? There’s absolutely no upside there. Nothing positive is going to come from that. Although many people think that they’re just being honest. And we’re gonna talk about that in a second. Well, I have to be honest with people. Hmm, do you? Are you being honest when you say that, because it’s actually not true. If you have this life experience, or your family experience, or your certification experience or professional experience, then are you being honest by saying you’re a beginner, oh, it’s just a safety blanket. So I want you to take off the safety blanket, when your brain offers up those thoughts that you’re new, that you’re a beginner, that you just have a baby business, whatever it is, I want you to have the mental image of you sucking your thumb with your safety blanket on while you’re thinking that thought.

Andrea Nordling 7:35
Because that’s exactly what’s happening. Instead of doing whatever the bold, uncomfortable thing would be that you actually want to do. That would be taking off the blanket standing up getting out of the corner and doing the thing. But your brain doesn’t want to do that. Because you have a human mind. And the your human brain just like mine wants to do the familiar thing it wants to do the safe thing it wants to stay comfortable, doesn’t want to do the hard stuff. It doesn’t want to do the uncertain things. No, it’s way better to say you’re a beginner and hide in the safety blanket, of course, but you’re not going to do that. Because you’re going to be a profitable business owner. And that’s going to require you to take off the safety blanket. But what if it was true. So this is the coaching I gave my client and that I always like to play this game too. Because your brain if you think that you’re new, or you think that you are not well established enough to do X, Y, or Z, your brain really believes that. So let’s just play along. Okay, what if that was true? What if you were new? And that was a thing? It’s not by the way, you could choose to believe the opposite, which is much more useful for you and for your clients. But let’s just play along, if you were a beginner, or you were new, and you were only a few steps ahead of your clients, wouldn’t that actually be incredibly beneficial for them? Because then you would be closer to the problems that they have and to understanding what they’re going through. And you’d be so much more relatable, wouldn’t that actually be incredibly reassuring to people? If you were a beginner? Do you see how this is just a perspective switch, it’s not a problem whatsoever. So if you can’t get your brain on board with the fact that you aren’t a beginner, then start to get your brain on board with the fact that maybe it’s amazing that you’re a beginner, maybe that’s perfect, maybe that’s exactly what your people need right now. I like to think of how many doctors are the experts, they’re not a beginner at all. And they speak over the heads of their patients to the detriment of their practice and to their patients and their patients results. Think about that. Enter. You have so many examples of experts that really are not relatable to their clients. They use words that they don’t understand concepts that they don’t understand. They’re not, they’re not in it. They don’t understand what people are going through and how they need things to be explained to them how to simplify the concepts to them. I’m sure you have many examples that come to mind. You don’t want to be that you can be the opposite. have that on purpose. So again, you are not a beginner. But if you are, if your brain says no, I’m serious, we are a beginner. And make that a good thing for yourself use, use whatever leverage you need to, for that mind of yours to get on board with the fact that it’s actually great. It’s not a reason to stay stuck or play small. It’s actually wonderful. Now, just to keep playing along for another second here, as if it was true that you are a beginner, which of course it isn’t. But if it was, when would you graduate from that beginner stage? I want you to figure this out. How will you know when you are a beginner anymore? I told you I asked this of my clients to say okay, so when are when do you graduate? When Aren’t you a beginner anymore? I asked this in the profitable nutritionist and then they fumble because your brain actually doesn’t want to quantify or qualify what beginner or what new means. These are just vague terms. They’re super subjective. They’re not easy to identify or to define. And that’s what your mind wants. Okay, it wants to use these vague labels. I’m a beginner, I’m new at this. Just getting started. It’s my first time just knew at this. Now, what does that even mean? When is it not your first time anymore?

Andrea Nordling 11:17
When are you not a beginner anymore? When are you not new? Decide what the parameters are? Okay, get to be new. Until it’s been three months. I get to be new until when it’s gonna get all jumbled here because you think it’s three months. But is it really for? Well, maybe it’s to carry the one? I’m not sure. It’s a whole so gray. Right? What would it actually mean to not be a beginner anymore? Is it when you’ve worked with two clients? Or is it when you’ve worked with 10? Clients? And what if some of those are practice clients? This is how your your brain will get squiggly? And it’s like, well, what if some of those are practice clients? And do those really count? What if they didn’t pay the full rate? Maybe it pay in full clients? Yeah, that must be it. Okay, so it’s 10 pay in full? But what if at all? But what if some of those who got referred from my family and they didn’t really count because they weren’t strangers on the internet? So those didn’t count. So I’m still new at this. They weren’t really in my niche. Those don’t count these days? Or do you hear? Can you just feel the the negotiation that your brain will have when you try to quantify and qualify what a beginner is? Because it isn’t a thing. So just do this? Question the whole assertion for yourself. If this is something that is a familiar pattern in your mind, your brain does not want metrics and specifics. In this case, it wants the safety of being that baby business owner and having that label and staying very vague, because then you don’t have to do the big stuff. So it’s a cop out. And it’s just very familiar to say I’m new, I’m still new, I’m still learning data data, saying that you’re still new is just familiar, and it’s just comfortable. But it is not actually true. These thoughts, any thought really is just a sentence in your brain. Now beliefs are those sentences that you’ve repeated so often in your brain that you don’t even question if they’re true or not. You just believe them wholeheartedly, unquestioningly. That’s a belief you believe them. Makes sense, right? This is an important reminder, because your brain is going to collect evidence for whatever it is that you currently believe. That’s what it does. That’s what it’s supposed to do. You have rehearsed the sentences over and over and over again, I’ve said this a lot on the podcast, but I’ll repeat it a very common pattern that I have, in my mind, a belief that I have that I coached myself on quite a bit, but it still keeps coming up in lots of different varieties wearing new outfits all the time, is that I’m behind. It’s just, it’s just a sentence. It’s a sentence that I have rehearsed in my brain so many times that I choose to believe it most of the time, and I don’t even question it. Because that’s what our brains do. I’m behind is, is my version of that for you at this point in your business? It may be I’m still new at this, I’m still learning, I’m still getting started. I’m still I still have a baby business, or it’s not a real business, or it’s my side hustle, any version of that. Okay. So now if you’ve believed this, because you’ve just rehearsed that sentence in your mind, so many times, you’re not going to question that’s what your brain does. Okay? Your brain is going to then collect evidence to support those beliefs. So it’s not going to notice all of the people that you can help. It’s going to focus on the experts, quote, unquote, experts that you think are the only people with credibility. Okay, it’s not going to see all of the opportunities to share your expertise with people. It’s going to laser focus on that one question that you don’t know the answer to, that it’s going to ruminate on that for days or for weeks, instead, because that’s what our brains do. It collects the evidence to support what we already believe. You see how this works. So the downstream effect of you thinking of yourself as a newbie or a beginner, is really not in service to your people, because you won’t help them if you think of yourself that way. You’ll shy away from networking opportunities, you’re going to shy away from marketing your business talking about your business, having sales Conversations are any organic, I can help you conversations at all. If you believe that you’re still a beginner, that’s not helping anyone know, your brain is going to tell you that you are helping them because you’re not misleading them. It’s like, Well, I’m just being honest, I’m just telling people, I’m just being honest, that I’m still new. Well, that’s not actually helping them because they want the help. They want the expertise that you do have and the knowledge that you do have. So I want to be really clear, I’m not suggesting that you inflate any numbers or figures or you lie to anyone to appear to be more of an expert than you actually are. That’s not what I’m saying. But here’s the truth. Nobody needs to know how many clients you have, you certainly don’t need to volunteer that information. And if someone asks, you can genuinely answer that you do have availability for new clients right now, make it a positive thing for them. That because you aren’t at full capacity right now, it’s great for them, because they’ll have your undivided attention, or they’ll have a lot of your attention. So I have seen this come up before actually had a conversation in the mastermind about this with one of the students in the mastermind, who had bought the profitable nutritionist program early with one of the first launches when I first created the program and started launching it. And she thought that my program was way more full than it was because of the way that I talked about the results that my clients were already getting. Now, I want to be clear, not because I was lying, or I was misleading at all with any numbers of how many people were in the program, or how well established it was nothing like that. But she said it was so interesting that just because of my confidence and my conviction and how I was marketing and selling the program, and how I was clearly never thinking of myself as a beginner, even though I could have because it was the first time I had ever created the program and deliver that offer. She picked up on my confidence in that. And she felt so calm and just compelled to buy because of that. But she said it’s so interesting, I thought that there were so many more people in the program that there were in the beginning, just because of the way you talked about it. Now the opposite is also true, which is the entire purpose of this episode, if you aren’t talking about your offer, and if you’re minimizing it and shrinking it because you think of yourself as a beginner and you think you’re protecting people from your beginner newness, that’s going to have the opposite effect. So you see, instead of lying or inflating anything at all, that’s of course not what I’m suggesting, I just want you to consider that all you need to do here is change the way you think about yourself and about your business. So every time you have that familiar thought that might be just passing through your brain about being new or being a beginner or being small in any way. Change it. Just recognize it. have awareness of that thought is here again. Okay. Yep, this keeps popping up. And just immediately remind yourself that it isn’t actually true, then reframe that thought into how you actually are well established, how you actually are an expert, how you actually do have extensive experience because you do 100% You do. Pretty soon your beliefs will catch up, and you’re no longer going to default to those thoughts of beginner nests because they weren’t ever true anyway. Alright, so no more saying your new no more saying your business is new, or anything of the sort from here on out. Okay. And then come on over to LinkedIn and connect with me. But I mean, for goodness sake, don’t expect too much because I’m still new at LinkedIn. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. I’m an expert. I’m very well established on LinkedIn. It’s been almost two weeks. All right. Have a wonderful, wonderful week, my friend

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