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Quit growing your audience and focus on these 3 things instead.

Recommended Tools

I’ve learned a thing or two about maximizing the right tools at the right stage of business growth to save dozens of hours each week and minimize stress and overwhelm… without wasting time or money on software you don’t actually need.

Here’s the tried and true list of tools and resources that will help your business operate more efficiently and make more money at each stage.


All-In-One Website + Course Platform


The all-in-one website, email marketing, payment processing and course hosting platform I personally used and recommend to keep your marketing and sales tech simple and make the first million in your online coaching business.

Client Management Platform

Practice Better

The only platform you need for managing your clients – from booking discovery calls to automatically delivering protocols and everything in between.

Website Platform


Simple drag and drop website editor with beautiful templates to get your site up and running fast.

Email Marketing


New to email marketing? Don’t have a website yet? Use ConvertKit to create beautiful landing pages to start grabbing email addresses even if you don’t have a website, yet. Then send email broadcasts and automated sequences to your new list with CK’s easy to use email builder and templates.

Virtual Meeting


Host discovery calls, client meetings, webinars and more with the Zoom platform.

Appointment Scheduler


Similar to Calendly or other online schedulers, TidyCal is what we use because of the small lifetime payment vs ongoing monthly payments. Works like a charm.

Hire tech contractors


Find expert freelancers to do ANY tech related project in your business – from one time projects to ongoing support. You will be so relieved to have an expert handling your tech so you can focus on what you do best: Supporting your clients.

Must-Read Book

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Business finances need to be handled differently than your personal finances…but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Read Profit First and implement the simple revenue allocation system so you can stop stressing over taxes and actually start paying yourself every month.

marketing Strategy

Free Masterclass

In my FREE masterclass “3 Secrets To Make $100K In Your Practice Without Social Media” I’ll show you how to set up your business for massive success by focusing on just 3 things that no one else is talking about.

Wellness Website Course

Website In A Weekend

Create your simple, streamlined website that SELLS your services on autopilot 24/7…. In just a few hours using proven templates and simple tech tools.

Graphic Design


Use Canva’s graphic design templates for creating quick, branded visuals like PDF’s and logos that look great even if you aren’t a professional designer and have no idea what you’re doing (like me)

Organization Software


Get organized with this free software to streamline your ideas and processes so they’re all in one place.



Automate contract signatures and stay organized with DocuSign. (Note: If you use PracticeBetter or a similar software for client management you may already have this functionality and don’t need an extra service.)

Project Management System

ClickUp Process Driven Course

If you don’t use a project management software to automate your daily, weekly and monthly recurring tasks and one-off projects, the time is now. We use Clickup for all TPN Team and personal project management which has increased productivity considerably and reduced inefficiencies across the board. To set up the software we used this simple Clickup Course by Process Driven and highly recommend you do the same if your current to do list system involves post it notes or notebooks.

Video Communication


Bonjoro scales, tracks and personalizes video communication between you and your leads and clients. Use Bonjoro to uplevel your marketing, get reviews or feedback from leads, generate video testimonials from your clients or surprise and delight your new customers or leads with personalized welcome videos. The possibilities are endless.

Video Editing


If you do anything with video, you need to download Kapwing. It makes editing videos, resizing videos, adding subtitles and creating GIFs a breeze.

Podcasting Tools

Podcasting Tools

Should you start a podcast? Get the answer to that question AND a list of my favorite podcasting tools and resources on this page.

Podcast Hosting


The best podcast hosting platform around.

Podcast Matchmaking


Get booked as a guest on podcasts that serve your ideal client base AND book guest experts on your podcast through the paid Podmatch platform.

Audio Recording


Record high quality podcast episodes with guests virtually through the Zencastr platform so you don’t end up with an entire episode to re-record when the Zoom audio isn’t working right. (Ask me how I know this…)


InstaLink 360

I love this InstaLink 360 that can move if needed, but mostly because it works well in rooms that aren’t well lit but the video quality is still very high.



Get transcripts from recordings of zoom calls or podcast episodes quickly and seamlessly so you can upload them to your website or client portal.

Print On Demand


Do you send out physical printouts like workbooks? DocuCopies allows for print-on-demand services in small quantities and will package and ship for you. You DO NOT have to stand in line at Staples waiting for 5 (or 50) workbook printouts any longer.

Brand Photography

Work Play Branding

4 branded photo shoots a year PLUS all your social media feeds planned out 90 days in advance. Yes, all of that is automated and branded to your exact aesthetic and needs when you use the Work Play Branding service like I do. This service is one of the best professional investments I have EVER made because it makes the visual branding and images in my business beautiful and cohesive without me having to figure out how to do it and we get 600+ new images to use each quarter. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Webinar Platform


If webinars are part of your marketing and sales strategy, Demio may be a good investment. We started using Demio to better track user engagement during live and automated webinars and have been able to really hone in on delivering the best experience for our participants based on the unique data Demio provides.

Email Marketing + CRM


AC is a very robust email marketing platform for scaling businesses. (Not recommended for beginners because of the steeper learning curve to access all the functionalities.) Active Campaign is unique in the sense that you can also use it as a full CRM in addition to taking leads through complex funnels, email automations, segmenting and lead management.

Landing Pages


As your business continues to grow, so do your needs for collecting data. We use LeadPages for compiling data on viewers and conversion as well as A/B testing different versions of registration pages and sales pages to easily find the best converting headlines and formats before publishing them on the static website.

Customer Support


Ever wonder how to create one of those “Do you need help?” widgets on your website or sales page? This one is our favorite.

Shopping Cart


More A/B testing! ThriveCart allows you to test variations of checkout page copy and layouts to hone in on the version that converts the highest for your customers. We also love ThriveCart for the ability to set up affiliates and pay them automatically when they rack up commissions.

Print + Ship


When you’re shipping out physical products or printed materials like workbooks or welcome boxes, check out Disk.com as a drop ship option. Though it is not print-on-demand like DocuCopies you are able to store quantities of all your shippable items and ship on demand. We use this for workbook purchases in The Profitable Nutritionist Program in particular.

Get the profitable practice free course

Start making more money in your holistic nutrition or health coaching business right now without relying on social media.

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Woman standing behind a desk next to a computer screen displaying a wellness quiz advertisement.

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