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116. You Can’t Do It All: How To Do Less and Make More with Laura McLennan

Can you grow a substantial nutrition business without doing what everyone else is doing? Absolutely. The Profitable Nutritionist® student Laura McLennan is a great example of exactly that. On this podcast episode, Laura graciously shares how, over the last year, she has:

  • Created a hybrid business of in-person and virtual clients
  • Repeatedly exceeded $10K/month in revenue
  • Filled a live workshop with over 50 attendees (without her own marketing)
  • Tested her unique client processes
  • Used two specific tech platforms to automate her client delivery process and free up the majority of her time (without it feeling automated to the client)
  • And more.

And more, all while still “figuring out” her exact processes and ideal client base and maintaining her own health, sanity, and family time. Enjoy! Where You Can Find Laura:WEBSITEIGFB


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist Podcast. Today I am joined by a TPN student. Her name is Laura McLennan. And she is sharing some really, really valuable Intel in terms of telling her story and the evolution of her business over the last few years, but specifically what she has implemented in the last six months, which has allowed her to triple the amount of clients that she can take on in a month, streamline her systems, and is really being able to scale her business. So spoiler, she’s huge takeaway for her is that she can’t do it all. And she has to do less. So she can make more money, which she is very, very successfully doing. So I cannot wait for you to hear specifically what she has changed in her processes. And Laura went into great detail on this episode with what wasn’t working in her one on one Client Onboarding, and supporting her clients what she learned through working with her first clients for the first few years of her business. And then how she has been able to streamline that process using a couple different software’s which she talks about as well. So this is a tactical, but also strategic episode, you’re gonna get the nuts and bolts, but also the big picture strategy on how and when to know if you need to shore up some of these systems for yourself. So she talks about using these two software’s in conjunction and how she is now able to automate a lot of her client process, but still keep what she called the soft edges, which I love, which is the personal communication and the personal touches. So she has figured out a fusion of both, which I am so glad that she shared exactly how she’s doing that. And then she also brought us on the journey of how she knew that she couldn’t do it all and what does that actually mean? So if you are at the point in your business, where you are wondering how can I actually bring on more clients when I don’t have more hours in the day and there isn’t more of me to do research, and to send protocols and to send follow ups and to do scheduling and to go back and forth on rescheduling? And all of the things how do I actually make more money, because there is a point where those systems that you initially set up when you’re being scrappy, and you’re figuring it out, are not going to work anymore. So if you are at that stage, you are going to love everything that Laura is sharing. If you are not yet at that stage, believe me, you will be sooner than you think. And you’re also going to love what Laura was sharing. So without further ado, let’s get into it. All right, Laura, welcome to the podcast. We were just saying before we hit record, this is long overdue, because Laura has so much to share about the last six months in her business. So before we get into that, do you want to catch us up to speed a little bit on how you got to where you are today? Like, how did you get here? What do you do? And how did you start doing it? What’s your story?

Speaker 1 2:40
Oh, gosh, well, it started back in 2015, I would say when like most practitioners, we were all you know, sick and tired and tired of being sick and tired. And that was about 2015, I had a lot of digestive issues. And I had just made it my mission to get to the bottom of all of it. And by 2017, I had seen my chiropractor and she had suggested that I have my blood analysis done. And I had never heard of it. I thought what in the world is this? And I had it done. She had a practitioner in her office. And I couldn’t believe the world that opened up for me. I had seen my end game. I knew right then in there, I have to do this. Yeah, that’s so cool. Yeah, it was pretty wild. And at that time, I was working as a biologist, I’ve been a biologist for about 20 years. And so I always had this science mind. And when I had seen my blood on this big screen, I thought the heavens had opened and I had found my place in the world. It was really it was quite remarkable. And at that moment, I told my husband, you have to have this done, you have to see what’s going on in your body. And then I had done it a few times. And then I realized I have to get out of my corporate world. And I need to do this, I need to do this for myself, I need to do this for everybody that I know, I need to change the world with this one tool. And so at that time I embarked on Yeah, I knew I had an end game, I was going to quit my job and I was going to have my own practice. At that time. I really didn’t know what it was gonna look like but I just knew that live blood analysis was something that I was going to do. So I looked at how do I need to do this? How do I need to incorporate this into my work? And how do I get this started? So I realized I had to do a diploma in holistic nutrition, which was absolutely okay with me because it was a bit of a foodie buy in my heart. I loved food I loved how food can you No work with the body. So I started studying part time while working full time I was a mom, I was a wife, I was all of it. But my, my husband was very supportive at that time and knew that if this was going to be my end game, he’d be all in and supportive. And so I did, I just launched into working full time and studying part time. So every evening, I was in my office reading, but it wasn’t a lot of work because I absolutely loved what I was learning. So it felt really, really amazing. To just go okay, I’m, I’m off to my office, I’m after study, and I would learn something new. And I would come back with all these exciting things and tell my husband, like you wouldn’t believe this. And I would talk about it nonstop. And and our kids were really busy and sports too. So I would take them to soccer, baseball, hockey, the ski hill, volleyball everywhere I went, like

Andrea Nordling 6:02
my life. This sounds like my life. I’m understanding this very deeply, but

Speaker 1 6:07
But I went everywhere with my books. So everywhere I went, I had this boatload of books that I would pull out and I put myself off in the corner, I put my earbuds in and I would read I would make my notes. And now all these people are seeing me do this every single time that I go to whatever practice I was at. So really, people started to go, what are you doing? And I loved sharing whatever I was learning, I’d be like, Oh my gosh, did you know how to fibers and an apple, you know, just random stuff that I would be learning. And I would always be sharing. So there was a lot of people that were connected in my journey of that learning process. And so by the time I had finished all of my studies, it was 2020. So I finally graduated, I had gone through this process, but it often didn’t feel like a whole ton of work, because I really did love what I was learning. But I was, needless to say, I was very excited to graduate and have all that done. And that was in April of 2020. And then oddly enough, I was getting ready. I was getting excited, like what is my business going to look like? Where am I going to be? What’s it? What am I going to do. And three weeks later, I get this really crazy phone call from my doctor, she tells me I have breast cancer, oh my gosh, I was like, I’ve got time for this. Oh my goodness, I

Andrea Nordling 7:37
had no idea. This is an edge. It was

Speaker 1 7:41
crazy. And so it was it was a bit of a kick in the gut. It really pulled the carpet out from under me. But it was such a gift at the same time. It really, really was. Because I was going 1000 miles an hour all the time. And I really was I mean, my stress level was really off the charts. And that was the that was the reason why I had to get out of my corporate job. As a biologist, I really had to get out of there because I knew the stress was racking my life. And I knew it wasn’t going to get better anywhere else. You know, if I move to another company, it wasn’t going to change. It was just the stress level was killing me literally. So I had known that was the reason I had to switch gears. But this all couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed that time to really reevaluate where my priorities were, what I wanted life to look like what I wanted my job to look like what I wanted my career, my family life, and how I could put all of that in balance. I really needed that kick in the gut, I don’t think I would have been able to reevaluate my priorities otherwise. So oddly, yes, it was a bit of a gift. I mean, it was it was a it was a tough goal, because I had, you know, surgeries and chemotherapy and radiation. So 2020 and 2021. Were a bit of a kick in the gut, but really good for me to look at how do I want my business to look like and how am I going to evolve this venture? So by spring 2021 So it was about a year after I’d had the diagnosis, I decided, okay, I’m I’m doing this I had decided I’m quitting corporate life. And this is this is where I need to go for my own health and wellness. So it was like all everything aligned. It was time. Slowly I started to I first emailed all my friends and family and said As you know, I know you’ve all known that, you know, I’ve been working really hard it’s studying. And this is what I’ve been doing. This is what the last year has looked like. But this is where I’m at. And this is what I’m ready to do. I have my microscope, I’m, you know, I set up my office, it’s it’s at home, but it’s just disconnected from the house. So you actually enter into my clinic here. And I couldn’t believe the response. I if people were like, Yeah, I’m in, I’d love to see what you’ve been doing for the last five years.

Andrea Nordling 10:36
What’s happening in that cave of yours, Laura? Oh.

Speaker 1 10:41
And, of course, everyone was happy to know, I was well, and I was healthy, and it was moving forward. And that that was a big part of, you know, just knowing that I was well, and that I was really eager to share what I had learned over that whole journey. And the cancer part of it was, you know, part of my journey and part of my knowledge base and where I was coming from. And at that time, funnily enough, I thought, okay, I really want to start to treat cancer patients, because I’ve now personally involved but I, you know, my sister had passed away with cancer, my dad had passed with cancer, I thought, cancer is really where I wanted to go.

Andrea Nordling 11:24
No, no, no, tell me why I’m so curious. I think I could guess but,

Speaker 1 11:30
you know, I really thought that I’m so personally involved, I’m invested. I really I know this journey. I know it? Well, I have a lot to share. I couldn’t do it, it was way too close to home. I would, you know, had these clients that came in that were, you know, in the process of a cancer journey, or, you know, had finished their cancer journey. And I just couldn’t do it. It was, it was way too hard. It was it was too raw, it was too close it, I realized, no, that is not my niche, I don’t. But I continued to do the live blood analysis, I continued to see a lot of clients that had digestive issues, and then it evolved into a lot of women that were menopausal. But I also found that a lot of people wanted to lose weight, they had high blood pressure, cholesterol levels were through the roof, they’re pre diabetic, and I started to think, wow, like, people really need help with their weight loss journey. And because I was already dealing with live blood analysis is my modality to really investigate the body and see what’s going on and provide a protocols with, you know, supplements or lifestyle changes or diet changes. To help them achieve wellness, I was already using blood as my tool, I started to really dive into what tools can I use to help people with their weight loss, and I found metabolic balance. And that was another game changer for me. So that is a weight loss program, but it’s based on your blood values. So again, it was like, Oh, I’m tying all this, you know, science nerdy science business that I have naturally. Yeah, and I’m incorporating not only, you know, the live blood analysis that I do here in my own clinic. But now if it’s a weight loss, specifically a weight loss program that people are wanting, I can still use the blood analysis, but it’s done at a lab. And then we analyze the blood values and provide a nutrition program based on those blood values specifically, and what is imbalance with the low end what’s on the high end what’s outside those ranges all tell us a story on how the body is functioning, and then build a nutrition plan. Based on that. I know certain foods that have a very particular nutrient value, can help put those excesses and deficiencies in balance. So now a sudden I had this really amazing tool to help people lose weight. But then I also have this real strong visual tool that can really motivate people to make these changes to elevate their health and wellness.

Andrea Nordling 14:24
So the visual tool is what they see after you do the live blood analysis. Right.

Speaker 1 14:29
So I show what I see under the microscope on a big screen. So we’re both looking at it at the same time. So in in real time, I am looking at the blood and going this is what I see here. And this is what we need to do. And this is what you have to change. This is what we’re going to bring in to a protocol. And then they look back at the blood again in about three or four months and we look for those positive changes over time. So it’s a real visual cue for people to see how their body is functioning. So it’s a motivator. For sure, because they want to get

Andrea Nordling 15:01
better. Oh, incredible. I love that. Yeah,

Speaker 1 15:05
so that was where I thought I was going. In my practice, it did change, just based on what my client’s needs were, as I saw more and more clients, I saw, there was a need. And I tried to, you know, just do some digging and figure out how I can meet that. And metabolic balance was reserved, a tool that I absolutely love. And it’s been a nice addition to my practice. Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 15:33
I know, several people talk about this inside the profitable nutritionist program, this is something that’s going on in the lodge, people are talking about metabolic balance a lot. So like, kind of loving, like hearing the behind the scenes of how that works.

Speaker 1 15:46
It’s, I really, really love that program for a weight loss program. And it’s, it still allows me to do one on one. So the clients that I have come in the clinic, generally they’re doing the live blood analysis, and it’s a one on one, and the metabolic balance then allows me to go virtual, and then I can have clients all over the place. So because I don’t need to see them in the clinic, I just need them to go to Life Lab, so a laboratory to have their blood drawn. And then I get those results. And then I work with the doctors, and the metabolic balance team in Germany, we put together a nutrition plan, and then I share that with the client, but they don’t have to be here in the clinic, I can be here and they can be you know, anywhere in a we’re in Canada. So I know you know that so anywhere in Canada, then I can able to provide a program for them. I mean, we just regularly zoom. So it really allowed me to expand my services that were needing to be in the clinic. So that was a real game changer that elevated my business where I didn’t see it coming in. And that’s where, you know, that sort of June month came about. I’m so

Andrea Nordling 17:06
excited to talk about this. Okay, so this is just I have the timeline, right? So spring 2021, you’re done with your own cancer treatment, you’re ready to launch your business, you let your friends and family know, the open sign is turned on and ready. Let’s go. You have a great response. So this is solely with one on ones in person. And yes, yes.

Speaker 1 17:27
So thoroughly. That was really what I had anticipated my business was going to be was just one on ones here in the clinic, they would come in, I would do their live blood analysis, I’d create a protocol. And I had a vision that you know, I had a space where I was going to have some supplements that I would have retail space, so I could supply all their supplements. I was doing tea, I had branded my own tea, and there were certain teas that I had that I was thinking, Oh, I’m gonna do all this spaghetti and see what, what sticks. And I expected everything to stick on the walls.

Andrea Nordling 18:06
Oh, we are so optimistic at the beginning.

Speaker 1 18:12
It was great. I really, it was that. So I was spending so much time like ordering and specific client orders and and how am I going to do tea and I had bags of tea and labels in it. I was like I said there was spaghetti everywhere. So that was 2021 and 20. Give us

Andrea Nordling 18:35
an idea. How many clients were you taking on in a month at this point,

Speaker 1 18:39
at this point. So I started in spring 2021. I probably had, oh gosh, maybe about three for a month. And then it just started to snowball. And it was all word of mouth. It was all that first email. It was just a very heartfelt and very organic. This is what I’m doing. I know you’ve all known I’ve been studying. And finally today like here it is. This is what I’m doing. And oh yeah, by the way to have a little setback this year. With

Unknown Speaker 19:15
that little blip on the radar, but we’re not

Speaker 1 19:17
there yet. But here I am, you know, short hair and all and we’re going at it. So I Yeah, it was about three and never friends. They were just curious. And then they started to feel results. And they were, you know, feeling really good. And they were telling other people and they were telling their friends and telling their family and then all of a sudden I was getting all these referrals and then it was growing and I was probably getting it was like four or five, six months and then yeah, it was just a new ones. And then there were people that I didn’t even know they were just reaching out and saying hey you know so and so told me We’d like to connect with you. And I really didn’t do any active marketing other than that first email sent out. And it was all referrals. And so I guess all of 2021 it was manageable. It wasn’t crazy, but I was putting new systems in place. So it’s just perfect because it wasn’t too many. But it wasn’t like there was nobody knocking on my door. But it was just enough for me to figure out how much to put in a report how many supplements were a good, sort of a sweet spot for people to manage, there wasn’t too much not too overwhelming, but just enough for them to make enough changes at some supplements and make changes to their diet. So I was really working on that process of booking them working on a website, I was getting, you know, online booking in organized and, and getting my social setup like a Facebook page and Instagram, and it was learning Instagram, I’d never used Instagram my life. But I’m, you know, fumbling along and just trying to navigate all of this newness, and not get overwhelmed with too many clients, it was just enough, it was just enough for me to grow organically managed my back end stuff, but not get too caught up in, in doing all that back end. Because I was taking I was honestly taking this imperfect action, and just winging it most of the time and just evaluating and making changes and going okay, that didn’t work so well. And that’s when I thought my ideas of growing and going, Oh, I’m gonna do this, this, this and this. And it’s gonna do everything right here in this space. And I was quickly overwhelmed with no, I can’t do it all I can’t. And then in 2020 tool, I started I was listening to your podcast, and I had come across your emails. I honestly don’t even remember the first one I came across. I don’t even know how we got connected. But it was a long time I did a few to free courses. Follow the emails, I logged into your website or went into your website a couple of times more than once I know it peruse around, you know, Oh, this looks interesting. And then I don’t know, I would go no, no, no, I can manage this. No. No, it was one of your podcasts. I was listening to you. And I remember I was driving in my car. And I remember exactly where I was and where I was driving. And it was your clients are a reflection of you. I nearly stopped the car pulled over and like logged into your website that right then and there. I just I realized that. But the business wasn’t all about just getting clients. There was there was so much more to it than that. And it was that moment that it realized, oh my goodness, yes. It isn’t all about scrambling for more clients. It’s a mindset. And, and that’s where I knew okay, I I’ve got to do this. I’ve just got to

Andrea Nordling 23:23
Okay, so sometime in 2022 You joined the program. That was the turning point. No, I

Speaker 1 23:28
actually I was born March of this year. What was it? Okay. Okay. Yeah, so like I said, I was following you for a very long time.

Andrea Nordling 23:37
Not Yeah. Okay. With the concept of your clients are a mirror of you when you heard that, like, what were you resonating with them mirroring back to you? Specifically, do you remember?

Speaker 1 23:50
Well, if I was having a hard time, or if I was frustrated or if I felt it was going to be hard, they were going to have a hard time and if I was struggling with my systems or if I was like in my office thinking how am I going to sell tea and supplements and this and that and and plus put a food protocol together for them and a supplement protocol and it was like how am I going to do all of this and expect them to think it’s very simple, very clear. And very straightforward what I need them to do

Andrea Nordling 24:26
Oh, that’s so good. So

Speaker 1 24:30
no, I’ve got spaghetti everywhere thinking it’s going to work. How am I How am I going to expect my clients to feel secure and then it’s a simple that I’ve got them and I’m going to make it simple for them. There was no snow way. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 24:45
Oh my gosh, that’s just called I love it. Absolutely love it and completely agree.

Speaker 1 24:51
Yeah. And and then I started to, I launched into all the goodies and nuggets that were in The program in what really stuck with me was the belief in the self belief in my clients. Belief in my offer, and belief is what’s possible for my business. Then I was I felt like, Okay, I really, I found my tribe, and this thing really resonated. But you know, it’s so crazy. For the longest time I kind of just dabbled a little in your website and listening to the podcast. I can do this. Do I need this program? I can do this. No, no, no, no, no. No, I knew. Okay. This is this is gonna be gold. And it was it really it has been it is really been. It’s really moved the needle for my business, for sure.

Andrea Nordling 25:50
That’s so exciting. Okay, so you joined March 2023. Yep. So between April 2021. And so let’s say two years, you didn’t you were working with clients, you were figuring out your processes. You were trial and error. And you were throwing all this spaghetti as we do. Congratulations, by the way, because it’s hard. And you figure it out, you learned so much about yourself, I always think of like entrepreneurship is just the like, personal development bootcamp, you are going to learn all of the things you’re insecure about.

Unknown Speaker 26:19
You are going to see them, like

Andrea Nordling 26:22
come up real fast, and you’re going to have a lot of discomfort. That’s what we do. So you did it. And you came in the program. So excited that you did that. Because I know that you did actually move very quickly through the process, and specifically into the month of June where we did the 3k in 30 days challenge. So are we ready to talk about that?

Unknown Speaker 26:40
Yes, yes.

Andrea Nordling 26:42
So fun. 3k, in 30 days challenge we do twice a year in the program. And so Laura was in there in plenty of time to be able to take advantage in June. I knew none of this was happening behind the scenes, she was very quiet about what was going on during June until it was all done and dusted in July, then she came clean about what June had produced.

Speaker 1 27:06
Yes, I had heard about the 3k in 30 days, just because I had followed you for for quite some time. And so I was so curious about this 3k in 30 days, and I thought I can do this. And because I had just started as a certified metabolic balance coach in the fall of 2022. So I could see the potential of how I could easily do 3000 In a month. So I thought, why not just shifted a little and I thought, well, let’s go for 6000. That’s love it. Yeah, because I had seen, you know, a few of my clients that I started out with in October. So it’s a six month program. So by June, I had seen the results. And I knew how good it was. And I knew how valuable this program was. And I knew the results would come. So I had decided, Okay, I’m gonna shoot for 6000. And I had organised to do a presentation with a couple the personal trainers here in my little town. And I’ve never done it before I had a presentation. I don’t know what what what’s the harm, you know, one or two people show up, or maybe no one will show up. And I’ll sit and have a tea. Who knows. So I connected with a couple of local personal trainers. And I heard said, you know, I know that you work really hard with, you know, a lot of women who are trying to lose weight, they’re trying to get set, they’re trying to elevate their wellness while I have this tool that can really help them with their weight loss and their nutrition, and their food intake while you help them you know, get stronger and exercise and have their cardio. I can’t do that. But I can certainly fill the gap for what they should feel their body with. So I decided to do this presentation with their ladies that come to their classes and their husbands and I couldn’t believe it. There was like 50 people that showed off. Oh, my goodness is amazing. I was like, wow, okay, people really want to know, they really want to know, how do they feel their bodies? And how do they elevate their health and wellness with nutrition?

Andrea Nordling 29:37
Let’s take a minute and talk about podcasts. Here’s how they work. You subscribe, and then every Tuesday rain or shine, you’re going to get a brand new episode in your feed for free from me that’s going to help you make more money in less time and impact more people’s lives. It’s incredible. Don’t we just have the best jobs by the way? We sure do. And because we don’t run any ads on this show, the one thing I would ask from you in exchange For all the value that you’re getting here is to take 60 seconds after you subscribe and leave a review. When you rate their podcasts and leave a review. It tells apple and Spotify and all the other podcast platforms that this is quality content. And then those algorithms share it with way more people who also want to impact more people’s lives. See what I’m saying? Leaving that quick review might just change everything for someone else and their business, we’ve made it really easy. If you don’t know how to leave a review in your podcast app, just go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review where you’ll get a magic link to leave that review in whatever podcast platform you use. Again, if you don’t know how to do the review, go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review. And we’ll show you exactly how thank you so much for taking the time. It really really does mean the world.

Speaker 1 30:46
So I was really excited. So I thought okay, this is cool. I do my presentation. I thought real greatest, you know, two people sign up, there was a lineup of people. And even while I was there, I was thinking, how am I going to schedule all these people? Yeah, it’s a

Andrea Nordling 31:08
great problem to have.

Speaker 1 31:10
I love it. Yeah, it was it was so I’m just winging it, I pull up my calendar, and I’m squeezing everyone in. And I’m thinking, Okay, I’m just going to work really hard at getting all this going. And I ended up with 11 new clients in June. So I far exceeded my goal of $6,000. So I really did enjoy, because those prompts every morning in June, were very helpful in really keeping me focused and grounded, and just really secure in how I was moving forward in June in because I knew this was elevating my business, for sure. So all of those clients were coming through to me all of June. And I knew that it was going to be hard to onboard all these people because I had never onboarded that many in one time. It was in October, I had to November, December three, and then all of a sudden, no, all of a sudden, June hits, and I’ve got 11 and my systems at that point worked well for, you know, one or two or three, not 11. And so I did learn that in that’s when I started to chat about it in July when I was reflecting back and I was evaluating and going, okay, that system doesn’t work for a level. But I realized I was at the point where, okay, I was at a step in my business. And I remember you talking about going well, your business doesn’t elevate a nice slow curve, these steps. And I thought, Okay, I’m at a step. And I need to, you know, rethink my whole system. Because to grow, I cannot grow with the system that I have in place right now. Because I’m I’m hand I’m touching every single email, I’m, I’m spending a lot of time with each file. And I need to automate all of this, because it was just a ton of time that I was putting into these clients. But I knew I couldn’t sustain this because it was long hours. And I knew that something had to change. So I remember we talked about it in July. And I said, Okay, I really want to do another like big event in September because you know, that’s when everyone’s like turning that corner of fall and going yes, they’re focused on on, you know, changing their habits, because summers just kind of a wash out. So I was really excited going, oh my gosh, yes, I’m going to do another event. End of August, beginning of September. I’m going to have, you know, 22 clients this time, and the greatest piece of advice that you gave me was don’t don’t launch with a new system.

Andrea Nordling 34:08
Oh, I wonder how I knew that. Oh, because I’ve done it. Yeah.

Speaker 1 34:13
Like, okay, duly noted. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I did not. In fact, I only just this month finally got that automation system up and going. So that’s the one thing I did learn in all of this is that nothing is overnight. Nothing

Andrea Nordling 34:33
is oh my goodness, especially tech wise. Nothing is overnight. It’s a journey. It’s a journey. Yeah, it’s being patient and less. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 34:46
So I’ll be ready for a January. So that’s been really exciting. In fact, I had another month which was in November just like June and it came out of the blue Whew, I don’t even I didn’t do any events. I didn’t do anything. But it just happened organically. And it was because of one of my clients. I think this morning was Carla. I love her dearly. Everyone needs a Carla in their practice, you know someone who has fantastic results, but is so well connected, and yet, and is so visible and talks and engages with everybody. And she had a conference. And she had remarkable results. And it was noticeable. And even the way she held herself, you know, she stood taller, and had so much more confidence. And she was really empowered by the program that she went through. So it was really noticeable in just how she carried herself. And she talked about her program. She talked about her results. She talked about it nonstop. And so I got a flood of referrals from one person. Yeah. Everybody

Andrea Nordling 36:03
does need a Carla every. Yeah, and you never know who

Speaker 1 36:09
your Carla’s gonna be. That’s right. Yeah, you just never know. And, and really, it was knowing that I believed in, in, in my clients, and I do. And I think it goes back to that, you know, belief in myself, I believe in them. And I believe in the programs. And that all came from, you know, TPM.

Andrea Nordling 36:34
I love to hear that I love to hear and I think it’s so I think it’s just so fun to really hold back on, like, what are the few things that make the biggest impact in your mindset? Because someone else’s answer could be completely different. But they have their one thing, you know, that’s just like, oh, that’s what I needed to hear at that exact same time that really landed and gave me the confidence to really take off. And it’s, it’s just like what you needed at that exact moment.

Speaker 1 36:59
Yeah, yeah, it is. And I know, I know, it took me a long time to dive into the program. In fact, you know, you and I have talked about, you know, even the workbook and how far in the workbook. I

Andrea Nordling 37:14
know, Laura’s like, I don’t know, I really have a ways to go in the workbook. And I’m like, I think it’s gonna be okay, your bank account tells me that you’re, you don’t need to worry about it.

Speaker 1 37:29
You know, you have that mind of okay, just, you know, one step at a time. And, you know, there’s been so many tools that have been so helpful. And the calendar was one. And I know that I talked about this in one of the coaching calls, where I just have not enough time to do it all in one day, and really breaking it down into the calendar was was golden. Yeah. And trusting that I was going to do the work in the time that I allotted that day in that hour, that just trust that that’s what I was gonna do. And, you know, not procrastinate in just knowing why I was procrastinating has been very helpful to, that’s so

Andrea Nordling 38:13
great to hear. I feel like time management is just one of those things. That’s also the step. Like you get to the level where you, okay, you stabilize, and then you realize, to get to the next level, I have to learn some more skills in my time management, and delegating, and systems and processes and all of that. And then you get to the next step, and you stabilize there and learn a few a few more. But I keep seeing, especially in my business, I just keep seeing that that’s a central thing that I keep coming back to is okay, how do I get better at time management? How do I take more things off my plate? How do I yeah, I think that that’s just a work in progress, always as a business owners figuring out how to be more efficient. And then the problem solving just becomes how do I have other people being more efficient? And how do I support them in managing their time because we quickly realized, like, we can’t do it all. And then we have to enable other people to do the things. And that’s an entirely different skill set.

Speaker 1 39:05
And that’s really what June was all about was was looking at how, what do I need to change to be able to manage all of this time, much better. So it was one of those steps where all of a sudden, I’m like, Okay, I’m here where I need to change my process. There’s no way I can grow my business with the process that I have. So I need to automate, I need to make sure that a lot of this is way more streamlined than it is right now. And then I can I can scale things up when I have things a lot more automated than they were so that was a welcome shift and another step in my business. Which I had to you know, hire that out because there was just no way that was in my bandwidth at all. Now, so we’re learning that too is yeah, be okay with just getting other people who are good at what they do and this is their gig and get them to. Yeah, because it would have taken me, well, it would have been way too frustrating for me to do, I could No, no,

Andrea Nordling 40:13
it just is such a balance of in the beginning, it’s helpful to know how to do the things, and you got to be scrappy, and figure out what your processes are gonna be, but kind of like, you got to trial and error a little bit. But then you quickly come to a point where your time is so much better spent in other tasks and other visionary responsibilities and not tech stuff is and then there are people that could do it so much better. So it’s it, I just feel like there’s definitely a threshold there that we crossed pretty quickly in our business. Okay, I kind of have an understanding of what’s going on here. But I don’t need to be the one toggling the button and doing all of it for work. It just needed to work. And so what else probably,

Speaker 1 40:53
yeah. And there was a you know, even time management for my clients has become really important. And, and I’ve noticed that that prepping and making sure that they’re prepared is a really big part of their success. So teaching them some time management skills has been critical as

Andrea Nordling 41:13
well. Oh, that’s so good. I was also wondering to circle back on your clients being a reflection of you. Do you think that there’s a possibility that you’re like you’re wanting to finish the workbook is something that your clients are? Like, are, aren’t they just getting like, I need to do the process perfectly. And even though they’re getting great results, they’re still like, maybe fixating a little bit on some of the ice in the teeth. I mean, I’m just saying, because

Speaker 1 41:42
I’m working on that. I don’t know. Asking. Awareness is key.

Andrea Nordling 41:53
It’s so fun, though. I mean, I just think business is such a fun game. Because you simultaneously get to see your own weaknesses. Some of them you may decide you want to shore up some of them you don’t, you can just be aware of it. You just like personal development on the fast track, and we get paid to do it. It’s kind of fun, in my opinion.

Speaker 1 42:12
I don’t know. Yeah, it is. And I know, I haven’t forgotten about the mastermind.

Andrea Nordling 42:20
Come in. It’s

Speaker 1 42:21
one of the receipts kind of like TVN, I was like two years of circling in and out and in. I think masterminds probably one of those two, I think what for me, I wanted to just I realized I got to the point in my business where, okay, I’ve got you know, two services, I know you’d like to have, you know, you tell us to have one offer. I do have to, but I am thinking and I know we talked about this before is combining those into one nice, really big offer, which I’m, I’m moving towards. So I’m wanting to do really solidifying and be in that offer and have that as my business before I move on to mastermind. I think for me, I just wanted to enjoy this one. Because I feel like it’s been spaghetti and all kinds of craziness and really finding fine tuning. Finally, realizing what My offer is, and really fine tuning that, and really getting good at that. Yeah. And then elevate it again. And

Andrea Nordling 43:28
I think there’s so much I love that decision. And I think there’s so much pressure to like always be growing. And I’ve also been thinking a lot about actually have some podcast episodes I’m gonna be doing coming out in the couple of next few months about this, about just like the, the feeling of stabilizing and being content and enjoying, and not always feeling like something’s wrong if you aren’t growing, because that could be a very conscious decision that we love our reasons for. And that can be okay.

Speaker 1 43:57
Yeah, I just felt like this year, I wanted to do a couple of those events that I had done in the spring. And, and I just never got the chance to because I was, you know, changing systems and it was still busy. And I still didn’t feel like well, I can’t grow right now because I don’t have the system that can handle it. And I don’t have the time to be able to manage a growth of that magnitude right now. So I want to be able to do that and go okay, where, where can how far can I take this just with what I have right now? Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 44:36
Okay. So out of curiosity, because I bet people are going to be kind of wondering about this. We coached on it a little bit. So I have a bit of an idea. But what were some of the things that you realized in June when you were onboarding 11 clients all at once. What were some of the things that you really wanted to dial in like the nuts and bolts of your process that you decided you wanted to automate? Do you can Are you comfortable sharing what those

Speaker 1 44:56
things Yeah, so I at that time I was using, and I still do use practice better as one of my client management software programs. But it, it didn’t allow me to manage my clients the way I wanted to. I wanted, it felt like that was a very technical program. And I wanted some soft edges. I don’t know if that describes it very well. But I wanted some more personal touches in my automation system, because I didn’t want it to feel like it was so automated, like this triggered this to trigger this email to trigger this email. And I felt like the process that I had in place was going to be like that. So I looked into dubsado, which was just another automation system. But I felt like that was a better match for me and my personality and how I wanted my clients to feel and allowed me to have the flow of the emails and what got triggered to flow really well and easy. And I could then manage my clients and where they were in the program really easily at a glance. So the way I had it set up originally was that I was handling each client individually. So I would send out the email, I would craft the email, I would send it to them, I would send the attachments, I would wait for their response, I would schedule their next appointments, and I was hand doing everything into this program practice better when I was thinking about how do I need this to flow better, I needed to not be sending every email, I needed the process to trigger emails to be sent out. So that when i i first got a client, they would schedule themselves into their intake appointment, then that would trigger another email, then scheduling something else would trigger another email. So all of the emails were very automated. And I then just get a notification of Ooh, I’ve got an appointment. And it’s all been scheduled in all on its own, I haven’t had to do any of the work, because just happens. And the look of the emails and the calendar and where Deb Sato can show me all of my clients and where they are in the program. And I can just at a glance, see what’s going on. It just allowed me to have a better sense of where we went is at one time without opening up every file and going where are they looking at the calendar and going what post with point in the process? So they’re in? Yeah, how much support do they need? That was taking a long time. So I’m

Andrea Nordling 47:51
imagining you have kind of a visual pipeline that you can see each person in is that what you’re describing.

Speaker 1 47:56
So in one screen, I can see where all my clients are. And you know, if I have 50 of them, I can see all 50 at once and go, Okay, you know who’s at six weeks, who’s at three months, who’s at six months. And all of that is all automated. So every step of the process that I was hand doing is now completely automated. All I do is send them their plan. And that’s the only thing that I do manually is I send them an email and attach their plan. But everything else is automated, which is a very beautiful thing. So

Andrea Nordling 48:35
beautiful. So beautiful. I know dubsado I’ve never used as a as a business. Like for my business. I’ve never used dubsado. But I have been I’ve experienced dubsado with other businesses like other service providers that use it. So for anybody that just is curious about dubsado My understanding and Lauren like you would obviously and also more so tell me if I’m wrong, but it’s for service providers. So you could have a photographer that uses dubsado, you could have like a graphic designer or a website designer, anybody that’s working in delivering a service to clients would really benefit from this because you basically build out like your contract signing your automations like the whole workflow in the pipeline of the process delivery to a client, regardless of the industry is I think what that’s really good for correct percent. Yeah. So it’s not wellness specific. If people are like, I’ve never heard of that before. The reason you probably haven’t is because it isn’t specific to our industry. It’s just a really great tool for service providers in general.

Speaker 1 49:27
Yeah, and it just it handles everything from like the project management to the emails and clients or for contracts. It handles all of that. Yeah, it all automated so I don’t have to do anything. I mean, setting it up once. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 49:49
Setting it up what you want it to say and how you want it to be said yes, that’s what your setup is initial.

Speaker 1 49:53
Yes, exactly. So that has that has been like the June to December process. In July, I guess July till realizing, okay, I need to change my process was one thing, and then figuring out what it was going to be and getting it set up and hiring somebody to put it into place was was another. Yeah. But you know, thinking, I can do this by tomorrow.

Andrea Nordling 50:20
This is where we go wrong. I understand, I love having a big project, like one big thing like that per quarter, or maybe even for two quarters, and just giving myself luxurious amounts of time to get something like that done. Because in reality, it probably will happen faster. If I just allow for it to take it, I don’t think something’s gone wrong, when it isn’t immediately done. And then you do have the tech problems. And you do have things not working the way they’re supposed to. And it doesn’t look right, and you have to go back and you have to troubleshoot, you don’t feel behind you feel like oh, yeah, I gave myself a reasonable amount of time. And were actually probably ahead, I just, like games that I play with myself, I feel like it really helps.

Speaker 1 51:00
And that was really helpful for for you to tell me that at that time was you know, just hire it out and give yourself time. And otherwise, I would have been panicking. COMMBUYS has taken so long. I need to do this right now. And ya know, just just giving myself that grace of Okay, now, I got to put this process in place. And then I’ll have to, you know, phase out my old process and combine it all into one. So just giving myself at that time and to be okay with that. Yeah, that’s a game changer. So good.

Andrea Nordling 51:40
So how much more excited are you going to be to sell now that you know that every sale isn’t going to be so many hours writing mundane tasks in the background, thinking I should be automating this, I should be automating it. Because there’s one thing to be very excited to work with a client because the hours that you spent are in your zone of genius and gotta be great for them. It’s really where you get resentful of your time when you’re knowing this isn’t a good use of my time. This isn’t a good use of my time. That subtexts going back around. So are you more excited to sell now?

Speaker 1 52:13
Absolutely. Because now I don’t need to put up my clothes sign. And I remember that in July going nowhere, people please because I can’t handle it. That was in place. I don’t have the time. I can’t do it. So time to me, don’t come to my website. Yeah, I’m not gonna answer the phone. Because, yeah, it was. And I remember saying this, I blocked out my calendar going, I need to just tread water here for for a couple minutes and catch my breath. And so yeah, I put up this close sign. And now, I just can’t wait. And now because I don’t ever have to put my clothes sign up. I can just talk about the results. And that was the other thing that I realized, too, is that problem solution results. That’s just the marketing is right, there is a problem, solution results. So talking about the results to people feel so easy. And because there’s so many people that are bogged down with these health issues and problems and you know, weight control is such a problem for so many people. And then I just jump into the results. And it’s it’s golden. Yeah, yeah.

Andrea Nordling 53:28
So do you have another of these workshops on the books by the way with with the trainers that work so well? Yeah. Yeah, right after this I well.

Speaker 1 53:44
No, I just like it was always in my my plan to do one in September was always in my plan to do in like January. So yeah, so I’m in the works of getting up booked. And so yeah, it’s my expectation that it will happen in January. Yeah, I just have plans that it it’ll be in January, and it will be another, you know, do plus some

Andrea Nordling 54:11
price plus five. Yep. Do you mind sharing how much you made in June? Because you really crushed your 6000 Oh, it

Speaker 1 54:17
was 11,000. Yes. Amazing. Yeah. So it was so much fun. That was really exciting. It was exciting in that I knew there was possibilities now to grow my business where I just kind of felt like oh, this is you know, with one on ones. You only have so much time in a day to see them in and then you got to I would then have to build in some time for report writing, getting it back to them following up and then seeing them again. There was only there’s there is only so much time in a day. So having to scale my business it was going to be really limited in in that way. So this program I’m just allowed me to now I can elevate, and I can scale the business a lot faster.

Andrea Nordling 55:06
Definitely. And then the next process that will break is the you doing all of the reviewable, and then you will be hiring other people to come in and help serve your clients. And that’s the next step. Which is,

Speaker 1 55:18
yeah, that is, and I remember you telling me that and, um, that that is something that I haven’t forgotten. And that was really the reason why it was so easy for me to hire out a lot of things knowing that, yes, you just can’t do it all. No. And then I was finally okay with, yeah, I need somebody to build out my website, I need somebody to build this process for me. I can’t do it, I can tell you what I want in it, and how I want it to flow. But that’s something that someone else has to build for me. And I was okay with that. Finally. Because you know,

Andrea Nordling 56:02
it that’s a skill to learn in and of itself is to delegate and to, I mean, manage people and ultimately, but to be a leader and to convey your thoughts and take the things that just come naturally to you. That is your preferences on how you like things to look and how you would say things and how you’re just you just naturally do that things. And you have to be able to articulate why you make those decisions to somebody else so that they can make them or so that they can build something. And that we quickly realize also is a new system to have to figure out do how do I unload my brain? into someone else’s Hmm,

Speaker 1 56:39
yes. And be really clear and concise and articulate what you want very well. So that that message, you get the results that you expect.

Andrea Nordling 56:51
Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 56:53

Andrea Nordling 56:54
so before we end, I have one more question for you. What have you learned in this process of growing your business over the last two and a half years that you wish you had known in the beginning? Or that you would some knowledge you would impart to someone else that is, at the beginning,

Speaker 1 57:08
I think, I think the biggest thing I learned was that it can’t do it all. And that’s I felt like in the beginning, doing more would grow my business. And that’s where I started, I started thinking, well, I need to do everything to make more money in my business. And to serve more people, I have to do more. And after the first year, I did realize now that’s not the case, I really, and then being part of the TPM program, I really did realize I have to get really good at one thing, and that can elevate my business and not doing more not. And I think the other thing was that really resonated was to slow down to speed up. Because I was doing I wanted to do more and more and more and try more things and implement more and try a new tool and bring more things into my practice. And that was just eating up all my time. And it was just yeah, just like too much to try to do without doing everything. Anything, any one thing really well. Yeah, absolutely. And realizing no, I just have to, to really scale it back, do this one thing really well and serve more people with that one thing that I was doing.

Andrea Nordling 58:40
And then you’re such a great example of the downstream effect of that being more and more people are getting better results because you’re focusing on the one thing, their results are insane. They’re out Carling, which is now a verb. Everybody to you. And it’s just compounding and it just like happens over and over and over again.

Speaker 1 59:00
And that’s what I didn’t expect. I fully expected that growing my business meant doing more and having more services, learning more things, taking more courses, being able to you know, deliver more without more time in the day. That was just never going to be possible to grow my business so that that is definitely something that was very different from when I first started.

Andrea Nordling 59:28
That’s so good. Oh my gosh, I love it. That’s gonna become the title of this episode. That is so amazing. All right, where do people find you? Laura, where are you? Where did they go?

Speaker 1 59:39
I have a website. So my business is called Health scope. I am in Ontario, Canada and just outside of London, Ontario, and their website is health dash scope.ca Okay, I am on Instagram that is health. Dot Scott underscore And Facebook is Healthscope

Andrea Nordling 1:00:01
thing. And we will have those linked up all in the show notes for that episode as well. If you want more about what you do, especially like the blood blood analysis in the metabolic balance, I can totally see how those two go together eventually. But I’m so fascinated by how you talk your biology background and you like to turn it into your wellness practice, of course, so great. Yeah,

Speaker 1 1:00:23
and that’s, that’s been, you know, a really good tool I found for some, you know, a lot of people kind of lean into that credibility of as a scientist, this is how I look at the body and, and that’s where, you know, I’m happy. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 1:00:43
I love it. They feel that confidence and they want to work with you because of it. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I can’t wait to do a check in episode like a year from now and talk about your systems and processes and all of the new things that will happen in the coming year. With that are coming in.

Speaker 1 1:01:02
You know, we can chat about that in the mastermind. Yes, weekend.

Andrea Nordling 1:01:08
I like the sound of that for you a lot. For coming on the podcast. This was amazing. Thank you. So it was

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
a lot of fun. Thank you, Andrea.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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