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102. What’s New In The Profitable Nutritionist® Program

A LOT has changed inside The Profitable Nutritionist® Program over the last few months….

….In fact, the program just keeps getting better and better.

In this episode Andrea is sharing those updates, along with the nuts and bolts of what we do in the program and how to know if joining now would be the next best step for your business.

You’ll hear:

  • 3 simple skills you need to learn to make $100K or more per year in your wellness biz
  • Why most gurus want to make this way more complicated than it is
  • How Andrea came up with the pricing structure and money-back guarantee and if you should be considering the same
  • And more

Enrollment in TPN opens quarterly, so check out this page to get on the waitlist and find out the dates of the next opening. Enjoy!


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Hello, my friend.

Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast. If you’re listening to this episode in real time, that week it releases and you’re signed up to get emails from me which you have to be, because that’s where all of my best stuff is released. So make sure you are, then you’ve been getting a sneak peek at the profitable nutritionist curriculum. The whole week. While we’re going through the free five day clients week training, I have had people tell me that the free clients week training series is more valuable than courses or programs that they have paid 1000s of dollars for. And the strategy that you get there is just the tip of the iceberg. Inside the full profitable nutritionist program, you have access to the step by step process to put all of your new marketing insights that you’ve gotten through clients week to work so that you can have a constant flow of new clients, whether that’s one on one clients, or you’re filling groups, you’re going to serve them at the highest level without burning yourself out. Quarterly enrollment opens this Thursday, September 14 at 8am Central time, so mark your calendar, and I will see you inside the full program. Again, doors will be open September 14 to the 20th. And you join at the profitable nutritionist.com/join. Let’s talk about the current state of the profitable nutritionist program. If you’ve been following along for any length of time and have been considering joining in the past, you’re going to want to listen close to this episode, because we have made some big additions to the program recently. And it just keeps getting better and better, which I’m going to tell you all about today. But before I go into what those additions have been, I want to be very clear if you are a holistic nutritionist or a health coach listening to this podcast so that you can make a lot of money. And you can help a lot more people without burning yourself out or creating a business that you’re resentful of by the way, you are in the right place. And I want to invite you to start this deeper work. Now, you don’t need to figure it out on your own. That’s not only the hard way, but it’s also the long way. Instead, you want to learn a proven process and develop these skills of marketing and selling and over delivering insane results to your clients. Now, waiting to develop these skills means waiting to make money. It means waiting to have the financial freedom for your family that you really want. Because ultimately, you don’t want to wait to develop these skills. That means waiting for the results like that financial freedom for your family, like the time freedom on your calendar, and like helping other people that are struggling so hard, and they need your help, and you know how to help them. The world needs Holistic Health and Healing more than ever, I think we probably both agree on that. And every single day that you wait to take your business seriously enough to commit to really growing it. And I would advise in a sustainable and scalable way is a day that you are wasting unnecessarily successful business owners aren’t scared of monetary debt, my friend, I want you to really hear this not scared of monetary debt. They’re scared of time debt, because you can make more money but you can’t get more time. Do not prolong your own success by racking up time debt by spinning your wheels for months or worse years like I’ve seen so many people do when you could make an investment right now that will demystify how to make 100k or more a year immediately. So when you join the profitable nutritionist program, you get access to a completely different business process than you’ve ever heard before. And that’s what I’m going to tell you all about on this episode TPN, which we commonly call it that is the short acronym for the profitable nutritionist program is all about helping you make a full time dream income from your wellness business, where you ensure that your clients will get the results that they came for. Period. It’s very, very important that we talk about that caveat at the end that this is a dream business for you. But it’s a dream business because your clients are jumping up and down singing your praises screaming to the mountaintops how happy they are because they’re getting great results. You do not want a business that feels icky or gives you anxiety because your people aren’t getting those great results. We don’t want you secretly cringing every time one of your people emails you thinking that they’re mad or thinking that they’re upset or thinking that they’re complaining No. So we ensure that your clients get great results. That’s part of the process that I teach, which I’m going to tell you all about. And I want to let you know I practice what I preach, I ensure that you get great results in the program using some very specific coaching tools that I teach you how to use, and then show you how to use those same tools with your clients because we all have human brains that work exactly the same way. So the very specific coaching tools that I’m going to teach you to get to your income goals and your business goals are going to help your clients with human brains as well. To get to their health goals and to be consistent, and to follow through with what they said they were going to do as well. It’s very meta, which you’re going to love because meta is simple. So along with keeping things simple and doable, which is a core value of mine. It is also a core value that I show you how to grow this dream business of yours without sacrificing your own health and sanity or with you being what I say. I want you to do this without so in the sentence was a double negative but it sounds terrible as I’m saying it aloud. I want you to do that. without being chained to your laptop or your phone full time, I sure as heck do not do that. And I wouldn’t expect you to either. I want your business instead. And I know it will feel light and fresh and 100% you because you’re going to build all of your processes, and everything that you do on what you are really good at and what comes naturally to you what is innate, and what you enjoy doing. One of the reasons that students in the program get way faster results than in other business programs is because you will never be overwhelmed or confused about what to do next, it is laid out for you in the exact order that you need. And you can easily measure when to go on to the next stage based on the revenue milestones in the program. So you’re going to learn how to take imperfect action, and evaluate it each step of the way. Instead of throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and wondering why most of it isn’t sticking. We don’t like that feeling. Instead, we keep everything very simple for your business. Because like I’ve said, simplicity is doable, and it’s repeatable. You’re not going to learn any cheesy dem scripts or inauthentic marketing tactics in the program that feels gross. No, that’s not how we do things. All right, so let’s get into it. I have designed the TPM program to help you develop the simple skills of organic marketing, simple selling, and confident over delivering for your clients. Because these truly are the only skills that you need to make six figures a year in your practice. Very, very simply, let me repeat that you just have to develop these three skills to make money and help people from exactly where you are right now as who you are right now. Organic marketing, simple selling, and confident over delivering for your clients. Yes, I have a very simple process that you follow for learning each of these skills, which is what you learn first, when you come into the profitable nutritionist program, there are a lot of components to the program, it is for sure. And all you can eat buffet, but you are not going to eat everything on the kidney buffet in one sitting. So I direct you to the resources that you need at the right time. Now I’m going to tell you about all of the things in the program. But I want to just challenge you right now to focus on exactly what you need for right now and show that constraint don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t be tempted to get overwhelmed by the entire all you can eat buffet, no, no, we are going to focus on what you need to do in order at the right time. So this is what we start with. It’s called the repeatable revenue process. The repeatable revenue process is delivered with video lessons and has a companion workbook that you literally follow along with page by page, step by step video by video. And through it, you will build out your offer your marketing, and your client delivery process. As you go through and you fill out the workbook. It’s very, very simple step by step. Do you ever wonder if your pricing is right? Do you ever wonder how to explain your client process when you’re on a sales call so that it makes sense to your people, but doesn’t overwhelm them? Do you ever wonder if you’re selling an offer that even makes sense or that people want to buy probably if you’re like a lot of my students when you start but no more, you’re gonna flush all of that out and more by following this process by following the repeatable revenue process and the videos and filling out the companion workbook. As you go, it is easy peasy, foolproof. Now, this process is so foolproof because it is broken down into stages. So you know exactly what order to do things in first, we have to make some foundational decisions, then you need to take some action. And we need to do some evaluating with what’s working and what isn’t working along the way. It’s all baked right in, you don’t need to figure this out yourself. But the key to a sustainable business. And I really want you to get this for the long term is that you want to be building on top of what’s already working, not reinventing the wheel. So that’s the way this program is structured. In stage one, you make all the foundational decisions that you need to make about your offer, so that you can package up your services and your expertise into something to sell to people that they can’t say no to. I teach you exactly how to do that in stage one of the repeatable revenue process. Again, this is video modules, and a companion workbook that you’re working through. So it’s like, it’s good to see it’s like the main course of the all you can eat buffet. Like you just go through and you build, you build your plate, but really, we’re nutritionists. And so I should be saying it’s like the salad portion, but real talk. It’s like, it’s like the entree. Anyway, I digress. Okay, so you learn exactly how to make all of these decisions in stage one. Then in stage two, you go to sell your offer. Now your offer might be a one on one offer, it might be a group offer, it might be a digital program, we make all those decisions in stage one. By stage two, you know exactly what you’re selling. It’s very, very irresistible. You have your pricing set, you have your niche or niche figured out, all of those things are done, you’re going to go and sell it here you make at least $1,000. So for many of my clients, that’s just one client is more than $1,000 depending on what you’re selling, you make at least $1,000 You learn how to do that using battle tested organic marketing methods that have nothing to do with specific social media platforms are hacks or tactics that are going to be outdated in a month. That’s not what you’re learning. Here. You’re going to learn how to talk to real humans in person and online and make them an offer or that they can’t say no to you, we’ll be successful with the simple, doable marketing and selling process that you learn in stage two, even if you haven’t felt comfortable selling ever before in the past, I promise. And here’s another promise that I’m going to make, you’re actually going to love selling, it’s something you’re going to look forward to. And I cannot wait to watch that transformation. And just want to say, if you have the confidence and time to market, but you just don’t know what marketing efforts will actually get you those consistent clients and get you the revenue that you’re looking to make. I’ve got you marketing strategy, and do’s and don’ts are the most common topic that I teach and I coach on every single week, you are going to be swimming in marketing, strategy and tactics. Okay, this program is set up for weekly wins, you will feel the momentum immediately. But getting back to the process here in stage three, you are going to learn how to tweak and repeat what work to make your money in stage two, and then you build on top of it to make at least $10,000. Doing the same thing you’ve been doing selling the same offer, rinse and repeat. There are some very interesting and predictable things that happen in your brain at this stage. And this is where most people self sabotage their business. But after taking hundreds and hundreds of people through this process, we know how to avoid the stage three sabotage. So if you’ve made around 10k in your business, and it is a stressful, disorganized mess for you right now, that’s because you need this process, my friend.

In stage four, you have made at least 10k And you’re getting momentum, you have sales, and you have your marketing skills kind of dialed in. It’s working, it’s compounding. So this is where we prepare your business and your offer to scale. Using this amazing little tool called the Internet. It’s glorious. You don’t have to figure out what order to do this or how to do any of it. It’s all laid out for you. in video form with the companion workbook. Like I’ve said, you just need to follow along in filling it out as you go, Oh, how I wish I had had videos and a workbook when I was buying all of the courses and trying to piece together all of these different strategies and things myself, when to create a digital offer. When do I introduce that? How do I sell it, how and when do I increase my prices, all of those decisions, you don’t have to figure out any of that yourself, it is all part of the process. Congratulations, you get to press the easy button. The repeatable revenue process gives you all of the actionable steps on what you’re going to be doing on a daily, weekly monthly basis, to grow your business sustainably without burning yourself out. And even more importantly, you’re going to learn the mindset tools and the personal development hacks to actually do the strategy. Instead of just learning the strategy and then spinning your wheels in confusion or overwhelm and not executing, we actually do here. It’s a beautiful thing. And then your clients are also going to learn these same tools. So they do as well. I do just want to say, as far as stage four is concerned, this is the stage where you’re going to start figuring out who you need to hire. And in what order do you need to bring people into your business to help you so that you can grow a business and not just keep adding more to your own calendar that is not sustainable. When I talk about scaling. And I talked about a sustainable business, I mean a business where it’s not just you. And it’s not just you trying to find more hours in the day, yes, you’ll learn exactly how to do this, including my exact hiring scripts, which we will get to in a minute. So the four stage step by step framework I just outlined, again, is called the repeatable revenue process. It is the meat, the core, the salad bar, whatever you want to call it, in the all you can eat buffet, but it’s where you start, it is the core of the TPM program, you get to learn this sports age process immediately when you join, and it is all on demand. So you can start it stop finish, go back, rewatch however many times you need to in however long it takes you to get through that it’s totally up to you, you can watch the first stage and just pull out the exact strategy that you need. Like my student, Natalie, who watched the pricing module on day one after joining, and she immediately refined her offer. And then 10 Next her rates, and she made $7,000 The next day. So within 48 hours of joining the program, she watched two videos. And she made $7,000, which was more than she had ever made in a month before in her life from just a couple of videos in this process. Yes, that is possible. Yes, you can do that. People often ask me though, how long does it take to go through the program? And the answer is that you decide, I want this to be super clear for you. You go through in three days, like Natalie, you go watch a couple videos pull exactly what you need, and you go execute, or 30 days or three years, it’s totally up to you. And that’s because you have lifetime access to all components of the program, you can come back through the material as many times as you want. I know this is a very different format for most programs where there’s a defined start date and an end date, or you have to pay for yearly renewal. I know that this is different, but that’s not how it is in this program. Once you are in, you’re in for life. And along with the core content that I’ve already talked about. You get to take advantage of all of the future updates and upgrades as they become available which is quite often as we’re also going to talk about it But the cool thing is, you’re also going to save a lot of money on things that you now don’t have to invest in. So let’s talk about that you are not going to have to pay for advanced certifications. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean, that I see a lot of people who want to go squeezing another certification or another two certifications, so that they feel like they have more credibility, or more tools, and can then feel ready to take clients. That is not the method here. We want to start right now with where you are today, because you can help people right now, I know, if you’re listening to this podcast, you can help people today. So I’m going to show you how to do that. And then those advanced certifications you want to take are going to be free for you in the future, because you will have made the money to pay for them. It’s a beautiful thing. You are also not going to have to lose money on profit sharing with another practitioner, like a chiropractor, or other specialists referring leads to you, which I see a lot of people do by default, because they feel like that’s the only way they can get leads. Now when you are in the profitable nutritionist program, you are going to learn how to market and how to make offers and sell. So you have your own leads coming in, you’re charging full price premium price and making a great living, your clients are getting amazing results. And you do not have to be profit sharing with anyone if you do not want to, which is a huge deal. And we’re also not going to have to invest in marketing courses or other programs to get CEUs either. So first of all, you’re not going to need other marketing courses or other tactical programs, you’re gonna have everything you need in this program. But also you are going to be getting CE us or CCS, if you so need them. We are accredited for 30 c, e CS, I believe they are for the NA NP. And that’s the National Association of nutrition professionals. We are also accredited for 10 through the nutritional therapy Association. And if you have any other organizations that you would like to get accredited through, we will submit accreditation. And because the program is so robust, we’re very confident we will get that approved. And you’ll be able to get CEUs or CCS for your accreditation as well, you are also going to be saving money on a one on one business coach, talk about that in a minute, you will no longer need that. And I also want to say this, you are going to save money instead of wasting ads. Well, this is going to be if you run ads, instead of wasting money on ads that don’t convert, you are going to know exactly what to see in your messaging. So if you decide to run ads, they’re going to be profitable, because you’re going to have that skill of knowing how to market and sell through your words, and your copy, which is a core component of the program. So I see a lot of people that run ads thinking this is going to be a great way to get clients and to get interest. Of course it can be but only if those ads are powerful and the copy is compelling, which we talk a lot about in the program. So the bottom line with this program is it should never cost you money. That’s my goal. It should never cost you money should always be free for you. Because not only are you making your money back exponentially, I might add because this is for the rest of your career. But you’re also saving on so many other investments that you no longer have to make for your business. And that’s a really big deal. Okay, let’s call out who this works for this is a question I get a lot the repeatable revenue process that I teach that you learn in TPN. It works for holistic nutritionists and health coaches who want to get their first client so if you are just starting out, this is going to save you so much time and headache join immediately. The process also works for any health and wellness service provider who wants to make more money working with less clients by creating a premium offer.

So let’s just talk about it. We don’t only have nutritionists and health coaches we also have chiropractors, EFT specialists, sleep coaches, acupuncturist, naturopath, herbalist, you name it, we have a lot of different modalities inside the program. So if you are a health and wellness service provider and you sell products or services directly to clients, this process will work for you. The process also works for any holistic health practitioner who wants to consistently fill those one on one spots. Whether you’re just starting out, or you already have an established practice, this process is going to help you grow your demand and consistently fill your client roster. So maybe it’s been a little spotty up till now, we are going to show you how to make that consistent so you can count on your income every single month. This process also works for any health and wellness professional who wants to eventually transition from one on one clients to groups or digital programs and scale that way. There is a process for introducing a scalable group or digital offer into your business without completely stalling your income. I teach you this process in stage four of the repeatable revenue process. So you might be concerned about getting started. Some people are because you think you don’t have time or the time isn’t right. But that is a mistake I want to call out right now because it’s going to hold you back from success hugely in your business. And the reason for that is because time isn’t what brings success as a business owner that is employee thinking that time equals success. I got to put in the time I have to have more time I have to find the time. No. In this program, you’re going to learn how to strategize and operate as a CEO, which means that you ruthlessly elimine ate most items from your To Do lists, and you focus exclusively on the highest income producing tasks. And then ultimately, you delegate the rest, I teach you exactly how to do this in the process. Remember, I follow this exact same process to grow my business from about 150,000 a year to seven figures a year, while traveling with my family full time, and living mostly in an RV, I want to let that soak in for a second, if you have hung out in an RV for any length of time, you know that it’s not real appealing to sit in there all day on a laptop, believe me, I didn’t do that. And I wouldn’t expect you to either. So to recap, the first thing you’re going to get as a student in the TPN program is lifetime access to the step by step process called the repeatable revenue process, which are video modules and a companion workbook. Everything you need to grow your business to over six figures in annual revenue is included in those modules, which again, you have lifetime access to. But along with those modules, you also get incredible support. As you plug this process into your business. Like I have said already, I have coached hundreds and hundreds of wellness professionals at this point, actually, I think it’s well over 1000 With my various past offers combined, I know something to be true. And here’s what I’ll tell you, knowing the information isn’t enough, not for my clients, and not for yours. Now, if it was your clients could read a book on health, or nutrition or on their body, and they’d be instantly transformed because they would know the information. But it doesn’t work that way. The key to really making progress and seeing big results, is having a guide that has gone before you and can help you anticipate the roadblocks up ahead and show you how to get around them in real time, and can teach you how to follow through with the goals that you have set. And that is true for me and my clients. And it’s true for you and your clients as well. That’s why we have live coaching every single week for you to raise your hand and get coached by me and my team of phenomenal coaches, by the way, on anything that is coming up in your business. But getting coached isn’t actually the best part, which might surprise you, because I’m a big fan of coaching. And I think that coaching is amazing. So getting coached, obviously is great. But I will tell you the best part of live coaching is watching others get coached. That’s what will transform your business the most dramatically, and will make you the most money in the shortest amount of time. It’s wild. But it’s true. You will learn so much about yourself that you didn’t even know was there by watching other people get coached and ask their questions. The reason for that is very simple. We don’t know what we don’t know. So you’re not going to know to ask questions about things you don’t even know are a question. This becomes very evident when you’re watching other people get coached. When you’re not in the hot seat and you’re not the one that is fielding the coaching, you were able to really sit and contemplate what is happening and see how it applies to your situation and your brain. So juicy. So now you don’t have to hire a one on one business coach, like I told you earlier for 10,000 or $20,000 Next year, because you will have live coaching yourself inside the program every single week. Here’s how coaching works and TPN. Every Monday at 1pm Central time, we do a live group coaching session where you come on live to a zoom webinar room with your camera off. And you can choose to raise your hand for coaching if you would like to get coached and then I will bring you on the screen and we coach on whatever you need. Or you can just choose to keep your camera off and apply the coaching that others receive to yourself which is equally if not more valuable, it will blow your mind I promise. We also have other coaching opportunities throughout the month. So we have that 1pm Central time on Mondays, which is a static standing call time you can count on that every week. And then we add in other times at various so to accommodate various time zones and at various days and times throughout the month. One of these extra sessions we do is called brainstorm breakout sessions. Again, those are staggered throughout the month at various times where you can jump in this time with your camera on and we break out the room into rooms of three to five people where you are going to get feedback from your very successful peers on your copy on your marketing on any problems you’re having with your clients. You can have live mock consults with your peers, practice selling your offer lots of ways to use these brainstorm breakout sessions. Everybody has a dedicated amount of time to bring any item they would like feedback on or anything they’re having a problem with or would like to brainstorm, and everybody in the collective helps with it. We take turns. These are so valuable, I promise you there is no substitute to being in close proximity to other successful people who get what you’re doing. I don’t know why it is true. But it is true that when we are in it for ourselves, we can’t see. But when someone else comes to us with a problem, it is so simple to see the solution and to offer that to them. So what a better way to get that feedback than to have dedicated space a few times a month to get into a room of three to five people. give them feedback that comes very naturally to you because you can see exactly what they need and then be on the receiving end of that for your business as well. Best of all, I just have to say, By participating in the high quality group coaching aspect of the profitable nutritionist program, you are learning how to run a successful group coaching calls for your business. Someday, even if you are not doing group coaching right now, at some point, you probably will. And you are going to want to know how to do that. It is a little bit of science and a little bit of art. And you as a participant will know what that mix is and how to execute it because you will have experienced really powerful group coaching. Coaching changed my business forever. I didn’t realize the mindset blocks that I had that were keeping me stuck at the six and like 150,000 a year level for years in my holistic nutrition business. But once I got very targeted, high quality coaching on my exact limiting beliefs about time and money, which I didn’t know I had, by the way, I was able to change those beliefs and move exponentially faster. Even though I was actually working less hours, my business boomed. And I want that for you too. It’s not uncommon for students in the program to get laser focused coaching and report back that they turn that coaching into a new client, or 1000s of dollars in revenue within 24 to 48 hours. In fact, that’s pretty typical. There’s so much value in every single coaching call, I hope I’m selling this adequately to you and letting you know that this cannot be overstated. Because our brains and our problems really aren’t unique. We think that they are but they aren’t. So listening to someone else get coached is usually like I’ve said more valuable than getting coached yourself. And I don’t want you to miss out on that gold. So you also get the coaching replay vault of every single coaching call that we’ve had in the program hundreds of hours, at this point of laser targeted business coaching on the exact business that you have. And you get that replay vault included in the program when you join the replay vault is video. Okay, so you have the live coaching calls that happen every week, you have extra coaching calls sprinkled in throughout the month, and you have the vault of video replays of all of the past coaching calls. Great. Yes, the answer is yes. Like I said that replay vault is video. But what we found is super handy to be able to listen to those coaching calls while doing other things. So we created a private members only podcast. And we converted every single coaching call in the vault into audio and we uploaded it into the private podcast. And that gets updated every single week with the new calls as the recordings come out. So when you join the program, you are going to get a unique link to the podcast feed so that you can subscribe to it in Apple podcasts or Google podcasts and sync up immediately to all the coaching while you drive while you make dinner while you’re out walking the dog, wherever it is that you listen to podcasts. And you could do with a little high quality coaching in your ears, you are going to have it because of the private member podcast feed. And that is only available for students in the program. So let’s get those details one more time because I always get questions on this coaching calls live or on Mondays at 1pm Central Time. And we do additional Breakout Room calls and workshops at various times and dates throughout the month we sprinkle them in to try to accommodate other time zones. Okay, but what about the questions that come up in between those coaching calls? Don’t worry, you’re not left alone to fend for yourself on every other day that isn’t a live coaching day. We created a really amazing community space called the lounge where you can post written requests for coaching for help for copy review, to share resources, celebrate your wins all of those things. 24/7 The reason I call the community the lounge is because I wanted the space to be like the best part of any business conference or live event, which is the after hours networking and the business collaborating in the hotel lounge point blank if you know you know where you’re gonna grab a coffee or glass of wine, and you’re gonna sit down on the big couches and just jam on business strategy with your peers. That is what the lounge is in virtual style. In fact, recently a student in the program asked a question in the lounge. This question was regarding how to price her five week group nutrition program. And instead of giving her a number, I asked her an unexpected question. And then I coached her on her thoughts about the results her clients get in those five weeks, the coaching took a different direction than where she thought it was going to go. Let’s just leave it at that. And after that powerful written coaching experience, she responded that the written coaching is the most valuable part of the program. And it’s giving her the tools to use to coach her clients to get better results, just saying. So to recap when you join the profitable nutritionists program this week, you’re going to get lifetime access to the step by step repeatable revenue process modules and lifetime access to the live weekly coaching calls so that you can ask your questions and you can get coached live and you’re going to get immediate access to the entire coaching call replay vault, in video form and in audio only with the private member podcast feed and To my friend, you get lifetime access to the lounge as well. How much is it worth to have a community off of Facebook I might add, where you can get coaching and strategy when you need it. And you are surrounded by successful colleagues that can refer business to you. And you can refer to as well. Basically priceless, am I right? So what if you are struggling with productivity, and time in general, I would love to talk about it. It’s something my students have asked me about a lot, is how I get so much done in such a short amount of time. And the truth is this. As a business owner for almost 20 years now, I did not always operate my business efficiently at all, I had to go through 15 plus years of being a disorganized, inefficient business owner to get to the point where I’m at now, where I do get twice as much done in half the amount of time. And I truly don’t always feel behind, I don’t always feel stressed that tasks are falling through the cracks like I used to, but you are not going to have to go through 15 years. Because I’m giving you my entire system, including my exact calendar templates. As a bonus inside the program. When you follow this extremely specialized format for prioritizing and scheduling your essential business tasks, the ones that are actually making you money, you are going to eliminate 80% of your to do list right off the bat and free up a huge amount of time that you can then use for the non work priorities in your life. I know you probably expected me to say that you are going to eliminate 80% of your to do list and then fill it all back up with more work things and try to squeeze every bit of juice out of that lemon. But that is not the kind of business I want you to run. And I know that that’s not the kind of life that you want to live, you want to have more time for the non work things in your life. That is what we are creating my friend. Okay, now let’s switch back to some of the nitty gritty strategy that you’re probably also wondering about, people always want to know the secret for not being on social media, and just selling through email. You may or may not know this about my business, but it’s entirely built on emails. I am not on social media, I have been a student of copywriting since 2016. I have devoured every single resource I could get my hands on and I have written over 1000 emails to my list literally actually, I should go recalculate that I think it’s probably quite a bit more than that. And although it is not a crucial critical Do or Die component for making money in your practice, in fact, you don’t ever have to write any compelling sales copy, if you don’t want to, I think you’re going to want to, because selling in emails is the best. So I created a full blown training course called creating better clients content and copy on how to write really bomb copy. And exactly what to put in those emails. And the exact order to put them in, and how to have is obscene ly high open rate for your emails that most people in the industry would be drooling over. Okay, because once again, selling in emails is the best. I had to go through almost seven years of online business courses and books and conferences and podcasts and copywriting practice while growing my online business to have a six figure launch solely through email. But you’re going to get that whole process including all of my email, copy, my testimonial and survey gathering scripts, how to videos for writing, persuasive sales and marketing copy all of it. In this bonus course again, it’s called creating better clients content and copy. It’s all there waiting for you. So instead of sending 1000 Plus trial and error emails to figure out how to market and sell with copy, you get the scripts and swipe files along with exactly how to formulate them for inspiration. So you can quickly create your own. This is how you are going to have great copy, Chet GPT I haven’t stumbled

over saying it because it just gives me a gross feeling. So anyway, I do know what it’s called, I just have the resistance to sing it out loud. Those tools and AI scripts in general are going to create copy, but probably copy that isn’t going to convert, it’s not going to sound like you and it’s going to be very builder basic there. It’s not going it’s not going to represent the business that you want to be creating, which is why you’re going to need this course. Okay. Again, it’s a bonus course it’s called creating better clients content and copy is how to write really bomb copy and content in general. It has nothing to do with AI. I don’t just teach you how to write to solid copy in this bonus course I teach you how to figure out exactly what to say and what not to say in that copy. And that’s what a computer can’t do not as well as you can I know that we’re going to be told differently. And I know there may be a day when that isn’t true. But right now it is true. So as a special bonus, in addition to teaching how I structure those email launches, and promotions and all that I recorded an entire workshop in this bonus course to go through the emails that I sent in a six figure launch that was solely by email, by the way, and I explain why I wrote what I did so that you can replicate it for your business if you’re doing launches. So it those emails that you learned about that bonus generated well over $100,000 in one week so you know that this is a valuable skill. Now you might be thinking you can’t use this resource because you don’t sell or market in email. But what you need to under Stand is the process I teach in this bonus course will inform all of your marketing and your sales conversations, whether they are through written copy on your website or blog, or emails, or they are in person conversations, or consult calls, or podcasts or workshops or webinars or anywhere else where you’re talking to your people. Once you have your messaging nailed down, which is all we’re doing here is refining your messaging. You can market and sell anywhere you get in this, okay, it’s important important stuff. So to recap, when you join TPM, this week, you are going to get lifetime access to everything I’ve shared so far. The four stage repeatable revenue process step by step modules, the live coaching calls, the coaching replay Vault, which is in video and the private member podcast feed audio, the lounge for written coaching 24/7 In between coaching calls, you get my total calendar mastery time management and calendaring system with templates plus the very, very robust, creating better clients content and copy course, I challenge you to save that type five times fast, just so that you can master the skill of copywriting, for your website, your emails, all your marketing, you have lifetime access to all of these components in the program. At this point, you might be thinking, but I don’t have a website yet. Or my website looks like a kindergartener made it and I’m embarrassed to send people there. So I may as well not have a website, which is totally fine. Either way, I’ve got you to the truth is you don’t need a website to make a lot of money in your wellness business. You really don’t I have many, many students that make a ton of money without having a website. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to want a website because it does make things a lot easier, especially when strangers from the internet, start finding their way there and paying you which is also the best feeling. So I created a template and a tutorial on exactly how to whip up a really professional and high converting wellness website in just a few hours. It is called the website in a weekend course. And in this course, it’s down and dirty, I detail the exact four to five pages that your website needs nothing more what to put on those pages, where to put the buttons, how to lay it out to convert to actual money for you. Yes, we talk about various platforms that you can use. If you’re just starting your site, I give you some suggestions, but any website platform that you currently use, you can use with this course because I’m just telling you what pages you need and what to put on them. Okay, you will find the build templates will work on any website platform. So don’t get tripped up on that. And you’re going to have your website up and running in just a few hours. Seriously, hundreds and hundreds of people have done it before you it works very well.

You will know how to DIY that website if you want to. But sometimes you don’t want to. So you may be thinking I don’t want to do a website, I hate this tech stuff, I don’t want to do it. Great. Sometimes you do just want to hire someone, especially when your business is growing. And growing quickly through stages three and four, we start talking about some of the things that you can outsource and should be outsourcing to experts, surprisingly, very inexpensively, especially tech stuff. So no matter where your business is at. If the tech really keeps you down, you don’t want to DIY it. This is absolutely something that you can outsource very inexpensively and get off your plate, I documented my entire hiring process, including my job posting scripts, the website that I use to find experts on exactly how I find really, really amazing people for unbelievably low rates. And I put it all into a training for you so that you also have access to that as a bonus course called Easy outsourcing in the program. So if that thought of creating your website or figuring out some of the tech tools that you know you could be using to streamline things and automate things in your business, has you just stressed and it’s a never ending battle, then it’s not a problem. You’re going to just use the scripts and the resources in this bonus course. Again, it’s called Easy outsourcing. When you are ready to start hiring people. Can you see how no stone is left unturned here. You get everything you need, as your business grows. Which brings us to another question that I have been asked, especially recently, can I just hire your people? And the answer is actually yes, you can. When I was last asked this question, it got me thinking about how valuable it would have been for me earlier in my business to have a list of vetted, trusted, tried and true resources that I could work with or hire in my business. And honestly, I would have paid a pretty penny for a list like that. So I have been compiling this list for you inside another bonus of the program, called Andrea’s biz Rolodex, my Podcast Producer, my bookkeeper that specializes in online coaching businesses. My attorney that drafted the contracts we use and about 15 others that I have personally worked with or still work with. And now who gave me permission to share that information with you are all compiled along with notes to help you in this resource again, it’s called the biz Rolodex. So if you’re sighing with relief, knowing you don’t have to start the search from scratch with all of the stuff. Welcome. And if your business is already established, but it feels like a hot disorganized mess right now, you really really need this Rolodex so you can streamline immediate Wait, when you join the profitable nutritionist program, you’ve got the organic marketing and selling business framework in the repeatable revenue process modules, you have the website built out cheater template, I think we should just call it a cheater template. So you have no more excuses for not having a gorgeous website. In the website in a weekend course, you have an incredibly robust sales copywriting course with swipe copy for surveys, testimonials, and more. So that you know what to say and what not to say on that website of yours. And in all of your emails. And in the conversations that you have with real humans in the grocery store checkout line, you even have a hiring scripts and a how to guide to hire inexpensive expert contractors to do tech stuff in your business, if you want to all of this is included as bonus resources in the program. At this point, though, you might be wondering, Where did all of these resources come from? This is a very well stocked all you can eat buffet. Yes, yes, it is. I will tell you, the resources came from my students asking questions and requesting help. I am very much in this program. Okay, I am here fielding questions. And thinking all of the time about how I can make it better? How can I make it easier? How can I create something that shortens the learning curve or shortens the action threshold? I don’t know if that’s I want to say that. But that’s I’m gonna say that for my students. I’m always thinking that. So if when I can see where people are stuck somewhere, or we’re really curious about strategy for why I was doing something in my business, if I’m getting a lot of questions about it, I have created frameworks or templates, and taught it to them, like the now infamous 3k in 30 days challenge that we do twice a year live in the program, and generates huge results for students every time came from getting questions quite a bit like how do I make my money back in a month? So I went to work figuring out how do you make your money back in a month, let’s do that. Can you see how you’re going to be doing the same thing for your clients over time, these tools and resources that I’m now sharing with you have been years in the making. And you’re going to do the same thing for your clients, which is so exciting. There will definitely be more resources and support added in the future to this program, which is why I’m mentioning this because I’m quite excited about a lot of things that we have coming that students don’t even know about yet. Like the consults that convert workshop, which we added last spring, which is a six part intensive on how to structure the six phases of a high converting sales call and how to identify and overcome objections from your prospective clients so that you are never caught off guard with the I have to talk to my spouse about it objection, among others, I love that we are able to create these for everyone in the program, I just have to go on a little bit of a tangent here and tell you that the concepts that convert intensive is insane. Okay, this is a bonus workshop that I hired someone to create someone that I know personally, who has made a huge business off of one on one consults, selling premium offers. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have not ever relied on concept calls to sell in my business, I have done one to many selling not one on one selling. So although I’ve been able to coach my clients on the basics of selling and how to apply it to their consults, I did not really have a framework for creating a consult framework. I didn’t have the basis for doing that. So I hired someone that I know who did. And she massively produced for this bonus, I call it a bonus. But it’s it’s bigger than a bonus, it’s worth the price of admission all on its own for sure. Again, this is a six part intensive on how to structure, a high converting sales call where you are going to be completely prepared for any objection that comes your way and you are going to confidently coach your prospective client on making a decision. Okay, the best decision for them, which is also going to be the best decision for you. The consults that convert bonus workshop, which nobody even knew was coming, it just dropped into their member portal one day has been the greatest bonus that we have ever launched, for sure. And again, this came from people just asking questions about consults. So I got to work figuring out how can we teach consults better for everyone in the program. And when that dropped, and I will say this was months ago now, but ever since then, the Lounge has been on fire with updates, that people’s consult calls with potential clients are a completely different experience. They’re looking forward to them, they love them. They are converting like crazy. And that’s just after trying out the six part framework and structuring their conversations differently, which nobody teaches us. Right. So that’s the beauty kind of a tangent here talking about that particular bonus. But to bring it back to my point is that’s the beauty of having lifetime access to a program like TPN you get everything in the future as it’s added, just like that juicy resource that nobody even knew was coming. So to recap when you join TPN this week, you’re going to get lifetime access to everything I’ve shared today. It really is that simple. One Investment one time it gets you all the support that you need to Bro, you’re organized profitable, streamlined wellness business to at least six figures a year. And candidly at that point, I’ll teach you the advanced skills needed to scale to multiple six and seven figures in the mastermind, but that’s a separate podcast. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You get lifetime access to the four stage repeatable revenue process modules. The live coaching calls, the coaching replay vault video, the private member podcast feed audio, the lounge for written coaching 24/7, my total calendar mastery time management and calendaring system with all of my templates, the creating better clients content and copy course so you can master the skill of copywriting for your website, your emails, all of your marketing without using AI. That sounds awful. You get the website in a weekend templates to quickly build out your high converting website, the easy outsourcing mini course with my exact hiring scripts, my biz Rolodex with my vetted and trusted contractors for you to hire if you would like to, and you get the consults that convert six part consults, sales intensive, and all of the future updates, and live workshops and all of the goodies coming your way that you don’t even know about yet. Like the next live run of the 3k in 30 days challenge, you get all of it lifetime access.

I know I have said lifetime access no less than 30 times in this podcast episode. But the reason for that is I still have people asking quite often when it starts and when it ends. So I just happen to know that that is something people are really not familiar with and think that there’s a catch. So I’m overstating it, do you have lifetime access to everything in the program when you’re in? You are in. And on that note, I had two choices when I created this offer for you. It’s been years now since I created this program. But initially when I was thinking of how I was going to offer it, how I was going to sell it and how I was going to structure the deliverables inside, I had the same choices that you have when you’re creating an offer option one was make it as cheap as possible, and try to sell as many as I could, which really wouldn’t incentivize me to stack on the value for you to be honest, and you have the same choice. Or option two, which is what I chose. And what I hope you do the same for with your clients is to make the offer as valuable as possible. So I can devote more resources and help guarantee your success. And that requires a little bit higher investment on your end. But it’s worth it. And I want you to really think about this for your offers. And for your people too. You have two choices, option one, make it as cheap as possible and try to sell a lot of them or option to really, really stack on the value and make it a no brainer because of the success your people are going to get. So on that line, you are getting lifetime access to every single thing I’ve shared with you today, for a one time investment of $3,000 When you join, or you can take me up on a payment plan with three payments of 1050. So that’s one time payment of 3000, or three payments of 1050. lifetime access, you have everything immediately when you join even if you choose the payment plan to all of it. A core sentiment of mine, I don’t know if sentiment is the right word, but I’m going with it for now is that if I can’t help you make money than I don’t deserve yours, which is why the TPM program is backed by a risk free money back guarantee, you follow the process, you fill out the workbook. And if you don’t make your money back, I will give it back to you. There’s no time limit, you can come back to me in a year and say it didn’t work. And I’ll refund your investment two years, whatever, no problem. But here’s the fine print of that money back guarantee, which you may want to think about for your clients as well feel like a broken record. We’re mirroring that back to you this entire episode. But it’s good for your understanding as well. Here’s the fine print, there is no refund for buyer’s remorse. So if you aren’t going to come into the program with the full intention of doing, don’t come in, if you’re stuck on some part of the process, you’re going to get coached on it, I’m going to dig in with you. And we’re going to figure out what’s going on, and we’re going to fix it. So as part of the refund policy, you have to have requested coaching prior to getting your money back, which is a much bigger lift for me, but gives much better results to you. And the reason for this policy is twofold, I’m going to tell you very transparently. First of all, I’m very protective of the energy of this group, it is full of action takers that figure things out. And if we had a bunch of people in there just checking things out kicking the tires a little bit with no intention of actually using the process and growing their business, it would significantly dilute the energy of the group, I do not want that. Secondly, and most importantly, I am not interested in giving you your $3,000 back, I am interested in making sure you know how to make that 3k back over and over and over again. So you have that skill that you can use for the rest of your career. So I don’t make it easy for you to quit on yourself. Know that if the process doesn’t work for you, I will happily refund your investment and I’ll send you on your way. But we’re going to dig in together and we’re going to try to fix it for you first. And I’ll candidly show that there are very few refund requests that come our way out of many hundreds of students in the program. Because this process works plain and simple. And that’s because we don’t just give you a strategy and expect you to implement it DIY and No, that doesn’t work long term, you have to address the mindset component that inevitably slows us all down and trips us up. If we don’t have the right tools that goes for your clients to remember, all the best plans and protocols means nothing if your clients don’t follow through with them, right. So you have to have the mindset and coaching tools dialed in first for yourself and for your business goals, and then teach it to your clients and apply it to their goals. Lastly, I’ll leave you with this thought, I want you to think of this program like getting a college degree in business for your nutrition or health coaching practice, except, as far as I know, there aren’t any colleges around the guarantee that you’re going to make your tuition back, or they’ll refund it for you. Right, let me know if there are, in fact, that would be a really great idea for that industry, I have thoughts about it. Anyway, that’s because in college, you’re learning skills and concepts, but you aren’t learning how to address all the ways that your mind is going to mess with you. When it comes to applying those skills and concepts in the real world. I think we can agree on that. And that’s what you get in this program that you don’t get anywhere else. It’s why I can literally guarantee your results, because you’re going to learn how to physically change your brain to accommodate the growth that being a successful and profitable entrepreneur that doesn’t burn herself out requires we actually change the neurons and the way that your brain fires with the tools that I teach it is while there are students in the program that have been in business for decades, and never consistently made income that they could count on until they joined and learn this process. This program is a wellness entrepreneur, MBA, my friend. And when I created it, I decided to make the value 10 times what someone pays to join, that has always been the pricing model from day one, that the investment is worth at least 30k. And we’ve achieved that for sure. So to recap, you get everything I’ve shared for $3,000, or three payments of 1050. And you sign up on our website at the profitable nutritionist.com/join. This week, the doors are open. Or if you’re listening in the future, go to that same page and the next enrollment dates will be posted. So you can put them on your calendar, we always keep it updated. But of course, as you’re listening to this in real time, it’s because doors are open this week, you are going to be the first to be notified with the correct join link via email when you’re subscribed to the profitable nutritionist weekly emails. So shameless plug, you should definitely be getting my emails. And again, the signup link to join which you can get onto the waitlist if you’re not already so that you get the emails is the profitable nutritionist.com/join. Don’t forget that. Now as soon as you do join the program, you get an email immediately with your login information and your member dashboard and the link to join the lounge. So you can RSVP to the upcoming coaching calls and get all the links for that. At the very, very minimum. Even if you are busy right now, this is not the time that you’re going to plug in. But you know that a few months from now you want to get started, I want you to sync up to the private podcast feed to start immediately. Even if your plate is full right now. And you can’t fully immerse in the program and the process yet that’s totally fine. You have lifetime access. So there’s no rush. But just get that high value mindset and strategy coaching in your ears. When you’re in your car, when you’re making dinner walking the dog whenever it is that you can listen start planting those seeds, you are going to see so much quicker momentum just from doing that than anything else you could be doing with your time. So once you did get into the program, sync up the private podcast feed and get ready. Get started. Now, your business your bank account your self concept as a profitable business owner is going to be completely different 3060 90 days from now, there’s just no reason to wait. You have lifetime access to hone your craft and get even better and better at those three skills we talked about in the beginning, organic marketing, simple selling, and over delivering life changing results to your clients. Just so exciting. Don’t we just have the best jobs. We get to help people blow their own minds. And that’s amazing. So most importantly, don’t make those people wait. You’re ready now and so are they have a wonderful, wonderful week my friend and I will see you inside

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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