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106. Transitioning from 1:1 Clients To A Group Program with Katie Larson

Is your overly-full client calendar preventing you from creating a group program?  Because WHEN are you supposed to be able to carve out the time and bandwidth to create and plan that group when your calendar doesn’t have a bit of whitespace on it?  On this week’s The Profitable Nutritionist Podcast episode, you’re getting the answer to that hypothetical-but-not-hypothetical question from TPN and Mastermind student, Katie Larson.  Since joining The Mastermind in April, Katie has worked towards launching her first iteration of her premium group program amidst a full calendar of 1:1’s and has some great pieces of advice to share now that she’s on the other side of it.  In this interview she openly shares:

  • Her business journey so far as a physical therapist for 15+ years transitioning into holistic nutrition
  • Why she was initially hesitant to invest in The Mastermind
  • How she knew it was time to launch her group (yes, there is a formula for this)
  • What her launch planning process has looked like and what’s been different than she imagined
  • The $3.10 investment she made in August that paid for the $10,000 mastermind
  • and more!

Katie’s takeaways and insights are going to save you so much time and headache when you transition from working with clients solely 1:1 into a group format so you seamlessly transition to a filled up group and don’t have a drop in revenue and panic.  Enjoy!  Connect With Katie:WebsiteInstagram  


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my friend. I am having so much fun recording this for you right now because it is the very first time I am recording anything for the podcast in my new office, we have just moved houses. And I’m sitting in my shiny new desk. It’s the same desk but it feels new because it’s in a new spot in this new room with a new view and very echoey podcast area because there’s no curtains, there’s nothing hung up, we just moved in anyway had to share. I’m quite enjoying the change of scenery right now and the new vantage point as I record this for you. So what is going on, on this beautiful, beautiful fall day that I am recording? Well, kind of fun. I am interviewing a student of mine from the profitable nutritionist program that joined the mastermind last April so she could scale and streamline her busy practice into a business structure that was going to allow her to serve the huge amount of people that she wanted to without burning herself out or sacrificing time and energy with her own family. Does that sound familiar? Does that sound like a great idea? Yes, yes, it does. So you are going to meet Katie Larsen. In this episode, her story is an inspiration for sure, which she candidly shares all about in this interview, you’re going to hear about the good and the bad specifically of transitioning from one on one clients to launching a group program for the first time and all of the learning that has gone along with it. I have so enjoyed coaching Katie on this as we have gone through the last six months of the mastermind. So when she joined in April, it was her goal to be transitioning out of one on ones and into the group and launching that so I have had the pleasure of helping her with this process that that I’ve done a lot of help other than coaching her and giving her the strategy around it. Obviously she’s doing all the work, but it’s been just so much fun. And seeing it all come together for her and then talking about it in this episode is so full circle. I love it. In fact, she’s launching the group as we do the interview. So on this episode, you hear us talk a lot about what she thought the group lunch was going to entail versus where the majority of her time and attention has actually been spent during this group creation spoiler. It’s been in the launch and the marketing. Not as much in the content for the group that comes with time. But we talked about that we talked about all the things you are going to love hearing about how she has been protecting her own time and energy while keeping her big business vision as the north star as she goes through this entire project and beyond. So it’s going to be so fun. I can’t wait for you to hear all about it. We got so excited and had so much fun recording that I completely forgot at the end of the episode to have her tell us where you can find her. So I said oh my gosh, but I have to put that in the intro because I forgot to ask at the end. So when you want to follow Katie and of course you do her website is Larsen family health.com And that’s Larsen l AR s o n. And her Instagram is at Larsen Family Health again, O N and Larson. So follow Katy find out all of the things she is seriously incredible. And as this episode is going live before I get into it, I want to let you know that we are getting ready to open up applications on October 30 for the January round of the six month streamline and scale mastermind, which you’re going to hear all about in this episode because Katie is in the mastermind. So when you are accepted into this January round, upcoming applications on October 30, you get to hang out with Katie and me and all the other genius mastermind errs in person in Cancun for a week of coaching and high level decision making and planning for 2024. And beyond. That is part of the mastermind container we do in person retreats. So to get all of the details and join the waitlist so you don’t miss the application window when it opens up, visit the profitable nutritionist.com/mastermind. And if you are listening to this episode, in the future, you will always get up to date information on when the next application dates are for the mastermind. On that same page. Again, all of the details and the button to join the waitlist is at the profitable nutritionist.com/mastermind. Okay, we’re rolling yay. Katie Larson. Welcome to the profitable nutritionist podcast and you are a very profitable nutritionist. So I can’t wait to hear all about it today. I know everyone’s going to be so excited to hear all about you and your business and the trials and tribulations and the successes and all of the things.

Katie Larson 4:27
Welcome. Thank you. I’m excited to be here.

Andrea Nordling 4:30
It’s gonna be so fun. So we’re gonna jump right in as we do. And I want to hear about how the heck you got to where you are right now. Your journey is particularly fun because of your physical therapy background and that practice. So Can you fill us all in? How did you get here? What does that look like to get you to today?

Katie Larson 4:48
Yeah, I’ll make it brief because it’s a very long story, but like abridged version is that I had a passion for working with children and kids with special needs. And so I went into Physical therapy to do just that. That was my career path for 1415 years, I was very happy as satisfied. However, about, I would say, five years into my career, I started to really feel like there was, we were missing the boat with a lot of our kiddos, particularly are kiddos with chronic constipation or kids on the spectrum or kids with ADHD. And I just felt like there was something that was not being provided by their healthcare team, and had had multiple examples of where I saw that in practice. And I just felt this like urge or this calling to do something more, but I really didn’t, you know, I was still relatively new in my career and loved what I was doing. And so I wasn’t really looking for a secondary degree at that point. And then I got even further and and I kept seeing more and more evidence of the things I just said and felt started to feel the pull to do something more about it, because I still wasn’t seeing these families how to getting any help, or the help they were looking for, but oh, it was providing. So then I would say maybe eight or nine years into my career started to look actively at what I could be doing. This was really overwhelming. There’s health coaching, there’s lots of different programs as NTP program, and I just didn’t really find anything that felt like the right fit. But one point in there, I did do a health coaching program, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, as far as being able to have how I could support families, or medical lens. And then right before COVID, I decided I found a program that I was really excited about at ACH s in Oregon. And I did sign up to do that, and then COVID hit. So that was like just a cluster of me trying to do online school working full time trying to also educate my children from home. And somehow we survived all in one piece.

Andrea Nordling 6:47
And more thoughts how it’s just like when you look back on that, don’t you just think how did we even do that?

Katie Larson 6:53
No, I really actually don’t know how we did it without me killing one of my children or my husband. So but we made it. The whole intent was for me, I had gotten approval from my boss to bring it back, I was gonna step down as a manager, which is what I was at that time and bring it back to the population that I worked with, which is the population I’m very passionate about. And then the company I was at is funded by the state and government. And so there were mandates put into place. And I just, I felt like that was my out, I felt like it was good timing, I had seen things happening in that company that I just wasn’t on board with anymore, and was devastating to me, because I’d built my career there. And I love I love the people there. I loved the kids, I love the staff. But it was time to part ways. And I’ve been forced to part ways, which was fine. It’s I’ve tried to hold my SHIFT around it, mindset shift. And it forced me to go out on my own. And I just I actually think it was very much divine intervention, the timing, that everything happened, because if I hadn’t gotten my masters in holistic nutrition, I wouldn’t have been able to immediately jump into something that I was creating and be profitable with it. So that’s really how the business started. And then just I got some mentoring, and I jumped in with both feet really had no idea what I was doing. It just started to one foot in front of the other and and then I think it was 2021 or end of 2020 End of 2021. Like my business officially starts in 20 January 2022. Okay, I think that spring is when I signed up with TPN. Like, okay, like I could breathe a

Andrea Nordling 8:26
little bit, a little bit of breathing room. Okay, beautiful. So you start taking nutrition clients, where are these clients coming from? And can you please tell everybody that you’re still working or doing physical therapy at this point, because your schedule like it boggles my mind?

Katie Larson 8:46
Yeah, so I was still actually working full time for that for my previous company, supporting them through my transition out while taking nutrition clients. It was a small caseload at that point, but I was still trying to manage to different jobs. And clients, honestly just I started blogging, I started blogging, and I was really organized about it. I had lots I had time and capacity for that. So I just was sending out like once a week blogs, and once a week emails, and I just had people start finding me. I mean, it was

Andrea Nordling 9:14
do you think that those were getting shared by people that you knew or were these strangers on the internet, finding you

Katie Larson 9:19
my very, very first client as someone I barely knew from Facebook, and I actually should ask her, I’m not actually sure how I think I posted a blog on Facebook. I was like sharing a blog on Facebook, and she saw it and she’s like, I need to do something for me. My health is a mess. She was my very first client. And so but I do think my email list was like slowly, okay, 90 people at the time from like a previous event venture that I had tried, and it was like slowly, slowly growing. I maybe have like one or two new subscribers, like every couple of weeks, so it wasn’t massive. But like I definitely had people spreading the word. So

Andrea Nordling 9:52
yeah, okay, so you quickly got pretty busy. Let’s talk about that.

Katie Larson 9:58
So I Yes. And I like I, if I could go back, I would pay I paid more attention to exactly how that happened. It was a lot of word of mouth. It was a lot of me talking about it. It was a lot of me I did do posting might, you know, goal is to not be on social media, but they definitely was doing some sharing about it talking about what I was doing. I did a mentorship with a nutritionist that was on the East Coast. And I will never forget her telling you that she said, You are going to be so busy. You don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s like, Oh, thanks. So like, I don’t I don’t envision that happening. And she’s totally right. She was right. totally right. I just think there’s such a need. And because I have an interesting niche where I help I work with kids two days a week, and then two days a week, I’m working with adults and families. And so it is just incredibly busy. It really has grown organically from there.

Andrea Nordling 10:48
Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so in the mastermind, you started in the mastermind in April 2023. So you had been in the profitable nutritionist program for a year, you knew you wanted to join the mastermind? Can we talk a little bit about that? I think that this is a really fun thread to kind of pull on a little bit like what was your business like before? And what drew you to that container specifically?

Katie Larson 11:08
Yeah, it was. I mean, it’s chaos, I think the probably the correct word. I was so I mean, I was so busy, and yet wanted to be wanted to be serving more people. But couldn’t, I like physically couldn’t, I was already straining our family trying to squeeze clients in after pickup for school. And first thing I let you know, racing home from drop off to see clients. And I just, it’s not the not the business I envisioned, I really want breathing room. But to be able to help more people had raised my prices, which I thought would help and I think did temporarily and then people when they don’t feel well, or their kids do not feel well, they are willing to invest in their families. And I mean, that’s just that is just how it is. It’s how I feel about my own kids. And I’ve seen that happen in practice, and in so many ways. So it just that didn’t really give me enough breathing room. And I really have had this vision from the beginning, even before I officially started my company that I really wanted to do a group program, like I just really, really felt called to be able to serve many people at one time, who are on a similar journey, who would benefit from the same information. And then that would free me up to help the the people and the kids that really need the one on one and individualized work. So that was initially really what brought me to the mastermind, I was like, I need help. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve said multiple times to people, I’m going to do a group program. And I start and I just like, actually have no idea what I’m doing. I need someone to help me like what do I need to do to get this started? And then how do I execute it? Well, so that’s what that is, was my intention when I came into the mastermind? And then maybe some bonus support around? How do I get organized on the back end? Because it was just really chaos, for sure.

Andrea Nordling 12:51
And that’s something that we work on right away in the mastermind is figuring out what is your three year goal? What’s your two year goal? What’s your one year goal, working backwards on what you need to be doing now to make that three year goal inevitable and easier for yourself and much more enjoyable? I’m the way so that’s definitely what we were working on. And I mean, though your schedule does and did and does still boggle my mind. I think that you’ve made progress in this department. I mean, clearly you have because you’re launching your group, which we’re going to talk about. And that’s so exciting. So yeah, it’s part of the process, figuring out how to bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be with out completely burning down what you’re doing that is working. Because we don’t want to do that. We don’t want to stop all income. We don’t want to stop everything that’s working. But you know that there are definitely some aspects that you’re gonna burn down and that you’re not going to do forever. And what does that look like? And how do we gracefully move to the next version of your business and the next version of yourself as the business owner in in a strategic way? So that’s what we’re working on in the mastermind, and I have loved watching you do this? Okay, there’s so many directions that we could take this, what do you think we should talk about next? I’m gonna throw the ball in your court.

Katie Larson 13:57
We could talk about what like the steps to actually making the group happen. Or we could talk about the live event which was completely rebel, like, revolutionised. That’s not the right word. I couldn’t have launched this on time. If I had not gotten to Montana, we could put it that way.

Andrea Nordling 14:13
Oh, my gosh. Okay. Yes. Let’s talk about both of those things. So let’s talk about what did you think you were going to do to get your group launched? Now we’re going to give everyone the timeline. We started in the mastermind in April. And as we’re recording this, it is September and Katie’s launching her group like, right this very minute. It’s like in progress right now at the by the end of the month, the group, the group is live, it exists. She’s giving birth before our very eyes, everybody. So to get to this point, I mean, a lot has happened over the last few months, but in Montana in August is the event she’s talking about. So actually, I should back up for just a second. When we start around of the mastermind. It starts with a live event. So we actually kicked off the round in April in Cancun in Mexico, but Katie was unable to be He at that kickoff event. So luckily, I was also doing a retreat in Montana in August that she was able to attend. So that’s how this this, that was like a bonus event thing. So that is kind of the timeline of how this all is going to come together just to give everybody an understanding of what we’re talking about. Okay, I’m gonna give it back to you, what did you think it was going to evolve to get this group off the ground,

Katie Larson 15:21
I thought I would just need to have like a coaching plan. And I would need to have a strategy for getting people to a weekly meeting. And just having some sort of like evolution of what I wanted to walk them through that Well, what happened, but that’s not at all what I that’s what I thought I would need, I didn’t think it would be I was envisioned it being time consuming. But I actually had like a whole outline of all the things I was gonna teach on. And then when I started to actually put pen to paper and get a beta group going, it totally changed. So I actually wasted a lot of time doing that, like prep work. I mean, it wasn’t wasted time, it was me brain dumping. And it has totally, completely changed from that initial vision. And so it’s taking me it’s taken me quite a while to get it where it needed to be. But you know, it, it all happened for a reason and the way it was supposed to, but I definitely spend my wheels for a long time. And some of that was because of my schedule and not freeing it up. I just didn’t free up enough time intentionally to really plan it. And so Montana was very much intentional time for me to be able to get it going. Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 16:25
because Katie does have like 642, one on one clients. On a weekly basis, it’s very confusing about how the hell there’s enough hours in the day. But yes, she works. Like with a lot of wonderful guys. Okay, I completely echo what you’re saying about having your best idea about what your process is going to be that you bring the group through, and then testing it. And knowing that’s going to change. And this is why I always recommend do not start with an online course, or an online program where you create all of the content, because it’s going to change, you just have no idea how this is actually going to land. And your better ideas are going to come from running through it the first few times. So just give yourself the freedom to run it live first before recording anything and wasting a ton of time on that 100% agree with this accurate? Why are you laughing?

Katie Larson 17:16
really true. And I didn’t really realize I was doing it until I was like, Wait a second. This I’ve just spent all this time brain dumping and I’m totally creating something very different.

Andrea Nordling 17:25
Yeah, yeah. And just it’s so fun to watch it kind of come to life, like I mean, like we use the comparison of giving birth to your program, but it actually really is like that. And you just don’t really know what the baby’s gonna grow up to be like, we don’t know. We don’t know it toddler group might be very different than Kindergarten group and middle school group. It’s okay, it’s gonna change. And that’s like the best part about it. Yes, absolutely. So good. Okay, so that was something that surprised you was what you would actually be focusing on for the group. Let’s talk about Montana, let’s talk about what you came with the intention for there and how that went. I mean, don’t even filter yourself. Let’s hear all of it. The Bad, the Ugly.

Katie Larson 18:07
Had leading up to Montana, I had taken a couple of my one on one clients and shuttled them into what I call a beta group to just run through this the program I was developing, very unorganized. And just me basically telling them try this, try this, try this and see what happens. As it started to come together, I started to record videos for them, because that was easier than me typing out an email to them. So it was starting to like come together. And again, it was 100% different, but I envisioned. So I had a vision like I was getting my one of my specialties is detox and liver support. And so I had envisioned that that’s what it would be because that’s who I see, well, life throws at you what you need. And I just started to see a ton of clients coming at me that I didn’t know how to help them because they were all coming to me with insulin resistance and they couldn’t lose weight. And I didn’t know how to help them their perimenopausal menopausal. Like this is a whole new thing for me. And I’m also headed in that direction for myself, and so invested time to figure out like, how do we get to the bottom of that just for some background. So I started to like, spew videos at them and like, try to do this. And I wanted to get this and try this. And so I had like so I got everything up in Kajabi and started to sort of piece this together. And then Montana came and I knew that because I hadn’t been able to carve out enough time to actually sit down and write the emails, which are I love actually love writing. And I was really excited about that part. But for me to sit down for 20 minutes, it’s not feasible, I need like hours, to be able to get my brain in the right space to be able to make sure the emails sync together. They make sense. And so I figured I was coming to Montana, I was just gonna do all that. Well, I did that. And then I realized I needed help with automation and he needed help with links and he needed help with images and all of the things that I had just had no, I had no clue that I needed to know it just didn’t like oh, I don’t just like send this out and it just goes and it just things connected. No no, no. Like there’s there’s so much back end work that I I had just I was totally in over my head. And so I really do, I benefited so much from not only just the intense work time, but the support from you is from raven like that was instrumental and being able to get this thing off the ground. I literally could not have done it because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And yeah, you know, how much how many? How much behind the scenes stuff there is I just didn’t know. So

Andrea Nordling 20:20
yeah, I Okay, so I’m gonna go back our coaching on this just a few months ago, this is before Montana, but a few months ago in talking about the group, so we coach every week in the mastermind. So we were coaching on this about the the plan and launching the group and what the timeline looks like. And Katy was was very much focusing on the delivery of the process to the people. And I was very much focusing on but where are we getting the like, what is the launch plan for the group to make sure that there are people in the group in the first place. And I just want to say, I think that that is the part where it just to your point, like there’s there is a lot of moving parts in the background, to make sure that you fill a group when and it’s a completely different skill skill set, then one on ones, because when you’re selling to one on one clients, they can come in tomorrow, they can come in next week, you’ll figure it out. When you have a group starting, you need everybody in. And starting at the point when this is going to start, it’s just a different, it’s just a different animal, the to figure out how to launch and how to do it. So we worked on your launch plan, we figured out what that was going to look like she’s launching with a webinar, and with follow up email sequences. So there’s emails to get people interested in the webinar and get them signed up for the webinar, then there’s executing the webinar and selling on the webinar. And then there’s the follow up sales emails that come after the webinar, to get the people that want to be in the group into the group. And they have to click the buttons, which means there has to be buttons and the buttons have to go to pages where they give people the information. And on that page, there has to be checkout options. And there just is a lot. So when Katie says she came to Montana to write the emails, she totally did. And you kill that you got so much done. I was so proud of you. But also, you got an introduction to outsourcing a little bit. So at this particular event in Montana, it was called the creation retreat, everybody brought a project that they were working on for their business, whether it was getting a bunch of emails, batch written for the rest of the year, for example, or for a launch, like Katie was doing or outlining podcast episodes, or like whatever it was website copy, there’s a bunch of things that people were bringing, but it was a dedicated time to get some coaching and some strategy on what you were working on and then giving you like getting you out of your environment. So you can actually work on the thing, which is key and good. He was like that is what I need, I need no kids that need to be fed, I need no dogs, I need no clients 642 and counting, I need to just take them off of the calendar, and I need to get these emails done, which you did, like it was amazing killed it. But also in that coaching. I was there with my Director of Operations Raven, who Katie knows from being in the mastermind. And we together we’re trying to figure out how can we offer some extra support along the way. So Katie was really struggling with the tech piece of it of just like, oh my gosh, like, what are the pages that I need? Like, Well, okay, we need a registration page. And then they have to go to a thank you page. And what do you put on the thank you page? And how do they sync together? Just those little things, which I think so many people are gonna listen to this episode and just be nodding their head like Yes. What are those things? So Katie was in the depths of it of figuring it out. And Raven took her aside, and maybe you should tell the story, but she was just like, I have someone for you. We’re just going to hire him. He’s just going to put all of these emails that you have. Did you have them in Google? Is that where the emails were? Okay, so they weren’t Google Docs. She’s like, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna record a live video on what to do. We’re gonna send it to him. By tomorrow morning. He’s just gonna magically have all of these emails into Kajabi. For you, they’re going to be linked, it’s gonna be fine. And maybe you should like tell what actually happened.

Katie Larson 23:51
No, it’s so funny because she’s like, I have a guy that was like the other guy can do for you.

Andrea Nordling 23:57
All of my Tony Soprano vibes. Just love that. That was the verbiage. Oh, like, I love it. Got a guy. Don’t worry.

Katie Larson 24:05
No, she’s like, I have this guy. He like he does great work. He’s super fast. This he will do this while you sleep. Just like yeah, cost you $5 I could do $5 That’s how much my coffee costs this morning. I could do $5 She told me she showed me how to set up with up work and hire this very specific guy, which it was like I felt like I was it really. It was like out of body experience that I had no idea what I’m doing. I never envisioned having to outsource. I like knowing how to do things myself. And also my time is very limited. And so that was my final like nail in the coffin of like, you don’t have time to do this. And so she hooked it all up. I sent my emails to him sent him the Google link and literally woke up the next morning and they were all in Kajabi is what is this magic? And it literally cost me $3.10 But I was like wow, okay, what else can I have him do let’s I’m I like I’m on board for this. This But he helped me with everything. And I had never recorded a loon video. I remember when Raven had demoed that to us in the mastermind, I was like, I’m never going to need to do this. Well, no, I’m, like, recorded multiple live videos. Now. It’s like the coolest thing ever. Like, why are we not using this all the time for all of our meetings, it would save so much time. Anyway, so it, he has helped me tremendously. I got connected with another graphic designer to help me with imagery and creating a workbook and just making things making my slide deck for the webinar. Also, I probably wouldn’t have slept in the last week tried to do all that. And so it’s just been, that whole process has been massively helpful. And I again, don’t think I would have learned that if I hadn’t gone to Montana, or been out of the mastermind, I’d still be getting my hair out trying to make my slides look the same.

Andrea Nordling 25:47
Well, I think it’s really fun to talk about and kind of even think about I don’t know if you’ve thought about this a lot, but like, what was stopping you from hiring someone before?

Katie Larson 25:56
I just think fear, right? The fear of not knowing? Do I trust this person? Do I even know what I’m asking for? I think that was even a bigger part of it. I don’t know what I’m asking for. Because I don’t just like you said, like, when Raven, Raven was blowing my mind. And like, Well, how do people? How are people gonna sign up? Oh, you just do the lie, I still look at my back into Kajabi. And I’m like, I have no idea what happened. These are for, like, I just I’m slowly learning it is such I don’t know why it’s so hard for my brain. But the all the different connections and the automations. And the links to everything still sort of baffles me. But like, I if I hadn’t had guidance from just the mastermind group and from Raven, it was a toy, it was totally fear that was holding me back. Because I just it felt like hard to do. I’m not sure that it’s going to work. I don’t even know what I’m asking for. And will it be done on time, like all of those pieces kind of just rolled in my head, and it just felt like it’s just easier for me to do it, which is kind of been my MO my nose was easier. I’m just gonna do it. So I managed to tell you no, it just is delegating is hard, particularly when it seems really like a small thing. Like putting emails, I should be able to do that. Well, my guy did it in like 10 minutes, and it would have taken me three hours. Right? Like, I don’t even know how, like what kind of magic he used. But he’s fast. Like, it wasn’t even an hour, I was like, holy smokes. That would have taken me hours to just move everything into Kajabi. So it was all of that. And yeah, I just needed guidance, I needed someone to to like hold my hand and tell me it was gonna be okay. And that they’ve done it before. And it worked. And so it’ll work for me too. Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 27:27
I think that’s so huge. I think that that’s why a mastermind is such a valuable container anyway, just because you’re surrounded by people that have gone through the experience can help you can shorten up the learning curve for you and normalize the the weirdness that comes up, especially when you’re doing something new, like launching it, I mean, creating the group is new. But launching, I think that this is the first time you’ve ever done a big launch or big promotion like this. So it’s all new, then there are so many moving parts. And there’s so many places where you find yourself getting into old patterns, like I’m just gonna do this myself. And if you don’t have that accountability and people to help catch it, and can show you like, yes, you can, you don’t have to prove that to anyone. But should you be doing that right now. That’s so valuable. And I think a lot of people in launches in particular gets so overwhelmed because they underestimate the amount of time and attention to those little details to making sure it’s going to work. And so they cut themselves short on writing the emails and on doing what they are really good at which is connecting with their people and the messaging, and promoting and selling. And if that stuff doesn’t get done, then the group doesn’t fill up. And so when the launch doesn’t go, well, sometimes there are external factors. There’s a lot of things that can go into that. But I think a lot of time, it’s just you get so mired in the mud on the little tech things and the details that you don’t have time to sell, right. And then, you know, like, obviously things fall a little bit flat if you don’t have time to sell. So you’re in this right now. What how many days right now? Are we out from the webinar,

Katie Larson 28:52
so webinars on Friday, so it’s today’s Wednesday, students went?

Andrea Nordling 28:57
Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe we squeezed this in like in your lunch prep week. Oh my gosh, okay. Okay.

Katie Larson 29:03
I’m cool. I’m good. I’m good. I’m feeling very good about it.

Andrea Nordling 29:07
Good. She’s good. Cool. Okay, so all of the like, the promo for the webinar is all going out. It’s like happening as we speak. What is this like, right now? Where’s your head? And I think this is actually really fun to talk about, because you’re, you’re just in it right? This very minute.

Katie Larson 29:23
We’re in it. I have been I have such a great group of friends who have been sort of supporting me and I haven’t like, I don’t talk about it a lot with them just because that they’re my good friends. And anyway, I’m like, you know where to find me. If you need something, you know where to find me. But they’ve been asked like, how’s it going? Because they’re getting all my emails because of course, they’re on my email list. And like, I don’t know, I actually don’t know how it’s going. I haven’t checked my registrations. I’m like, really nervous. I’m just I don’t, I don’t need I don’t want to know to stress me out if nobody’s registered. But finally, I have a really good friendship, you need to check. You need to check and see and it’s like fine, so I went in yesterday and 50 people registered and Melis have hundreds 60 And I know Yeah, my mom’s not even on there. I was like, that’s pretty good without my mom and my family. So I had a I was having a conversation with a friend last night at a soccer game. And she said, I’m, I’m, I’m in, I’m coming to the webinar, I’m signing up for the club. I was like really trying to like, I love

your surprise.

But it’s been I’ve had lots of people responding to the email saying, I can’t come I want to see the recording, you know, because it’s during the work day. So I totally understand. So there’ll be a recording, and I’m excited anybody is interested. And I just I did a similar to what you did is I sent out a survey, it was my very first email saying, Tell me, what are the health challenges that you’re experiencing right now. So I want to make sure I talked about them in the webinar. And I just, you know, there are so many women right now who just feel like crap. And they don’t know why. And so I just really felt like this group, this program is going to strike a nerve. And it has, and it’s, I have people on there that I’ve never met, and I don’t even know how they’re on my email list. And so that just feels really cool that the there are people out there who are looking to me to be able to help them. So

Andrea Nordling 31:05
yeah, yeah. And every single person that responds to that survey, I would follow up one on one after the webinar, for sure. Because they definitely want to buy. Definitely, definitely. And I love that strategy. We talked about that in TPN. And in the mastermind, but I just want to give everyone listening to this little just taste of how you could leverage a survey like that. When you Well, first of all, it’s a great way to kind of launch into a dedicated theme that you’re going to be talking about. So during your lunch, what is your theme that you’re talking about?

Katie Larson 31:37
I’m really talking about why why women can’t lose weight, like why women can’t listen everything right? And why you can’t lose weight?

Andrea Nordling 31:43
Yep, perfect. So that survey, like really kind of tease that off, ask for feedback, you know, tell me why this isn’t working for you. So then every response that you get to that, and when you send a survey like this, you don’t want it to be all multiple choice answers, you want to hear in their words how they describe their problem. So you want in the survey to ask open ended questions, likely just one question because you don’t want it to be too long. So like, if you could wave a magic wand, how would you solve this problem? And let them tell you all about their problem, what they’ve tried before, you’re gonna get these long answers with people telling you exactly what they think their problem is, what they think the solution is why they think they’re not getting the results, what they wish the results would be in their own words. And then that is the copy that you use in your emails, on your sales page, on your registration page, all of that. It’s like, literally copy and paste the way that people are talking about their problems and the solution they want. So good. It’s cool. Yep, absolutely. Yeah. Amazing. Okay, so webinar is on Friday is going to be fantastic. You’re going to send out the recording afterwards. And then how many days of sales emails do you have? And what what’s the timeline after that,

Katie Larson 32:46
so it’s about a week. So I wanted to tie it up with because I’m gonna, my plan is to do it’s basically three months of programming with lifetime access. So I want to do it on a quarterly basis. So it’s going to start in October, that first week of October. So in hindsight, again, I’m keeping track of all the things I would do differently next time, I wouldn’t have such a big window, it’s a little over a week, but also the only thing I can do webinars on Friday, and it just happened that just happened to be the way it was. So it’s I’ve got a bunch of emails, you probably 10 In total, maybe a little bit more going out after the webinar. And then yeah, and so then that’ll bring them into the course.

Andrea Nordling 33:21
Amazing, amazing. And I love the just your thought process here and the how calmly you’re delivering that, like there are things I’m going to be doing differently next time, of course, because every time you launch and every time you do this, you collect data to make it better for next

Katie Larson 33:33
time. Exactly. And I have a whole list of things. I already was joking with Raven, I was like that is a post launch problem that I will deal with next week. There’s a few of them, I’ve got a few of them and we’ll deal with it after her closes. But yeah, just I learned over my long career. And motherhood has humbled me in so many ways that perfection is just not the goal. It is just really about trying to do your best and then you learn from it and then you go from there. So it just helps me keep my head level and from the stress or getting too high about it.

Andrea Nordling 34:07
Definitely definitely and if we’re measuring against where we started instead of this ideal that’s like the horizon that keeps moving away from us that we’re never gonna be so much more proud it’s so much enjoy like the journey so much more if we’re remembering oh my gosh, like how much further ahead I am than when I started. Kind of incredible to think about and then also we teach our clients that too. Okay, so incredibly valuable. I just I’m so glad that you were able to share all of this. Is there anything else that you think we should touch on? We’re going to keep this pretty brief though because you do have your 500th client of the week. But is there anything you thought that we should talk about that we didn’t cover? In regards to I mean, really anything but I have on my list things to talk about? Is anything that surprised you About the last six months of the mastermind or anything, anything you want to talk about there, I don’t know anything.

Katie Larson 35:05
I think for me, I was out, there was definitely some hesitancy because of my schedule. And we talked about this before I signed up, I was very nervous about the time capacity that I had to commit to the mastermind. And it took me a good few months to really be able to, like find time to do the things. I mean, I’m always the last one to do revenue reporting, like I’m always educated, did you do this, I still have a list of things that have we’ve recorded and talked about them to go back and review. Because I definitely feel like I, I am going to be much more intentional this second time around, because obviously, this group is going to help free up some time. That’s the intention, so that I can then dive in deeper because even just the high level that I’ve had in the six months has been so helpful. And I would say even the things that we learned, jumping out of the gate, that I was like, I’m not ready for this, I don’t need this yet. Just those first few like trainings, I’m now going back like okay, now I’m ready for that information. And I’m so glad that I was in the mastermind so that I can pull from that now, because I’m ready. And so I think it just you know, everything happens for a reason the timeline was meant to be the way it was, this is the perfect launch time for me and heading into the holidays and helping families helping women really start to feel better before they’re inundated with all the food. And so everything that I have learned through the last six months has compounded on itself, even though I wasn’t aware of that that was happening at the time. So it’s just been one of the best decisions I did for my business. It definitely I was hesitant about it. And I mean, I’m so glad that I did it. But I felt the same way about TPN, it took me a while took me almost six months to a year to finally pull the trigger on that as well. Because I felt like I just needed to be in a certain place, which you know, is not really true. But it’s never true. Just like I’m no, you’re never going to be in the right place to jump. I mean, I could have put off this group program for another six months. It just but I just made the decision to do it. And so that I know, that’s what you talk about. And I talk about that even with my clients, like you just have to decide made the decision to do it. It’s gonna work for you, in whatever way that you’re ready for it. So it’s been, it’s been amazing. I couldn’t be where I’m at now without it.

Andrea Nordling 37:04
That’s so good to hear. I think it’s a good reminder that you can just grab one, Jim. And that’s going to that’s like what you needed for the here and now and you can come back to the rest later. That’s true business wise. But that’s true for your clients, too. They don’t need to implement every single thing you teach perfectly in the right order, just to a tee. No, it just doesn’t need to be that they could just grab that one thing that makes them feel so much better, and then come back for the rest. So before we end, I’m curious, what is your focus going to be for the next six months? Great. And what are we focusing on in the next round? Great question, especially, especially with this group, a leading question, I hope she’s saying that she’s phasing out some of these ones.

Katie Larson 37:44
I am one that is like for sure. My intent, I had a new client last week. And I was like, oh, she’d be so great for the group. How do I get her there from the one on one? Because even with her intake, I didn’t really I thought she was coming in with different needs. And once we met, I was like, Oh, she actually be really great for the group. So one thing I want to work on is how do I transition someone from an individual to a group? Am I willing to do that mid group, even though I’m gonna have closed and open enrollments, I want to figure out kind of those thoughts out, I want to obviously learn from what went well, what didn’t go well from this coming, launch and implement it, because we’ll be doing another one heading into the new year. But I also still really want to do a lot of cleanup on the backend, I still feel like my thoughts are kind of unorganized. I have all the I have different processes now that I’ve learned through the mastermind of how to get organized. And then I have a running list of all the things that actually need to get into those processes. So I’m hoping that between launches, that’s something that I really want to focus on, like how do I use click up to really help me be more simplified? And a lot of my back end processes? How do I create processes from what I’ve done now? So that,

Andrea Nordling 38:44
oh, we got a guy for that. I’ve got

Katie Larson 38:49
multiple guys for that, guys for that. Yeah. So there’s still lots of that. And I, you know, my website could still use some words, there’s lots of like little things that I definitely still am hoping to clean up and make more organized and streamline. I mean, really, I still have a lot of streamlining to do, and also get ready for the next one, and move and figuring out how to move people into that group. That’s going to be my big. Take my gosh,

Andrea Nordling 39:10
oh my gosh, I have so many ideas already. Do. I cannot wait. So good. It’s good to involve some of those guys to tell you that right now.

Katie Larson 39:20
Or $5.35.

Andrea Nordling 39:22
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Which is just, I mean, it’s this wonderful world that we live in. There are people that just want to do that stuff, the things that make us insane. They just want to do that like their favorite thing.

Katie Larson 39:35
I will never forget I was in an MLM long time ago and I remember being at a retreat. And I remember the CEO saying we were talking about freeing up time and then we talked about right like is it is us you can do this thing and is it worth your time you could be making more money seeing clients immediate market more money doing emails and blogs and all the things and we were talking about having our house cleaned. And I have I had a lot of guilt until that point about hiring someone To clean my house because I have lots of boys running around, and it’s messy, and we’ve got animals and I just was putting so much stress on myself to clean the house. And I’ll never forget what she said she said it, someone, pay someone because that’s what they love to do. That is their love. You are enriching their life by enabling them to clean your home. I was like, that is so accurate. And taking that nugget and implementing that now into my business, hiring someone to import my emails. He loves to do that. He’s so happy. He’s like, let me know what else help you the I mean, he’s just the kindest man through email that I’ve ever like, you know, and thinking about the money perspective, like for them $5 Is lifetime like it’s so much money in, in their, you know, in their currency.

Yes. I mean, the US dollar, it goes very far in other places in the world. Yeah. So to

not have guilt around that either. I mean, I just think there’s, as women we hold a lot of guilt. And I think as business owners, we hold a lot of, you know, am I doing this right? Is this fair is is, you know, equitable. And so like, it’s just anyway, it’s having that mindset of being able to empower someone else to help them do things that they love to do. Is the name changer and just makes my life easier. makes me happier. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 41:09
Oh, that’s spurs some thoughts for me. Maybe our next podcast episode will have to be about feeling guilty if people on your team are working and you’re not working. Yes. That’s good. Oh, that’s, that’s coming. That’s a topic. We’re good.

Katie Larson 41:23
That’s good. I think it’s something we all struggle with.

Andrea Nordling 41:27
Oh, that’s gonna be so bad. Okay. Katie, this is just wonderful to hear from you. I love that we’re doing it in the middle of the launch. You’re not completely losing your mind. I didn’t realize it was like actual webinar week. But I’m so glad that you took the time to share this to be so helpful for so many people to just like, hear how it’s actually going and how you’re gonna evaluate it when it’s done, and learn from it. So good. Well, thanks

Katie Larson 41:50
for having me. This was great. Amazing. Thank you.

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