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33. Time Management Part 2: Consistency Confidence

What the heck is consistency confidence?

Well, it’s a twofold concept that’s going to make you a whole buncha money and save you a whole buncha time. That’s what it is.

Consistency confidence is why people will hire you, again and again.

It’s also why you will be able to run a highly profitable business that you absolutely love in 10 hours a week if you want to.

So how can you leverage this concept both for you AND your future clients starting today? Let’s get into it.

Enrollment is open May 19-25!


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Oh my friend time management part two. In this episode, we’re talking about consistency, confidence. What the heck is consistency confidence? Well, it is a two fold concept that is going to make you a whole bunch of money. That’s what it is, it’s also going to save you a whole bunch of time. That’s it in a nutshell consistency competence. Before we dive into this topic, I want to let you know that the profitable nutritionist program will be open for enrollment this Thursday, May 19, through next Wednesday, the 25th. If you are getting value from this podcast and applying it to your business, then you have to join the program so you can plug into the full repeatable revenue process that I teach. Instead of piecing together all of the little tidbits from the podcast yourself, you want the whole process and the whole experience. And I say this all the time. But the program is a massive, massive over deliver. Most people would charge $3,000 each for each component separately, but instead it’s all included in the program, you get the on demand, repeatable revenue process I just talked about, that walks you step by step through the four stages of growth in your business, from just starting out to over 100k in revenue per year, you get a treasure trove of bonus trainings, deep dive trainings, where we go super, super in depth on skills like setting up your tech and automation and hiring and outsourcing, creating amazing sales copy, lots of stuff in between, you have a whole bunch of bonus courses, and you get live coaching, can we just take a minute and think about how valuable live coaching is, I know coaches that charge 10s of 1000s of dollars for group coaching programs, which I easily could do, but it is actually included in the program. You get live coaching every week, you also get the vault of coaching call replays to listen to your peers be coached. So for one, you can come and get your questions answered live or, and or you can listen to your peers be coached and ask questions that you didn’t even know you were questioning. Because we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s why group coaching is so amazing. So get into the program, when the doors open up on Thursday, and start on the first module, or the first episode of the private member podcast that day, on Thursday start, you’re going to sign up at Build a Profitable practice.com forward slash join. And if you’re listening to this in the future, go to that same page and the dates of the next enrollment period will be listed. So you can put those on your calendar. Again, it’s build a profitable practice.com forward slash join. Alright, so obviously in the in there on Thursday, but in the meantime, you’re going to be talking a little bit with yourself about consistency, confidence, you’re gonna have a whole conversation with yourself about how you can be more thoughtful and more intentional, intentional, new words, intentional on creating consistency, competence for yourself. It’s something that we coach on quite a bit in the program. And here’s what it means consistency, competence is just building trust with yourself and with your audience of people that are paying attention to you. Because most people will not hire you right away. Here’s the crux of this concept. Most people are not going to hire you right away people that are hanging around, that are kind of watching you kind of paying attention to what you’re saying. And then are interested, they’re probably not going to hire you right away. For the most part. We always have our early adopters that come in guns blazing. They’re like, yes, I want this right now help me right this minute, let’s go. We love those people. We serve the heck out of those people. And we encourage everyone to be those people. But the reality is, a lot of people aren’t, they need to think about it, they need to watch you, they need to see you they need to get their own self concept to a point where they feel like they’re ready to hire you. They need to visualize and see themselves as the kind of person that’s going to get the results when they work with you. Like think about that they have to get themselves to a point where they think I can do this. Like, I’m gonna hire her and she’s gonna help me but I can do this. And that takes time for a lot of people. Again, we love the easy, fast decision makers that are super decisive. They’re like, Yep,

Andrea Nordling 4:10
I’m starting right now let’s go. Just because everyone isn’t that way, doesn’t mean that they aren’t your perfect client, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be fantastic clients for you, and that they’re really excited and that they’re going to do the work and that they want to hire you. It just means that they’re human with a human brain and it takes a little bit longer to get to the point where they’re ready takes time. It’s totally fine for most people. Now I’ve heard that this is over 85% of sales. So let’s just take that figure. I’ve heard this in many different places. So I think that that might be a good figure to use. Over 85% of sales happen after 90 days of being introduced to an offer. Okay, in fact, oftentimes it’s a year or two years down the road. So think about that. Think of the people that are tuning in, they’re watching what you’re doing, they’re watching what you’re saying If they’re asking questions here and there, they’re giving you a like they’re hitting reply to your email and saying that was fantastic. Thank you. They’re asking qualifying questions about recipes or about what you eat or how you handle certain situations, whatever that might be. They’re asking questions. They’re paying attention. They’re not like beating down your door with their credit card in hand yet, but they’re asking questions. What if it takes them a year or two years? Are you going to be there? By the time they’re ready, and they get themselves to a point where they’re ready to hire you are you going to be there will you have been consistently available and showing up and adding value in their life, and consistent with them, that’s part one of consistency, confidence is them having confidence in you, because you’ve been consistently showing up. So you’re showing your people that you’re here for the long haul, and that they can trust you. And that when they’re ready, you’re going to be there. Now behind the scenes, in your marketing, of course, you are always thinking about how you can help people be ready now how you can help people to prepare to work with you how you can give them a quick win in advance so that they are more, like more ready so that they feel more ready. So they see themselves getting the outcome and are coaching themselves on the fact that yes, they can do it. Of course, we are always doing that, consistently working on how to do it better, how to do it faster, how to help people see the magic results that they’re going to have and visualize that for themselves. And plan for it. Of course, that’s what we’re doing. But behind the scenes are like, okay, but I know that it takes some people a while I’m going to consistently be here, I’m going to keep showing up, I’m going to keep giving value. And I’m going to keep hitting their problem from 100 different angles until it lands for them and the day comes and they’re ready. That’s what it means to be consistent. And for consistency competence to show up for your people, they’re confident that you are consistently going to be there, they trust you, you’re not giving a ton of value one day, and they get some sort of value from you, and then you ghost for two months, and then you show back up again and you make an offer. And then you leave again, that’s not going to be building consistency confidence. With your audience. Yes, you may have some results, you may have some people that work with you, you may get some results, they may get some results. But those 85 plus percent of people that need to think about things for a while, maybe a year or more for sure over 90 days, but maybe a year or more. You’re just leaving them in the dust if you’re not being consistent in how you show up for them. Now I know what you’re thinking, what is consistent? How much is consistent define that? Does that mean? I have to be posting on social media every day? Does that mean sending an email once a week? What does that actually mean? My friend, I don’t know. It’s different for you. It’s different for everyone. We all have a different cadence and tempo and personality and dream business structure, it’s going to be different at different stages of your business, like what the tempo is for you. I can’t answer it. But you know what feels good and what feels like you are consistently showing up? What feels like you are consistently helping people and letting them know I can help you by actually helping them. This is the best part of this concept. How do you sell to people? And you let them know that you can help them? Well, one way is you actually help them the best. It’s the best sales hack ever show people you can help them by actually helping them sell great. So help people? Are you doing that? Are you consistently showing up and giving value? Or are you inconsistently showing up? And when you do show up? You’re just asking. And you’re just expecting them to give you something and they’re still a little bit confused or unsure about what they’re getting from you. Is there an imbalance here a value exchange could be one way that you’re being inconsistent? Is there an inconsistency in time and in duration of you adding said value in whatever way and I don’t want this to be misinterpreted that you have to be creating a ton of content and you have to be generating content content content.

Andrea Nordling 9:07
That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that you need to think long and hard about these people that are watching you that are interested that would be great clients and that are trying to get themselves to the point where they feel comfortable becoming your client. Because you know that from a buying experience for yourself, you have to think about things for a while you have to get yourself to a certain point sometimes before you’re ready to make the decision. Are you ready to have a conversation with your spouse or you’re ready to spend the money or you’re ready to allocate the time or you’re just at finally at such a painful breaking point that you’re just ready? You just are like whatever it takes. It’s so painful to not address this issue. Now I have to do it. Sometimes it takes a while. Think about it for yourself. So for those people, are you not even thinking about them? You just abandon them if people don’t come to you and beat down your door and say how do I work with you on day one? Are you just assuming that there are no forever and not nurturing them and not figuring out what happened. I said yet, what do they need to hear that I haven’t addressed? How can I help them in a new way? What are they struggling with, that I could help them get a quick win with that would help them. Just think about that for you do it consistently. When you’re consistently thinking about your people, before any money has changed hands, when you’re consistently thinking about them, you’re going to be consistently adding value to them. Bottom line, and they’re going to feel that so they’re going to have confidence in you that you’re consistently showing up. Whatever that means for your business might be very different than mine. But I know when I’m consistently thinking about my people, I’m also consistently taking action to make their lives better. It always goes together. But it starts with thinking about them consistently. So I offer to you that if this is confusing to you in any way, try to wrap your brain around the action of thinking big thinking about your people, more than doing anything for them at first. And what will happen is that you will inspire more action for them just by consistently thinking about them. Okay. And again, it comes back to doing this first by trusting yourself and creating compounding results for yourself and your business with your consistency for yourself. So this gets to the member I said this was a dual meaning consistency competence as a concept I think of as a dual meaning. And I’m not sure I might have just made this up. Like I don’t even know if I’ve ever heard anyone say this before, as I kind of I had outlined to this episode a few months ago. And now I reread it and added some things to it. And like I think I just made this up. So this might be brand new in the world. I don’t know, consistency competence, as I think about it has dual meaning meaning first you create consistency, confidence for yourself, so that you can model it for your people. Now we started with your people, we’ve already talked about that. But what does it mean to be building consistency confidence for yourself? I think that the best way to start with this is to start trusting yourself with your time and your time management, which is why this episode is called time management. Part two, consistency competence. I think a lot in terms of consistent focused work time, which is what we’ve been hammering on about for a few weeks here. So you know, it’s top of mind worktime of what I suggest when you’re starting out, or if you’re just starting out with really managing your time and figuring out where you’re spending your time and how much you need to allocate to certain tasks in your business. If you’re doing like any sort of a time management reset, whether you’re just starting out your business or burning down your previous system and starting over, I recommend starting with a focus period of five to 10 hours a week of work in your business, and then letting that snowball, if you’re consistent as you build confidence with yourself that you do what you said you would do on the given time that you said you would do it. Which again is this whole time management piece, right. Last week, we talked about in part one about prioritizing your action so that you actually know what to focus on in those dedicated work hours that was all about how do you know what to do that is going to actually get you the result you want in your business. That was part one, go listen to that if you haven’t already. But when you do that, your brain might argue with you that there really isn’t enough time in five to 10 hours to actually get done what you need to get done. And I’m here to tell you, that’s a lie. Here’s why. In terms of the question is five to 10 hours a week even realistic? Yes, yes, it is. And here’s how we know this, when you first focus on the most important, otherwise known as the income producing and high value tasks and activities in your business first, again, that’s what we established last week in part one,

Andrea Nordling 13:43
those are your three essential priorities, you’ve already established what they are, you know what they are. And when you pre plan them into your weekly calendar, in five to 10 hours a week, you build trust with yourself that you’re not going to waste your own time. So you need to get done in those five to 10 hours, your biggest, highest priority tasks, okay, and that when you do it, even when it feels like five to 10 hours isn’t enough, like I can never make progress in that amount of time. If that’s what your brain is screaming at you right now, that my friend, you need this more than anyone and you need to constrain your focus to the five to 10 hours a week. And build trust with yourself that it actually is enough time and that you don’t waste your own time cannot be overstated. Here’s what happens when you do this. When you build this trust with yourself. You decide what you’re going to get done in five to 10 hours. And you do and then you get a little bit more done when you can, instead of finishing up one web page next week that you had planned, you buckle down and you just crank out two of them in the same amount of time. You’re already working on it and you just say you know what, I can just handle this. I’m gonna get it done. You work ahead whenever possible when you’re thinking this way, because you’re not just going through the motions and you’re not just punching the clock like with an employee mindset, you’re actually thinking about your Business like the CEO that you are, and its efficiency that’s making you money, not just punching in hours and going through the motions, so you get faster, you get more efficient. For example, writing a weekly email broadcast happens in one hour, instead of getting put off to next week, and then thinking, Oh, this is gonna be such a big deal. I’ll just do it next week, and then next week turns into the next week to the next week, and yet, it’s two months again, down the road, you know what I’m talking about. And you don’t do that you just buckle down, you make it happen, one hour or less, you get that weekly email done. And then you start to do it in 45 minutes, but you allocated an hour. So now you have 15 extra minutes, and you do a few extra things, you work ahead, you’re getting more done. In less time, your brain works faster, your ideas are pouring out of you faster, like this brilliant faucet of insight that just keeps getting better and better. So you don’t spend two hours preparing for a new client session anymore, you allocate 20 minutes, and that’s it. And then you hold yourself to this higher standard to figure out how to make that work. And you do figure it out, you simplify, you eliminate some things, you go faster, you’re turning off all electronics that are distracting you, you just figure it out. This is consistency competence. This is you building that trust with yourself that you consistently do what you told yourself you were going to do, you follow your own plan that you made for yourself, and you get it done. And then you start to see oh my gosh, I started with just five to 10 hours a week. But now I’m getting way more done in those five to 10 hours a week. And I realized I actually can add a little bit more if it makes sense to see how this goes. And your clients can feel this shift to they can tell that you trust yourself not to waste your own time, just by the way you’re showing up. And then they trust that you won’t waste their time. That’s this beautiful thing. People tell me all the time that they don’t want to waste my time, I must really exude this efficiency, because I hear this from people a lot to like, I don’t want to waste your time. But and it’s so funny, because I don’t let them waste my time as well. But it’s not because I’m busy. Or overscheduled. Like I’m actually neither of those things. I’m not busy at all, I have so much free time to spontaneously do whatever the hell I want to do. Actually, the opposite of busy. But the reason that’s possible is because I’m really intentional. Intentional, I’m getting really want to tell you that this is a word intentional, it’s not. But multiple times I’ve said this now, I am really intentional about the time that I do schedule for my business and for my personal goals and the things that are important to me. And it’s just non negotiable in my mind that I will get those things done, I will do it efficiently. And I will move on. And I don’t have drama about it. And I don’t put it off, I just get it done. And people around me can feel that this is a work in progress is taking me years to get to this point where I just look at what’s on my calendar for the day. And I just do it, I execute very efficiently, quickly, simply, I’m done. And most of my time in my life is spent doing all the other stuff other than my work to be honest, because I’ve set it up that way. People can feel that. And I think it’s just it just becomes the way that you show up in the world as just like this efficient, competent person.

Andrea Nordling 18:10
And when that happens, I must say, you realize the only thing standing in your way the whole time was you. And that’s exciting because you can change you. Just like I can change me when I realized, Oh, the reason I’m busy all the time is because I’m uncomfortable having free time and I’m making myself busy all the time, instead of actually having the free time Oh, when I had that realization, then I knew what I had to change because I can change me. So it’s like really the best news of all is that you’re the problem. I’m the problem. Well, we can change ourselves. That’s great. You can’t add more hours to the week. But you can change what you do in those hours and how you think about those hours and how you feel the whole time that you are in those hours. And that’s the work that we do here. The best part about building this confidence and trust with yourself that you’ll do the things you said you would do. Again, that’s a skill that you are going to be working on and building that when I sit down to do the tasks I have for the day I actually do them and I can trust myself that I won’t want it I won’t procrastinate. Such relief it’s a skill that you’ll then have for the rest of your life. And as you consistently practice this trusting of yourself you’re confident that you have your own back you’ll like you’re confident that you won’t overload your schedule unnecessarily. You’re confident that you won’t put a ton of stuff on your to do list that is cumbersome and emotionally fries you that doesn’t actually really need to be done doesn’t actually make you money doesn’t actually make a better experience for your clients. Ask me how I know this. Definitely been my pattern many many times in the past when I have overscheduled myself and filled up my day with lots of busy work so that I felt like I was doing things but really was moving the needle wasn’t getting the results I wanted was it the best use of my time? No, absolutely not. And when I really started taking inventory of my time and tracking it on what I was spending my time on how long it was actually taking me to get done, the priorities that were making me money and getting me closer to my goals in my business, for example, that I realized I could be a lot more efficient. And I could trust myself, to handle those things, and to also learn how to operate in the world as someone who wasn’t hustling and overworking all the time. So to my type a high achieving, gotta do it all. Ladies, if you’re like me, that’s our work, is to figure out what will I do when I’m not working all the time, when I’m not pushing so hard when I’m not pressuring myself so much. By doing all of the unnecessary busy work, or taking on every task myself and hyper controlling everything in my life, this isn’t just in our business, it happens everywhere we bring our brains if this is your pattern like it is mine, I find that I can do this in all areas. That is the work to figure out what does it look like if this is easy. And if I trust myself that I can just let go, have free time and enjoy it. How do I show up in the world, then I know I’m getting a little deep here and kind of off the trail. But this is what I have been working on so deeply in the last six months. So I’m sharing it with you here. If that resonates, take it and run with it, it is okay to be less scheduled. In fact, it’s totally necessary, if that’s your pattern, just like it is mine. And this is consistency, confidence. Again, this is the confidence in yourself that you’ll consistently do what you said you would do, you’re not going to let yourself down, you’re not going to sacrifice your own health. It’s that feeling that you can trust yourself to have your own back, which is a great, great feeling. And I have to tell you, as I do this work, and really unplug and enjoy my free time afterwards. And be bored on purpose. Because it turns out that’s my big fear is being bored and unproductive, like, oh, just the tragedy of being unproductive. So when I’m unproductive on purpose, and I put it in my schedule, and I literally don’t let myself be productive, like it’s not even an option. And I have to just be with myself and accept that I’m not being productive on purpose, then I learned to trust myself more, I learned to trust myself to have these boundaries, it’s okay, we can get the work done in the work time. And we can just totally eff off and the rest of the time and it’s fine. That’s when you’re really trusting yourself. That’s when you’re developing this consistency confidence internally, that you can show up, and you can get the things done and not burn yourself out in the process. And then other people will also trust you because they can feel that and remember, your clients will always reflect your beliefs back to you. So your clients are going to reflect you that confidence that you have in your ability to trust yourself, they’re going to reflect that right back at you. And so will other people in your life, your clients will trust you, your clients will trust you not to waste their time, all of a sudden, you’re going to be having very different conversations with people about time. And about busyness and about

Andrea Nordling 23:04
like prioritizing things, when you are doing this work, all of a sudden, it’s going to come back to you from your clients are going to be very curious about what you’re doing and your boundaries and they’re going to respect your time, so will the other people in your life because you respect your time. Okay, so the consistency competence twofold. First, it’s you building that trust in yourself that you can consistently show up and treat yourself well and talk to yourself nicely the whole time and have your own back. Even when you’re imperfectly putting all these pieces together and figuring it out for yourself. You can still be kind to yourself, that is our work. Okay, so that’s the consistency confidence for yourself. But then with your clients and with other people in the world. It’s them knowing that you consistently are showing up and helping them that they can trust you that you’re going to keep showing up and giving value in their life or be ready for you when they are ready for you. Or be yet they want to know that you’re gonna be ready for them when they’re ready for you. That’s what I’m trying to say. And that’s the other side of the coin of consistency, confidence. Because like we said, most people are not going to be ready to work with you right away. Some are and that’s fantastic. We love them. We definitely market to them. I want to say this just like to kind of put a bow on this topic. You always want to think about those most decisive antsy ready to go clients right now. And you want to speak to them and that’s who you want to be marketing to. They don’t want you to talk to the people that need a year to get on board with wanting to change their health or with wanting to get results with you. You certainly don’t want to intentionally market to those people. You just want to understand that that’s going to be the trajectory for a lot of people. It’s going to take them a while they’re going to need to see your offer many times they’re going to need to really like either get to such a painful place in their life where there’s no longer an option and they Are, they just are at their wit’s end. Or they’re going to need to be consuming a lot of value from you and understanding what you do on a deeper level and hearing it multiple times thinking about it, when they’re laying in bed at night, and like really talking themselves into it, for lack of a better way to say that like really talking themselves into it that not, and when they’re talking themselves into it, they’re not talking themselves into that you can help them usually it’s usually them talking themselves into the fact that it’s possible for them. This is another thing we need to remember is that most people, ourselves included, but for sure our clients and future clients have a belief that maybe it’s not really possible for them, that other people can get the results. Other people can do this work, but they are broken, or they their circumstances are different, or they are they they’re a snowflake in some way, and it’s not going to work for them. And that’s the fear is that I know other people do it, and I know you help other people, but it’s not going to work for me. So when that is the prevailing thought, obviously, it’s going to take a minute, to get to the point where you think maybe this is possible for me. And that’s your job in your marketing is to consistently be showing people why it is possible for them and why they can start right now. And why it doesn’t have to be perfect. And they can start right now and why they don’t have to be perfect, and they can start right now. Okay, so you’re thinking about those people that are the early adopters, that’s who you’re talking to. And the rest of them are going to accelerate their timeline and be ready sooner when they hear in your marketing and with the value that you’re giving, they’re hearing constant reassurance that it is possible for them. Hopefully that makes sense. I think you see where I’m going with that. And my friend, this is the work that we do in the program all day long.

Andrea Nordling 26:47
I just have to say it again, you start in the introduction module. On the very first page of the workbook, when you open it up, I have created an entire process to take you through this transformation for yourself from procrastinating or overwhelmed, or hobby nutritionist to a focused and confident business owner, like to the tips of your toes for that to be how you see yourself and how others see you. Not just kind of sounding like a business like you feel like you’re putting on your mom’s two big high heels when you’re little and kind of parading around playing dress up. It’s not like that. It’s not like just pretending like, like you actually know what you’re doing. And you’re confident in your emails or on a client call and then losing your mind afterwards. And feeling like a total fraud. That’s not the work here the work is to feel this to the tips of your toes, this transformation, that you have your own back, you are confident you are consistently adding value you’re consistently increasing your capacity to help people and help them get results faster and easier. And that this just this upgrade in your self concept. It starts with trusting yourself to take care of you first, like we talked about today. And also not using your business as an excuse to beat yourself up, or sacrifice your health or your personal life or anything else you got going on. That’s constant work though on your self concept. This is what we do in the program. You get the strategy, you get the you know what to offer, when to offer it, how to change your pricing, how to sell, how to write, copy all of that strategy you get access to in day one. But the real work that you’re going to do and I just want to be totally honest with you is going to come in the self concept shift, the confidence increases and the way that you show up in this world as you are transforming inside and then that is going to come through in everything that you do in your business and in all of the value that you pour out in this world that is just waiting to be birthed. It’s just waiting to be given to the people who are literally dying for it. Sadly, the world has never been sicker has never needed you more, but has also never been so ready for what you have to say. So that’s also exciting. People are really ready. Okay, so I’ve given you everything I have to tell you today about consistency confidence with a really really heartfelt invitation that if this resonated with you if any piece of you perked up with this work come into the program doors open on Thursday. We will do this confidence upgrade together when the doors open up for this round and I will see you inside. Alright have a wonderful week my friend.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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