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18. Thoughts About Being Rich

What are your thoughts about being rich?

What are your thoughts about me being rich?

What are your thoughts about your clients knowing you’re rich?

What are your thoughts about rich people?

Let’s question all of it and find out how these thoughts are repelling your best clients right now.


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Well, my friend, welcome back to a very kind of candid episode today. This is actually not the episode that I had planned to record for you. But I am feeling quite inspired and purposeful about a topic that has been top of mind for me the last few days. So here’s the scenario. I have been in Louisville meeting with my mastermind this week, and thinking about all of my clients and all of the right clients, businesses and clients, clients, clients non stop results, what’s standing in the way? What is possible? What are we doing what’s going on? All of the decisions, all of the talk about my clients, I’ve just been obsessing on them for days now. Which is good, which is my favorite thing to do, actually. And one of my peers in a conversation about our clients, one of my peers asked me a question that honestly stopped me in my tracks. Here’s what she asked me. She said, I’ll paraphrase because there was a lot of cursing involved here. She wanted to know why the work that we do inside my program. And it’s not even just inside my program, I guess I should say that that was the context of the conversation. She wanted to know why the work that my clients do in my program is the most effing important thing in the world. But when she asked that question, I heard why is the work that I do, period, and anything I teach, and anybody that’s listening to anything I put out in the world, why is that the most important thing in the world. And I told her, and it came up very naturally. But I don’t think I had articulated it until that moment, I told her it is because it’s so freakin important because we are normalizing being rich as the standard for holistic practitioners in our industry. And it just hit me in that conversation, that that is what we are doing, we are normalizing that as the absolute standard. For practitioners, we are not glorifying the health and wellness equivalent of being a starving artist. That is a tired, tired tune. We’re not singing that song around here. And so I just sat with that realization for a day. Right, I really marinated in it, I rolled around in it, I felt all of the feelings, a lot of the feelings were pride. And a lot of it was imposter syndrome all rolled into one. I was I was in two different places all at once feeling so purposeful, and so proud of everything my clients are accomplishing, and of how we are just changing the money story in this industry, from being all poor me, I have to help everyone but I can’t actually get paid for it. Because that’s not what I do. It’s all about just helping people and the nonsense around that. Felt a little imposter worry. I got over it quickly, though. And then I was feeling all the pride and all of the accomplishment and all of the purpose and all of the possibility and excitement because that is what we’re doing. It’s a little scary. It’s a little triggering to use the word rich. I know as I say that, that there will be some of you that listen to this and think, oh, I don’t know about that. I don’t like that. And that’s why I’m saying that word. That’s why I’m saying it a lot. Because it is important. So you’re going to hear me and see me get even more bold. When it comes to talking about money, and income and normalizing that conversation even more as the standard. I know what you’re thinking you’re like, I think you already talk about that a lot. And I do. But you’re going to see a shift, and you’re going to hear a shift, or it’s becoming a little more bold, probably a lot more bold. I’m going to be calling bullshit on all of the limiting beliefs about not really needing to make money. I just do this to help people. I just want to help people, I don’t really need to it’s just a side business. For me, I’m still trying to figure out if I even have time. All of that is absolute nonsense. Because you can’t help people if you’re scared of helping yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with saying, I want to be rich. You get to decide what Rich means for you. You get to decide why riches important. You get to decide all of the definitions, but I’m telling you, I’m really going to challenge you to try on that word. And to feel it. What would it be like if you just said I want to be rich? And you just owned it? What would that do for your family? What would that do for the choices in your life? Would you send your kids to a different school? If you were rich? Would you homeschool? If you were rich? Would you or your spouse not work for a corporation that you don’t want to work for anymore? If you were rich? Would you make some investments? If you were rich? Would you travel more if you were rich? What would happen for you What would open up? Alright, I just wanted to share some of those thoughts.

Andrea Nordling 5:00
As I’m deciding that it’s important to use that word that kind of has a negative connotation for many people. And it kinda is the secret thing that a lot of us really want to say, No, I want to be rich, I do want to help people. But it’s important for me to take care of me and my family. In the meantime, and I’m not gonna apologize for it. Because you’re a millionaire practitioner, and it’s inevitable, because of the value that you are bringing to people. It’s inevitable. But it’s not going to happen easily or quickly. Or enjoyably. If you’re apologizing for it every step of the way, whether you’re actually apologizing, or you’re mentally apologizing, if you’re apologizing to yourself. Because you don’t feel like it’s okay to just be proud of yourself, to want to be rich, to want to help all of the people but help you first to want to change your family’s money story to want to change your family’s health story. What would more money be able to afford you in your family, for your health, for your dreams for your goals for your kids? Sir, all questions that we should be asking, I feel like this conversation is long overdue. And I want all of my clients and everyone listening to this podcast that is you to live in full integrity, with the life that your clients think that you have. Like, really think about that. What is that perfect, healthy, balanced life? That you could have a little more of that you kind of think that your clients think you already have? And then you’ve like, secretly are thinking, Oh, my gosh, I don’t have any of my shit together. What are you talking about? What what a little more money allow you to have together a little bit more, a little more balance, not stressing if you can pay your bills, not stressing if a corporation that you or someone in your household is beholden to is going to make some suggestions for injections that they don’t agree with, for example? What would that look like? If that wasn’t even a question? Would you be able to take care of your nervous system better? Would you be able to support you and your health better? If you weren’t stressing about money? And if you were rich, you could buy back your time. And you could invest in things and people and support that would be helpful to you? Would that be like? And why shouldn’t you want that? Because our brains are really sneaky. They want to come up with a lot of reasons why that’s not noble. And it’s not necessary. And it shouldn’t be a lot of shoulds. If you’re shooting on yourself beyond to it. Like I shouldn’t want this, I shouldn’t need this. I don’t actually need it. It’s wrong. Why is that I want to challenge it, I want to challenge all of it. Because here’s the deal, clients are everywhere. And they are literally and figuratively, dying for your help. literally dying, and figuratively dying for your help. But if you don’t want to be rich, and you’re afraid that it isn’t noble, or worthy, or valuable for you to want to get paid for that help, you’re basically telling them, I could help you. But it doesn’t make me feel good. If I do that and get paid for it. So you’re going to have to find someone else. It’s not crazy. Think about it. That’s what you’re telling people if you’re telling yourself this story, that you don’t need to be rich, or you shouldn’t want to be rich, or it’s bad to be rich, or rich people are blank, fill in the blank, then you’re pretty much telling your clients I could help you, I could actually solve all of your problems. And I totally would, except I don’t want to be rich, so you’re gonna have to find someone else. So crazy, isn’t it? I don’t even know where this information came from. But I was I think reading something about how hard it was for people to keep Mother Teresa poor. How that was actually a problem was that she was putting so much value into the world and so many people in organizations and private donors and just the entire world basically what the amount of value that she was putting out. I’m just summarizing this as I remember it, the amount of value that she was putting out with her work was coming back monetarily in so many different ways. And there was actually people who were having to thwart the money coming back to her from all of the value she was putting out in the world to keep her poor. Just ponder that. How are you maybe kind of subconsciously or very consciously doing that for yourself? And how crazy is it? Right?

Andrea Nordling 9:51
So interesting. I love thinking about money in a lot of different ways. But I love it in this context is thinking about how are my That’s about money, like the ultimate personal development for me, and how to all of my thoughts about money, show me exactly what I actually think about myself, and what I actually believe about myself, and what I actually believe about what’s possible for me? And how are my thoughts about money, showing me exactly what I think about my clients, and their capabilities and what’s possible for them. So fascinating, your brain is going to have a lot of thoughts about this, I highly suggest doing a little journaling on it, doing a little thought work, maybe putting pen to paper, and just asking yourself, what do I believe about money? And how is that actually terrible for my clients? can be kind of fun. So my friend, this is a little bit of a shorter episode today. Because I don’t really think that there’s too much more to say about it. Really, what are your thoughts about money? What are your thoughts about being rich? And about rich people? And about what rich people do? Or don’t do? I would get onto yourself, start thinking about it. Do you feel great about saying, I want to be rich, I want to have my own business, I want it to be very successful, and I want to be rich. And is that something you would be willing to say out loud? Or is that just a secret thought that you think is wrong, because I’m telling you, it is not wrong, to want to help yourself and to want to help other people. They’re not mutually exclusive. Although we tend to think that they are, they’re not, you get to do both of those things. And we’re just normalizing that conversation around here. It’s totally normal, and expected that you make a huge impact and a huge income. That’s the standard. It’s exactly why people want to be in this industry. It’s exactly why people want to help other people, because it helps them. And then the more it helps them, the more people they get to help want you to think about your business, when you are freaking rich, whatever that means for you rich with time, hopefully rich with monetary resources, rich with investments, rich with the people in your life, rich with the service that you get to make for others, whatever that means for you. But don’t shy away from being monetary, and want you to be monetarily rich, and be able to buy back a lot of your time. And to buy options. You know, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy options for schools, for how you spend your time for who you work with, for the things that you get to prioritize in your health and in your family can buy all of those things, and they should not have to be minimized. So think about that. Think about that for you. And then think about when you really own that, that you want to be rich, you actually do. And it’s okay. This isn’t a secret thought that nobody else has no, this is the standard. And you should be because you are changing people’s lives. There’s nothing more valuable than that. Think of the pride that you are stepping into the satisfaction, just the deep, deep satisfaction of your work in the world. When you just own that, and it’s not something that you’re trying to hide, it’s not a secret. It’s not like this, you know, dirty little secret that well, when when people work with me and they pay me then that’s actually good for me. And I don’t think I really want them to know that because if they knew that, that it was good for me, then they would think I’m taking advantage of them. So I can’t do that. No, stop it. Stop it. This is the standard. You get paid well for your work and your clients love to pay you because you are changing their lives. Think of the deep satisfaction of that, like just sit in it. How good that feels, then when you can just look at the ripple effect of your work every single day. And people getting so much value whether they’re your clients yet or not the families of your clients and the ripple effect that is going to be felt for generations because of the work that you’re doing. How amazing that is. Think about it, feel satisfaction, feel pride, feel purposeful. Because the work that you’re doing is so necessary. And you should and can and will be and have to be paid for it handsomely. You get to be rich. That’s just the standard, my friend. That’s it. That is the standard. Anything is possible. I have all the feels about it. Okay, that’s it. That’s it for today. You are rich, as you should be. Let’s go.

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