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79. This is 40

Andrea just turned 40…

…and there’s been a whole lotta personal and professional reflection going on.

In this episode of The Profitable Nutritionist™ Podcast you’re getting a candid snapshot of:

  • What Andrea is most looking forward to in this next decade, both personally and professionally
  • What the biggest shift is in Andrea’s business this year and how shes intentionally supporting her body and adrenals as her business responsibilities change
  • The not-so-secret investments she has been making behind the scenes (hellloooooo, face laser!)

Andrea also gushed about my incredible birthday trip to Girdwood, Alaska including the Nordic Spa experience that changed her life.

Enjoy this business and personal fusion episode.


Hello, my friend. Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist Podcast. I’m Andrea Nordling. And I am 40.

Just gonna say it just gotta say it. This is my birthday year, I’ve been telling everyone in my family this my birthday year, I get to make all of the decisions. It’s my birthday year, because it felt like a really big deal to be turning 40, which was a couple of weeks ago, as you’re listening to this episode would have been a couple weeks ago. And I wanted to do just a full episode with you to bring you through this journey

of my drama around turning 40 And what I thought it was going to be like to turn 40 what’s actually been like and what I am excited about next, because I am using this as a really dedicated recalibration time kind of goal setting and refocusing on lots of areas of my life and what I am looking forward to in this new decade, and then how I am going to be prioritizing some new activities, and what that actually looks like business wise, personal wise, health wise, all of the things that we think of when we become so old that we’re 40 I know many of you listening to this are like gonna turn it off right now. And say, it’s ridiculous. Others of you are like, 40 so old, I used to think that dude was like, that’s never gonna happen. That’s never gonna get there. And yet, here we are. So I was going to do a big party for my 40th birthday. My 40th birthday was on a Saturday, it was like this, the stars are aligning. We’re supposed to have a big party. And I was talking to a really good friend of mine last summer, actually. So six months ago, plus months ago, and I was telling her about this. I was like, I don’t know, I feel like I got to do something for turning 40 Because I usually spiral on my birthday.

What does that mean? You ask? Well, it means I always cry on my birthday. Like it’s the one day you’re I always cry, not that there’s anything wrong with crying, but it is not my go to reaction really to anything in my life. It’s so it’s very confusing for my family. When every single year on my birthday, I cry at some point, because they never see me cry. And it’s just it’s not my it’s not a default for me. So it’s like, why are you crying? This is a fun day, what is happening. And the reason behind that, let me just clue you in on the thought process here. It’s, it’s messy. It’s very, it’s a tangled web in this mind of mine, but I the best of my sleuthing abilities. I think the reason I always cry, my birthday is because I feel behind. And I feel like I’m not maximizing my time, or I’m not maximizing my resources. I’m not getting far enough ahead or I’m not. If I am getting far ahead, then it’s like but I’m not resting and enjoying the journey. I beat myself up senseless on my birthday every year that I’m either not maximizing my time well, or I’m behind like some version of that usually both. For example, in 2020, during COVID, my birthday was in mid March. So it’s like right during the beginning of the shutdown. When everything got really weird. We couldn’t go to restaurants, we couldn’t do normal things we would do on a on a birthday. And my kids had this great idea that they were going to set up a restaurant in our house. And so they walled off, we have an open concept. So they hung up sheets around the kitchen. So we I couldn’t see inside of the kitchen that was like fake walls, they put on aprons. They wrote out a menu. It was a whole thing. They made a bunch of appetizers. And then my husband got takeout and bread and take out my in laws came over it was a whole it was the seriously the sweetest thing in the world. They made a restaurant in our house because we couldn’t go to a restaurant. And they put a lot of time and thought into it. It was adorable. So why would you cry about that? You think? Well, I almost didn’t. I almost made it through that birthday. without crying until about 9pm. I was sitting on the couch with my husband. He was like, wasn’t that fun? The kids had so much fun making the restaurant, and I burst into tears. I was like you don’t understand. They’re not even kids anymore. They’re pretty much grown up. We’ve wasted all of our time with them. We’re never gonna get it back. This is terrible. Worse. Time is flying way too fast. Don’t you understand how tragic This is? And I proceeded to cry. These are the things I’m talking about. Okay. It’s completely irrational. It’s super weird. It’s every year on my birthday. So back to the point. I was telling my friend this it last summer. And she was like, why don’t you do a big party? Your birthday is on a Saturday. Why don’t you do a big party, make it fun. Don’t like, just don’t even have any expectations about what the day is going to be like, just make it a really fun party. So that was my intention. I was like, you know, we could do that. So I had a restaurant that I had worked with, we were renting out the whole restaurant, and it’s gonna be really fun. And then I just as as it does, it started to get too big and too hard. And I was getting kind of stressed about it. And my husband was like, why don’t we just go on a trip somewhere you want to go and not do the pressure of this party? I was like, You know what, that actually sounds fantastic. Don’t tempt me with a good time. Let’s do that. So we went to Alaska for my birthday. I did pick my dream trip I wanted to go on. And we we love Alaska. We’ve had been before that we absolutely love it but we went to

So we went to a spot that we had been to before in the summertime but we were doing the winter version now. I really, really wanted to see the northern lights and do fun winter things. So that’s what we did. We flew out we went to a place called Alyeska, which is just south of Anchorage and the beautiful Chugach mountain range. It’s just exceptional. I mean, absolutely amazing. had so much fun. And we did a lot of extreme sports. We were outside the whole time completely unplugged. It was great eight and fantastic restaurants. So fun. So that’s what I ended up doing for my birthday and I did not cry. Can you believe it? I didn’t cry. Actually, I can’t believe it. Because what’s to cry about when you are in paradise, although I’ve always been known to find a way before but this year, I didn’t it didn’t do it. We did oh my gosh, we snowmobile to a glacier on my birthday in a blizzard, where we were at got five feet of snow in the three days before we got there. And then during the time we were there. It’s not the whole time. It was like being in a snow globe. It was absolutely beautiful. But on a very last day that we were there, it finally was clear. And so we were we had been planning to downhill ski were at a ski resort and we had been planning to downhill ski, but we were waiting until it wasn’t snowing so hard. And it was beautiful and clear. The last day it was a perfect skiing day. So we went on a long snowmobile trip to the blue glacier, which was amazing. We went cross country skiing, which I haven’t done for a very long time. I’m going to be one of those people now that says I haven’t done it in 20 years, which I never thought would be possible to say that you did something 20 years ago.

This is 40 year we are hadn’t done that in 20 years. So that was fun. No one in my family had cross country skied before. So we did that. Then, like I said, we went skiing. I was very sore. I’m not gonna lie. I was very, very sore every single morning. When I woke up in Alaska, I was very sore. And I can completely convinced myself that it was because we were doing some crazy extreme things and using new muscles and not because I was 40. I refused, refused to believe that that’s what was happening. There’s also an amazing Spa at the place where we’re at. It’s a Nordic Spa. I feel compelled to tell you about this because these are the things that I would want and these are like the little tidbits that I would want to know in life so that I could go do them so I’m going to tell you about the spot at Alyeska resort AL Yes ka go look it up. It’s amazing. They have a Nordic spa and the Nordic Spa, it has a large hydrotherapy component which you can pay to access or you get a complimentary if you get a massage so I got a massage and then also use the hydrotherapy. Now this is not regular spa hydrotherapy. I’m a frequent flyer I lots of different spas. I love all of the things. This was very different because it was outside. And it was like in the woods. It was foresty I can’t even explain it. Go look at the website. You’ll see it’s beautiful. There was maybe 15 different stations station sounds weird. That sounds like a kindergarten classroom. It wasn’t stations. It was like different elements. Let’s go with elements. What’s an element you ask? Well, it was different dry saunas, wet saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, warm tubs cold plunges extra super cold plunges. And like exfoliation cabins with different like I just can’t even I mean there was so many different things. And basically what you did is you went on a circuit and took yourself on a journey to do hot, cold hot, cold, hot cold. And it was it’s all outside. It was snowing and it was beautiful. It was so much fun and I highly recommend so anyway, little shout out to Alyeska resort was great the SPA was great massage was top notch and the hydrotherapy was super fun. I ended up kind of hanging out with because nobody else in my family wanted to do this. It was so low but that’s okay because I make friends anywhere I go. So I ended up hanging out with two helicopter pilots that were grounded that day because they actually work for the ski resort and they do heli skiing and they were grounded because of the snow so they were enjoying the amenities and I learned all about the very, very cool things that super elite helicopter pilots can do. It was fantastic. Anyway, I digress. had so much fun in Alaska. It was great. And I completely unplugged did not look at my computer at all. I usually am the type to not have my phone with me most of the time. That’s not actually super unusual. I did have my phone was to take photos and videos of things that I wanted to but like for the most part. I was very unplugged. It felt great. We played a lot of games and just did all of the all of the fun Alaska. wintry things I did not cry. I did not wallow. I did not feel behind. I did not cry, did not cry.

It was monumental.

And I think part of the reason is because I’m trying to be very intentional this year with reminding myself first of all that I’m not behind, which I’m going to tell you all about and the things that I’m excited about and working on right now to do

Be more balanced in my life. And this is a work in progress for sure. But I think that the practice of even outlining this podcast to be honest, which I was kind of mentally doing while we were there, I was like, oh, I should talk about this as this, you know, as I’m working on my goals for the next year, and how I want this decade to be different than in the past, like not crying on my birthday, and always feeling behind

self, these things, it’s like, I should probably do a podcast on that. So we started to loosely outline it. And even

when I came back, and you know, replug, back in after our trip to Alaska, I sat down to put pen to paper on this and like, what, what would I want to talk about in there, and even just the act of making some bullet points of things I wanted to cover on this episode was so helpful to me to see where I am really stressing myself out unnecessarily. And what I can do even further than what I thought I was going to do to make that better. So that’s what I’m gonna talk about, here’s what I’m excited to share with you and use this for yourself, too, I’m going to give you a weird smattering of my thoughts. As I’m documenting this new decade in my life. I don’t know if this is going to be helpful or not. But like I said, I like to get the actual suggestions. I like the recommendation. So I’m going to tell you some of my conceptual strategies that I’m doing, and that I’m going to be implementing and that you can feel free to hold me accountable to. And I’m also going to tell you what some of the like tactical in and here’s what I’m doing. Okay, so let’s jump into it. First of all, I am being much more intentional, in the next year, five years, 10 years just in the future as a human on what inputs I am taking in to my brain. So I

I don’t listen to the news. I don’t watch the news. I don’t tune into the news at all for many, many years. So that isn’t something that’s new for me. But maybe for you that would be applicable, I feel so terrible for people in my life. I’m married to one of them that are very, very aware and plugged into every terrible calamity that is happening in the world. And the sensationalized version of it. It’s just terrible. And I’m going to call about he doesn’t listen to podcasts. But if he did, he would be would know that this is true. My husband is he’s always on top of what’s going on and then always trying to figure out and like, how is this being spun, and looking for the, like the sensationalism of it. So if I don’t say this, and the reason I’m bringing that up is I don’t think that every single person that tunes into the news is buying it hook, line and sinker. But I think it’s also detrimental to be tuning into the news, and then finding the holes and being constantly validated that it’s a web of lies,

that weighs on a person’s psyche. So although I already am not on social media, I already never ever, ever listened to the news, watch the news, or really hear the news. If something big is going on. I feel like someone in my life will tell me about it. A lot of times they don’t and then I just don’t know things. And that’s also cool too. So even though that is already a standard for me, I am also being more

into I feel like I’ve used the word intentional, like 26 times, I’m gonna say the word intentional and being more intentional on other things that I’m putting into my brain, for example, I used to feel like rest time needed to be lounging on the couch watching TV, like mindless TV, mindless Netflix, something where I could just tune out. And that was restful. And I honestly don’t think that that serves me, I don’t enjoy just sitting on the couch. Sometimes I do. I mean, every now and then I do. I’m a human, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m too cool for TV or Netflix. But as a daily or weekly activity in my life, I feel like it actually stresses me out to be sitting on the couch and having inputs of things that are

either disturbing or like, irritating. I don’t know, I don’t even know if I’m articulating this well, but as I’ve been reflecting on time spent watching mindless Netflix, and like, I just I don’t know that this is anything that needs to be in my brain space, because it kind of stresses me out. Now my default thought pattern, as I’ve already explained to you is I’m behind and I should be maximizing my time better. So can you see that this is exactly the thought process that’s going through my mind as I’m laying on the couch, watching Real Housewives and like that I should be using my time better. This is not great. So although I don’t think I have to be productive all the time. And that is something I’m definitely working on as well, playing more resting more and not trying to be uber productive every minute of every day. Because if you’re a high achiever, you know that you if you know, you know, that’s a real thing. So hopefully I’m trying to address that. I don’t know that actually just lounging on the couch is the best for me. So I’m finding other intentional ways to rest and to play and I’m gonna talk about that as well. So just focusing on those inputs daily and weekly

V and monthly and long terms like these, even some people in my life, like listening to you bitch all the time is that something I really want in my brain? Probably not. So I don’t know, something I’m kind of thinking a lot about. Another thing that’s coming up for me and has been actually, since the beginning of this year is focusing on my strong physical body, which is different in the past, where I don’t necessarily prioritize being strong. And that’s different, because this year, I am really, really focusing on packing on some muscle getting strong. This is not a not only as this year I turned 40, but I’m telling you right now, right here, right now in public, I’m going to do pull ups this year, that’s gonna happen. That’s very exciting.

To me, I’ve had the loose goal of doing a pull up for a very, very, very long time, but never actually diligently put the plan in place to make that a possibility. And that is happening this year, which I’m very excited about. Also, like I said, I am trying to be much more intentional about resting and playing. So I had to make a list of things that was like, What is playing? What do I enjoy doing? That’s playful, what do I enjoy doing? That’s restful. And somewhere on that list, I said, working out, that was a lie, by the way my workouts are work, the workouts I do our work, they are not. They might be enjoyable in the moment, but it’s work. And so I’ve had to really catch myself and be honest with myself, am I trying to say that I’m resting or that I’m playing? But really, I’m working? You know, you know what I’m saying? You might know what I’m saying? I bet you do. So what does it look like in my calendar when I am actually prioritizing rest, scheduling that in prioritizing place, scheduling that in, I’m going to tell you what that looks like for me in a second. But that’s definitely something that I’m being more mindful of. I’m also looking at my goals as holistic rather than categorized or segmented into personal goals and business goals and family goals. Because I know for me, it’s really easy to kind of label things like that, and then have a hierarchy of where I want to prioritize things. But truth be told, I do believe that how we do anything is how we do everything. So looking at how I approach goals and honor myself and have pride in myself for the process. We’ve talked about this before on the podcast process pride, like how can you just be really proud of yourself for showing up for the process? How can you be really proud of yourself in all areas of your life, personal business, family health, etc? How can you honor that, and just like the consistency of it, instead of this is this kind of goal, and I have to go after it this way. And this is this kind of goal. And I have to approach it this way more holistic, I don’t know, I don’t even know if that’s making sense. But to me, it makes sense, something that I’m working on. Also more socializing, I am taking more intentional trips, and having dinners and meetups and phone calls with people in my life that I really enjoy. Instead of letting weeks and months go by without having that I especially as somebody who works from home, has a busy calendar, I’m sure you feel the same way, it can be so easy to just let that slip, it can be so easy for a week to go by two weeks a month and you realize, oh my gosh, I haven’t left my house nearly as often as I delude myself into thinking that I do. And where are my people, I need my people. So I’m doing a lot more socializing, very intentionally planning things in advance. I even have some reminders in my project management software that I use to, like get some dinners and some lunches and stuff on the calendar with people very, very helpful. It feels a little transactional, as I’m saying this, like I have to have a to do list item to be social. That feels weird, as I’m admitting that to you to be honest.

But it’s helpful to me, because Know thyself, I know I can get so caught up in the day to day of things that I just don’t prioritize it. And I enjoy so much being out in the world with people that I love. So yeah, okay, take that. For what, for what you

I’ve also excited about stepping into a leadership role in my business in a new way. So this is business, you know, business specific, of course, but this is the year that I’m sure every year after this will be the same but this is definitely the year that we are hiring. So in my company instead of being a solopreneur with a few contractors supporting me, I am definitely having to learn a new skill set of being a CEO in a much bigger capacity and figuring out how to lead my company and have you know a lot of delegating a lot of other people doing things that I normally would do hiring the right people training the right people supporting them and leading them. This is a new skill set for me. So I’m seeing that a lot of my thought process is like in around this new

kind of identity of mine as a leadership in a business instead of a solopreneur. That has a business that makes sense. Definitely something that

there’s a lot that’s going into that reinvention. I will, I will say that for sure. Also something that came up for me when I was like I said, when I was outlining this episode, I was like, what is coming up that I’m excited about? And I, this is a weird one. But I had to put it on the list because it’s true. If I’m going to be honest, this is true. Talking about money, with my kids, and socially with people in my life intentionally. It’s feels very, very uncomfortable. I think, on this podcast, I talk pretty openly about money in my programs. And when I’m coaching my students, I definitely talk very candidly about money. But socially, I have always to go on this. It feels uncomfortable, it feels weird. And because it feels uncomfortable and weird. I’m leaning into that resistance and figuring out why is that? Because I think that there’s a lot of growth. For me personally, in this area, especially with my kids, I want them to have a different relationship with money as adults than I did for most of my adult life thus far. And I am so old now, you know, so


Oh, I feel ridiculous. Even. I feel ridiculous. Okay. 40 is amazing. 40 is the new 30. It’s great. Okay. Anyway, talking about money more intentionally with my kids, how we spend it, how we save it, how we make more of it, how, you know, like really catching those scarcity, money conversations and reframing that? I don’t know, it feels like something to work on. And to think about. I don’t even know exactly what that means. But it’s something that’s on my radar, probably, as I get better at this. And as I have some tangible examples and some skills to teach in this area. There’ll be a forthcoming podcast this year. About that. But yeah, anyway, money conversations with kids. I’m actually really excited because in a couple of weeks, we are going to Cancun where I’m hosting a live mastermind coaching meetup. So for my Higher Level Mastermind students, many of them are coming to Cancun or coaching, we’re doing some behind the scenes strategy and processes that we’re helping them build out over the course of a week together, it’s gonna be amazing. But my family is also going to be there. So I’m excited because my kids get to see me work in. I mean, they see me in my office, they know that I work, but they don’t actually see what I do. And I feel like that’s part of what’s on my radar is having them be more aware of what I do, having them ask more questions. I know my daughter, who’s 13 certainly has been asking more questions recently about my business. I love that. So fostering those conversations intentionally about money, in particular, super fun. That’s what’s coming up for me this year. So how am I actually doing these things? Here’s where we’re gonna get into the tactical stuff. And I’m gonna share some tips and tricks and things that I don’t even know if this will be remotely interesting to you. But I feel like to me, it would be so here we go. First of all, to get strong, put on some muscle do pull ups, I am prioritizing workouts and I did not I quit lying to myself and saying that I will use the gym equipment that I have in my home gym, and that I will lift the weights in my home gym, and then I will do it myself like I have been for years. Now context around this. I do work out I work out. I mean, sporadically. That’s, I work out consistently, but the intensity and level of give a shitness is very, very spur. If I could just be totally honest. Meaning I don’t exactly push myself that hard to lift weights, to figure out a program stick to it, schedule it any of that, when in doubt, go for a jog, call it good is kind of been my motto for a long time. And because of that, I feel like I’m losing muscle tone and losing muscle. And then of course had the 40 panic. So here we are, it’s time to prioritize workouts and I have been doing this since the beginning of the year. Which means I hired a trainer I’ve talked about this on the podcast that has been a huge shift because I just am so used to figuring things out and DIY and do it myself. And doo doo doo think plan all of it. And to realize, Oh my gosh, I just forgot that there’s an option to not do that, to outsource all of the decision making, which has been so great. Plus, I love the trainer that I’m working with. He’s he’s slightly like slightly drill sergeant D but in like a fun way. We just have great like great personality type for my goals. I show up three times a week. I don’t do any free thinking whatsoever. He says do this do this do this pushes me way harder than I would push myself. And it’s great. And then I leave and it’s wonderful. So actually outsourcing. Some of this has been very, very helpful. I am also going to tell you that I’m working with a holistic nutritionist. She’s

poured my adrenals and optimize my digestion and just feel better in general helped me pack on this muscle helped me to tune up my health, even though I am a holistic nutrition, just for the exact same reason, because I don’t want to have to go figure it out right now I don’t want to have to go check into the latest research and make a plan for myself, I don’t want to do any of it, I want to just have someone that has a way clearer picture of my situation, go you need to do this, and you need to do this, and you need to not do this. And I’m going to check in with you in a few weeks. Perfect. Done. That feels fantastic. So it’s part of my strategy for these things that I’m working on is to not have to feel like I have to figure it all out myself. Take that and run with it if it’s helpful for you. Turns out turns out that there’s lots of tools available, lots of help available for people that know how to do things way better than we do, which is so meta, because that’s exactly why your clients hire you. That’s why my clients hire me. Sometimes we forget this for ourselves. So I know I certainly do. So that has been lovely working with a trainer has been amazing. I anticipate that is something that I will continue to do for a very, very long time. Because I’m so appreciative of not having to think about it at all. Now, I’m going to tell you that one of the huge things that I’m working on this year is taking the pressure off of myself, I started this episode by letting you know my dirty little secret about crying every year on my birthday, because I put immense pressure on myself to always be ahead always maximizing my time be super efficient, be very productive. All of the pressure thoughts. And I think I’ve probably talked about that in a lot of different ways on the podcast before. But this is something I really want to see improvement in for myself. And it’s so much better than it used to be. But I can still see, especially once a year on March 18. I could see how this comes in. And I still have the super pressure thoughts. Now I told you I started working out with this trainer earlier this year, a few months ago, after we had worked out together for a while. I don’t know how many weeks in this would be maybe a month, two months, something like that. He said, Okay, we are going to dial in on your three top goals. Okay. This is a very innocuous comment. I think I’ve even talked about it before on a different episode. But he was like, we’re gonna talk about your three goals. And instantly, this was like, so not a big deal. But I was I went into oh my gosh, I have to have goals. Okay. So I said, What are your some of your suggestions? He’s like, Well, strength wise, I think we could be working on XYZ XYZ, you know, he gave me a few suggestions. And I was like, Okay, perfect. Those are the goals. That sounds great. And how long do you think this is? It was like an out of body experience. I was watching myself say these things like, what are you doing under it? So I was saying things like, like, how long do you think that that will take? He’s like, I mean, for sure. Probably you got that in six months. internal thoughts as I’m like, okay, he says six months. That means if I am a star student, and I do extra workouts on rest days, and I like work super hard, I can probably do it in three. Okay, that sounds good. And I’m like, carry the one recalculating in my mind, this whole thing. It was weird. It wasn’t weird. It was very normal for me. But

it shouldn’t have been was a very, very innocuous task to create three goals. And I made it way harder than it needed to be. But then I watched myself do this, like having an out of body experience and watching it. And afterwards, I went home and I told my husband, I’m like, I’m getting literally psychotic about having goals. And he’s like, What are you doing? You’re paying this trainer so that you go and you like don’t have to, to do what you’re doing right now and putting this pressure on yourself. I said, You’re absolutely right. So one of the three goals I amended to be, take the pressure off and chill the eff out. It’s one of my goals, which I literally sent to him and said, I need you to help me with this. Because I tend to get very pressured with myself, I tend to get very muscular faster, must push harder, et cetera, et cetera. I bet that you can resonate with that. So I said, Please, like, help me, check in with me on this. Don’t let me do what I’m naturally wanting to do here, which I think was a helpful conversation to have via email.

Because in real life, I probably wouldn’t have said it. But I sent the email before I could second guess it. And that was a good thing. Because I really do want to be taking the pressure off of myself. I want to have less default thoughts about being behind and I should be further ahead. And if like I could, I could get further ahead if fill in the blank, you know, oh, just so ridiculous. It just kills the joy of the journey. And I have to give myself credit. I have come a really, really long way in this. But I want to take I want to take it to the next level this year or this decade. I want to really take the pressure off of myself and show up in a way that I am proud of the process. I’m proud of showing up for the process. I’m enjoying this

Ernie, and a lot of that means having external accountability around me to keep myself in check with it. With my nutritionist I’m working with, with this trainer I’m working with, with my husband, with my friends with people that know me and can call me out and say, Dude, you’re doing it again, what’s what’s going on here? So a lot of external accountability in that department to help take the pressure off. That is one strategy I’m implementing immediately I have implemented and will continue to do that. Also building in rest and play. Like, I don’t want to be a cycle that is adding in extra hard workouts on rest days. I do really hard workouts three times a week and then the rest days I want to be actual rest days. Like I’ve been going for walks, and sometimes not even doing crazy mom power walking like sometimes it’s more of a stroll. Can you believe it? Could you even imagine? Sometimes it’s a straw, just a stroll, instead of must be productive? Must get the heart rate up. Mall Walker walking? No, I was so proud of myself yesterday I strolled like, Who is this? Who is this 40 year old that strolls Look at me. So excited. So building unrest building in more play? What are things that I like to do? Just because I like to do them? Like no other reason. There’s no ulterior motive, there’s nothing else other than like, I just like to do it. That has been really fun. So going to continue to do that more play more rest, not rest in sitting on the couch rest, but like what other kinds of rest do I actually enjoy? For me, like I said, intentional socializing, like literally putting phone calls on my calendar, instead of working instead of trying to get another load of laundry and all of that, like that can be played for me intentional socializing can be very playful, and I enjoy it. So I’m making that a priority. For sure. Also, like rest that I look forward to, for me, a massage is very, very high on that list. And like having social outings on the calendar, getting ready and leaving my house, even though I put up a hell of a fight in the moment to do it, I really do enjoy.

I have to coach myself on this often and remind myself that I actually have a pretty good time out in the world once I get my leggings off and go join it. So doing that more often, for sure. And like I said, it’s not necessarily restful for me to be lounging on the couch watching Netflix, sometimes not all the time. Not very often. Actually. I would much rather have a good fiction book and be reading a book instead of watching TV to be honest. So like, okay, let’s just load up all fiction books. let’s prioritize that more. This is not rocket science. I realized, as I’m telling you these strategies, none of this is really mind blowing. However, being more intentional about doing it, scheduling it, and telling other people in my life that this is the plan has been a game changer so far. And I realize I’m only a couple of weeks in, I’ll keep you updated. But so far, so good. But another thing I’m doing speaking of wanting to take off the leggings and leave the house a little bit more as I’ve been upgrading my wardrobe choices. Okay, so I wish that I had known about these tools, I will tell you them right now, because I feel like this is useful information that we should be sharing with each other. Rent the Runway, and newly and you you ly are the two wardrobe rental places that I’ve been using for several months now. And I love it so much. Maybe in the future, I will hire someone to like actually style me in a different way. But for right now I’m doing it myself, but I’m doing it with rental clothes. And it’s forcing me to not save clothes for special occasions. So if you’re unfamiliar with how these services work, Rent the Runway is more maybe I’m wrong. But my interpretation here is Rent the Runway is more like higher level higher quality. I’m not sure what the word is to put in here, but like more designer items, so this is like trendy stuff dresses, jeans, tops, jumpsuits, coats, bags, jewelry, all of the things that you dress yourself with, and you rent them. So you get a certain number per month. You pick out what they are. Nobody else is doing this for you. I think that that’s a common misconception is like but what if I don’t like it? This isn’t like the Stitch Fix or something where someone else is sending you their picks, you’re actually picking what you want to rent, and then you’re renting it and sending it back. So you show up to your zoom calls or your social outings or whatever in clothes that you love. This is what I’m doing. And then getting them dirty and sending them back dirty and somebody else worries about the dry cleaning. And you just get your next order of clothes. If you do find something that you really like you can

purchase it for much less than what you would be purchasing it for off the rack because it is slightly used, although a lot of clothes come to me with tags still on them and are new actually. So Rent the Runway is a little bit higher level, I would say newly and you you l y is more like anthropology level clothes. Lots of really fun, like tops jeans, like I said jumpsuits, rompers things like that, that I like to wear actually, because they’re kind of fun, but I don’t necessarily want a closet full of those items that I wear one time or two times. So I am loving, loving, loving, loving, renting my clothes and having somebody else dryclean them. Because clothes that have to be dry cleaned is a hard no for me, I never do it. And I end up with a dry clean pile that’s a year in the making. And I never actually dry clean them. So I know this about myself, I just solved the problem by renting the clothes and somebody else launders them which is perfect. And it is resulting in me not saving clothes for special occasions, like I said, because I have to use them like I have to wear them and then I’m going to send them back and get my next order of new clothes coming in. So I love that because it is very easy to get complacent on this one. We’re working from home and wearing the same stuff all the time. I really want to take it up a notch this year and enjoy my clothes and enjoy getting ready. Even when I’m at home into more like just more fun clothes, kind of like just having more fun dressing myself, I guess. And that even applies to work days at home, because now I’m renting my clothes and I don’t have to justify getting them dirty and having to do a lot of laundry do a lot of ironing or dry cleaning, because someone else is going to do it anyway. So there’s a little tip, if you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend newly and you you fly.com Or Rent the Runway, or both. I actually do both. And I get a lot of clothes sent to me every month, which is especially fun. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. And it’s fun to have like amazing sweaters. And like I said, I’ve really been hitting the jumpsuits and the robbers and things with like cutouts in that just things I would never buy but I’m having so much fun wearing on vacation. So highly recommend, especially if you’re in a slump of the work from home wardrobe feeling. I’m finding it to be very, very helpful. I also got my face lasered. So can we talk about this? I went down deep down deep, deep, deep down a YouTube rabbit hole on face lasering which I have done before, but not really. What do I mean by that? Okay, so I have a lot of red capillaries, outside my nose, and sunspots on my face that I would really like to have less of both of those. So I had had the capillaries laser before, but they immediately came back. And that was a few years ago. And this time I like I actually had dinner with a friend an intentional dinner outside of my house in rented clothes that looked nice. See, do you see how I’m doing this? Yeah, I’m actually executing. So this a few weeks ago, we were having dinner, her face is amazing. And I was like, listen, I know that you know who I need to go to to get my face laser and tell me everything. She’s like, Oh, absolutely. Here’s, here’s where you go, here’s what you do. I said, I know you wouldn’t let me down, she had a great referral. So I booked an appointment with this lady with a very certain kind of laser where there’s no downtime. So this is something that if you’ve never looked into laser in your face, let me just tell you that it is a deep, deep dark rabbit hole to go down and you will see pictures that you can never unsee of people’s faces like legitimately molting off and scabbing off and they look like they are burn victims. So I was a little tenuous so it was I don’t know about this. But I have now gotten my face lasered with a laser that has none of that downtime. I am happy to say I’ve seen major, major improvement in the sunspots. And the

two, we have to call them age spots. Let’s call them sunspots, that feels better, that sunspots and the broken capillaries on my face are gone for now. Will they stay gone? I don’t know. I will report back. Supposedly, there will be a lot of collagen plumping, but that I’m not going to see the results of that for a few months. So I’ll report back. But anyway, this is something that I wish someone had told me about like I just I needed the recommendation like okay, here’s where you go, here’s what you do. There is a kind of laser that isn’t going to make your entire face look like you need to be in a burn unit for three weeks. That was very important. So like I said, I’ll report back on how that goes. But it made me feel a little bit better about turning 40 When I felt like I was I don’t know doing something to get the sunspots off my face. Anyway. What else am I working on him looking at these at this rough outline that I had of things I wanted to tell you about? Oh donating my time. I want to be much more intentional. And I’m kind of saying this on the podcast right now for a little external accountability. I want to be

we’re intentional about donating my time, and not solely donating financial resources, which I do a lot. And that is a big part of my business models, I give a lot of money away. And personally, we give a lot of money away. But I am very protective of my time. And I’m noticing resistance to donating my time. So that’s something that I would also like to be leaning into a little bit and figuring out how to do that how to donate more time. So I basically don’t even know what that means yet, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to approach that. But I’m saying this for accountability purposes, because once you say it, to the world, it feels like it’s much more real. And that is something that I am working on. Alright, so taking the pressure off of myself,

some external accountability, which I don’t typically rely on, but apparently I am this year, because now I’m telling you, all of my, I’m telling you all of my things, you’re on the podcast, and I’m also having other people in my life keeping me in check. So maybe that’s the new me at 40 is I have a lot more external accountability, it’s probably not a bad thing. And I’m quitting, telling myself, I feel like I’m 95% there. But I still have this come up sometimes where I think I work really good under pressure. And that’s just a lie that we tell ourselves to keep putting immense pressure, because we don’t know how to operate any other way. And I feel like I’ve really made progress on this in a lot of areas, but it’s coming up again lately. Like it’s rearing its head a little bit. So I’m going to be honest, I am working on not lying to myself and saying I actually work best with less pressure. So the new reframe, instead of saying I work best under pressure, it’s work best, under less pressure, what’s that going to be like? It’s going to be very fun. And, as always, I know I talked about this in a couple episodes ago, looking at our goals as tools instead of weapons. So if our goals aren’t knives, knives can be really useful tools. And I just told you a lot of my goals for this next 10 years and for starting 40 with kind of a clean slate. I have a lot of goals, I have a lot of things personally and professionally that I want to work on. And I want those goals to be tools for me like a knife that’s a tool that I’m whittling something useful with and, and helping myself with versus a weapon that I am wielding and slashing myself with and hurting myself with which I definitely have been guilty of in the past. For example, I thought for sure I would be a millionaire by the time I was 40. This was a goal that I had got to be a millionaire by the time you’re 40. But I never even said what that was. And I was thinking about this on my birthday. And I was like I for so long told myself I’ll be a millionaire when I’m 40. But I never said like how I would define that. Does that mean have over a million dollars in liquid assets? Does that mean have made a million dollars cumulative? Does that mean make a million dollars a year like what does that even mean? I never, I never actually set parameters on that goal was a terrible goal. Because it was a weapon. It was a weapon. It was like I am going to use this to pressure myself. But I’m not even going to give myself the gift of saying how I will know when I’ve achieved it. So rude. So anyway, these goals that I told you today, their health goals and their their some mindset goals. There’s some relationship goals. There’s some business goals, there’s some face laser and goals. There’s a real grab bag here of things that I’m working on as I’m 40 this is 40 for me. And all in all, I feel really good about this new decade feeling really great that I didn’t cry on my birthday.

chips probably do this type of a life audit yearly on my birthday. Maybe that’s something I’ll start doing. How about you? What are you most looking forward to in the next year? Or two years? Or five years? And how can you best support yourself to enjoy the journey? That’s, I guess how I want to wrap up this episode. I’m trying to support myself to enjoy the journey, much more so than I have in the past. And I think I have a pretty good framework of how to do it. It’ll be a work in progress. I’m sure I’ll keep recalibrating often. But all in all, it’s like how can I best support myself? How can you best support yourself to enjoy the process to keep showing up for it and to recognize all of the celebrations along the way, instead of crying on your birthday?

That’s what I’m trying to say. All right. Have a wonderful, wonderful week, my friend. I will see you back here next Tuesday. Same time, same place.

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