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13. The AWE Of 2021

I’m going to explain a short, written exercise that my students did this month so you can do it for yourself. You’ll notice that this isn’t hard. It’s easy to do. But it’s also easy not to do, just like most things that really get you results in your business!

Consistency compounds. The little things that seem inconsequential add up to BIG RESULTS, and it doesn’t take very long to start seeing the fruits of those labors.

So, when I say that your business can be simple, I’m not kidding. It starts with a piece of paper and a pen and answering a few key questions, which is what I’m going to show you how to do today.


Hello, and welcome to our final episode of the year. This is so exciting. And I just want to say I’m feeling very, very grateful and blessed and having so much gratitude for the opportunity to even have created this podcast and be talking to you every week. And if you think that it’s valuable, and you like this content, please rate and subscribe the podcast, it’s so helpful for others to find the show. And as we know, any help we can get in this algorithm landscape, we find ourselves is really helpful. Alright, so just wanted to say that rate and subscribe the podcast rate, and subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already. Now, here’s what we’re doing. In the last episode of the year, we’re going to do a short written exercise, I’m going to tell you all about this short, it can be short, you decide how short you want to make it. But I’m gonna tell you about this written exercise that my students did this month, and then I do every single year. So you can do it for yourself, it’s a nice time of reflection. And it’s very specifically going to direct your brain to what is going really well in your business so that you can double down on those things that are going well, I’ll tell you exactly what that means. And we’ll talk all about it as this episode goes on. You’re going to notice as we talk about this, that it is not hard to do these little things, the exercise I’m going to tell you about is very simple, super easy to do, just like most things that give you the biggest results in your business. But the thing about it is that these things are also really easy not to do, and most people won’t do them. And that’s such a sadness for me, honestly, because it’s just not that hard. Most of the things that give huge results, your business are these really simple things that are easy to do, but also easy not to do. And they compound. So doing consistently doing these little things that would be really easy to skip, just like this exercise I’m gonna give you today, doing them consistently moves the needle so much faster, and in such a greater, exponentially huge way for your business. Then even way more complicated and harder tasks. So the consistency of these little things over and over again, add up to big results, it doesn’t take very long to start seeing the fruits of these labors. And I’m really excited for you to do that. So when I say your business can be simple, which I’m always telling you I’m not kidding, it seriously can start with a piece of paper and a pen, and just answering a few really good questions, which is what I’m going to suggest that you do today, just like I teach my students, this is called the all of 2021. This is what we call it inside my program. And we’ve had so much fun with this over the last few weeks. So I’m going to teach you all about how to do the art of 2021 list for your business and for the results that you’ve created this year, but also for your clients, which is super fun. So here’s what I would ask first, have you been focused on the next thing? I put that in air quotes, you can’t see it. But saying the next thing are you so focused on the next thing, the next metric, the next step, that you haven’t stopped to reflect on what you have already created and how far you’ve already come? If you’re anything like me, and most of my students, the answer to that is for sure, yes, because that’s just what we do, right? We’re so focused on the future, and what’s coming and anticipating what we need to be working on next and how things just aren’t quite good enough yet. This is what our brains do. So we’re going to stop, we are going to intentionally reflect on the last 12 months and what results we have created for us and for our clients and our business, which is very exciting. Because our brains do not go here naturally, if you’re a human just like me and all of my clients, and our brains just want to say that, yeah, we’ve done a few things. That was great. Moving on, what’s the next thing. So we have to be really intentional about reminding ourselves of all of the amazing things that already have happened. And then taking the next step of repeating the things that are already working, instead of being in the perpetual, I have to figure out something new, I have to figure out something new, which is what our brains naturally got to. Okay, so hopefully I’ve sold this so far, that this is a really great exercise, to slow down your thinking, and to show gratitude and appreciation to yourself of the last 12 months for what you have created. To do that you’re going to make a list of all of the results that you’ve created in your business over the last 11 months, 11 and a half, let’s just go from January 1 11 months and 28 days at this point that I’m releasing this episode. So your brain is probably going to throw a tantrum, like I said, the minute that you commit to making this list and it’s going to just tell you, there’s not that much to put on it. We have a ton of other things to do right now. Let’s come back to it later. Resist the urge to put it off. No. Do this now. Do this today. It’s the perfect time whenever you’re listening to this episode is the perfect time to do a little reflection on the last 12 months for you. Your brain might then tell you that like I said this list is too small to even more at getting out a sheet of paper and just to mentally tick off some things in your head. Again, resist your brain is just telling me you that you haven’t done that much that the last year has been a flop because of blank. circumstances, whatever those are for you, you didn’t get as much done as you planned, or it’s really not that big of a deal. All kinds of excuses and shitty thoughts come up here, that’s totally normal, but they are a lie is, our human brain is just doing its thing. When we think this, that’s what yours is doing, it’s going to tell you that everything is overwhelming, there are things outside of your control, it wasn’t as good of a year as you wanted, you’re behind, it should have been going faster, your clients should have been getting better results, they’re not really happy with the results they’re getting, you’re not really that good at this, all sorts of things. These are just shitty thoughts that come up on repeat. Unfortunately, they are totally normal, most of us have them, which is a huge sigh of relief, when you understand that you’re not the only one thinking those that’s just the human condition, really, especially as an entrepreneur, because as we know, starting your own business, and everything that comes along with that is like personal development boot camp. Whatever thoughts you have about yourself that are maybe not so favorable, that you’re inadequate, things that make you doubt your capabilities, or the capabilities of your clients, all of those thoughts are going to come to the surface real fast. And real loud. When you start your own business, we know that that’s the whole, that’s all of the work that I do. And the whole purpose of this podcast is to talk about these really normal thoughts, and to strategize how to let them sit shotgun and be along for the ride. But they’re not deciding the destination, so to speak. Okay, so huge sigh of relief. These brains of ours are glass, half empty thinkers unless we intentionally change the default setting by compiling evidence of the opposite. So we’re going to do that today, with this exercise called The Art of 2021. The results created list. First of all, your business isn’t overwhelming. And you’re not actually behind. Just know that. And this exercise is going to prove it. I also had some clients of mine in my program that did this exercise. And they recorded some of their takeaways that I’m going to share with you in a little bit as well, which is super fun. So here’s how you do this exercise. Like I said, it’s not complicated, this is not hard, it’s really easy to do, but your brain is going to tell you that you shouldn’t do it. So tell your brain it’s a liar, that you get in the backseat. And we’re going to do this exercise. I also have all of the prompts of the exact questions that I’m going to run through here, listed on the show notes page for this episode. So if you click into the episode description on whatever podcast app that you use, there will be a link to go to the show notes. And on that page, all of these questions are listed out so you don’t have to take copious notes or you don’t have to pause with whatever you’re doing. Just know you can come back to it when you’re ready to do this writing exercise, all of these prompts will be on the show notes page. Okay, so here is what you’re going to do. First of all, you are going to make a list of all of the results you’ve created in your business over the last year in 2021. Okay, depending on when you listen to this in the future, you can just do a rolling 12 months last 12 months, don’t feel limited to just the monetary results of but of course, I want you to get really clear on what those are as well. If you tend to hide from your numbers or not want to look at your numbers, this is a great opportunity to be tuning into those and figuring out exactly where your revenue is at. This is something that my as you’re going to hear, when my students talk about this, when they weighed in on this exercise, this is something that we do in my program every single month, I have my students look at their revenue, look at their numbers and keep a spreadsheet rolling. Because for the most part, these numbers are a lot better than you think they’re going to be. And if they aren’t, then it’s something we need to look at. And we need to assess and adjust. And I teach my students how to do that as well. But what we find, and this is just a recurring theme. And I know it was the same in my business, when I started really tracking my numbers that I assumed I was less successful monetarily than I was. So know that looking at your numbers. And figuring out your total revenue for the last 12 months for the year is going to be really important, just so that you get comfortable with those numbers. And you may be very pleasantly surprised like a lot of my students are. So that’s what you’re doing here, you’re going to make a list of all of the results you’ve created in your business monetarily. Number one look at those numbers, but also a little bit more broad than that. Here’s some examples of things that you might start off this list. And then I’m going to we’re going to kind of tighten up there our thinking and the questions that we asked to get more and more and more on this list. But here’s some of the things like your total revenue collected, we said that you maybe want to make on your list put a number to the quantity of the clients that you’ve worked with the website assets that you’ve completed and published another thing like some of these other ones that have come up for my students registering their business entities, the emails and copy that they’ve written the content that they publish on social media. This kind of falls under the umbrella of intellectual property created to use with their clients, maybe honing their process and getting more clear on exactly how they teach certain concepts. That’s intellectual property we’re talking about networking relationships is another really interesting result to put on your list and kind of quantify that With other practitioners or other people in your community schedule and a process that you made for working from home or for your business in general, that can be a really, really big project. Like putting, putting a schedule and a calendar and some time management skills to use can be a big result that you create over the course of a year. So make sure that you think about how you’re spending your time and any processes and systems that you’ve developed for yourself around that. For me, this was a big one this year creating a podcast or a training or a workshop or a webinar, masterclass, anything like that, that you may have worked on this year and produced a huge result. And again, falls under that intellectual property creation, which is amazing, an online course that you made a free course, a paid course and the membership content, and it just the sky’s the limit here, what have you created in your business, let your brain go nuts, write down all the things, and then your brain is going to tell you that’s it or good,

we did it. But you know that that’s probably not true. So you’re gonna ask what else at least 10 more times, ask what else go through each line item of everything you have on the list and say, What else in this department? What else did I do here? What else am I forgetting about? Like I said, maybe you implemented an online calendar for scheduling. Maybe you made scheduling easier for your clients. This is also where you might start thinking about the results your clients got, with your help, that that started to come to you. Then brainstorm those, how many pounds did they lose? How many prescriptions are no longer needed for your clients? How many people got pregnant? How many hours of sleep were reclaimed? Right? How many referrals have you received? This is a huge result that we want to celebrate and get really clear on like, how many of those came in? How much valuable content did you create for your website? How many launches? Did you complete? How many conversations about your business did you have that you maybe previously would have shied away from how many group programs have you sold? How many of those have you taught? How many certification programs have you completed or new skills? Have you mastered over the last year? Keep just asking what else? Okay, got a few here. What else? What else asked 10. More times get really granular and specific around the things that you’ve done. Even if it was just one time and you didn’t really want to do it. This is another thing that our brains are really good at is saying like, Well, that was just one time. It doesn’t count. It was just one time. No, oh, no, no, these thoughts of ours can be so rude. Can’t they know everything counts, even if you’ve only done it once,

put it down on this list. Remember, we’re compiling evidence for all of the results that we have created. Because our brains will naturally go to it wasn’t good enough. It’s not going fast enough. There really hasn’t been that much that’s been done this year was a waste. that’s those are some version of those are pretty common thought patterns for most of us. So we have to intentionally move past those default thoughts and create these intentional the evidence. Basically, we’re like going to court, we’re going to prove that those default thoughts are a lie. And we’re collecting evidence right now that we’re gonna bring to the courtroom. So that’s what this list is. Another thing you can ask yourself is, what things was I putting off, that finally got finished this year, or finally got started this year, or finally got made progress on this year? What freedom Have you experienced in other areas of your life because of your efforts? Now, of course, you can do this exercise for all areas of your life. It doesn’t have to be just for your business. But I really like starting with business results. Because typically, that’ll get your brain going, the more that you ask what else and you’re coming up with more things to put on this list, you’ll kind of start to branch out to other areas of your life. And you’re going to be thinking about your parenting and your other relationships, you’re going to be thinking about your health and where you’ve moved the needle there and financially, maybe in other areas of your life, all sorts of evidence, we keep using the word evidence, all sorts of other evidence is going to be coming up for you. So make sure you write that down. This this can apply to everything, but I’m gonna keep talking about business stuff. So asking what else what else what else getting really specific still being broad. Whatever your brain is offering to you write it down on the list, maybe you hired an accountant to figure out your taxes. Finally, maybe you have a bookkeeper. Maybe you have a system that you have implemented around those financial things in your business. And that was a really big deal this year, setting up your email list for the first time or consistently emailing to your list or even just sending those first few emails. That could be a really big deal, doing a live video, doing any sort of video sending imperfect content out in the world. That’s a really big deal for a lot of us. That’s a result that you need to celebrate, put it on the list. Your brain is going to tell you Yeah, there were only a few emails. It wasn’t a big deal. No, they were a big deal. If you were putting off sending those emails and then you did let’s celebrate that put that on the list. Maybe you got your client intake forms are your onboarding process for your clients automated instead of manually sending them each time you get a new client. That’s a result. That’s something that you know these things that we put off doesn’t they don’t have to be They’re like the biggest deal or the hardest thing. But we want to remind ourselves that we’ve done things that we didn’t want to do. That’s another thing that you’re doing with this list is you’re reminding your brain that in the future, when there’s something on my to do list that I need to do for my business, and I don’t really want to do it, I am going to remind you that we’ve done this before. We’ve gotten to work and we’ve handled things that were very fun. And we’re glad that we did. Okay, you’re, you’re planting those seeds subconsciously, that this is just what we do. We just handle things. It’s what you’re doing in this list. Maybe you mastered zoom for your client consults, or you figured out how to change the format of working with your clients that you could have previously been a little resistant to, that’s something to celebrate. Maybe you vacationed for weeks, without stressing over missing work. This was a big one for me this year, I was working a lot less, and I was enjoying other aspects of my life a lot more. And that is a result that I quantified and really celebrated this year. So maybe the same for you. Maybe you were able to unplug and actually feel unplugged. Put that on the list, for goodness sake. Maybe you implemented some specific work hours, and you actually stuck to them most of the time to be more present with your family. This could look a bunch of different ways just kind of work life balance, what did that look like for you this year? Get specific on it, celebrate it? Maybe you invested in business resources and support instead of, you know, being a lone wolf and spinning your wheels for another year. That’s something to celebrate. Now, how about your clients? You’re getting a lot of stuff on this list, hopefully,

what about your clients? Let’s get really specific with them. What results did they get this year, you’re gonna see when you hear from my students who did this exercise, that some of the most profound takeaways that they had, was really remembering what results their clients got. Because you know, just in the hustle of being a business owner, and just with the natural thoughts that our brain offers to us on default, we’re always looking for that next thing. We’re always looking for the next client, the minute a client signs with us, or we start working with them. We’re like, Okay, that’s great. But now where’s the next one? And that’s just what our brain does. But we need to be really intentional about thinking about those clients that we’re working with, and the results that they’re getting every step of the way. And remembering how transformative this work is that we do for our clients. So let’s get specific about that. What results did they get this year, bigger small pounds, lost medications, discontinued hours of sleep that they gained, skin clearing up babies being born children eating better families changing their the entire trajectory of their health? Let’s talk about it. Sky’s the limit here. What did they accomplish? What’s going on for your clients? And what are you helping them facilitate in their lives, this is the ripple effect of you showing up of course, with these compounding consistent actions that you’re taking, what are they resulting in, write it down. Now,

when you’ve done this, and you maybe pause this episode, and you’ve been doing it as we go, which was great. But if not, again, you can go back and look at all of the prompts on the show notes page, take time to do this, I want you to at the end, just read this list back and soak in the feeling of accomplishment for you. And for what you have created. Really just roll around in it. Just go look at what I’ve done. Even when it was imperfect, even when I felt like I didn’t know how even when it was confusing and overwhelming. I did all of these things. Nothing has to be perfect for me to show up and do all of these things. It’s just who I am, is amazing soak in that feeling of accomplishment will love it. And then revisit this list often, like every few days, I read this list. Every week or so I have time on my calendar where I just bust through and I read it. Sometimes before I write an email, you know that writing emails is like the biggest thing that I do in my business, I spend a lot of time on my copy and on writing helpful emails. Sometimes I have a little bit of a block and what I’m going to write, and what I will do in those moments is I will go read through this list and kind of refocus my thoughts on the results that I’ve gotten, but more so that my clients have gotten, because I’ve showed up and I’ve written these emails for years. And that is so inspiring to me and instantly puts me into a headspace of how am I helping someone make money today? How am I helping someone simplify their to do list today? How am I helping someone make an offer to some widow, a potential client and say I can help you? How am I doing that? This is really helpful to streamline my brain to get into that space. So I just encourage you revisit this list all the time, as often as possible, hang it prominently in your workspace. And then just of course, refer to it anytime that you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused or stuck. Add to it. When you think of things that you forgot to put on there. Add to it just this constant reminder of how far you’ve come and what you’re capable of will switch that negative thinking default thinking that all of us have back into a look at what’s possible here mindset, like, look at what I’ve already done, that seems so far away a year ago. Look what I’ve done. Now, when my students did this exercise, I asked them, or what surprised you about it? or what have you forgotten about? And then they had, like, amazing responses, right? This is all going on in the lounge, in written form. So they were saying, like, this is what I’ve done, this is what I’ve done. And then because those were so profound, I reached out to some of those students, and I said, Hey, could you record a quick, like a quick audio on some of these takeaways, which I’m going to share with you in a second. But one of them was really interesting, because what she uncovered for the year really surprised her. And I’m just going to say, I’m gonna tell you that one of these students is celebrating her first six figure year in her business. And here’s what she posted. After going through this results created. She said, I love that this allowed me to revisit the list of previous clients. So the, I guess the takeaway here and pause for a minute on what her her quote is, but the takeaway when I read this, this is so interesting, because yes, you have the result of, like, monetarily of your revenue, that’s impressive. But what jumped out to her the most was the results of her clients. So here’s what she said, I love that this allowed me to revisit the list of previous clients and dwell on their success, it is so easy to rejoice in their success, and then quickly go back to looking at the long list of clients that are still stuck in the thick of it. And are they’re not at their goals yet forgetting about those wins. I really like taking the time to revisit those wins and remind myself that it’s possible for the ones that are not there yet it renewed my motivation for them, if that makes sense. How juicy is that? So I just had to share that. Now I’m going to let them tell you about some of these results in their own words, which is really fun.

And yeah, so the results for me were really positive after this exercise, I had a lot more revenue than I was expecting. So that was a really interesting thing to look at. And it was the very first thing that I looked at, and I’d normally avoid the numbers and the money. But since taking part in your program, and doing exercises like that, I feel a lot more comfortable looking at those numbers, and more motivated next year. And then yeah, I also feel I created a lot more value for my clients. And for myself, in particular, I 2021 was really about me upskilling in a few different areas and getting really good at my practice. And as a result, I’ve seen great results for my clients. And yeah, my clients also have noticed some great results. And one client in particular, she managed to improve the quality of her relationships, as well as the health coaching that we were working. So it was nice to see her benefiting other areas of her life as a result of this work. So when I sat down to do this exercise, it really made me think about the details about the nuances and about all the results that my clients would get in other areas of our life and not just in what I market. So all in all a great exercise. And I’ll definitely be doing it again.

So my income results for the year was not necessarily surprising, as I did it, because I’ve been keeping track month, the month, we’re going as we are supposed to do inside of this program. But had you asked me 365 days ago, if this is where I would have ended up absolutely not, I would not have expected this to be possible. So super surprising there. I think the value that was surprising to me when thinking back is all of the people that I’ve been able to help actually working one on one with them. And other people that will message you on Facebook or Instagram and say hey, I know, we didn’t work together. I know you don’t know me. But I’ve been implementing all the recommendations that you have been putting on your Instagram page. And I just want you to know that I’m finally pregnant, blah, blah, blah. So that is really cool. Because I know some of they didn’t have to tell you that. And it kind of warms your heart a little bit that you’re providing value without that one on one work. And then lastly, it was really good to see all the amazing accomplishments that my clients have gained this year. And it’s super easy to forget when we’re only looking forward to the things that have not been accomplished yet that we want to. And so this has honestly renewed my faith in my my processes and how I go about things in my client success.

What did I realize I was in all of looking back at 2021. My intention for the new year for 2021 was to secure my oxygen mask first and put up some boundaries so that I could really honor myself and create a life that I really wanted to live. So it had a lot to do with boundaries and structure and all of those things. And so I was in all looking back, realizing what a great job I did at that and how much Space I created for myself, I really leapt and launched forward in so many areas. And I realized that it gave me the ability to give at a higher level. And to create the things that I want at a higher level, you know, because our little hidden fear is we tend to over give and put other people’s needs first. But by focusing on these boundaries this year, it really helped me to to launch forward be a better version of myself that I love, I really enjoy this version of myself. And I love how much clearer I am and how much more I have to give in my business. And my personal relationships also, and for myself, for my health.

I really feel like this was a great exercise, even though I kept putting it off to do feel like it was really fulfilling by the end. And sort of going back to my list and rereading it, I found that a lot of the things I’ve thought of at the very beginning of doing the exercise were more related to setting up shop, as you call it. And when I went through the list, again, I kind of realized that part of my setting up shop was also my actually making decisions and taking Imperfect Action, which for me is so difficult. So I really found in in hindsight, how proud of myself that I am for doing the imperfect and being a little more vulnerable, which has been a challenge for me. And the and what else part really helped me realize that I will I haven’t had, you know paid clients yet. I’ve definitely had friends recommend my services for one on one consulting to their friends or community groups. And I’ve definitely noticed also more friends just thinking about me when doing something nutrition related with their families. For example, I received a text recently from a friend, where she said she just found a really great book at the library and wanted to share that with me. And for me, it was just such a great feeling to have their support, especially since I’m so new to opening up my own holistic nutrition practice. So thanks so much for this exercise and for your program. definitely been a great support to me.

Clearly, as you have just heard, it makes no difference if you’re just starting out and have no clients yet. Or if you’re making six figures plus in your business, your brain, just like mine will tell you that your business isn’t working, or it isn’t working fast enough, or that it isn’t working well enough, or that your clients aren’t getting good enough results. You see the pattern. We’ve talked about this all the time. These are the default thought patterns for pretty much all of us until we intentionally change them. And we intentionally look for the ways that those thoughts are lies. So fun, I like to think about going to court and bringing a whole briefcase full of reasons to present that those are lies. So fun. I had so much fun doing this for myself last week to like I said, I do this results created every single year for myself, sometimes quarterly actually, I like to review what has actually been created and revisit the results my clients, but I did this for the year of 2021. Because I did have some pretty big goals for myself this year, I had a big income goal. But my caveat was I wanted to make that amount of money with fun and ease. And for me, that meant working half of the time, and simplifying a lot of things in my business. So when I got really granular and I got in the nitty gritty about what I had created, I could not believe honestly, at what was possible for me to do this year. But with fun and nice, so fun. So I’m going to go through my list a little bit here, and I’m going to share some of the things that came up, I’m not going to go through the entire list, it was pretty long. But I’m gonna get some of the biggies out here because I bet that some of these are true for you too. And you can borrow some of them in case your brain does not remember some of the things that you’ve created this year. Now, like I said, first I looked at my revenue and my profits, and I was so freaking proud of myself that I actually exceeded my goal for the year revenue wise, while working half the time and with fun, nice, which was my goal. It was a very lofty goal at the beginning of the year. And I nailed it. But I’m going to tell you that when I made that goal at the beginning of the year, my brain was like You’re ridiculous. That’s not even possible. They’re like, This is so fun. I love to do impossible things. Let’s go. I’m just the kind of person that figures out how to do impossible things. I had no evidence that this was going to happen, but it has and that’s so fun. So anyway, even though my brain wanted to point out the rare occasions as I went through this that I did have longer work weeks than I anticipated because there were some weeks where I worked more. Or there were some times I wasn’t having fun and even though my brain wanted to really focus on the dives it wasn’t fun. By and large. I did exceed my goals monetarily while working thing much less than I have in the past and with fun and nice, but I just need to tell you, my brain wanted to tell me all of the times that that wasn’t exactly the case, because our brains are just the worst. Sometimes they want to keep us safe. They want to keep us playing small for a lot of reasons. As we know, we talked about that all the time on here. But I just want to take this opportunity to say that mine is no different than yours. And so you’re never going to get to the point of success in your business where your brain doesn’t give you the shitty thoughts because they just keep coming up. I had a coach friend, that probably is this on a lot of podcast episodes because it was so good. She said this week, she said these shitty default thoughts of ours are like our old boyfriends like that you keep going back to and messing around with even though you know, they’re bad for you. They’re just like the old boyfriends that keep showing up. Which is exactly true. I have them too. Okay, so

I did this list. I started listing out all of the results I’ve created in the last year. Here are some of the gems I pulled out. First of all, I have completely reinvented my business this year. I’m just reading to you verbatim, like the way that I wrote things. I’ve completely reinvented my business this year. And at the same time, it feels like everything prior to this year was building the foundation. That was kind of interesting, as I really thought about it, like, yes, it feels very different. Like this year was totally different. I simplified it was it was a completely different format. And yet, everything I’ve done to this point, was getting me here. So it wasn’t a complete reinvention, which was interesting. I put on my list that I stepped into the self concept of a boss this year, I really leveled up in my own brain. And I accepted that I am a thought leader in this industry. A year ago, if I had read that statement that would not have felt real to me. But it does feel real to me. Now I am a thought leader in this industry. There’s genius in my brain. And I get to teach people how to find their genius tool. This is literally on my list, which is so fun. That feels very purposeful to me. There’s genius in my brain. And I get to show you where the genius is in your brain so you can share it. Now this year, I created big things, I created an entire program from scratch, I created a podcast from scratch, I created an epic 30 Day Challenge for my students inside my program. I created two big five day training events throughout the year are video trainings, those are a big deal. I created a bomb webinar that I have taught a few times where one participant the first time I did this webinar, I have this on my results created, one participant made $12,000 In a few days after just watching this free webinar, I have created amazing emails, I created a free email course this year, I created multiple bonus courses for my students in my program I have created also hundreds of 1000s of words of copy. I have created a brand new website with pretty photos and new branding. And I learned how to file a trademark. These are some things that came up when I started looking at quantifiable like what have I created, what assets what digital things have I created, these are some of the things that came up for me. And if that list alone, was it for the year, I would be more than happy. Because remember, my golf was with fun and ease. And it felt fun. And it felt like I was doing this with ease throughout the year. And yet as I look back on that I’m like holy cow, Andrea, you have done a lot. But my brain did not remember most of those things. My very human brain just like yours tells me I should be doing more. I should be working on the weekends, I should squeeze in an hour here and there. I could be doing this, I have all these same thoughts. But when I really take the time to do this, I see Holy Cow I have done so much this year. That’s why this is such a powerful exercise. And here’s some of the other things that are a little less tangible that came up for me in my list, I became an even better coach, I solidified my processes even more. I learned how to be more vulnerable and how to get coached says a really big one in my life. So this is a work in progress for me. But I learned how to be more coachable myself. I have made more friends in my industry. I stopped doing everything alone. That’s another big theme for me. It’s just stop, stop doing it alone and have more fun with more people. I challenged myself to make more money with less hustle. And I delivered for myself big time. Hustle is my is my comfort zone. And I really challenged myself to get out of that comfort zone this year. And I think I did a great job at that. So that’s definitely on my list. Like I said, I worked mostly part time. But in the part time that I wasn’t working, I traveled and I adventured with this is what I have I traveled and adventured with my fourth pack family a lot. I have two kids and a husband. So there’s four of us. And I have a lot of evidence for how much fun and adventure I’ve been able to have with my family this year. That’s amazing. I played a lot of games with my kids. I taught them school. Oh my gosh, I learned how to homeschool. I learned how to be a homeschool mom words. I

never thought I would say I gave my kids experiences that would never have been possible before. Because of the freedom in our schedule and finances. It’s amazing. I also quit social media for real this year. Quit Done, deleted, no looking back, blew it up with a nuclear bomb. That was a really big result created this year, my brain had forgotten about that. By the way, this is very low on the list because I didn’t even remember that that happened this year, until I asked what else? And what else? And why is this important? Many, many, many times, then that came up. And I was like, wow, forgot about that one. I got more outspoken about my philosophy is at the risk of repelling others from my program, and from my audience. And I was okay with that. This kind of goes back to the social media, nuclear bomb, very outspoken about my thoughts around that. I made intellectual property and I helped my students craft their intellectual property and actually create it and execute it. That’s a result I’m very proud of, I help people make real money, big money, change their families with the money that they’re bringing in from their businesses. That’s a huge results. I’m so stinking proud of it. I help my clients get comfortable with the success that they’re having. And know that they’re and know their numbers like this is something I’ve talked about a few times in this episode, I help people look at their numbers, look at their revenue, their profits and loss in a very neutral way, where they’re assessing what’s going on right now in their business and what they would rather is going on, or maybe even get comfortable with the success they’re having, instead of hiding from it. This is something I see just as often to be honest with you, with my students, I’ll go a little bit of a rabbit hole here. I see just as often people being uncomfortable with their success, not paying themselves. And trying to basically what our brains do at this point when we’re having success and things are working. And that’s an uncomfortable place, because we’re not used to it as our brains try to bring us back to kind of sabotaging that success honestly, and coming back to a place where we’re more comfortable, which is the struggle and the it’s not working. And if we are not aware of that. So I spend a lot of time teaching my students about this about how about success, intolerance, and about how to see when it’s happening for you. If we’re not aware of that, oftentimes, we will sabotage our businesses and our clients success in the meantime, because this is a really real thing. So a result that I have here is I helped my clients get comfortable with the success they’re having, and know their numbers instead of hiding from them. That’s a big part of it, I gave my audience permission to really go for it, I have had a lot of response from people, strangers, to me up to this point that say, just watching you and just being in your orbit, whether that’s on my email list, or even from this podcast. Now, I feel like I have permission to say things and do things differently in my business that is such, like I don’t know, that’s just the warm fuzzy to me, a great result I had to put on this list. I helped my students organically promote their businesses and not hide from conversations about what they do, or minimize the results that they can help clients get. That’s a hard one to quantify. But I hear over and over and over again from people, that they’re just getting so much better at talking about their businesses. And that feels like an actual business, and not a job, maybe that’s a job hobby and not a job are not this little thing that they do on the side, they’re really starting to feel like it is a business and they’re talking about it in a way that is making it a business and people are taking it more seriously. And so are they. So as a result, I help people transition to full time in their health and wellness businesses, this is a huge result that my clients get. And I am so proud for them just so excited, I never quit trying to do better, and think better and coach better. And I had to put that on this list for 2021. Because it really has been a theme for me this year, that this is just the beginning. So much fun. I’m married to the journey. And things just keep getting better and better. I keep getting better at what I’m doing. And two years from now, I’m going to look back on this time and be so grateful for consistently doing these little things and getting better and better. In a non business result, I lost some stubborn weight that the like the last 10 pounds that just hang on and never go away. I lost some of that using the same tools I teach about business. And so that was insightful. I started to shift my thought patterns around food and diet mentality, just like I have done with business and just like I teach people just like you to do with this podcast and my emails. And to be honest, that is a result that I’m in awe of I must say this work about understanding our brains and default thoughts versus intentional thinking applies to every area of our life. So at the end of the day, I feel like I kind of blazed the trail for what’s to come for me, I

hooked my future self up. I hooked her up big time in so many ways. My list was really long. I hope that yours is too these were just a few things that stood out to me that I thought might be helpful as you’re creating your list to draw some inspiration from So like I’ve already said, I’m going to repeat it I told my students this I’m going to hope that you do it to make this list and read this bad boy back to yourself at least once a week. Just revisit it and feel the satisfaction and the awe and the pride of how you are hooking your future self up Right now you did it this year, you’re continuing to do it, because our brains just do not remember the good stuff by default, they just don’t, they don’t, they’re looking for the next thing. And kind of trying to hope poke holes in our story. Like, if this is a court case, they’re trying to poke holes in it at all times, it’s just part of the deal. It’s just what happens. So we do have to be really intentional about proving to ourselves, that it is true that we have gotten huge results already. And it’s working. And it’s gonna keep working. And we’re gonna keep getting even better results. For goodness sake, do this with your clients to says what I told my students, and I’m gonna say it to you now, do this exercise with your clients. They’re human brains and their thought patterns are just pitches to the boost, they need to be reminded of all the results that they’ve created this year, help them out and do this same exercise with them, so that they can revisit how far they’ve come in probably really unexpected ways. As we know, in the health and wellness field, things are not linear. And they also are kind of a spiderweb. And so helping your clients sort out that they’re getting results in other areas of their life that maybe were unintended, or that they haven’t realized might loop back to the work that you’re doing with them, helping them make those connections is so valuable. Okay, so with that, I will remind you to click to the show notes page, which is linked up in the description of this episode for the full list of questions I ran through so that you can do this exercise for yourself. And then of course, teach it to your clients. And it just I promise taking a few minutes to have a little date with yourself at the close of this year right now or the beginning of January or whenever you listen to this episode in the future to get really clear on how you are all ready doing the things and what you’re already in awe of from the last year. It will be the most valuable thing you do and for your clients as well. So with that, have a wonderful rest of the year my friend and I will see you back here bright and shiny in January.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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