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2. The 4 Secrets of a Profitable Nutrition Business

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the ROOT CAUSES of dysfunction in your business that results in complications instead of simplicity.

Yes, this is exactly like the ROOT CAUSES of health issues in our bodies, and just like with our bodies, there really are only a few different foundational areas we need to focus on to see results and heal. Your business is no different.

Push play and you’ll learn all about the 4 Foundations of a Profitable Practice so you can start simplifying your biz right now.


Hello, my friends. So today, I’m going to introduce you to Debbie and Courtney. And we’re going to talk about root causes of dysfunction in your business. Yes, this is exactly like the root causes of health issues in our bodies. And just like with our bodies, there really are only a few different foundational areas that we need to focus on to see results and to heal. Your business is no different. There are only four foundations of a profitable practice. And Debbie and Courtney are going to teach you everything you need to know about those four foundations. If you have taken my free course, you already know Debbie, and coordinate. Now if you haven’t then finished listening to this episode, and promise me when it finishes, you will immediately go to build a profitable practice.com forward slash free and start the free course, you will get so much more information. Here’s what I know about most of my students when they’re preparing to start their health and wellness business. And here’s what informs a lot of these concepts I’m going to teach today. First of all, they see the opportunity in creating an online business and being their own boss, they see it, I was exactly the same way I totally understand my background was in real estate, which meant that I set my own hours to a point, but I had to be available for my clients on nights and weekends most of the time. So the thought of an online business where I could make a huge impact teaching what I was passionate about. And I could also make an unlimited income without all of the stress of being constantly on call. It sounded like a freedom factory, not a business. So we know we want this and it’s possible because we see so many other people that are doing it so you’re probably no different. Just like most of my students, you see the opportunity, but the how to get there is a little murky. Like really how does it work? How do you do it? Just tell me how does it happen? Now there are no shortage of shiny new strategies everywhere. Online Course membership site free Facebook group, use a social media scheduler, create your professional website and blog with recipes. No, a group program no zoom series No just kidding reels do some reels. Guys, I don’t even know what reels are never actually watched a reel, but I know it’s a thing, people talk about them a lot. Maybe you’re hearing the best way to go is to work in a chiropractor’s office. Or better yet, let’s put all of it together, run a free Facebook group with reels for a chiropractor, and then hope they give you clients.

It’s ridiculous, right? There’s all these new things constantly being introduced new strategies everywhere, shiny squirrels as what I like to call them, the sparkly squirrels that we’re always chasing. And all of the noise with all of these different ways that you’re supposedly going to build your business are actually making the problem worse, because all of these strategies and hacks, they come and go, they’re not going to produce an income to live off of, or a sustainable flow of clients that work with you that you can count on. They’re just tactics. And that’s a good thing, it’s a good thing for us to recognize this because you don’t have to know all of these sparkly squirrel strategies. Don’t say that three times best. You don’t have to know all of these to make money in your practice, you really don’t you just need to know how to get better and better at four things just like Debbie, we’re gonna get back to her in a second. Now in the last episode, I outlined the mindset and the ways of approaching business that a profitable practitioner has and understands. So if you haven’t listened to that already, go back and listen to that one. It’s basically problem solving skills and self concept that a profitable practitioner has adopted. So in this episode, what I’m laying out for you here is an understanding of how to stack the deck in your favor to become that person that we talked about in the last episode, who just innately operates with a self concept and problem solving skills at a really high level that makes it possible for them to kill it in their business. This is how we do this. And I want to land this plane on our so called the sparkly squirrel syndrome. That is online marketing, basically for our industry because it’s exhausting. Honestly, it’s exhausting to chase every new course and every new program that comes out thinking that this is the one this is the brand new insight you needed. That’s the secret to getting more clients and growing this fantastic business that you’re dreaming up. Get it. I’ve been there and I did make money and have a very successful nutrition practice when I was chasing sparkly squirrels. So it’s not that all is last year, right? It’s just it’s the hard way. I’m telling you I was hustling so hard in those days and I was making chump change compared to my business now that I understand what I’m going to teach you today and I’m not hustling. Okay, so have I sold it well enough for you to want to keep listening to these four foundations? I certainly hope so. Because when you focus on only these four foundations, you will never hustle or burnout in your business. I promise. Unlike Debbie. Let’s get back to Debbie, her friends call her DIY Debbie. And that’s because Debbie has a lot of symptoms of a business that isn’t profitable. Remember we’re thinking of root causes and symptoms today we’re tying it all back to how the body works for Debbie, her business is an expensive jobby. That’s a job hobby. It’s an expensive one, and she spends a lot of time on it, but it’s not actually profitable. So she wants to treat the symptoms of having a jobby. She wants to treat them individually, instead of thinking in terms of addressing the root cause of the problem in the first place. All of my fellow nutritional therapists are nodding their head right now we speak in terms of root causes, you totally understand. So what in the world are the four foundations of a profitable practice, you ask? Let’s get to it. First of all, there is belief in yourself. Second, there’s belief in your people, and be your clients, your audience, your people that are watching you. Third is the belief in your offer. And that’s how you are actually helping people what you’re selling them and how you’re helping them. And then fourth is belief in what’s possible for your business, that seems a little more elusive. We’re going to talk a lot about that. But belief in what’s possible just is a basic belief in what your business can actually produce for your clients and for your life. Okay, so let’s get back to Debbie, Debbie is really shaky on these four foundations, she does not have a high belief in herself, her people her offer or what’s possible for her business. We know that Debbie is real shaky on these foundations because of the results she’s getting in her business. And because of how she’s spending her time, and the things that she’s doing and the thoughts she’s having. Here’s one of the things that Debbie thinks she thinks that she is always missing out on the secret, quote, unquote, the secret, and she’s abandoning her current goals to chase the next idea or start a new strategy. endlessly. She’s always abandoning something like the 80% mark, and then starting something new. She thinks that there’s a secret that she hasn’t found yet. Whether that’s marketing secret, or something to sell, doesn’t matter. She’s always abandoning, she doesn’t make time to read books. This is another thing you need to know about Debbie, she doesn’t take the time to read books, because she’s hustling so hard. And she’s really only interested in step by step videos on YouTube or courses, because she feels like other people have the answers and not her and she’s very uncomfortable with slowing down her mind. That’s very, very uncomfortable. So she wants to keep doing doing doing doing and not slowing down her mind ever. She also thinks that if she discounts her products and services that she’s going to sell more. So when someone doesn’t buy from her when she posts on social media, for example, that she has spots available to work with one on ones and nobody buys, she just assumes that if she discounted them, then she would sell more. And she’s very, very confused. When that doesn’t work. So then she tries to sell something else and starts over again, your Are you nodding your head, Debbie, I understand.

Debbie is also looking for a way to promote her business without being visible to her network or putting herself out there to be judged. So if you cracked open Debbie’s brain and really got to the core of it, you would find out that she just really wants to figure out an online marketing strategy where she can sell to strangers on the internet, and not even be known to her sphere of influence. But what she’s doing are promoting her business. That’s really what she wants, which is holding her back so much. We’ll talk about that. Debbie also fears that there aren’t enough potential clients. So on the one hand, her brain is telling her we have to find all the strangers on the internet. But then on the other side, it’s like the devil on the other shoulder that saying, but you know, there just aren’t enough people out there. There just aren’t enough potential clients. And so Debbie fears that and she makes decisions based on appealing to, which is kind of like convincing the worst potential clients because she has a fear that there aren’t enough good clients out there that are a fit for her offer. So she’s trying to really convince and pull worse, the worst potential clients to work with her. And then some of them say yes, unfortunately, which is such a bummer, because then Debbie works with the hardest clients who aren’t really the best fit for her offer. Debbie also thinks that she has no control over the outcomes in her business as a whole. This is kind of a belief she has like how many clients come to her and the results that those clients get when they work with her. It’s just a luck of the draw. So that feels really, really out of her control. Right? She doesn’t like that feeling. It feels like this is an intangible thing that she can’t quite get a grasp on, instead of something that she can take full responsibility for, and that she can create the results for. She’s always feeling like everything’s external, and it’s just really a helpless feeling for Debbie. She also thinks that taking more action is the path to success. And she does not understand why she can’t stay motivated to do what she said she was going to do. She has a very, very long to do list of things that she’s going to do in her business. And she has a hard time getting the motivation day after day to do this endless list. I mean, of course she does. It’s quite endless, but she just does not understand why that is. So she kind of tells herself the story that she is just bad at business like she loves help. People, and she loves working with clients. She’s just bad at the business side. That’s what Debbie tells herself. Remember, her friends call her DIY, Debbie, because she wants to DIY everything in her business. And she wants to do that with the cheapest tools available. And she doesn’t factor in her time as an expense. This is why it’s a pretty expensive jobby.

So for Debbie, she thinks it’s a good idea to spend hours and days, researching software platforms and watching YouTube videos to create DIY workarounds, or make all of her systems work together as cheaply as possible. So she’ll get the free trial of something or the most basic version of it, that doesn’t really work with the other things she’s using. And she spent so much time trying to make everything work as inexpensively as possible, which makes her feel really productive, because she is spending a lot of time quote, unquote, working. But there are no leads or clients coming from this work time. So she feels productive. she feels like she’s really getting after it. And yet, it’s been two months and she hasn’t made a dime. For example. Another thing about Debbie is she wants more information and step by step roadmaps before she starts taking action. She wants to know all of the things before she takes one step forward, she wants to see the entire path, which is quite frustrating because there are so many different paths coming her way. Remember, we talked about the sparkly squirrel syndrome, there’s no shortage of different roadmaps and different frameworks to follow. And so Debbie is feeling very overwhelmed with all of the different processes that she could be following, which leads to her not doing much of anything most of the time. Now the thing about Debbie is she waits for motivation and passion and feeling in alignment before she takes action, which as we’ve discussed, doesn’t happen all the time. So Debbie feels like something’s going wrong if she isn’t feeling like she’s in the flow all the time, which is not the case. But we’ll get there. All right. Another thing about Debbie that you need to know is it seems unrelated, but it’s very related to her business, is that she gets the news, quote unquote, the news from her newsfeed on social media. In fact, she spends a lot of time and attention scrolling and in free Facebook groups, because this feels like a good use of her time, right? Some of them are business groups and other practitioners and her colleagues. And so she spends a lot of time in those groups. And that feels productive. We’re going to talk about why it may be that is not productive in a moment. Alright, let’s learn this plan on WWE is a reactor. She’s a warrior. If we had to sum up Debbie, she has the best of intentions, but she’s kind of spinning her wheels and reacting instead of making a plan and following it. Right? Okay, we love Debbie. We have been Debbie in many, many ways, many, many times. But there is a better way. And Courtney is gonna teach us about the better way in a moment. But first, let’s just kind of recap, Debbie is overwhelmed, because she sees her business as like this mystery that just cannot be solved. She sees other people that are just killing it. And she’s like, wow, they can do it. Of course they can do it, but I can’t do it. And then she feels like it’s hard. And she’s reinforcing that belief and making it hard. Because she’s trying to learn so many different things at once. She’s trying to become an expert, online marketer, and an expert practitioner and a bookkeeper and a web designer, like by next week. Well, it’s exhausting. And she’s focusing on all of the wrong things. Anyway, she’s focusing on the symptoms, instead of addressing the root cause of all of these issues in her business. Remember, root causes are belief in yourself. These are the foundation’s belief in your people belief in your offer and belief in what’s possible. When I go through that list. What do you think is the area that you need the most work on for yourself? I’m guessing that there is one of these that is kind of standing out to you as Oh, that is where I struggle the most? What is it could be interesting to put a little thought into that right? A good way to tease this out a little bit is to ask yourself, why haven’t I gotten the results I want in my business yet? It’s pretty broad question, right? Why haven’t I gotten the results yet? Sit down and put a timer on for five minutes. And just let your brain go crazy with this and tell you all of the reasons that you haven’t gotten the results yet. And this will reveal to you which foundational area you need the most work on, and it certainly can be more than one. Don’t get me wrong, but I bet you’ll get a pretty good idea of if it is belief in yourself, belief in your people, belief in your offer, or even just belief in what’s possible for your business. I highly, highly recommend going through that exercise. Here’s what it might reveal for you. If you’re seeing a pattern in your own business and then the way that you are showing up or not showing up as the case may be that belief in yourself as the issue, then self confidence and confidence that you always have your own back is really going to be important for you to work on. The reason this is so important is for you to become the kind of person who deeply deeply knows that you always figure it out, no matter what it is, you’re resourceful, you’re creative, you’re always growing and changing and learning new skills, and you always get what you came for. Isn’t that a great thought I always get what I came for. This has been my thought of the year, I would have to say, and you know, what has resulted in me working with clients who always get what they came for. Because remember, like we talked about in the last episode, your clients will always, always be a mirror for your beliefs, for better or for worse, they’re always going to mirror them back to you. And don’t get me wrong. There are lots of specific strategies and tactics that will be really helpful for you in making lots of money in your nutrition practice, and I will teach them to you, we’ll talk all about them. But the most important things that you’ll learn here are how to become self confident, different than confident, because and we’ll do an entire episode on this, don’t you worry. But confidence is something you already have evidence for. Like, I’m confident that most of the time I can drink out of a glass without spilling on myself, I’ve collected a lot of evidence for the fact that most of the time I can manage that one. self confidence, however, is knowing that you will always figure it out, even if you have no evidence to support that. So this is where you know that I can learn something new, I can master something new, I can figure it out. Even if it’s something that I’d have never done before and have no evidence to believe. If this is the first time you ever run your own business, you may have zero evidence that you are a successful business owner. But if you’re self confident, if you have a high belief in yourself, you know that you’ll figure it out, you’ll know you’re absolutely going to have your own back and you’re going to get there. Remember, Debbie, who does not have a high level of belief in herself yet, is really kind of trying to hide, she would like to hide. So if this is somewhere where you’re struggling as well, it might look the same. Meaning you really just want that magic strategy, the magic process where you can find all the strangers on the internet, but nobody in your actual real life has to see what you’re doing. And you don’t have to be exposed to them, or risk rejection or fear of failure and people watching you fail whatever version of that rings true for you. It’s what it might look like, if you don’t have a high belief in yourself. Just notice that if any of those are kind of landing, then this is a great area for you to work on. And to really put some time into developing some belief. Secondly, we have your belief in your people, I want you to think about your your exercise, as I just verbally gave it to you on why don’t you have the results you want in your business yet? Like why is that? So your brain was gonna give you a lot of reasons for why that was. And I’m curious if you look back at any of the reasons that it gave you if you’ve already done this exercise, or if just mentally if they were coming up for you. How are your clients or lack of clients showing up exactly like you are with those thoughts? So specifically, how are you being your worst client? or How are you being your best client, I gave the example of how I am always getting what I came for, I always get what I came for. And so my clients are always getting what they came for. I think my clients are so resourceful, and they are geniuses. So then the clients that come to me are really resourceful. See how this works. I have a high belief in my people. And I mean a high level of belief, which is so fun. It hasn’t always been that way. But as I’m building this foundational belief and collecting more and more evidence for how my clients are just so smart, and how they are so capable, and how they have so much to teach me, then guess what happens? I have clients that are so smart, that teach me so many things. So fun. So if you’re looking for evidence of why you don’t have those results yet, which is why I suggested that you do that let your brain tell you all the reasons it thinks you don’t have results yet, you may be depending upon you may be thinking that the reason you don’t have results is because of some fault of your clients. Like they don’t get results. They don’t want to invest in themselves. They don’t make the time to work with you. Like fill in the blank on how you are not having a high belief in your clients or your potential clients. Maybe how that is a reflection of how you are showing up for yourself as well. How are you being your worst client for yourself? How are you being your best client? clients will always be a mirror for our beliefs. So this is kind of a fun one. Thirdly, we have belief in your offer. This is potentially my favorite belief foundation to work on because it’s so juicy Do you believe so to the tips of your toes? That what you offer to your clients is going to change their life in in measurable ways. And if you don’t have that belief, then we need to work on it, I want you to really get to a place where you can talk to anybody about how you help people, because you truly believe that they have to hear it, and that the right people will be hearing it. And maybe whoever you’re talking to knows someone who needs your help right now, and they’re going to send your information their way, the way you do that is by selling yourself. First, I have an entire module in my program about how to sell yourself before you sell anybody else. And it is I think, the missing piece for most marketing and selling and for any coach or practitioner that is new to this field new to selling in general. I mean, I just I can’t even overemphasize that selling yourself and believing in your offer so deeply and fully is the key to the kingdom. All right, you know, another really good way to increase your belief in your offer is to actually sell your offer and have people working with you.

I know, I know, I know, we want to somehow shortcut this, we want to be able to be totally on board with exactly what we’re selling. And the result is going to get people and exactly how it’s going to work before we ever have the real humans that we’re working with. And before we have any on the ground experience, but it just doesn’t work that way. So if your belief in your offers feeling a little shaky, I would like to help you by selling you first so that you feel 100% that it’s amazing anything that you’re selling and how you’re helping people. But also know that collecting evidence for the amazing transformation your offer is going to provide also welcome from working with more clients and from facilitating that transformation with more people. So you’ve got to work with the people, you have to have the clients, even when it feels scary in the beginning, like you really don’t have any idea how this is all going to work out, it’s all going to be okay, you’re going to uplevel your belief by selling your offer. And then your offer will get better and better and more people will buy it and you’ll be even more sold. Now lastly, belief in what’s possible for your business is truly just surrounding yourself with successful peers so that you can even know what is possible for you. And I use the example a little tongue in cheek about free Facebook groups. But really, this is a good example, if you are spending your time surrounded by other practitioners who have nothing better to do in their business, then hang out and post and bitch and moan and complain in free groups, then, of course, you’re not going to know what’s really possible for your business, your belief is going to be quite low, because your brain is collecting a lot of evidence that supports that. So we want to change this entire scenario 180 degrees and surround ourselves with people who are doing what we want to be doing. You want to see what’s possible, you want to see how much money and how much impact and how much freedom it’s possible to create in this industry of ours. Now, it’s not something that I think is good for humanity. But it is good in a business sense that there is no shortage of clients. For us. There’s no shortage of people who are very, very sick, and need help with their health, and that are actively searching for this help that you offer. Yes, it is a sad state of affairs. But it’s the truth, people are really sick, they are literally dying for the help that you offer. So there’s no shortage of clients, there’s no shortage of opportunity, although we tend to think that it is limited or that it’s hard or that our business will have to be small or will always be small, or we can’t charge much money to work with clients. Now if that’s true for you, if you have this belief somewhere inside that says either you’re going to sacrifice every other priority in your life or have a successful business like there’s no there’s nothing in the middle for you. It’s all or nothing, then you need to work on your belief in what’s possible. And I telling you, this will change everything just like adding water to someone’s daily routine, who currently is living off of copy of Diet Coke. So we’ll believe in what’s possible, just having an understanding of what actually is available to you in terms of what your business can create for yourself or your family for your clients. That is everything. Debbie is not understanding that these four foundations are what she needs to be reprioritizing her time to address. That’s okay though. Debbie. We love Debbie. We want to help her. It’s okay. I was Debbie for a long time until I learned how the human brain worked and what actually creates results in any area of our lives, especially our business which is by the way, spoiler it’s our thoughts. It’s our beliefs. I was me too, so don’t feel bad. If you’re Debbie, I thought that I needed to do do do more, more more, learn more, learn more, learn more research, oh my gosh, the amount of research to grow my business. But I was totally wrong that my friend, the do learn research continuum circle of doom, that is the hard way, it is the business equivalent of your client popping Tums every hour for 30 years to treat a symptom instead of addressing the root cause of their crappy digestion in the first place. So unlike Debbie Courtney, which I’m going to introduce you to, is getting results called profits by looking at the root cause instead of chasing those symptoms in her business. So she’s just addressing these four foundations over and over again. And she’s getting really good at up leveling her belief in all these areas faster and faster. The way that she thinks and how she spends her time is quite a bit different than Debbie. So let’s learn a little about Courtney. First of all, she knows that the secret, quote unquote, is just becoming the next best version of herself. And she is passionate about uncovering that woman, she thinks her business is so fun, because it challenges her in a new way. Like everything that she knows she needs to grow with, or any new frontier that she thinks she could probably use a little work with. It’s just like right in front of her face every step of the way in her business, like personal development on steroids. And she loves that she’s super into it. And on that topic, she reads a lot of books on a variety of topics, all over the map, she’s learning all sorts of things, not just about health and wellness, about all sorts of things. And she prioritizes, her personal development over pretty much everything else. Again, she is just learning so much about her brain, and about how her mind works, how her clients minds work about getting better results and faster results in her business so that she can then teach these concepts to her clients, and that they will get better, faster results when they work with her. It’s just like this fun game. She’s very, very into it. And she loves seeking out opportunities to be challenged on these ideas and hear other perspectives. It’s her favorite thing. Here’s another thing about Courtney, she does not fear the judgment of others, she has a saying and she repeats it to herself a lot, that she can just let people be wrong about her. It’s okay. People are having judgment about her. And they always will be because we are humans. You can’t really escape it. She’s alright with it, she can just let people be wrong about her and move on. Unlike Debbie who’s really, really struggling with doing or saying anything about her business, because she’s fearing this judgment, that really is not much of a factor. People are never paying as much attention to us as we think they are. But that’s okay. Courtney’s alright with it. Either way, she can just let people be wrong about her. She also understands that she only needs to serve her best clients, her dreamiest most amazing clients and repel everyone else. She’s okay with that she only wants to work with her best clients. So she’s not doing any convincing, or like weird discounting, you know, coming from a grasping energy, she just doesn’t do that, because she only wants to work with her best clients that want to work with her. Oh, another thing about Courtney, that you need to know she is a master at making decisions, and then taking massive action, and then evaluating the results. She’s like a scientist this way, she just goes through that process over and over again. And that’s why she always knows what to do. She always knows what to repeat what’s working, and what needs to be tweaked. As opposed to Debbie, who is just thinking that there’s a secret somewhere that she hasn’t taken yet. So she’s always researching. Courtney doesn’t do that. She just does something and then evaluates it and either does it again, or does something else. So very simple. And when she evaluates these results, she is basing her evaluation on actual data that she can improve. Never on feelings or external circumstances, like someone said this. She’s using actual data. For example, the reason she didn’t sell out her last program wasn’t because her people don’t have enough money. It’s because she didn’t convey the value as well as she could have. So she’s always turning any circumstance into something that she has control over and she can improve instead of what Debbie tends to do, which is delegate all responsibility for all things to everything else.

It’s always someone else’s problem. Well, Courtney doesn’t do that. She’s more interested in how is it my problem? How can I get better at this? And because of that, she’s always improving because she’s really curious about how she can improve. She also knows that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to building her business and that the only way she’s going to know what works is by doing something and it working. This is a spoiler lert everyone, the way that you’ll know how is by doing it, and when it works, then you’ll know that was how Courtney has figured this out. She also has a two year plan for her business. So here’s something else you need to know about coordinates. She has a plan. She has actual written goals. And they plan. So she’s making decisions about her business, about her marketing and the clients she works with and her pricing and the amount of clients she takes and the amount of expenses that she takes on. She’s making all of these decisions based on her to your plan, not from emotions. When emotions are high decision making ability is low. Remember that. So coordinator knows that as well. And she just has a plan, she follows the plan. And it’s based on actual numbers and data, not on the feeling in the moment. Remember Debbie’s always waiting till she feels like she’s in flow, or she’s in alignment. And that isn’t sustainable. Courtney, on the other hand, has a plan. It’s written out, there’s numbers involved, and there’s just really no need to be in flow, which is great, right? Another thing about Courtney is she invest in software systems and outsourcing with good help so that she can make progress faster and create more value for her clients. So she isn’t afraid to invest in her business. Whereas Debbie’s trying to DIY everything, because it’s a jabi. Courtney isn’t looking at it that way, she isn’t interested in cutting corners with cheaper solutions that are going to cost her weeks and months of her life and that she will soon grow out of like that’s that’s not what she wants to do. She is planning for the long term. Remember, she has a two year plan for her business. She is looking at these decisions, like a business owner. And so people don’t treat her business like it’s a job because she isn’t treating it like a job. Again, see how this all works. She also has developed the skill of taking action without feeling inspired, that kind of goes back to being in flow or being in alignment, she doesn’t need it, she creates her own motivation. And she just follows her plan. She reads a lot of books, like I said, and she listens to podcasts that excite her about the person she’s becoming and what’s possible for her business. So instead of consuming someone else’s life in the newsfeed or being part of communities where people are fairly negative, not adding anything positive to her life,

you know what I’m talking about. She’s just opt out of all of it. And she’s just listens to podcasts, and books, some audio books, some of them she reads, that do we excite her, and that do teach her something way better use of our time, when she does want to be part of a community though she creates the community that she wants to be part of. Like she’s really intentional about it, she surrounds herself with inspiring people that are lifting each other up, and that have something to contribute. She has no desire to compete with her colleagues or compare her success to theirs. It’s just not even part of her life. She doesn’t scroll free groups to see people bitching she doesn’t listen to the news, like she has zero FOMO about what’s happening online, she’s not really part of it. And it doesn’t matter to her at all. So whereas Debbie was a worrier, and was a reactor, Courtney is a creator, she’s creating instead of reacting, she’s creating a much, much different experience. And the reason I want to contrast Debbie, and Courtney, is because I want you to adopt these principles as well. The new way of success for your business is thinking about your business in terms of these four foundational beliefs instead of shiny new tactics and strategies that you have to learn. Because sometimes you will want to try a new strategy and a tactic. But when you have a high belief in yourself, that you’ll figure it out, and you have a high belief in your people that they will find you and there are enough clients and your perfect clients are waiting for you. And when you have a high belief in your offer, that it gives them amazing transformation and is the best use of their time and money, then you’ll sell it like crazy. And when you have a high belief in what’s possible for your business as a whole, you will be motivated to continue to work on your business to become that better version that’s just has a little bit more belief in all of these areas. And that does a few more things. And that becomes even better at time management. Do you see how this all works? Here’s an example. When you intentionally surround yourself with successful practitioners, and I’ve talked about this already. But the difference between the free Facebook group where people are complaining, versus the place where the successful people who have already have figured it out where they’re hanging out very different. When you’re surrounding yourself with people who have already figured it out. You are increasing your belief in what’s possible for your business just by putting yourself in that room. And then I would argue you’re also increasing your belief in yourself because you put yourself in that room, you found that room, you made it happen you invested in it, right? So it’s so great. Now Debbie does not know what is possible for her business because she’s hanging out in the free Facebook groups. That’s a bummer. Because those people are just complaining about how hard their two clients are or whatever, that they don’t have any clients. So her belief in what’s possible is very, very low. Her belief in herself for clients, her offer continues to stay Hello. But Courtney is not in those free groups, like we said, and she intentionally puts herself in a room of successful people, even people who are much more successful than her, which may seem intimidating at first, but really is the best case scenario because she is then introduced to so many things she didn’t even know was possible. She didn’t know it was even possible to charge one on one clients $5,000 for a package She didn’t even know until she saw her peers doing it. Now suddenly, her belief in what’s possible just grew in that one conversation, her brain exploded, she realized, holy cow, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. And then her brain gets to work on figuring out how she gets to work with high ticket clients. How do I do that? What What do I need to believe about me and my offer and my people to make that happen? Now, that’s not going to happen for Debbie, because she doesn’t even know what she doesn’t know. Courtney does very, very important stuff. This kind of shows up for us with social media, if you think it’s not possible to have a business, in this time in the world. Without social media think, again, you’re just not in the right room. You haven’t grown your belief in what’s possible yet. And I would argue it’s probably because you’re looking on social media for evidence of people that aren’t on social media. They’re not there.

But how would your belief in yourself and belief in your offer and belief in your people change? If you did know that it was possible to have a thriving business off of social media? What would you do differently? If you were so strong? on that foundational belief? You can do this for any of these beliefs? If I was so strong in my belief in myself, what would be different? If I believed so strongly in my offer? What would be different? If I believe so strongly in my people, what would be different? So great thought exercise? Seriously, do it, set a timer for five minutes and just write down whatever thoughts your brain offers you in response to this question, what would be different in my business? If I had a high level of belief in myself, my people my offer, and what’s possible, just go there. Challenge yourself to come up with what else which is when you think you’re done, say What else? What else, it’s usually where the gold is. The you know, I always want to wrap up these episodes with a very tangible way for you to bring the concept back to your clients, and how you’re going to use this for your clients. I think this one’s pretty obvious. Focus on the foundations. You already know this, don’t overcomplicate your business. It is simple, don’t overcomplicate your clients transformation, it is also simple. And if it’s not simple, then challenge yourself to make it more simple for them. And for you. Okay, I think we’re ready to wrap up here. But I want to reiterate this again, in case you missed it to increase your beliefs in these four areas. You have to intentionally collect evidence to support what you want to believe, is really important. There is a method to do this mental work and collect evidence, your brain just like mine, and just like most of my students brains will try to make this more complicated than it needs to be. Resist the temptation to overcomplicate it, do some of the exercises I gave you in here. And when you are done with those and you have some insights into where you’ve been a little bit stuck, I will have three simple steps for making more money in your practice in less time that we’re going to dive into in the next episode. But don’t rush. Don’t rush to that one until you have taken some time and really inventoried. What has gotten you to the point you’re at now and what of the four foundational areas do you really need to work on building your belief in to get you to the next level.

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