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82. Simplifying and Generating Endless Referrals with Annika Taylor

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The Profitable Nutritionist program student Annika Taylor is sharing her 3 most transformative business strategies that have taken her holistic nutrition practice from brand new just one year ago to thriving, referral-fueled machine in 2023.

Along with those 3 juicy strategies, she also shares:
How she has changed her offer and exactly what she charges and includes for her clients in 2023.

The 2 most lucrative marketing outlets she has used
How she knew it was time to leave her 9-5 job and start her own health and wellness practice.

You are going to get so many gems from this episode.



Andrea Nordling 0:00
My friend, welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast. I cannot wait for you to listen to the interview that I just finished recording with one of my students in the profitable nutritionist program. Her name is Annika Taylor, and we had the best best chat, I know you are going to find so much value in everything she shared, because she was so open and honest about the evolution of her business in the last year. And very specifically, she went into details on the three concepts that she has taken from the podcast and from inside the program that have really had the most impact on taking her business from struggling and having three clients in 2022. to fast forward 2023, where she made more money in January and February than she did all of last year, she now has an almost full client load. And she said her words our clients are coming from everywhere. She is just reveling in all of this success, because her business is working from some very specific strategies that she has implemented. And she talked all about them in our interview. So I’m not going to spoiler any of what those were, I’m gonna let her tell you, in her words exactly what she’s been doing and how she’s been doing it. She got very tactical, and I know that it’s going to be really insightful. She also went into a lot of detail on her offer, how her offer has changed in the last year, and what she’s now including for her clients, the duration, what they do together, and so good, she just had so much to share that I know it’s gonna be really tactical and impactful for you as you listen to her story. It’s been so, so helpful. Even as I’m listening to it, I’m taking notes like oh my gosh, that would be a great podcast episode, we should talk more about this and that I got a ton from it. So I know you’re going to love it as well. We talk a lot in the interview about the profitable nutritionist program, because specifically some of the concepts that she was referencing are from the program. So I have to tell you, that enrollment is opening up in a few weeks. So you mark your calendar, if you’re wondering when can I get in the program, because enrollment only opens roughly quarterly just a few times a year for the program. The next enrollment will be on May 18. So get out your calendar, put a reminder, May 18 is the day that you join the program, the doors will be open. And you can find out all of the information on exactly what’s included, including the money back guarantee, the coaching calls, we talk a lot about the coaching calls and the brainstorm breakout sessions on this interview that you’re about to listen to with Annika so you will get all of the details for everything that’s included in the program and what exactly that looks like at Build a Profitable practice.com/join J O i en with all of the details. And there will be a button on there for you to add yourself to the waitlist. So you get the email reminders as well when the doors are open. If you are listening to this episode in the future, and it’s past the May 18 enrollment, still go to that page, and it will tell you the upcoming dates of the next enrollment. They’re always kept up to date on that page. Again, it’s build a profitable practice.com/join. And now without further ado, I’m going to turn it over to Annika she is going to blow your mind. Welcome Annika to the podcast. How are you

Annika Taylor 3:16
I’m really, really good.

Andrea Nordling 3:19
So I’m so excited that you’re here because I was watching some of your posts in the lounge, which is our private community in the profitable nutritionist program. And you were sharing some really, really amazing results that you’re having. So I was like we have to get on the podcast, we have to talk about this. And let you have a total brag session about how things are going in your business and kind of share I get a lot of feedback from people that listen to the podcast that they love episodes like this that give them an idea of just what’s possible. And just it’s just like it’s so inspirational. So I thought it would be fun for us to just kind of start with your business journey up till now a little bit like how did you get here? What’s What’s your story up till now?

Annika Taylor 4:00
I love to and I’m the same I eat up these episodes because it’s so nice to be able to hear, you know, just student outcomes and where people are and it’s you know, we have so much in common. So I these are one of my favorite types of episodes that you do so I agree. Yeah. What led me here. Let’s see. Let’s back it up. 2014 I graduated as a holistic health practitioner and a therapeutic body worker. So I started doing massage full time, and I loved it. It was a lot on my body though. So I kind of shifted to I knew I wanted to stay in the holistic health realm. But I didn’t want to be really that physically demanding of a job so I switched over to doing front desk for chiropractor, then front desk for acupuncturist and then front desk again back to functional doctor. So that gave me a lot of experience of just talking to people on the phone and explaining you know Holistic Health Um, and I just love those conversations, you know, getting someone on the phone, and they’re just feeling hopeless and directionless. And like, I’ve tried everything, and my doctor says, like, you know, they can’t do anything else for me and then being able to just kind of like, okay, like, I love to be that kind of anchor for those people and like, okay, let’s, let’s get you booked. And we can help you. Absolutely. So that’s kind of where I found just the joy in, in telling people the good news of like, you can get better, of course, your body can heal. So I’m in that space. And in about 2019, I joined the NTA program, I graduated in 2020. And then I just kind of just stayed as a front desk person, I didn’t have confidence in myself. I was like, Oh, I see other people around me starting their businesses, but I’m not smart enough. Which is so sad, like baby me, like, come on. Anecdotally. That’s not true. And I had evidence of other people starting their business, but I was like, No, I need like, I need more. Up to this point. I had done herbalist classes, I had done so much of my own research, I was helping people myself, and people in my family recover from anxiety and depression, and heal their gut. And like I had so much personal experience, but I just didn’t believe in myself. So I finally asked my boss, who’s a functional Doctor, this was in 2021. Hey, can I help you because she had a client load. She was backed up like six months of awakeness. He was like, hey, like I’m here. Can I help you and she was delighted. So I started helping to get on some of her patients and just you know, doing the basics, supporting them, I started learning bloodwork and going over bloodwork with them, and then nutritional balancing. So so much fun. So at that point, I just started realize this is not aligning with walking people through a package, getting clients from point A to point B, because a lot of functional doctors will just do one off appointments. And it’s kind of like, on the client or patient, like, hopefully, you’ll come back in a month or two, and we’ll keep going. But my so kind of like the expectation there was my clients were just not rebooking with me, they thought, if I did one or two appointments with Anika, then I should be good. And that kept happening. And it was really frustrating. And then I finally was like, this just isn’t aligning with my beliefs, like, I know that I can help my clients get better. But this, this framework is not working. And you could only charge so much I was getting 50% of the commission per client. But if that wasn’t very much, maybe $100. And so I was just starting to notice, like, I’m looking at my boss, and all my past bosses, they’re all in this hustle mindset. And, like, bless them, I, you know, they didn’t know any better, but their business structure was like, you know, 20 plus clients or patients a day, and I could just see, this wasn’t sustainable. And it wasn’t what I wanted. And I already felt pretty burnt out at that point. Like, I was getting sick often. And I was like, this isn’t what I believe in or stand for. I’m telling my clients, you know, to support themselves, and I want to have that structure. So that’s when, gosh, I’m looking at my notes April 2022. So last April, is when or no less March is when I quit and then April I started taking had two clients who were like, I want to work with you right away. And so that was really exciting.

Andrea Nordling 8:30
Oh, that’s so exciting. Yeah. What a great jumpstart,

Annika Taylor 8:35
where I yeah, that’s my little story. A little Sorry.

Andrea Nordling 8:39
Okay, so I have clarifying questions, just so everybody knows, I don’t know the story. So I’m like, at the end of it going, Oh, okay. So you went through the nutritional therapy Association certification in 2019. You said right, graduated 2020. So was that the like when I went through the NTA I did it as a nutritional therapy practitioner and we had workshop weekends like in person person workshop, Wiggins. Was that the same program? You did? I was

Annika Taylor 9:03
the last one like they cut it off. You know, they actually are very last workshop weekend. We held over a two or three days zoom call, but I was able to do the first two in San Diego.

Andrea Nordling 9:14
Okay, so you got to do this person. They were so amazing. And I got to be a group leader for other workshop weekends. It was incredible. Oh, I love that. So when you said I was watching everyone around me started their businesses like I remember those workshops. Everybody’s talking about like, what’s working and what are you doing? It’s

Annika Taylor 9:32
the best so motivational. Oh, it was amazing to just be a room with that many people who are all on the same page as you and learning together so fun.

Andrea Nordling 9:39
Yeah, yeah, it’s so good. Okay, so I just needed clarification on that if that’s maybe they’ll bring those workshop weekends back. Let’s like cross our fingers Okay, so, like there’s just so much there. Did you decide when you decided to quit working the front desk and taking Are you still working front desk when you were taking patients with your doctor that you’re working with? Yeah. From the administrative

Annika Taylor 10:08
lead transition, it was a slow thing. But I eventually did, I finally said, Hey, I just want to just only work with clients. So that’s kind of how that went.

Andrea Nordling 10:19
Got it. So I know a lot of people have questions about, like, how to know when you’re ready to do that. I know people ask me this all the time, like, when do you take the leap on quitting your job? Or like, do you slowly transition? Do you just cut it off? And I think the answer is, it depends on your risk tolerance. It depends. It’s a very personal decision depends on a lot of things. But I wonder for you, like, what, what did that decision look like for you?

Annika Taylor 10:43
Hmm. For me, it was my husband has a wonderful job. He works for himself. And he is still working for another company. So it was interesting, because the income thing was like, okay, I can do this right now. And it’s a wise decision decision for our family, it’s not going to do anything that we’re not comfortable with. Because I am a planner. So it’s my husband. So like that part of it was okay. But I think it really the thing that just pushed me was just the alignment, like just wasn’t aligning, I didn’t feel good. offering services that people weren’t seeing results just didn’t feel good to me. So that’s what finally I think, decided, like, the combination of the two is like, okay, my husband, we had the conversation, he’s like, I’m totally okay, I want you to work. Like you’ve been wanting to do this for years. Like, let’s just do it. Let’s make the decision and do it. So that’s, I think, what gave me the courage to say, okay, yeah.

Andrea Nordling 11:42
Ah, so good. i Yeah, it’d be very personal decision, and depends on a lot of things like, income and all of that, for sure. There’s no right or wrong. So to answer the question for anyone that’s wondering, how do you know, well, what do you know, you know?

Annika Taylor 11:56
No, no, oh, it’s so true. There is no right or wrong. There’s no manual.

Andrea Nordling 12:02
Okay, so that was April last year, you had your two clients that were ready, when you were ready, and you started working with them, then how did the rest of 2022 Go for you? Sorry, the very leading question

Annika Taylor 12:15
makes me laugh. Oh, Andrea. Okay, I’d like to say that I just, you know, it was groovy. And I knew what I was doing. But I didn’t and it wasn’t, and my two clients are lovely. I actually got a third client, like a month or two afterwards. And then she started with me, and then just dropped off suddenly, and didn’t ever want to contact me. So I was like, Oh, my goodness, I only have two people. I wasn’t charging premium prices, it was definitely more than when I was working with the functional doctor. But I just noticed that like it, the whole business part of it was a little bit intimidating. The cool thing I will say was that I had started listening to your podcast, late 2021, disaster hungry. And so all of your mindset work, and everything that you were talking about was already going through my brain. So again, I think that was another thing that also helped me to think to myself, I can quit my job, like, look, other people are doing it. So I love your podcast. It really helps me. But I think that so all of last year was just kind of like trial and error of like I’m working with people. But there’s only two people that I’m working with for like the whole year. Like I’m not exaggerating, it was all of last year, I just felt kind of lost and scattered again on my computer and think it kind of like for my nervous system, where I tend to go is if I get like, activated or triggered I just go into like shutdown sort of freeze mode. So it’s a dynamic computer and just like shut down and my brain would be like, oh, there’s all these things I need to do. But I didn’t have a structure of like, where to start. That was making things really complicated.

Andrea Nordling 13:53
Complicated for myself. Yeah. But obviously that changed at some point. So what like, how did you uncomplicated for yourself?

Annika Taylor 14:03
Dun dun dun. So I think that the first step, again, this might sound like redundant, but listening to your podcast, I cannot stress how much that helped me. Because I know literally like I’d be we were even on vacation last year in Hawaii. And I was like telling my husband, dude, you have to listen to Andrea. And we were I remember driving along the coast. We’re trying to find a beach because we were in the main island and we couldn’t find a beach to get to and we’re just listening to all like, hours and hours. And it was so good. And we’re just like, Oh my goodness. Like all of these tips are so good. So I had I started to kind of create like a structure I started to listen to your advice and make things simple. I wrote down my goal of like my income goal what I wanted to get to I wrote down my kind of like my marketing plan and lets me get And for my, how am I going to sell to people? The coolest thing that, like I felt like started happening was just being able to articulate. Okay, this is where I am. Where do I want to get because you talked on one of your podcasts too. You talked about let’s do one year plan, and then have our goals for two years and their goals for three years. So I did that. And it just helped me to be like, Okay, this is where we’re at, this is where I want to get. And I think that was the first step in being able to start creating a shift in my mindset.

Andrea Nordling 15:34
Yeah, I think that that’s so valuable, because our brains for what we need to get done today, or this week or this month, get very overwhelmed. But when we push that timeline out further, we say, Okay, a couple three years from now, now, all of a sudden, we’re so creative, we have all of the answers, we can see exactly what we want it to be three years from now when, you know, in the moment, and in the short term, it can seem so hard and so murky to figure out what the next step is. But zooming out, and then working backwards, just a little mental trick is so helpful.

Annika Taylor 16:05
Oh, so helpful. I love it. And I even taught that to my husband and to my sister, I seriously, I just go around, and I tell everyone that I know, friends and family like, like this works. This works. And it really is just bringing that simplicity and helping your brain and your nervous system to just be able to down regulate, like no, like, this is completely doable. Let’s break it up into steps is which what we teach our clients to write?

Andrea Nordling 16:31
Exactly. I was gonna say, we teach this that we forget it for our business.

Annika Taylor 16:37
Oh, 100%.

Andrea Nordling 16:40
Okay, so let’s talk about some of the things I asked Anika before she came on here. I’m like, What do you want to talk about? And so you had said, there were three concepts that you implemented, when you joined the profitable nutritionist program, which I think was like, end of the summer, right? And if summer 2020 to

Annika Taylor 16:56
September, does that sound? Okay. Is that because I know that you enrolled in September, so yeah, like, so what events? September? Yeah, like mid September, unless you enrolled before that? Yeah, it feels like September to me.

Andrea Nordling 17:08
Okay. Perfect. We did an enrollment in September, so that that answer very believable. Okay, so when you, you were already implementing stuff from the podcast and kind of getting organized, making things simpler for yourself and then join the program in September. But it so I’m kind of curious, actually, now that I’m talking through this, the three concepts that you said were really, really helpful for you were those things that you were already familiar with when you came in the program, because in the like, I teach a lot of the same stuff on the podcast, of course, but in the program, there’s like steps and it’s do this first do this do this was more organized, although there’s a lot of repeated information. So was that stuff you already knew? Or was it kind of like, knew it in the program?

Annika Taylor 17:48
I knew it from you. I knew it from your podcast. So I already knew it. But again, like you said, I didn’t have that structure in the very highlight of your program so much. So we’ll talk about that in a second. But I did I came to your program already. Like, I feel like I know you. I’ve implement like you’ve already had changed my life and my business so much. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. But it was already such a huge shift that I was like, why wouldn’t I be in her program? Like, I almost felt like already was because I was so consistently listening every week to your podcast and like, adding all this stuff in. But yes, so I’m sorry. I’m kind of getting ahead of myself. You asked me what were the three things.

Andrea Nordling 18:27
Yeah, I was just curious if if they were probably in the program, or from the podcast, but you said like you were already familiar with a lot of them.

Annika Taylor 18:33
Yeah, it was. But they Yeah, it was a huge, very, very different just listening to a podcast and trying to do it yourself than joining the program. Huge. But um, so the first one was imperfect action.

Andrea Nordling 18:48
Let’s talk about it. My favorite topic.

Annika Taylor 18:50
Is it it’s my favorite topic no to like, I honestly use it with all of my clients because it’s the best coaching tool, imperfect action, like no, you don’t have to do everything perfectly, but I am a perfectionist. And so that for me was a bit of unlearning was like no, we can start moving forward right now. So like I started implementing that, as I started, I created like a lead magnet for emails, for example. And that was kind of something that I was like, Oh my gosh, like what what should it be? It’s got to be perfect. I don’t know and months of not doing anything. So that was a good step. Just you know, having I guess imperfect action for me is freedom. Because you can just do all the things that you want to do. But it doesn’t have to be something that you’re going to put off for months until it’s perfect because guess what, it’s never going to be perfect and what is perfect anyway really?

Andrea Nordling 19:49
Exactly. So I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this on the podcast, but I will just say this I know I talked about this in the program, but I will say this here like publicly, when you come in the program, all of you listening should come in the program but when Have you do you have lots of videos and these videos were recorded by me in a rental, like this little cabin that I rented because we were living in our RV. We were on the road. And I had like three days to record these videos. And I said, I’m doing it. My husband was like, you can’t, this is this is you can’t like this. You have to make this a bigger deal. And I was like, No, listen, I teach imperfect action. I’m taking imperfect action. I’m doing it. And I had the Hokey hast setup of my webcam on my laptop on top of three stacked up suitcases with like, it was just the craziest thing. The lighting is terrible. Probably the sound isn’t that great. Doesn’t matter. It’s me teaching on a flip chart. I have everything written out on a flip chart. And I’m teaching. And this is years ago that I recorded those videos. It’s very much imperfect action. And I told myself, Okay, I am definitely able to rerecord these later, this is when I learned the concept of imperfect action for Brooke Castillo from listen to her podcast from The Life Coach School, she calls it b minus work. She’s like, you always shoot for me minus work, because that’s a passing grade. And you can go for an AE later, but you just do me minus. So I was like, Okay, this is b minus work. very imperfect action, I can record these videos later. But I just need to get these done. I need to get version one done and get it out. And I have a different program name in there. So when you watch the videos now, like the name isn’t even the same. And it bothers me It bothered. My perfectionism is like, oh my gosh, we really need to re record those videos. And we really need to. And the thing is, though we don’t because the the videos work the content in their works. It’s a really good example of imperfect action. And so as you’re saying this and talking about the perfectionism, that is the example that comes to my mind, I’m like, Oh, those videos, those videos someday, we’re not changing those. That’s not a priority at all. It’s not even Oh,

Annika Taylor 21:48
and honestly, those videos are perfect and watching them I never in my mind once had the thought of like weird she’s in a trailer

Andrea Nordling 21:58
balancing that the camera right, there must be a couple of suitcases like some sort of a Rubbermaid Bin was wedged in somewhere. It was quite so happy. Oh, my gosh, Greg, my husband, Greg, but he was like a flip chart. He said, You know, there’s this thing called PowerPoint like No, stop. And

Annika Taylor 22:18
actually, Greg, for some reason, all of us really liked the flip charts like reasons. I’m obsessed with your flip charts. And every time you do it, I’m just like, This is so good. Because that’s just how my brain works. It’s, it’s just

Andrea Nordling 22:31
so easy. It’s like, you don’t need to worry about the fonts and the colors and the things, let’s just write it with a marker on the flip chart, get the information out, move on very much. Okay, I’m so glad that that’s been helpful for you. Do you have any other examples of I love the lead magnet example. But anything else that’s like, where you just let go of the perfectionism and just

Annika Taylor 22:52
Oh, heck yeah. So like, I will just write an email to my email list. And I will schedule and I will just send it and I will create, you know, content for my resources and content for my clients that I know that they need. And I will agonize over it, I’ll just create it, make sure I like it. And then you know, that’s what we have to work with. And I can always go back and rework it. And so it literally, I feel like it’s sprinkled in all of my business now and even doing, you know, strategy sessions or onboarding calls. Well, that’s like, hey, if something’s not set up, because this used to traumatize me, like, oh, my gosh, if I don’t have every little tiny little, you know, form, perfectly situated, but now it’s like, I just on boarded someone to my premium offer last week. And some of those thoughts came up was like, Guess what, girl, we’re just gonna, if we need another form, or we need to adjust something, we will adjust it. But we’re sending her all this stuff. We already like whip this over. I’m talking to myself like Gollum like there’s two of me. Brain. We can do this. So it sprinkles out through my entire business. And now it’s part of my, my thinking. And so I can catch myself when I start to kind of go towards my perfectionistic tendencies. Yeah. Oh, for sure.

Andrea Nordling 24:11
Because we can totally get get lost in all of that. But the bottom line is our clients and the rest of the world at large has no idea what this perfect version is that we have in our mind. They have no idea. They’re not holding us to that standard, because they don’t even know what it is. We’re the only ones that do. Nobody else even is privy to this information that we think that they are having. Right. Yeah,

Annika Taylor 24:32
that’s actually really profound. Like that. Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 24:38
they don’t know. They don’t even know and someday we can surprise and delight them with a with a completely new experience when we decide to do that, but Oh, totally. Yeah. So that fits action. Oh, that’s so good.

Annika Taylor 24:52
Yeah. And I just Yeah, whenever I have conversations with people, you know, or even, you know, I’ll be talking to my sister and she’s saying about how I could do this or that in my career, where should I go? Next girl imperfect action, everything. So yeah, again, I cannot stress enough how important in perfect action is.

Andrea Nordling 25:11
You’re an example of that. And that’s constantly something you’re thinking about, I think it’s probably a pretty safe bet that that’s what you’re teaching your clients and you’re just expecting them to take imperfect action and release all of these expectations. Just make it simple.

Annika Taylor 25:24
Yeah, it’s cool, right? Because now I feel like my clients mindset is totally shifting the way that you said that it would you know, when you talk about in the program. And now I do feel like my clients are just so proud of themselves when they’re able to swap, you know, a trigger food out for a different type of food or start getting 10 minutes of exercise in a couple times a week, like these little wins. They’re just so much more proud of themselves. And it’s because I’m always emphasizing even subconsciously in our conversations, like it’s imperfect action. Cool. Totally.

Andrea Nordling 25:56
Oh, that’s so good. That’s such a good reminder that we don’t have to wait for like the big things, the big celebrations, the huge milestones like No, we just keep celebrating the showing up imperfect action over and over. They need that we need that we all need that.

Annika Taylor 26:12
I need that for sure.

Andrea Nordling 26:16
Do. Okay, so imperfect action was a big thing that has been impactful for you. I love the second thing you said, Well, I was gonna tee it up for you. But maybe you just told me in your words, the second thing that you said that has been really helpful.

Annika Taylor 26:30
Okay, being committed and not attached. This is just gold. I could talk about it for hours. But I think the first time I heard about it, again, was on your podcast. And I listened to that podcast probably five times and just took, like copious amounts of notes, like just trying to really distill it and understand like, wow, committed and not attached. What does this mean for me, and it is really, really, really been profound. Because now instead of I’m super attached to the outcome, it could be a client’s outcome, it could be my outcome in my business, it could be, you know, income or money goal that I had set for myself, sort of being attached to like putting all of my identity and all of my self worth in that outcome. I can stay committed and be unattached, I guess,

Andrea Nordling 27:19
way to say it,

Annika Taylor 27:22
committed to the goal without having it mean something about you as a human. Exactly, exactly. And so that’s just been fantastic. And again, that’s one of those kind of foundational things that I think has spilled over to all different parts of my business, but it, it’s kind of now how I make decisions is like I can, like we talked about this in the program, but you’ll decide and then just take action and evaluate. And so I feel like that’s part of it is we’re committed to this, like, you know, maybe it’s something as simple as I’m committed to doing a great job on my next strategy session when I have someone you know, inquiring, but I’m not going to be attached to if that person does, you know, or doesn’t want to work with me, that’s their decision. But I feel confident knowing I prepared and I did my job. And I can feel really good about that, you know, because I was committed, but the outcome is exactly what it supposed to be. And so, and freedom again.

Andrea Nordling 28:16
Oh my gosh, so good. Okay, so I looked it up while you were saying that the episode that she’s talking about is episode 38 goal commitment versus goal attachment. So if anyone wants to go listen to that episode 38. What I really love how you brought in your attachment or previous attachment, or I mean, I, it still comes up I mean, you we get attached to things, but then we catch ourselves to your clients results. Because I mean, I always think about this as, like my attachment to my results. But it’s such a good reminder, we can get very, very attached to our clients results and making that mean something about us as well. So I would love to hear your thoughts on that a little bit.

Annika Taylor 28:54
Oh my gosh, yeah,

Andrea Nordling 28:55
let’s pull on that thread a little bit.

Annika Taylor 28:59
I definitely, when I first started out, I felt like I was 100% responsible for getting the results in my, for my clients. So I work with women who might have anxiety, depression, digestive problems, and my goal is to help them balance their moods and get smooth digestion naturally. And it’s so much fun. So much fun, but I remember starting out and I just felt all this responsibility of like, if I don’t do it again, perfectionism coming in, but if I don’t do this, right, or tell them the right thing, or, you know, guide them to the right process. It’s 100% my fault and all of their results, whether it’s working or not, is totally on up to if I’m smart enough or my if I’m a good enough practitioner. So it would really like really disappointed me and make me really sad if people because you know when you first start working with people, sometimes they have a lot of health blocks and sometimes they just need to come to you and kind of vent and sometimes when you For that, I just be like, Oh my gosh, it’s not working. Like why isn’t this working, it would stress me up and get myself up in a tizzy. And now that I feel oh, and cool thing, I would notice that my clients were kind of more, it felt like they were attached and not committed. For example, I had a couple of clients last year who were struggling with weight loss. And like when they wouldn’t make their goal for the next month, I felt like they just felt like they were failures. And I was feeling that too, right. So how interesting, of course, the clients are always mirroring our beliefs. And now that I’ve really shifted that for myself and for my clients are taking all the stress off of whilst taking the stress off of me if like your results or your results. And you’re the one that that got you here. And it’s so beautiful, because I can be, I can be your Gandalf. And I can guide you through and give you the suggestions. But you are the one that’s well taking them into Mordor, for example, but like, it’s so beautiful, because I’m thinking of a particular client. And she doesn’t worry now about, you know, the weight loss thing. And she actually, she started to lose weight. Like after I felt like I was just like, no, like, we’re just going to do the thing. So we’re going to focus on the little things. And I’m going to keep coaching you and be really happy about all the good stuff you get not super attached to like, did you make this goal this month, and she started getting so many other amazing results. And she wrote me the best, the best client review last week. And in her own words, working with you has been life changing. And I just wanted to cry reading that it lit me up. And like this is a person that last year I was just like super stressed about and like, no, but like she got those results. And I told her you got those results. You caught yourself there. You did this. So that has been really really really amazing.

Andrea Nordling 31:54
Yeah, okay, so this is very messed up. Because when we got on here before we started recording, you were like Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I said you got the result


Annika Taylor 32:10
It is way too much fun. It’s just an it’s true, Andrew, because you deciding to create this program deciding to create your podcast described the like, and the mastermind you making the choices to do this is impacting so many people’s lives because you’re impacting my life, and then I can go and impact other people’s lives. And they can you know, it’s just this ripple effect. It’s view. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 32:32
Thank you, I received that. And I will offer to you’re doing the same thing. And everybody listening to this same thing. The you know, just the one client you’re working with, like think about the impact of all of the people in their life that they share that information with and that they can change in their own household generations to come all of that, but it’s a big deal, because ripples so big.

Annika Taylor 32:53
It is and when you say generations to come. She also told me last month, she just got pregnant for the first time. And she’s like, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Like if because she did had no energy last year. And now she has plenty of energy. And it’s just feeling amazing. So yeah,

Andrea Nordling 33:09
all the tears, right? This priceless. Yeah. Amazing. Amazing. That’s just such a good. I mean, that’s just such a good, juicy nugget that when you release attachment for their results, that so do they? And like, can we just talk about the fact that we get so attached to like one result and to the detriment of even seeing the other amazing wins that are happening? We all do this? We’re humans, our brains work this way. But you have to just remember that when we’re so attached to one outcome, we close ourselves off to even appreciating all of the other things that are working and that we are achieving, right?

Annika Taylor 33:48
Oh, oh my gosh, it’s so true. That’s so true.

Andrea Nordling 33:52
So good. Okay, last thing that you said in your words, that making it simple has helped you focus on the important things, which is attracting ideal clients. Tell me more.

Annika Taylor 34:05
Make it simple. So you teach us a lot in the program. And you say this often, and I’m so thankful that you do. Because I need to say this for myself a lot. But just how can we make it more simple. So when I got your workbook, which you send us in the mail after we sign up for your program, and I love it, because I’m the sort of person that likes to write in an actual book. So thank you for sending that to us. I kept noticing, you know, you’d have prompts and journal prompts, and it would say, Okay, let’s jot this all down. But then how can we make it even more simple? And so I started doing that and realizing that my kind of sense of and you could call it perfectionism or impostor syndrome, but when I was building my premium offer last year, there’s so much mind drama that came up. And I kept wanting to just add more. Right so okay, I have a three month program, I better add more because it’s not good enough of it’s just me doing sessions and going over lab results. And, you know, going over the foundations. So interesting how I was really kind of stalling myself for months, that way. But learning to make things simple helped me to be able to create a process for my clients and a structure that, of course, I’m still, you know, I can still keep working on but when I just have a simple process for my clients, then it just made it so that I could start selling my offer, which sounds really funny, but it made it so that I could start selling. And I got really clear on what my offer was. Because I wasn’t like, let’s keep adding all this stuff and make it really complicated for myself and really complicated for my clients. And my messaging wasn’t clear at all, you know, on my website, and I feel like now that I’m just okay, how can I every time I do something, how can I make this more simple? It’s been super, super foundational. Okay, yeah. Okay, so

Andrea Nordling 36:03
that’s so good, especially in regards to your offer. I just had someone emailing me today that was confused about like, what is an offer? What do people put in an offer? I don’t undersell the offers, I was thinking offers to them? Like, oh, this is such an interesting question. But your reminder here on the simplicity of an offer being so crucial, because the more complicated we make it the obviously the harder it is to deliver to the client on your end or on any, you know, on the practitioner and, but also like how extremely cumbersome it is for them to try to figure out how to navigate it and confusing and what do I do next? And what is this part? I mean, we just Yeah, so many reasons to simplify offers. But our brains don’t want to do that they want to add more, especially when you’re charging more money, a lot of us naturally will think, Oh, I have to add on, I have to add on I have to justify the price i has to be worth it, I have to do more, do more, do more and to the detriment of our clients, because it just makes it overwhelming for them. And it makes things seem way harder than they need to.

Annika Taylor 37:03
Totally, oh, it’s so true. It doesn’t need to be hard. And it really shouldn’t infer my client demographic, I’m really wanting to support women who are coming to me already feeling overwhelmed, and burnt out and fatigued. And maybe you know, digestive problems, mood, mood issues, anxiety, depression, all of those things. I’m really noticing. And I think that this could apply to all of our clients, we don’t want to make it feel more complicated. So making it simple and making like, even I even adjusted things the past week in I used to have it where you go into my website, and you’d have to apply. And then I’d send a link to book and it was kind of this whole process and kind of complicated. And I remember you saying once like, if someone wants to work with you, how can you make it so easy for them to just get to you. So I adjusted things to where it’s just like the color right here and you can fill out the form before the call, it’s still part of it. But you look right there, it’s not going to be complicated. So I’ve been working reworking things to just continue to make it more simple. And for myself, because this thing’s a lab. But I can if I want to, I can take an hour or two, just preparing for a client call, especially if there’s lab results. I can make it so complicated. And I can just stress myself out. But just creating simple little, here’s my little structure for where I go to when I’m going to you know my questions I’m going to ask here’s what that what we will do every call. And making that part simple and not confusing and predictable for my clients has been really valuable to

Andrea Nordling 38:39
so oh my gosh, yes. Simplifying just the structure of the calls for them. That’s so good. I often think about this about you know, we’re so in it. We’re so in this world, that we think that everybody understands what happens when they come on a call, like whether that’s a discovery call or an actual coaching call where you’re reviewing labs or you’re talking about strategy and supporting them in any way. We think that people just know what that’s like. And they actually have no idea they don’t know do I need to prepare something Do I need to come with like homework done in advance this can be very overwhelming for somebody that doesn’t know and just making it simple making it super predictable. Giving them that clarity, I got you this is so simple. This is gonna be the easiest thing you do all week. All you have to do is show up I got I got this just like that constant reiteration of just know it’s gonna be this format. I’m gonna lead it don’t worry. So, so incredibly valuable for them. It really

Annika Taylor 39:31
is. It really really is. And when I know when I’ve worked with practitioners, sometimes they will send me to so much stuff for the very first initial consultation and they’ll some of it just feels very extra and it can just kind of feel like wow, this I’m spending like two hours just trying to fill all this stuff out and it can be a lot not to say that you know, I definitely have long assessment forms, but I try to keep it very, you know, here are the three forms. This is what you’ll fill out We’re gonna go over this on the initial consultation. And I think that’s very supportive, like you said, just just keep it predictable so that they know what to expect and don’t feel like they’re missing something, or oh, gosh, am I prepared? So

Andrea Nordling 40:11
I recently had an experience working with someone new that was sending me like a preparation of what we were going to be doing that week. This is actually my personal trainer, who I just love dearly. And he like, prepares everything on Sunday, and he sends it out for the week, we have three workouts for the week. So he’s like this, what we’re doing this day, this day, this day. It’s like very organized. It’s a huge overdeliver I’m sure for some people, but for me, I’m like, do I need to look at this. I literally told them, I’m like, I don’t want to know this. Is there a reason I have to look at this. I’m dreading everything that we’re doing on Thursday now. So I wish I had not looked like, is there a reason I need to know this? And he’s like, No, but a lot of people want to know, so I’m like, okay, just so you know, I’m never looking at that you don’t even need to send it to me. So now. But it just really interesting like to to know from the client side of that, that something that for many people might be helpful or for him. He’s like, people want to know this. Maybe they don’t maybe it just like makes things more overwhelming than they need to be.

Annika Taylor 41:09
Hmm. Interesting. It’s very early. Yeah, that’s a huge, that’s a really good point. And it is good because we’re coaches, right. And I’m working with, and T Well, she’s an NTP and she’s a naturopathic doctor. So she’s practices very similar to me, which has been awesome. But it’s really cool to be able to see on like, I, I am a health practitioner, and I struggle with some of her recommendations. And like, I’ve been in this for years, like, so it’s really helpful to be able to see like, we really don’t need to overcomplicate it, or, you know, it’s it’s, it’s what we said it kind of at the middle of this call is just make it simple and make sense for the client. And like, yeah, I, she sent me a lot of stuff, and I love her to love her. But she, I can tell her mind, kind of similar to mine, probably where you’re trying to over, prepare, and like, I don’t read all the stuff I did not read, like watch the video she sent me like I just didn’t, you know, so it’s good to remember.

Andrea Nordling 42:07
It’s good to remember. And it’s like, I, I don’t know, I’m the kind of person I’ll just be like, just tell me do I need to do that. But I would imagine a lot of people would have anxiety about that think like, oh my gosh, I didn’t look at it was I supposed to look at it. I just asked do I need to look at this? No. Okay, good. I’m never looking at that again. I love it. You know, for a lot of personality types that would that would probably cause overwhelm, look, am I behind and not do my homework? So yes, that’s an interesting, kind of an interesting scenario that I’ve had recently that would that gets me thinking as it always does. It gets me thinking about oh, yeah, how do we make that simpler, and some people love that, which is having the dialogue, you know, especially with your work when you’re working with people one on one, and you have the flexibility to do so to find out how does that person want to be communicated with what is simple to them? Because what’s simple to them might not be the same as what simple? Do you and that’s kind of an interesting point. thought, yeah, absolutely. So good. Okay, so now you’re attracting ideal clients you worked with? Did you say two or three? You said three clients last year?

Annika Taylor 43:07
Three total? Yeah, total, but one dropped off

Andrea Nordling 43:12
as they do as they do, as they do? So what has changed in 2023? Let’s jump ahead, shall we?

Annika Taylor 43:23
Alright, so 2023? Well, I joined your program in September, and I loved it. And I will say I’m one of those people that I didn’t join every coaching call every week I did at the beginning. Maybe month, three, I was kind of like, in and out. I definitely didn’t even get personal like one on one coaching from you. Because I was getting so much value from just listening. Like every question would be like, No, I would have asked that. So, so, so juicy. And I’ve only done two breakout sessions. I wish like everyone listening, please sign up for breakout sessions, please because they are powerful. Like apart from the one on one coaching that you do, or the group coaching that you do every one day like breakout sessions are so good, Andrea,

Andrea Nordling 44:04
they are so good. They’re so good. So just uh, you know what she’s talking about inside the program. We have weekly group coaching on Mondays. But then we also have brainstorm breakout sessions where we split up into rooms of three to five people. And that’s where you like bring copy, bring questions. I’d be curious about what sort of stuff you’ve brought to the breakout calls, but you get like real time feedback and help from your peers. Right there. Like get another set of eyes evaluating something, troubleshooting something with a client with your marketing, anything. Okay, so what like now I have to know what has been a purchase for you.

Annika Taylor 44:37
Well, just last week, I joined one and it’s just so nice, because it’s very casual. Like, you know, a lot of the woman would be like, Oh, I didn’t bring anything and I was kind of like, well, I didn’t either, but this is actually what I’ve been working on this week. So we all take turns and it’s so supportive, because we all just take turns talking about things and helping someone else to talk through something helps me but am I Brought, I personally am wanting to have like a welcome PDF packet. That’s simple, but just kind of has a frequently asked question. So one of the ladies on there was like, super helpful. She’s like, why don’t you just have like a Frequently Asked Questions page on there. Because, you know, there’s things that people ask all the time that it’s nice to just get like a PDF, welcome to the package. This is how I scheduled this is how you’ll do this. This is, you know, welcome to login with your practice better also, just, you know, all the things to know. Yeah. So that was great. And I got feedback. And it was something where you can ask your sweet husband at home or your family members, and it’s going to be a different experience, right? It’s just nice to have people who know, and have gone through it, too. So it’s great.

Andrea Nordling 45:47
Yes, yes.

Annika Taylor 45:49
It’s fantastic. So um, yeah, breakout session. So what changed, you asked me what changed. So January 2023. And I was looking forward to this because I joined in September. So I knew that the 30k in 30 days challenge was going to happen January. And I was really excited for that. So I had already gone through stage three in the program. So I’ve gone working through the book, and just getting so much value from the program from the coaching calls. And then I started the challenge, which is where we just will write a journal prompt every morning that you send us all of January. And it sounds so simple, it’s powerful. And I started because I think goals are so good. And again, I’m committed now, right? I’m not attached to the goal. So I set a goal for myself, which I think was 5400 for that month. And I was like, we’re just gonna shoot for this. And I’m, it doesn’t mean anything about me if I don’t make it. And which was really, again, freeing. So I started really going out and telling people and like, again, when I like last year, I think my big problem was I kept thinking, I can only sell to strangers on the internet. That’s the only people that I can sell to like, who I don’t want to talk to people like at my yoga class, or my massage therapist, or my own personal business coach and tell her what I do, guess what I started doing all three of those things. In January, I started getting referrals from even my two clients from last year that they were telling everyone all of a sudden, which they held the Senate, which was weird.

Andrea Nordling 47:22
Like all of a sudden your open sign was on signs

Annika Taylor 47:25
on, which was so funny, Andrew, because I have heard plenty of wonderful people in the program, say this and say like, ya know, my open sign is on and all these people come in, and I was like, That’s so nice for you. But that’s not going to be my experience, like good for you, honey. And here I am. And it’s working. And so I’m just gonna read off my notes, Andrea, because I wrote down a couple of my statistics, but I went from only three clients last year to suddenly attracting clients from everywhere. So in January and February this year alone, 2023, I generated more income than all of 2022 combined. It’s amazing. Yeah. And then now I’m working with 11 people, I have more than six people who are interested. And we’re like, hey, I want to work with you, like, you know, in the next month. So we’re I’ve got clarity, calls setup, and things like that. But interestingly enough, these are all referrals these are people from so my sweet massage therapist, she referred a bunch of people to me, I started working with a one on one business coach, she asked me to go on to present for her network. So like I’ve been presenting online, and these are all referrals from actual real people in my life.

Andrea Nordling 48:42
Yeah, anybody? Yeah, real people real right there that are have always been there, but probably before didn’t know exactly what you did didn’t know exactly who to send your way. And you talking about it differently? is what put the open sign on, right? Oh, yeah.

Annika Taylor 48:57
Oh, exactly. Like the message my messaging wasn’t clear to like, if I’m like a little radio and I’m sending out frequencies, it wasn’t the right one to resonate my ideal clients. And that’s the cool thing is like my ideal clients are wanting to work with me. I just booked someone yesterday, who is my ideal ideal client, and it’s just too much fun. My business coach booked with me, like, I love her so much. And it’s just it’s too fun because these are clients I love that was always in the back of my head was like, what if I start working with people that I just feel icky, and you won’t believe you’re attracting the right people? So Oh, my goodness. And then what was I going to tell you? Oh, and weird synchronicity started happening. So like I met a woman in the mall. I was shopping with my mom, my little brothers and my sister two weeks ago in the mall, and a girl came up to me and was like, hey, where do you get your hair cut? random questions you

Andrea Nordling 49:50
guys can’t see the students have amazing hair. By the way. She’s like, really has killer bangs. They’re amazing. I’m checking them out for the last hour. Okay.

Annika Taylor 49:58
I did get a shag And I love shags super fun. So she asked me and which seems random and my siblings were all like, we’re in Starbucks. And they’re all like kind of giggling and like put, like making fun of me like, Oh, you just talked to everyone you everywhere you go. But actually, she found me. She went to the health food store, where I keep my business postcards. And she that same day found my business postcards. I was like, Wait, why? Because I didn’t tell her what I did when I was in the coffee shop. And then she contacts me, it’s like, oh, my gosh, I want to work with you like weird synchronicities, right, which is just to chat. And these are not strangers on the internet, like, these are all.

Andrea Nordling 50:38
They’re all referrals and the strangers on the internet will come because your OpenType is on and your messaging is dialed in, and the way that you’re talking about people’s problems, and the solution that you offer clearly is resonating. And that will translate on the internet. But those aren’t the only people turns out everybody around us is sick that which is sad to say, but it turns out there’s a lot of clients in our lives just right there right now. Yeah,

Annika Taylor 51:03
there. And that’s the beautiful thing. I had a little sticky note on my calendar. Every month, I put like a new little quote, but the past couple months has all been stuff from your program. And I wrote like I’m gonna butcher Andrea, but you said like your people are the right people. You said it in email. You’re like your processes the right process. Like you’re not up for debate. Sam, Katrina, do you remember this quote is from you basically said, your processes, the right people, is the right process. Your people are the right people. And you don’t have to doubt yourself anymore. And so I had that written down. And I’m like, Yeah, let’s go forward. And abundance is everywhere. That was another sticky note. And I’m finding it like, abundance is everywhere. And I don’t have to, again, it’s all these these foundational things, I’m not attached anymore, I’m committed. So just slowing down that and that was my theme for this year is like, let’s slow down, let’s grow our roots. I don’t have to keep going out and learning more stuff. Because that was all last year is like, No, I’m gonna learn more, I’m gonna learn more like I gotta be better. I gotta be smarter. Like this year, my theme is we’re putting down roots. We’re tending to our own garden here and my business. And we’re going to make wise, informed decisions. So it’s going to help to push me forward, which is just the trickling effect, I believe have changed my mindset in the program. Because now, like I mentioned, I’m working with a naturopath. I’ve never done this before I sold a package in January for $2,000. And then I went and I bought myself a three month package with a naturopath who also is a SNTP. Yeah, and she practices exactly like I do. So it’s the exact same process. And I never would have had the courage or even that just the belief in this is going to work for me if I hadn’t now I sold myself on my belief and my offer. And I believe in it so much. I went out to hire someone to help me because I have little blocks and like I want to fine tune my health. And I didn’t want just to my own client, which I had been for months and it Yeah, not the same man.

Andrea Nordling 52:53
Not the same. I also am working with a nutritionist. So I’m right there with you.

Annika Taylor 52:59
It’s so good. And I feel so much more confident now that I’m getting the support that I need. I got the support from your program, which jump started and just shot me forward to be like, hey, I can January was when I hired the or February is when I heard the naturopath. So this is all after the 30 Day Challenge. And then I hired a one on one business coach who also is a life coach. And she just helps me work out the little things in my business that I would rather have someone else just helped me with, like, find someone to help me with a website and all those little things. And she’s just been phenomenal. And all of that was because I increase my belief in you know, what’s important to me what’s going to help me get there smoother and better and more efficiently. And it’s just been amazing. So much

Andrea Nordling 53:45
more enjoyable that way, isn’t it? Let’s talk about your offer a little bit. So I know people are going to be wondering this. So tell us how it changed. You said last year, you did not have a premium offer. So I’m wondering like what was it last year? What is it now what has changed? Oh, yeah,

Annika Taylor 54:00
I love talking about pricing. Because when I listen to podcasts, I just want to know, because I know it’s all so individual to the person. So it’s just nice to know, you know. So last year I was doing I went for my functional practice which I had two clients who decided to follow me from there. They were paying I think 150 For like a one month package. Right? And that’s with that my old job. Yep. So I was like, Ooh, I want to go up from there. So I went up to $500 for a two month package. And then I went up to if they want to do a four month package, they could pay $960 This is all last year and then I had those two clients want to keep working with me this year. So I said Hey girls, like just you know, my prices are going up. So now I changed my offer to a three month package where I include a hair tissue mineral analysis test in there, and it’s 2400 for new clients and then I offer a three month follow up package for 1650. That’s where I’m at right now. But I just had a dream last night. Um, that was, I’m not charging three 500 For my three months. So I wrote that on a sticky note. I’m like, okay, they’re

Andrea Nordling 55:15
so good. Oh, my gosh, I love this so much. Okay, so you do the hair tissue analysis, I see this email about what’s actually in the offer is still fresh in my mind that this person sent me today. So I’m like, let’s just go into exactly what’s in the offer, since people seem to want to know. Okay, so you do? Do you do meet with them weekly? Like what do they get for for 2400? For three months?

Annika Taylor 55:35
Oh, yeah, good question. So we do the initial consultation, which is a 90 Minute. And then so this is month one, and then we’ll do a lab results call also in month one, that’s an hour. And then I’ll do 245 minute follow ups. So in month two, you get two follow ups in month three to get to follow ups. And so it’s structured so that we start with the initial consultation, and I have this on my you know, on my website, there might be other labs that we want to order for them. But I want it to be individual to them. So do I need to order gi map blood chemistry, those are the two foundational ones that I’d order along with the hair tissue mineral. And those are separate, so that they can pay for that separately. And so that’s kind of how I do it. Again, I try to keep it simple. And it’s really,

Andrea Nordling 56:26
it’s simple, individualized, and simple. I’m loving. Absolutely love it. And then they keep renewing with you, I’m sure.

Annika Taylor 56:34
Because they do results. They keep renewing. Yeah, I include, you know, I didn’t list everything. I I include a meal plan program as well, I threw real plans in there just because I didn’t really want to deal with the meal plans. I might switch to that another one. I can’t remember the name. What’s the one that you like? That clean life? That clean life? Yeah, thinking about switching to them. Because I just, even though I’m a functional nutritionist, I really spend a lot more time on nutritional balancing with herbs in supplements. And I don’t want to spend as much time on meal plans. But I do include that. So they have recipes and then 20% off my full script. Or some other just bonus evidence that I have.

Andrea Nordling 57:12
Yeah. Oh my gosh, it’s so simple. I love it. Did you have any drama about having people renew with you? After their initial three months? I asked this kind of leading question. I don’t know if you did or not. But I know a lot of people do. A lot of people are like, how do I get the exact perfect package? That’s the perfect amount of time where everyone’s gonna get results. It’s not too long. It’s not too short. It’s the Goldilocks amount. In reality, we don’t know what that is. But people will just keep paying to work with you. They’re having great results. We’ll just keep going. Did you have drama about that?

Annika Taylor 57:42
Andrea? I it’s just embarrassing even to have to be asked this because yes, this was the thing I had the most drama on, which probably for the rest of us is true as well. But I only just recently finally, I tell myself, okay, we’re going to decide, and we’re just going to do it. And then we can evaluate afterwards. So last year, I was doing four month packages. And I was like, You know what? I think that we can do this in three months. And I think if it was, it was me personally, I would be happy to just do a three month because that feels doable. And like, for some reason four months to me sounded long. That’s just me, right? So I adjusted it to I changed it so many times last year, it’s American. I changed my personal many times, I finally am at the highest price that I had decided, which is 2400. But I kept thinking like she like what do we do when they want to rebook and they’re gonna have to do lab retests, like, you know, that’s gonna be a thing. So I just gave myself permission to let’s just pick something and let’s go with it. And it’s been working really well. And then I charge a little bit less because the labs aren’t included in my follow up. So my three month follow up, I also have a six month follow up, which is 3200. So it’s just gonna be over the next couple months, I just gave myself permission to like, let’s try this. Let’s stick with it. And then if I want to adjust or adjust prices, or just something in the next three months, we can look at that again. But we’re not gonna keep spinning our wheels, because I cannot tell you what a problem that was for me last year.

Andrea Nordling 59:09
I love this so much. Yes, just this is the decision for now. This is when we’re going to look at it again. And until then it’s not even a consideration. We’re just pedal to the metal. Let’s not even

Annika Taylor 59:21
worry about it. Exactly.

Andrea Nordling 59:24
I love that. Okay, so I was just looking at our notes. And I know there’s two things on here that I’m so excited to talk about. Because I know just tactically getting into what actions are working for you. People are gonna love to hear about this. Can you talk about your networking and your postcards? A little bit?

Annika Taylor 59:43
Yeah, absolutely. So a couple months ago, I was just talking to my massage therapist, who we really just clicked and we’re talking all about nervous system healing and holistic health and she was like, Wow, can I have some of your postcards because I created some just on K So I created some pretty postcards that was just about this is the results that you can get working with me. And these are symptoms that you might start with anxiety, depression, low moods, fatigue, digestive issues. And then I just had a call to action on there, which was book your strategy call today and a link to my website and email. So I gave postcards to her. And she’s a small business in the area, and she started handing them out. And then I was thinking like, Okay, so where else can I put this? So I brought some to my yoga studio, brought some to the organic health food store in the area. So I’m just trying to think, Where do my ideal clients live? Which is a really kind of fun way to approach it. Right? Yeah. Because my ideal client, she already knows about holistic health, she, you know, more than likely has tried a lot of different things, maybe on a couple herbs and supplements, but she just needs to fine tune it and just needs that guidance. So that’s networking in like, real life, and just even telling my yoga instructor, this is what I do, which is so simple. But like, as soon as I did that, she was like, Oh, my goodness, like, you know, she had all these ideas of how we could collaborate. So that was in person networking. And then, like I said, my lovely business coach was like, Hey, do you want to come on to my podcast? She has a podcast. It’s called freely feminine podcasts. It’s all about just supporting our bodies. And as women, how can we can use our cycles to just go with our rhythm every month, and optimize our health that way? So I’m excited about that. And then I was able to speak on another networking Hall, which is called the free woman network. So it’s just like, Oh, my goodness, all these things just started coming up. And I just kept saying, yes. And it’s been amazing, because now, I do have more of an online presence, because now my email list is growing. And these people are learning about me there. So it’s been so cool to not have to rely on social media, because I used to truly last year, if you asked me last year, I would have truly believed that Instagram was like the only way I could market myself. I’m so happy that that’s not true. Because yeah, it’s so in person has been amazing. And then I even will tell my clients, hey, you know, if you refer me to your friends and family, if they book with me, you will get two free sessions. So just kind of an incentive there. So I’m just I’ve been brainstorming all kinds of simple ways I can.

Andrea Nordling 1:02:16
So good, so good. And I think about like social media in general, Instagram, anywhere, any social media, you can still be on social media. But how cool is it to think about you being on social media without you being on social media, meaning other people are posting about you, and are like talking about you on social media, but you’re not even the one that’s doing it. How fun is that?

Annika Taylor 1:02:39
It’s so fun. And that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing this week, like I other people are advertising for me, which I’m so thankful for. And yeah, I do have an Instagram account, but I don’t feel like overwhelmed and worried about it anymore. It’s not my priority. Like, I’ll create my email or my article for the like, I’ll do a long form. And then I’ll just repurpose and reuse things. So I might throw something on about blood sugar, or you know, food health on my Instagram, it’s not a problem, as you would say,

Andrea Nordling 1:03:12
not a problem.

Annika Taylor 1:03:16
Because I really, I do a lot. Well, I was telling my sister, I’m like I’m gonna bring up because we say that to each other all the time about anything in life. Oh, it’s not a problem. Love it. So that’s, yeah, that’s been how it’s been working really well for me. And I’m just gonna keep going forward and continue to grow my email list and focus on that. Because that’s been awesome. And continue to just tell people in my everyday life, I can help you. Because that’s the bottom line, right? Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 1:03:47
yeah. And the more simple you make it to them, then the more simple they can go repeat it to other people and have conversations on your behalf. And refer you when you’re not there. We have to make it so simple. So people know what we do. So they can go repeat it.

Annika Taylor 1:04:00
Yeah. Because really, we can sit there and try to think of our perfect elevator speech, which is a really good practice. But we can sound really real, I can sound really robotic. And like, I remember, last year, I was getting a nose piercing. And the big burly tattoo guy was like, you know, he was doing my septum piercing. And so he’s leaning over me like trying to stick this needle in my nose. He’s like, so what do you do for a living? And I was like, so worried. How do you explain this to like someone like you, like you’re not gonna understand. And I was like, Oh, I’m a functional health practitioner, like a functional nutritional health practitioner. And like, that’s all I could say. And he’s like, Well, that’s a mouthful, and I’m like, Okay. I love how you say Don’t make it weird. Like, we don’t have to sound weird. It’s not weird. It’s very, very natural. It’s just us. Just be you. Just Oh, yeah, that’s my,

Andrea Nordling 1:04:54
oh my gosh, I have a mental image of that. It’s fantastic. If you’re like, don’t ask me this right now. It means it’s painful to think about this

Annika Taylor 1:05:09
all the time, no.

Andrea Nordling 1:05:12
This has been so fun. I’m so I just have had so much fun talking to you. But like Annika said, we’ve never even talked before. This is the first I’ve never coached her. We’ve just This is like our first time, which was so great. And it was so lovely to get to chat with you today. Was there anything you wanted to talk about? That we didn’t get to yet?

Annika Taylor 1:05:30
I don’t think so. I feel like we talked about everything, just again, like, Wow, thank you. I cannot thank you enough. It’s just so cool. Like to be able to think I was listening to this podcast a year ago and just, you know, eating it up. And just so it felt like such a brand new, radical information. And the feeling that I was getting from you, and you talk about this is how do our clients feel when they come to us, I was feeling so much relief. And like, oh, my gosh, I can do this. I don’t have to worry about all the extra stuff. I can keep it simple. I can. I can do this. I’m watching even watching your business unfold. And you talked about your three year plan and watching you reach your goals has just been so beautiful and inspiring. So I would not be able to be where I am today if I hadn’t, you know, joined the program and been inspired by you. So everyone get in there, please.

Andrea Nordling 1:06:26
Thank you. I appreciate that. But remember, you did it. You did all the hard work. Did all of it. But thank you. I do

Annika Taylor 1:06:34
appreciate that. Okay, so

Andrea Nordling 1:06:36
where do people find you? And who did they send to you? I know you’ve said a couple of times you work with women battling anxiety and depression and digestive issues like how do they send the people to you and where do they find you?

Annika Taylor 1:06:48
Yeah, so my website is nourished by nature.co not.com. So nourished by nature.co. And I do I work with women who have symptoms of anxiety, depression, digestive issues. I have not met someone with mood imbalances who does not also have digestive imbalances. So that is really huge. And I’ve just been getting so many amazing client results. Just like I don’t have depression anymore. I don’t have anxiety anymore. Like what are you kidding? Like, I didn’t even I didn’t even expect the results that people are getting. It’s so beautiful. And it’s so simple. Like we just use food as medicine. We’ll do some, you know, foundational testing and just get your nervous system back online. It’s just so beautiful. So that’s where you can reach me is my website. And yeah,

Andrea Nordling 1:07:38
okay, everybody go check out Annika She’s amazing. And you have to see her banks

go to the Instagrams. Where do they find you on the Instagrams to see your banks hold on. Let’s get serious.

Annika Taylor 1:07:55
It’s Annika underscore holistic underscore health. So Annika Holistic Health. Okay, perfect. So

Andrea Nordling 1:08:04
your website and your Instagram handle will be linked up in the show notes of this episode for anyone that wants to go follow you. And just thank you for coming and sharing today so openly I so appreciate that. And I know people listening to this are going to be so grateful that you can just be so honest about your journey and I can’t wait to have you back on and then hear how things are going six months from now.

Annika Taylor 1:08:25
Let’s do that. Can’t wait. I can’t wait. Thank you so much.

Andrea Nordling 1:08:29
So welcome. This is amazing. Amazing.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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