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69. Selling One Premium Offer with English Goldsborough

Today I’m welcoming my student English Goldsborough to share what she’s learned in the evolution of her uber successful holistic nutrition practice from brand new practice charging $100 a month to now getting her clients 100% results with a $10,000 offer.

She has such great nuggets of wisdom to give in reflection of how much her business mindset has changed over the last year and where it’s headed in 2023.

Where You Can Find English:

Website: https://www.thenourishingtreelouisville.com/

IG: @nourishingtreelou


Andrea Nordling 0:00
All right. Good morning. I’m so glad that you’re here today. And that we can talk about growing your nutrition practice all of the growing pains and all of the exciting celebrations along the way, which you have lots of and I know we’re gonna dive into. So before we jump in, I’ve already introduced you, but can you introduce yourself and tell everyone what you do?

English 0:20
Yes, English Goldsboro, owner operators, so Entrepreneur of the nourishing tree, so NTP, board certified holistic nutrition, work with couples dealing with fertility issues.

Andrea Nordling 0:35
Yes. Yes, you do. Have you always done that? I was going to ask this little little bit later on, but maybe we will just dive in and start there. Has that always been your niche? Or did you start more general?

English 0:46
No, it was it’s always been definitely one of those rare cases. I think that I never wavered, didn’t have interest in wavering haven’t had interest in wavering. I knew before even day one at the NTP program that that’s what I wanted to do. So Oh, that’s

Andrea Nordling 1:02
so cool. Okay, so I don’t even know the story. You gotta take us back and tell us how did you decide to get into holistic nutrition? How did you choose that program? Like, bring us bring us back in time? Give us some dates and tell us? Okay,

English 1:14
so I think, well, I mean, I’ve always been interested in health and wellness. And I think then I came across eat the yolks by Liz Wolf. And maybe the big fat surprise, there was something in there where I started learning, everything we learned from the government is false. And it just spoke to me that we’ve been trained, is so wrong. So I started getting involved with that learning through those books. And then at the same time, I was learning to be an Ironman coach. And in that visit timeframe, is this like, what year would this I would say 2018 2000 knew how to been like 1718 Somewhere in there. Long story. I have my masters in school counseling didn’t like the school system. Like the politics of that was just not for me. So of course that kind of speaks to I think the government stuff. So I mean, coach because like that, that would be a good health and wellness type thing. We took a van trip for four months living in our campervan, traveling out west taking all the national parks and came across another book, of course, because I like to read. And I think I caught an MTA live on Facebook with Emily schrom. Because Liz Wolfson and TP and then I looked it up and then I found out Emily schrom was going to the program. And so we’re like Instagram stuff, right? So I caught that. And we I think we’re in Vegas. And I said, Oh, well, now’s the time as any and I signed up for it. So I think that at the same time I’d read a book by Kate Shanahan and she talked about fertility and stuff like that. And it just stuck.

Andrea Nordling 2:53
Yeah, you were like this is this is what I’m going to do. That is so cool. I can’t remember in Ethiopia does. Let’s talk about fertility and food. Like specifically there?

English 3:03
I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think that was more the book with Kate Shanahan deep nutrition. She talks a lot about fertility in there. So it was kind of like this web that was weaved with NTP. What is that? Emily? schrom. Oh, the NCAA. And I think it just came up enough times? I don’t know. I said, I NOT. NOT Can

Andrea Nordling 3:25
I ask that because I was thinking like, I don’t know that I would have even made the correlation. And I had had babies by the time I found I don’t even think I would have made the correlation that nutritional therapy was something that would be useful for fertility. So

English 3:40
I just want my blessing right that you get you didn’t have to find that out.

Andrea Nordling 3:43
It’s true. That is true. Very, very true. Oh my gosh. Okay, so this is like 2017 2018 ish.

English 3:51
Yes. 20. Yeah. So 2017 I think is when I started dipping my toe into it. And in 2018 is when I started with Uta. Okay. 2018.

Andrea Nordling 4:00
Yep. Oh, got it. Okay, so then would you have graduated in spring? 2019? Yep.

English 4:05
June, June, and

Andrea Nordling 4:06
should you start your business right away?

English 4:10
No, yes. But no, I mean, yes, with the things that I shouldn’t have done no with the things that I should have done. If this video never makes it, they’ll never see this. But the first thing I did was find my office and start paying rent and renovated the space and started paying for all the things that I didn’t need to start paying for and then said, I’m only going to take practice clients who will not pay me until one teach one.

Andrea Nordling 4:38
Okay, so tell me about that. So you started with practice clients, like you were afraid to charge them or that was an intentional,

English 4:45
it was intentional. Yeah, I put I put a post out and said, Hey, I’ve graduated here in a couple of months. So I even prolonged it right? I said, Okay, I graduated in June starting in September. I want to take on eczema practice clients, just to make sure Are that I know what I’m doing get my systems in place. Yeah, I just needed. So

Andrea Nordling 5:03
I love this actually, I love that. I mean, I think you made a decision that you were like, This is what I’m gonna do you did it you executed. I think that’s much different than being afraid to charge people. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So

English 5:17
I wanted to see. I mean, I think I just had so many friends that had gone through fertility issues, and I’d seen how much they’ve spent. And I, I didn’t I knew at work, right, like, you see the instructors that are doing the same thing. You read the books, like I need to see if I can make this happen. So I just I took those people on.

Andrea Nordling 5:36
So about how many practice clients you think you’ve worked with? I’m just curious,

English 5:39
I started with five, they all didn’t make it through. You know, some people just they start the process, and then they go, Sue, is it just a fear? We’re just firing, they came back later, and they had to pay me. So it worked out. But about five, three, that really for for that really stuck to it?

Andrea Nordling 5:58
Okay. Oh, my gosh, that’s incredible. Okay, so you worked with those practice clients in your lovely office?

Andrea Nordling 6:10
And what would you do? Like I can’t wait just to hear what happened in the future. But what would you tell someone that’s just starting out that just graduated that you learned from that period of time?

English 6:21
I definitely did around with the stuff that I didn’t, you know, I make sure all my forms look really good. Make sure all my handouts look really good. Make sure I have my folder system. I don’t have clients, that doesn’t matter. I don’t need that I can create those things on the fly. So I spent time doing that. I definitely not that I regret this. But I definitely was a little naive and thought that the first paying clients I was going to get was going to be a couples in person on Saturdays for children. But you know, shoot for the stars, but with no credibility, it’s hard to get couples to come into my office on Saturday with the group. Well, obviously

Andrea Nordling 7:07
you overcame that. So I don’t know if that’s true. Like, at some point, people at some point people started working with you, or,

English 7:15
I mean, I don’t regret it. But it was kind of like, you know, instead of crawling and walking and then running, I just decided to go for a marathon. But you know, it’s fine. I don’t get disappointed. If things don’t work out like they’re supposed to work out. That’s fine. But that was just interesting. That’s what I chose.

Andrea Nordling 7:36
Yeah, that’s a really good point, though, I would say in having coached you for a long time. Now. I would say that that’s totally true. You like really? Don’t take things personally, you’re like, Okay, this was the plan. We’re adjusting the plan, and we’re moving forward.

English 7:49
And you can’t dwell on it. If you sit there and you dwell on it, and you get disappointed. You’re never gonna move forward. Totally. I’ve spent so many hours doing things that didn’t pan out. But you don’t get attached to it. Just let it go. Move on. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 8:02
So good. Okay, so you work with those practice clients, you said that was like end of 2020? Or

English 8:08
Endo? tweening. Okay, is it that might happen? Yep. I had started doing actually more continuing education stuff. So learning the GI map and stuff like that. slowly started taking on clients at the beginning of 2020. And then, you know, all of that stuff happened. So you know, people like I don’t know, I think you’re gonna lose my job. So I can’t pay you all this money, because I probably won’t have any money. So it was slow. But I, I honestly, think it was probably going to be slow, regardless of pandemic or not, I mean, it’s just the beginning of business. It’s just how it goes. As the things kind of just trickled on through 22. And I kept my other job, which was probably a mistake. I kept my bartending job. So I had cash coming in. And I was tired all the time. Did I put my best effort into my business? And putting myself out there and telling people about this? I didn’t. That was probably one of the biggest mistakes. Yeah, but I don’t know.

Andrea Nordling 9:07
I think I could see that both ways. I think we have to know our own personality and our risk tolerance. Do you some people have the risk tolerance to be like, Okay, I’m quitting my job. I’m going all in. And other people are like, I’m just going to remain comfy and not panic about my financial situation by easing into this. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong for

English 9:26
that. Except my job and I had a lot of savings. It just I think it held me back from realizing that I needed to do this as a career. It was like it’s your I think you call it a jabi it was kind of a jalopy Right. Like I considered it a job. But what am I going to do this week? Probably nothing.

Andrea Nordling 9:46
Okay. Okay. So that’s the that’s the mode you were in. I’m curious, what were you charging at this point?

English 9:51
Oh, I think I probably was still in the phase of feeling really guilty for charging people. So So when it breaks out probably was charging about 100 120 a month.

Andrea Nordling 10:04
Yeah. And spending so much time with these clients. Yes. Yeah. I mean, nothing right or wrong there. But you obviously have learned from that and do it a little bit differently now. So I just wanted to get some, like baseline numbers there that Yeah,

English 10:18
every now and then somebody will reach out and be like, Hey, we talked a couple years ago. Can we just do what we talked about? And I know for sure, it’s gonna be a no, but I just out of curiosity, want to go back and see what did I offer them? What was that offer I gave them? It. It’s halfway funny. But it’s halfway cringe worthy to see like, Oh, I was gonna work with both partners, and do all this testing for him work with him for six months and charge the couple $100 a month, but in the good thing they did that oh, here we are to charge more so.

Andrea Nordling 10:51
Okay, so tell us how, like how your business kept growing through the pandemic and all of that, like, to the best of your recollection, I just, I know that it’s, it’s gonna be so useful for people to listen to this and to hear, because really, that wasn’t that long ago. I mean, it’s probably seems like it was a really long time ago when we think about it in this context, but really wasn’t so yeah, it wasn’t Yeah,

English 11:11
it wasn’t because you start to go back and look at what was this year? What was this year? It’s like, Oh, those are, that’s the amount of years I have, and that’s it. Okay. You know, I think it kind of just snowballed with, I just kept kept at it, right? I kept talking about things on social media, whatever, if people aren’t signing up for things, if they’re not engaging, you just keep doing it. And then eventually, somebody that would see it wouldn’t need me but somebody else that they knew did, so then they would refer on and then you get them really good results. And then they refer on, so it just kind of webs out as far as the clientele goes.

Andrea Nordling 11:47
Yeah, definitely. I think it’s so hard to see that in the beginning to know that the effort that you’re putting in is going to compound, but it really is.

English 11:54
And I think we’ve talked sometimes the clients that I have, they started following me a year ago, two years ago, it takes the long game, it really does take a while for them to decide, Okay, it’s time we’re gonna do this. Yeah. You just have to keep going in that give up?

Andrea Nordling 12:11
Absolutely. Yeah. Cuz we never know. We never know what that moment is going to be in someone’s life where they realize the pain is too much. Now I need to fix this problem. We don’t know what that is. It could just be tomorrow for them. And it’s just a Tuesday in our world, and they circle back and I like I’m ready.

English 12:26
Yeah. It’s fascinating. Totally. Okay. So

Andrea Nordling 12:30
you kept going, it snowballed. All the clients were coming. And then that must have just kept going through 2020. I know that you joined the profitable nutritionist program, I think in like late summer 2021. Yep. So what happened? But so like, I know, kind of from then on, but before that, like, how did that go?

English 12:49
You know, sometimes I try to think about lineage wise, how did I get from point A to point B? I wasn’t tracking. So I don’t know for sure. You know, hey, sometimes you just have the feeling oh, that was just like, that was just like, and it wasn’t it, but you think it is you’re not really paying attention to what’s happening. And then all sudden, you look back and think, oh, wow, how did I? How did I get to where I am like things are going really well. So I don’t know for sure. I mean, I know when I joined the profitable nutritionist in September 2021. That’s the first time I really tracked metrics. So I started going back and looking. Because I think I joined when there was the 3k in 30 days challenge. So I knew I was already making that. So it wasn’t gonna be a 3k challenge. So I wanted to see realistically what I could set it at. And I went back and I looked at that year to see what I’ve been doing and averaged it out, and realized I’ve had a 10k month back in March and had no clue. Like, no, it wasn’t

Andrea Nordling 13:44
no, this. That’s cool. I

English 13:47
didn’t know because I wasn’t tracking, I had no clue. I knew about that time. That was that was probably the first month where I didn’t have to transfer money from my personal bank account, into my business bank account to pay all the bills. And I hadn’t had to do that sense. So I knew there was something that a change. Order not tracking, you don’t know. Yeah. Why were you not

Andrea Nordling 14:07
tracking? Did you just not want to know? Or was it just everything else was more important than doing that?

English 14:14
I think I probably just assumed because because every time a credit card bill was due and the rent and all that because I was having to transfer money from my personal account into my business bank account. Want to track that. So I could have paid myself back, but I didn’t. I would like to go back and like reverse all that. But I think I just knew like, I’m in the hole. So and I’m not paying myself. My business isn’t, you know, surviving on its own without my savings. So I just thought, I’m just kidding. Don’t look.

Andrea Nordling 14:45
Yeah, look at that. Yeah. I think that that’s just so interesting to look at and to, to kind of reflect on our mindset about money and about investing in our business. That’s why I asked about that. I just think it’s kind of fascinating to look at people AdWords,

English 15:00
which I’m going into it, I think I knew I would spend more upfront. It’s business. I don’t, I don’t think most people just opened their doors. And even though that’s kind of what I expected at the beginning, that was a little naive. You have to build it up. So

Andrea Nordling 15:18
okay, so Oh, that’s really interesting, though. So you’re just like, kind of went into it thinking like, Yeah, this is going to be investment for a while, I’m probably not going to make a profit for a while.

English 15:28
I think flip flopped. I think at the very beginning, I thought, Okay, I’m just going to open my doors, and I am going to be so busy, which is why I think I took some of those practice clients was because I wanted to be prepared for the influx that I assumed was coming. That didn’t come in right away. But yeah, you know, you have this niche that lots of people need, you have the know how you have the knowledge you’re prepared. You just overlook the fact that you need to get your name out there. And,

Andrea Nordling 15:54
yeah, you know, so selling, it’s just harder than we think it’s going to be not in that, like, you have to know a lot to do it. It just takes so much more repetition than we think it’s going to, in my opinion,

English 16:05
and I didn’t do any of the things that I should have done to to sell myself to sell my business. Nobody knew I existed outside of my friends, how would they how are they going to find you on social media on Google? If if you just sit here in this office and assume they’re going to appear?

Andrea Nordling 16:21
Right? Yeah. And it’s not hard to market. It’s just like doing it over and over and over again. It turns out you have to actually do it turns out when you start your own business, no one else is going to mark it for you really just a bomber.

English 16:35
You just think they’ve ever read is gonna come flooding in the doors. And they will eventually but you know,

Andrea Nordling 16:40
yeah. Okay. So tell us about when they did start flooding in the doors? And how did if you remember, how

English 16:46
did your offer to like they are now? Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 16:49
they are letting you

English 16:50
say, you know, sometimes I still think oh, no, we’re not because I just bring you know this from talking to me. I just I keep moving the goalposts, right. So my ideas of what it can be always are expanding. So it always feels like I’m not there. So you

Andrea Nordling 17:05
always feel like you’re behind. Yeah, we’re very similar in this way, and the way that our brains work. So we talk about this a lot. And for anyone listening that has similar tendency we have when you are aware, like, Okay, if I did this, then now I can do this Holy shit, that means I can do this. And then, you know, the world is very big, and the possibilities are endless. And then it feels like you’re behind or it feels like where you’re at right now is tiny in comparison to really where you’re at right now. Was your stretch goal? Not all that long ago, right? Oh, yeah.

English 17:38
Yeah. So that’s why I definitely have to go back and remind myself of, like, what we’re doing that like reminding myself of how incrementally it came up. So definitely, you know, March of 2021 was the first time I stopped using personal money to pay for business things. Join the program in September, started paying myself for the first time ever in November, giving myself that felt very nice to finally start giving myself a paycheck for sure. I did that this past year, I’ve increased that. So I increase my pay. At the end of this month. I don’t know when this will come out. But it will be my first profit check that I wrote myself. That’s gonna be exciting.

Andrea Nordling 18:20
Yeah, I did. Yeah, profit, first little plug for profit. First, if you’re wondering how you know what to pay yourself. And when read the book Profit First

English 18:30
big fan. I increased my pay, too, because I did the proper first step. And I thought, Oh, my business can actually support.

Andrea Nordling 18:36
Yeah, so I was gonna go back and ask you when you did in November 2021, when you decided to start paying yourself what? Like, what was the thought that drove that action for you to start paying yourself?

English 18:49
I think one, I was now looking at metrics. So I was seeing what was coming in. And what was going out, I saw money just kind of piling up in my bank account, not that it’s hundreds of 1000s or anything, but it was going up and all the bills were being paid. So I thought, Okay, I’m just gonna start paying myself I deserve this, right? This is my career. And I knew for some reason, if there wasn’t enough money in the account, then you just don’t pay yourself. But it went into it. trusting the process that there always will be there will always be enough money in there to pay myself. If not, yeah, and I bet there always has been yes, there has not been a time that I haven’t been able to. So, so excited,

Andrea Nordling 19:31
okay, how have your offers changed? Because I really think that you are such a good example of incrementally growing your capacity to like to imagine what’s possible for your business but also to deliver to your clients at like a higher level and I’ve seen this and you you’re like I’m charging this, this is my offer and then it’s like gotten a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more. And I just like I know that that’s so valuable for people to hear that you don’t have to start off at it where you’re at now, which I’m sure we’ll talk about your offer now, but it doesn’t have to start there. And you can incrementally get to that point. So, yeah, do you want to tell us about the progression of your offers? And

English 20:10
so definitely had offers that were about grabbing little bits of money without the long term stuff. So that okay, well, if I don’t feel confident enough to ask this person to work with me for six months, three months, let’s just start with a month. So I had the fertility Fast Track program, that was either with couples or by themselves, we did testing, and we only worked together for 30 days, which I found out very quickly, that was enough time to get them good results, but not enough to their goal. So it was good enough that they thought, oh, I don’t need you anymore. So they wouldn’t sign up for more. But it wasn’t enough to get them to their goal. So they were just stuck in this limbo place. And then months would pass by they weren’t following the recommendations anymore, or their progress subsided, they slipped back into what they were before. So business wise, that wasn’t great. Because I think so

Andrea Nordling 21:05
many people do this. I love that you’re saying this, I think so many people do this. They’re like, I just have to get people in initially. And then make that exact same mistake of getting like getting them to the point where people are noticing results. And they’re thinking, okay, I’m good, I got this, but it doesn’t actually help them long term. And they don’t actually have it long term. And just like really evaluating that as in your own practice and seeing no, it’s not actually in service of them that I only charged them for a small amount of time because they’re not getting the results they actually want and

English 21:34
need. And then it makes the reselling and the RE upping tricky, which I’m sure I did not execute that. Well, I know I could have done that better at the end of the first month selling them on reopening. But it doesn’t make it very difficult when in such a short amount of time, they have felt so much better. They’re like, Oh, no, I don’t need you. I’ll come back. If I do. And you know, so much time, then they have to re motivate themselves to take that step that took them two years to take in the first place. So it’s yeah, it’s not in service of my business. And it’s definitely not in service of them because I need them to get the results to refer more people to me. Yeah, that didn’t work. So I did away with that. Okay,

Andrea Nordling 22:14
I everyone needs to go back and listen to the last 30 to 60 seconds like on repeat over and over repeat that that was so good. So, so good.

English 22:22
It wasn’t and I’ve, I’ve definitely found myself doing that quite often where Okay, well, I get the vibe that they don’t want to spend the money. So I’ll take this test out of their package, or I’ll take the months down to less months. And I instantly regret it because I know, we need that information or we meet and we need that amount of time together. So I’ve just done them a disservice. I’ve done myself a disservice. And now we’re stuck in this place of what’s going to happen. Can I reverse this? So I’ve definitely made a note to myself to stop doing that. Whatever my initial reaction was they needed they need it, don’t go back on it. So I think I started changing things into more time, I did a group program with couples. That was about six to eight weeks. But again, it wasn’t looking into enough they were all getting pregnant, but they weren’t being able to stay pregnant. So huge, you know, place there that I could have improved things. I haven’t done that again, not yet. Anyways, I think in the future could work but just differently. I definitely did a couple’s quickie type thing. But again, I just kept finding the same thing. So are we get to the end and then I was having to talk them into more testing or talk them into more time together. And it just it felt funny for me. I didn’t like it. So you know when we met up I think it’s been almost a year now last January. And you started you know, having all your friends that were at your mastermind come over and like tell them how much you charge. You just got it. Oh my gosh, why are you charging pennies? Okay, and then we talked about being the 10k practitioner for a couple’s fertility program and started birthing itself from there.

Andrea Nordling 24:11
It did. Okay, so here’s what happened to catch everyone up. So I knew that English is in Louisville and I was going to be in Louisville for my mastermind. And so I was like, Hey, I’m going to be in Louisville. This is in January. As you may imagine there isn’t a ton to do in Kentucky in January it was like raining in gray. So I was like hey we’re gonna be like I’m staying for two days after we’re done you should come for coffee we should meet up or something so she came for coffee we had never met in person but she came for coffee we were sitting down and a bunch of my other coach friends that I mastermind with were there and so we were I just think this stuff and like we talked about money we talked about goals we talked about offers we know it’s like all a very baptism by fire situation if you’re not used to this type of conversation, so I was having so my coach friends come over was we were talking about English as offer and I was like This is a 10k opera. This is a 10 capper. And she’s like, ah, that’s I don’t know, I don’t know about that. So I was having my, you know, some of my friends come over and like, ask her what she does, what do you think she charges and they were like, Oh my gosh, at least 15 Oh my gosh, at least 20. So I was, it was so fun to like, watch the belief level in real time to be increasing, which was so fun. Yeah, that was last January 2022.

English 25:24
So slow process for me to Morfitt anything. I think at the time, when we talked before we came up with that offer, I was charging couples 300 A month together, which I now church, you know, one person 400 A month. So quite a difference in the year. So I think I gone back and forth. And I believe I had a six month 10k program and a 15k year and the year was if they weren’t bringing it within that year and gave them their money back. But through that kind of realized people committing to the years a lot just because they they see the year they think it’s going to take a year. It’s hard to commit to that. So that’s so that went away. Now we have the 10 the 10k program that it’s the big that positive program, they either get pregnant in six months, or they get another six months on me. So the money isn’t exchanging back to them. But my time is still super valuable.

Andrea Nordling 26:20
super valuable. And such it change from like I just watching you sell this offer has been so fun, because watching your brain work and like selling it and in your conviction around why this is the best offer for them has been so good. But let’s before we do that, like let’s go back to the end of 2021. So just a year ago, were you not at six figures or like really close to six figures for 2021?

English 26:47
Yeah, so 2020 I wrote down 24,000 is what I did, which honestly, even looking back for that thing that first year in business, even though I felt like that was small potato potatoes. It was like that’s not I wasn’t even paying myself, right. I didn’t start payments up until 2021. So yeah, you know, probably spending or shouldn’t, but 24 is not half of the first year in business at all. No, no 2021 ended up being 91,000. So, so close. I know, we had that conversation of where I, you know, six figures was my goal. And I was like, Oh, 91 doesn’t count.

Andrea Nordling 27:23
I know, I was like 91 is the same as 100. Do your six figure coach and she’s like, No, we’re 9000 away. I’m like, No, we’re not doesn’t

English 27:30
count. I know, I do a lot of you know, selling on myself. Oh, how that does counts. Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 27:37
it does count. But here’s why I wanted to bring that up. And I love this because I think everyone could see as we’re talking through this timeline that you felt like in 2021, like this was very chaotic, you didn’t have all of your T’s crossed and your eyes dotted you were selling a bunch of different things you were trying to group program, you were trying one on ones you were doing monthly, you were doing longer packages, you were doing lots of different things, throwing all this spaghetti at the wall, and you’ve still made 100 grand, we’re gonna call it 100 grand, like you still did even though you like weren’t tracking your money, you weren’t paying yourself consistently until the end of the year, like all of these reasons where you could say that it was not successful or that it was just like, you know that it was a job or whatever. But you made so much money and helped so many people. And then of course set your business up to scale so much faster in the future, but like this, I think it’s so cool to think about that, that we can be successful even when internally, we feel like what am I even doing? Yeah, like,

English 28:36
I’m not sure where these things are coming from. But here they are. Yes, that’s 100% Now I thought Yeah, yeah.

Andrea Nordling 28:41
And it feels like luck. At that point, which we talk about a lot in the program, especially at the beginning stages of your business, like your brain will tell you, it was a fluke. This isn’t sustainable. It was just luck. I don’t know how that happened. Or it’s not going to repeat. We can’t count on it. Of course we think all of these thoughts. None of them are true or useful at all. But it feels true in the moment till you look back on it like oh, wait a second. No, that totally was repeatable. It’s still repeating it’s still working.

English 29:05
Yep. I think only recently over the last couple of months has it felt like okay, this isn’t luck IT people know me for this this is what they’re finally sending me you know sending people to me for other practitioners that I’ve never talked to that are referring people my way I think that’s eventually when it started to feel like okay, this this is me and what I’m known for, but before that for sure. It’s like a Gosh, just piecing things together. Good thing that person sent me someone or good thing that one that person Googled me and somehow my name popped up. least I’ve got Yeah, that’s totally

Andrea Nordling 29:40
not repeatable, but good thing that happened. So good. So then we started the mastermind in April, and like really dove into your offer and your process and like naming it and all of that. It like that was so not that long ago, but it seems like so much has changed since then. So Have you really isolated your big fat positive process? And like that being your offer, like all roads lead to Rome offer, even though you secretly were selling other things in the meantime? Yeah, so let’s talk about that. Because everybody’s probably thinking the same thing. So let’s just go there.

English 30:17
Yes, I mean, in consultations, I so before consultations, I’ll write down a couple of different options so that I have all my ducks in a row. And I know what I’m going to offer. And then of course, as soon as their name pops up on the screen and start talking myself out of it, what can I did. So we would go through the consultations, and I think I was in subconsciously, but kind of intentionally finding reasons that they wouldn’t fit the program like this isn’t perfect for them, because and weeding them out of it so that then I could offer them a 7k program instead, which is still a lot of money, it’s really not that different to them, it probably doesn’t feel different at all. But then again, here, I am doing this disservice to them and to my business, because I’m offering them less, I think, kind of discovered later that if they saw that program online, and I didn’t offer it to them, but I offered them something else. Why wouldn’t they think that I have less faith that they’re going to reach that goal, because I didn’t offer them that guarantee, I offered them something that still cost a good amount of money. But with no guarantees. So I can definitely see why a lot of them never committed to it never agreed to it. Is they don’t have faith in themselves. And if I don’t have faith in them. I can’t do that.

Andrea Nordling 31:37
Yeah, it’s so good. We’ve had so much fun coaching on this throughout the mastermind on just like really teasing out these little small subtle thoughts that were causing you and your consults to bail at the last minute on offering them the 10k big fat positive. It’s been so fun, because our brains are like, just so predictable. And

English 31:59
this time I love her to the next couple.

Andrea Nordling 32:03
Yeah, not this one. Yeah. But now you are offering it and selling it. And you’ve had an amazing year. So do you want to talk about like this year?

English 32:14
Yeah, I mean, definitely didn’t hit my goal. But that’s fine. I think I shot for the stars again, probably end up somewhere around 150. Which is amazing. Yeah. I mean, it’s so 50 57% over last year, when I did my I went ahead and just did all the numbers that will be due the beginning of January, the highest rolling 12 Out of all of the rolling twelves. I mean, so things are still going up. And definitely excited to see where it goes for sure.

Andrea Nordling 32:44
Absolutely. I am so happy for you. I just like I love it. I love I think that the reason I love it so much is because it isn’t like you aren’t having drama in your mind. I’m just gonna sit back and like people just wire me $10,000 Every day, and it just happens. And I’m not even trying. It’s not like that at all. You’re You’re very actively working at this. And it still is working. And your clients are getting insane results, which is so thrilling.

English 33:16
It’s I mean, it is fascinating to break the numbers down and think Oh, that’s it. That’s all I need to be able to reach that. So if I want to do for 50 next year, oh, I only need this many couples, but then immediately after like, oh, no, I can’t do that. I’m not going to offer this anybody. I’m going it can be so easy to get there. But then you start blocking yourself and thinking oh, no, I’ll never do that.

Andrea Nordling 33:40
Yeah, you’re totally doing for

English 33:41
1520 23. Yep. So absolutely.

Andrea Nordling 33:45
I have no question about this whatsoever.

English 33:48
Doesn’t have to be difficult, either. I think I have a lot of drama around that sometimes, too, is that I have free time. So I think if I have free time, then this is a fluke and my business is going to start taking and that’s just not true.

Andrea Nordling 34:01
Yeah, let me think about that. I think that that’s so helpful. I have lots of the same thoughts about if I have extra time if I’ve been very efficient and gotten things done quickly. And then I should be getting ahead and working more instead of enjoying the rest time that I’ve created in my life, which is why I want to do that in the first place. Yeah, so tell us about that.

English 34:21
I mean, I feel like it’s a big societal thing, right? I mean, I came from working 80 hours a week, just being a fricking gm of a bar on call 24 hours a day. You know, you get home at 6am You gotta be back at 9am if you’re not there, things are falling apart, the place is gonna go up and fire. So you just get addicted to going, going, going going and we’re always told you have to like hustle culture is a thing. It’s an interesting balance because you can’t sit idly by and expect everything just to show up. But you also shouldn’t work. More than expected show up either because you read your limit to work, these are the things you need to do. These are things you do not need to do. That’s busy work, busy work doesn’t bring in. So it’s it’s still a work in progress with me where I work on not feeling guilty for taking the time out to not do work on things. But you know, my to do this if I’ve done my to do list and I know my fines are taking care of this for this, I can take it is.

Andrea Nordling 35:23
It’s hard for me, it can be hard, though to enjoy the rest. And to actually slow down. I find this for myself, maybe I’m projecting a little bit, but I find this for myself where I’m like, Okay, I have to really get into the zone of we’re not working. We’re not thinking about work. We’re not listening to a podcast that’s going to help like business. Oh, actually not work? Yeah. It is because our businesses are like hobbies. I mean, if you love your business, and it’s fun, it’s like a challenge. It’s like a hobby, it’s, I don’t know. So there’s a balance there. In some ways, I just enjoy it. And I love it, and I’m okay with it. But then I do have to intentionally unplug.

English 36:04
That’s the conversation I have with myself a lot where it’s okay, I don’t need to take all these continuing education. I don’t need to read this other book, don’t do you know, do I have the information? I need to help my clients? Yes. Okay, then I don’t need more. But then I enjoy, the more I enjoy learning. So figuring out if I’m doing it just for pure enjoyment, or if I’m doing it because I think I have to have that knowledge to help somebody else. It’s such a different thing in person and apart has been the process for sure. Yes, it’s hard. And you’ll trick yourself into thinking,

Andrea Nordling 36:39
wow, well, it’s like no, no, no, this is just enjoying it. But really, you’re like creating an entire webinar around it mentally. Yes, I understand. It. Totally understand. Okay, so I want to look through my questions I was going to ask you, um, oh, I know, I was going to take you to the, like positive land where you have to tell me the good things. What has been the easiest part of growing your practice and selling a premium offer?

English 37:07
That’s a good question. The easiest part? Well, I mean, I just really enjoy it, right? I mean, it’s the niche that I picked is, I’ve never wavered from it. I mean, there might have been times where I thought, oh, my gosh, what am I doing this is high pressure. Let me just go work on gut health or something. But it’s, it’s very easy. Because I really enjoy it. And I really enjoy the people I work with the clients that I help, it just feels meaningful. And I mean, I personally just enjoy being able to do something that I feel like the conventional medical community cares. So that kind of it. sticking it to him, for sure. That

Andrea Nordling 37:56
I love it. Okay, so what do you think is gonna be the easiest part of making 450k and 2023?

English 38:01
Oh, the 10k offer makes it pretty easy. And I know it will snowball from there. I know, you know, you just get this amount of couples and then they get success and then they will tell other people. So it it adds up very quickly. Yeah, so

Andrea Nordling 38:16
just the volume. Yeah, like, without all the

English 38:19
extra hours, it definitely adds up for sure. I not in a greedy way, but just if I stick to what I should be doing. It’s not that I don’t have to sign 100 clients a month for that to happen. So

Andrea Nordling 38:33
Right. Yeah, that’s so exciting. Okay, so what would you tell someone that is like at an earlier stage of business than you that you wish you had known? Is there anything we didn’t cover already that you just wish you had known?

English 38:47
Oh, well, I definitely wish I found your program earlier that work because the first thing I learned in it is to not have three different offers. And I had the group program I had a self paced online program, I had the one on ones probably something else I had milk new plants. It was doing other things. And I was confusing everybody for sure. They didn’t know what was right for them. It was confusing myself. So definitely stick to the one thing get good with one thing and then move on.

Andrea Nordling 39:20
So this episode is coming out before enrollment for the mastermind opens in February. So I know people are gonna be listening to this and specifically probably wondering about what the difference has been for you going from the profitable nutritionist program into the small group mastermind. Is there anything like specifically that you’ve learned in the mastermind that you want to talk about?

English 39:39
I know for sure without the mastermind, I would not have the offer that I do. There’s no way would have had the balls to come up with that ever. Really? Okay. Oh, this dream that and then if I didn’t have the accountability every week of people, you know, in our group and saying okay, what are you doing? What did you offer that how many people saw About, I think I want to shrink back down and hit and said, Oh, that, at one point look at what I was going to offer people. And I would have ran away from it. But it’s also very, I think it’s very inspiring to get around people who are at that same level. So that you can keep shooting for something bigger as well. That’s always Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 40:22
Yeah, totally. I 100% in agreement, I have seen like, my business has just exploded from putting myself in a room of people that think really big. Like, I mean, you know, of course, their strategy that comes with it. And of course, there’s other stuff that you learned, but I think just having conversations that you don’t have with people in your real life all of the time, you don’t have necessarily people in your personal sphere of influence, that have conversations about high level goals and, and that kind of stuff. So yeah, I agree. That’s alright. It’s cool.

English 40:54
Yes. Yes.

Andrea Nordling 40:57
All right. Anything that we didn’t cover that you wanted to make sure you said today?

English 41:01
I don’t think so. I really just play the game. You got to keep going. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 41:07
Okay. Where do people find you? And where do they send all of their friends and

English 41:11
family? We’re gonna create a baby’s the nourishing tree. lowville.com Instagram is nourishing tree Lu. But you know, no, you’re not on there. So

Andrea Nordling 41:22
I’m not on there. But if you’re on there you go follow, it’ll all be linked up in the show notes. For sure. Can I just say like, how amazing your success rate is of your program? So can we talk about that for just No, I’ll talk about it. You’re not gonna say it so I’m gonna

English 41:38
so well, no, you better

Andrea Nordling 41:39
you have the qualifier. I don’t know the exact quote. Well, that’s

English 41:42
fair. So um, yeah, there are qualifiers right because it does matter. The couple so it has to be both partners that have gone through the program and done what they were supposed to do without sabotaging. So if they’ve completed the program, it’s 100% success rate with getting pregnant and 66% for staying pregnant. full term healthy pregnancy.

Andrea Nordling 42:04
So incredible. So incredible. So obviously, send, send anyone in need of those kinds of results to you, which they will do. Thank you for coming on today.

English 42:16
It’s been a joy.

Andrea Nordling 42:19
It’s kind of fun to go back through memory lane and walk through what is just actually been pretty recently, just the last couple of years, but a lot has changed for you. So

English 42:27
thank you for sharing. Yeah,

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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