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105. Recovering From Perfectionism with Lindsay Little

What happens when your perfect, type-A vision of your wellness business doesn’t turn out as planned?

When working harder makes you sicker instead of more successful?

That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Lindsay Little.

The tried-and-true tactics that had always served her to do more, be better, get the gold star, ace the test and finish on top were actually preventing her business from taking off while keeping her health in jeopardy.

Sound familiar?

Me, too.

She openly shares:

  • Her business journey so far
  • How and why she changed her offer(s) from one-off sessions to a 6 month premium package
  • How she’s teaching coaching tools to clients so they have more compliance and get better results (and more referrals!)
  • What it’s like relocating out of state to a new town and reestablishing business presence, referral relationships and client base
  • How’s she’s supporting their farm animal rescue with coaching business revenue

and more!

Lindsay’s story and insights on how she has turned her business around and is now thriving amidst imperfection is going to blow your mind.


Connect With Lindsay:
All other socials: @fullbloomacres


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my friend. I am bringing you a conversation today with one of my students from the profitable nutritionist program. Her name is Lindsay little. And she and I were actually together in person last weekend in Montana at a retreat that I hosted for clients in the program, which we talked about in this episode. So I’m telling you that it was so fun reason I’m bringing that up in this intro is it was so fun to coach in person last weekend. And then to know we were having this episode coming up just a few days later to talk about her takeaways from the in person retreat in Montana, which she very candidly shared. I love that. And also to talk about her business journey, which I got to be more privy to because we were in person coaching last weekend, but she also openly shared today. So here’s what I want you to know about this episode. Coming your way you are going to hear firsthand about a case study from a business starting right before the pandemic and how it has changed since the world went virtual. And all of the best brick and mortar business plans were put on the backburner. And virtual became the thing Lindsay was super transparent with her offers, how they have changed how she got to be in business, because of her own health journey. And what that has looked like coming from a very, very demanding corporate lifestyle when she decided to transition full time in her health coaching business. And what that looked like, oh my goodness, we talked about so many things. And she was very, very transparent. Like I said, with how this has looked the good, the bad, the ugly, and I know you’re going to get a ton of value from it. We were also specifically diving into which I just love to geek out on how she has taken the mindset tools that she has learned for growing her business, especially evaluating what’s working and what isn’t, among some other things. And she has taught them to her clients and now her clients are getting massive results because they are implementing those tools. So of course they’re having more compliance. They’re way more resourceful getting better results. And then of course sending more referrals her way so we dug into all of it. In this episode, I know you are going to get so much value here. So thank you for joining in. Before I let Lindsay take it away. In the episode I will tell you that the next in person event I am hosting will be in January in Mexico for the mastermind. Now to qualify for the mastermind, you will be applying at the end of October. And I will be sifting through the applications creating a beautiful room of very high achieving amazing wellness practitioners that are scaling their business to six and multiple six figures. Over the next 12 months or so the income criteria for the mastermind is that you have already made at least $50,000 in your business and you do have the full time goal of creating a multiple six figure business in the next 12 months. If that is you, my friend, I would love for you to go look at the details for the mastermind and consider applying again we are going to be having our next in person event to kick off the January around to the mastermind in Cancun Mexico together in person. There’s no substitute for it. You can get all of the details for the mastermind and the upcoming application period at the profitable nutritionist.com/mastermind Okay, take it away Lindsey. Lindsey but I’ll tell you that you’re the tropical I was gonna say the tropical nutritionist podcast is not tropical but it is profitable. And that tells you where my head is at. So incidentally, we just actually are in person last weekend together in a non tropical place either we were in the mountains in Montana, which was so fun so welcome to the podcast.

Lindsay Little 3:50
Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here and we can be tropical nutrition

Andrea Nordling 4:00
Everyone welcome so good. All right, well, I am so excited to have you on today and for everything that you’re about to share. I also think it is so fun to mention that when I met Lindsay in person last weekend now this is an event for typically I do live events for the mastermind but this event I opened up to anybody that wanted to come that was in the profitable nutritionist program. So Lizzie decided to come had not met her in person before I have coached her before on zoom but had not met her in person. So we sat down in the lobby of the hotel. I’m like, okay, that’s helped me, you know, I need to know more about you. And she says, Well, I just moved so it’s been kind of a busy week. She says northern Minnesota. I’m from Minnesota. It’s like oh really and where’s Bemidji fun fact spent pretty much half of my life in Bemidji my grandparents lifted with veggie my mom was in Bemidji. It was such a small world. So shout out to Bemidji, Minnesota and Lindsay’s future home she’s just now getting acclimated world We had to go to Montana to find out that you’re pretty much like next door a few hours away.

So it works.

Yeah. So I’m sure we’ll kind of touch on that on this episode today and talking about your plans for how you’re setting up a new town and what that is going to look like in your business. I know you’re making lots of big plans. So before we get into that, do you want to just bring us through the journey of your business? How did you get into business? When was that give us a little timeline?

Lindsay Little 5:28
Sure. So I’m a holistic nutritionist and health coach. So I have a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. And I did that in kind of a roundabout way. So I before this, I was working 100% commission based job, I was working, I won’t get into the whole details of it. But we were a private contractor for the state of Wisconsin. So just a weird kind of position, but very demanding. I was working, you know, some weeks, I was working 60 hours, I was working seven days a week, I was working nights, weekends, holidays, all that.

Andrea Nordling 6:07
Oh, my gosh, how long ago was this?

Lindsay Little 6:10
Um, I started my coaching business in 2020. So this was I was doing that for about seven years before that. So I started that in 2013. And I really liked it i but it wasn’t, you know, I knew it was going to be high stress. I knew it was going to be very demanding. I didn’t know how high stress and I didn’t know what that would do to my health. So probably three years into that I would guess I started to just really have digestive issues and I’ve always had digestive issues, you know, hindsight looking back, I’ve since I was a baby had digestive issues, and some something was off with that, but I didn’t connect those dots until recently. But so in this last job, I you know, I, the big thing was I was driving between meetings, it was the middle of the day, one day, and I had to pull over on the side of the road and take a nap on the freeway because I was so tired. Oh, wow. Like that is straight up terrifying. Right? And so that was my okay have to go to the doctor.

Andrea Nordling 7:18
Doctors gonna fix it.

Lindsay Little 7:21
All doctor is going to fix me and I went there. And you know, she’s done her doctor thing doesn’t give me answers. She told me to get some sleep and drink more water. Yes. Not helpful, helpful. So I knew something was not right. And my body, I could feel it, you know, you just get that intuition. And I started listening to my body started DIY, buying my health and taking all the classes, all the books, all that everything, to try to figure out what was wrong inside of me. And I got really close to it. But I didn’t quite go all the way until I started to like put together an actual team. You know, it’s it’s weird how we think we can just read a book or take a class and have all the answers and not have anyone to bounce ideas off of or not have that physical, you know, one on one contact was not a great idea to DIY your house. So my through all of that my solution was I want to get out of my job, I identified it as stress was killing my digestive system. So I needed to get out. But I needed a way out. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. So

Andrea Nordling 8:44
busy, of course, but

Lindsay Little 8:46
much later. Who knows? Who knows? So I ended up just through researching possible health related, you know, not the doctor route, but just how could I be in the sphere and teach people everything I was learning. Health Coaching was kind of new, then, you know, so this would have been five years ago, six years ago now. And I decided while I’d like to be a health coach, I’d like to go into the nutrition side. But it’s been so long since I’ve had you know, any sort of biology I knew sort of anatomy. So I didn’t feel right, you know, talking to people about those things unless I truly understood it. So I decided to go to grad school, and which go all in. I mean, and that just added on to the you know, I’m working 60 hours a week and why not do grad school to why not? That’ll help

Andrea Nordling 9:43
me. I’ve established that stress is a problem in my life, but I will pause that realization whilst getting this master’s. It’s true. Let’s not let that get in the way of a good story. Keep going.

Lindsay Little 9:59
I know looking back I’ve gotten it, it’s just it’s so funny, I wish someone would have, you know, told me like, waive those red flags like, Hey, this is something has to give and so. So that’s basically what I did. So I enrolled in grad school and, you know, did all the things I had my for my capstone project, we call that that, that last semester of grad school, I did a project where I put together this whole workshop, and I was so excited, I was going to teach this all over town, and I could do it, you know, all these places, and you know, then the world shut down, and my brick and mortar ideas, all of a sudden could not come true. So it was a total. I’m not even into my business. And I totally had to revamp my business. So I went 100% virtual I did have a few one off clients come to see me at an office all I mean, I even had my office setup, I had everything set up. Oh,

Andrea Nordling 10:58
everything ready to go. And this is outside of Milwaukee at that point.

Lindsay Little 11:02
Yes. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. So that all kind of changed. And then it was just figure out all the things that they don’t teach you in school. And I struggled for so long until last December when I found your program. And I thought you popping up, you know, in random places. And I was just thinking, Who was this girl like, she’s interesting, like to do do all this without social media, but I didn’t believe it, quite honestly. Um, when I remember I did your free. It must have been a free course at the time. And I was just like, salt. This has to be, I’m in not a great place with my business totally, like, fell out of love with it, where it was just, you know, it’s something I felt like I had to do. And then, you know, enter Andrea. I knew this was it. This was what I needed. And yeah, and that’s fine. That’s

Andrea Nordling 12:11
amazing. Okay. So at that point, when you Okay, so that would have been December 2022. When you join profitable, nutritious. So would you were you still working in your corporate job? At that point? Were you full time in your business?

Lindsay Little 12:24
No, I left I quit my job in May of 2020. Right as I was. Okay,

Andrea Nordling 12:31
I was just making sure that that right. Okay, perfect.

Lindsay Little 12:33
I was fooled fall in to my business. Okay.

Andrea Nordling 12:37
And working with clients, virtually. You said a few in person and then virtually. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So out of curiosity, has your offer changed since those beginning days in 2020? Or are you still doing the same thing now that you were that is a very leading question. It’s ridiculous. I know the answer is I asked it, but

Lindsay Little 12:57
of course, I changed my offer of course. So yeah, I you know, I that was one of the biggest struggles when I first started, no one teaches you how to do that. So I literally did all the things that you teach not to do.

Andrea Nordling 13:15
Like I’ve seen hundreds of people do those same things.

Lindsay Little 13:18
Like you know, what happens you know, I was Googling everyone else’s prices. I was trying to lowball everything. I was offering tons of free sessions, tons of discounts if there is a, you know, any sort of a holiday Oh, discount, I was doing it all. So I started when I started my first offer was for a three month program where I was meeting every week with people either virtually or in person or both to you know, complicate the whole thing on my end

Andrea Nordling 14:01
Don’t let it be hard.

Lindsay Little 14:05
I mean, just enter as much friction as you can. Right. Come on. So that was one offer I had three offers at the same time of course. And so I had one for the three months meeting every week I had one for three months meeting every other week and then I had your favorite one off sessions

Andrea Nordling 14:28
so much sarcasm there you guys so let’s sarcasm are a very, very good way to burn yourself out and your clients to not get great results because we know that just in a in a one off session. We cannot change someone’s entire life.

Lindsay Little 14:44
Yeah, yeah, I yeah, that was it was a terrible idea. I actually did the math on it yesterday because I was curious. So in order to make my yearly goal, my yearly income goal doing one off sessions I would have needed to meet with or have 1333 one off sessions in a year in order to meet my.

Andrea Nordling 15:11
Yes. Okay. So that’s, that’s merely four per day, seven days a week, that’s fine.

Lindsay Little 15:19
You know, going out of the stressful job and into meeting with over 1000 people 1000 sessions a year.

Andrea Nordling 15:26
Yeah. Yeah. So have you done that math previously? And if so, how were like, What was your plan to make that make sense?

Lindsay Little 15:35
No, I haven’t done hadn’t done it previously. And I just was thinking that I would open my business and all the people would come flowing into me, because why would they not? They would all everyone.

Andrea Nordling 15:49
Everybody needs to work with you. So of course,

Lindsay Little 15:52
of course. So I had no plan. I didn’t, I thought it was just the way to get going and kind of get established. And then somehow, you know, I’d have people just keep coming back and all these repeat people. And I thought it would kind of be like the model that almost like chiropractors or, you know, doctors in a way use and I just thought, okay, that’s, that’s what they do. So that must be the only option. I didn’t even know. There was anything else. I didn’t realize there was another way.

Andrea Nordling 16:27
And to be fair, I have seen people make that model work as a jumping off point. Mike, like you’re saying get establish, just get get some interest, get people in the door that absolutely can work. But I would say similar to chiropractors, and I actually have seen behind the scenes of several chiropractic practices. They struggled so hard with that model as well. So it Yeah, I mean, it’s hard. And when someone has it, you just have to think of like through the lens of a consumer. If you haven’t committed to a long term health journey. It’s it’s something that you will, it’ll get pushed to the backburner, you will fade, your enthusiasm will fade. We know this ourselves, we have to know but it’s also true for our clients. And it makes me think right now I should probably go to the chiropractor. I only do one off appointments and one off sessions. I wait until I’m in terrible pain before I do that. So point, point, mate. Right?

Lindsay Little 17:21
Yeah, yeah, that’s a great point.

Andrea Nordling 17:25
So crazy. Okay, so you’ve changed your offer, you had two offers, then what happened? Let’s go through the offer, like the offer journey.

Lindsay Little 17:33
So then when I so that’s what I was still doing. I had those three offers I was doing. So I did some of that the 12 month coaching are the 12 week, I’m sorry, coaching. So my, you know, quote, premium offer, that was not a premium price. That was not even that was not where it should have been. But so I was doing some of that. But it was mostly one offs. And right when I joined your program, I just ran a Black Friday special that was you know, buy three, one off sessions get one free. And I did actually convert one of those clients into a she’s still with me. So but the other two did one session, and then they’re like it, I got enough out of it. Yeah. So. So that’s, I think why I was in kind of that bad. Like, I just need something when I joined your program, I need some direction. So that was the first the first thing and when I came in, you were doing the 3k and 30 day challenge for January. And that was just That’s amazing. I’ve done it twice now. And that just is all about the mindset and just working on mindset. No one ever talked to me about mindset, I had no idea that was a thing. I had no idea, this inner dialogue that was going on in my head. So through that I was working my way through the program too. But through that I ended up changing my offer and went way outside of my comfort zone. And something that I felt like I was not quite comfortable offering but when I looked at what I was, you know what I was actually offering Yeah, that that’s in line with what it should be. And then you know, so I was a little uncomfortable with it. Trust in the process, and now seeing it went to a six month program. So I just did that’s all I have one offer. It’s a six month coaching. We do weekly coaching and that’s offer it’s very simple. But the people that have done it you know I’m just wrapping up now with my first few that started you know, right around that time and I the results are getting are amazing, and they can’t even compare to the results that people were getting in the 12 week program I had and Of course, the one offs.

Andrea Nordling 20:01
Yeah, I think that that’s a combination of factors. I think it’s how you sell it, and your level of belief that someone will want to work on their health for six months that that’s what was he talking about the 3k, three days challenge, and we’ll talk we’ll go back to that, too. But that’s really what we’re working through. And that challenge is what is your level of belief that people want this, that you can sell it that you can get them the results, that they are resourceful? That you know, what you’re doing, you know, all of those things like with the inner dialogue she talks about is there, we need to expose what is that inner dialogue, so you can get coached on anything you need a coach on. And we all have it. But I think the way that you sell it is so much different than a one off session. So you’re going to obviously be selling to people, people that take you up on that offer are invested for the long term, they’re going to get better results. And that is going to grow your business so much faster, when you’re having word of mouth of people getting great results. Versus I would argue people doing one off sessions aren’t going to get great results from a one off session. And then you’re not capitalizing on the word of mouth and the referrals that you could be otherwise. Absolutely. I’m curious in it that I don’t know if you can remember, but in that first round of the challenge, and we do it twice a year. So we do it in January and June inside the program. In that January round. Do you remember what some of the exercises were that you did, or some of the thought prompts and I’ll tell you in for anyone that doesn’t know we’re talking about in that challenge, it’s just mindset exercises that you set a timer for five to 10 minutes every morning, and you do as you complete, like a journaling exercise basically for the morning. That’s all the challenges. But it’s quite profound, as you’re saying, which I love to hear. So do you remember, like what shifted for you for your offer, specifically,

Lindsay Little 21:43
I think the big one that I can remember, there’s so many good prompts so many of them, or just gold, and I got so much out of it. But the whole the attachment versus commitment to our goals, I think that was that was a game changer for me. And that I think helped me get some of my confidence back. Like I just I felt like my confidence took a hit in that year before kind of joining your program. And it just didn’t feel great. And I totally attached my success with my business to me, if I couldn’t make this work, it would mean that I’m a terrible person and a terrible human being. And that is such a horrible feeling. Is just conveyed I think in everything in marketing in the sales calls in coachings. That’s not a great place to be. So that was that prompt it. I feel like I struggled with it the first time. But it got the wheels kind of turning it struck a chord, I didn’t fully grasp it until a few months later, when we I think we’re talking about it more on a coaching call or something. But that one really stuck with me. And so I was able to find myself get there, you know, get to a place of commitment. Where I’m committed to making this work. The only way my business doesn’t work is if I quit, right. It’s it’s going to work. Yeah, that so that really I think that helped with the offer. And just you know, if someone says no, it’s not because I’m a terrible human. And, you know, it’s not about me, but I can learn from it. And you know, that just, I think that was the big one.

Andrea Nordling 23:40
I love it. So much. Okay, so you go through the challenge in January, feeling more confident. With your new offer, like slightly more confident, very uncomfortable a little bit outside of the comfort zone. Like you said, this is a stretch, but you’re selling it right. So, so bring us through this spring and summer. How has that looked in your business? And how are things now? Yeah,

Lindsay Little 24:01
um, so the month so I didn’t make my goal with the challenge. But in February the next month I did when I signed my first client. And so then it was this ripple effect and the last the next two months. So February and March, were just these incredible months for me just with clients, but also just the engagement and just the interest and I was feeling good. So I was you know, my people were finding me as mirroring or they were mirroring that. And so then it you know, this is just it’s been a busy year. And then come June. Again, I kind of got back into it, like reinvigorated like Yes. With the challenge. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 24:51
Four times a year.

Lindsay Little 24:55
But yeah, that really again, that momentum started coming back You and I signed for new clients, and in that month, and that was amazing to me. And that was the most traction in any of the months of my business in three years. And so that was really great. So June was a great month, July, you know, it was good. And then August kind of came at no more. And I, you know, I had all intentions I committed I’m, you know, told everyone, I’m not stopping my business, I’m going to, you know, keep up my my workout program, and I’m going to keep up the My Work side of things and keep promoting my business, keep going to networking events, both in Wisconsin and then seeking them out in my new place. And just even though I knew I was moving, you know, let’s just keep networking in Wisconsin. That’s fine. Yeah. So that was a big thing, too. So I tried, and then it just, you know, life gets in the way. And it kind of slowed down a little bit for August. But now I’m, you know, aftermath Montana, that really was a kick in the booty, you know, and I needed to just reframe, reframe my mind and get back into it and get excited and just hit the ground running with it.

Andrea Nordling 26:16
Yeah, I love I mean, I just love that we got to see each other in person in Montana. And that was such a great group. And it was such a great venue. It was a creation retreat. So I had been at this place in June, at the hotel where we were at in big sky. And while I was there, I was just like, we have to come back. And I have to bring people because it’s it I don’t know something about this just felt very magical to me as far as creating something for my business. And that I think we could just do a creation retreat, like everyone could bring a project, that they’re working on something that they want tangibly done, completed when they leave. And so that’s what we did. So that’s what what was you signed up for in June, I sold that in June. And we just did it last week, which as we’re recording, this is the end of August, it is still August. Yeah, it’s one of the last days of August. So all running together is still August. So we all came together, there were 14 of us there. And I think that we all just had a great experience with having the in person coaching in person, you know, dinners with your peers. And then, of course, I think that it’s a big deal to get something done. I always like to leave an event like that. Feeling like something is off my plate. Even if it’s something small, it doesn’t always have to be something big. But I always get way more value from the conversations I have with the people that are there. So do you want to talk about that, and I haven’t talked to you? Like really about how that went? So I’d love to hear?

Lindsay Little 27:45
Yeah, yeah, that was just thank you for putting that on. That was I mean, that was the best drive from an airport. Ever.

Andrea Nordling 27:56
Beautiful view.

Lindsay Little 27:58
Even getting off the plane, you’re surrounded by mountains. And it was just spectacular. From that second forward. Yeah, the resort was beautiful. It was magical. It did feel magical. And I think because I do work virtual. That was something I realized a couple of months ago that I was kind of pigeon holing myself, you know, I, I forgot that there’s real humans out there. I should probably talk to them in real life. In real. Yeah. So I was just so focused on Well, I can just sit in my office and you know, do things for my computer, and then forget about kind of the outside world. And that was not a great plan. But then doing something like this an event like this, where you’re surrounded by people that, you know, we we, we’ve met through the online or online community, but that doesn’t compare it to meeting someone in person. And it’s just, it’s so refreshing when you’re in a room full of people who are so similar. You know, I would say we’re all pretty high achieving humans and just very results driven and very creative and very resourceful. So it’s amazing. When you get a group of people like that together, it just, I feel like it ups your frequency or your vibe, you know, hovering, but And you’re right, just the side conversations, you know, just hanging out in the hot tub or sitting out in the sun, you know, eating or by the fire pad, you know, that was the real magic. And, you know, we had so many ideas like just free flowing ideas and just problem solving. And oh, what did what do you do in this situation? Or, Hey, I’m having this difficult client and it’s very much the coaching we do in your program. But you have all these people right there and it’s a Amazing, you can’t you can’t replace that.

Andrea Nordling 30:02
You can’t. And I think we forget that what comes so innate to us? Is life changing to someone else? So when you have those conversations, someone struggling with something and you think to yourself, well, have they ever thought about doing it this way? Like, I think I could, I think I have the solution here. And then if you’re anything like me, I run this through my mind a few times, like, hold on, have they not thought this through? I think this is obvious. Oh, wait, maybe it’s not, I’ll just say like, I’ll just offer it and then that person’s like, oh my gosh, that’s so much simpler, I want to do it that way. So then, seeing both sides of it being the recipient of someone else’s insights, it’s like, oh, my gosh, that’s gonna help me move the needle so much. And also realizing that you have a lot to contribute to the group as well. Just reform super so naturally to you, and that you can give that gift to others. I just love it. I love being in person. I have to say, for everyone listening to this, get yourself in person with your peers, whether it’s an event, that idea or a local event, anywhere a conference, as many as you can cram in your schedule local, international, I don’t care, do it, get yourself with your people, because so much comes from it.

Lindsay Little 31:10
Absolutely. Yeah. And I think we, it’s so easy to feel alone, like I’m the only one who’s having these thoughts, or I’m the only one struggling with this, or, you know, even technology, like I’m so frustrated with my website, or whatever the case is, and you just it compounds when you’re by yourself. And it’s it’s great to have that online community to reach out to like, that’s super helpful. But then it just one upset when you’re in person. And even if you know, just networking through community events, people who aren’t even in my field at all, I’ve been doing some networking with just, you know, the Chamber of Commerce and just other networking groups. But just to see that they have this similar struggles to so we’re all it’s so funny how similar we are when we feel so alone sometimes.

Andrea Nordling 32:05
Yeah. mazing. And I don’t know about you, but in my personal life, I am the only person that does anything close to what I knew, like my thing. I don’t have anyone in my close personal circle that does anything like this. And that’s okay. They I mean, everyone has different professions, a different expertise. So that’s fine. But I don’t find myself having these like lengthy strategy conversations. First of all, so you have to put yourself in situations where you can’t exactly what would you say even if it isn’t someone that has the same kind of business that you do, someone that has a business is going to have the same kind of struggles, and as wouldn’t have the same and probably some great perspective and some, you know, some great tactics and help to

Unknown Speaker 32:47
such a great reminder. Yeah, for sure.

Andrea Nordling 32:50
So I’m curious, I want to pivot a little bit away from the business side to which is also the business side, but to the client facing side. I’m curious, have now that you’ve worked with more clients? Has there been anything that surprised you, as you’ve got more client experience under your belt? From what you thought your business was going to look like in the beginning? I don’t know if I’ve articulated that question very well. But do you see what I mean? Like, is there anything with how clients experience your work? Or like, highs and lows, that they have anything with that process that has surprised you?

Lindsay Little 33:21
I think I’m always surprised at just how basic I need to start with people. And you know, because we get into such advanced concepts, and you know, we’re learning about how the body uses water, and how muscles use water and how it’s absorbed into cells. No one cares. No one cares besides us. And they just need to know they need to drink water. And that’s, you know, I tried some clients do like that basic explanation of okay, this is why it’s helpful. This is what’s happening in your body. But most people don’t. They just want to know, well, I feel crummy, because I’m drinking 12 cans of Diet Coke a day, and zero water. They just want to know, Well, maybe if I swapped some of that out for water, I’ll feel better. Yeah. So it’s just going back to the basics is just you talked about that all the time. But I you know, until you’re working with people and see it, I feel like we try to overcomplicate a lot. Yes. A lot of concepts a lot of well, this is why this is happening. And yeah, some people find it interesting. I you know, I I’m a huge proponent of education. You know, I think people are more likely to follow through at something if they understand the why behind it, but not in master’s anatomy and physiology level. No one wants to know that. So I would say that’s probably one thing, just the the bay Sex that, you know, that’s really, they’re so powerful, that they’re so powerful if we can set that foundation. So people just have such profound changes and feel so much better.

Andrea Nordling 35:12
It’s kind of as you’re saying that, like, the parallel of that is with what I teach, we want to get. So I see so many people that want to get like, have the intricate funnels and get so like, in the weeds on that stuff. But then I’m like, Okay, but how comfortable? Are you meeting someone and telling them the words I can help you? That’s like the water, the water of the business? Are you just having conversations with real human beings? And saying, I can help you? Here’s how,

Lindsay Little 35:44
yeah, yeah, we always want to start on like stuff, you know, 35, when we just, let’s just do one and two first.

Andrea Nordling 35:54
Step 35 is going to be a lot easier when you’ve mastered what to do. A lot easier.

Lindsay Little 36:00
Yeah. And it’s funny, like you said, what parallels, you know, there are with the concepts you teach, and the just the mindset work to you know, that that I’m personally doing. I’ve taught that to my clients. And

Andrea Nordling 36:15
so good, let’s talk about this. Let’s say that I love this. Yeah.

Lindsay Little 36:19
So at first, you know, I was when I joined your program, I was saying, like, this is awesome, like, mindset work and stuff. But I need to how do I translate this? You know, what am i Where’s the strategy part? And then all of a sudden, I was like, Oh, my gosh, everything Andrew is teaching. Teach it to your clients? And I did. And just basic things, you know, like doing the brain dumping exercises, I think every one of my clients do that. And so they’re, yeah, yeah. And it’s so helpful. And just a lot of those little things, and just reframing thoughts, and it’s gold to them. And it’s some, I would say, take it a little easier than others. Some are more open to it than others. And, you know, I’ve had a few that are just like, I don’t want to even go there. But you know, that’s fine. We’re doing it slowly. It’s okay. They don’t realize they’re doing it, but they’re doing it. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 37:25
Love that. So I think from the perspective of helping your clients to be really resourceful, and learn tools to support themselves, instead of looking to you for every answer, the teaching mindset tools to your people is so huge. So whenever I hear somebody say, oh, my gosh, my clients are draining me so much. They need so much hand holding. There’s no boundaries there. They’re asking me every question, I get 20 questions a week from this month again, okay, we have to train them on how to look at their own thoughts, and how to look at their own actions and feelings and greed resourcefulness here instead of looking to you for every answer. Because when you can empower your clients to see where they’re with what is actually happening in their mind and be an observer of their thoughts, they will so quickly see when they fall into that and how they actually do probably have the answer. And it makes it so much easier for you as the practitioner to support somebody who believes themselves to be resourceful.

Lindsay Little 38:25
Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah. And I, I had a client a couple of weeks ago, and we get on the call, every time we meet with all my clients, you know, I did the basic evaluation. So what went well, what didn’t go well? What would you do different next time, we do that we start out with what you know, the positives, which again, your brain goes negative. So we started out

Andrea Nordling 38:46
with, this is a foundational like thing that I teach you the program, how to evaluate your business, but also do it with your clients. Because your brain does want to just tell you all of the things that are going wrong, it doesn’t want to start with anything going well. So that’s why we make that happen. We have to first think about what’s going well. Okay. Love that.

Lindsay Little 39:03
Yeah, so we always do that. And so now most of my clients are trained, you know, as soon as you know, I get on the call with them. Hey, you know, what, are how’s it going this week? And they start out? Well, these are the things that went really well. I’m like, Yes, like, this is great. But then I had a client just going through some family stuff, and with her parents, her aging parents, and she’s like, Yeah, I just I was so stressed. I didn’t know what to do. So I got out my notebook and I did a What’s that that belief thing where you write down all the things I’m like, the useful belief creation. So she did it all on her own and she’s telling me this is what I found. This is what I learned from this and I’m like, Oh, my gosh, this is amazing. Like she just learned something now that she can take with her the rest of her life where she doesn’t need me. And that’s beautiful. That will change her life. Yeah, that’s awesome.

Andrea Nordling 39:59
For anyone listening, that doesn’t think that you’re a coach, you are a coach, you have to coach your people, you’re going to be coaching them either way, nobody goes through a health journey. And short, long, big smile doesn’t matter without needing to change their brain along the way and get some help. So having those tools in your toolbox to help your clients is huge. And like you said, then the ripple effect of that is massive, because think of how different her experience of her day to day is, knowing that her circumstances aren’t just, she’s not at the mercy of her circumstances, she actually has agency in these situations, she could change her thoughts, and she is in charge of her own brain that changes someone’s life. And do you think that referrals come from that type of an experience? Absolutely, they do. That’s amazing. Amazing. I love to hear that. So what else what else has been surprising to you, or something that you would share with someone else who’s just getting started in their nutrition or health coaching business, have any words of wisdom there that we didn’t touch on?

Lindsay Little 41:09
Um, I think one of the most surprising things to me that I’ve learned through your coaching really has been the so I’m a high achieving person, I’ve always things come naturally to me, if they don’t come naturally to me, then I work really hard to be perfect at them. You know, I’m totally a perfectionist, recovering perfectionist, I’m really trying. But that I went into this business, I started my business, just knowing nothing about business, but with the idea that I figured it out, because I figured out everything else. I’ve been successful in every other career, you know, school with grad school, you know, I didn’t, I was okay, you know, going into it? Well, if I can get B’s, it’s fine. Well, you know, got a four point out, like, I’m putting all that effort into it. But I, you know, I make it work. And then all of a sudden, this business, you know, I started this business, assuming the perfectionist side of me would take over. And, oh, it did take over. Not in a good way. But it’s been funny, taking a step back, seeing that I think, being a perfectionist has been one of the traits that made me successful so far in life. And it’s been the constraint in my business. Yeah. And really having to acknowledge that, you know, you say, you know, we’re going for B minus work here, we were not going for a plus work. And that’s so hard for me. So hard, it’s so uncomfortable. But it’s so true, because I can’t be perfect. And that need to be perfect, is what was holding me back from talking to the other humans and putting myself out there and telling people I can help them. And so it’s just been crazy to kind of, you know, it’s kind of like this out of body experience, like, oh, I watching my business unfold. And I can see now this is the constraint, this is where I need to put in some effort. And so I just think that if I would have known that going into the business, it would have really saved me a lot of headache and everything and I probably would be, you know, further, but that’s, that’s totally fine. But now I can see it. You know, no one tells you that everyone’s just like, Oh, you did good in school, you’ll be a great business owner, you

Andrea Nordling 43:35
do the things that don’t work? Yeah. Well, I think that entrepreneurship is just the fastest way to get laid, it’s like holding up a mirror to your face and just showing you all of the areas of there’s so many words that come to mind, but I’m gonna say like, areas of growth in your personal development will become very evident quickly. When you start a business all purities all anything, it’ll all come rushing to the surface real quick. It’s like a baptism by fire with Okay, here’s, here’s where I lacked confidence. It’s now very obvious. Yeah. And it’s supposed to be because it’s also the best thing ever. You have your own business and who all have the freedom in the creation of, of your life, basically, it’s amazing. The price of it is that you’re going to feel kind of awful a lot of the time.

Lindsay Little 44:33
Right and uncomfortable and that’s

Andrea Nordling 44:35
not comfortable. It’s totally uncomfortable. Much like your clients as they’re working through their health situation. It’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s not the perfectionism and the just work harder. A lot of times will make people sicker. I look around, and I see people and I know in my own life, how many times have I just wanted to work out harder and just put in more reps and made myself sicker. So Yeah, we, as the recovering perfectionist have so much to teach our client. Well, that actually funny enough. In Montana, I was talking to another person that was at the retreat about that. And she said, I find that I talk to my clients a lot about my business, because I want to show them. Like, how I’m always saying your clients will be a mirror for you. She’s like, I want to show them that I’m a mirror for them that I understand what they’re going through in a business sense, which I think is really interesting. I had never really thought about that. two way street, but I love that to love that. Yeah, so true. That’s so true. Okay, so who do you work with? Who is your best client? Who should people send to you? And where do they find you? These are all very efficient.

Lindsay Little 45:44
Yeah, so I focus on working with busy women. And I help them resolve embarrassing painful digestive issues, so that they never have to think about them again. And those are my you know, I, again, being that high achiever, I attract high achievers, and I attract to the people who say that they’re too busy for me. And those are the people I love to work with. Because I love to almost prove them wrong, you know, and prove that that’s why you need to hire me, if you’re too busy to hire me. That’s exactly why you need to hire me. And those are the people I can really relate to them. And those are really, who I’m looking for. And I think those are the people that got a lot really, really good stuff out of my coaching. So all those those people with those digestive issues, and that’s, that’s my jam, gut health is my jam. And I love it. So.

Andrea Nordling 46:44
Okay, so send all of them her way. And then where do people send them? How do they find you?

Lindsay Little 46:48
Yeah, so my, my business is called full bloom acres. And so my website is just full bloom. acres.com. I’m on all the social medias, full bloom acres. I’m now on LinkedIn as well under Lindsey Liddell started that LinkedIn crusade. I’ve been on it for years, but you know, reinvigorating it

Andrea Nordling 47:15
love it.

Lindsay Little 47:17
Yeah. So yeah, that’s where people can find me. And, yeah, I’d love to connect with with all your people with gut issues.

Andrea Nordling 47:25
And we didn’t say this. But we should probably say now I’m guessing on the social medias, you share your animal rescue photos. Tell everybody what else they might find on your Instagram. I’ve never seen it, but I’m guessing there’s probably

Lindsay Little 47:41
Yeah, um, so my, my husband and I rescue farm animals as well. So my, my coaching business actually helps to pay helps to fund the animal rescue side of things. So which is kind of a unique situation. So we have just just under 30 animals, so you’ll see them pop up on on Instagram and Facebook every once in a while. And they’re a big part of they were a big part of my wellness journey. And of course, we know that people who spend time outdoors and just with animals that go doors have a healthier gut microbiome. So it’s all kind of full circle. But we just like to give these animals a home. So it’s fun, fun that way. So they’ll pop

Andrea Nordling 48:30
up, they will pop up, they just popped into Bemidji and interstate. I bet that that was really fun, too. I haven’t asked you too much about that. But I bet the logistics of that was exciting.

Lindsay Little 48:43
Great word for it’s been a challenge. I mean, it’s a well, with stopping. It’s about an eight and a half, nine hour drive between houses. And yeah, we had to make several trips for the animals. And you know, someone had to be at both houses. So it was all hands on deck with my family. And you know, my my mother in law has been incredibly helpful with it. But it’s just a fun this. Yeah, it’s I’m ready to get back to a normal, normal state. So yeah, my business.

Andrea Nordling 49:21
I can imagine. Well, thank you so much for hopping on here today and sharing your story. I know how valuable it is for me and for everyone. I hear feedback all the time from these types of episodes. Like I just needed to hear that that’s exactly what I needed to hear today. I’m not alone. That’s exactly what I needed. So thank you for sharing, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds for you. I think it’s going to be big.

Lindsay Little 49:45
Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you for having me on. And yeah, I look forward to seeing you in the inner group again.

Andrea Nordling 49:54
Oh, yeah, absolutely.

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