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43. Planning For Capacity Growth

Does it excite you to think about increasing your capacity

For more clients

For more visibility

For more haters

For more expenses

For more responsibility

For more decisions?

Well, it should!

In fact, you should (literally) be counting on it.

On this episode I’m sharing the 3-step planning process you can go through in 30 minutes or less to take inventory of how and where you’re going to need to increase your capacity for these things as your business grows.

After going through this planning process, you are going to be so excited about growing your capacity and expanding your business in the very near future.

Yes, that means we’re talking business planning with ACTUAL NUMBER GOALS in a way you never have before, so sharpen your pencil and let’s get to it.


Andrea Nordling 0:00
My friend, we are talking about planning today, through the lens of accounting, literally accounting, by the way, figuratively and literally, okay, okay, I will take it to an abstract level, we are talking about accounting for your increasing capacity and planning in your business, fail to plan and you plan to fail. Yeah, you know this, I’m not telling you anything new. But what in the heck does it mean, in your business? I know, it might be hard for you to know exactly how to plan and what to plan for. It’s this ambiguous business planning, what does it even mean? Oh, my gosh, don’t worry, today you are going to get those answers, I am also going to share with you some of the growing pains that you can expect as your business gets bigger. That’s the accounting for increasing capacity aspect. These are the things I wish that someone had told me about, in early 2016, when I was taking my first clients and I was figuring out how to help them and what I was going to sell them, and how my business was going to run, I wish I had known some of these growing pains, so I could plan to handle them, which is my intention, I want you to be able to plan for these things that will inevitably come up so you can handle them too. Because we don’t know what we don’t know. And I had to make a lot of foolish mistakes to figure this out, that I don’t want you to have to make, you don’t have to do that you are already way ahead of the curve by exposing your subconscious mind to what we’re going to talk about today, which is super cool. Because it means that even if you don’t realize it, you’re very capable, amazing brain is going to get to work solving, for growing your capacity and all of these different areas. without you even knowing it’s happening, our brains are incredible. So planning, what in the heck we’re doing it is part of this planning process that I’m gonna lay out for you today, we have to address the increase in capacity that this growth in your business is going to require. The core theme for today is that it’s okay. If you don’t have the capacity today, for what you’re going to want your business to look like in the future, it is okay. Don’t let it stop you. You’re not supposed to have the capacity today for all of the things that we’re going to talk about. If you did, your business would already be at the level that you want it to be at in the future, you don’t have that capacity, don’t let it stop you, we’re going to work with the capacity that you have. Now I know I’m saying this very umbrella, the capacity, we’ll get into exactly what that means you’re going to work with this capacity that you currently have and allow it to grow. In fact, you’re gonna plan on it growing, literally, you’re gonna count on it with numbers and projections. And I’m gonna explain how in more detail in this whole episode on how to do that. But it is a very nuanced and individualized topic. So you might have some questions as you go through the exercise that we’re going to do here, and you’re making your plan, not to worry, you know, I have got you. Doing this plan together is exactly what we do in the mastermind. by formulating your three year plan, we review it and tweak it together. And then we work backwards in six month increments. So you know exactly what growth to anticipate and what you’re going to focus on in six month chunks. Now, having a three year plan, I just want to tell you is one of the things that’s responsible for my business growing massively over the last three years. And I’m going to be talking all about exactly how that has happened, and what my business looks like now versus a year two years ago, and what we’re scaling towards next week on a free webinar, and is called behind the scenes of a 500k to $1 million online coaching business. Again,

Andrea Nordling 3:28
I am an open book, as you know, and I’m going to be sharing everything. There will also be ample time for q&a. So I don’t even know what I’ll be sharing. I know what I’m going to teach. But I don’t know exactly what questions are going to come up and what the conversation will end up like you have to be there live comm if you want more of these advanced business growth strategies, like what we’re talking about today, come to the webinar, because I’m holding nothing back, you can register save your seat at Build a Profitable practice.com/behind Because it’s called behind the scenes of the business. So slash behind, be able to save your seat. If you are listening to this and not gonna be helpful if I don’t tell you what it is. It is an August 2 At noon central time. Now if you are listening to this episode after August 2 after the webinar is taking place, don’t worry. You can have these goodies inside the mastermind where you learn exactly how to create your three year plan, how to ensure that you meet those goals 100% of the time we coach on it, I share all of the inner workings of my business and exactly what’s working with my mastermind students. So if you have made at least $10,000 in your health and wellness business, and you do want to scale it to six or multiple six figures in the next 12 months, the mastermind is exactly what you need all of the details of what’s included in the mastermind and how to apply including the dates that it will be open, which is going to be on August 2 If you’re listening to this in real time, can be found at Build a Profitable practice.com/mastermind And both of those things As I just shared, are also linked up in the show notes. So if you didn’t take notes, you can get those in the description of this episode. All right. All right. Now let’s talk business planning. What the heck is a business plan anyway? Do you need one? Do you need to hire someone to help you make one? How do you know what to put on this business plan?

Andrea Nordling 5:18
Is it a waste of time? If you aren’t even making money yet? Is it an even bigger waste of time, if you are making money, but you’re buried, and you’re overwhelmed with your business, just trying to stay afloat? And you can’t imagine adding something else to the list? Good questions. If you’re wondering any of them, here’s the deal. Yes, you do need one. No, it doesn’t need to take a long time to create. Yes, you can do it yourself. And no, it will never be a waste of time. You just need a piece of paper and a pen. So let’s go. I’ve had variations of different business planning strategies and lots of different tactics taught to me over my evolution of my entrepreneurial life switch started when I was 22 years old, I have to say that none of them ever made sense to me until I learned how to execute a three year plan from my mentor, Stacy. So shout out to Stacy Bateman on helping me flesh out the foundations of this planning process, which I have tweaked for my own brain. I’ve refined it for very specifically for the health and wellness industry in particular, and how I teach it to my students, which helps them to streamline their focus and productivity, and actually achieve the metrics and goals that they want in their business. Through using the exact formula I’m going to share with you today, this is the actual process for literally accounting for more capacity in your business. Yes, I’m gonna tell you exactly what that means. But it’s an actual process with three steps. Here’s what they are, first of all, you’re going to project your total revenue. I’ll teach you how to do that. Second of all, you are going to break those numbers down into how they will be generated each year. This involves math, okay, it’s not scary math. It’s not big math, but we are going to actually have numbers and math involved. And three, we are going to plan for the obstacles that will come up in the execution of these numbers. It’s not a sophisticated process, but I’m telling you will make you so much money. So let’s get into it. First of all, you want to project your total revenue three years from now, then you want to project your total revenue two years from now. And then for this year. That’s three numbers. That first one is three years from now, what is the total revenue you are going to make in your business three years from now? What is your goal? Don’t overthink it? What do you want it to be? Perfect, amazing. The sky is the limit universe, what would that number be three years from now? Write it down. You’re going to work backwards for your total revenue two years from now that’s next year. And then for this year, three different numbers, you’re probably going to notice that it gets a little stickier the closer you get to now says what our brains do we have lots of thoughts like, I don’t know, Is this realistic for this year, lots of those are going to come up. It’s totally normal. Do it anyway. For some reason. I don’t really need to know why. But it just is a thing. For some reason. We can have lofty goals for three years from now. We can have semi lofty goals for next year. But coming up on this year, our brain is like Oh, stop. Is this realistic? Can we do it? Let’s carry the one. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s totally normal. Do it anyway, you should be having some thoughts about these numbers. So three separate numbers. Remember three years from now next year, and then this the remainder of this year? Depending on what time of year you’re listening to this episode, it doesn’t matter. Just do it for this finishing up this year. Next year, and then the following year, when you look at these numbers, you should be having a variation of the thought How the hell is this going to work? Okay. It’s nothing has gone wrong. If you’re looking at them and thinking, Hmm, I really don’t know how that’s going to happen. You’re questioning your own sanity a little bit good. You’re doing it right. That’s what’s happening. Because remember, the whole topic of this episode is increasing your capacity. And when you look at these numbers, right now, your brain is trying to figure out how to reconcile the capacity that you have now, for the capacity that will be required months and years in the future when you’re achieving these numbers. It’s not a natural skill for most of us to take ourselves to the place where all of that is increasing and we’re growing. What we tried to do is figure out how could I use the brain and the skills and the ideas and the capacity I have now to make that happen? That big number and I don’t have it. That’s why we have to do the math and break it down. That’s why you’re going to be a diligent student here and follow the process I’m laying out for you today to take your brain to that level where it can look at those numbers and figure them out. All right, that’s why we’re doing the math and we’re breaking it Don, before we do that, let’s talk about what this increasing capacity means. How are we defining that? First of all, when you do the math, and you project where your business is going through this exercise, or anytime, you have to account for your increased capacity in several areas. And I mean, when I’m when we’re accounting for that, I mean that literally and figuratively, so you take it into consideration, figuratively, but literally, you’re going to be having bigger numbers, you’re accounting for this increased capacity, as time goes on, as your skills are refined, as your capacity grows in all these areas. And if you don’t take that increasing capacity into account, you’re gonna have a hard time in the next step, figuring out how the numbers will possibly pencil out in the future. Because you’re going to be, like I said, solving the equation with your capacity now, and it’s not gonna work. Here’s what I mean, over time, with experience. And as your business and your brain grows, you will simultaneously while all of this is happening, be growing your capacity for more clients, you’ll actually be able to handle more clients, you’re going to have a higher capacity for more visibility. For more haters, too. Yep, it’s true. Your if a absolutely terrifies you right now, to think of somebody being mad at you, or being a hater on any stance that you have, or anything about you or your business. If that is just terrifying to you right now. Please trust me that as your business grows, your capacity for haters is going to also grow, you are going to be growing your capacity for more expenses, bigger numbers in your business, you’re going to be growing your capacity for bigger income and having bigger bank balances. This is a big one, an entire different podcast episode series that we will be doing, I’m sure at some point about money mindset and handling money. But for many of us, it is actually really important to grow the capacity to have money and not spend it. Okay, your you’ll be growing your capacity. If you can’t even imagine that right now. Just trust me, you’ll be growing your capacity for it, you will also be growing your capacity for more responsibility. With a team with I guess this could go back to with handling your money with making investments, with paying taxes with the results of your clients and facilitating more clients, which means more responsibility for their results. There’s a lot, a lot of responsibility, but you will grow your capacity for handling that responsibility will grow over time, you will also grow your capacity for having more expectations put on you, on your time on your resources on your brain, all of it, but you’ll be able to handle it. Because you will have more boundaries, your capacity for handling all of it will grow. You’re also I know I’ve been a little bit negative on the last few. But I’m excited to tell you your capacity for more possibility will also increase as your business grows. As your brain grows. As you’re getting more experience. As you are getting more exposure to new people and ideas, you are going to be growing your capacity for more possibility. That means your clients possibility what’s possible for them, and for you and your business. And things that weren’t possible before I’m going to tell you all about my story with this. Things that weren’t possible before suddenly are possible, like what is happening, I never thought that this would ever be possible. And now it is what else might be possible. That thought process and your capacity to think those thoughts will keep growing, you will also have an increased capacity to make more decisions and make them faster. being decisive is a very important skill as a business owner and a human on the planet, I would argue for sure as a business owner, and your capacity for making decisions and sticking with them quickly and efficiently is also going to be increased, you will have a higher capacity to handle more distractions. And for more temptations, which are often disguised as opportunities by the way. It’s distractions, tempting opportunities that are really going to divert your focus from what you said you were going to be focused on your capacity to handle those things and set boundaries around them will be increased. If right now you say yes to everything but you don’t know how your business could possibly grow. Without you saying no just know that you will be able to say no your capacity for doing that and for setting boundaries on your time and attention will also grow. And so with all of these things, more clients, more visibility, more haters, more expenses, more responsibility, more expectations, more possibilities, more decisions, more distractions, more temptations, all of that. We need to account like I said literally to literally and figuratively for your capacity to take on all of these things and to increase because that’s how you are going to make more money. So what comes up for you around this I would just be curious up out as we’re talking through, are there some areas there where you doing a little cringe where you can feel like, ah, what what does that even mean? What comes up for you? If you have listened to more than one podcast episode here, you know what I’m going to tell you? Because it’s always the answer, which is, get out of paper and pencil and write it down, write down these thoughts that are coming up, whatever it is that’s coming up for you around this topic right now. Get it out on paper, push, pause, get it out on paper, if you’re not driving or something and you’re able to do so. And just download those thoughts, like, do some of these terrify you? Do they excite you? Do they confuse you? What’s coming up? I’m going to repeat these again. So you can put a little thought into it. What’s coming up? More Clients, more visibility, more haters, more expenses, more responsibility, more expectations, more possibilities, more decisions, more distractions, more temptations. Okay, what comes up around that? When you’re done, we’re going on to step two, though. So the first press first part of the process was, I guess this was like a little secondary, a 1.5. Step one, is to get your three numbers, your revenue numbers, three years from now, two years from now in this year. And then step 1.5 is to do a little thought download on what the heck your brain screams and has a tantrum about when you think about growing your capacity in those areas we just listed. Now step two, formal step two, now that you have put pen to paper a little bit, and you have those three numbers, is for you to know where that money is going to come from, in detail. So now you’re going to look at those three numbers. And you’re going to break them down into how they will actually be generated in each year. And you’re going to do that.

Andrea Nordling 16:48
I know some people that listen to this are going to just have an absolute aneurysm. When I say this, you’re going to break these numbers down into how they’re going to be generated each year with no more than three offers. In year three, no more than two offers in year two. And one offer this year. If you have a lot of things that you are selling and a lot of offers, and you’re the watch salesman that like whips, open your trench coat, and you have 10 different things in there. What you want got everything, what do you need in here, if that’s you, you’re not going to like this, but you are going to like it, because it’s gonna make you so much more money to follow this advice. No more than three offers in year three, no more than two in year two and one for this year. But you do not have to have three offers or two offers ever, you can only sell one offer and make all of the money this year, next year, the next year forever, you can just sell one offer. So don’t force yourself to come up with an extra offer to get to two or three just want to be very clear, I don’t want you to exceed those numbers in your three year plan. Here’s why every offer that you create is a separate business. This is another concept my mentor Stacy taught me and nothing has ever been more true. And the first time I heard this, I had a lot of businesses had a lot of different offers at different price points. And I was managing probably five businesses at this point. So let me say it again, every offer you create is a separate business, the marketing, the messaging, the sales process, the client delivery and fulfillment of that offer. And all of the backend processes for each offer is its own business. So do not start five different businesses at one time. And if you have, you need to constrain them down to one offer to offer and three offers for your three okay, at the very, very, very most, it is not necessary to have a bunch of different offers or even more than one, I promise. And doing so specially in the beginning of your business when you don’t have the demand created for them yet is going to delay you getting to your three year goal, probably indefinitely. I promise. I have done this both ways. And I have coached so many people through this process. So I know it 1,000% To be true. And offer planning and offer strategy is such a detailed topic especially with pricing and, and all of that so we spend considerable time on this together in the mastermind we do this offer planning together. And in the profitable nutritionist program. We do a lot of coaching on offers as well I offer a formula in there that my students follow for setting up their business foundations in the beginning and what to offer. So I don’t want to get too far into the weeds on it here on this episode. There’s just a lot to talk about. Here’s what I do want to say. Just know that there is definitely a logical progression for how these offers are introduced. And when you start with the one that is the lowest hanging fruit for you to sell and deliver now capital letters now, which is usually one on ones at a premium price that will make you the most money and be the least amount of tech setup behind the scenes. So for most people, that is going to be one on ones at a premium price which means they’re going to make a lot of money while figuring out their messaging marketing. You guys know this, if you’ve listened to other episodes of the podcast, I talked about this all the time, doing the detailed thinking, and taking imperfect action to test out marketing, and messaging concepts is going to be the best use of your time and your business. That’s what you need to work on, especially in the beginning, don’t need to be working on a ton of behind the scenes tech setup and setting up processes and advanced automations. No, you’re just gonna end up redoing all that Anyway, don’t do it, the lowest hanging fruit in the beginning that you could seriously tell someone I can help you right now. And give them a PayPal link, or have them write you a check, depending on how sophisticated your businesses, that’s what you want to start with right away. And then of course, there is a progression for what to graduate into as far as your offers go. Now, like I said, In the beginning, it’s usually one on ones at a premium price, that’s going to make you the most money with the least amount of setup in the background. And then as your capacity to deliver that increases. And you’re actually growing your demand, which is increasing your capacity to serve more people, you have more people that are interested, they want to work with you and your capacity is maxed out at that point for one on ones, which we’re literally accounting for here. And this plan, remember, then you’re going to introduce offers like a group program, where you’re working with more clients at a time in a group instead of one on ones. And then that might transition into in year three for you might be transitioning into a digital course or a program. So start on this, start working on the math, look at the total revenue that you have written out for each year, and what you will be selling in each year, and then the price you’re going to sell it for figure out how many of each thing you’re going to sell. That’s what you want to do here, you want to figure out how many one on one clients do I need, for example, you might be looking at your revenue goal for the end of this year. And you divide it by your current one on one rate, and you see how many one on one clients you’re going to sign by the end of the year. Now, if there is no way that you can work with that many clients, you have a pricing problem and need to revisit that. But that is what this planning process uncovers. Nothing has gone wrong if you realize that the math doesn’t work here, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to figure out where you are not accounting for your increasing capacity where the numbers are off. And when you zoom out and you look at your business three years from now, what do you actually want it to be operating like, and that’s what we’re gonna start working on now. So then you come into step three, which is solving for any obstacles that are going to come up over the next three years, as you increase your capacity in every area, and you start achieving these goals. So step three, and plan for the obstacles that are going to come up. So far, you have identified what your revenue numbers are, for the next three years, you’ve gotten kind of clear on how your brain is throwing a tantrum above, you getting to the point where you are achieving those goals, it’s totally fine, then you’re going to break them down year by year into exactly what you are selling at what price and how the math works out, then you come to step three, and we’re going to plan for all of the obstacles that are going to stand in your way. I do not believe in surprises in business, we know what’s going to come up. So let’s write it down and start planning for it. Instead of acting very confused and overwhelmed and surprised when these things happen in the future. So not actually a surprise. And we’re gonna go through each area of growth again. So you can see what comes up for you in each of these years as you anticipate figuring out what you’re going to need to address in each area. For more clients, that’s going to come up, what are going to be the obstacles that come up with you working with more clients in year one in year two and year three, write it down.

Andrea Nordling 23:46
What about for more visibility? What’s going to come up for you? What are going to be the obstacles for you being more visible as your capacity for that increases over the next three years? What’s gonna come up, what’s gonna be the problem? Write it down, and then your brain is going to get to work and solving for it. What’s going to come up for you in having more haters, in more expenses, like what are going to be the obstacles that come up. When you have more expenses in your business, you’re making more money, you’re investing in more processes, and probably in help and in systems, you have more expenses, what is going to be the obstacles that come up in that department, sell for them? Are you going to need a bookkeeper? Are you going to need to find a better accountant? Are you going to need to have a better profit planning strategy? In the mastermind we talk a lot about profit planning so that you are actually paying yourself enough money that you that you have a reason to have a business. And in fact, I encourage my students to pay themselves a lot more than they think is reasonable. separate discussion, but it’s important to see okay, as my capacity for having more expenses increases I’m going to have some obstacles come up that I’m going to need to deal with write them down. They’re not going to be a surprise to you because you’re going to have solved for it now. What up Having more responsibility having more expectations, either on your time or from clients, what comes up for you around that? And what are going to be the obstacles as you grow over the next three years? What about for more possibility? For more possibilities for your business for you, for your clients? What do you need to plan for there? What’s What are the obstacles that are going to come up in creating that? And what do you need to plan for?

Andrea Nordling 25:24
What about for making more decisions? or higher level decisions? What are going to be the obstacles there? What about for handling more distractions, or more temptations disguised as opportunities very cleverly, I might add that seem like they could be a really good idea, but are actually going to divert your focus, what are going to be the obstacles that are going to come up around that, that you can plan for? Now solve for this, make a plan, look at this list, make a plan for the processes, the systems, the decisions, or the help that you’re going to need to get and when it will be necessary. That’s it. Like, really, this is very simple. But what we’re doing is we’re shining light on those niggling worries, really, that just kind of filter through and are in the back of our mind, about Okay, wow. I mean, I’m, I’m working this business, but really, I’m kind of scared that in the future, X situation is going to come up, and I’m not going to know how to handle it. Well, we’re handling it. Now we’re making these plans. So when you look at this list of how you are solving for these obstacles in advance, you’re going to see, okay, I’m going to need to get really detailed about my finances and my bookkeeping, I could look into a bookkeeper. Six months from now, I’m going to be at that point where that’s going to make sense. Or maybe it’s right now, or maybe it’s investing in systems with an accountant or maybe, I don’t even know, there’s so many different things that could come up for you. For me, it’s been setting up or actually looking at how I’m going to need to delegate tasks in my business that are currently or at whatever stage I’m currently at, easy for me to keep doing. But I know that three years from now, it won’t be something that I will be wanting to doing wanting to do day to day. And so I need to set up a plan and systems in advance for how I’m going to delegate responsibility for those tasks. That has been a lot of my work recently. So it’s very top of mind for me, even though my business is not that big that I can’t do most of the things myself. So it is tempting to keep doing it myself. But I know that there will very quickly come a day when I can’t handle that anymore. And for sure, three years from now, I don’t want to be so I’m working backwards making those decisions now. And instead of it becoming a make or break high pressure situation. It’s very calm, it’s very systematic and methodical, and much higher level execution, to be planning ahead, working backwards and doing things in advance, which is what I want you to be doing too. So that’s it. This is the actual formulaic process for literally and figuratively, accounting for more capacity in your business. We’re projecting your total revenue, breaking those numbers down into how they’re going to be generated each year. So you know how many of each thing you are selling, what when you are introducing a new offer, because you’re not introducing them all at once, remember, and then planning for the obstacles that will inevitably come up, we’re not going to act surprise when they happen, you know what’s going to come up for you plan for it. Now, of course, I’m going to be detailing more of my planning process on next week’s webinar that I told you about. And like I said, this is a huge area of focus in the mastermind as well. And we do all of the detailed revenue and offer planning to gather. So that is actually my favorite part of the mastermind is when we get together in this very condensed container. And we make the plans, the three year plans of exactly what is going to be sold and when what is contained in each offer all the components, how to make it irresistible pricing all of it, we do that together, which is so much fun, by the way. So get into that room and make this process even simpler for yourself if the time is right for you. Now, before we wrap up this topic fully, I want to give you some real numbers and my experience of planning this way. Because I completed my first version of this process that I ever did in January of 2021. So really not that long ago. And up until that point, I had done various iterations of business planning quite half assed I might because it seemed like such an arduous process. It seemed like something so fancy. And so I don’t know, I’m like something that was so much more advanced than where my business was at that I kept on telling myself I didn’t I wasn’t at the stage where I needed a business plan fully. I didn’t need to devote time to it. All of that. Which wasn’t true, but I guess I just hadn’t found a process that made sense to me until that. So in January 2021, I made my first three year plan. And my goal for 2021 was $250,000. For 2022 was $500,000. And then for 2023, it was 1 million. This was the first three year plan I ever did those numbers or crazy at my current capacity, because we had recently sold our house, we were living in an RV homeschooling full time traveling adventuring. I honestly, I couldn’t even fathom exactly how it was all going to pencil out how that was going to work. I did it anyway, did the process I solved for the obstacles in my future capacity that I could foresee, just like I suggested that you do right now. And now I am blowing by those metrics faster than I even planned. Now I have to just tell you, when I initially wrote them down and broke it down offer by offer, which is just two offers. For me, it was one offer for all of 2021 and most of 2022. I am now just publicly selling the mastermind for the first time. So now it says two offers. And this is it for me. It’s two offers. That is all Can you imagine a million dollar business? Two offers at the very most I’m living proof of it. But here’s what I want to say and what I know. I didn’t feel comfortable with those numbers that they were done by any means. I felt like how in the heck is this going to happen? Especially with our schedule on the road, life circumstances busyness not wanting to work myself to the bone. How was this going to work. And when I was freaking out about it, it was because I was operating at my current capacity. And I didn’t account for how I was going to be growing my capacity for handling all of these things and for figuring it out, and for executing at a higher level. But I put the numbers down, I worked backwards, I solved for the problems that I could foresee. And like I said, I have blown those numbers out of the water. And now when I look at a million dollars written down for next year, where before that was so beyond the realm of possibility, I now can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that making a million dollars a year is going to be far easier and take less of my time than 250k and 500k.

Andrea Nordling 32:19
What I know, but I’m living it I’m in it now because I can see how this work compounds so much faster than we even think it’s going to. And as I look at my current the three year plan, and I see these big numbers of 2 million and 3 million in upcoming years, I’m still having that thought that’s like holy shit, how’s that gonna happen? I’m having that thought. But it’s much more playful and curious. It’s, in my mind, it sounds like holy shit. 3 million in one year, how am I even going to make that happen? And it’s like, it’s a little like, who said all gonna come together? This is gonna be so fun. I don’t even know how that’s gonna work yet. But I know that my capacity at that point will have increased to where it happens. And I figure it out and I do it. Alright, just wanted to share that if you’re having a little bit of freakout as we go through this process and those numbers on your paper because hopefully you did write them down. Something very magical happens when you actually use your hand and you write something down on a physical piece of paper. If you’re looking at those numbers and thinking I just what, what is she saying? I don’t even know. It’s totally normal, but do it anyway. And you will grow into the person that figures it out and does it and blows your own mind. I promise. I’m living proof I promise. All right, my friend have a wonderful week making your plan and getting excited for all the ways that you are going to be increasing your capacity and growing and all of the things it is exciting work and it also just bubbles over into all the other areas of your life, which I think is the best part. Okay, I will be back here next week. With an even maybe I think an even better topic the best topic maybe which is debt. Do you feel like oh, black cloud just rolled in over this episode when I said that dun dun da we’re talking about debt next week. It’s going to be fantastic. Just wait as usual. You will probably be surprised to hear what I have to share. All right, my friend. Goodbye.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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