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91. Over-Selling in a Recession

Many business owners are very unsure about their future right now because of the recession.

This isn’t the first recession I’ve weathered in business, so I can say from experience that it’s going to be an incredible opportunity for growth.

I can also say that MANY businesses will fail.

The ones that don’t understand how to stick to their plan and CREATE DEMAND when the rest of businesses around them are discounting, making rash decisions, and taking any dollar that comes their way because their demand is crashing….

They won’t survive.

But you’re not going to be one of those businesses, because while everyone else is panicking you’re actually over-selling.

Let’s talk about it.


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast my friend. Today we are talking about over selling, and we are talking about a recession. Is it the recession? Is it a hypothetical recession, you decide depends who you talk to depends who you’re listening to what you believe I’m not going to get into that. But I am going to talk about selling marketing and serving clients in a very profitable way, when the rest of the world thinks that it’s time to run and hide. It’s an important conversation. So if you’re listening to this thinking, Yes, I have been very worried about the economy. I’ve been very worried about my business, I’ve been second guessing if this is the right time to be in business. We’re gonna talk all about it today. In fact, we’ll probably be talking about this quite a bit. I have a lot to say on this topic. But specifically, today, we’re going to talk about the concept of over selling, what the heck does overselling mean? Well, I will tell you in a minute, but first, I’m going to take an opportunity to do something I don’t do very often, and I’m sure I should do much more often. Which is give you one ask this podcast is free. I show up here every single week in your podcast feed to help you grow your business, make more money, help more people. And all I ask from you is that you could help me to reach more people by subscribing and reviewing the podcast, hit the little Subscribe button. That is great. That really helps a lot. But a review is solid gold. So if you do enjoy the podcast, can it just please pretty please make the ask that you take a few seconds and give a review on whatever podcast platform you listen on. It really does help to get the show out to more people and to grow the listenership here, which of course is the goal of podcasts, right? Help more people to help more people. It’s very meta. And I like it that way. It’s simple. So if you have not already, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. It would mean so much to me. All right, back to the topic of over selling. What does that mean? Well, I have two ways that I’m going to talk about this concept. And then we’re going to really talk about it in terms of how do you leverage this strategy of over selling. In an economic downturn, I’m going to use the word recession. For the rest of this podcast episode, we’re just going to say recession, as if it is a fact that we’re in a recession. Like I said, depending on who you are, who you listen to what you think you may or may not agree with that. But there are a lot of people that are concerned. So at any rate, it is important to talk about, I teach the concept of overselling inside my mastermind. So if you are unfamiliar with my business model, let me give you a little overview, I have a foundational program called the profitable nutritionist, which teaches the obvious foundations of growing a profitable holistic nutrition or health coaching practice, from start to about $100,000 per year. And so if you’re anywhere in that scope of your business, you’re just starting out, you’re thinking about starting out, or you already have an established practice. But you aren’t quite at the six figure a year mark, the profitable nutritious program is exactly what you need. We go over all of the nuances of making the important decisions in your business, such as how to structure your offer, what you’re actually selling to people how to price it, if you should be focusing on a niche, if so which niche that should be for you, is it something you even need to be worrying about, we go very deep into how to market your practice how to sell how to run a high converting consult call if you are going to be selling one on ones, when and how to transition to a group or how to market and sell a group. If that’s what you’re focusing on, we’d cover all of it in the program, there’s a very dialed in process of how how to make these decisions, how to execute on them, and then build your business in a very sustainable way for the long term. So that you don’t find yourself with kind of a hot disorganized mess, and not bringing in the consistent income that you want. There’s a way to avoid that. So that’s what you learn in the profitable nutritionist program, little sales pitch for a TPM there. I also have a higher level mastermind and to be able to be part of the mastermind. This is a smaller, more intimate group where I teach more advanced concepts for streamlining and scaling your business such as when and how to hire a team, how to launch and sell with advanced marketing strategies and launches, how to set up systems and processes to scale inside your business for client delivery, for programs for courses, groups, all of the things, how to systemize it basically how to get things really streamlined and working, even when you’re not working, which is one of my favorite things to talk about. And a lot of what we deal with in the mastermind are the nuances of like, of marketing really like marketing and selling at a high level, much more advanced strategies and over selling is one of those strategies. So just wanted to give you a little bit of context around who I am teaching this to and why and when Oh, I think it’s important to tell you also in case you don’t know this for the mastermind, there are income requirements, so you have to have made at least $50,000 In your business in the last year to qualify for the mastermind, I am specifically looking at when I’m looking at people to approve for the mastermind, I’m specifically looking at people that want to be scaling to multiple six figures in the next 12 months, because the strategy that I teach is more advanced inside the mastermind. So anyway, this overselling concept is something that I teach in the advanced selling process because it is more, it’s more in No, I don’t I was gonna say it’s more in line with some. That’s not really true. I teach it because it makes sense. It’s the process I teach at the Meza, right, it makes sense to talk about overselling, because we are setting up systems for creating demand and capitalizing on demand with automations. And this little thing called the internet and technology, which is great, but over selling, and the way I’m going to teach it today is a really important concept for any stage of your business, especially in a recession, because people are scared, and they don’t know what to do, especially business owners, and you may be one of them that are being told by people, I can’t afford it right now. I can afford it right now. It’s not in the budget right now. We’re having to scale back right now. And then business owners. Again, this might be you believe that that is true, that no one can afford anything. The world is ending businesses over capitalism has failed business isn’t going to work. It’s a terrible time to be a business owner. No, stop. First of all, this isn’t my first recession, that I’ve weathered of business. So I can say from experience that it’s going to be okay, I started a real estate brokerage in 2009, my friend, the worst time to be selling real estate in recorded history. But guess what, I was very successful because of what I’m going to teach you today. So I understand that it can be scary, I understand that there’s a lot of rhetoric floating around about what it means to be a business owner and just a human right now, when the economy seems less stable than it has in recent history, there are going to be many businesses that will fail. We’ve seen this in other recessions, I’ve seen it firsthand. So have you, the ones that suck will not survive. The big plain and simple businesses that are not are are not sound are not going to be here a few years from now, when I say businesses that suck, I don’t mean small businesses, I mean, the ones that don’t understand how to stick to their plan and create demand, when the rest of the businesses around them are discounting, and are fire sailing and panicking and taking any dollar that comes their way because their demand is crashing, knows other businesses that are not going to be around overselling is a strategy for creating demand. So instead of panicking, that there is no demand left over selling is going to be creating the demand. People stop buying want to items in a recession. I mean, think about this, the list of I need to have items is very long. And then it kind of pairs back to the want to have items. And those are the maybes, people buy the need twos. They consider the want twos, and they may or may not make those decisions, but in a recession. They’re like no, no, it’s only the need twos, I have to take all of the want to is put them on the back burner. And I’m only spending my money on the need to items right now. Not everyone, of course, because there are industries and individuals that actually thrive in a recession, like health and wellness, business owners, cough, cough, cough. But by and large when the income and the value of people’s assets are lower than they have been people cinch up the purse strings. Not everybody, of course. But some people cinch up the purse strings and they eliminate the want to items in favor of the need to use. It makes sense, you know what I’m talking about? But why does this matter? If you think that your product or service is a want to, and not a need to, you’re not going to oversell it. In fact, you probably won’t sell it at all, I’m gonna say this again, if you think that your product or service is a want to, and it’s not a need to, you’re not going to oversell it, you’re not going to sell it, you are not going to believe in it, you’re going to be very, very sure that it is just kind of an added bonus for people it would be nice if they could but they probably can’t. So you’re gonna shrink back. Can you hear even my voice as I say this, you’re just going to kind of be resigned to the fact that there aren’t going to be a lot of clients now, the economy has has shifted down this is the way it is? No, absolutely not. It’s the opposite my friend you need to lean in in a time like this. And I’m going to explain the two facets of over selling for you. And then we’re going to circle back to exactly how to do that. So what is this over selling concept I keep talking about? First of all over selling is a dual meaning concept the way that I’m going to teach it to you and explain it to you today.

Andrea Nordling 9:36
I don’t know who to give credit for to be honest for when I started connecting the dots on how to oversell in my business. I would probably think that some version of what I’m now calling overselling, I learned from a mentor of mine Stacy Bateman, maybe Brooke Castillo maybe books that I read. There have been many of them. I love to read marketing and selling books, business books, business development. I don’t really know who to give credit to do but credit to do credit to. But I do know that this is going to be a mash up of a few different strategies that I pull pulled together and call overselling. Okay, first of all, the quality and frequency and volume of your marketing message, or what I like to call North Korea marketing is a form of overselling. Okay, second to that, and we’re gonna talk about what that is in a second. Second to that the actual quantity of what you have available or unavailable to sell is also a form of overselling that you will leverage especially in a recession, okay, the opposite of over selling is letting yourself off the hook. So here’s what I kind of want you to think about as we go through these two components of over selling. Think about if you’ve ever had the thought, am I just letting myself off the hook? When you’re marketing your business? And you’re thinking about how do I get more demand? How do I get more people interested? How do I talk about this in a more compelling way? You have a plan? You execute the plan? And then that little thought is like, am I letting myself off the hook? If you ever have that thought you probably are and when you’re letting yourself off the hook, you’re definitely not overselling. So time to course correct on that. Let’s talk about the two different kinds. I know my tagline for the first type of overselling, which I call North Korea marketing is intriguing, probably offensive to some I just want to explain what I mean by that. Because this is how I think of it in my mind. My husband often tells me you cannot say that I’m like, No, this is what I this is what that sounds like in my brain. When I think about overselling North Korea marketing means that you are delivering your message clearly. And without fear, which is probably not making sense because there’s nothing but fear in a communist dictatorship. Understand that, but just bear with me for a second. It does not come naturally to most people to market this way. Okay, to be very clear, very bold, and deliver your message without fear of what people are going to think when you say it. And what when you do develop the skill? And did you notice how my voice changed when I said that it’s very concise and confident and compelling. When you talk this way, this is North Korea marketing. When you develop this skill, watch out, okay, your revenue will skyrocket as a result. Until then, what you’re probably doing is the opposite, which is wishy washy marketing. Most people are much more comfortable with wishy washy marketing, if they have not learned this skill yet. And it doesn’t this is not personality based, okay. You’re not either someone that can market well or not, you’re a salesperson or you’re not, it’s just a skill that you learn. So if right now, you’re very comfortable in the wishy washy marketing, which we’re going to talk about, but you wish all funds attended you wish that your marketing was bolder and more compelling. It’s just a skill that you need to learn, okay, so you’re just going to do it, you’re gonna practice it, you’re going to be better at it. And that’s how you turn into a bolder marketer. It’s, it’s all good. It’s just a skill that you have to learn. wishy washy marketing is when you think that you’re explaining the next step that you want people to take with you. And you think that it’s probably pretty obvious, like, they probably know what to do. But to them, it’s very confusing. And it can sound like this. Here’s an example of wishy washy marketing, if you kind of sorta, maybe want to try this thing, and if you think that it might be worthwhile for you, then maybe you should reach out to me. I’m not going to make that very obvious to you and tell you exactly how to do that because I don’t want to be pushy, but I’ll just let you figure it out. You’ll probably click around on my website and find it or you know how to maybe like email me, it’ll be fine. You’ll figure it out. If you want my help, because I don’t want you to think I’m too salesy, so I will maybe talk to you, if you think that’s a good idea. It’s terrible. It’s absolutely terrible. Now, in the realm of wishy washy marketing, the thought behind it is I don’t want to be too pushy. I don’t want to be too salesy. I don’t know if they really are going to get the results that they want. So I don’t want to over promise and under deliver, so I’m going to just leave it very up to them. They’ll figure it out. If they need me, they’re going to come to me. That is wishy washy marketing. It does not bring in the clients that you want to work with. It is not overselling, it is under selling. If you’re lucky. You’re wishy washy marketing might bring in some tire kickers that surprise, surprise are wishy washy, and they’re unsure of what they want to do. So if you have people reaching out to you, but then they flake on actually booking a call or showing up to a call, or they ghost after one email where they reach out, or they politely tell you the time isn’t right. I’ll be in touch later. But then they’re never in touch. It’s probably because you’re not assertive, you’re not clear you’re not confident in your marketing and in your messaging and in your calls to action. So the antidote to that and the the prescription that I would offer you is implementing some North Korea marketing. North Korea marketing is way more than you probably feel comfortable with it. It does not ask permission, it presumes you already have their attention and they’re just waiting to hear their marching orders on what to do next. That’s why I think of it in my mind, as I call it nkn. Okay, but I’m outing myself here on the podcast of how how my brain actually works. North Korea marketing is very clear. It’s concise. It is not wishy washy. It’s an assumptive. Close. You want this thing I have, here’s what you do next to get it. And here’s what you have to look forward to afterwards. I got you. That is North Korea marketing is to the point, it’s unapologetic about the intent, which is for them to make a decision and get started. Now, I’m going to say that again, it is to the point and it is unapologetic about the intent, the opposite of which is the wishy washy marketing that’s like I don’t want to be salesy. I don’t want to be too much. If you really want it, you’re gonna even you’ll figure it out, you’ll you’ll come to me, that’s wishy washy. You do not want to be wishy washy, you want to be to the point and unapologetic about the intent, which is for them to make a decision and get started. Now, it presumes you already have their attention, they are just waiting for their marching orders on what to do next. Here are two overselling truths. I want you to always remember recession or no recession, it doesn’t matter, make this part of your marketing plan. Think about it and apply it. First of all, what you feel is too aggressive is probably just right. I’m gonna say that, again, what you feel is too aggressive, from a marketing standpoint is probably just right. And what you feel is too much repetition is probably just barely enough. We feel is too much repetition is probably just barely scratching the surface, on how many times they need to hear it. And your style. And your personal delivery might be different than mine. When it comes to executing more bold, North Korea type marketing versus wishy washy marketing, it might sound different than me, okay. But that’s fine. You don’t need to sound like me for this to be effective. But the same fundamental fundamentals are going to apply. You need to pour it on thicker and more frequently for your people. So they can really internalize your message and take action with you. We think people are paying so much more attention than they actually are. If you just say something once or twice or three times, especially in a vague and I don’t want to be pushy kind of way, they are not going to understand what to do next, they’re not going to understand if it applies to them, they’re not going to understand if they should be taking action right now, they are not going to feel compelled to make the decision quickly.

Andrea Nordling 17:26
They’re just not going to know what to do next. And unless you are probably a lot more aggressive and a lot more repetitive than what you’re comfortable with. So you’re gonna practice this skill of overselling, and you’re going to make it your own, whatever your version of that is. Figure it out, you’re going to find your your way to do it that feels powerful. And it feels man magnetic. And it’s going to have your dream clients banging down your door and asking much different questions of you and surprising you with how actually ready they are right now. So you will know that this is working, when people are just popping up. And they’re like, I’m just ready to get started. And you’re like you are I didn’t even know you were considering? Who are you? Where did you come from? That’s when you know that you are really nailing the overselling selling in this way, which is from authority and leadership and kind of bold bravado, it can feel unnatural. When you haven’t intentionally done this before, when you have not learned this skill, you have not practiced this skill. It is different, and it can be kind of uncomfortable, but just know that you’re going to do it. Anyway. oversell anyway, with an intention and with a plan. So as you’re thinking about your marketing, I want you to truthfully think about how can I turn up the volume on this? How can I be more repetitive? And how can I be more bold and clear and concise and compelling in my actual message so that they are getting their marching orders? How do I do that? That’s how you’re going to implement this component of overselling. And your efforts are going to result in copy that is really compelling to your best people, sales conversations that convert at the highest level. And like I said, people just popping up like where did they even come from? I don’t know. But it’s working. That’s what happens when you’re overselling with your marketing. Now the second component to overselling is actually over selling like delta i i tell it in the mastermind We recently talked about this and I said be like delta be like the airlines that strive to oversell their flights and then they bump people to the next one. Do that in your business. That I think I say that in the mic drops and everyone’s head explodes like what? No, you can’t do that people will be mad if there’s not a spot for them. If you don’t have if your group isn’t open right now, if you don’t have one on one spots available right now you can’t sell because people won’t be able to start right away. No, relax, that you’re not going to be mad. Your people will be ecstatic that their spot in the future is saved when you do this. Be like delta oversell over sell your availability. Do not believe the thought error that you can’t sell if you don’t have any spots available right now. Or your group isn’t starting yet. or there’s too much time before the start date. So you can’t sell quite yet, or you don’t have blah, blah, blah ready yet? No, no, no, no, that is a lie you can sell now you always have something you can be selling. In fact, you have to. Now depending on how closely you follow me, when you get my emails, you know that I am always selling the profitable nutritionist program, and the mastermind. Neither of those are available right now. Or most of the time. The the mastermind opens for enrollment twice a year. And the program opens four times a year quarterly, okay. It’s not usually open yet, I’m always selling it, I’m selling the next start date, I’m selling the next enrollment date, I’m selling the next time that it is available. There’s no amount of time that is too far to be selling that next date. In fact, you have to do this most of the time. And here’s here’s the reason why most of the time, we drastically underestimate the amount of repetition it’s going to take to master selling our offer. And then we introduce new offers. And we have to try to master selling that one when we didn’t master the first one first. And it’s just all a compounding problem of not taking the time to get really good because of repetition, repetition, repetition, to master the selling of our offer, and we don’t give ourselves enough opportunities to practice selling. Honestly, you just need to keep giving yourself opportunities to practice selling, this is over selling just like delta, okay. You’re actually over selling your availability. I tell this story inside the mastermind, but I’ll share it here as well, when I started selling the profitable nutritionist program that was previously had a different name. But when I started it, I plan to do four launches a year, with 20 new students per launch, so that that first year I would make 250k. With that offer, or whatever the math was on, it was something close to that. So that was the plan for the year for lunches. 20 students per lunch.

Andrea Nordling 21:49
After q2 of that first year, I was nowhere near my goal because I needed more practice selling this new offer. I just needed more practice. I was really good at selling. I had sold lots of other things, but I needed practice selling this new offer. And whatever you’re selling, you need practice selling this one thing, this is why I am such a big proponent of selling one thing, getting really good at selling that one thing before you introduce another offer. So I just needed more opportunities that first year to practice selling. So I added more launches to the calendar instead of the four launches I thought I would do. I was launching every month I did more selling than I initially planned. I oversold my goal, I was thinking, Okay, I’m not gonna give myself any rules for how often I can open the doors, I had an initial plan, but the plan is not changing. I’m just going to figure this out. I’m going to get scrappy, I’m going to sell more often I’m going to give myself more opportunities to practice selling. And it worked. Okay, I ended that first year selling only that program. And I made more than my goal for the year even though I never once hit my launch goal of 20 people in one launch. That first year, I never hit that number. I just ended up doing it more often, and getting better and better and better. So I was getting closer to that 20 people by the end of the first year. But I never hit it. I still exceeded my goal, though. So I wasn’t sad about it. What’s great about overselling is it pre sells for your next launch or your next opening. And even if you work with one on one clients, and you’re always enrolling one on one clients, same rules apply when you are over selling meaning you are thinking in terms of how can I get more people to sign up right now than I have availability for whether that’s through one on ones or group a program doesn’t matter what you’re selling, I’m going to get more people than I could even take, think about that when you are selling from that place. And you’re strategizing for how to make that happen. You are over selling for your next opening, or for the next round, or for the next quarter or for the next year. Because people need to hear things so much more often than we think they do. So although I didn’t hit my launch goals that I wanted, in 2021, when I first started selling this program, and I wasn’t getting 20 people per launch, I far exceeded those goals in 2022. Because of all of the selling I had been doing the year before. And this is again, why I’m a huge proponent of selling one thing, because you’re going to see the compounding results of people buying yours after you start selling it if you keep selling the same thing, when you are constantly changing what you’re offering and constantly changing, you know, one on ones and then a group and then there’s a course and then there’s a membership. And then there’s this and there’s that and you’re always changing. Ask me how I know this. I did this for many years. It’s very hard to see the traction and the long term compounding of overselling because as soon as people are warming up to Okay, yep, I’m going to finally do it. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve been watching I’ve been listening, I’ve been getting ready and I’m finally ready now then the carpets pulled out from underneath and nothing’s not available and no one’s talking about it anymore. Just what it was gonna be the tipping point. Right. Okay, so all that to say, I have experienced this many times. But I want to give you this example of just getting better at selling and messaging for that for the profitable nutritious program for that offer because I oversold it and now as I’ve been selling this Same thing for years, I can see just the dividends that are being paid out from over selling over selling over selling and strategizing to figure out how do I exceed the amount that I’m actually selling for just like just like delta V like delta V like delta everyone? Well, that to say overselling really compounds your efforts. So I want you thinking about how can you implement overselling in the quantity or the timing of your selling right now? Are you between group openings then sell the next group even if it is months in the future, okay, are your one on one spots all full and you don’t have any openings for three months still sell that next opening, keep doing consults however it is that you’re selling and you’re filling those spots. Don’t take your foot off the gas. If you want to get 10 people in your upcoming launch sell to at least 20 people. If you want 20 People sell to at least 40 people take your brain to how do I feel double for the number I actually want because that’s probably what’s going to be required. This is overselling, do not aim to get just enough sales. Just remember you’re looking for more opportunities to practice selling you want to aim to oversell your offer, like an airline does. This overselling will generally result in just enough, you’ll probably just meet your goal because of how much we underestimate the amount of selling that is needed. But a strategic byproduct of this overselling is that your demand is going to skyrocket, and so will your conversions. And many people think that they aren’t ready to oversell yet because they don’t have enough demand. But actually, it’s the opposite. The overselling builds more demand, you don’t have to wait for that demand to start over selling. Here’s an example. Who would you rather work with someone who’s immediately available? Or you kind of intrigued with the expert that has a waitlist that’s booking out a month or two months or three months in advance? I mean, our brains kind of are are wired to assume that there must be more value there, right? So how do you get yourself in your business to that point as quickly as possible you over sell because your goal is to become the highly sought after expert with a waitlist that’s months in advance, right? This is momentum generating, my friend. The more you oversell, the more demand you build, the more demand you build, the more that demand over sells for you and it just snowballs. So think of your marketing and your overselling as a volume dial not an on off switch wants you to sell all the time, the switch is always on. And even if your offer is currently sold out, or it’s not open, or you don’t have availability right now, do not turn that dial off. You can keep it out low, you keep it at medium, but keep selling. And when you’re over selling, you’re cranking all the way up. So what is your overselling plan how you’re going to intentionally practice over selling in the frequency and in the volume of your marketing. That is what I want you to think about. Now let’s go back to over selling your product or service as a need to and not a want to remember if you think your product or service is a want to, and it’s not a need to. You won’t oversell it, you just won’t. In fact, you probably won’t sell it at all much less oversell it because you’re going to believe that people can’t afford it. Or that it’s not a priority for them or it’s not in the budget. No, it is your job to oversell which means it’s your job to first sell yourself on how what you offer is a need to this is a key, especially when people are throwing around the word recession or are experiencing a recession or a downturn in any way you need to be so sold on how what you offer is a need to it’s not one of the want twos that’s going to go to the backburner is still a need to be on the priority list of things to invest in with time and with monetary resources. It’s not a want, it’s a need. How is that true? wants you to get out your pen and paper or start a fresh Google Doc and start writing. Do not do this in your head. You have to get it out on paper. How does your offer make people money? Go there? Go there. How does your offer make people money? When somebody pays you and works with you? How does that make them more money? I want you to really stretch your brain here and get a long list going? Are they able to work more? Are they able to work in a different way that pays more? Are they able to sleep through the night so they can actually go to work the next day when they fix their health problems? What does that look like for your people? Do they have the confidence to go after a promotion when they lose weight and they have more energy? And maybe they weren’t going to go after that promotion before maybe like some of the results of clients I work with? They have people that they help who tell them oh my goodness, I have been thinking about applying for that position in my company for years, but I didn’t have the confidence to do it until I got my health under control. I lost weight. I finally had energy and I knew I could go after that job and I doubled my salary. But think about those kinds of results for your people. How

Andrea Nordling 29:50
does your offer make them more money? Will they actually create more money as a direct result of working with you? I bet you can find ways that they will say Get out, don’t get derailed with the thoughts of well, not everyone is going to do that. Some people might, but they’re the exception to the rule. Stop it. Stop those thoughts right now you want the exceptions to the rule, talk to those people over sell to those people. Now continue this process as you answer these questions. And I truly, really want you to write this down. Don’t do it in your head, it doesn’t work in your head. Do this by actually writing it out and making a list. How does your offer save people money? It’s one thing to make the money. It’s another thing to save the money get specific list all of the ways that that can be true. With all different sorts of people don’t try to qualify it with it has to work for everyone. Everyone. No, no, no, no, no, that’s not a thing. You’re never going to have a situation that applies to everyone. So just explore how could your offer working with you paying you to help them? How could that save people money, maybe it’s going to be inspired you to add to the list and how it’s going to make them money. Then how does your offer save people time, get really granular on this, nothing is too insignificant to include in this list. Write it all out, you’re probably going to keep adding to your save money list your make money list because of the ideas that you have. Especially around the concept of what you do saving people time. Usually saving time allows them to save money or make more money in some way. So let these lists keep growing. But stretch your brain How does your offer save people time? How does your offer save people energy, same rules apply. Nothing is too small here write it all down. And then some just get crazy and radical and outlandish in the ways that your offer saves your people or makes them money. This is how you sell yourself on the need to NIS of what you do. It is not a want to to work with you it is a need to for the people that you help for your easiest best dreamiest clients. It is a need to and people buy need to is in a recession. It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing when it’s a need to. Nothing in the economy as a reason to not oversell. And a need to item that your people is looking are looking for is still going to be on the need to list so don’t get into weird competition or comparison or discount wars with any other businesses that you perceive as competition to you. That’s that’s what a lot of businesses do in a recession. And it’s why a lot of them won’t come out of it. Those are the businesses that suck, you’re not going to be one of them. Focus on creating demand and over selling to your people because they need it and then do it louder and bolder and more repetitively and with more conviction than you feel comfortable with. And that is overselling my friend. Have a wonderful, wonderful week.

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