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How to Start a Holistic Nutrition Side Hustle with Molly Sellers

Table of Contents

Do you enjoy your current job but want to add extra income to your family?

Do you have other interests you want to explore in your free time?

Do you want to grow your own business while still working your 9-5?

If so, now is the perfect time to embark on a new journey. Thankfully, it is time to learn about growing a big nutrition side hustle with Molly Sellers.

She shares how she keeps up with the demands of her corporate job while exceeding her side hustle goals. Best of all, she shares how this is possible while maintaining sanity, health, and family time.

Building a Transition

Molly was happy working her corporate job. However, a health care in 2013 caused her mindset to expand. After being frustrated over not getting answers from doctors, she launched her own study into what could be happening. She wanted to find the root causes of what she was dealing with and how to heal herself.

While this situation was unfortunate, it empowered her to see how she could help so many other women. While at work, Molly often encouraged people to eat healthier and pay attention to their bodies. This then led to friends asking her to help them pick out better foods at the grocery store for a small price of $50. Molly found so much joy in helping women but knew she needed her certifications.

So, she completed her certification to become a nutritional therapy practitioner. After graduation, she started to grow her very profitable and busy private practice while slowly transitioning away from the corporate world.

In the spring of 2022, she heard Andrea from The Profitable Nutritionist® Program speak and was absolutely inspired. Molly instantly signed up for emails and officially joined the program in March. After starting here, Molly was ready to take her business to the next level.

Developing her Niche

Molly knew she wanted to work with women. After sharing her health scare, she had so many women who came to her after experiencing the same thing. Their hormones were all out of whack. So, she focused on helping women who were having hormonal issues.

Uncovering the Layers

When beginning to work with clients, Molly has them complete intake paperwork. This focuses on their health history and everything they are dealing with. Then, she does a 90-minute intake call where the conversation reveals so much that is going on. This may be a digestive issue, a thyroid problem, or other hormonal imbalances.

The intake process allows her to develop a relationship with her clients. Whether they were friends or strangers, this part is crucial in working together. It allows each person to be honest, ask questions, and feel comfortable to open up.

Creating a Message

Molly knew she needed to practice working with clients. So, she had two good friends willing to be her guinea pigs. This process allowed her essential insight into how to create a message for her business and how she could help women. One of the practice clients even became a paid client.

So, after graduating in July of 2022, she was ready to turn on her open sign. She knew how she wanted to craft her message and how she could help. After going through all the legalities in August, she quickly received two clients in September. These were people she knew who felt compelled to become paid clients based on her positive message of helping women feel better.

Developing Offers

When Molly got these two clients, she was ready to help. She developed all these services, such as meal prep, grocery shopping, and lab testing. She had three, four, and six-month programs. Ultimately, her website had so many offers and services.

However, she quickly realized that having many offers was confusing for her and her clients. She also realized that her pricing needed some changes.

So, she put some new procedures in place. For instance, she got burned a couple of things, such as her cancellation policy. She realized it is not okay for a client to cancel 30 minutes before their time. Additionally, she realized she needed some new forms. Essentially, she realized her NTA program taught content but not how to run a business. She needed to make changes as she developed her business.

Keeping it Simple

While Molly thought she needed different offers and programs to draw clients, she realized the opposite. She needed to keep it simple and scale back. For instance, she realized how many women were not drinking enough water. They did not need fancy terminology to hear the importance of water. Likewise, they didn’t need the scientific explanation of how bodies digest food. They just want to know how you can help them.

While keeping it simple, Molly realized that it included her conversational input. The client should do most of the talking- not her. She needs to listen—really listen—to the client. This step is crucial because it allows her to learn what works and doesn’t work for the client.

As Molly focused on keeping it simple, she tackled the 3K Challenge in The Profitable Nutritionist® Program. Her passion, knowledge, and understanding on the importance of listening allowed her to exceed her income goal.

Social Media and Setting up the Future

Molly loves talking to people in person. She wants to shake their hand, speak at a local yoga studio, and collaborate in person. So, she does some social media but not a ton. She does do weekly emails and is looking to improve on getting her point across better. As she does, she hopes to gain more sales and marketing from her emails. Additionally, she hopes to amp up her website and create a group program. Molly has great goals for the future and is excited to get started on them.

Learning about growing a big nutrition side hustle with Molly Sellers provides so much inspiration to get started. She kept her current job but worked on her dreams and goals for the future. Molly shows how important it is to always follow your heart and passions.

Want to hear Molly’s story in her own words, with even more juicy details? Listen to The Profitable Nutritionist® Podcast Episode #101 now.

There are also 105 (and counting) other episodes filled with profitable practice philosophies—and we do not mean spending hours making awkward Reels.

CLICK HERE to listen or find The Profitable Nutrition® podcast wherever you podcast. The Podcast is all about simple, evergreen marketing and sales strategies and tools…that work over and over again.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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Sign 4 Dream Clients This Month Without Posting On Social Media

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