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125. More Boundaries, More Money: $8550 In One Day with Debi B.

After 10 years in her brick and mortar holistic nutrition practice, Debi B. was exhausted and didn’t have much in her business bank account to show for it. She closed up shop. But there was a little voice inside wondering if she should open back up… And she did. But the second time around her experience has been MUCH different, and you’re going to love hearing why. On this episode of the podcast, The Profitable Nutritionist® student Debi B. candidly shares:

  • How she overcame burnout after 10 years of 1:1 nutrition clients
  • What exactly she changed in her offer to attract her ideal clients (and repel the rest)
  • What boundaries she now enforces with her clients
  • The reason she wasn’t converting on consult calls (but after fixing that issue sold $8550 in one day)
  • And more


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Andrea Nordling 00:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my friend. I am joined on today’s episode
with a student in the profitable nutritionist program. Her name is Debi B., and she has an
incredible story to share about her first month in the program, specifically going from 10 years
as a one on one holistic nutrition practitioner being very burned out with her clients realizing
she was not making money in her business to speak of when she actually had her bookkeeper
run the numbers and print them for her and was astonished at how little money she was
making considering how hard and how long she was working. And how she very, very quickly
instituted some big boundaries in her business, changed her offer and went from consoles that
were not converting at all, one week to the next week making $8,550 in one day, she has such
a great story. But not only is it a good story, she’s very specific about what it was that she
changed in what she was talking about what she was thinking about and how she was selling
her offer, and the clients that she was working with, which is what created this big shift in her
business. It’s very, very tactical episode and specific on what she was working on. So I know
you are going to love this episode. Specifically, if you are feeling like success is far away, like it
takes a long time to get there, I have to work really hard for a long time. That is not true. It is
usually very, very simple, doable tactical switches that need to get turned on in your brain and
a few different things that need to be done instead of what you’re doing. And the floodgates
open. Because the truth is, people are really sick, they need your help. That is the sad truth in
the world. Today. There’s no shortage of clients, it is just usually a messaging problem or an
offer problem, or a combination of the two with some mindset issues along with it that are
causing the delay in those clients reaching out to you and throwing their credit card. Debbie
has a lot to say about this. And I know you’re going to love the episode, she talks very
specifically about what components in the profitable nutritionist program were really helpful for
her, including the let’s see, how did she describe it the definition of her easiest client versus her
hardest client. That is a concept that I teach inside the program. And as you’re listening to this
episode, I actually am opening up that part of the program for free for five days in the
upcoming clients week challenge. I don’t know if we call it challenge clients week training
series. So for five days, February 26 to march 1, you get access to the easiest clients hardest
clients framework and exactly how to work this out for yourself in your own marketing. So you
know what to say and what not to say to your people to get the right ones reaching out to you.
This was something that was really helpful for Debbie she talks about it in the episode. So I
want to make sure if you’re listening in real time that you understand, that is exactly what I am
teaching in the upcoming clients week free training. So go to the profitable
nutritionist.com/clients plural to sign up for that if you are listening in real time again, that is
February 26 to march 1. Additionally, the enrollment for the spring enrollment in the profitable
nutritionist program will also be open starting next week, which is February 29 to march 6. So if
you want to come into the program, and you totally should. So you can hang out with Debbie
and hundreds of other very, very successful practitioners that can share all their wisdom with
you. And you can go through the process and the frameworks that she talks about in the
program you too could make at $550 in your first four weeks of the program happened to be on
one day for so fun. I can’t wait for you to hear all about that in this episode. So if you are joining
us in the program, it is the profitable nutritionist.com/join. That is the information page with all
of the details on the program. And you can sign up for the waitlist to make sure you get email
notifications on February 29 when the doors are open. Now if you’re listening to this episode in
the future past the clients with training and the enrollment dates, you can still go to the
profitable nutritionists.com/join Details page and get the dates for the next upcoming
enrollment. We keep that updated always with the next dates that the doors will be open so
you can always get those there. Alright, without further ado, I am going to slide on over to my
interview with Debbie which was so juicy. I cannot wait for you to hear it. All right. Welcome
Debbie brick to the podcast. I’m so so jazzed about our conversation today. I don’t even know
what we’re going to talk about today. But I know it’s going to be so good. I told that we were
going to I’m going to ask about your journey, how you got here things that you’ve learned
things that would help other people what you have, what has been the reality of your business
in comparison to what you thought your business would be like. So I know this is going to be
really valuable conversation, regardless of what direction it goes. So thank you so much. Thank
you for having me. says great to be great. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do
and how you got to the point where you’re doing it. Tell us about how you got here. Okay.
So I’m a board certified holistic nutritionist. And I guess my interest in nutrition began when I
was like 17 years old. My dad was 43. And ahead his first triple bypass surgery. Oh, wow. Yeah,
three years old. It really scared me. Over the next 20 years or so he had two more open heart
surgeries plus many angioplasties in between. And I just remember thinking, I don’t want to
end up like my dad. So I tried all sorts of different diets. I suffered from chronic constipation
and depression, pretty much my whole life. And I tried doing vegan and vegetarian and all that.
But that went out the window when I got pregnant for my son and craved the burger. But
Andrea Nordling 05:44
all the burgers, let’s have bacon, and let’s have exactly,
so I still struggled. And then in 2007, my husband was diagnosed with all sorts of colitis. Oh,
wow. And that was probably the defining moment for me because he was at a point where the
meds that they originally put him on weren’t working, they had him on six MP, which is a med,
they give cancer patients to suppress our immune system, plus prednisone. And if he wasn’t
taking these drugs, he literally would have bloody diarrhea was terrible. So I, I always
suspected food played a role. And I started doing all this research to try to help my husband
and there was all this conflicting information. And, and I wasn’t sure and I did like a 30 minute
free nutrition consult at a health food store. And just a few tweaks that she did for me, made a
difference. And I said, this is it, I need to learn how to do this for myself to help my family. So
that’s when I decided to become a holistic nutritionist. And that was in January of 2013. When I
went to school for that
Andrea Nordling 06:52
Amazings, almost 10 years ago. Yeah, isn’t that isn’t it kind of cool to put the timeline together
and actually realize, oh, wow, like that was this and this and this and 10 years ago? Amazing.
Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. And but the funny part was, is I started making the changes, and
starting to feel fantastic and healing my body and my husband wasn’t even willing to change.
And I was like, Are you kidding me? Like I did all this for you. You know, I didn’t didn’t think that
I was going to make a business out of it. I wanted to help my husband and my family members.
But thankfully, he eventually got sick and tired of being sick and started making the changes.
And I’m happy to say that he has been in remission and medication free for about 11 years
now. Amazing.
Andrea Nordling 07:40
That’s so exciting. That is a really, really, really good story. So cool. Because our family
members can be our, our toughest clients 100
At least mine, are they they don’t? Yeah,
Andrea Nordling 07:55
sure, totally. Okay, so 2013, you get certified. And at this point, did you know it was going to be
a business for you? Or were you still thinking just as just for you know,
so I honestly, wasn’t really thinking that it was going to be a business. At the time, I was
working as a hairdresser. I’ve done a bunch of different things. I’ve done customer training
consult for a computer company. And then I took off 20 years to have my kids and then went to
work part time as a hairdresser. And then I found myself just constantly talking about nutrition
with my clients and our customers. And so then, when I was in school for nutrition, I had to
have to I had to put take on two clients for without charging them and also teach a five week
nutrition program class in a business. Okay, so the two clients that I took on, I actually hit it in
on Facebook, I went on this local holistic site, and I said Is anybody out there that has all sort of
colitis or Crohn’s disease that would like free nutrition counseling? I need it for school, blah,
blah, blah, because that is what I really wanted to specialize in. Yeah. And I had a young college
student who, who signed up with me, and then I had a neighbor with so he had also have colitis
and a neighbor with Hashimotos. And I was I remember thinking when I went into it, I don’t
even know if this is gonna work. You know, I’m like, I don’t know, I’m just, I have no idea. So but
I’m like, I need it for school. So I was working with them. And I could not believe the
improvements and like, how, how much it helped. And so I was like, wow, this is pretty cool.
And then I taught the five classes at a company, and one person signed up for nutrition
counseling with me and I was like, oh, okay, and again, super successful client. And I was like, Well, this is really cool. I want to help everybody now. Yeah. And so it became, like I became
obsessed with like wanting to help people but almost to a fault, because I was like, I wish I
could just do this for free, because I just want to help everybody. Yeah,
Andrea Nordling 10:05
I bet a lot of people listening to this episode are having the same thoughts. I want to just point
out the genius, though, of you posting very specifically, does anyone have Crohn’s or ulcerative
colitis? In calling out those conditions of people you want to work with? I would imagine that the
response was bigger by having something specific. And then you are getting specific people
that are like, either yes or no, I have that. I don’t have that. And probably people in I don’t know
what your what your experience was around this. But I would imagine other people thinking,
Oh, okay, I have to send so and so her way, like in the future, or just knowing, I guess what I’m
saying is I knowing what nutritional therapy can help with is, so it’s so huge, and you calling it
out, like I want someone that has this or this that I want to work with that is so major in your
marketing, to call out who you want to work with, because we think that people know what
nutritional therapy can help with and they really have no idea. So that’s just genius. I think that
was a great way for you to start. If
I would have kept going that way. That probably would have been amazing. But until I knew
Andrea, I decided that Oh, no, I can’t niche because then, you know, nobody will come to me
how many people have this, how many people suffer from this. So I was just very broad. And
Andrea Nordling 11:22
and even if you’re broad, I can’t wait to see where this goes, by the way. But even if you’re
broad, I think you can do those same call outs with everything we get, like, I’m taking two new
clients that have Hashimotos I’m doing you know, it could be a variation of that for like all the
different things and just what a great way to educate the people that are watching on what
what you can help with. And I love the that you posted in a group that was already kind of
holistically minded. I think that was genius. Okay, so keep going. Alright, so you you want it to
work with all the people for free. That doesn’t work. It’s not a great business model, by the way.
But there are I mean, it can’t be a strategy. So I’m curious to hear how it went. Tell us the story.
So when I started, I didn’t charge much at all. And I started with meeting people like in their
homes or coffee shops, things like that. And then I eventually got myself a small office. So I
wasn’t charging much at all. And I fact I had a client come in and say to me, she goes, Why are
you charging only this much. And I can’t remember what it was at the time. But it was like a
whole, like I worked with people for like months for like $195 or something. It was like really
crazy low. And I was like, I don’t know, I mean, I didn’t know what to charge. I didn’t really have
the I loved the education that I received. But unfortunately, I received absolutely zero
education on business and how to run a business and what to price. And so I basically was
winging it the whole time, the whole 10 years, I was winging it. And I did get very busy. And I
did raise my prices over the years. But it still wasn’t enough. I remember my my husband does
the accounting and this another thing that I know, like, the profitable niches program, your
program has really been so eye opening for me about how I need to run every aspect of my
business that I don’t even really know what’s going on in the background. You know, I you
know, my husband’s like, oh, it’s all in QuickBooks. I can just print it, print it out anytime you
want. But I don’t really pay that much attention. And so I had I go Can you print out like how
much I’m actually like making when he did that. I was so discouraged. I’m like, Are you kidding
Andrea Nordling 13:40
I’m like, interesting, okay,
I was working nights weekends doing paperwork. I literally put myself on the backburner. My, my kids would say, Mom, can you want to watch a movie? I can’t. I’m working. And I look back
on that now. And I’m not proud of it at all. And I got to the point where I got so burnt, I just kept
burning out. And so I’m like, Okay, I’m just gonna take less people. And then I would I’m type of
person that has a hard time saying no. So somebody would call me up and I’m like, well, it’s like
a two month wait, oh, do you have anything sooner? Like, I’m really, I have all these issues and
blah, blah. And I’m like, oh, and I look at my schedule and be like, okay, yeah, I guess I could
get you in here. Okay. And, but it was really doing them a disservice because I got to the point
where I, I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. And I hate to say this, but like I would like if somebody
cancelled or rescheduled, I’d be like, Oh, thank god. Yeah, yeah, I just it was just too much. And
what happened was I I just I kept praying, okay, what do I do? What do I do? I really love
helping people, but I keep burning out. I kept I kept taking like all these little courses, avoid
burnout, and like nothing was helping and then I broke my elbows. Plural. I yeah, I took a hard
fall. And that was in July of 2022. And I couldn’t work like I couldn’t type. I couldn’t even bend
my arms. And so I all the people that I had scheduled with me, I actually cancelled. The clients
that I had left, I just finished them up and said that, you know, I’m retiring, I figured this was my
sign, I’m supposed to retire. I closed my office, because I had my own office at that time. And
then I took that time to work on myself. Because I just was not in a good mental place at that
point. I just knew I wasn’t. And then in December, I took a job as a teacher aide, December,
Andrea Nordling 15:52
So I finished off my clients, they went till about January of 2023. I started the teacher a job,
December of 2022. And I enjoyed it. I mean, I love the kids and everything. And there was no,
obviously, you know, I come home and there’s no paperwork. And I was like, This is great. And
actually, it’s so funny because the school met somebody from the school messaged me and
said, Are you the same Debbie Breck, that is the nutritionist. And I was like, yeah. And because
we’d like this may be a stupid question. I’m like, No, this is me. I never shut down my website.
I’d kept it up there. And she said, Well, we’re having a wellness day, would you be willing to
teach some nutrition classes for our for everybody? And I said, Yeah, our students are Stafford,
each for staff. Okay. And I love teaching that I actually love to do. I love standing in front. I’ve
I’ve done many teaching engagements. I love it. So I was like, oh, yeah, I’ll do that. So I got a
great response. You know, you could pick which classes you wanted to go to. So my class got a
really good response. And after that, now that they know that I’m a nutritionist, I have all these
people asking me questions, and it kind of sparked a backup in me. And it made me realize how
much I miss doing it. Then I had people telling me, oh, you know, you know, boy, I could really
use someone like you, I could really use someone. And that was a really hard the, when I
stepped back, that was super hard for me to because I was so afraid to let so many people
down. I never advertised, I got super busy just by referrals just by posting in that holistic
Facebook page, just helping people just answering some basic questions, just kind of got my
name out there and doing like wellness fairs. And I do speak free speaking engagements at the
Wellness Fair. And that’s pretty much how I built up my business. And visiting doctors, I would
also go visit doctors. So I have functional medicine practitioners that were sending their
patients to me. And so I’m like, Oh my gosh, I can’t like disappoint them. And so that just I just
kept going and going and burning and burning. So when I went back to school in September,
back to the school, I realized I just wasn’t enjoying it, like I was before. And I was really missing
having my own business and being my own boss and helping people. And I started I’m like, You
know what, I know what I’m going to do. I’m just going to do a group program. That’s what I’ll
do. I’ll do a group program. No more one on one because there’s no money in it. It just burns
me out of people. It’s just, it just does not work. And I literally was watching, I was binging free
coaching videos, like you put out the free program, the free five day program. There was a
couple of other people that did that. So I’m watching all of these different coaches. I’m thinking
I’m just kidding. I’m just going to do a online business. So I can work one hour a week and make
$100,000 a year. Because that’s what a lot of them are promoting. And I actually reached I
asked you because I thought well, maybe I shouldn’t be in the mastermind because I’ve been in
business for 10 years. Why would I go into the profitable nutritionist program that’s going to be
too elementary for me, right? Thinking that yeah, like I know what I’m doing, which I clearly
Andrea Nordling 19:23
Andrea Nordling 19:23
you clearly did. You had a lot of clients a lot of referrals, you know exactly what you’re doing.
But okay, you’ve
got maybe I know the nutrition, but it’s hard running a business now. And so I had reached out
to you and I and I asked you and you said no you recommended that I do the profitable
nutritionist program first. And so I was like okay, well yeah, well, I’ll just I’ll do and I’ll see if I
can get anything out of it. But I got to say like it was the best decision I ever made. I’m so glad I
didn’t go with those other programs. I’m loving working one on one again, and I I’m not
stressed at all. And I realized what I was, you know, missing? Yeah. Yeah. Okay,
Andrea Nordling 20:07
so this is was remind me was this December 2023 When you joined the program, so yes, okay.
Okay. So you join TPN, you come in, we have to talk about what happened in your first like six
weeks in the program. Let’s, let’s get into it. Yeah, what changed? What did you decide you
went through? I mean, I teach a process in there for deciding what your offer is. And it can be
group, it can be one on ones. But clearly, you decided to do one on one again, so Trump, like,
let’s walk us through. Tell me about that. How did you decide? Yeah,
so I was determined to do group. And there’s a lot with that, too, to get that all going. And
Andrea Nordling 20:45
I mean, they’re truly a group so that anybody that’s tried to do this or has successfully done it
knows, it is a different skill set to sell a bunch of people to start something all at the same time.
And fill a group the way that you want to that is its own pressure, for sure.
Right. So as I’m going through your program, I’m like, Well, I know how to do one on one. And I
know why I got so burnt out. Now, taking your program. And so I’m like, Well, I’ll start with one
on one, get a couple people in, it’s fine, while I’m working on this group program, not thinking I
was going to really enjoy it. And it was going to be as great as it was. So not only what you
teach with the 30 day challenge, but also the coaching calls and the peer groups were really
super helpful, super, super helpful. Because I’m going through all, you know, the whole
program plus the 30 days, and I’m learning so much of what I didn’t learn for business. So in
addition to the business, my whole mindset was completely wrong. And I didn’t realize how bad
it was, until I started to do the 30 Day Challenge. And I’m reading these questions. And I’m like,
some of them I was like, I don’t know, it was almost like, well, I part of me didn’t even want to
answer them. It’s almost like I didn’t want to address the issues. And I’m a journaling person, I
journal I do gratitudes I do all that. But it was something about those questions. And I know,
and I saw some of them I would look at I’m gonna and I was like, well, I’ll just do it in my head.
I’m not gonna.
Andrea Nordling 22:27
Yeah. Oh, I know. Yeah, that’s, that’s a red flag. But we don’t like what we’re seeing in there, for
sure. Right?
And then I’m, you know, the encouragement of everybody else and your videos and everything.
I’m like, no, no, I just really need to put 100% in and I need to do this. So what
Andrea Nordling 22:45
Devin is talking about, I want to just clarify, so everybody knows. So in the profitable
nutritionist program, we have live coaching calls with me with our support coaches, I bring in
guest coaches. So there’s ample opportunity to do live q&a on our static coaching calls, live
coaching calls. But we also have brainstorm breakout sessions. So you mentioned you like the
the peer groups and the live coaching calls, the brainstorm breakout sessions are where we all
get on zoom at a certain time. And then me or my team breaks it into small groups of three to
five people. And you actually peer review each other’s ideas, copy evaluations of clients, your
client process all of that, but you get real time feedback. And we kind of have a system for how
we do that. So everybody gets equal airtime in those groups. And those are super helpful. But
in addition to that, twice a year, we do a live 3k In 30 Days Challenge, which we just wrapped
up in January. So that is what Debbie’s talking about in terms of the 30 Day Challenge and
doing the exercises in that every day. And it’s just a journaling prompt that you do every
morning. That’s what the challenge is. But it is, as she’s saying, very, very insightful to see
what’s going on in that brain of ours. And to really peel back the layers of the onion on our
thoughts on ourselves and our thoughts about our clients and their results. And all of the things
that come up when we have a big goal and a finite timeline. So that’s what the 3k Challenge is
about. So you’re doing your journaling with the 3k Challenge prompts, and feeling like you don’t
even want to write them down. Totally, totally common. I love it. But you did. And what
what happened was my mind started to shift. And I could clearly see the blockages that I had
that I need to break through my my blockages about myself confidence. My issues with money
and charging people what I’m worth because I guess I had this fear of like, like, I’ve looked at
other people what other people charge and I’d be like, Oh my gosh, how could I can’t believe
they’re charging that much money. You know, and thinking that that was like a bad thing. And I
just I guess I was undervaluing myself number one for years. Hmm. And I think part of it was
because I felt like I I wanted to help everyone partly because I didn’t value what I was offering.
And then like I said, when I calculated the time I was spending and how much I was charging. I
was horrified. You know, it’s like I was making less than minimum wage. It just, it’s like, it’s not
fair like, so I had to change my mindset about money, which this really, really helped me to do.
The other thing that the whole program has helped me to do is like to set boundaries. I had an
issue, I always had an issue with setting boundaries. You know, it’s, I’m embarrassed to say
that like my 90 minute phone canceled, or 90 minute initial counsels would sometimes go for
two and a half hours or more. Okay, I just would not shut people down. It’s so funny when you
when you talk about the was it discouraged, Debbie? And
Andrea Nordling 25:50
yeah, DIY, Debbie. And yeah, Catherine
Courtney. I was like, I literally was at the gym listening to that wanting to crawl into a corner
thinking, Oh, my gosh, she’s talking about me.
Andrea Nordling 26:05
I did, I did when I published that. And I spent four years like, we’ve used that for years. But I
was like, I do feel bad for any Debbie that actually
Russia, Andrea, renew, like in my home or something.
Andrea Nordling 26:25
Let’s take a minute and talk about podcasts. Here’s how they work, you subscribe. And then
every Tuesday rain or shine, you’re going to get a brand new episode in your feed for free from
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It really really does mean the world.
And it’s it’s like it’s crazy how so many of the things that you have said it was like, it’s like she’s
like literally reading my mind. Like it’s crazy. And then you know, not comparing yourself to
others, which is what I would constantly do. And you know, you said, I’ll never forget it. You said
Don’t compare yourself to others don’t look at what you know, everybody else is doing. Do the
numbers do and when I did the numbers, that’s when I started to really see my value and
change. And then when I when I did one of the group, oh, the breakout sessions, the breakout
sessions, the pure breakout sessions. I was like all like, Oh yeah, I’m gonna do a three month
package. That’s our thing I had I had 50 million different offers. And then I would throw out
there and of course, they’d pick the, the cheapest one, or they would pick just the genetic
testing with the, with the review, which I felt like was a disservice because I couldn’t really work
with them to so I’m like, I’m gonna charge $1,100 a charge. That’s that’s a lot. I was like, yeah.
And then I got on this peer group. And they’re like, oh, my gosh, Debbie, what are you talking
about? This is like, that’s way too low. And I’m like, What do you mean? And, you know, one of
the one of the girls said, Yeah, I’m right now I’m charging 9097. But I plan to be at 5k by the
end of the year, and I was like, she was you need to charge at least 9097. And I’m like she’s
like, Yeah, you can do this. And so I got all amped up. I had hit iPhone console, like it was either
that day or the next day, one or two of them. And I wasn’t believing that price. And I could tell
that I wasn’t believing that price. And so they you know, I can see the value, but I just can’t
afford it. I’m like, okay, all right. Well, you know, I’ll be here if you need me, you know, blah,
blah, blah. And I was just like, oh, so then I went back to my mindset. I went back to my
numbers, I went back to figuring it out. And I figured the bet a more comfortable price for me,
was 1850. Okay,
Andrea Nordling 29:43
so fascinating that 1850 and 1997 was a huge difference in your brain. In
my brain. It was an enormous difference. So
Andrea Nordling 29:51
wild. Yeah. And, and then
I also offer genetic testing and I’m like, I’m going to make just a genetic test. Add on because I
didn’t want to force people to have to get it. So I did the genetic test add on with the review.
And so with that package 2650, that’s just the vote came to me 2650. And in this is for three
months working with them with the genetic testing. And I felt super good about it. Like I like did
a lot of brainstorming a lot of soul searching all that prayer. And then I had two calls to two
more initial counsels. And I went into it with a different mindset, like, I’m like, I can help these
people. This is what you know, bah, blah. And the first one purchased the three month package
with genetic testing for himself and his wife. And he wanted that they wanted the genetic
testing for their son. So I didn’t I let them add that by itself. So I saw, I sold two packages with
genetic tests to the parents and a genetic test with a review for their child. Then I had another
call that same day, and that person also booked with the genetic testing. And I was like, Oh, my
gosh, in one day, I made over $8,500. Like, I’m like, This is insane. This
Andrea Nordling 31:14
is insane. Because your belief was so high, and you were so sold on it. And you just, you were
there to sell it. I just helped them until
I went to bed last that night.
Andrea Nordling 31:24
Oh, okay. And then. And then,
yes, I’m like, I run downstairs a slide across the floor. I’m like, This is amazing. Yeah. And then I
go to bed that night, and impostor syndrome just pops up in my head. And I’m laying there and
I’m like, Oh, my gosh, what if what if I don’t deliver? What if I and then all my brain starts going
nuts on me? Yeah, even though I’ve had success. Throughout my career. I, towards the end,
when I when I decided to retire, quote, retire, I had attracted a lot of non ideal clients, because
of my thought processes. Those few towards the end weren’t getting the results, because they,
and I’m like, why do they keep paying me when they’re not doing what I’m asking them to do?
You know, I know, Debbie, I’m supposed to do this. But you know, I was stressful day at work.
So I ate a whole bag of Cheetos. And, you know, and I’m just like, it was just discouraging. But I
didn’t realize until I took your program that a lot of that was because I was so defeated. My
clients were defeated. And just like with the 30 day challenge, how it’s changing my mindset,
how that changes our clients mindset. And really, it just was just mind blowing. So slept terrible
got up the next day. And I’m like, Okay, once again, I need to do my journaling. And I need to
go back. And it definitely, you know, a lot of work on myself during this. But, you know, I’m
happy to say the ones that are paying that money, and that I am working with now. They’re
very happy. And we’re already seeing results. And it’s only been a few weeks. So it’s been
Andrea Nordling 33:10
It’s so, so fun to watch that happen. And then to see your brain play out in real time with the
imposter syndrome. I’m so glad you brought this up. So we can talk about it. Because you said
you laid in bed that night and you’re thinking oh my gosh, what if I can’t get them results?
What if they don’t do the things? Like what if it doesn’t work? What if they think it’s a waste of
money? What if they want to refund all of that? And I just want to offer for anybody listening to
that when you have those thoughts that seem like rhetorical questions, just answer the
rhetorical questions that your brain is going to keep looping on those things. So the best thing
you can do is answer the rhetorical questions. Okay, what if they don’t get results? Make a
plan? What will I do? I’ll evaluate with them, we’ll figure out what is it working, we’ll try some
new things. I will reach out to other practitioners. I know I will post in the TPN group and find
out who else has had a similar experience? What would they do? I will it mean? Like make
evidence for yourself about how you’re resourceful? And you’ll figure it out? If that happens.
Same thing with like, if, if they want to refund, we want to hide hide from that. I don’t think you
said that specifically, but like a lot of people really want to not acknowledge that. They’re just
like, that’ll never happen. I have to make sure that never happens. And they lay in bed at night,
stressing that it might happen. But really just make a plan. Just answer the rhetorical question,
what would happen if I got a refund request? What would I do? What would I change in the
future? How would I evaluate that? How would I handle it? And just answering those questions
will calm your brain down so much?
Yeah, that’s great advice, for sure. But
Andrea Nordling 34:31
I think you did that. I think you innately did that. You just you got up, you got back to it. And
you can answer those questions for yourself. All right. And I’m feeling all the fields. My brain is
freaking out. I’m having the impostor syndrome, what am I going to do about it? And you’re so
moving forward, and I just love it so much. I’m so excited for you. Thank
you. Yeah, it’s exciting. And then as you go on, you get more and more confident in what you’re
doing. But you’re right. It’s like not allowing those thoughts to bring you down into To, you
know, just keep, keep going
Andrea Nordling 35:02
totally. And the referrals that come from these clients are going to already expect the higher
price, they’re going to already understand the investment. I mean, people talk, so we have to
be realistic about that, too. You’re going to get great results with these people, and they’re
gonna go spread the word. And then those people come to you already knowing what the offer
is already, you know, having an idea about how it’s going to work and the selling is more
natural. They already come in pretty sold. I mean, they’re whoever they’ve talked to has
already shared results with them, it gets easier. The Snowball is rolling faster down the hill. And
then that does build your confidence even more, and it’s just just compounds.
So good. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, it’s been wonderful.
Andrea Nordling 35:40
So what is now I have to ask to circle back to your plans for group versus one on one. What
does that look like now for the rest of the year for you? What are you thinking?
So I still would like to put together a group program, but I’m thinking I’m gonna have to join the
mastermind. Unfortunately, I’m not super good with tech, and I get overwhelmed easily. When
it comes to tech it it just and I know you have all the resources for people to help, I guess, into I
don’t want to I have a habit of starting something. And then, oh, let’s start this. And I’ve got like
five things I want to start and then I overwhelm myself and I don’t do anything. So I have to be
careful. Like, I want to start a podcast. And it’s like, Okay, do I start a podcast now? Or should I
wait to start a podcast? Do I blog, I started the newsletter. And I have, like, I’m up to which I
had zero email list at all. And I think I’m up to 6070 subscribers, something like that. So that’s
exciting. Because I do have social media, but I hate it. So that’s another thing that attracted me
to your program is like, I really would rather not use it. I’ll use it. But not I don’t want it to be my
main source of anything. Yeah,
Andrea Nordling 37:02
I think definitely focusing on one thing at a time. And that’s something I teach in the program,
too, is just focusing getting really good at that one thing. So is that going to be your one on
ones for this year? Just keep just keep growing? I think
so because I’m enjoying it. So I think I’m gonna ride that out and see how it goes. Yeah, and go
from there. And I guess the other struggle I have with group programs is that for some reason,
and maybe it’ll change if I actually put my, my own group together, I’ve taught group programs,
like a restart, is that I just didn’t enjoy doing it virtually, I don’t mind working one on one
virtually, but I like to be in front of people, because I can feel their energy better. And I can see
if I’m losing them if I’m sharing too much and need to scale it back. And maybe that’s how I
should start and then hone in on what’s seems to be the most effective as far as what they can
listen to and what they want to learn, and not overwhelm them. Because that’s the other thing
that I can have a habit of doing is overwhelming people giving them too much information,
because so excited to share everything. Yeah,
Andrea Nordling 38:13
I think that’s just I think that that’s just an industry downfall. Like, that’s just how we are we
want everyone to know all the things but like, I have to tell you all of it elevate. Yeah. Which is
a good thing, too. I don’t know.
a good thing, too. I don’t know.
Yeah. So that’s where I’m, I’m on the fence with that. And I’m debating on whether I’m not a big
fan of I shouldn’t say big fan. I’m not one to like sit down and, and blog is not like really my
thing. I don’t I like the newsletter tonight. It’s short, it’s short and sweet. And you send it and
you’re done. But then you know, you hear you should really have a blog, because then it brings
more traffic to your website, because of the keywords that you keep repeating things like that.
And I know that I can write a blog and share it on my newsletter or write a newsletter and make
it into a blog. I can do that too.
Andrea Nordling 39:04
But it has to be something you’re excited about that you want to do long term. And I did a
podcast episode. Actually, I should look up the number that it was so I can reference it. But I did
a podcast episode called should you start a podcast? And when I went through there in my
framework was how I decided if I was ready to do a podcast and really like my criteria around
that was Am I willing to do this for a year? Like even if I get no results from this at all? Am I
willing to do it for a year? Pulling it up right now to see what the episode number is? So it’s
episode number 55. Should you start a podcast? And it was like yeah, am I willing to do this for
a year with no results consistently and then evaluate if I want to keep doing it or not? And for
me doing a podcast, I was willing to do that it is work to set it up. And that certainly is a lot of
work that goes into it every week. But I like doing it so I’m willing to do that. I mean, it’s not it’s
kind of low hanging fruit for me to get on and talk but if I did The same just for me, this isn’t
right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. But just for me if it was, am I going to write a blog post every
week for the next year? That to me feels really grueling. So it was an easy decision for me like,
yep, podcast, I could do this, but blog post was kind of in the same boat. I know that there’s
definitely reasons to do that. But it wasn’t something that I knew I was going to be excited to
stick with for a year. So it was an easy no for me. I don’t know if that’s helpful for you or
anybody else listening? I’ll just offer that. But I did a whole podcast on that episode. 55.
Yeah, I’ll have to listen to that one. Because I can totally relate to exactly what you’re saying. I
feel like I could pick up and just talk all day long. I can. Anybody if anybody wants to talk about
nutrition or, or any lifestyle and I’m a Heart Math practitioner, too. And so the breathing and
you know, all of that stuff, stress management, I love talking about that. I it I find it very easy
for me to just start talking about it. Whereas to sit down and write I agree with you. It feels
more grueling to me like
Andrea Nordling 40:58
yeah, so now I mean, I’m at the point where I have copywriters that are going back through my
podcast episodes and creating long form blog posts from it. So it isn’t that that will never
happen. Because I do think that is useful strategy. But it’s not something I wanted to put my
time and attention to. Because everything works. Like ultimately, everything works is blogging
work. Sure, do podcasts work shirt, do just emails, work shirt, does social media work? Sure.
But trying to do all of it at once is where like, that’s just not sustainable. For one person to do
that is not sustainable. So my suggestion to you and everybody listening, pick one. And just get
consistent with that and just coach yourself on this one thing, if I’m really good at it is totally
enough. And I can always add more later, I can always have people come in and do the things
later in my business, which is super fun.
Okay, I need to write that down again, because
Andrea Nordling 41:49
what the interview turns into a coaching call, I love it. Exactly. I
know. Thank you, Andrew. But no, it’s it’s so true. It’s so true. It’s like, I don’t know what it is, I
have five minutes of free time. And it’s like, oh, now I need to start this.
Andrea Nordling 42:06
But I think that that’s when you know you’re doing something you love when you’re excited
about it. And you’re creating value and you’re back in I bet you didn’t feel that way when you
were really burned out. And when your mindset wasn’t great about your business. So knowing
that you have all the ideas, and you want to do all the things, I think is an indication of the fact
that you’re kind of aligned with your business right now. I think that’s great. I don’t suggest
doing all of them. But I mean, I think it’s just like good energy around your business in general.
So I wanted to ask what we have covered some of these things. But was there anything else
you wanted to add? In terms of what did you think your business was going to look like, when
you started a nutrition business versus the reality of it? Like, let’s kind of dig into any, anything
you had around that? Okay,
so what did I think it was going to look like? I guess, like when I first started, like I said, I didn’t
really I didn’t really know, I didn’t think it was actually going to be like a sustainable business, I
just thought I’d flip from here to there helping this person and that person. And then as it
started organically growing, then I did start picturing it. Where, okay, I’m gonna own this entire
building, where I’m gonna have all these other practitioners that are holistic in there with me.
And so if I’m going to have a holistic wellness center, and I, you know, and it was all going to
be, you know, wonderful and easy and in all this stuff, and I guess I didn’t realize, well,
especially the way I was running it, how much how much work it is to do every one of those
steps and, and I didn’t realize that I was going because because I had issues with setting
boundaries. I didn’t realize that I was going to basically sacrifice my, my own well being and
family time and stuff to work with people one on one where I’m answering texts and messages
in the evenings on the weekends. And you know, it’s like what am I what am I doing and I had a
hard time saying no, so part of the what I thought it would look like didn’t turn out the way it
did be based on myself and my own issues with the way I was and I had to learn how to set the
boundaries and not answer emails and calls on the weekends and and even doing all of those
things. Like I said, I still was taking on too many people and I was doing everything myself. I
have more automations now going on which has helped the things that I’ve learned in the
program too and which helps a lot and and then setting the higher price. Now I’m getting my
ideal clients like we talked about and I don’t need as many and I’m making a lot more money.
Yeah, which is Just so much nicer.
Andrea Nordling 45:01
And when you’re really more clear on your boundaries, your people don’t push them. It’s when
you’re loosey goosey on? Should I be answering people on the weekends, and I think they need
me I have to help them. And when you’re when you’re having those thoughts, of course, people
will take as much as we’re willing to give. But I feel like a more premium offer this, this is just
my thoughts, but I think anyone could borrow them because they’ve been why not a more
premium offer better boundaries. And just attracting those easiest clients and being clear on
who your easiest clients are, is going to give you a whole roster of clients that really don’t email
you on the weekends. I would be very curious if that’s been your experience, but I would
hypothesize it is that they’re really not pushing the boundaries. No, they’re
they’re not. In fact, they only message me if there’s like an issue with like, some recipes, and
they couldn’t print them or something. You know what I mean? It hasn’t been anything. Yeah.
Andrea Nordling 45:54
It’s not like hand holding, like, hold my hand, hold my hand, hold my hand. Right, right. Yeah.
And I think that that’s a factor of getting better in your messaging and attracting those better
clients. But I just think that that also is a component of charging more premium prices. I
remember my in my real estate days. And this is a broad generalization. But that doesn’t mean
it isn’t true. When I would sell low priced houses to first time homebuyers. They had so many
questions, they had never done it before. They needed hand holding on everything, they barely
had enough money to squeeze into the house they were getting. So it was like everything was
drama, it was hard. They didn’t know the process. And they needed a lot of help. And they were
just barely able to afford the house. So when surprises would come up where there were
expenses. And I’m thinking the nutrition like parallel to this is buying more expensive food and
supplements and like doing more testing, when those things come up, nutrition wise, the same
thing with lower priced houses selling, it was hard, and they weren’t able to do it. And those
were just harder clients, those were harder deals to get to fruition versus more expensive.
Home Price was someone that probably had already done it before. They were very resourceful.
They had their own accountant already that they already had, or asked their questions to, they
weren’t expecting me to be helping with that kind of stuff. When things came up fixes needed
to be made, they had the money in the bank to do it. Usually, it’s just a much different
experience. And I think the same thing with health and wellness clients in any way that your
offer is going to kind of shape the people that you’re working with. And the level of I don’t know
if it’s resourcefulness but like the level of what’s the word I’m looking for it like the the tools
that they have access to, I don’t know, you know what I’m saying? Like, it’s something in there,
it just makes it easy. It just really does. Yeah,
and you brought up ideal clients. And that’s the other thing I really one of the things that I that
really also helped me to be more excited about what I do is to narrow down my niche, there are
certain clientele that I I just don’t prefer to work with. And so I that’s the other thing is I never
said no to anyone. It could be anything. And I would be like, Yeah, sure. And I’d be like, oh for
like for me, I don’t prefer to work with people that just want to lose weight, I find that they’re
not as committed because I like the sicker the better. I hate to say that but that’s that’s how I
like to work with people like that, because they seem to be more vote motivated. And I
shouldn’t have said that. Because a lot of people are motivated when they’re not really sick.
But I narrowed it down to people that suffer from like IBS and IBD. So I’m really passionate
about gut health because that’s I had IBS, so I have experience there and my husband with IBD
it’s not that I I’ll help anybody with any type of digestive disorder or autoimmune because I’m
also certified in autoimmune paleo. So that’s known that anyone with an autoimmune disease
has leaky gut, so that kind of plays together. But like as far as like the, the promoting and like
on my website and, and things like that I’ve put my tagline or whatever you call it, that who I
work with. And I’m getting more people that are messaging me with those health issues. So
that’s, that’s helpful for me too, because those are who I really I’m passionate about working
with. That’s my ideal client. So not only am I setting boundaries and you know pricing myself
where I feel like it’s worthwhile, it’s valuable not only to me, but my clients because I am
putting in the time to justify that price. But it takes it took a lot of it takes that stress off and it
makes it even more enjoyable. Totally.
Andrea Nordling 49:32
And they are invested literally and figuratively. That’s such a good I mean it’s a it’s just a win
win for everyone. Okay, I’m so excited for you, Debbie. I’m so excited to see where the rest of
the year goes. And beyond. Oh my gosh, just I really feel the momentum taking off for you
again, kind of not that you haven’t had that in the past. Obviously you have which has been
really fun to talk about. By the way. This is the episode The close of business and for coming
out of burnout and being re energized about your business and your clients again, I’m so
excited for you. But this kind of feels like a starting over a little like newer offer a new
perspective and new process. I mean, you’re in the program now. So you’re following a new
process. So I’m excited to see where this goes for you in the near future. It’s gonna be so fun. Where do people find you? Where do people send all of their IBS? IBD referral.
So I have my website is holistic nutrition, the number four health.com. Got it. I wanted to switch
it. But my SEO is so good. I was told not to. And I also I’m on Facebook, I have a private
Facebook group where I have like a lot of I help people on that too. It’s called Health and
Wellness with Debbie brick. I’m on Instagram, just my name Debbie Breck.
Andrea Nordling 50:55
And we’ll have all of these linked up in the show notes. So for anyone that wants to go find it,
you’ll find it there.
And I’m on LinkedIn, but I never posted but now I’m listening to your podcasts on LinkedIn. And
so now I’m getting kind of excited about starting to work that in so I’m on LinkedIn, LinkedIn
Andrea Nordling 51:13
is the move. I’m telling you. It’s so good. So good. Okay, cool. So we’ll have that all linked up in
the show notes, people will be able to come and find you. Obviously, if they’re in the profitable
nutritionist program, they can find you in there. And they should be by the way they should be.
So yeah, I am so grateful that you’re openly shared and especially with numbers. I think that is
really valuable to give like where your starting point was, what you’re charging, what didn’t feel
good for you What did and giving real numbers and the context of that is so valuable. So thank
you for sharing today openly and honestly, it’s been amazing. Thank
you for having me. It was a lot of fun.
Andrea Nordling 51:49
Okay, so we’ll stop recording that was so

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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