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137. Money Making “Side Bennies” of Joining The Profitable Nutritionist Program with Lindsay Little and Michele Stamn

PRO TIP: When two of your clients approach you and ask to talk about the unexpected and “secret” side benefits they got from working with you….

….you get them onto a podcast episode as quickly as possible.

Huge shout out to Michele Stamn and Lindsay Little for suggesting a candid conversation about entrepreneurial loneliness and how much it affects the bottom line.

Start making more money in your holistic nutrition or health coaching business right now without relying on social media. Get The Profitable Practice free course.

Listen and Learn: 

  • The unexpected side benefits of joining TPN (that even I didn’t know about)
  • The fear of having other practitioners steal your clients and ideas (and how to prevent it)
  • Adopting a “Sell them what they want, give them what they need” mentality

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Andrea Nordling 0:00
It is with such pleasure that I bring you this episode today, my friend. So on this episode, you are going to hear from two students inside the profitable nutritionist program. And I did not ask them to do this episode, what actually happened is they approached me and said, we have an idea about a podcast episode that we think would be so valuable to share with the podcast listeners, of course, I was all ears. Tell me more what what should this be? And they said, Wow, there’s some really interesting side benefits of joining the TPN program that you don’t really talk about. And we don’t really think you can talk about them, we have to talk about them. Of course, my attention was piqued even further. Tell me more.

I would love to have you talk about the money making side benefits of joining the TPN program. What is this all about? So we recorded an interview, which you’re about to hear about it is so juicy, because one of the things we talked about in that episode, is you have to sell people what they want, and then give them what they need. And that sounds creepy. At some level, it’s like this, like a little bait and switch. What is that, but we really broke it down and to hear from their perspective how they felt like I sold them what they wanted, and that gave them what they needed in the TPN program was so good. You’re going to get so much value for how you market to your clients. How you? Well, you know, I’m just saying you’re gonna say, there’s so many strategies in this episode that you can employ for making a better client experience, and having the really, really fun unexpected bonus of having your clients come to you and say, I want to tell people how good this is, it’s even better than they think. And I want to tell them why. Because right now I am grinning ear to ear it is not lost on me that they did not have to take the time to do this. And it is so sweet that they did but also what an incredible compliment, right? So that is not lost me I’m very, very grateful. I cannot wait for you to hear what exactly we mean by sell them what they want, give them what they need, how that applies to you and your business, as well as some of the fears that they had going into becoming a student in the profitable nutritionist program. Lindsay in particular said she was very, very apprehensive because she didn’t want other stealing her clients. So she didn’t want to share in the program what was working for her because she didn’t want other stealing our clients, we went into whole thing on that so good. So here’s what you need to know, enrollment for the TPM program is periodic for public enrollment. Right now we’re at a cadence of quarterly. So it only opens a few times a year, that could change in the future, but I don’t think so, to be honest, so it only opens quarterly, I think I can safely say that for the foreseeable future. And the next enrollment is coming up on May 16. So if you’re listening to this, when this episode drops, that will be in a couple of days, you can get all of the details for the program at the profitable nutritionist.com/join. Now, if you’re listening to this episode, in the future, all is not lost. Don’t worry, if you missed the enrollment period, you can always find the dates of the next enrollment, then we will be open at that same page. So it’s all of the details for the program, including the dates of the next enrollment will always be found at the profitable nutritionist.com/join. And of course we have that linked up in the show notes as well. But I cannot wait for you to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what some of the profitable side benefits have been for Michelle and Lindsey since joining the program, and I mean, there’s so many things I loved about this conversation, but not least of all, I love the fact that they said it was so unexpected. And they said you can’t talk about these things because you don’t even know we have to talk about it.

So fun. So without further ado, you have to hear this chat with Michelle and Lindsey and I cannot wait to see you inside the program.

Good to go. Oh my gosh. Okay, Michelle. Let’s see. Hello. Welcome to the profitable nutritious podcast. So you have both been guests before. So you’re a seasoned experts. But this episode, I’m so excited about because this is your episode, you guys approached me and wanted to do this episode. So first of all, say hello, say who you are, and then I’m going to explain how in the heck we got here. Okay. Hi, I’m Michele Stam and I’ve been in TPM for

Michele Stamn 4:15
two and a half years now. I think maybe longer, I’m not sure. Anyway, and I’m a plant based health coach. I live in Wisconsin, and I love TPM.

Andrea Nordling 4:30
Everywhere you guys are gonna give up, I’ll take all the plugs for the

Lindsay Little 4:35
and I’m Lindsey Liddell. I’m a holistic nutritionist and virtual health coach and I focus on helping busy women resolve their digestive issues so they can take on life again and just live their best life. And I joined TPN back in December of 2022. So almost a year and a half. Yeah, yeah.


Andrea Nordling 5:01
I love that. Well, Michelle Lindsay and I, along with some others were in Miami a few weeks ago, and we were doing a retreat about funnels and having a grand old time in person, which is the best. And the two of them approached me and said, Hey, we have an idea for a podcast episode, let’s do an episode talking about the unexpected benefits of being in the profitable nutritionists program. Like, Oh, tell me more, what are the unexpected benefits all about this. So that is what leads us to our chat today. And I am so excited about I think that there’s a lot that’s gonna be revealed here that I don’t even know about. But just the idea of there being things that like side benefits of growing your business of growing your community of being in a program with like minded practitioners and entrepreneurs, like such a great conversation to have. So I’m gonna let you to kind of take it from here and explain how you met. And like, what are some of these benefits that we’re going to be talking about? I don’t really I will just take it from here unstructured, let’s go. Okay. Well, this is Michelle. And spoiler alert, the unexpected bonus from TPN is great friends. So that’s, that’s kind of the, the beginning and the end. But to kind of fill in some of the details. Obviously, Lindsay and I are approached Andrew, because we’ve become such great friends through TPN. And wanted to talk about that on the podcast, just so everybody knows that. That is an unexpected bonus. But I guess I just want to talk about how we first met, and then I’ll let Lindsay kind of take it from there. But it all started, it all started when I went on to get coached by Andrea on one of our coaching calls. And the thing I was getting coached on was I was offering a bonus to my new clients who are signing up that month. And part of this bonus, because Andrea teaches have bonuses not discount. So I was doing what she said, and this particular bonus was a cooking class. And, you know, the of course the dream was a whole bunch of people would sign up and I’d have this big cooking class, or I suppose another option that I wouldn’t like as well. But that still didn’t scare me was if nobody signed up, because then nobody would know that, you know, when, when people there would be nobody at the cooking class, so nobody would know. But I was super concerned if one person came to the cooking class, because I’m like, then they’re gonna know that I only had one person sign up. And that would feel so terrible. And so I was getting coached on that. And Andrea had a few different ideas, all of which were helpful, but one of her suggestions was, hey, why don’t you see if anybody here and the profitable nutritionists, some other of your peers would want to just come on to your cooking class, your virtual cooking class, and then people would just be like, Oh, wow, there’s a whole bunch of people here. They don’t need to know that they were sort of plants, I guess. And, you know, sounded like a great idea. And I knew a couple people in TPN already that I thought, oh, I can ask them. But by the time I was done getting coached by Andrea, I went into the chat, because there’s always a chat running, that people are communicating in the chat. And Lindsey had texted me or whatever in this, this chat during the Zoom coaching call. And she said, Hey, I would love to come to your to your cooking class. And I was just like, I mean, amazed and floored and appreciative but I’m like, you don’t even know me. And now you’re like, reaching out to help me. And it just was amazing. Just amazing. I can’t say enough about how much that just touched my heart and men to me. And then, you know, I probably even emailed her. And I was like, you don’t have to come unless you want to. But of course.

Michele Stamn 8:49
I know. But I really want you to. And then she did. And she came and kind of the rest is history. She gave me some really great feedback. And yeah, we started talking and I don’t know, I’ll let you take it from there, Lindsey, but it was just so nice of you to do that. So thank you. Oh, you’re so welcome. And it was it was such a great cooking class too.

Lindsay Little 9:12
And yeah, I think it’s just, I mean, it’s amazing when we’re in that coaching session, and, you know, we can help each other and I think that’s one of the benefits of group coaching. Of course, you learn so much. And you can also you have that opportunity to help other people. So for me, it was like, Oh, this sounds like a cool cooking class, but more Oh, I can help them on and why not? Why not? I had some time so why not? And I think it just Yeah, I mean, the rest is kind of history from there. But it’s such a good point. Let’s talk about this before we move on. When you are surrounded by a group of entrepreneurs that understand what that would feel like to have one person show up to your bed.

Andrea Nordling 10:00
which isn’t the end of the world and actually that person like just to be clear for everybody listening, that one person would feel so, like loved and taken care of they, they really probably wouldn’t have the thoughts that we imagined worst case scenario, they’re going to think that nobody wants to be here, they, you know, we have all of these catastrophic thoughts about what that person would think about us, and we make it about us, really, they wouldn’t be probably loving having the one on one attention. But when you’re surrounded by other people that understand that fear and understand that scenario, and are willing to just jump in and like, Okay, well, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s gonna help you, that’s such a big deal. Because in our civilian life, surrounded by people that love us and support us, or maybe don’t love us and support us, or for some people, they say, people aren’t supportive in my business. But I think for the most part we are, and we are surrounded by people that want to help us, they really don’t understand how they could even help because that’s just a foreign concept. It’s, it’s, they wouldn’t even think I could jump in and be a plant in the room because they wouldn’t have that visceral fear. Like someone that’s doing the same thing with you understands. Yeah, absolutely. And, and I think that that understanding is so great, because even if it comes to like social media posts, like I see someone in the group, you know, posts on social media, so I will like it, I will comment on it. And it’s because I know how hard that can be when you put something out there, you put yourself out there, and crickets. And so it just it’s so nice when people in our group, and you know, others, of course, but when they understand that, and can kind of take, like you said that fear away, like Oh, I know how she feels, no one’s commenting, let’s just like, let’s see if we can get something going in here. And it’s just, it’s so amazing. And it’s just, it’s so supportive. It totally as this has been my dream for this program from the beginning is having people long term in it. That’s why it’s lifetime access, to have people like really building their businesses together and having a pillar of support, we all find our own groups. And I have found that in my business and different masterminds that I’ve been in as well, or have these long term friendships, I feel like oh, this is what allows me to keep going without completely losing my mind because I can have a sounding board. If my husband doesn’t get it, my best friends, maybe don’t understand what some of my concerns are or what problems I’m trying to solve. But having a core group of people that I can text or jump on a zoom call with like that is everything. So I just love that you guys have found that. And Lindsey, I know that this was always a dream of yours to have lots of colleagues to collaborate with. So we should talk about that. Yes, yes, please sense the sarcasm there.

Lindsay Little 12:46
Let’s go back to where I was, I guess before I joined TPN. And just one of my biggest fears starting this business. I started my business in 2020 After I graduated from grad school, and for some reason in my head, I had it in there that I cannot talk to other practitioners. I cannot if there’s a health coach in town. Oh, don’t don’t talk to her. Don’t don’t associate with her because she’s going to steal your clients. Yeah. I love it. I love it. I love that we’re talking about this. I do too, because I know other people in the group have said that too. And we’ve talked about that. And I think it’s so common, but we need the you know, we need to shout it from the mountaintops because I think it’s so common. Especially, I mean, we’re working most of us at home, one on one, it’s just us. And you get in that tunnel vision of oh, I don’t want to talk to other people, because then they won’t know maybe my business isn’t doing as well as it seems. Or they’re going to take all the clients from me or they’re going to think what I’m what I posted on social media or send out in an email stupid, and there’s this fear.

So for the longest time, I just I didn’t build those referrals. I wasn’t networking. I wasn’t I was just operating out of my home office by myself. And you know, wondering why all the people were not asking.

There were some, you know, but they were not banging on the door like I when I started my business, of course. Yeah. So through. So that was one of the hesitations with TPR. And I was like, Oh, I don’t want to have to put myself out there. I don’t know if I want to be talking about these things. I don’t want all the other people in the TPN group to steal all of my clients. All of that they’re going to take all of that not enough clients who are out there

which is so not true. There are so many more sick people out there that need my help than I could ever help in a lifetime. So it which is unfortunate but it’s the state of the world.

Notice that we’re in right now. So that was kind of one of the hesitations when I

and so I was just kind of a, you know, fly on the wall for a few minutes. And jump in here. So a little bit of context for anyone listening to this, that doesn’t really understand how the program works. So the program is lifetime access, when you join, you’re in weaving, you have access to all of the components for the lifetime of the program, which will be like the, because people are getting great results for having a great time. So that is the container itself. But inside the container, there are lots of different ways that you can get support. So there’s an entire video curriculum that brings you from how to start your business all the way to growing and scaling it to six figures, multiple six figures a year, and that is step by step videos. So typically, then we call that the repeatable revenue process. So typically, people come into the program, because they want that process, I wouldn’t be one of those people, I think Lindsay would be one of those people, I think Michelle would be one of those people, I think most people come in wanting the process perfect, you get the process. Now there are some other components of the program that help you implement the process faster. And with more fun and ease, I would like to think so the live coaching every single week is one of those components of the program where you get stuck with something, you have a question, you come in, and you raise your hand and you get coached, or like a lot of people do, come on the coaching calls live with no intention of getting coached themselves, but wanting to see what other questions are being asked by other people, because the phenomenon of not knowing what we don’t know is a very real thing. So you find when you watch other people get coached and ask questions, you realize, holy cow, that applies to me too. But I didn’t even know I should be asking that question. Or I didn’t even know that that was going to be lying ahead for me at the next level. And so it’s so valuable to watch other people get coached, and to be part of that q&a. So what Michelle talked about earlier with the chat going on on the coaching call, is because people can raise their hand to come on live and get coached and be in the hot seat, as we say. And while they’re being coached. A lot of times, the other participants that are there in the chat will be sharing resources, or the even to the person in the hot seat, say, oh, my gosh, I have a template that can help you with that. Or I do this with my clients. Let me help you. I’ll reach out to you separately. And so there’s so much support and collaboration happening. But just being a little bit vulnerable and asking a question, you get a lot of answers. Like Michelle, did you get somebody coming in, and being at your cooking class and supporting you, and then you guys, I’m sure are going to talk about what has come from that relationship over the last hasn’t been a year and a half. Since that. Yeah, that was back to school, your cooking class, Michelle’s back to school 2012. It was this fall? No, it was, yeah, it was just this fall, it was 2023. So you can’t believe but we’ve only been friends for six months, because it feels like so much longer.

Andrea Nordling 17:50
I just couldn’t remember what it was. Okay. So anyway, that is part of the container is the live coaching. So we’re talking all about the life coaching, and how a lot of people come in thinking that that’s not something that they’re going to need or want or participate in, which is totally fine. Maybe you won’t, maybe you won’t. However, there’s so much value in those coaching calls and insights that you get from watching other people get coached, not to mention side benefits, like friendships and resources and support and all that that happens in there. So I love the idea of talking about how you can come for one thing and then realize you actually needed something else. There’s there are other there’s written coaching, there’s a community. We call it the lounge, there are other components of the program too. But let’s stick to the coaching and the connections that are made like what does that look like for you guys? Do you have anything else you want to chat about in that department? Well, all to say that I feel like the Monday coaching calls, I really do all I can to be there live, if you can’t make it live, they’re recorded. So you still get to hear it. And you guys have gotten so great, you even get the chat typed out. So you can go back and even read the chat if you want. But I think there’s such a benefit to being there live again, like like Lindsey said, you know, you’re sort of all alone in your house doing this business, but you don’t feel alone at all for that hour. You’re like, oh, all these people from all over the place. We’re all doing the same thing at the same time. So there’s just the community just in that. And then of course, you know, the coaching is going on, which is super important. You want to be hearing whether you’re getting coached or listening to other people are getting coached. There’s so much learning, but I feel like that chat has just even elevated in the last year or so like it’s just so much going on in there and not in a distracting way. But in such a helpful way somebody will come on and you know, talk about a problem they’re having and nobody leaves them out. They’re exposed. Everybody in the chat is like Oh, I hear you or you know, me too or you just feel so left alone with the bad stuff. But then if you’re if you’re coming on and just celebrating something everybody’s you know, high fiving you and and so

Michele Stamn 20:00
Excited and can be the littlest thing. You know, it doesn’t I got two new subscribers on my mailing list, it can be that little or it can be like I, I landed a podcast interview like it can or got 10 new clients like anything good, like teeny are big, but people want to celebrate it with you, or can they get it like you said before, like they get how great it feels, or they get how hard it feels, but And then besides just that emotional support, it is like, Oh, here’s a book that you can read about such and such. And I don’t know that that chat. It just it’s, it’s, it’s helpful and supportive. And it’s just fun. It’s also just fun, too. So those are those are my thoughts. Yeah, well, we kind of talked about before we jumped on here and hit record. We talked about the concept of selling people what they want and giving them what they need. And I think the the context of us talking about it was was kind of that right? It’s like you, you sell what you want, you want the process, you want the results, but then you give what we really need, which is not feeling lonely in our business. It can be so incredibly lonely, like you both said to be sitting in our home offices trying to figure out what should I do next? What should I do next? Okay, well, this is what’s working this is what isn’t, what is the next step and just the highs and lows of that. I mean, it, it isn’t fun to be in the lowest alone. But it also isn’t fun to have the highs and have the wins and have nobody to share what so you know, on both ends, it’s great to not be lonely. Yeah. And I think on that, too, I that’s one of the things that I’ve really valued about my relationship with Michelle and and the other friends I’ve made in the TPM program, too. And it’s just that support and that knowing that Oh, I had, what did I texted Michelle, the other week, I had a really good subject line for an email.

Lindsay Little 21:54
And I just I It cracks me up. Yeah, I had to say no to someone because no one, you know, no one in my real life really cares that much

money. But it was just so amusing to me. So I texted her about it. And you know, she celebrates with it. And you know, and tells me how great it is. And that just, I mean, it feels so great to have that outlet. And you know, we go back and forth on stuff like that to like, Oh, does this line make sense? Or does this subject line? Is it captivating? Or will people get it and it’s just those little things like that, of course that we can be posting, you know, in the lounge to and get feedback on. But like, Michelle really knows my business now and she knows my clients and who I’m going after. And I think and I feel like I know hers pretty well now, just from all of our talks. And so that in itself kind of helps as well. Because it’s so great to have everyone’s feedback. But someone who really knows it is just kind of that extra benefit of saying, you know, oh, I don’t think that’ll land. Right? Or would that might be it’s it’s funny, but it’s not maybe it’s too far. Never.

Andrea Nordling 23:13
Never too far. Never.

Lindsay Little 23:17
I figured that out recently.

But it adds that extra set of eyes as well. But I mean, it just sometimes it feels like I don’t want to say something to my husband or family or friends or whatever because it sounds breaky. Yeah.

Andrea Nordling 23:40
Midwestern girls that we are like, we could never have that right. No,

Lindsay Little 23:44
no, never. No. So it just it’s so nice to be able to reach out and just say, hey, this, like, can I just share this when or this really cool thing happened today, where someone else might think it’s just so small or just who cares? That’s where these friendships you know, we celebrate each other and we can celebrate what’s happening in the lounge and on coaching calls, like Michelle was saying, and it’s just it’s so amazing. Because sometimes, you know, working alone, no one tells you you’re doing a good job. No, back. No one tells you it’s okay. No one says you know, it’s okay. You know, just let’s keep going. And you have to kind of seek that out yourself.

Andrea Nordling 24:29
Because if we’re on devices, our own brains are skewed very negative and will very quickly forget to celebrate anything good and will hone in on what isn’t working and what the greatest fear is and will always fixate on that if we’re not actively searching for evidence of what is working and celebrating that so good. I also think we should talk about the fact that it is so much easier to see how someone else’s messaging can be improved and then it is our own. And you were talking about that a little bit Lindsay like it Just send her a subject line, I could send her this line and we know each other’s businesses, we could say, well, that’s not going to land. This would be better, I think. I mean, I imagine you guys would say, Oh, they’re not going to understand this. Like, let’s simplify it getting too in the weeds, that kind of stuff. That is so much easier to do for someone else than it is for ourselves. It’s just a fact.

Lindsay Little 25:20
Yeah, for sure.

Andrea Nordling 25:23
You’re just somebody that can look at your stuff and quickly go boom, boom, boom, change this, this and this. It’s like, yes, thank

Lindsay Little 25:29
you. Yes, it’s, it’s great. And even, you know, I put all my stuff through a grammar checker, and I have all these things, but it’s still misses things that a person doesn’t and I prove it, you know, 16 times, and I’m missing it. And then I send it to Michelle. And she’s like, just so you know. And it’s amazing. But it’s not like, oh, you know, you’re such a horrible writer. Like, look at what you did look at the mistake. It’s, hey, just so you know, or the other day I sent out an email, I was talking about Chutes and Ladders the game. I had an amazing analogy. Oh, it was amazing.

Michele Stamn 26:12
Lindsey writes the vast emails I just, I just gotta say, but Okay, continue.

Lindsay Little 26:18
So, Chutes and Ladders, I use the wrong shoot. Oh, totally. Like, again, it’s through grammar checkers, it’s 16 times. And I had no idea like it totally, I totally missed it, sent it out to my whole email list. And then I read it. And I think Michelle even comment or, you know, replied to it, I was like, Oh, this is such a great email, and love the chutes and ladders and she wrote it out. And I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I. And, you know, that happens. And then normally, like before, before I joined your program, and I would have been like, oh, my gosh, I have to send out like a correction email. And let everyone know that I really do know the proper form of shoot. I guaranteed no one probably saw it or notice. Right. I mean, I honestly think that’s how I used to spell it like s h o t, like, Oh, shoot. Yeah. When I was a kid, and I think that was just in my head, or maybe it was autocrat? I don’t know. But Michelle, you know, she’s like, I’m sure no one realized or cared what? And it got me from that spiral of Oh, my gosh, I just, I was so proud of that email. And that one mistake, messed it all up.

Andrea Nordling 27:45
Right. And that’s what you remember from the email if left to your own devices? Totally, totally. Meanwhile, your subscribers get the email that they love it. And they probably reread it a million times and don’t even pay attention to that. No, they don’t care. cooking class, the virtual cooking class happens last fall, as we’re recording this six months ago. And Lindsey goes, Michelle does the cooking class, which was a launch bonus for like a back to school tight kind of theme that you were doing a promotion thing, right?

If I remember correctly. Exactly. So then what happened?

Let’s get back to the story.

Michele Stamn 28:27
I don’t even know exactly how it evolved, I guess cuz I felt so supported by Lindsey coming to the class. I was like, Well, how can I return the favor? And and you had you were doing webinars kind of starting webinars and doing them regularly? And I thought, Well, why don’t I go to and I will say like the cooking class, not only did she come but afterwards was like, you know, this was really good this work, maybe next time you want to do such and such differently. Like so all the valuable feedback, like all the supportive kudos, but wasn’t also just the friend who came and said, You’re amazing, you know, which is great, but like you really want the real feedback about this could have been better to so because, you know, we’re all trying to grow and be better. So she gave me that kind of feedback. super appreciative of that. Thank you, Lindsay. And then I was like, Well, how can I return the favor? And so I came to one of your webinars and, and really tried to, you know, listen, with that lens, not not, I probably wasn’t going to sign up to work with you. So I wasn’t listening with that lens. But I was listening with the lens of like, you know, oh, this is really good. This is really great. But you know, I wonder if she tied these two things together differently if it would make more sense to the audience so and then gave her that feedback and probably like, I feel like it’s easier for me to give feedback and receive feedback when we can talk like this. Sometimes it’s I don’t want things lost in translation in an email where I don’t want to offend anybody when I’m just trying to help them especially See when we’re getting to know each other. So we’ve probably I’m guessing talked on the phone or set up a zoom or something through some of that, I guess I don’t even it has only been six months. So I don’t know. But I don’t remember all the details. But that’s kind of when we started talking, I think and then, you know, started getting on each other’s email lists. So that’s kind of fun. When I we get each other’s emails, we’re like, wow, this one is really good. But did you know that link is broken? Or, like, I make it sound like there’s a lot of problems there. Really. I mean, I think both of us are sending out pretty clean emails, for the most part, because we are both double and triple checkers and stuff like that. But still, the feedback is really helpful. So I think that’s kind of how it went. I don’t know. What do you think Lindsey? Yeah,

Lindsay Little 30:44
no, I think that is right, because I remember you. Yeah, you had joined one of my webinars. And then I think you offered to jump on a call, like, do a zoom call with me to go through your feedback. And I think we did that. And then at the end, we’re like, Oh, do you want to like do this monthly or something like this is kind of helpful. And I think if I remember right, I think that’s how it started. And then, you know, it got to well, Andrea announced a retreat in Miami. And then we turned into like, fan girl with that.

Andrea Nordling 31:22
So fun.

Lindsay Little 31:26
That was so fun.

Andrea Nordling 31:29
Let’s take a minute and talk about podcasts. Here’s how they work, you subscribe. And then every Tuesday rain or shine, you’re going to get a brand new episode in your feed for free from me, that’s going to help you make more money in less time and impact more people’s lives. It’s incredible that we just have the best jobs by the way. We sure do. And because we don’t run any ads on this show, the one thing I would ask from you, in exchange for all the value that you’re getting here is to take 60 seconds after you subscribe and leave a review. When you rate their podcasts and leave a review. It tells apple and Spotify and all the other podcast platforms that this is quality content. And then those algorithms share it with way more people who also want to impact more people’s lives. See what I’m saying? Leaving that quick review might just change everything for someone else and their business, we’ve made it really easy. If you don’t know how to leave a review in your podcast app, just go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review where you’ll get a magic link to leave that review in whatever podcast platform you use. Again, if you don’t know how to do the review, go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review. And we’ll show you exactly how thank you so much for taking the time, it really really does mean the world.

Lindsay Little 32:37
And so we had that to talk about. And in the the interim we’re you know, getting to know each other on a personal level. And I just moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin, but we were actually very close like living very close to each other, which we didn’t know. So that was kind of funny. So it was fun, too, because I have contacts and Wes are in Wisconsin too. So I was able to, you know, not use all of them. And so I could give Michelle some of those. And I remember just kind of these back and forth things like oh, did you hear about this resource? Or, you know, this place does virtual classes, maybe you should look into it. So there’s a lot of that stuff going on too. And it’s just it’s so helpful. It’s just another level of support that I didn’t know I needed. And no, Michelle is not stealing all of my clients. So well just

Michele Stamn 33:32
not a one Not a one.

Andrea Nordling 33:36
Your ideas, all of your clients, all of your connections. She’s taking all of them.

Lindsay Little 33:41
No, not at all. Not at all.

Andrea Nordling 33:46
I think it didn’t you guys even share a room in Miami at the hotel. Look, I

Michele Stamn 33:52
love it. Real real. It was so fun. Because we were you know, obviously you can tell we’ve gotten to be pretty good friends. And so we’re you know, we we were like when’s your flight? When’s my flight, you know, going back and forth. And we landed in Miami within an hour of each other. I got there first and Okay, so I hadn’t used Uber before. I’m you know, whatever. I haven’t had to don’t travel a lot. And I was like, Well, I’m a little nervous about using Uber. So that was one thing also like, why wouldn’t I wait at the airport for Lindsay for an hour? So I just hung out honestly. Just an additional plug. I was I was waiting in the airport during Monday coaching on TPN. So I was listening to coaching was waiting in the airport. I’m not you can’t make it up, right?

Andrea Nordling 34:41
Yes, diehard.

Michele Stamn 34:45
Totally. Totally TPN fan club. Oh my gosh, she gets a URI. That

Andrea Nordling 34:53
thing I’ve ever seen you guys. Okay. Right now I We have a TPS and W E. So is that we? Wellness empowered is my wellness apart?

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. That’s Michelle’s Brandon. Okay. Yeah. Miami So Michelle made the cipher ludzi to like a hold up at the airport. I love it so much. Yeah.

Michele Stamn 35:16
texting me, I’m listening to coaching but she’s texting me, I’m here are you going to have a sign? And I’m like, of course I’m gonna have a sign. So I click through the sign in my notebook with a pen and, and then you know, she’s like, Oh, I, I don’t know what’s so exciting. Like, I’m hanging out at the airport, you know, by the baggage, I will say the Miami Airport. I don’t know, not the most exciting place. I’ll just I’ll leave it at that. But but it was exciting to meet Lindsey there. So I’m like hanging off by the baggage claim waiting for her. And then I make this sign. And then she’s like, texting me. She’s like, Oh, I think I can see. She comes up and it was like, Oh, you’re a real person, like 3d and we gave each other a big hug. And, you know, because up until then, it’s only been this virtual stuff. And it was just And yes, when Lindsay said like she moved from Wisconsin, like, right after she left Wisconsin is when we started being friends, which is such a bummer, because we could have been meeting for coffee before that. But timing, you know, didn’t work out. And I know it sounds like to a lot of people who don’t know, like, Oh, they’re next door neighbors Wisconsin and Minnesota. But what is it like eight hours between our houses. I mean, they’re big states and we live on the wrong ends of them to be close. So it wasn’t like we could have really met in person but to like, I don’t know to go from my my virtual friend to my in real life friend. It was it was so exciting. When we shared a room for multiple nights and look at we’re still friends, even

Andrea Nordling 36:47
my husband was asking me this is just an aside, but my husband was asking me before that trip, he said, he’s like, do your people even like want to be in person don’t they like, like, doing everything virtual. I was like, listen, I thought that too. This is a situation where you sell people what they want and give them what they need. I thought that I wanted to do everything virtual via lone wolf didn’t need to meet in person didn’t need to do the extras like I’m just here for the information, I’ll go implement it myself elsewhere. Thank you very much. That was totally my MO. And then I started doing in person retreats and in person events because it was part of a mastermind that I joined. And I was dumbfounded at how much I needed to see people in person and make those connections with people in person was Google’s pletely different experience, which I explained to him, I said, you know how much like that has been a game changer for me, I have to facilitate that for them too. So it’s kind of gratifying to hear that you guys loved that the in person component. But I just I think it can’t be overstated when you have the opportunity. And of course, we did like this was a paid retreat through the profitable nutritionist program, the ones that we’re talking about, actually, Lindsay came to Montana last summer as well for another one. So there are opportunities to do that. But I would just encourage anyone to do like any in person, you can do any conference or meet up or just like, I don’t know, people in your area getting together practitioners that are doing coffee or whatever, just make time to do it. Because that is so huge.

Lindsay Little 38:20
So huge. For sure. Yeah. And they’re not going to see all of your clients. So aren’t

Andrea Nordling 38:29
they are going to turn they might even help you put more of them is what happened. It’s the weirdest thing. But you might actually get more clients not less true.

Michele Stamn 38:41
Well, I’ll say even Miami was kind of Miami was kind of that same experience. Like, I mean, yes, I was going to meet Lindsey in person that was super exciting. But my primary goal was to come and learn from Andrea and the kind of the curriculum and take my notes and learn the stuff, which was great. Like that was a very important piece. And I don’t want to downplay that. But honestly, a lot of what I learned there was just when we were having lunch or dinner with the other nutritionists and coaches and like, oh, that’s how you run your program. Oh, tell me what software you use. And oh, and I mean, again, never want to diminish what we were learning from Andrea, but like,

Andrea Nordling 39:18
we don’t diminish. I know. I know what the value is. It’s the cool side conversations is the dinners.

Michele Stamn 39:27
Yeah, yeah. And and it was all of it. It was so in that environment. It wasn’t just the I mean that it was great to be like oh, that went well for you. Yeah, let’s celebrate you are Oh yeah, that’s a challenge. I have let’s commiserate or problem solve together like that was going on. But also it was really like, oh, you use this equipment or you use it was just so helpful to have those conversations. So kind of again, that same situation of give them what

Andrea Nordling 39:55
they sell. Give them what they need.

Michele Stamn 39:59
Got it for me. Get that eventually. But I mean, both are true wanted and needed both things. But that was, again, like a bonus perk of being there in person with everybody.

Andrea Nordling 40:08
Totally, totally. Prior to that particular event, we had a little bit of a last minute change where some of my team was supposed to be there and they weren’t able to come, we had some medical stuff going on. And this is part of this conversation I had with my husband, he’s like, is it going to be okay? Like, are you going to be able to deliver this event and like, everything was changing and said, Listen, I know, that we get there, everybody meets each other, and they go to lunch, and like, we’re good. Because that is where the value is for sure. So you can diminish the rest of the teaching all that you want, Michelle, because the intention always is to get you guys together and make those connections. Because I mean, that really is the best part of all, it’s just the full immersion of, I think you kind of touched on it, like what kind of software you use, how do you structure your program? What is your onboarding look like? Oh, my gosh, okay, so what is it like just these little nuanced things that you can really get into when you are side by side with someone at lunch or dinner or over a glass of wine or whatever that looks like when you’re in person that you wouldn’t probably ask online, you probably wouldn’t have, like enough time or enough context or anything to get into the weeds on that. But those really specific conversations move the needle so much. Yeah.

Lindsay Little 41:25
100%. And, and I just, I don’t want to not emphasized enough, that’s horrible grammar, but I want to emphasize, just, it is so empowering, to be able to get out of your head. And to realize that like, Oh, I’m going through a really hard couple of weeks, I’m not getting consults, I’m not getting clients signing on. It sucks. I hate this, I’m not doing it, right, everything, you know, burn it all down and start over or whatever, and you get in your head. And then it’s so powerful, to be able to say that out loud, first of all, to just be able to that’s what I’ve learned from from TPM, but also the in person things to sit in a room and say, Yeah, this sucks, right now, I’m having a terrible time doing this, or getting clients or whatever. And just that confidence to be able to say it, and everyone else is like, oh, my gosh, Me too. Me too. Let’s talk through this, let’s let’s figure this out, or Yeah, I was there six months ago, and, you know, whatever, this is what I did. And but the really fun thing is being able to talk about that, and put it out there and have people accept you like that is great for professional development. But then you turn it around. And that’s how you talk to your clients. And that, I’ve learned that from you, Andrea, and I’m really, really trying to hone in on that. And just recognizing like, I work with people with digestive issues, and everyone thinks they’re alone with having like history and factions, and weird gas and floating and all these weird things. Everyone thinks that their soul alone, but by talking about it, they realize like, that’s one of the things that people, the humans out there need to know that they’re not alone. And that’s how you draw your clients. And that’s how you get people. One of the ways you know, you get people paying attention to what you’re saying, because they know, they come work with you, you this isn’t the first time you know, you, as a practitioner, have dealt with that you have a process, you have a plan, you’re not alone anymore. So just those parallels of what I’m learning about myself and my business, then I can turn around and teach to my clients and learn how to talk like that to my clients, and speak to them that I think is just absolutely amazing. And just invaluable for all of that.

Andrea Nordling 43:57
Oh, that’s so good. It’s so good. Because really, we have a desire to want to talk about just the good stuff. Let’s talk about how the process is going to work perfectly. And this is the desired outcome. And we’re going to do step a step by step see, and then you’re going to walk out completely transformed. It’s going to be very painless and magical along the way. Of course, we would love to promise that and we would love that to be the experience. But the reality is, there are highs and lows in the pursuit of any transformation or goal. So for us as business owners, a lot of highs and lows. If something’s working well something is it, something’s working. Well, something isn’t and we’re always going to have the peaks and the valleys. But for like, to your point, let’s say the was your clients, their health goals, same thing. They’re going to have peaks and valleys, they’re going to have times where it feels like it isn’t working. They’re gonna have times where they feel totally alone. Like they’re the only person that has this happening. Other people in their life don’t understand, and it’s all catastrophic and they should bring it all down.

All those thoughts will come up for them

too. So knowing how to speak to it, and being able to totally normalize the lows I think is really important. Because yeah, wouldn’t it be great if we could only talk about how it all works perfectly, because that’s it, it’s never gonna be perfect. It’s, there are always going to be tweaks and pivots and hurdles to jump over and all that. So it’s so good.

Michele Stamn 45:22
And I think the other thing is not just highs and lows, but we’re so we all have the same curriculum from Andrea. But we’re like, we’re, we’re implementing it differently. There’s, you’ve got to get your message out that you’re doing this, that you you know, you open your doors for business, and you’re available to take clients. But you can do that a million different ways. There’s a different approach for everybody in the program. And I think that, and again, that probably ties to your clients, they’re not all going to walk the same path to hell, but doesn’t mean one way is right. And one way is wrong, as long as they achieve what they set out to achieve, right? And same thing for us. Like, it doesn’t matter if you go on podcasts or use social media or, you know, there’s just so many different strategies for getting or, you know, like,

Andrea Nordling 46:09
you didn’t say, going to the library, Michelle?

Michele Stamn 46:13
Yes, yes, that is what I’m known for is every talk. So yeah, somehow, I’m joined in the moment. But yeah, you can get your word out by doing talk to the library. That’s how I build probably half my mailing list. And not everybody does that. And not, you know, everybody does it a different way. But it’s not right. And it’s not wrong. It’s just what works. And, and also, by being in this community, you can see, maybe somebody else is going to the library now, because I went to the library or you know, people get different ideas from different people, there’s just so much gold, so much gold from the other people in the program. It’s awesome.

Andrea Nordling 46:49
I agree. Because there’s just so much variation, so many different ideas, so many things that we’ll never, we’ll never think of all of these ideas on our own. But having a container where people are bouncing ideas all the time and sharing what’s working for them can inspire, like so much creativity with others. So I love that something else you said we I felt like was very important. Hold on. Oh, I know. Okay, so you were talking about how everybody in the program is kind of doing it differently. They’re taking the curriculum there, but they’re building it and applying it in their own way to make the kind of business that they want to have. We have people that have in person practices, online practices, they do groups, they do one on ones, or digital programs, all all different variations of the business model and different marketing methods. And then there’s kind of a process that I teach for how to figure out what you want to do, and then lean hard into that. But I think the value in taking that and translating it to your processes is so important. So I imagine somebody listening to this is thinking, like, how do you have a process that works for everybody and Michelle just mentioned, she’s like, well, we don’t have a process that works, right, everybody’s gonna apply it a little bit differently, which is so true. So I just wanted to use that opportunity to kind of point out that you can take your like big picture, what is different for everybody and distill it down to what is your core process. So in the profitable, nutritious program, I teach a, like a core philosophy of decide, take imperfect action, and evaluate. And I came up with that, because I looked at where my people get stuck, they get stuck making decisions, they get stuck taking imperfect action on those decisions. And then they get stuck at not evaluating and just burning it all down and starting over, instead of figuring out what was working, and then just do more of what’s working. So that was where that process came from. But when I really looked at big picture where people get stuck, like, Oh, this is the framework that will help them get unstuck. We all have that. We all have something in our process. That’s foundational. A lot of us that go through holistic nutrition training, know like the foundations in the human body. If we address the foundations, we’re going to pretty much cover all the bases and people are going to have results. So thinking about the process. I guess that’s my whole point of this, like thinking about your process, in the simplest terms and talking about that is what’s going to bring the clients and it’s what’s going to really move the needle in your business but figuring out like, how do I What is the thing that works for everybody? What is the part of this process that I teach that works for everybody and explaining that to them? And I don’t know why I felt like I needed to go on that tangent right now. But it just felt like something that you said, Michelle made me feel like we needed to talk processes for a second. So thank you for letting me have

Lindsay Little 49:24
to that point, too. I think it’s so cool that, you know, we are doing our business is very different. And you know, Michelle is doing libraries and podcasts and you know, I’m doing Facebook ads, I’m doing webinars, so that could not be more different. But then it’s so cool. Because if I would have you know, reach out to the libraries or whatever, like I have someone I can ask and say how do you pitch his libraries? Or you know, if Michelle doesn’t know, you know, just bouncing that idea off of her or saying hey, I’m thinking of Oh, We were talking about the free course I mentioned, I might develop a free course. And I said that in an email the other day, and you know, then she can give her kind of feedback. Oh, did you think about this or whatever? And just being able to go into the TPN. Group, and even just putting in there, hey, is anyone like booth done a booth at a fair? That comes up a lot? And

Andrea Nordling 50:22
what should I do? With how do you get people to a booth? Yeah, exactly about it all the time. Yeah.

Lindsay Little 50:28
And someone asked about Facebook ads the other day, and like, there’s Google Ad conversations going. So whatever idea you have, it’s so cool, because you can put that in there and someone else has done it, and probably successfully and then probably not so successfully. So you can learn both ways. And that is just it’s so cool. Or when you get stuck, instead of burning the whole thing down. You can go in there for some other ideas like, Oh, I’m stuck, you know, but the library in town has classes. So maybe I’m gonna reach out to Michelle, because I know she does library talks and figure out how to do that. And it’s just this wealth of knowledge. And where else would you get that? You know, you could Google it, probably. But that’s not going to be specific to nutritionists or health coaches for one. And you know, that’s just very generic and probably absolutely terrible advice on their

Andrea Nordling 51:28
GPA, and we probably shouldn’t take whatever advice would be coming up from there anyway. Yes.

It’s such a good point. It’s such a good point. I yeah, I like I love seeing the group grow. And the conversations get more nuanced, and like just people are. So I would have to say we have the most incredible community as far as people sharing their resources sharing, okay, this is what I’ve done, go here do exactly like this, it’s, I can tell how much time people are spending you to include it on really supporting other people and going the extra mile and saying, like, here’s what you need to do, I’m going to just tell you, to figure this out on your own, I’m just gonna tell you, this is what has worked. And that is incredible. I love seeing that happen, because I can see how much more valuable the group gets as it gets bigger. And I think a lot of people would have a concern about that, like the group getting too big, oh, my gosh, we’re not gonna get individual attention, or devaluing. And the complete opposite is the case. Because you get more expertise, you get more ideas, you get more creativity, you get more support. And then of course, as the group gets bigger, as a company, we’re able to add more support for you guys to it in there. So it’s a win win.

Michele Stamn 52:37
Yeah. And I think because I mean, like I said before, it is really nice to have found Lindsay and that we’re at similar places in our business. But at the same time, it’s really valuable to have people, like I love having people who are just starting out in there. Because I, then I mean, one is I do like helping other people. So then I can give them some advice or help them or support them, as they’re sending their first email, that kind of thing, you know, we’re just just getting started getting their first clients, because I’ve been there and I get that. So it feels really good to me. But at the same time, it also helps me see like, oh, my gosh, I’ve sent emails now for two years, I can’t, you know, that makes me feel really good. And not, I mean, only in a positive way, you know what I mean? It’s not really comparing, but it just allows me to see my growth. And at the same time, there’s people in TPM that are way more, you know, more clients, more money, bigger business than I have. But it’s really good to see that too. Because it lets me know like, Oh, this is coming next for me. And I can turn to them with this question or model my business in this way after there’s like, it’s, it’s, so it’s about all of the different levels of people that are in the program. And you’re right is more and more people join, more and more people are going through that process. And then there’s more people to be at the different stages along the process. And it’s just, it really is a great community for all those reasons. I appreciate that clog.

Andrea Nordling 54:07
I am bursting at the seams to tell you about some new stuff we have coming this summer. But I’m going to constraint I’m not going to say a word just know that there’s big things coming your way. Anyway, this episode is coming out right before enrollment is open. So enrollment will be open may 16 to the 22nd. For those of you that are listening that are curious about how do you get into the program? What does it look like? What are all the bells and whistles? What are the things we’re going to sell you and then what are the things you actually what does that look like? You can find all the information at the profitable nutritionist.com/join And if you are listening to this episode, after enrollment has closed, you can always find the next enrollment dates at that same page so they’ll profitable nutritionists.com/join Before I ask where everybody finds you on the interwebs Is there anything else you ladies wanted to chat about that we

Michele Stamn 54:57
forgot? There’s one more thing I started having Lindsey and I started having zoom meetings like we talked about and and so Lindsey took the initiative and created our first calendar invite and set up the Zoom link and everything. And she emailed it to me. And normally you get these emails inviting you to a meeting and you’re like, oh, meeting with Mr. Smith. Okay, great. Like, it’s great. You click yes, you go to the meeting. But Lindsey titled our meeting, Michelle and Lindsey changed the world. And I gotta tell you, guys, when you get a meeting, invitation to Michelle and Lindsey changed the world, you’re like, yes, you click on that, yes, and you can’t wait. And then you get the, you know, the email reminder or whatever. It’s like, so exciting to go to this meeting. And you know, sometimes we’ll text each other on the morning, we’re doing that Lindsey, you know, she’ll text me, she’d be like, happy Lindsay and Michelle Change The World Day. Like, it’s just those little things that just change your day. It really does. You know, people who go to the office, they, they, I don’t know, have their water cooler talk or whatever. And you don’t have that, but but now I do. So I don’t know, those little things just make all the difference. So I just needed to say that too. Yeah. And it’s

Lindsay Little 56:13
so fun, because it’s just a little, you know, you can be having the worst day, and then that reminder pops up on your calendar. And it’s just, it’s so fun. And it’s just or Michelle will email me or text me. And it’s just, it’s such a welcomed break from whatever, you know, heavy stuff, you know, working with just heavy clients, you know, and just a lot of emotional stuff, of course, with the work we do. So it’s so nice to just have that mental break. And I mean, like that meeting, titling that meeting, you know, it’s amusing for me, I just, I think it’s a music and I just love that I found you know, Michelle, that appreciate to

Andrea Nordling 56:56
truth, right? Yeah, it’s like, okay, so what else appreciate that we need this meeting that we’re changing.

Michele Stamn 57:06
You need to find somebody with the same sense of humor, good or bad, or, yeah, we have a matching sense of humor, I think that that helps a lot.

Lindsay Little 57:15
So like, and just Yeah, keeps it fun, keeps the business fun. I

Andrea Nordling 57:21
think that’s kind of the theme of this episode is just keep it fun, like, lighten it up, keep it fun, surround yourself with people that get what you’re doing so that we can keep it light because it can be so heavy to feel like the to do list is never ending. There’s so much you could be doing or should be doing. And especially when you’re in one of the valleys, and it feels like it’s not working the way that you want it to. And I can be so isolating and lonely. So anything that we can do, to tip the scales and make it feel more fun and make it feel like light hearted and it’s all gonna be okay. We should be doing that for ourselves as business owners. Okay, so where do people find you on the internet? Tell us tell us where and tell us who you hope again, like recap

Michele Stamn 58:02
that. Okay. Well, I’m Michelle Stam. And I’m a physical therapist turned plant based health coach. So I help people transition to a plant based diet to improve or restore their health. So they want to go on a plant based diet, they’ve heard about the amazing benefits, but they just don’t even know what they would eat for dinner that night. So So I help them with that. And then all the all the mindset pieces of it as well and the social pieces. So that’s what I do as a plant based health coach. My business is called Wellness, empowered, trying to empower all the people to take care of their own wellness. And you can find me at wellness dash empowered that org.

Andrea Nordling 58:39
Amazing. We’ll have this linked up in the show notes, of course.

Michele Stamn 58:43
Awesome. Awesome. Thank

Lindsay Little 58:44
you. And I’m Lindsay Liddell again, and my business is called full bloom acres wellness. And I’m a holistic nutritionist and health coach, I focused on helping busy women over 40 With embarrassing digestive issues, resolve them for good, so they never ever think about them again. And I really focus on getting to the root cause of the issue. So we do that through testing. We do that through questionnaires and just very targeted individualized support through diet, lifestyle and supplements. So if you know people with digestive issues, send them my way. And you can find me on social media at full bloom acres or full bloom acres.com

Andrea Nordling 59:26
Love it. Alright, we’ll have it all linked up. Denise thank you so much for proposing that we have this chat and do this episode I was telling them before we hit record so that how exciting is it to get to meet with two of your favorite clients who just want to say like let’s tell everybody how great your program like this is the best episode ever. Let’s do that.

Lindsay Little 59:49
I love it and thanks for having us on and entertaining our idea because we’ve been truthfully we’ve been you know joking about this for a while that we should totally pitch this in Miami and No, it’s

Michele Stamn 1:00:03
Yeah, and thank ya. Thank you, Andrea, so much for having us on. This was super fun and hopefully people take something from it. So yeah, join TPN I’ll just say it join TPS. And when you do fly on the wall for too long, like jump in there participate, go to the brainstorm breakout, participate in the chat participate in the lounge. That’s, I mean, that’s how this happened. That’s how we built our friendship and, and with other people as well. So there, that’s my that’s my plug for TPN and my encouragement to you as as people considering joining like go in going all the way

Lindsay Little 1:00:37
Yeah, it’s, it’s totally worth the investment and you’re investing in your business, but you’re also investing in yourself. And you will just grow immensely as a person and come away with with friends that hopefully will last the lifetime and it’s just amazing. So do it. Join.

Andrea Nordling 1:00:57
Second that Okay, so the profitable nutritionists.com/join Let’s go

Michele Stamn 1:01:05
Awesome. Awesome. We can’t wait to meet all of you. Yeah, it’ll be so much fun.

Andrea Nordling 1:01:09
Thank you both so much for recording this. This was so fun. And I think it’ll be well I just want you guys both when we recorded before like this will be the first of many and I feel like this is just a continuation of many podcast episodes because you both of your businesses are blowing up and we have lots to discuss about the progress that you’ve both made too. So I guess they’ll just have to wait to to hear from you both again in the future. Love

Lindsay Little 1:01:30
and good. Can’t wait

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