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39. Mandatory Messiness

Are you willing to let your business feel messy so you can make a lot of money and help a lot of people?

I want to teach you how.

Taking imperfect action, aka messiness tolerance, is a skill that’s going to pay you dividends for the rest of your career.

Messy doesn’t mean sloppy or unprofessional or half-assed, by the way. It means you don’t have everything all figured out IN YOUR MIND, quite yet.

Your process or path forward is imperfect. It’s unfinished. It’s incomplete. There are unknowns. It’s messy.

It’s MANDATORY for it to be that way, in the beginning. There’s no escaping the messiness and trying to avoid it will cost you a lot of money. Let’s talk about it.


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome to our messy show today, just getting kind of, we’re talking about mandatory messiness today, which is a core philosophy that I teach my students in the profitable nutritionist program. If you’re not in the program yet, what in the world are you waiting for? By the way? What are you waiting for? enrollment is open today, June 28, until midnight on June 30. So if you are listening to this episode, in real time, when it airs, you can join the program right now, as you may or may not, I guess, no, the doors open a few times a year only. And this is one of those times. So the next enrollment period after this is going to be in late September. So if you’re ready to plug into the program, and have lifetime access to all of the resources inside, including live coaching every single week, on this exact topic of mandatory messiness, which we’re about to get into, you have to join now, doors are open until June 30, push pause, if you’re coming in push pause, go to www dot build a profitable practice.com/join and enroll. And if you’re listening to this episode in the future, and enrollment isn’t open, you go to that same page, which is also linked up in the show notes. And you will see the dates of the next enrollment. So you can put that on your calendar, we always have the dates of the next enrollment period posted, so you know exactly when that is, and come in, we have a money back guarantee. Again, I don’t know if you know this or not, but inside my program, you are guaranteed to make your investment back or give it back to you. So there’s no reason not to be in there. Can you tell I’m passionate about this. The reason I’m passionate about it is a because of the topic we’re gonna be talking about today. And be because I see how quickly my students are getting results. And getting through all of the overwhelm and confusion and frustration in their practice and making money helping a lot of people and setting up a business that gives them financial freedom and flexibility and choices in their life. And that’s an entirely different podcast episode that we will be getting into for sure. But having choices financially, right now, is very, very important for lots of different reasons. You know what those are, I know what those are, it’s very important. So I feel really strongly about it. If you are considering joining the program get in there, now it is open, we would love to have you. Alright, so what is this mandatory messiness, and

Andrea Nordling 2:15
why are we talking about it? Here’s the deal. I see a lot of people that, how do I want to say this, there are many people every time the doors are open for enrollment in the program. And then a few in between, I get emails from potential students saying they want to join my program, but they think that they need to do some things first. So it’ll sound very compelling. When they send me these emails, it sounds like this, it’s like I’m going to join the program, I’m thinking about a year from now, I’ll be ready. Because I need to get some more clients, I need to figure out my signature process first. And I need to earn some money to basically to prove to myself and my spouse and the rest of the world, that I’m really going to have a business before I invest in my business. These are, I’m simplifying it, but it’s usually different variations of those thoughts. Basically, they’re saying I need to check some boxes, and feel good in my brain before I joined the program. Now what happens and why we need to talk about this is it’s just a thought error that is going on here, that there comes a time when the boxes are checked, and you will feel comfortable, or they will feel comfortable. This is just a thought error. In fact, it’s why I think we need to talk about the mandatory messiness. What happens with these students and with a lot of us just in business, in general, at some stage of the game, is that we frustrate ourselves thinking that we need to do these things, we need to get a website up, we need to take some more clients, we need to figure out our exact client delivery process, or we need to start growing an email list. This happens to my people all of the time that might be happening to you. So I’m on to you. Are you on do? Do you have any of these thoughts? I need to do these things first, and then I can move on to the next step without really questioning, but is that actually even the progression of steps? Is that even happening? So what I see and what you might be feeling too, is feeling very exhausted and spread way too thin, being very overwhelmed trying to do a lot of things without questioning first, do I even need to be doing these things? Okay, then here’s what happens. These people do join the program, my beloved students that I’m so happy to have a role in their business journey and to be able to help them they joined the program. And they start following the process that I teach, and they realize they didn’t need to do any of that first, all of this arbitrary checklist and boxes to check actually didn’t need to be done. So they simplify all of it, and they start making money very messily right away. And that messiness, turns very quickly into a polished and organized business when they follow the process I teach. But I’m here to tell you there is no escaping the messy beginning it is mandatory mandatory messiness. What isn’t mandatory is prolonging the length The time that you’re in the mandatory messiness, that part isn’t mandatory, it doesn’t have to take a long time. But there is going to be a period for you in your business when you’re doing something new that you haven’t done before. This is gonna be messy. So let me be very clear about this in the profitable nutritionist program you’re joining today. Yeah, you learn how to do this fabulously this mandatory messiness in the beginning, you learn how to do it, execute it with style, and shorten the messy period, while you’re figuring out these things, your marketing, your sales, your client delivery processes, while you’re nailing all of those down, you’re making money. In the meantime, it’s I like to call it paid r&d, you’re doing your own research and development, about what these processes are going to look like, and you’re getting paid to do it. I teach you how to do all of that inside the program, you don’t need to figure it out on your own. What you do have to do, though, is be willing to get to work messily, with clients in the beginning, before you have all of these processes solidified and figure it out. You have to, it’s mandatory. Now to be clear, messy doesn’t mean sloppy, or unprofessional, or anything like that. It doesn’t mean showing up to zoom calls, and your Bedhead and a tattered hoodie. That’s not what I mean by messy. It’s not sloppy, it’s not unprofessional. It means in your mind, things aren’t all figured out yet. That’s the messiness. This is Mental messiness, meaning there’s some loose ends, to some things that you just don’t know exactly how it’s going to work. You’re not exactly sure how it’s all going to come together, you’re not exactly sure of the for sure plan or process. It’s imperfect. It’s unfinished, it’s messy in your brain. And it is mandatory for it to be that way. In the beginning, it’s not an option.

Andrea Nordling 6:40
So let me tell you about how I tried to outsmart the mandatory messiness at the beginning of my nutrition practice in 2015. I wanted everything in writing, and I wanted it automated right away. So I agonized over a website for two whole months, literally two months, I agonized over every page, every word, everything I was going to put on this website, every photo of avocados and lemons, my logo has lemon on it, I can see it right now I agonized over this website. And I was thinking, I want it to be polished and professional, and perfect. And I was not willing to be messy in the beginning. Guess what happened, within two months of me publishing that website. Finally, after agonizing over it, I changed it, the whole thing completely changed the whole thing. Because once I started working with the people out in the wild, having conversations with real humans, I realized that nothing on there made sense for what my process was actually going to be and what I actually wanted to be doing and my business and the way I actually wanted to be talking to people. And the way I actually wanted people to be experiencing my message and finding me, so I ended up changing the whole thing. Another thing I did in the beginning of my practice was I wrote blog posts. Now, we could have a whole discussion about blog posts, and marketing strategies. And the best way to be found online and SEO, we could do all of that. That’s not the point of this point of this is why I wrote blog posts. And I’m going to be totally honest with you that in the beginning of my practice, I wanted to write blog posts, because I didn’t want to be messy. I wanted to formulate all of my thoughts in a very thorough outline, I wanted to flush out every idea that I was talking about, and basically verbatim copy it from the course curriculum that I had learned to make sure that everything I was sharing on these blog posts was accurate, and that I wasn’t going to get caught. Like what what was my thought was like I don’t want to get, I don’t want to get put on the spot. So it had to be formulated in advance. Well, well written very long. These were very long blog posts. And I wanted to do that not because I knew anything about writing blog posts, I actually hated writing blog posts, it didn’t come naturally for me. And I didn’t love it. It was it was just a heavy task that took me weeks to do to produce a blog post. But in all honesty, the reason I did it was because I wasn’t willing to be messy in the beginning and have messy conversations with people. I wanted to just send them to a very polished blog post instead. Now I can see that that was my motivation behind it. I can see what the thought errors there and the belief, lack of belief in myself. And in my business. And in my clients resourcefulness I could see a lot of holes there. All right, we could talk about all of those things. And I think we should because it comes back to the central idea of not wanting to be messy in the beginning not wanting my processes to be messy in the beginning. But ultimately, it led me to get much better at writing. And that led me to figure out what I actually did want my processes to be in my business how I actually wanted to reach people the way that I wanted to deliver a message to them the way I wanted to sell to them the way that I wanted to deliver to my clients and the way I wanted to work with them. All of that came after Doing this imperfectly and messily for a while, but I’ll be very honest that in the messy way I did it with these blog posts, I was trying not to be messy. It’s it’s very, it’s very apparent to me that in this messiness, I was trying not to be messy. I wanted to know, I just wanted to make sure everything was in writing, I could publish it and know that no one would ever question anything that are asked me a question and put me on the spot because I had put it all in writing. I see a lot of people in our industry doing the same thing or a version of it may not be the exact same action item list or blog post, or whatever it is that that actually is produced. But they’re coming from that same thought process, which is I want to have it all planned out in advance. And I want to know exactly what I’m doing and exactly what’s happening here. So that I don’t get put on the spot or so that I don’t be caught unaware something, some version of that. So for you, it might be a little bit different way that you say it in your brain, but kind of the same thing. People want to have a beautiful polished professional website with all the bells and whistles, and all of the automations. And all of the pretty sparkly things, before going through the messy part of figuring out what their unique processes are, and what their message even is. It’s one example. Another way we see this show up is people and I see this with a lot of my clients wanting to have an exact, for example, 12 week client process and exactly the what they’re going to do for 12 weeks with their clients where they know verbatim what they are going to be saying, and teaching and doing every single week to get the clients the exact results that they came for, in the exact amount of time that they need to and that they’re never unprepared at a session.

Andrea Nordling 11:32
I see this a lot. In fact, I see this, like I said at the beginning with people thinking they need to do that before they even join the program, and learn how to get clients, they think I need to know exactly what I’m going to be doing with this client, exactly. Capital letters Exactly. That before I could go get a client, really, that wastes so much time and causes so much unnecessary overwhelm. So I really want to like reiterate this over and over. If you’re trying to outsmart the mandatory messiness, it’s still going to be they’re still going to happen, you’re just going to be fooling yourself, that you’re you’re circumventing it somehow, and that you’re creating a process that’s bulletproof, and that you’re not going to have to be messy, and you’re actually prepared, when in reality, it is still messy, you haven’t battle tested it yet, you don’t know what is actually in this example, with the client process, you don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take your clients to get results, you don’t know exactly the questions they’re going to ask every week in your sessions, you don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take them to really implement and get mastery of a concept that you teach. You don’t actually know how long it’s going to teach you to teach something. How does it teach you how long it’s going to take you to teach something you don’t actually know until you’ve done it messily. And until you’ve given yourself the permission in the beginning for it to be a little messy in your brain. And for you not actually know how this is all going to work out with your website, with your marketing with your sales conversations with your client processes, whatever it is that you’re really wanting to have perfectly nailed. Before you allow yourself to move on to the next thing. I need to do X before I can focus on why whatever that is for you. It’s because you think you can outsmart this mandatory messiness, you cannot is still going to be there, you’re just fooling yourself. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to waste your time and then still redo all of these things eventually anyway. So for my students that want to have this perfect process for their clients, for example, 12 weeks of perfect, this is what we’re gonna do every week, this is exactly how it’s going to go. They spent a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of unnecessary stress, figuring out the perfect 12 week 12 week client process. And then what happens is they take two or three clients through it, and they realize there’s a way simpler, better way to do this, they changed the whole thing. And they could have just circumvented that whole acclimation period and that whole time that they were wasting all of that could have just been done away with if they had allowed themselves for it to be messy and a little unclear in the beginning. And just let that 12 week actual process reveal itself by messily taking clients through again, not messy for the clients not unprofessional, not you know, like haphazard for them. They don’t know it’s messy, it’s messy in your brain. It’s messy and you not knowing exactly how this is going to go not having a totally solidified plan. That’s the messiness here because trying to avoid that waste so much time, it causes so much unnecessary overwhelm, it just doesn’t need to be there. Okay? Don’t fool yourself and think that you can somehow outsmart the messy phase because you will be even if you do, you’re just going to redo whatever it is that you create. You’re going to redo it anyway. And if you wish to make a perfect polished website in the beginning, for example, you’re never going to hit Publish for a lot of us

Andrea Nordling 14:55
ever, because you haven’t been out in the wild experimenting with your messaging messily and Figuring out what words to even put on the website. I see this all of the time. See, people are like, Okay, if I just had my website done, then I could figure out how to sell and how to get more clients. But I have to do the website first. It’s like these arbitrary rules that this thing needs to happen before the next thing can happen. Most of the time, none of it is true or helpful or going to make you money. So stop. If you want to rush to make it that perfect Polish website, before you know what words to put on the website in the first place, can be spending so much time. And when you do put something together and publish it. And this is just an example. But you can, you know, take this example and run with it and whatever is showing up for you. When you do put something together on a website and publish it, you’re just going to end up redoing it after the first few months anyway, which is such a huge waste of time and mental energy. Same thing with the client process. If you try to have an exact 12 week client process flushed out down to the letter before taking any clients messily, I might add through it in the beginning, you’re going to be in a constant state of stress for 12 weeks straight, thinking that you might be doing it wrong, it’s not working second guessing yourself. And you’re going to build out a bunch of resources and systems that end up not working the way you want to do, because they never do. By the way, nothing ever works the way that we think it’s going to and you’re just going to simplify and redo it anyway, in the future. I see it happen all the time. Trying to help plan the mandatory messiness keeps people stuck, it burns them out, do not let this happen to you. This is my PSA for the day. Don’t let this happen to you. Shameless plug here, I created an entire process for you to follow that requires you to take messy, imperfect action from day one, before you perfect anything for the long term. So if you’re confused about where to start, or if you’ve already started your business, and you’re confused about how to transition, you’re scattered perfectionistic tendencies that aren’t making the money that you want into a version of your business that is making money and not burning you out, then you just need to join the profitable nutritionist program. And let’s go you’re going to learn the exact process to do this. That’s what you’re going to do in the program. And every single week, we will coach on it, you have lots of resources that tell you exactly what to focus on. And when you’re going to get results fast. We do not waste time setting up shop or overthinking decisions. Speaking of wasting time and overthinking decisions, I want to tell you about the be the beginning of my digital business. Okay, so remember, in the beginning of my holistic nutrition practice, I was getting my website set up, really, really obsessing about this website, trying to become a graphic designer, basically, to make this website look good, it was such a waste of time, then I ended up redoing the whole thing. Then I started working with some clients. And I figured out how to actually talk about my business. I was organically spreading the word getting clients. And if you know anything about my story, you know that I already had had a very successful career in real estate, I knew how to get clients, I wasn’t giving myself credit for it. But I knew how to do this. So that part was actually coming pretty easily. And pretty organically was just falling into place. So then I had to take what was working in conversations and in personal emails and all of that. And I had to translate it into a website and a sales funnel that was going to work on my behalf or so I thought I had this idea in my mind, I’m gonna put all of this on my website, all of this copy that is working to sell. I’m going to automate it on my website. And I’m going to create an online course so that people can just buy this while I’m sleeping. And it’s going to be perfect. And now let’s just be honest, I was still having the thought I want to have this recorded and done in advance. Because I don’t want anyone to put me on the spot. I don’t want anyone to ask me a question. I don’t know the answer to. This was my way of trying to sound like I was really being a smart business person, but actually was having a lot of fear about not being perfect. Perfectionism was loud and proud. During this time, I will tell you that. And so I was trying to outsmart the messiness. This is why I tell you this, I could see that I was doing the exact same thing. I’m like, Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do it take the stuff that’s working, I’m gonna quickly automate it. So that is I’m gonna have this polished website and this polish digital product, this digital course called paleo boss babe. By the way, can we all just take a moment and giggle about the name? Paleo boss babe. It’s the best if you’re right now going what in the world? That’s okay. So am I it happened and paleo boss babe actually,

Andrea Nordling 19:36
I think made me my first $5,000 in the in the course world so I’m not sad about Paleo boss babe except for the name. I learned a lot from this experience. But here’s the point of it. I made online courses way before having the experience of working with clients and of being in the nitty gritty of working with those clients, or having the demand to sell out the course. And to do that, because I wanted to have control over everything I wanted to pre record it, I wanted to make sure that I was giving the exact information and that it was the correct information. And people could just go plug into these videos and push play. And they could hear me teach them all of the things without being able to actually ask me clarifying questions that were going to be uncomfortable for me. I didn’t want it to be messy. That’s what I was doing. I wanted automated, and I didn’t want to get put on the spot. It was totally perfectionism. So paleo boss, babe was born and launched into the world. And people did take this course. And they did get results, even though I was hiding. Even though all of my thoughts about it, were please don’t ask me any hard questions, it still worked, they still got results. I tell you this, because even in the mandatory messiness phase, where things are messy, and they are not perfect, and they’re not the way that you are going to run your business forever. It’s in the testing phase. At the time, I thought paleo boss bait was going to be my million dollar ticket. And this was the entire world was going to have this course of course, I had those thoughts in the beginning. But I can see now Oh, I was just in the mandatory messiness. I was in the experimentation phase, it was all very imperfect, I was figuring things out. Just know that when you are in that, you can still make money, and you can still help people. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We want to have this all or nothing mentality about everything in our business. Like if we’re just learning, then we’re not allowed to help people, and they can’t really get the best results. If we know that it’s a better version is coming. Here’s how I want to say this, if we know that a better version of something is coming. Or if we’re planning for something in the future, that is going to be an upgrade. From what we’re doing right now. We tend to think all or nothing style, we tend to think oh my gosh, people can’t get results until I have this new version, or until I’ve upgraded into the next level. Just not true at all. How do we know this? Because real humans on this planet bought a course called paleo boss babe. They watched the videos, and had amazing results. So that is just a tale for you to put in your pocket every time you’re feeling down about yourself think at least I’m not naming a course paleo boss. But all right, can we acknowledge that perfect is the enemy of good in every facet of your business kind of transitioning topics here. But I guess not, it’s kind of the same vein, right? perfect is the enemy of good, just like it is for your clients. So let’s release the pursuit of perfection, you would never want your clients to feel like they have to do everything perfectly, that you teach them. Or else they just just quit. But that’s kind of what’s happening when we think about our business as having to be this perfect polished version, instead of the messy beginning part where things aren’t that solid in your mind, you’re not exactly sure how it’s going to work. Not exactly sure if this is something that you want to be doing or can be doing. When you have more demand in the future. I think about this a lot, I really hear a lot of people that are unwilling or at least hesitant about taking one on one clients in the beginning, because they just anticipate that there’s going to very quickly become a point in time where they can’t manage taking more one on one clients on their calendar. And it’s going to be a huge problem. And basically, their personal life is going to cease to exist. And they’re going to be a slave to their business. And they’re making this that they’re making the good version right now, which is taking some one on one clients and getting really good at working with those clients and helping them get results, getting paid very well for it. And learning how to have sales conversations. And in real time interacting with people and overcoming their objections and figuring out how to market to them and what the messaging is around their pain points, figuring out all of that, which is good in the beginning. Like they just throw that out the window. Because perfect in the future is, is having a very open calendar and not having very many clients on the calendar and having a group program or an online course or something that is digital and scalable. And so they don’t want to do what is right in front of them

Andrea Nordling 24:01
in the messy, mandatory messy beginning part, which is working with the clients that’s good, they want perfect, which is the enemy of good feel like I really took a way around to explain that. But you know what I’m saying, want you to expect and anticipate and just love the mandatory messiness of everything new that you do in your business. Instead of seeing it as as a means to to an end, which it is I want you to actually love it. I want you to love the messy part where you’re learning a new skill or doing something for the first time and it feels messy. It just really wants you to embrace that and love it. But it’s imperfect. You just don’t have it figured out yet. Because it’s supposed to be imperfect. And it’s supposed to be like that for you and for your clients. It really it. It gives you an appreciation for how your clients are experiencing whatever it is that you teach them. And whatever it is that you help them facilitate with the results that they get when they work with you. Do you have an appreciation for the fact that it’s mandatorily messy for them to, they’re not going to do anything perfectly, they’re not going to learn anything perfectly, they’re gonna have a perfect timeline, they’re not going to have in their brain everything sorted out perfectly of step a, Step B, Step C, and how the dominoes all hit each other and perfectly knocked on the next one, they’re never going to have that. And you’re never gonna have it either. And it’s okay, it’s not a reason to stop for them or for you. So I just really want to encourage you. And this is kind of the point of this episode, as I want to encourage you to love the messiness phase that you might be in right now. Or you will be at the next stage of growth for you, whatever is the next new thing. It’s going to be messy in the beginning. And I want you to love it, where the how is this all going to work question in your brain isn’t clearly answered for you yet, like seriously love this part. It’s where you get to be a scientist and put on your little lab code for your business. And you’re just testing different hypotheses, and testing different ideas. And it’s where you’re figuring out the best ways to do things for your people. And for your unique processes and the way that your brain works and the way that you want your business to run in the future. It’s where you’re basically it’s, here’s how I want to say this, it’s where your vision of your dream business, like your ultimate dream business, that is just a, it’s the thing that you think about when you lay in bed at night, like, oh, I can’t even wait. It’s where that comes to life, because you’re allowing it to be messy in your brand and not have all the answers. My friend, Do not stress about setting up systems and processes that you’re going to scale with a year from now, if you’re in the beginning. That’s perfectionism coming up, it’s never going to be fruitful use of your precious bandwidth to solve problems that you don’t even have yet. Just let the answer to how is this all going to work? Come together as you go. And love finding that answer. Letting it all come together and figuring it out. Love that part of it. Now I know my fellow type a planner, I’m you. So I know this deeply is hard, you want to make a plan, you want to know what the plan is you want to execute the plan.

Andrea Nordling 27:09
I know. So from one super planner to another, let me just tell you either you’re going to come to terms with this now, or you’re going to waste a whole lot of time and energy trying to out plan the inevitable truth, which is that you just don’t know what you don’t know, until you get in there and you do it messily. So you really don’t even know what exactly you need to plan yet, until you get in there and do it. In the process that I bring my students through in the program, we do this together, we make the foundational decisions that you need to make to get started through the lens of what is going to make you the best longterm at marketing, and selling and delivering the most incredible results to your clients. This is what we focus on, we make decisions from there, then we go through how to establish your offer, what to include in the offer, how to price your offer, how to organically market it to your most ideal clients, how to sell it to them in a way that they are ecstatic to pay you and they want to start immediately, you’re gonna get really, really good at marketing and sales by following the process I teach, which includes baked right in, it mandates that it’s messy in the beginning, it’s part of the process. And then with some sales under your belt, you’re going to start to refine your client delivery processes and systems even more. But you’re going to continue to make money and bring in new clients, while you flesh out the best way to ensure that these clients of yours are getting the absolute best results when they work with you. And as a result of that, they’re going to be referring you to everyone that they know. And when you do this, and you get better and better at articulating the pain points of your people and the solution that you offer to them, and how simply they can get the results that they really want to get when they work with you. When you get really good at articulating that because you’ve done it over and over again. It just becomes second nature and just rolls off your tongue. That means that your marketing emails and website practically write itself at that point. There’s no more staring at a blank web page wondering what the heck do I even type on here? No, no, you know exactly what to put on there. Because you’ve been delivering the messaging already. And you know what’s working, because you got busy. And you started when it was messy in the beginning in your brain and you didn’t know exactly how it was going to work you got started anyway. And then you figured out what’s working. When that happens, your sales conversations are basically more of a formality at this point. Because people are coming to you already salt, they are ready to get started. Now. That is a great feeling. And your clients that are working with you are super motivated and resourceful. They are blowing your mind and there’s right along with it with the results that they’re getting. They’re huge. They’re also sending you referrals left and right because that’s what happens when people get great results. They tell everyone about it. So the demand that you have built up now is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. You have more more demand than you can fill, which is a fabulous, fabulous problem to have. So this is what you have to look forward to when you follow the process I teach, and you account for the mandatory messiness at first in all of these areas. That’s why my students are consistently getting such big results. And it’s why I keep telling you that we’re waiting for you in the program. So come WWW dot build a profitable practice.com/join, if you need a reminder is the website to enroll. And if you’re getting that intuitive nudge right now that maybe this container is what you’ve been needing, maybe you do need a little mandatory messiness in your business, we would love to welcome you in seriously. Remember, enrollment is open right now, if

Andrea Nordling 30:43
you’re listening to this between June 28, and the 30th. But if not, you can still go to that page and find out when the next opening is it will always be listed on that page. Now, I wanted to say one more thing, because I wouldn’t be remiss not to tell you a little more about what’s in store for you and for your business. After you embrace this mandatory messiness. And you graduate past those initial stages in your business, where you’re figuring out how to make your first sales. And you’re figuring out how to work with clients. After that, this is where things get really exciting. So when you’re getting into stages four and five in your business, meaning in my definition, you’ve made over $10,000, selling your ECS offer, and you’re moving towards six figures, and consistent 10k plus months, you’re at that that level, which is so fun, it’s the best, your unique marketing and client delivery processes are starting to emerge. That’s the point where you have enough data on what’s really working, fused with what lights you up the most, what do you love to do the most, what is your dream business look like? It’s getting much more clear in your mind. And that’s when we really tease out what your unique processes are and solidify those systems, so that you can get to work automating and repeating them at a higher level. So don’t get me wrong, just because you don’t need to focus on the scalability and automations for your business in the beginning, which is what this entire episode was about, about me telling you just get messy in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, there does come a point, when you are going to think about that stuff. All right, you’re gonna put considerable thought actually, into these decisions and executing them so that you can streamline and scale. But none of those considerations need to be made until you have the foundational skills in place. When you hit when you do and you’ve made at least $10,000, you’re ready to start thinking longer term. And that’s what we do together in the mastermind. The focus of the mastermind is streamlining and scaling. So as you can imagine, we spent a lot of time and attention on building out those marketing and client delivery processes of yours together in the mastermind container. You do want to get your unique processes figured out and polished up. So you can scale your business. And this is how you’re going to do it. All right together, we package up those unique processes that you kind of figuring out in the beginning, we package those up with your philosophies, and your unique spin and way of teaching and presenting information. We create a scalable offer, like a group program, or a membership or a course or retreat, something like that, where you deliver the process to many people at once. And that’s the definition of scaling your business to reach more people without more of you or more of your time. Yes, that is the goal. And it’s a beautiful business model to have. But I have to remind you, it’s not where you start in the beginning. Where do you start? Repeat after me, mandatory messiness. That’s where you start. You get messy in the beginning in your brain and figuring out those foundations of organic marketing and selling and delivering to your clients. Those are the foundations. So to be clear, in case you have any confusion about the difference between the profitable nutritionist program and the mastermind. The profitable nutritionist program is the foundational program where you learn how to set up your business. So it is scalable in the future. You get lots of practice with the foundations of organic marketing, and selling and over delivering to your clients. I talked about this a lot in the program. It’s imperfect action, aka mandatory messiness in your mind, not messy for the client and their experience, but for you in your brain. So again, I’m not saying that you’re going to start your business with Bedhead and a messy room behind you on a zoom call. That’s not the kind of messiness we’re talking about. No, no, no. Don’t do not misinterpret, says messiness, behind the scenes in your mind of you not having your exact processes that you’re bringing your clients through all the way figured out. At first, for example, you’re leaving lots of room in this mandatory messiness phase, you’re leaving lots of room for tweaking and pivoting and evaluating, you have lots of flexibility. And you’re staying really open minded to what ideas might come up that simplify things that are gonna be better for your clients as a whole that you haven’t even thought of yet. Staying very flexible and open. That’s what you’ll learn how to do in the program. And after you’ve graduated to stage four, which means you’ve made at least $10,000, you can apply to join the mastermind. And in the mastermind, you’re going to fast track your results even more. By executing the systems and processes at a much higher level. It’s the most fun, what happens is that you’re going to get to that scalable offer where your process is solid and you can deliver it in your sleep faster, because you are going to have battle tested it, you already have delivered your message your selling, and your client delivery and you will trust it, you will believe in it fully and know that it works. And you’ll know how to explain it and teach it to your clients. And you will learn how to execute well planned launches, and sell your offers because you have generated so much demand. It is the most fun work you will ever do in your business. When you start to scale this way, I promise in the mastermind we do this advanced work together to streamline your processes and set up your business to scale together in a very intimate small group over six months together. And that six months kicks off for the next round in October at a three day live event. So if you decide to apply for the mastermind and you are accepted, you are going to have a board room full of genius peers to look forward to to help you streamline and scale your business. That sounds almost too good to be true.

Andrea Nordling 36:17
This invitation is for you. You’re going to be hearing all about it over the course of July, where we’re going to be talking more and more about the mastermind and applications for the October class are going to be open on August 2. Now, if you are interested in the mastermind, you can join the waitlist at WWW dot Build a Profitable practice slash mastermind dash waitlist. i No, no, no, I am breaking the cardinal rule here of giving more than one call to action should never give more than one call to action. And I’m giving you two of them. I know I’m breaking the rules, but I think you can handle it. Like I said, starting next week, you’re going to be hearing much more about these advanced strategies that you learned in the mastermind. So you can make more sense of what’s involved with taking this mandatory messy business policy that I’m presenting to you and streamlining it into your absolute dream company. Because that’s what I want for you. Ultimately, I want you to wake up every Monday morning, pinching yourself that you get paid so well to live your dream of having financial freedom and flexibility while doing the work that you absolutely love. I want this for you. And the first step to getting there is embracing the messiness. Okay, so do that right now. Decide that you love the messy, imperfect, unclear parts of your business and that they’re the best right now. All right, have a wonderful wonderful week, my friend and I’m sure I will be seeing you inside the program on our upcoming coaching call right

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