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119. Losing Weight and Making Millions with Laura Conley

Think you’re not healthy enough or skinny enough or _____ enough to go all-in on promoting your health and wellness business? Think again. On this episode of the podcast you’ll meet Laura Conley, weight loss coach extraordinaire and founder of The Yummy Mummy, who has helped hundreds of women lose weight for the last time. Most interestingly, Laura struggled as a yoga teacher and wellness coach until she lose weight for the last time and got her own health really dialed in. Now her business is skyrocketing and it’s because of 3 key things she shares in this episode:

  1. Trusting herself to create her own unique branding and positioning as a business owner
  2. Trusting her process to work for 100% of her clients (and how she created her money back guarantee as a health coach)
  3. Trusting her clients to want to do the work (instead of expecting a magic pill)

You’re going to get so many gems to apply in your business and your own health within this conversation. Enjoy!

Connect with Laura Conley:



Andrea Nordling 00:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my friend. Today we are talking about
losing weight, being overweight as a wellness, professional impostor syndrome around weight
or health issues, and how to help your clients if you don’t feel like you have helped yourself.
And we’re gonna have fun while we’re talking about these rather heavy topics, I know they can
be heavy. If this strikes a nerve for you, it certainly has been my story that I have struggled
with yo yo dieting, diet, culture, diet, mentality weight loss plans, the next cleanse the next this
the next that since forever. And I know that that definitely did play a role in my willingness to
help clients as a holistic nutritionist, how I felt about my body and how I felt about my health
and my level of wellness played a huge part in how willing I was to tell other people that I could
help them. So I don’t think that it has to be that way. But I think it is for a lot of us and arguing
with reality. And pretending that that isn’t a factor is not helpful in your business. And it’s not
helpful in your health, either. It’s not helpful for your clients. So we are diving into this
conversation today and coming at it from a really fun angle. And I brought on the person that I
know who has the strongest brand identity and brand voice and willingness to be themselves
and say the hard thing and do the hard thing, which is my friend, Laura Conley, she’s a dear
dear friend of mine, but I happen to know that her journey towards being a weight loss coach,
and she’s a very, very successful weight loss coach, her journey has been very similar to mine
in a lot of ways in the fact that she struggled with helping people as a yoga teacher feeling like
she was still struggling with her weight, and with her body image and with her health. So that
was part of her story, although you would never know it now, because she does have such a
strong, confident brand and is such a strong, confident person. So we talked about that on this
episode, we talked about what the evolution of her business has been, what the evolution of
her offers has been, how has she gotten to a point where she’s so fully trusts herself and her
own weight maintenance, what that looks like when she supports her clients, how she figured
out her unique process that she now brings her clients through. And then we also had to
discuss which I think just professional curiosity is the best part, which is how she has packaged
up this information into a really, really unique brand. If you don’t know anything about Laura,
her brand is the Yummy Mummy. And she has a program called the Yummy Mummy
experience, which is just the most Laura brand ever. It’s very fun. It’s very irreverent. It’s very,
like colorful and vibrant and a little bit out there. The best possible way. So we had to talk
about the health journey and supporting clients in their health, even if your health doesn’t feel
great, and how to get your health feeling great. We had to come at it from that angle. But then
we also had to tack a little bit on like, how can you be willing to repel people, when you have a
really strong brand? And there’s some people that are just gonna be very annoyed and irritated
by it. What does that look like? And how do you navigate it. So it’s a great conversation.
Regardless of whether you have any weight to lose or not, you’re gonna get a ton of
information in this episode for your business and for your clients. It’s just like full of nuggets. I
don’t know, I don’t know, there’s no other way to say it. Other than you must listen, I cannot
wait to introduce you to Laura and let her blow your mind with the nuggets that she has
learned as she’s grown her business last week for the last time and then helped hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds of other women do the same. Such a fun conversation. She does at the
end talk about the opening of her program, which is in January, January 17. The next cohort is
opening. So if you happen to be listening to this in real time, and you are interested in learning
more about that, you can check the show notes here for how to find out more about Laura and
learn about her program. If you’re listening in the future, you can click to any of those channels.
She has a podcast, she linked up her Instagram and her website where you can find out more
about the next opening of the yummy mommy experience. If you are compelled to do so. And if
you are completely repelled, then that’s a great thing to know as well. Because branding works
both ways it attracts the right people and it repels the wrong ones. Just like your business will
do, which we’ll get into in this episode. You’ll even hear one particular moment in the episode
where I brought up a topic that we couldn’t actually talk about on this episode that we had to
bleep out. And then we died laughing about that as well. So I’m just going to give the disclaimer
here. Normally there isn’t a ton of editing that has to happen with these episodes that just kind
of our free flowing conversations. We just let it happen. But I did I did like kind of talk about
something it wasn’t supposed to talk about that we had to edit out. So at one point if it gets a
little bit choppy that’s only because I was naughty. So forgive me. Yeah, and without further
ado, here is Laura. Yay. Okay, Laura Conway is on the pod cast. I feel like this is very long
overdue. I’ve already insured you and told everyone how much love you and how, like, just
insane you are in the best possible way, and you’re one of my favorite humans, so we can just
jump into it. Laura Conley, will you please tell us? How did you become the mommy mommy?
And actually, I’m so excited because I’m asking you questions today that I don’t know all of the
answers to why me? And I’m sure like, I don’t know, the inner workings of your brain for all the
answers of everything ever. But I feel like I’m asking you some questions today. I really don’t
know, like a lot of the story. Because, like, we just decided to be friends. A few years ago, we
just met and we were just like, hey, by the way, we’re friends. Now we’re like, let’s, let’s be
besties. Here we go. So I don’t know your story to becoming like your origin story. All of it. Oh,
tell us Oh, good. Okay. Well, first of all, thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be
here. I know. We just like made fast friends. So it is kind of weird that you don’t know
everything about me. I feel like you should know all the things.
Andrea Nordling 05:51
Like I do know your deepest, darkest secrets. I just don’t know how you became the yummy
mommy, it’s fine. This
is one of my deepest, darkest secrets. So you hear the story. Okay, so this is how it goes. So I
was trained through the Life Coach School as were you partially correct, right? Yeah. And in the
Life Coach School, they really want you to have a niche, like our niche, however you say it a
niche. And so I was like, niching, niching down. And because prior to that, I had been sort of like
an in general life coach. And I was deciding whether I continue with kind of like vision and
goals, life coaching, or should I niche down and be like a weight loss coach, and I was like, kind
of pulling all of my friends. And they were like, what? Like, this is not a question. Like,
obviously, you should be a weight loss coach like you. You were always you’ve struggled with
this forever. And you finally figured it out, like da stop asking stupid question. And so and so I
was just sitting at my co working space one day, like, I don’t know, six ish years ago. And I was
like, Well, what should it be called? And I was like, it should be called the Yummy Mummy. And
that’s that. That’s literally it. That’s it. And, you know, I’ve always been somebody who likes fun
names, and like alliterations. And I just like fun, right? That’s just sort of like part of my
personality. And so it just seemed natural. It wasn’t a big, I didn’t like hire a branding firm or a
consultant or anything like that. I sort of just went with it. It was like, it felt right. And so I just
went, I just went and I think what’s really cool, I think we both been trained in this way is like, it
doesn’t have to be like this big project, decide, decide Totally, yeah, let’s make the decision.
Just just move on, like, and that’s something that I really learned because I can be somebody
who likes to procrastinate or who likes to like spit at you and I have talked a lot about this. Like,
I like to spend a lot of time doing things that aren’t necessarily going to move the needle
forward in terms of helping, my big goal is to quote unquote, free A Million Moms from the traps
of dieting and body shame and all that. And so if I’m going to do that, it’s such a waste of time
to like to spend days and weeks and people can I mean, you could spend a year on branding if
you wanted to. Right and so I think there’s power and just going with it and trusting your gut
and trusting your intuition. Totally. I
Andrea Nordling 08:31
love the like I love the yummy mommy nickname for you because you already said this, but
this will become evident to anybody that ever like does anything with you is fun is really
important to you like that is your brand is fun. And like a certain kind of irreverence and like
lightheartedness. So it makes sense. Like it’s on brand for you to, like, just have this like kind of
kitschy brand and just go with it and not overthinking, I love it. Okay, tell us about becoming
like a coach in the first place. Because I know that you did like you lead retreats, you did yoga
retreats, you had a corporate life. Like I think that it’s just kind of fun to get a little bit of
context of like, what got you into coaching in the first place and having your own business? And
then we can kind of take it from there.
Yeah. Yes. So I was in pharmaceutical sales prior to taking the leap to becoming a yoga teacher
and a coach. And it was sort of soul sucking. Like if, if I’m being honest, I was like, I mean, to
my point before, I didn’t feel like I was actually helping anybody. I didn’t feel like I was actually
making a contribution. I was like, bringing bagels to psychiatry offices, like day after day and
like bribing them to write my drug. So I just, it was like, totally out of alignment. You know, it
was a cushy job. It was great. It allowed me to do so many of the trainings that I did. So I ended
up doing a yoga teacher training and at the end of the training, you had to like stand up and do
your practicum and, you know, teach in front of the room. And I remember We’re being up
there. And I remember being like, shit. I have to do this, like, how I was like so mad because on
one hand, yes, my job was like kind of becoming soul sucking, but was also very cushy. And my
husband was still like, I think he was still doing a like a fellowship, like after he had gotten his
PhD or whatever. So he was like, not bringing home the bacon very much. So I’m up there and
yoga teachers don’t make very much money. I mean, they can now that now that now that I’ve
been through, you know, so many trainings, so many coaches that you can make money as it
as a yoga teacher, I just didn’t have the belief back then. So I’m up there teaching and I’m like,
oh, no, this is a calling. I have to do this. I can’t not teach yoga. And it was like, I was kind of
like annoyed at the universe, because I was like, I have to do this now. And so I was like, I made
a plan with with my husband. I was like, Okay, babe, I have to teach yoga. This has to be my
full time job. I cannot sling pharmaceuticals anymore. Can’t do it. And he was like, Okay, and so
we made this big plan. I was like, we’re gonna save up X amount of money so that I can leave
my job and we don’t have to really change our lifestyle. So literally, the next week, they
announced there’s going to be like layoffs or whatever, at my company. My boss, like pulls me
aside. He’s like, just FYI, you’re not getting laid off. But I just want to let you know, before you
start hearing rumors, like you’re not going to be laid off and I was like, oh, no, no, I have to be
laid off. I was like, I was like, I have to be a yoga teacher. Bill smothers was my boss, I was like,
Bill Smothers, I have to be a yoga teacher. And he was like, You’re not, no, you’re not leaving.
You’re not gonna be a yoga teacher. That’s stupid. Like, obviously, you’re never gonna pay for
your life. If you’re a yoga teacher, like what are you doing? And I was like, Yo, Bella, to calling I
have to do it. And he was like, Okay, well, like you don’t get to the site. If you get laid off. Okay,
well, then we’re on like a company like corporate like company wide call. And they’re like, you
can raise your hand. These are not performance based. We’re just laying off like the bottom
50% basically. And they were like, you can come forward if you want to be laid off, and you can
get a severance package. And I was like, yes. Bill was so pissed at me. But I was like, so
excited. I was like, Yes, I’m gonna do this. It was the the severance money was the exact
amount of money that we had planned to save up. So I was like, we made the plan A week
later, they have this like severance package. I’m like, I got to talk to Brian, my husband. I’m
like, I got to talk to him. He’s like, what do we need to talk about? We don’t need to talk about
anything. What are you like, You’re crazy. Like, you got to just leave. And I was I was scared at
that point. Like, I was like, Am I really going to do this? Am I really going to take the leap? And
most of like, my support system, my friends and family were like, really supportive. For the
most part, my dad, my dad was sort of like a kind of like Bill Smothers, you’re like, ah, like, Are
you sure? Like, I don’t know. Like, you know, like, he was just doing it out of protection. And
like, you know, totally, like, well intended, right. And so it was it was like a leap of faith. So
started teaching yoga loved that was not a coach right off the bat. But as I was teaching yoga, I
was like, Oh, I start, I started to get into coaching. Like I started to follow this woman called
Suzanne Conrad, who was like the director of possibility at Lululemon. And she would lead like
all these free workshops at Lululemon. And I was a Lululemon ambassador, because I was a
yoga teacher. So I was like very much in that world. Anyway, so I started doing her program
eventually got certified through her. And what I saw was, Oh, my God, yes, the reason I loved
yoga is because of the transformation that you can make, like, on the personal development
kind of side, but I was like, Oh, the coaching stuff, you can, you can transform it so much faster,
or that it was like so much more efficient, in terms of like leveling up your life. So of course,
then I was like, I have to do this too, I have to add this into. And so got certified started kind of
coaching. And I would call it like a, it was kind of like a jabi, right? Like, it was kind of a job. It
was kind of a hobby, I feel like I’ve kind of retired from corporate life. And I was like, teaching a
yoga class and then coaching a client and then going to a yoga class and then going to lunch
with a friend like it was very nice, easy life, I was not doing what we’re doing now. Which is like,
you know, working our little booties off really trying to really try to make a difference in the
world. So that was great. And then then I found Life Coach School. And what happened was
they started using all of Brookes stuff from The Life Coach School instead of my previous
certifications. Like I wasn’t using hardly any of that stuff. And I was go, I better get certified
through the Life Coach School. So did that then and then that kind of brings us full circle
because then I was like, Oh, I have I gotta free them up. I gotta free the moms from all the
weight drama and the weight struggle. Because again, what I saw with a lot of the coaching
that I was doing it like with people that are similar to me is it’s like you can’t really go after your
big dreams and goals if there’s so much like emotional, physical and mental weight from the
diet drama like I was always Yo yoing I was always planning out my next cleanse and then
doing the cleanse and then ruining it by, you know, eating a four course meal, followed by, you
know, who knows what. So I realized that in order for for most of us in order for us to really
really live out our callings, or, you know, contribute or whatever, live our best life ever. We, we
have to like, get over this diet drama. So yeah, I don’t know if that answers your question.
Andrea Nordling 15:28
No, it does. Okay, let’s talk about that a little bit. Because I think like, this is something that I
don’t talk about nearly enough. I may have certainly talked about it before, but we should talk
about it more, like feeling successful in your body and your business at the same time. And I
think like, I don’t even know if I have a question here. But we’ll just like see kind of what comes
up. If there’s a lot of imposter syndrome that comes up for anybody that’s helping someone
else with their health if they don’t feel like their health is 100% dialed and handled and like
they’re at their best either, which is like there’s gradients of that, right? There’s like being
acutely sick, or there’s just there’s like, not feeling like you’re at your optimal health there’s
and there’s like, a lot of gray in between. So yeah, I mean, I think that that could look different
for different people. But I know for me, then I certainly resonate with a lot of the stuff you said
like I always just much less now but I can still see glimpses of it like am I gonna lie about that?
Where it’s like planning the next thing like how am I going to feel even better? What’s the next
like protocol? Like, what’s the next parasite? Whatever it is, it’s like the next level of thing and I
think that that’s like, I don’t know like leftovers from that mentality of like, when when’s the
next day it started? Or when does that next thing start? So yeah, like let’s talk about that a
little bit more. Well,
to your point about like being a fraud because so a lot of the drama so I didn’t heal my drama
and to your to your other point. It is a daily practice, right. And like, I think it is healthy to be
like thinking about okay, how can I level up my life in terms of my health? Right, and I think it’s
great to be planning a parasite cleanse when it’s not like compulsive, right? For me. It was like
compulsive basically, like, I was constantly being like, Okay, babe, we’re gonna do a challenge.
Now, let’s do a whole 30 Are you ready? And he’s like, No, he’s like, No, I can’t stop talking
about I’ll be like, okay, but when we go to this party, he can’t let me eat any cupcakes. Okay,
you have to handcuff me, don’t let me eat any junk. And he’s like I can’t with you have to stop.
Andrea Nordling 17:26
so give us the timeline. Like when is this?
so give us the timeline. Like when is this?
Okay? So when I had my daughter, okay, so I had my daughter six plus years ago. And it was
like the story goes, I was like, six weeks postpartum, getting out of the shower, but naked
toweling off and I started beating myself up for like, not, you know, being back in my, like, you
know, pre baby jeans. And I was like, and just like, I, it was sort of, like an out of body
experience. I was like, watching myself beat myself up, and like shaming myself for like, not
looking the way that like, I thought I should look like that, you know, the ego side of me thought
I should look. And it was like, my higher self, whatever you want to call that, like, stepped in
and was like, ah, no more. And it was like a really an out of body experience. It was like, If you
keep talking to yourself like this, your daughter is going to inherit this, even if, you know all the
right things to say. Her thoughts are going to be your thoughts. So if you don’t clean this up, it’s
like, I think it’s like a next level like yes, like our kids imitate us, right? It’s like, it’s not about
what we say it’s about what we do, but it’s also about what we think. And so I thought like even
if I can say the right things and give her the right foods and like role model the things like it’s
not going to work unless it’s true like unless I actually heal this at the root I’m not going to be
able to pass down a healthy relationship with food and body to my daughter so it was like over
my dead body am I not going to heal this because prior to that, I thought I kind of had just like
accepted defeat. I was like, You know what, this is just going to be my thing. I’m just always
going to struggle with this I’m always going to be yo yoing I’m always going to be gaining or
losing gaining or losing gaining that’s just my lat and like, like Laura it’s not that bad. So like
just suck it up at people have way worse problems if this is your one problem and life like big
deal. And then I’m having him just naked in the bathroom and I’m like, I’m not passing this
down to Luna. So I went on a mission and I was like, I am going to heal this because I was like
I’m not accepting the feet anymore. EFF that. I am going to heal this like once and for all. And I
was like, I’m going to figure out a way to weigh what I want to weigh and not beat myself up
when I make a mistake or I’m gonna figure out a way to love my body to love myself to love the
way my body looks and way what I want a way for On my healthy place not like I’m not talking
like weighing, like 98 pounds, like part of me probably wanted to at one point, which is
embarrassing to admit, but anyways, maybe not that low. But like, anyways, I definitely had
like disordered eating and disordered body image, you know, for decades. And so she was
really like my muse, my daughter, I was like, I just, I don’t want her to have this. And so, luckily,
through so many of the coaches that I had been around, it wasn’t actually that hard. It was just
the belief that like, I actually could heal this. Because before prior to that, I just didn’t think I
could, I just thought, well, this is just my lot in life. And like, I can’t be somebody who can
control this. Like, I just didn’t think it was possible. For me, I thought it was just like, born this
way, or it was just irreversible. And so went on a mission to like, really holistically solve it. And I
did, and I still can’t believe it. I still like laugh about it. And like, Is it perfect? Like, Am I perfect?
No, I’m not. Right. Like it is a lifelong practice. But I do believe you can heal it at the root, which
kind of sounds like contradictory. But for me, like living it, it’s, it’s very true, like, you really can
heal it. And it’s a daily practice, it’s kind of like brushing, like I always used the analogy of
brushing your teeth, right? Like, it’s like, if you never brushed your teeth, your whole life, and
then you went to the dentist, they would be like, Oh, my God, like, we really got to heal this, we
got to give you root canals, we got to straighten your teeth, we got to wait. And then we got to
give you cavity fillings and they like work on your mouth for six months or whatever. And then
every day after you have to brush your teeth, I call it like brushing your brain, you have to work
on your health and your mind and your body on a daily basis, it takes you know, the same
amount of time it takes to brush your teeth, and it’s so worth it. So yeah, so that’s kind of how I
Andrea Nordling 21:47
love that so much. The thing I love about that that’s like really standing out to me, and I just
know this about you as a human and like just because we’re close. But I think you like you
really do see that in yourself that you have healed. This is not something like even if you’re
brushing your teeth every day, and like you’re coaching yourself, and you’re thinking about it.
And it’s like a practice, that’s not something that’s like the controlling narrative in your life, or
it’s not something that’s a controlling factor. So I see how you show up for your clients believing
the same as possible for them, because you’ve seen it for yourself, which I think is so huge.
And so I kind of want to like tie it back to anyone listening to this podcast, I know a lot of my
people have their own chronic illness that they have faced, which is why they’ve like gotten
into holistic health in the first place because they’ve had their own journey. And like any
variation of this could be true, but feeling like if you believe it’s possible for you to actually feel
better and to like, put that part of your life behind you or like manage it or see improvement or
like whatever way possible, you will think that that is true for your clients too. Because like you
have to go first to a certain extent. So it’s like having the imposter syndrome, being like, I can’t
help people unless I’m totally healed in one way can be helpful for you. And like in the other
way it can be harmful to believe that way. If it stops you from moving forward, then it’s not
helpful for you or for your clients. But if it’s like, no, I can go first. And I can show you like that
there’s a better way than that can be helpful. So it’s like, is it a tool or a weapon? You know?
that’s so good. I remember to like, after I really felt like I lost weight for the last time and heal
that I’d be like, Brian, like, Can my husband like, can you believe this? Like, like, I cannot. But
like, I was still in disbelief. And I still have moments sometimes when I think back to like how I
used to live in B. And then when it started working for all my clients, I was like, No way. I can’t
believe it because it was this thing that I didn’t believe for so long. And now I believe it’s so
wholeheartedly that, like, yeah, my clients can borrow my belief in them. And in the process
that like it really, it really will work. And I think I do think it’s normal to like, have some disbelief
when you’re embarking and anything that you’ve tried and failed, quote, unquote, failed so
many times, I think that’s normal. But I do I want to speak to your imposter syndrome point too,
because when I was a yoga teacher, mind you in like LA where I mean, all we have to say is
that like, we don’t want you to describe it. But I was a yoga teacher in LA and like, never felt
good enough in my body like and the way my body looked. And it was so miserable because
yoga teachers are supposed to be again are supposed to be helping these people and like
mind, body and spirit. And I just felt like I couldn’t get it together like I couldn’t, you know, I
couldn’t weigh what I wanted to wait consistently. And I was constantly like, you know, starving
myself and then like over eating and then starving myself and then over eating. And in LA I felt
like yoga teachers are supposed to look a certain way. Like they’re supposed to look a certain
way and I didn’t feel like I looked like that. And I mean that. Oh god that was so brutal, like
living like that. Like it was just so horrible. So I just want to like, hold space for anybody. That
feels like that. And you know, anyone that’s listening? It is it is so brutal, and you can heal it
like you don’t have to, like live like that. So, yeah, anyways,
Andrea Nordling 25:12
I don’t know if that makes sense. No, it totally makes sense. I think it gets such a big deal
because we all have our own thoughts about our bodies and like our health and what’s possible
for us and what’s possible for other people and like, all of it is so intertwined. So it is like, it’s
just like an interesting journey that we’re all on. And I think, for a lot of the people that I work
with realizing, like how capable and resourceful their clients are is huge. And realizing like
people can do it, you can do it, other people can do it doesn’t have to be hard. Like it goes back
to kind of what you were saying before about your thoughts about like, this is going to be my
lot in life or it’s actually possible. I think that’s so true for anybody that’s like working a process
with their clients. Like you have to believe that it’s possible for your clients. First, you have to
believe it’s possible for you you have to believe that they’re capable. Like there’s so much that
goes into it. So that’s a great conversation. I love it. Do you have anything else to say on that?
Or can I shift back to the yummy mommy, my favorite topic ever?
Wait until the delicious daddy the delicious Daddy, I
Andrea Nordling 26:18
didn’t know we were going to talk about the delicious. No, I’m
just kidding. No, we’re not talking about this delicious to have it till 2025
Andrea Nordling 26:24
and 2025. The delicious Daddy’s coming. Yes,
yes. No, no, we can we can switch gears or go back. Yeah,
Andrea Nordling 26:30
here’s what I want to talk about with the Yanomami and your brand in particular. And I really
wanted to have a conversation on branding with you like above all else that we could talk
about, because we’ve talked about one bajillion things, but I wanted to make sure we talked
about branding, because even though I don’t think that you see this in yourself at all like or that
this is a conversation worthy because it just comes naturally to you. I feel like you are such a
master at like knowing yourself and trusting yourself and just being yourself and letting that be
your brand. And letting that like go forth into the world and attract the right clients and repel
I’m sure other people we can talk about that. But wait, I
want you think I repel people Andrea? I
Andrea Nordling 27:09
know I’m sure not. I’m sure not
see what I want. You guys should see what I’m wearing right now. Like it would definitely repel
a few people and my daughter is wearing a matching matching sweatsuit. It’s like this bright
green sweat suit that has like hearts and love and like evil eyes and crowns on it. It’s ridiculous.
So yes, no I it’s
Andrea Nordling 27:29
like if life had like a Christmas sweater it is this sweater is what she’s wearing.
So ridiculous.
Andrea Nordling 27:39
It’s so good. But this is like this is you and I love it. And so I don’t like the yummy mommy like
the kitschy funny, irreverent brand. That is the yummy mommy. And then your signature
program, the yummy mommy experience and spin offs such as like the yummy mommy
masters and your clients or the young mum alum, I just die. I can’t get enough of it, and future
iterations. But we are constraining focus and like Laura and I have a standing coaching date
every week. And we like revisit these concepts were intimately involved in each other’s
businesses. So we know this, that the delicious daddy is not coming until 2025. But it will be
coming. Like all of the names all of the fun things. So this is part of your brand. This is part of
you. And this is like how you show up in the world with vanity plates on your new beautiful car
that says yum mom. And it’s like just my favorite thing.
I got the whole world ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous.
Andrea Nordling 28:26
But it’s so you and it is your brand and it like it is part of the business discussion. So let’s talk
about it. Okay,
so here’s the deal. I think it’s the willingness to be yourself and to like, trust that you’re going to
be okay. I think it’s the willingness to really have your own back and to like love yourself
because that is what’s underneath all of it is me being willing to be myself and for people to not
like it. Right? I’m sure people are gonna be rolling your eyes when I’m driving around like
Longmont, Colorado, and they see my vanity plate, but I fucking love it. And I’m so happy. I had
it makes me laugh. It’s so stupid. It’s so silly. So I really think it goes back to the willingness to
be yourself and it can be scary. Like that definitely takes courage. But it is like that is my
mission in life like that is my calling is to free the moms free the women free the people and
really the word free like what does that mean? It’s like the freedom to be yourself. And I feel
like it’s my job. Hold on. Can I say hold on for a second? Can your editor because some child is
banging at my door and I need to go tell my husband to hold on sorry. Hold on. I’m out of
breath from carrying my child away from my door so sorry. Okay, hold on. Let me let me get
my breath
man, your podcast editor is really going to like earn their keep this
Andrea Nordling 29:56
so good. It’s so good. Maybe we’ll leave it in there. Who knows? This Yeah,
okay. So that’s what I really think it’s like underneath at all can you be yourself and that is that
that threads through teaching yoga at threads through my brand at threads through my
parenting threads through my friendships that threads through my business, my brand all of it
like, so funny, my husband did a 40th birthday like montage for me this past year, where like,
all my friends, like gave a little clip and they said like happy 40th. And like, he asked him a
couple questions like a couple prompts. And I thought he like programmed these people,
because they said the same thing. Everyone said the same thing over and over and over again,
which was like, You are unapologetically yourself. And like that is my brand. And I feel like it
sort of just takes that leap of faith like to anyone who’s listening who wants to brand
themselves, like they know they have this good idea for their branding, or for a way of being in
the world, whether that’s your branding, or your business or just you with your clients, it’s like,
just try being yourself and see that you don’t die. And then you can always go back to like not
being yourself. And of course, this is a practice to like, if you feel like you don’t show up as fully
yourself, it’s, you’re just gonna have to sidestep your way into it, to show yourself that it is safe
to be yourself. Like it is okay to be yourself, in your business in your life, whatever. And so, you
know, I would credit my mom really with a lot of it just because of the way that she like my dad
to raised me like, they definitely had a big part in it in terms of, like, I think how they parented I
think she was like very much before her time. And so yes, I have, I still have self esteem stuff,
like I still have things that come up, I still get worried that like I’m, you know, I’m not going to fit
in or so and so it’s not going to like me, I literally just sent a text the other day, I’m like, Oh my
God, I hope she doesn’t think of a mean girl or whatever. You know, I still care what people
think I just don’t let it get in the way of my actions. I don’t get it. Like I don’t let it get in the way
of how I show up in the world. But I still do. I still have a human brain. So of course, I’m going to
care what people think. But I think that’s, that’s a huge chunk of it, too, is like, can you set that
aside? Can you Yeah, you’re gonna care what other people think. But can you put that aside
and not let that influence your branding?
Andrea Nordling 32:22
Yeah. Let’s take a minute and talk about podcasts. Here’s how they work, you subscribe. And
then every Tuesday rain or shine, you’re going to get a brand new episode in your feed for free
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platform you use. Again, if you don’t know how to do the review, go to the profitable
nutritionist.com/review. And we’ll show you exactly how. Thank you so much for taking the
time. It really really does mean the world. Oh, it’s such a good. Like it’s just such a good
question. I think just as a good exercise and maybe like the further along you get in your
business and just maybe the further along you get in life like we’re both turned 40 this year. So
maybe this is like just being a grown up. Even though I don’t feel like we’re grownups. But
anyway, that’s a separate conversation. Maybe this is just like further along in life and more
experience where you realize like it, you just have to be more uncomfortable with that. Like it’s
just part of it like okay, well this is the next level of thing where I like still don’t love it. If people
don’t like me, I still love it. If people are judging me it is happening. But like, that’s just going to
be part of it. And I’m going to keep going anyway, I’m going to set it to the side and I’m going
to keep doing my thing. And then I’m going to get to the next level I’m gonna get a little bit
older, maybe like those actions get a little bit grander, or those like leaps of faith get a little bit
bigger, and that’s okay, too. But I think you’re just like you just do this so masterfully. Even if
you are worried in the background, like oh gosh, I hope that that person doesn’t hate me or
whatever. Like I don’t know what that sounds like for you. But it doesn’t come across as like
something that I don’t know, I feel like you like really walk the line on this really well of being
yourself is as a human and as a business owner. And like really owning your brand and owning
how you show up and like what your values are and like how how you are and how you operate,
but also like being cognizant of others. It isn’t like I don’t know, I think that like some people
might get the wrong impression that really owning your brand identity or like your own identity
As a human, because it’s the same thing is like I like I don’t give any shits about anybody ever.
And it’s like, that’s not it at all. It’s like you hold space for other people really? Well.
Yeah, I think it’s like and and both right. It’s like, it doesn’t have to be either or it’s like, you can
take other people’s feelings and thoughts into account for sure. And, of course, your own. And
it is it’s like, I think it’s so cool. I think your body will always tell you to like what’s like, right and
correct. Right? Like, you can ask your body like, is this right? Is this crossing the line? Or is this
is this my truth? And I don’t, you know, we don’t want to, like hurt anybody. Like, as we’re
doing. I don’t think any of your listeners are nor are we. But it is a great point. Because people
can misinterpret like, go be yourself as like evil. Yeah. Right. And it’s like, no, just just try it. And
notice that there is room for and and both. You can take other people into account and like you
should for sure. But I think like one of the best things and you just touched on it was, I think it
was Brooke Castillo who taught me this, which was, it’s like, oh, yeah, other people are gonna
judge you like, whether or not you’re behaving and in any certain way, like, they’re gonna
judge you if you’re people pleasing them, and they’re gonna judge you if you’re not people
pleasing them. So you might as well like, live your truth.
Andrea Nordling 36:25
And this happening either way. Yeah,
it’s gonna happen either way. And that’s so freeing, just to know, like, Okay, I mean, it’s
confronting at first, right? It’s like, oh, shit, I can’t control the universe. I can’t control
everybody’s like thoughts and opinions about me. Well, if that’s true, if that is actually true,
yes, it’s confronting when you first learn about it for some of us, but I think it’s a relieving in the
end, because that does give you the freedom to be yourself. It’s like, okay, well, what do I
choose? If this is like this? These are like the facts of life?
Andrea Nordling 36:53
Yeah, if this is the way that the world works, oh, it is, then how am I gonna show up? Okay, so
let’s talk about what that translates to with your clients. And this is another one of those
questions I don’t actually know the answer to so this isn’t a leading question have like over the
course of your coaching career as you’re coaching weight loss clients, which you’ve like, helped
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds people. So you’ve done a lot of this? Has the client that
you work with changed over time? Or do you feel like you’ve always like, attracted the same
You know, I think over time, I’ve built trust and myself and in the process, and like the Yummy
Mummy experience in the method, and built trust in the clients like that are out there in the
world. And so because there’s this deep trust in my ability to coach and the process and and in
my client, I think they take more ownership probably than they used to. And there’s not this
like, side of codependency. Like, I know that they have to show up and do the work. Yes, I’m
going to meet them halfway, for sure. But I think that there’s this deeper trust. And I think
that’s created more and more results like it is it is really cool and fascinating to see, like,
actually, my, my brother and my sister in law are here visiting right now. And they just asked
me they’re like, does is anybody mad at you? Like, does anybody do your program? And then
like, it doesn’t work at the end. And then they’re like PIs, and I was like, I really thought about
and I was like, No, I was No, I will get a client once in a while, who comes in and they do get
mad at me because they realize that I don’t have a magic pill that I can give them that allows
them to eat everything that they want all the time, and weigh what they want. Like, it sucks,
like, once in a blue moon that they will get that client that gets mad at me because they can’t
have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. But just to answer your question, I think yeah, I
think actually, because of my deep trust, and this process and this methodology, the clients
that show up really take responsibility and ownership and then are able to meet me halfway.
And then and then it just works. So yeah, I think and I was also just talking to my assistant
coach to it, it’s, it’s amazing, like how many people renew because they’re like so in love with
the process. And really, that’s like, I always tell my clients like halfway through I’m like, you
know, I just tricked you. Right? Like I just dangle this carrot I was like come in and lose weight.
Except for what we’re gonna do is get you to like love yourself and like love your life. Because
really like the weight loss is a byproduct of, of what we do inside. And so because of my
underlying to go back to kind of my mission or my calling, the underlying goal is for everyone
to be free to be free to be themselves in the world like and that really is the goal and we just do
it through weight loss. So So yeah, I think over time the clients have that come are more
responsible, like they own their decisions. They show up for themselves. Yeah, I don’t like that
Andrea Nordling 39:55
like what a huge weight lifted off of some one’s shoulders and just like space in their life to do
really, really big things when they’re not worried about losing weight anymore. I mean, yeah,
notable for us, like, personally, and then for our clients like such a big deal. Yeah.
And so many people say that they’re like, I know, there’s more for me, I know that I supposed
to do something else, but I can’t see it or hear it? Or know it, because I’m just so consumed by
all of these, you know, all these toxic thoughts. Yeah. So yeah. So it’s so fun to see what my
clients and like go on to do. Because they’ve healed this. It’s yeah, cool. Okay,
Andrea Nordling 40:37
so how has your process changed as your business has changed? I know a lot of the people
that I work with, and probably a lot of people listening to this podcast, obviously, are, like, have
a framework have a process that they want to bring their clients through, but they maybe
haven’t done it enough times, yet? They’re like, is it really going to work? Or how do I put my
own spin on it? Or like, what does it actually look like? In your business? When you like, I mean,
I’m assuming and then correct me if I’m wrong, like you had a framework of like, I think that
this is how I’m gonna bring weight loss clients through this and how limited and then you’ve
like evolved it. Yeah, to have your spin on it and your brand and like your method and your
brain? How does what did that actually look like? I
think it’s, it’s going back to like, a common theme we’re talking about, it’s like, just practice, I
think, like, that’s how my process evolved was like, practice, practice, practice, get as many
guys as I can take them through what I think and that’s where impostor syndrome came up for
me, I’m like, I don’t know, if I really No, I don’t have this perfect process that it’s like, just get as
many clients as you can, and practice on them. And I don’t mean, I don’t mean that to sound
like they’re these guinea pigs or these, like lab rats. They’re not you can help them for sure.
And then it will just evolve naturally. Right? And it’s that that’s sort of how it’s been, for me is
like, just the more practice I get, the more that I learn about my client. And now I know my
client, like the back of my hand, right? Like, I know, I mean, I can, I’m like inside their brain, I
know everything that they think and, and feel and do. And the same will be true for you, the
more people you get, but I think it’s going back to like, the willingness to trust yourself and to
trust that, like you already do know, and you can help them and just keep going one step at a
time. Yeah,
Andrea Nordling 42:19
no, I totally agree with that. I think it’s like the elephant in the room. That a lot of like business
coaching, and probably like health coaching certifications, that kind of stuff like glasses over is
that honing your process and making the process yours? And like figuring out the process, it’s
like you, yeah, you’re gonna get clients, and then that’s just like nobody’s talking about, but
what am I going to do? What am I going to do? I’m not really sure how it’s going to work. I don’t
know the end. It’s like, Yeah, nobody does until you do it. And then you can look back on it, and
say, oh, yeah, like, I tried my, I took my best worst guess. And I tried. And I figured out every
step of the way, what was working and what wasn’t, and like, you know, tweaked it for them,
the client doesn’t know that you’re figuring it out. And like, their experience is great, because
you’re loving on them, and they’re getting way better results than they were gonna be getting
on their own. So their experience is wonderful. But in the in the background, you’re just figuring
it out. And you’re like testing and trial and error. And that’s just kind of what it is. There’s no,
there is no magic process once you don’t
and you don’t want a magic process either. Because if you had a magic process, then it’s
somebody else’s process. And it doesn’t have like, your unique spin and sparkle. Yeah. On it,
right. Like you don’t want someone else’s process. And like, it’s, it’s, Oh, hold on, I got it. This is
coming. This is good. You don’t want someone else’s process because like you are here on this
planet, because you are unique, and you have your special gift. And that’s how you evolve your
gift, I think is through practicing and through like what like you’re saying, looking back and
evaluating, okay, what worked, what didn’t work? How can I tweak this, and then you come up
with your own concept and your own method. And like, that is really cool. That is so cool to see
like, that is really fun for me to be like wow, this really, this really is my process. It really is my
method that like I created. Yeah, my clients helped me. Yeah, my coaches helped me. Yeah.
Andrea Nordling helped me at 6:30am on Tuesday mornings.
Andrea Nordling 44:29
It’s Laura’s favorite time of the week, I swear.
Minus the 6:30am part. So yeah, I think you don’t want it’s like my clients like they want a
magic pill. No, you don’t want a magic pill. You want to go through this process because at the
end of the process, you’re gonna have so much confidence that you can create and do
anything. And so I think that’s kind of a parallel for oh my gosh, that’s
Andrea Nordling 44:52
so good. That is so good. Yeah, you don’t want the magic pill process is someone to just give
you the process. You will They
don’t know because then if you get the magic pill, we don’t get the magic you
so true. Oh, my job right there. Andrea
did not take it was a Mic drop. I saw it on her face, but I thought it was a mic drop and so then
she had to go with it.
Andrea Nordling 45:14
So I did I loved it. Okay, okay. Okay, so who do you think that your branding repels? Oh,
I know who it repels because my client told me. Okay, so she came on my podcast. She was so
blunt. It was so good. She was like, you guys. Don’t don’t read a book by its cover. This is
literally what she was telling me. She’s like, I was so turned off. But then I kept for some reason
listening. She’s like, I wasn’t in a sorority. You clearly were in a sorority like, I wear black. You
wear gummy bear earrings, like. She’s like, so she actually she actually was like telling the
people she’s like, don’t be misled, like, like Laura is the real deal. Like there is substance
basically and what she’s saying. So I think I probably repel people that are like, where a lot of
black maybe, like
Andrea Nordling 46:13
just give themselves as boring or so they could see I’m wondering about that. Because I wonder
if you attract people like that that like want more of the gummy bear earrings of themselves?
You know what I mean?
Yeah, so some people do and they do and it’s so fun to watch them change. They like literally
look different. At the end. It’s like the dark has been removed. Like, yeah, energetically like,
you know, yes, they lose weight. But I you know, they’re on Zoom, I can’t really see Yes, their
faces look thinner. But like, energetically, they start to look different. So yes, some of those
people I will attract because they do want, they want like the light alive, bright, you know,
energetic energy, like zesty energy. But I think that those people that don’t have the awareness
that they want that like or they will, they will see me and it repels them because they think I’m
like, loud or obnoxious or those those are the people probably that I repelled that, like, I’m
annoying, or like, you know, it’s it is confronting, I think for some people, when other people are
fully in their truth and their themselves, like I think that can be. And this sounds kind of
annoying actually saying it out loud. But like, you know, I guess it’s on brand. So, I do think it
like it, my husband will say like, you know, it can be confront like you can be confronting
because you’re so much like yourself, and like, there was a lot of people were like, it’s really
hard for them to be themselves. And so it’s like, it’s too much. Yeah. So I don’t know if that
really answers your question. But
Andrea Nordling 47:44
it does, I think like, it’s important to be clear on who you want to repel as it is who you want to
attract, and like the clients that you want to work with. And if your brand is authentic to you,
and you are just showing up. And also I think like we’re using the term brand really loosely,
because that could be like so many different things. But I
liked that I liked that you’re that you’re using it loosely because like it’ll change
Andrea Nordling 48:07
over time as you change too. So it’s like it is going to be loose, it is never going to be like the
manual of like, this is the brand refer to page three for like, what we do here, like it’s all gonna
change, right? So but knowing like, you have a big part of that, especially as a business owner,
that is the visionary of the business, how you show up in the world and the values that you hold
for yourself are obviously going to permeate through the way that you like talk to clients and
attract clients and work with clients and bring them through a process and the expectations
you have for them and like where your insecurities show up and all of that and it’s it is like all
all together in your brand. Not every company forever, like will have the founders brand as like
part of it. But for anybody I’m talking to you here I’m sure that that is part of it. And it makes
sense. Okay, so your brand shows up a lot on social media mine shows up nowhere on social
media. So I’m wondering, like do you think that people follow you for a long time and get to
know you like in your podcast or on social media or in your emails? Like what do you think that
customer journey looks like for your people getting to know you and deciding if they want to
spend all the money with you and be a yummy mommy and lose the weight and free
themselves and like all of the things and said you could we also talk about there’s this and that
and like could we not? Do we have to edit that out? I don’t know. No,
we have to edit that out.
Andrea Nordling 49:21
We do we do.
We do just in case like what is the case? What have you like become like the number one
podcast and then well, I mean, obviously you are listening. Yeah.
Andrea Nordling 49:28
So like all of these things. What was I saying now? Should I can’t remember what that was
about? What was that? ranting good.
I can’t stop thinking about the
question before that shit. I
Andrea Nordling 49:46
don’t know. Hold on. I
got something about my clients. But no, no. Okay, I
Andrea Nordling 49:51
pause and then it didn’t know I remember. It was like how would they their journey of like how
they come to you? And like, like how do they warm up? How do they get to know you decide if
they want to work with through
all that, yes. So what I think happens is, a lot of my clients come through word of mouth. So it’d
be like, you know, you’re out there looking hot, you’re looking like a yummy mommy, you’re
looking like a little snack. And you know, everybody’s friends with it. Oh my God, what did you
do? And I’m like, don’t tell them what you did. So they’ll tell people that they stopped eating
sugar. And I’m like, No, that’s not what you did. Like, yes, that’s what you did. But you also did
all this work on your mindset, all this work on your emotions, you had all this accountability,
right? I’m like, don’t, I’m like, just send them to the podcast, or send them to my Instagram.
Because then they can really get to know what goes on inside the Yummy Mummy experience.
And so that’s usually people will kind of stalk me on Instagram or stalk me on my podcast, and
then sign up. That’s usually how the journey goes for most people. Now we’re running ads. And
so some of those people are coming through ads or watching a webinar, and then they’re
reading emails. So it just depends. But up until now, that’s kind of how it’s been. So yeah, but
like, stalk me, they will not like comment or like anything. I think they like don’t want to admit
like, to the universe that they want to lose weight, or I don’t know, it’s like, there’s like this
maybe side of shame happening? I don’t know. So because people were like, Yeah, I like watch
every single one of your Instagram reels. I’m like I’ve never seen in your name ever. So that’s
typically how it goes. How
Andrea Nordling 51:25
long do you think people are like in your orbit before they decided to work with you?
I think it’s a couple months. But I don’t think I should think that.
Andrea Nordling 51:34
We’ll talk about that next Tuesday.
I mean, some it’s yeah, it’s anywhere from hydro. I don’t know, I know that you probably don’t
like this answer. But it’s so different. Like, I’ll get somebody who will see they see their friend
on Instagram and sign up the next day. Yeah, so they’ve heard about me for 24 hours. And
then I think the majority, it’s like a couple of months of like, you know, because it is it is a leap
for a lot of people to spend money on coaching. Yeah, no,
Andrea Nordling 52:07
it is if you’ve never done that before. And that’s something I learned I talked about a lot where
like, we were like no stranger to making investments at this point. They’re pretty sizable
investments in ourselves, and then our own brains. But a lot of people have never done that
before. Or like a lot of people for my audience are going to be dealing with like a lot of people
I’ve never paid out of pocket for preventative health care or health care of any sort before. And
so knowing like, I’m going to actually spend this money, like my insurance isn’t covering this.
And this is my investment. Like that’s different for people. And there can be like, a period of
time where you need to educate people on why that’s a good decision before they’re gonna
make it and then some people are just going to do it. They’re like, Oh, my gosh, this is this is
exactly the solution I was hoping for. This is so great. I want it tomorrow. And you have those
people you have people that like takes maybe a year or two years and nothing has gone wrong
there. It’s just Yeah,
I had somebody this this last round. That was like, I’ve been following you for three years. You
know, so yeah, it’s just the whole spectrum.
Andrea Nordling 53:00
Yeah, I think it was the vanity plates that put her over the edge. I think she’s like now is the
time. Now’s the time. So good. It’s too much fun. Okay, so I feel like we should wrap up here
with talking about your actual offer. Like a lot of people listening to this, just want to know like,
what is the yummy mommy experience? What is in there? Like how, and maybe talk about how
that like started with one on one clients, and then how it turned into a group program? Like
yeah, creative license, just talk about anything you think would be helpful from a business
owner perspective about how you structure that offer and like what’s in it and all that good
stuff. Yeah. And then how they become a yummy mommy, of course.
Oh my god. Speaking of branding, and speaking of people that like are a little turned off by the
Yummy Mummy. I just have to go back real quick. So some of my clients won’t call it the
Yummy Mummy. Oh, okay. They won’t. They won’t say the words. They caught the why they
call it the y mx because they’re like, they’re like it’s too much. It’s too cheesy. It’s too, too
weird. It’s like yeah, the y mx the y mx I’m like okay, yeah, call it whatever you guys want. I
love it. So
Andrea Nordling 54:08
Andrea Nordling 54:08
then they don’t refer to themselves as a young mom alum I would guess
hmm, I’m they probably are just so why am I ama Oh my god. Okay, so I went from one on one
to group several years ago. And what I found was I had so I went to group but I still had one on
one clients. And what I found was the clients in the group, were getting better results like
better, faster results. I found that the group was just so much more effective. And it almost
became something that felt like out of integrity like for me to offer one on ones anymore. Like
and because I will get people to beg me to do a one on one and like offer a pretty penny and
like part of me wants to do it. But I really don’t believe for what we’re doing the way that the
process is set up now that it is in their best interest. So like, I just coach them and sell them on
the group and why the group is better. So I’m just like, all in on the group because it’s like, if
you’re having a rough day, you’ve got the entire group to pick you back up. It’s not just me, it’s
everybody holding space for you. And then vice versa, like you get to cheerlead for somebody
else. And you also just don’t feel alone. And I think that this is something that a lot of us have
struggled with, like in the dark. And I just think it makes the shame, like go poof, when you’re
doing it in a group and you’re like, Wow, I’m not alone. Wow, this is normal. And so I’m like,
very, very into the group situation, because it just, it just works better. And some people you
know, they don’t, they’re scared to get coached on certain topics. But, you know, Megan isn’t
Megan’s like, Yeah, I’ll get coach on this. I’m like, I’ll air my dirty laundry. And so then she offers
the key for Bonnie’s transformation, because she was willing to get coached. Yeah, because
Bonnie was never gonna ask the question. No, Bonnie, never was Bonnie scared. You know, and
bonbon. She’s nervy. And then I also think like, it’s really great, too. Because what if Bonnie
doesn’t have a girls trip, where they’re going to be like eating and drinking all the things inside
the six month container, but Megan does, and then Megan gets coaching, she gets all the tools,
and Bonnie has them for when she does, you know, inevitably go through the same experience
or, you know, a client has somebody die, and they want to eat all of their feelings, totally
normal, totally valid, but they learn a new way. And then everybody else learns a new way,
even if their grandparents or whoever, didn’t die during the six months. So I just feel like very
strongly about doing, doing what we do in a group container, and not all coaching. But But this
for sure, so. So the yummy mommy experience is six months of group coaching, and
coursework, I like to call it correspond. And I love it. Oh, my God, and a private community. So
and it is guaranteed. So this is like, kind of interesting for for the audience, too. Yeah, I
Andrea Nordling 57:22
was gonna I was gonna ask you about your guarantee. And like, from a strategy standpoint,
talk about that, too. So let’s do it. Yeah,
so there is a Money Money Back Guarantee. And the reason why I love offering that is because
so many people have tried so many things, and all of those things didn’t work. So it’s really
hard for them to trust this process, and to believe me that this really is gonna work. So that’s
why I give it to help them believe. And they all say they’re like, I did it because I had nothing to
lose. Like, I had the money back guarantee. It’s what got me over the edge. It’s like, what
helped me take the leap of faith. And they’ll be like, and I was like, doing all my homework,
because I was like, I’m gonna get my money back guarantee. And then they’ll be like, but then
it started to really work. And I was like, Oh, well, I guess I don’t want my buddy back. This is
really working. Because
Andrea Nordling 58:08
that’s the thing, like people actually want the results. They don’t actually want
their money back. No, no, no, they don’t. So I find my husband’s always like, I don’t know, it’s
kind of a little sheisty. It’s kind of a little like salesy, and he’s like, I think you should get rid of it.
I was like, well, then I’ll have no clients. So what do you want? Okay,
Andrea Nordling 58:28
so that’s the conditional money back guarantee, like people have the thing to get their money
out. Yeah. And
the things that they have to do are not hard. They’re like, very easy. They take way less time
than they’re spending currently on this problem and not actually solving it. So I do actually love
the money back guarantee. I’ve like thought about it a lot. And it’s just so many clients out tell
me like that’s, that helped. Yeah. So that’s why
Andrea Nordling 58:50
it’s so good. anybody listening to this that? Like, if you think well, I can’t offer a money back
guarantee, because I can’t actually guarantee that people are going to do the things that I tell
them to do? Of course, you can’t. But what can you guarantee? They do like if they you can
have it conditional on them following your process? Yes. And if they follow your process, they’re
going to get results. So like, what would that actually look like? And how do you make a money
back guarantee? Even if you don’t feel like you can because you can anybody list? Yeah, this
could create a money back guarantee.
Yeah. It’s not just, it’s not just like, Oh, you didn’t like the program or whatever you get? No,
you have to do you have to do your course fun or your homework? You have to do it. It’s not
that hard. And most of my clients love it anyway. So yeah, I like really, I think the money back
guarantee is where it’s at. I think it’s really helpful.
Andrea Nordling 59:33
I agree. I do the same thing in my program. And like, you have to fill out the workbook. Meaning like you actually have gone through the process, you’ve watched the videos, and then
if you’re stuck, you have to ask for coaching, which means I have to like roll up my sleeves and
figure out what’s not like where you’re getting stuck. It’s more work for me and my team, but if
we coach like you will get the results or where there’s no danger of actually having to give up a
ton of refunds because the process does work. So Uh, yeah, just a little note on guarantees, if
you challenge yourself to figure out how you could do a money back guarantee your clients are
gonna get better results because you’re gonna fix anything in your process. That is going to be
where people fall through the cracks. You’re gonna you’re gonna fix it, and they’re gonna get
better results. So, yeah,
so true. So good. Yeah, it does. It makes you a better coach or a better practitioner or
whatever. Yeah. So yeah, so that is the experience. We have a cohort starting on January 17.
So if you’re one of those early adopters, like we were talking about before, and you want to
come on in, you’re more than welcome to go to Lar conley.com. It’s la URACON l ey.com. And
click work with me and you can sign up. What else? What else? Should I tell the people?
Andrea Nordling 1:00:43
The people should if they’re on Instagram, they should definitely come and check you out. They
obviously listen to podcasts, so they should probably listen to your podcast as well. So she
should give all that info and we’ll have it linked up in the show notes too.
Yeah, so it’s the yummy mommy podcast with Laura Conley. And then my Instagram is Laura
Connelly coaching. So check it out babies.
Andrea Nordling 1:01:04
Her podcast is amazing. Her Instagram I have no idea because I have not on Instagram but
you can go over there and check out the young mum. The young mum plates
Andrea Nordling 1:01:15
the young mum glaze on so somebody sent me a picture of the mum plates that’s how I know
that the plates actually
that the plates actually
I know I was like how does she know that she must be sneaking around on Instagram anyway
Andrea Nordling 1:01:26
things people send back now I sent someone to your Instagram for I was like if you need way
less cost. You gotta go follow Laura. So I sent this person there. And she was like, Oh my gosh,
this is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen and screenshotted it sent to me I was like, Oh, this is
everything because what Laura’s she was like Is this too extra? Should I do the vanity plates?
Like no, you have to do the vanity plates. That’s everything
that is so funny. Oh my god. I know when you said that. I thought I was going to have this like
big moment. I just shock you and be like, yes. What I got the plates. You already knew. Yeah.
Andrea Nordling 1:02:02
So good. Okay, so this is amazing. Anything that you wanted to talk about branding wise,
business, inspiration wise, anything else that we didn’t touch on? I feel like we talked about
everything I wanted to talk about. But was there anything that you feel like we need Oh,
it it feels complete. I love you so much. I love you so
Andrea Nordling 1:02:15
much to this will definitely be repeated. So fun. So anybody that wants to be a young mom, or
in 2025, you want to have a delicious Daddy, you better get in the mom right now so that you
can like get the sneak peek of the delicious daddy coming in a year. You have to work with
Laura, her program is amazing. I know this intimately because we talk about our processes.
And we talk about like what we do. So I know what goes on in this course, work slash course fun
and all of it. And her process is incredible. I got to be adapting some of it into my program like
some of your course
fun. Yeah, I love that. So and the other thing I’ll say is like, if you’re hesitant, or you’re on the
fence, like you can totally book a call, you’ll see that on my website, you can totally book a call
and we can just chat through any questions that you have. But yeah, we start on January 17 We
and we can just chat through any questions that you have. But yeah, we start on January 17 We
lose weight for the last time and become free we got to free the moms so thanks for helping
me on the freedom mom’s movie got
Andrea Nordling 1:03:14
a free that moms and we also got a free the like the health and wellness professionals that feel
trapped and feel limited by their own weight or their own, like weight struggles and all of that,
like if that is holding you back in your practice and from helping people. Like let’s just not fight
against reality. Let’s just solve that problem.
Yeah, I think that’s a great way to end like, I feel like I want to shout it from the roof. Like the
rooftops like you are allowed to address this problem. Like you’re allowed to want to lose
weight. Like, that was a part of my struggles. I felt like I couldn’t want to lose weight because
that must mean that I don’t love my body. And actually it’s the opposite. Like I was ignoring a
desire, a deep desire that I had inside to weigh what I wanted to weigh in to be free from this
and I was ignoring that. And that is the opposite of self love. Yeah. And so So I just want to give
anybody out there permission to address it like you said, and to to do it for yourself. This is so
freeing. Yeah. I love you so much. I
Andrea Nordling 1:04:17
love you. Thank you for sharing today. It’s so fun. You’re welcome.
1:04:21 Thanks for having me.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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