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81. How to Change Your Offer

When your brain is struggling with how to transition from a previous offer to your current, premium offer, it can be a source of indecision and anxiety.

This episode of The Profitable Nutritionist™ Podcast is going to alleviate all of that by giving you two strategies you can use to make it a seamless transition from a lower offer to your premium offer, even if your clients in the previous offer are sending referrals your way and you’re going to be selling them something different than what they’re expecting.

Yes, there is a method for doing this well, and by following the steps in this episode you’re going to master it without wasting another day worrying or swirling in drama.



Hello, my friend, we are talking strategy today well, and mindset we’re talking all of the things we always talk about I was going to kind of mislead you apparently, until you we were talking strategy today. But we’re always gonna bring it back to mindset. So I was just kidding about that scratch it retracted from the record that wasn’t actually true. I am however, answering a specific question that I was asked recently inside the Lounge, which is our private student community in the profitable nutritionist program. And I as soon as I saw this question, of course, they answered it, we coached on it, but I thought, oh, I should do a quickie podcast just on this question, in particular, because I know that it is a source of a lot of anxiety for many business owners. The question is this, my brain is struggling with how to transition from my previous offer to my current premium offer in regard to referrals, who already know about my old offer? I have two current clients who just referred people to me, excellent problem to have, by the way. She says At what point do I say that I’m no longer selling my old offer? Or do I honor that offer in these instances and just advertise my new offer to new people? I would love some feedback, my brain is creating a lot of drama around this. Okay. Excellent, excellent question. So first of all, I’m going to give suggestions on how you can handle this. And then we’re going to talk about said drama that said brain is creating around this problem, that isn’t really a problem. Alright, so two ways to go about solving this problem that isn’t a problem. First is to change to the new offer effective immediately and just sell it to the new people that are coming in, regardless of who referred them when they got referred what previous offer they’ve ever heard about what they think your price is going to be before they jump onto your website or do a call with you, depending on what your sales mechanism is, and what that sales process looks like, doesn’t matter, just sell them the new offer. And you could just decide that that is the plan. That’s what you’re going to do. And eradicate any drama from this decision. stores do this all the time. Okay, something costs a certain dollar amount one day and the next day, it is different. Either it goes up or it goes down on sale, not on sale promotion is over, who knows right source do this all the time, you can do the same thing, you don’t owe anybody an explanation. It is your business, it’s not their business, like literally, it’s your business, you don’t owe anybody an explanation. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t, I want to make the distinction here, this does not mean that you don’t deliver on something that you’ve already sold at a certain price, okay, it doesn’t mean that you change your offer, and then you just don’t deliver the old thing that you’ve sold before. That’s not what it means. It means that you don’t have to keep selling the offer at the price or at the terms that you previously had offered it at. If it doesn’t work for your business anymore. Even if people that like for my client that was asking this question, she has two current clients that have referred people to her and presumably have explained the package that they bought or the rate that they bought the offer whatever it was, and however she packaged that up, they probably have passed on that information. So her anxiety here is the they already know the price. And now I’m going to have a different price for them, or do I sell them the old offer. So just to recap, we’re not saying you don’t deliver on something you already sold to someone if you did, of course, you’re going to deliver it in that way, and at the terms that you already sold. But you don’t owe anyone an explanation for changing when things change. It’s your business. So you can just change to that new offer effective immediately and sell it to anybody that comes to you. This is the new offer. Here’s why I am going to make the assumption, this is my client, and this is what I teach in my program. So for her, this is clearly the case, hopefully for you as well. If you change your offer, it’s because it is better for your clients. So all of the coaching I’m giving around this is with the assumption that if you change something about your offer, meaning you’re charging more, you’ve changed the duration of the package you’re including or not including certain components, you’ve simplified, you change the process in any way. And the offer and the price. And the terms reflect that. It’s because it is in the best interest of the clients because you figured out a way to simplify things, you figured out a way to streamline it, you figured out a way to support them at a higher level and get them better results. So of course, it would make sense to sell everybody that new offer because it’s better for them. So if you’re having drama in your mind around how do I sell a new offer to someone that thinks they’re coming for my old offer? That’s how you coach yourself around it. You remind yourself the reason that you changed it in the first place is because it is better for that client, they’re going to get better results. They’re going to get them faster, simpler, more conveniently, with more support from you with less headaches on their end, it’s going to be better results. That’s why you changed the offer in the first place. And I want to remind you that if someone because I know that some people are going to have an issue with this there’s going to say but what about people that you already did a consult with? Are you already Hold your offer to and they’re not being referred from someone, but you’ve already made the offer directly to that person, and then they’re coming back in the future. Here’s the deal, if they wanted the previous offer, they could have taken it when you made it to them. And they didn’t. So I would have no drama around that either. Businesses do this all the time stores do this all the time, prices change offers change. And the terms change, okay. But if you are coming from a place of it’s in service to your people with this new offer, then there should be no issues for you or for them and for explaining that. If you do have someone that questions you, not that you owe anyone an explanation, but if anybody ever asked, you could very confidently explain to them, that is a way better offer, this is gonna get them better results, it’s in their best interest. Okay. The second way to approach this would be to honor the previous rate case by case, A, if you’re selling on a consult, for example, this is very simple to do, you could make a one off offer at the previous rate, if you decided to do that for referrals that are coming in, that’s totally within your like, within your discretion, your business owner, you get to decide, just don’t be confused, or having drama about it, or it’s going to create confusion and drama for them. Okay, so I’m gonna repeat myself, again, don’t be confused about this, or have any drama about it? Because if you do, it’s going to create confusion and drama for your potential clients. Okay, you just need to be very, very clear on your parameters around this. And I know that this can be a source of anxiety because as a perfectionist, High Achiever business owner that I know that you are, on some level, you want to have a solution that works flawlessly for everyone. You want to figure out what is the magic solution here for me to change my offer, raise my rates, whatever that change is, and not have to have a direct uncomfortable conversation with anyone about it. Like what is that unicorn exact way to do this, that I’m never going to be uncomfortable, and everybody’s going to be happy. And nobody’s ever going to question any decision I’ve ever made. Guess what? That doesn’t exist. So I don’t want you to spend weeks or months trying to sleuth out what that option is, it doesn’t exist. But you do need to make a decision on how you’re going to handle this when you’re changing your offer. I have seen people not change their offer literally for years, because they are paralyzed with how they would explain it to someone that thinks that they’re going to get the lesser offer, or the previous offer, whether that’s lower priced or less duration, if they’re selling a package, there could be all sorts of different components of an offer that change. But basically, people can be in indecision about this for years, which costs them so much success and so much impact helping people because of something that’s just a simple decision. So that’s why I really want to talk about this for you today. If that’s you, if you’re like, Ah, I want that perfect solution, I want that perfect scenario. So that nobody is mad at me. And I never have to have an uncomfortable conversation. It’s not gonna happen doesn’t exist. So we’re just going to make it not an uncomfortable conversation. And we’re just going to take out the drama, okay, we’re going to make a plan for each scenario. If someone asks you about a previous offer that you’ve made, what are you going to say? This is if you decide that from this point forward, you’re just going to sell your new offer. Okay, if that’s the that was option one, that’s the option you go with? What are you going to say? How long are you going to honor previous offers for if you decide that you are going to honor previous rates on a case by case scenario again, this is much easier to do and simpler to do. If you’re selling on a console one on one, much trickier to do if you are selling one to many, like through emails on your website, if you’re making offers in that way. But I’m gonna tell you how I have done this. So hold up for that. I’ll give you an example. But I just want you to ask yourself, like what are going to be the SOPs around this? Okay, what are the procedures here, create clear boundaries for yourself with this before you have the situation come up? If you’re thinking about changing your offer, just answer these questions for yourself. Okay,

what am I going to say? If someone asked about a previous rate? Am I honoring that or not? If so, how long am I going to honor it for it’s probably not indefinite, okay, create those clear boundaries for yourself before any emotions are at play, and someone’s actually asking you about it. It’s no big deal much like a store would do that has a pricing policy or a price matching policy or something like that. That’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re just creating the boundaries, and the parameters and the workflow in advance. For example, when I launched the profitable nutritionist program, I had previously had many offers before it depending on how long you’ve been in my orbit, you may remember these days, I had a lot of offers. I had a business coaching, mindset membership. I had some very specific strategy courses, tactical courses, Teaching How to Make membership sites like there was a lot happening okay. But when I decided to create the profitable nutritionist program, it was different. It was a different offer and it was also at a significantly higher price point than those other offers had been, okay, I literally closed on those offers overnight with no notice. And I only was selling TPN moving forward. Okay. But the reason I was able to do that is because I had created parameters for myself before I did it. Hey, here’s what I had decided I went through this exact same process, I had a moment of indecision of like, oh, this is more expensive, this is different people only want to pay monthly, they want to pay like a low monthly price, they’re not going to be right for this offer, I had all of the same thoughts that you might be having, as you’re thinking about changing your offer. But here’s what I did, I decided that previous clients of mine could apply whatever they had paid already towards TPN for a limited time. And then they could upgrade into the program by paying the difference. So if someone had already paid me $1,000, for a course, for example, and they wanted to upgrade into TPN, which is a lifetime access program, you get lots of resources in the program, you get weekly live coaching, there are modules, there are bonus courses, it’s lifetime access. So it’s a one time decision, and then lifetime for all of the resources. Very, very, very robust program. And I knew that it was much better for my people to get that level of support than anything else I had sold to that point. So I was very clear that it was better for them to be in TPM than anything else that they had. For that reason, it was very easy for me to sell it. So I sold it to them as such said you can upgrade into the program. And I’m going to for I think that I gave them 30 or 60 days to do so I said you can apply whatever you have paid for those previous programs and pay the difference into TPN, which is $3,000. Okay, that was the parameters. That was what was happening. Many of them did that. Some of them didn’t, totally fine. Okay. But new clients could not purchase the old offers anymore. Okay, I took them off my website, I took them out of any sales funnels at that point, literally overnight, didn’t give anybody any notice they just disappeared. It was TPN only from that point forward, because I was so solid, and so sold on the fact that that was the best way for me to support my people. It was the best offer. So I didn’t want to sell something that wasn’t the best offer anymore to anyone else. No drama. Okay, no negotiations. No, in the moment decisions needed to be made. I made all of them ahead of time. And I would highly suggest that you do the same anytime you’re going to change your offer. Make all of these decisions ahead of time? How are you going to answer questions from people? How are you? Like, what are your boundaries? What are your non negotiables? What is this going to look like? Just make all those decisions ahead of time when there’s no emotions at play? And nobody’s putting you on the spot? Just decide. Now the coaching here around that is why would your brain be creating lots of drama around this decision in the first place? So I told you this was going to be a quick in and out strategy episode. But then I told you I was just kidding. We were of course gonna talk mindset as we do, as we do, because why do we think that this is such a big deal? Why do we create so much drama around these decisions? When it comes to any decision in your business, not solely limited to changing your offer, but any decision that has you swirling and circling the drain and confusion, or just revisiting over and over again, you want to find out why? Very specifically, okay, you want to and I highly encourage you to do this with a pen and paper, not just mentally. But sit down, take 10 minutes and ask yourself, why why am I stressed about this? Why do I keep revisiting this decision? Why am I confused about this? I would say a better question is Why am I choosing to stay confused about this? If you ask yourself better questions, you’re gonna get better, better answers and being honest with yourself that you’re choosing to stay in confusion. It’s not a parasite that you involuntarily contracted confusion isn’t? It’s a choice? Why am I choosing to stay in confusion about this? Find out why? And answer that question. Just see what comes up? You know the answer. So be specific. And make yourself answer that question, write down the answer to this one. If you still need some more fodder for yourself coaching, what am I afraid is going to happen? If I make this decision, and I stand by it? It’s a really good one for changing your offer. What am I afraid is going to happen if I just make this decision and stand by it? And then how will I feel when that thing happens? Because your brain probably has some catastrophic event or confrontation that it thinks is possible. And just trying to avoid. get really specific and define what that is. Don’t just let it be a vague, something bad’s gonna happen. thought like, actually write it down. What do I think is gonna happen? I think someone’s gonna yell at me. I think someone’s going to blast me on the internet and leave bad reviews. I like what is it? You know, there’s something that you’re afraid of. Find out what that is. And how will I feel if that happens? Your brain is gonna give you so much to work with. If you take the time to do this. I promise. I promise. Just write it all down. Don’t judge yourself for having these thoughts or these worries, you’re a human, you have a human brain. It’s all good, but figure out what it is for you. What I see the most often is people trying to find that perfect solution that isn’t going to result in any negative emotions for them. but they’re never gonna have to feel uncomfortable in any way. And they want to make sure that they figure out a way that no one says no, no one puts them on the spot with questions or pushes back whatsoever. And then they don’t ever have to risk feeling salesy, or whatever word you use for salesy, pushy, greedy, whatever that is, because they feel like that would be the worst case scenario, when it really comes down to it. It’s like, what are people going to think of me? How are they going to judge me? And that’s what we don’t want to do. We’re humans, we don’t want the tribe to, to push us out of the herd. And now we’re mixing metaphors here. But just go with me, we don’t want to be the outcasts we want to be in we want to feel like all is well. copacetic. Right. But I mean, there isn’t that for your business just want to be very clear, and it’s not a problem. There isn’t going to be a strategy that’s like good for everybody that everybody’s happy with that no one will ever question that no one might ever have thoughts about or judgments about, just like you’re judging yourself. People are judging themselves, just like you’re judging others, people are judging you. It’s what we do, we would like to think that we don’t, or that we could create a special unicorn scenario where that’s never gonna happen. But it isn’t. This is not the way the world works. We’re humans, we judge each other, we judge ourselves, it’s just, it’s not great, but it’s what we do. So let’s make peace with that, and decide that we’re just going to make decisions as a business owner for what is best for our business, what’s best for best for our clients, what is best for our business, long term, make peace with the worst case scenario that your brain is offering up to you that other people might have thoughts about that, and that they might not like it, just make peace with that, it’s okay. It’s not a reason to not change your offer, it’s not a reason to be confused, and to halt any forward progress in your business because you want to people please strangers on the internet, or potential referrals from other people. Okay? Not a good reason. I highly recommend that you don’t get caught in this trap that a lot of people do. And it’s natural, it’s an uncomfortable place to just make peace with the fact that you’re going to be judged, and that’s okay. But as an entrepreneur, faster you do that, the faster you’re going to move in every area of your business. Now, look at that list that you made with what you’re afraid is going to happen if you took the time to make the list and I hope you did. Look at the list. Okay, what are you afraid is the worst case scenario? If you make this decision and stand by it? And then how are you going to feel those things happen? Can you do the things? Can you feel it? Can you feel salesy and not die? Can you feel greedy and not die? Can you feel misunderstood and not die? Can you feel judged and not die? Can you feel rejected and not die, whatever that is for you. Here’s the thing, you absolutely can’t. And you just might have to so that you can be in service of your clients. And you can give them the best offer at a rate that’s going to ensure that you both show up 1,000% and get them the results that they are desperate for. And that rate changes over time. Sometimes it changes overnight. And that’s okay. But the magic here is going to happen when you’re willing to feel those uncomfortable emotions in service of your people. And then in reality, you’re probably not going to feel those emotions, if you’re willing to feel them if you’re willing to be uncomfortable. Because you want to help people and because you want the freedom that your business is going to afford for you and your personal life as well. You probably won’t even feel them. Because you’re not going to be in confusion, you’re going to be certain, and you’re going to be confident about how to present your offer, and how to say the words I can help you are very important. And then the people you’re talking to these potential clients of yours are going to feel that conviction, and they’re going to feel the certainty that you can help them and they’re not going to question it anyway.

We think that people are paying way more attention than they actually are. I’m gonna say that again, we think that people are paying way more attention than they actually are. And that’s the coaching I gave to my student who asked this question specifically about her previous clients having referred people to her, like, Okay, we think people are paying way more attention to the specifics than they actually are. It’s not a big deal. Do people want the results, the reason they’re getting referred in the first place, or they’re paying attention to anything you have to say is because they want the results that you can help them get. They want to hear you say I can help you. And here’s how very succinctly very confidently people want less decisions to have to make for themselves. That’s why I’m doing this podcast for you. You’re my people, you want less decisions to make. So I’m just gonna tell you, here’s the two decisions. You decide, I’m only selling this new offer from here on out, or I’m going to make case by case gametime decisions. And here’s how I’m going to make them here are the parameters around it. And here’s how long I’m going to honor past offers for that’s it less decisions for you to make. Your people want less decisions to make too. They want this process to be simple and doable and more convenient, with less confusion and less decisions to make. They want to know that they’re not broken beyond repair. They want to know that you can help them and that you understand their problems and that you have the solution. That’s it. So make your decision and explore what that worst case scenario. It is going to be from that decision of yours that your brain is like, ah, but if we make this decision, this terrible thing is going to happen. Figure out what that is in your mind. And then make peace with it. Make an agreement with yourself that you have your own back. And you’re going to be there to feel all the emotions uncomfortable or otherwise, if and when they come up, because you can, you can feel all those things and you won’t die. And then address any boundaries that you’re going to need to enforce ahead of time by writing out some swipe copy responses. For example, this is something I have done I when I made decisions about launching TPN, for example, I went through like, how do I think people are gonna respond to this? And what if they ask this question, and I just made the responses. I made email, like swipe copy responses for myself to go grab from later. I did this and I wrote them when I was clear headed. emotions aren’t factoring in I don’t feel put on the spot. And I love my reasons for it. So you can do that to create any responses that you’re going to need to make ahead of time. And just remember, none of this is a problem. My favorite message of any podcast episode is just remember it’s not a problem. All right, have a wonderful week, my friend, go make some offers and help some people that are dying to pay you

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