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74. Guaranteeing 100% Results In The Profitable Nutritionist Program

It’s a special week this week because  The Profitable Nutritionist™️ program will be OPEN for new student enrollment, which only happens a few times each year.

This Thursday, March 2nd-March 8th the doors are OPEN so get it in your calendar right now to make sure you don’t miss it.

(Public enrollment opens up quarterly, so it will be summertime before enrollment opens again.)

What you may or may not also know is there is a unique risk-free guarantee that comes with lifetime access in the program, which Andrea is explaining in detail in today’s episode because it will help you with your clients and ensuring they get the results they came for every time, too.

Let’s dive in.


Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my friend, it’s a special week this week, because as you may or may not know, the profitable nutritionist program will be open for new student enrollment, which only happens a few times each year. So this Thursday, March 2 through next Wednesday, March 8, the doors are open, get it on your calendar right now and make sure that you don’t miss it. Public enrollment in the program opens up quarterly. So it will be summertime before enrollment opens again. And to get into today’s topic for the episode, what you may or may not also know is there is a very interesting risk free guarantee that comes with lifetime access in the program. And I’m gonna explain it because it might help you with your clients, and ensuring that they get the results that they came for from you every time as well. So very meta episode here. I think that it’s going to be very helpful for you. So if you’re listening to this show, but you aren’t yet in the profitable nutritionists program, first of all, what the heck are you waiting for?

No, I’m just getting, it’s probably for one of three reasons we’re gonna talk about them. First of all, you are making over $50,000 in your wellness business. And you think that the foundational materials in the profitable nutritionist program won’t be useful for where you’re at in your business right now. I hear this from students a lot. So I know that that is a reason that could be if you’re not in the program yet, to you are planning to join this enrollment, you’re just waiting until March 2 until the doors open up, you’ve been eagerly waiting for Thursday, and you’ll be joining on Thursday, congratulations in advance.

Or number three, very likely, as well. And we’re gonna talk a lot about this today, you’re planning to join in the future, because you don’t think that you have enough time or enough focus right now to be able to maximize the resources. So you know that this is the next step for you. The timing just isn’t right. And I want to offer you that these three things, variations of these three reasons are the exact same things that your future clients are considering when they’re thinking about investing in your product or your services exactly the same. Okay, our brains are very, very, very predictable, your people are thinking about the exact same things that you are in terms of making a big investment in their results that they want. So we’re going to plug through these one by one, which are going to be very meta, like I said, because not only do I want you to think about this as a future client of mine, if you’re not already in TPN, but also from the perspective of your clients and their sales, psychology and what’s happening in their brain. Okay, you ready? Like I said, many of my prospective students tell me that they are unsure about whether or not they’re going to get into the program and what they learn will be applicable to them in their current situation. For many, it’s because their business like this is particular to my clients. Now, for many, it’s because their business is already off the ground. They’re already making money. They’re working with clients, and they’re wondering if they should be applying for a spot in the mastermind instead, which is my more advanced offer. And if that’s your situation, let me make the solution very simple for you. Join the profitable nutritionist immediately if you’re not already in there as soon as enrollment opens up. So you can simplify your current business immensely. Through what you’re going to learn in there in preparation for really dialing in your offer and scaling in the mastermind. The profitable nutritionist program is required for all the participants in the Higher Level Mastermind anyway. So don’t wait. Just get in there. Start using the time management tools, the coaching tools, the client delivery resources, all of that it’s going to make your current business operate so much better immediately. So do not wait. If that is you if you’re thinking I don’t know, is it? Is it time for me to get in the mastermind and said just joined TPN anyway, because it is required before you start the mastermind. Anyway, that’s just a little aside. Now maybe it isn’t specifically that you’re wondering if you’d be better suited for the mastermind. Maybe you’re just plagued with a nagging doubt that the repeatable revenue process that I teach in the profitable nutritionist program is going to work for you. Or for your type of business. Maybe you’re just you’re just having doubts, right? Let me put your mind at ease on this. If you sell health and wellness products or services of any type directly to clients or customers, you need this process by becoming a master of organic marketing that literally sells for you 24/7 through referrals, not through your time and your effort. But through referrals. Because of the process that you’re going to learn in there. Your sales process is almost effortless. As a result when your marketing is incredible. It’s very, very little effort to sell on the back end. Now the better your marketing is, the less you have to sell. And the way that you supercharge that marketing and the referral base is by delivering insanely life changing results to your clients that exceed their every expectation that blow them away and blow their mind. You blow their mind with what’s possible for them. And of course, as a result there are going to tell people they’re going to talk about it. This is what people do. They’ll tell everyone they know. So the delivery creates demand. We talk a lot about this in TPN the delivery creates demand when you nail the delivery with your clients even just that first one if you’re like I don’t know how to nail delivery with my client

don’t have a lot of clients don’t worry, that’s what you learned in the program, the demand for your offers just gonna grow itself. And that is what you learn how to do in the repeatable revenue process in the program. No one else is teaching holistic business this way, which is holistically

the elephant in the room is what happens with the actual clients when you get them, which is entirely the wrong approach, I really feel strongly that we need to start there with what is going to blow the minds of the clients, even when you don’t have any clients or you only have a few clients, what is going to blow their mind, let’s start there. Let’s make our best best effort to blow their minds, get them the results that they want faster than they even think possible. And then see what happens on the marketing and sales side.

I promise you, it’s like magic. That’s what has people on the social media hamster wheel and constant constant creating of content hamster wheel by the way, in my opinion, it’s trying to grow their audience and trying to get trying to get more people paying attention got to be more visible got to grow, the audience got to be more visible gotta grow the audience over and over and over just focusing solely on that, but not actually getting the said clients the results that they want. Okay.

I know that if you’re just starting out, this seems very nebulous. Like, I don’t know what what do you mean, what process I don’t have a process, I don’t have clients, I don’t know what to do, I promise I got you, you will learn. It’s okay. But I want to it from a high level just explain to you that this is something I really see as a huge problem. And when I call it the elephant in the room, what I mean is that I think a lot of business owners in any space, but I’ll say I’ll say particularly in our industry and health and wellness, focus on marketing, focus on sales, focusing on the selling piece of it, which is very important, of course, in the long term growth of your business. But there’s just kind of this unspoken like, Well, what do we do with the client, so I don’t know, you just have to figure it out. And I don’t feel like that part is talked about in a sales and marketing context, I think that we take a lot of extra certifications, we do a lot of extra learning to try to develop processes or learn someone else’s process that we’re going to take our clients through. And don’t tie it into how that is actually important. From a business perspective, as if there are two separate things, they’re not two separate things actually really important for your business, for you to not to continue learning and learning and learning and trying to build out intricate processes that you don’t need to have right now. But just to understand that that is what’s going to actually ultimately drive your marketing. Okay, I’m getting rambley, I’m going back to the issue at issue at and I assure you, here’s what I want you to know, the process that you learn in the program is going to be a game changer. No matter what stage of business you’re currently at whether you have an established business already, but it’s burning you out and you don’t feel like it’s sustainable. Or you’re at that beginning stage, you’re trying to make your first sale your first dollar and get your business off the ground. Okay, all of it is there. In fact, I actually guarantee that the program is going to make you the money that you need in your business. Because when you invest $3,000 in the profitable nutritions program, if you don’t make that investment back, I’ll give it back to you. There’s no time limit. But here’s the catch on that no risk guarantee, you have to actually crack open the workbook, watch the videos, and take action. And if something isn’t working, you have to ask for coaching, that’s part of the refund policy, you have to reach out for help. So we can actually help you get the results. Because that’s what the goal is here. That’s what I truly want. Really, absolutely 100% want for you to know how to make $3,000 On Command anytime you want for the rest of your career. It’s a skill. It’s not a personality trait that either you have or you don’t have, you’re good at selling or you’re not you, you know, you know how to mark it or you don’t know, it’s just a skill, it’s a skill you need to learn. And after hundreds and hundreds of students going through the program and making their first $3,000 over and over and over again, I’ve seen time and time how simple it is to learn that skill when you have the right support. So if you’re on the fence about the program, because you don’t know if it’s gonna work for you join this week, okay, what’s the worst that could happen? You try it out. You get coaching and strategy and you figure out exactly how to make $3,000 On Demand from here on out. Oh, wait, that isn’t the worst case scenario. That’s the best case scenario. And it’s the only scenario.

It’s actually the only thing that happens here. But now back to why I’m telling you this. Remember your future clients are having these exact same thoughts. They’re wondering if your process is going to work for them. They think that they’re too far ahead already, or they think they’re too far behind. They think they’re too busy. Or they think they’re too broken or they think they’re too unique. They think they’re the snowflake or as one of my favorite nutrition clients ever described herself. When we started working together. She told this is how she defined herself. She’s like everything’s wrong with me. I’m a total lemon

I just die even think I just you right now, as I tell you, I could just see her face, it was the best moment ever. I’m a total lemon.

And I think that it’s important to talk about because this is how your clients see themselves. This is how my clients see themselves. We’re not that we’re, you know, we’re not that unique. We think that we are, we think our situation is very, very different than anyone else’s. And it calls for special circumstances and special considerations. It’s really not okay, it’s really not and your clients are thinking the same thing.

It’s important because you won’t be doing them any favors, if you believe that story, that their situation is different, and that they’re a snowflake, and that they need special considerations. So I have to keep bringing it back to this point. To be clear, I don’t believe that story of my prospective clients either. And here’s why. I know that every single person considering joining my program is resourceful A F, I know that they always get what they came for, even if it’s just one strategy, or one piece of coaching that unlocks the floodgates for them. Who’s to say that that one thing isn’t just exactly what they needed. That was it just one thing. And I know what’s in the program. I’ve worked with so many people at this point, that I know where health and wellness professionals get stuck. I know how to help get them unstuck. It’s all accounted for in the program. But beyond that, I know that I’m just as resourceful as they are, they can’t stumped me. I’ll show up 110%. If they do, and we’ll figure it out together. And that’s the crux of the money back guarantee for me, is it I mean, think about getting coaching 10 times for me. So if someone stuck, if one of my students in the program is stuck, and they’re not getting the results, and they keep saying I’m stuck, I need help, I need coaching because that’s part of the refund policy, you have to ask for coaching. Okay, no refunds for buyer’s remorse. Well, that could really seriously take up a lot of my time, that could be a very big drain on me as a business owner, to to coach people in a group coaching program, but coaching them one on one and trying to get them results. And I’m telling you, I’m just as resourceful as my students are. So if this is coming up, if someone’s if someone is having issues, I’m gonna figure it out, I’m gonna figure out a way to teach it better, I’m going to figure out a way to create a resource that clears it up for them, I’m going to I’m gonna get to the bottom of it, because I’m just as resourceful as they are. This is something I believe about myself. And I really want to share that thought with you. And that belief that you can have about YouTube, you don’t have to know what your exact processes right now for your clients, you don’t have to know any of that, you just need to know I’m gonna figure it out. When the time comes and someone is stuck, I’m going to figure it out, I’m going to show up 110% For them, they can count on me, and we’ll get to the bottom of it. That’s what you need to know. That’s what I want you to consider with your clients. Do you have a foolproof process where they can’t stump you? And that you’ll make sure they get what they came for? If not, let’s just change that right now and decide

you’re going to do it. That’s it. Because your clients want to feel your certainty. They want to feel your confidence, and your resourcefulness because they want to feel that in themselves too. And don’t even tell me that you can’t guarantee the results because you have no idea if they’re going to follow through with your recommendations, and you can’t guarantee health and you don’t know their history, blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard it all stop it.

Little tough love here. That’s lazy thinking, stop it. What do you know? What can you control? And what could you guarantee? Now I don’t know if you’ll make any guarantees or not, that’s not the point, it may be completely inappropriate for whatever you do in your practice to make any guarantees publicly. That’s not the point. The reason that you figure this out, is so that you know that you’ve got them, you know that your clients can’t stop you. You know, you have contingency plans and processes in place to ensure their success, you know that you’re gonna go above and beyond to make sure that they get the results. And you can count on you. Right. So what do you know, what can you control? What could you guarantee? In that scenario where you were making guarantees? What would you guarantee? What would that look like? Don’t let yourself get stuck on? I can’t make guarantees. I don’t know if they’re going to do data data. No, no, no, no, no, that’s lazy thinking. We don’t do that. What do you know? What can you control? And what could you guarantee? See what your brain comes up with? You’re very resourceful. You’re very smart. You are very unique is not the word I want it. I lost the word I wanted your very oh my gosh, anyway, it was very good adjective insert, here. You are that okay? You’re you know exactly what to do. You’re very insightful, insightful was the word I was going for that you’re very insightful and you know, that your clients can’t stump you figure it out, and then figure out how to talk to them about that. In the profitable nutritious program. I set the standard that anyone looking for a refund has to have requested coaching from me 10 times on group calls or written in the lounge. Like I said, I kind of alluded to that. And that is a big time commitment for me. I really want to hammer this home. But the reason I’m willing to do that is it’s unreasonable for my students not to get unstuck and for us to figure out the problem if they get coached 10 times. And I’m absolutely willing to roll up my sleeves and spend a lot of my time and my bandwidth figuring out what how

Someone needs my support, coaching them, figuring out how to make my processes better, that makes my program better, that makes my business better. That makes me a better coach that makes the referrals come in 10 times faster, right? I know, I’ll show up, and we’ll figure it out. And as a result, we hardly ever have refund requests, this doesn’t actually happen. I just want to be very clear. I don’t spend my days one on one coaching people, it doesn’t actually happen. There’s some times when people do request refunds, and I’ve talked about that before on other episodes. So I don’t want you to get freaked out when that happens, okay, it will happen. It’s just the nature of doing business. But in my company, our refund rate here is minuscule compared to most online programs, where they would just rather send a refund and move on. It’s a numbers game yet, okay, send a refund or move on, instead of what I think is so much more valuable for all of us is digging in and figuring out how to improve the process. Was this a marketing issue that just the wrong person came in, then they really had no intention of doing the process? Was that the problem? Is there something that could be more clear in the delivery of this information, like what is going on, and that willingness to really show up and dig in with your clients is what’s going to differentiate you, and what I know differentiates me from any other solutions that they might be considering. It’s why they’re going to refer you like crazy. Because that belief that you have in yourself, that you’re resourceful, and you’re gonna figure it out, and they can’t stump you, they’ll feel that they’ll know that either you literally say it, which could be the case, or it will just be the energy about how you talk about your process about how you talk about the results that they’re going to get, and they’re going to feel that certainty from you, they’re gonna feel that calm, certain confident energy from you. And that is what they want to feel. That’s what we all want to feel. So do I need to repeat myself here, you will learn this in the repeatable revenue process inside the profitable nutritionist program. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but enrollment opens this week, and you need to be in the program if you aren’t already.

Okay, so next on the reasons that maybe you haven’t joined TPN. Yet, if you aren’t in there, which I cannot even imagine how that could be true. And another big reason for your prospective clients as well, is planning to join in the future. Because you are they don’t think that they have enough time or focus right now to be able to maximize the resources. This is something if you’ve done any amount of sales in your practice so far, you know that this is what people will default to they’ll either say they don’t have the time or they don’t have the money, they don’t have the time they don’t have the money, but there’s more to be explored. It’s not that they don’t have the time, it’s not that they don’t have the money, they may think that that’s true, but we’re gonna talk about it here, okay. The perfectionist thinking that is going on here, is going to and I know this to be true for my clients. So I’m going to talk about this from the perspective of you if you are not in the program yet of thinking if you have this thought, I’m gonna join in the future. Okay, the time is not right for me right now, I don’t have the time right now, I can’t focus on it right now, I have XYZ have already committed to that I need to see through first before I can jump in whatever that is, that’s a perfectionist thinking. And for my clients, it’s going to result in stalled business growth and constant overwhelm for your clients is going to result in stalled health results and constant overwhelm. Same thing, our brains are exactly the same, we don’t have different problems just because we want a different goal. So your clients have exactly the same thoughts that I do. But I’m gonna keep talking about the perspective for my clients. So waiting until the next enrollment period, when the program opens up will not make things easier for my clients. I know this to be true 1,000%. Because here’s what happens. Like I said, our brains are not that unique. They’re not that they’re very predictable, is what I’m saying.

Six months from now, people tell me this all the time. They’re like I’m coming in the program, but I have to finish x first. And so I’m coming in, in six months, or I’m coming in then in three months, when it opens back up again, whatever it is, there’s a timeframe, right people have the best of intentions, I totally understand this. But what is going to actually happen within those three months or six months is that everything that gets checked off the list is going to have a replacement item. Gate, this is what you do. If you haven’t solved the problem of being constantly overwhelmed and being in overworking and trying to cram too much in your calendar and making too many commitments trying to do too many ideas in your business. This is what I see a lot of my people do is they’re trying to get so much done in their business, which is really overwhelming them. And really, if they just came in the program, they would realize that 80% of that needs to go they don’t even need to be doing it. It’s not getting them the results. They just need to do 20% of what they’re doing, and they need to do it better. And so I know that when my people wait to come in and work with me, it’s making them more overwhelmed. They’re not going to actually have less things on their calendar six months from now. And magically the stars will have aligned and their life is so much less chaotic. No, that doesn’t happen. Your calendar will not be magically emptied, and neither will your clients. So pay attention to this.

If you wait another three or six months to join the program, and to simplify

Your business by taking most of those to do lists, or to do items off of your list, like I said, which is one of the first things that you do in the program, you miss out on six months of calm focus, you miss out on six months of working with higher quality clients of figuring out your processes of figuring out where they’re getting stuck very simply. So that you can be just blowing their mind with even better results, getting them unstuck faster, getting those referrals just pouring it in, systematically, you’re missing out on six months of that, you’re missing out on six months of hearing these actual humans give you their glowing testimonials, and how they’re getting results and you’re gonna secretly behind the scenes are gonna be like, This is amazing. I didn’t know for sure if this was going to work, but this is actually working.

And it feels so good. And if you’re well established in your practice, right now, you already know what I’m talking about. When those first few people start getting results in actually validate that this, this is true, this is real, you can do this, you’re delivering these results to them. It feels so good. So why would anyone want to miss out on six months of that? Okay, but to me, it’s like no, absolutely not, you need to start now. So you don’t spend the next six months spinning your wheels doing the same thing you’re doing right now, which is creating the overwhelm. And I don’t want anyone to miss out on that one nugget of coaching that’s going to unlock their next 10k month or 20k month, because that is very likely happening in the next six months. Why would we wait? Why would you wait to be in there, listen to the private member podcast and listen to these coaching calls. I know this for my students, do you know this for your clients? As I’m saying this? Are you thinking about yourself? And are you thinking about the people that want to work with you, but they are telling themselves a story that the time isn’t right? Like they the time isn’t right, right now, it’s going to be in the future, like I’m going to I’m coming, but not right now. And if you believe that for yourself and for your business, like the stars need to align, and you can’t really It would be irresponsible right now for you to take on. Another thing because you have XYZ you have to do first and you have to finish it up, carry the one vote like it’s this complicated equation, if that’s how you believe that you need to make decisions for investments in your business, that’s 100% going to be how your people feel like they need to make decisions in their health, and you’re going to believe their story. And that’s all it is just a story. Okay, I don’t want you to miss out for six months, or three months or a year, whatever that is. Sometimes I have people email me and they’re like, I’m absolutely joining the program in fall 2024. I’m like what is happening right now? No, no, no, no, no, no, whatever is going on between now and 18 months from now is going to be so much more manageable and so much more enjoyable. When you have the skills that you’re going to learn inside the program. Don’t wait for that. And you don’t want your people to wait either. Most of all, I don’t want my people to miss out on falling off their bike for six months. What the heck do I mean, think about this for your people do I think of your business as riding a bike, I know that you think you think I’m going in a certain direction here. Like, you learn how to do it, you just get on and you keep you fall off, you keep getting on. That’s not actually what I mean. What I mean is that your business is like riding a bike in the sense that you do not learn how to ride a bike until you get your butt on the seat and you start pedaling and falling over. That’s how you learn how to ride a bike. You don’t learn how to ride a bike from watching courses about bike riding, watching YouTube videos about other people riding bikes, reading books about how to ride a bike and how to balance on a bike and listening to podcasts about how to ride on a bike and having the best ever path that you’re going to ride your bike on and having making sure that you clear out all of the obstacles. This is for those of you that love to set up your beautiful pretty processes before you even have a process to be setting up. You know, I’m calling you out, you know who I’m talking about this, as you know, that’s not how you learn how to ride a bike, you can’t learn your way to riding a bike, you have to actually get on the bike, start pedaling feel very wobbly, fall over a few times, few skinned knees. And then pretty soon you’re just figuring out how you ride a bike, how you best ride the bike is probably different than the person teaching the class or during the YouTube video, or whatever that is. And you just have to figure out your version and make it work for you. And the faster you get your butt on the bike and you start pedaling, the faster, you’re going to learn how to do that for you. So I know with such conviction and certainty that the best way to do it is to get on the bike now not wait for six months before we start riding the bike. And I know that this exact thing is happening with most of your prospective clients right now as well. They think the timing isn’t ideal because they want it to be perfect. They want the stars to align, like we’ve said and they want every external circumstance in their life to be just right before they commit before they dive in before they make the investment before they put something else on their calendar. And you know why? Because they are professional perfectionistic too. They don’t want to fail.

They don’t want to waste their time. Now, ironically, we can see as the business owner and as the person that is further along in the process, we can see that that desire to not want to waste time actually makes them waste months and years of time. You can see this with your clients, right? When they tell you okay, I need to wait six months, I need to wait three months, and then this is going to be perfect. And here’s why. And they just it’s the holidays coming up, it’s trips coming up, it’s a busy something at work. It’s tax season, like whatever it is, they it seems like it makes sense. But really, you can see a whole No, you’re trying to save time and make this more efficient later. But this is costing you years, and you’ve been in this pattern for years already. And that’s why you don’t feel good. That’s why you need my help in the first place, you can see that. It’s truly why high achievers like us. By the way, I’m lumping us together here. If you’re listening to this podcast, I know that that is you. It’s why we need coaches, it’s why we need to hire people to help us see our perfectionistic. And that is a hard word for me to say today perfectionistic tendencies, and call us on them. Because if left to our own devices will justify all the reasons why we need to finish next thing first, we need to get done with this commitment, we need to make this amount of money first. And we give ourselves all of these benchmarks. But that’s silly. High achievers like us never actually have an open calendar, we never actually have less commitments, we fill them just as fast as we check them off. And that’s why we actually need someone to remind us that the timing is never right. Nor is it supposed to be. So just start. Just get on the bike and start pedaling. And we’re often amazed as high achievers at how much less time it takes us to learn how to ride the bike than we thought it would. I just want to say this too, because this is true for my people, this is true for yours. Once we actually get our butt on the bike seat, and we start doing the proverbial pedaling, we realize oh my gosh, this actually is way simpler than I thought this actually goes way faster than I thought it was going to I worked it up into this huge undertaking, in my mind, that was going to take so much time that I needed to have such a clear calendar for that I needed to be so prepared for and I had to have everything just perfect. And in reality, it’s not as big of a lift as I thought it would be. That’s what your clients are going to experience. That’s what my clients experience, my friend, if you believe that the timing has to be just right for you, you’re gonna believe that story when your potential clients tell you that that’s the reason they can’t get started too. And that’s all it is. It’s a story. It’s a story that hasn’t been challenged. And you know the truth. And you know, you got to challenge it. They don’t need to do everything. They don’t need to execute it all perfectly. I don’t know what your process is. But I know that they don’t have to do it perfectly. Because even imperfect action now will make a really big difference to your people. I always use the water example. So if you are in the profitable nutrition program, you hear me talk about this all the time, but it’s so true. Most people need to drink more water, we forget that there are still so many people drinking diet coke all day and then wondering why they feel terrible. And really, they just need to drink some water, they could start drinking water today, they could start working with you right now. And you could tell them, here’s what we’re doing for the next two weeks, you’re going to drink two glasses of water a day. They don’t have to wait until their calendar is clear to start drinking more water. I know this is a very simplified example. But I bet something either water in particular or something about this pertains to your practice as well. There is something that they could do right now, that would change so much in their life. And what they really need to do is just start with the basics like the water right now. And that’s going to make everything that they think they need to overcome in the future before they can get started. So much more manageable to overcome, they’re going to feel better if they start now all that overwhelm in their life is going to be more manageable, they’ll be sleeping better, they’ll be physically feeling better, they’ll build on that momentum, okay, well, if I could do this, this makes me feel better, I’m willing to take on a little bit more, I’m willing to do more, they’re going to be more confident. They’re going to be saving money. They’re gonna be saving time in any of all and all of those things are true. When they get started working with you. I know this, this is just the way the world works. So figure out how this is true for you. How are your people saving money when they start working with you? How are they saving time? How are they saving energy? Okay, it’s in service of those potential clients of yours, the ones that are just confused about the timing, they’re just confused. It’s okay.

It’s in service of them for you to gently coach them on the story that they have. But it’s going to be very hard for you to do that with certainty and calm and confidence if you believe that sorry for yourself. So you don’t need to figure out any of this on your own. I just want to make that very clear. It’s all laid out for you step by step in 10 to 20 minute video chunks by the way, in the profitable nutritionist program. Just like more water that your clients need. You just need to get started and let it be simple. And that’s just a few videos away. The profitable, nutritious program, it’s the only resource that you need to invest in right now to get your business to over six figures.

is a year, truly everything that you need is in the program. And in the program, you have lifetime access to all of the resources Unlimited, go back and watch them as many times as you want. And that includes the live coaching that we do every single week where you can ask your questions live, you can watch the replays of other people asking their questions, because your genius colleagues have wonderful questions that they get coached on that you haven’t even thought of before, but will be very helpful for you. And you can watch those on your own time. Or you can listen to them in audio format in the private member podcast, while you’re working out while you’re walking the dog while you’re doing the dishes or the laundry, whatever that is for you. You can start applying the coaching to your situation right now. Whether the stars align perfectly in your life, and it’s the best time for you to start a new program or not. Just trust me on this. And I want you to think about how this applies to your people as well. How is it in their best interest to get started right now? And not wait? Okay, because there is, there’s gems here for you to connect the dots between your thoughts, and your future clients. They’re always as they will always be. And you’ve heard me say this so many times, they will always be a reflection of your beliefs. That mirror is always being held up by the people that are coming to you to work with you. So if you right now, are in a pattern, and I know that this happens, where people really want to work with you. But they’re all saying but not right now. I’m coming later, but not right now. Yes, I want to do this but not right now. You have to look in that mirror and say, Oh, it’s because I’m doing the same exact thing. Where are you doing the same thing? Okay, do I have to say it again, I’m gonna say it again, all of this, how to do this, how to unravel the mindsets and the beliefs behind this and turn it into amazing compelling marketing, and a sales process that basically sells for you, and incredible results for your clients. So they go send all of the referrals your way, it’s all waiting for you inside the program. This is what we do. So if this is resonating with you just know, there’s a heck of a lot more where this came from in step by step form. Inside the program, you’re going to learn the foundations of organic marketing, you’re going to learn the foundations of systematic selling, like I said, and blow their mind client delivery, which no one else is talking about. But we talk about a lot, including how to properly structure your business for sustainable growth, by strategically pricing your offers and your services. And exactly how to do that what to include what not to include all of that. If you are a health and wellness practitioner, working with clients in any capacity, you need this program, you just have to develop these three skills to make money and help people from exactly where you are right now, who you are right now, in the timing you have right now,

no matter what it is. And I know that mice, I’m just imagining my students in the program that are listening to this and they’re nodding their head, and they’re like, yep, yep, you just got to start, you just got to start, it’s so much easier than we think it’s going to be everything that you need is included. Once you are inside the program, you get to customize the experience to your exact preferences with how you want to consume the information and how you want to apply it and the speed at what you want to do that, again, you have lifetime access, and there’s absolutely no rush, okay, you have all of the resources, lifetime access, including the live coaching every single week. So I want to invite you to start this work. Now. Hopefully that goes without saying at this point. But truly, if you’re not already in the program, and you want to learn this process, you want to make your business easier, you want your clients to get better results, you want all of it to be simpler and more enjoyable for you, you have to start developing these skills now. And you do that in side the profitable nutritionist program. Waiting to develop these skills waiting to learn how to ride the bike so to speak, means waiting to make more money. It means waiting to get the results that you want, that these skills are going to create for your business and for your life like financial freedom for your family, like location, freedom to work from wherever you want to work from, like helping other people that are struggling so hard and they need your help. The world as we know needs Holistic Health and Healing more than ever, that is just a truth. We all know it. And every single day that you wait to take your business seriously and commit to really growing it in a sustainable, consistent profitable way is the day that you are wasting unnecessarily and that your people are having to wait for you. Okay, we don’t want that the program is broken down into four stages. I think I’ve already kind of mentioned this but I want to go through in a little bit more detail and explain exactly how we do this and TPN so that you know what this looks like from a very practical standpoint. So when you join the program, you have instant access to all of the resources there’s no waiting for anything to unlock nothing like that. You come in and you it’s like an all you can eat buffet you take what you need.

Come back when you’re hungry for more. This four distinct stages that you are going to go through in the repeatable revenue process which is the core modules of the program takes into

consideration every stage of growth in your business from your first sale to six figures plus in yearly revenue, because different skills and mindset work are required at different stages. And you don’t need to learn it all at once, have it very, very succinctly broken down into exactly what you need to be focusing on at each stage of growth in your business. So you know exactly what to do, you master that, and then you move on to the next stage. And we’ll build on what you’re already have accomplished, and move on to the next stage. Again, this is why this is such a simple process, you don’t need to come in and watch hundreds of hours of videos and learn all of it before you get started. You truly do just start at the beginning and move through, you get the strategy of what to do when to do it, meaning your niche. Do you need a niche or not? How do you establish that your marketing your specific offer structure, I talked a little bit about this, but I want to be specific with what an offer is an offer is what you are selling to your clients. So that can be a mixture of products and services, just services, just products. There’s we talk all about that when we’re figuring out exactly what your offer is going to be we call it your easy yes offer meaning easy for them to say yes to and easy for you to sell. There’s very specific criteria there and how to price it. How do you put your your price on your website or not? How do you sell it, your sales process all of that, okay, you’re going to learn all of the proven strategy for those things. In stage one in the program, you’re also going to learn the mindset tools and the personal development hacks to actually do the strategies that you learn, instead of spinning your wheels in confusion, or overwhelm, and not actually taking action, actually taking action, that was kind of hard to say to, you are going to learn how to take very imperfect action by the way and evaluated each step. Instead of throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall. And just wondering why none of it sticks and perpetuating the overwhelm cycle. We don’t do that in the program, you’re going to learn how to evaluate, you’re going to learn how to take action, evaluate, figure out what to do more of and what to never do again. And there’s a very specific process, I teach for that as well. We keep everything very, very simple for your business. Because simplicity is doable, and it’s repeatable. You are not going to learn any cheesy dem scripts or inauthentic marketing tactics, or any any of that that feels gross. Nothing like that is going to be included in the program, just so you know, you’re not getting any weirdness like that No way, your business is going to feel light and fresh and 100% you because what you are going to get in the program is learning how to build all of your processes on what you already are really good at what comes really naturally to you what kind of business you want to have three years from now. And what what we need to be doing now to build into that not to create a cookie cutter version of someone else’s dream business that you don’t actually want that you don’t actually like. That’s a terrible idea. Don’t do that. And one of the reasons that students in the program get way faster results than in other business programs is because they’re never overwhelmed or confused about what to do next, like I said, this is all laid out for you in the exact order that you need. And you can easily measure when to go on to the next stage based on the revenue milestones. So stage one, you make all of the foundational decisions, like we talked about your offer your pricing, your audience, your client delivery process, all of that. In stage two, you go imperfectly sell, and you make at least $1,000. For many, it’s more than that on their first sale. Stage three, you make $10,000. And this is where you’re honing your processes, you’re resisting the urge to complicate what’s already working, which is where a lot of people go wrong at this stage, I might add, and we build on your marketing, your selling and your client delivery process and make it even better in a very, very systematic way. That in stage four, you’re in between 10k and 100k. And there’s a very specific, but maybe that specific, there’s a very predictable thing that happens in our brains at this stage of business. I’ve seen it with hundreds and hundreds of people where we want to add more. We’re like, oh my gosh, it’s working, I have to do more, I can’t lose it, I have to capitalize on the opportunity I have to strike while the iron is hot. This is where people really go off the rails and start a lot of new projects a lot of new offers, instead of perfecting what they’re already doing, and making it better and building on it. So you’re not going to do that though. Because in stage four, you’re going to learn how to simplify even further set up your business to scale without being dependent on your time and your bandwidth and more of you with strategic automations. Not adding more complications, not adding more offers, we get strategic, we don’t get huskily. So if your business is brand new, you have everything you need in the program to get started on the right foot and not waste time. Starting from scratch. If your business is already established, you’re already making money but it’s not as consistent as you need it to be. Or it feels like a disorganized hot mess to you. And you’re getting burned out on juggling all of the balls in the air with managing your current clients and getting new clients at the same time and it feels like it’s very unsustainable, then you need this program as well. So I just want to be very, very clear whether your business is brand new or it’s well established everything

You learn in the program is going to be solid gold, you’re going to either refine your current systems or start your systems from scratch. And they’re going to be much simpler and much more doable for you, you get to learn the four stage repeatable revenue process immediately, as soon as you join, it’s on demand. Again, these are videos that you watch, whenever you want to go as slow or as fast as you want to, you can watch the first stage and just pull out the exact strategy you need. Like my student Natalie did, she watched the pricing module on day one, and she knew that she had a console coming up the next day. So she immediately refined her offer, text her price, and made $7,000 The next day,

which by the way, was more than she had ever made in a whole month in her health care job before she had a very demanding nine to five, I’m sure it was much more than nine to five, but I’ll call it a nine to five. And this the first day in the program was more than she had ever made in an entire month in that career before. Now I have other students that go through the process for a year, they just are working on it in the background, they’re getting things that percolating through in the time that they have, and go through for a year. And then they go full time and see incredible results. And then many, you know, every, every shade of gray along the way as well. So three days, 30 days, three months, it’s totally up to you, you have lifetime access, you can come back through the material as many times as you want. That’s why it’s set up that way. And want you to think of this program, like getting a college degree in business for your nutrition or your health coaching practice. Law. I mean, except as far as I know, there aren’t any colleges that guarantee that you’re going to make your tuition back, or they’ll refund it. But that would be a really great idea for them, by the way.

Totally, totally impossible, because college is not set up for actual results, in my opinion. Because in college, you’re learning skills, and you’re learning concepts, but you aren’t learning how to address all the ways that your mind is going to mess with you. When it comes to applying those skills and concepts that you learned in the real world. Now, it’s an entirely different podcast that we could, we could talk about my thoughts on secondary education as a whole in 2023. But I think I will not go into that for right now. I just wanted to say what you get in the profitable nutritionist program that you don’t get anywhere else. And why I can literally guarantee your results is because you’re going to learn how to physically change your brain, not conceptually physically, like we actually change your brain to accommodate the growth that’s being a successful and profitable entrepreneur in this industry that doesn’t burn themselves out, it actually is going to change the neurons in the gray matter in your brain. Because of the process that you learned in the program. There are students that are in there right now that have been in business for decades have worked with so many clients, but they’ve never consistently made the income that they could count on that they wanted that they dreamed of, until they joined and they learned this process. The program is a wellness entrepreneur MBA. In my in my mind, that’s what we’ll call it a wellness entrepreneur, MBA. Again, your investment in the profitable nutritionist program pure joining us this week is $3,000 one time investment you pay once and then you have lifetime access to all of the support and resources, including the live coaching every single week. So you can get your specific questions answered when they come up. It’s entirely risk free. Like I’ve said before you either make your $3,000 investment back, or I’m going to give you your investment back after we coach on it a lot. And I will tell you, I don’t give money $3,000 investments back we get to the root of it, we figure out how you are going to make that money on demand for the rest of your career. And that is a skill that you can learn I will teach it to you and I have the utmost confidence that you are resourceful, you’re going to figure it out. And I’m going to show up for you and make sure that you do. So when enrollment opens up on Thursday, March 2, again, you can join at Build a Profitable practice.com/join J o i n. Like I said, the doors are gonna be opening for March 2 to the eighth. This is a quarterly enrollment. And I want you to just get a reminder on your calendar right now make it easy for yourself. Pull up your calendar, put it in there. If you’re listening to this episode, after the enrollment has closed for this round, you can find out the dates of the next quarterly enrollment on that same page build a profitable practice.com/join The dates of the next quarterly enrollment are always updated on that page. If enrollment isn’t currently open. Before we land this plane, I want to circle back on the big reasons that our clients don’t get started. Now this is it. This has been kind of a circular episode. But this is so important. It’s not because they don’t have the money. It’s not because they don’t have the time. It’s not because they don’t think your process will work. It’s not because your price is too expensive. Now, yes, those are all of the things that your people will tell you are the reason. And you also might use some of those reasons to justify making or not making investments for yourself too. But they’re not the real reason. The real reason is most people

Don’t get started, because they think it’s an irresponsible investment to make until they can fully maximize it. And there’s different variations of how we explain that. But really think the reason that people don’t get started is they think it’s irresponsible, is irresponsible in some way to make the investment now, because of x, so they can fully maximize it at some future point because of X thing.

Meaning I think of this, when I think of this, like the sub sub context below that is, I don’t want to waste it. I’m afraid I won’t get what I want, or what I need, because the timing is off. And I don’t trust myself to make the timing work. That’s what your people are thinking. That’s what my people are thinking. They’re thinking, Yes, this probably does work for other people. But it won’t work for me, because blank, or it won’t work for me right now. Because blank. And what I say to that, what I really want you to hear is the obstacle is the way, when someone tells me they don’t have enough time until later in the year to start the program. It’s because they don’t have the time management skills in the program. The obstacle is the way, it’s not a reason to wait. It’s why they need to start now, when someone tells me that they don’t have the money to invest in the program, I think, of course not. Because you don’t have the skill of turning your wellness expertise into a marketable offer to sell at a premium price on repeat over and over every single day. So you need to get in there ASAP and learn that so you have the money course. And for your people, the same thing applies the obstacle is the way, if they tell you, they don’t have enough time, because they’re too overwhelmed with blank on their plate. That’s why they have to start now. So they can have more energy and sleep better and have less anxiety, whatever it is, so they can get out of that overwhelmed trap now. And when your people tell you that they don’t have the money, it’s because what they’re currently doing is costing them more money. And it’s preventing them from making more money at the same time. I know this is true. And so to you when someone’s health is suffering, so is their ability to problem solve, and to make more money and to be more resourceful, of course. So the solution is not to wait is to start yesterday. All right now your job as the business owner is not to believe that story for you, or for your people, and then to confidently tell them that you can help them and know they shouldn’t wait. And you shouldn’t wait either my friend. If you’re not already in the program. I’m hoping to see you in there on Thursday, March 2. All right. Have a wonderful, wonderful week.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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