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29. Growing Your Business Without Social Media

Have you really explored the possibility that you can run a profitable health and wellness business you love without social media?

Seriously, does your brain even believe that’s possible?

If it did, how would you do it? What would you do differently than you are right now?

We’re diving deep into this topic so you can start creating an organic marketing and sales strategy for your holistic health and wellness business that brings in consistent clients without relying on algorithms or likes.



Andrea Nordling 0:00
Hello, my friend, welcome back to the podcast episode 29. This week, we’re just cranking along here. And today talking about building your business, making money, getting clients, and helping people without social media. All of those things sans social media platforms should juicy topic cannot wait to give you all my thoughts on it have a lot of them. As if you’ve been here for more than a minute, you know, I have a lot of thoughts about this topic. And we’re gonna dive into them today. If you have not already, subscribe to this podcast and leave a review. If you have a second, I really, really appreciate it. It helps us beat the algorithm helps other people find the show and make more money without social media in their business, which is very better. But I’m here for it today. All right, let’s just dive in. What is the deal? What is the deal with health and wellness businesses, I’m going to keep this like very tight to health and wellness businesses, of course, because that’s what we talked about. But this is in general, just thinking. I think somewhere along the line the last few years, it became like two things tied together that are unrelated, which are being successful in business and being a genius internet marketer, they are not the same thing. They should not be tied together synonymously in our brains, or in the marketplace, that to have one you have to have the other. They’re not they’re not the same thing. So as a health and wellness coach or holistic nutritionist, whatever your specialty is, here’s the best news of the day, you can be an amazing practitioner of what you do. And you don’t have to be amazing at selling to strangers on the internet. Don’t you don’t fact I did an entire episode about this episode three, I believe it was the entire episode well about exactly how to get around this brain pattern that we have that we have to be an amazing internet marketer to be as successful business in the year 2022. It just isn’t true. It just absolutely isn’t true. And you know how we know this? Businesses were successful long before the internet? What do you remember those days? Do you remember? Oh, cuz it happened. Businesses were successful. People gave referrals. People talked about their favorite things to the other people that needed to know about them. And it all happened outside of social media and outside of the internet, can you believe it? With that being said, we now have this tool that does make it a lot, a lot easier to reach people that are outside of our networks, and to reach the strangers on the internet. And I am here for it because my business is an internet business that reaches you, which probably you probably don’t know me personally. Maybe you do. But you may not. It’s likely that you don’t. And yet you’re here listening to this show. So do I love me all of the online marketing strategies and all of the online business? Things tactics tools? Yes, I do. I do. However, I think that they really get tied up in our minds when it comes to building a business and thinking that we have to master those things first, before the business can be successful. Or we have to be an amazing internet marketer that knows all of the things about how to have a beautiful website, how to be an influencer on social media, how to have compelling posts on social media that people share and like and do reels and be fantastic at video. And we have to have email copy that converts strangers into paying clients while we’re sleeping. All of this has to happen first. Before we can have a business or before we can get to x metric of success in our business, even if we are successful our brain likes to then this is just very common. This is what our human brains do it they like to then tell us well that was a fluke. But to get to the next level, to get to x, whatever that is for you and your business, we really are going to have to figure this stuff out, we’re going to have to be so good at it, we’re going to have to fill in the blank on whatever it is that your brain tells you that you are lacking in right now. Whether that’s getting enough clients, having a big enough audience, having enough sales, have enough people renewing with you, whatever that is, have enough email subscribers, having enough followers, if you’re on social media, whatever it is, your brain will say, well, to get to the next level of this insert this here. We have to become an expert at that. That being whatever latest greatest marketing strategy is currently, in your front line of consciousness. I don’t know how to want to say that whatever it is that you are looking towards, whether it’s mastering reels or it’s mastering email copy, or having a jazzy website with all the bells and whistles, whatever that is, your brain will tell you until we have that figured out and we are amazing at that and it’s done, which it never is, by the way, and we’re never that amazing and we never have that moment where we feel like Oh good.

Andrea Nordling 4:57
I did it. Check that off the list. We never actually have that at which we should be on to ourselves, we know that we’re never going at that point. But our brains like to tell us that when we do, which never happens, then we will be successful. And the bottom line is this, that never happens. It is a very, very sneaky thought error that we just want to call out right now and shine some light on because No, just No, it doesn’t have to be that way. And to start a conversation about making money without without social media, I knew I needed to talk about that at least a little bit. Because we just have to explore this possibility in your mind that you can run a profitable business that you love, without social media, if you so choose, like seriously, does your brain even believe that that is a possibility? It might not. It might think that works for some people, that works for you, because blank that works for her. Because this, I just really want to, like guess offer two things here, I’m going to go on a little bit of a tangent, and we’re going to come back to our through line here about exactly what you would do in your business, if you knew that it was an option to run it without social media. But I want to say if you are currently active on social media, no judgment whatsoever, do you. But if you are, and you’re looking on social media, for evidence of people that are successful off of social media, that is not going to work. So let’s just take a minute and realize that if that’s where you’re seeing other practitioners, that’s where you’re seeing your colleagues, that’s where you’re looking for inspiration about business strategy, and what’s working, what isn’t working, if you’re just looking on social media, you’re only going to see people that are marketing their business on social media, you’re only going to see social media marketing, you will, of course, default to this pattern in your brain thinking that that is the only way that is the way that people do things. Now, you have a lot of thoughts about it. That’s where people are, that’s how people communicate in 2022. People rely on social media to learn about companies for recommendations to get ads to, to blank to see if a business is legitimate, you probably have lots of thoughts about what needs to happen for a business to be successful in the here. And now when a lot of people are on social media, I understand I’ve had the same thoughts. I’ve coached a lot of people on these thoughts, I get it. But a lot of that is based on the fact that you’re looking on social media for what people are doing. And I just want to offer that when you remove yourself from that. You just are left with your own ideas, you’re left with all of the possibilities of all of the ways that you can talk to people, humans on this planet, who are the same people that are on social media, by the way, they’re also the people that you see in real life. They’re also the people that you email. They’re also the people that get referred to you by other parents of your kids, sports, teammates, et cetera, et cetera, past coworkers, you know, Mom’s best friend’s daughter, whatever it is, all these same people that you think can only find you on social media, they’re also just real humans in the world. So I want to point that out. And also remind you that looking for evidence of finding people off of social media on social media sites, just it very paradoxical. Did you see that? Okay, and then I just have to mention, as someone who is not on social media anymore, I have no idea what my colleagues are doing in their business, I have no idea what kind of marketing they do, I have no idea what they’re selling. I have no idea what it’s priced at, I have no idea if people love it or don’t, I just don’t know, like, these are just so much bandwidth and space and creativity in my own brain. And in my own business is opened up by me not looking at what anyone else is doing. I just want to say that is an option. There’s a lot of freedom in that there’s a lot of

Andrea Nordling 8:43
I want a better word for creativity. There’s just a lot of expansiveness and kind of calm that comes along with it. I don’t know what the word is for this. But whatever the word is, for creativity that is not pressured and is calm, whatever that is. That’s how I feel about making decisions in my business and marketing my business because I am just not even distracted by what anyone else is doing. It’s just coming from me. And that feels really good, too. So seriously, does your brain even believe that’s possible? I know that was a little bit of a rant. But coming back, have you explored the possibility that you can run a profitable business as big as you want to? Whatever that is, whatever your dream business is, right? Now, whether that is a million dollar business or for you, that is a $50,000 a year business or that is $1,000 a year business, whatever that is, whatever your dream, like if I just did this, this would feel so good to me, whatever that is to you. Have you even explored the possibility that you could do it without social media? If you’re listening to this episode, some part of you I’m guessing, really wants to explore that possibility really wants to hear more about that really, for some reason. We’d like to rely less on social media or not be involved whatsoever. You just want to unsubscribe. That could be that could be true. We’ll talk about that more in this episode. Because there’s a lot of variation between the two, there’s a lot of shades of gray here, it does not have to be completely nuclear self destruct, blow up all of the platforms like I did, and just delete all of them. But it also doesn’t have to be only spending three hours a day on social media building a following. There’s a lot in between here. And we’re going to explore all of it. And the reasons why you may decide to land somewhere in the middle or on one of the pillars totally up to you. But have you been explored the possibility that you could have a profitable business without social media? Does your brain believe that is possible? Okay, that’s number one. Is that even possible? First of all, it is,

Andrea Nordling 10:40
I’m right here doing it. So it is possible, I have a lot of clients that are doing the same thing. If you believe that, how would you do it? Like if you knew 100%, that that was an option? What would you do differently than you’re doing right now? I see a lot of people, I’m going to give you a very common thought error here that I see come up when I coach my clients on this, which is I want to be off social media, but I don’t think I can, or I am off social media. Now. I don’t know how to talk to people, I don’t know how to be people, how are people gonna find me, I don’t know where they are. And it’s all of the like, it’s the thought error here is that I’m, I’ve now taken myself out of the marketplace, and it’s gonna be very hard for people to find me, or it’s gonna be very hard for me to find them. Or it’s very hard to talk to people, because now I’ve taken myself off of the communication channels. This totally an optional thought, just want to point out that, first of all, is not helpful in figuring out how you are going to talk to people, it’s not going to get you the result that you want. Because you are only looking for how your business is going to be lacking without having social media in your business, or without relying on that, instead of just taking your brain to a place where of course this is 100%. What I’m going to do and it’s going to be successful, how is it going to be successful. Let’s brainstorm all of the ways that this is going to work. Let’s brainstorm all of the ways that people will find me, let’s brainstorm all of the ways that I will find them. Let’s brainstorm all of the possibilities that are going to be opened up now because of so much more time and space on my calendar. This is another thing about social media. And it wasn’t actually something I was going to talk about in this episode. But I’m feeling a little nudge to just mention that when you are not relying on social media as your sole, marketing channel, or even any marketing channels. So for me, I don’t I’m not on social media at all. But there are, like I said, there’s a lot of shades of gray here. So there’s a lot of variations of this. And somewhere in the middle might be where you end up landing for a while totally fine. Just think of how much more time you will have in your week, to create things for your clients to create value for them to create the marketing that you want to and to super think on what Who do I want to serve? Who do I want to be in my business? What am I actually doing? What is my vision for my clients, what’s my vision for myself, and shoring up those lack of beliefs where when you see them come up, we’re gonna talk about a lot about that in a second. But when you’re really thinking about how you are going to increase your beliefs in those areas, in yourself and in your clients and in your deliverables in your process in your offer all of that you have so much more time to do it. When you’re not on social media all the time. So just nuts and bolts wise, a lot opens up in your schedule and in your calendar. When scrolling social media, when you’re bored scrolling social media as a quote unquote, research like market research, seeing what other people are doing, what are people charging? What is their marketing, like? What what you know, kind of like watching other people’s businesses, when that is taken off the table, when responding to every DM that comes in to Instagram within an hour because you feel pressure like you have to do that when you know making sure that you’re doing stories and reels and all of that when when that just is taken off the table. Just bring your brain there for a second, what would that open up in your calendar? Actually, in your calendar? How much time is that taking you? Are you honest with yourself about how much time that takes in your business if you’re on social media. And I mean, I just I see this a lot, I see this thought error that’s like I don’t have time to do more in my business and what I’m doing, I don’t know what to do, and a lot of panic pressure thoughts around that. We coach a lot about this in my program about the time like where time is actually being allotted when you’re serving your clients. And when you are marketing for new clients and you are selling to people like where does the time actually gets spent. I don’t feel like I have enough time. And I just want to offer that. There’s a lot of time spent on social media doing these things that feel very important and feel very necessary that actually aren’t either of those things. If they’re not producing clients, they’re not producing money in your business, and might be very distracting from what you actually want to be spending your time on. So why don’t you take your brain there for a second if you knew that it was possible to not have a business on social media to take that off of your calendar to have the temptation to be scrolling way When it’s time to write an email that you said you were going to write, and you just don’t want to do it. And so you scroll and said, if that was not an option anymore, what would be an option? What would you be spending your time on? What would be available for you to pursue? Like what opportunities would open up for you to meet more people to make more offers and to help them to say the words I can help you? It’s not this is not rocket science, just saying the words I can help you and meet more people and be how do I want to say this like be really intentionally up leveling your belief in what you do and in who you help, and and yourself as a business owner and in your processes that you use with your clients? When you were really intentionally focusing there, to social media matter, at all? And or if you are still on social media? How much more valuable would your time spent there be? If you were focusing just as much if not more, on being a better practitioner, being more sure of yourself being more sure of the results that your clients get and talking about that to them? Right? I see the entire idea of making money without social media for me, in my business, right now I see this as an opportunity to challenge myself to think outside the box, I get to think outside the norm, I get to go against the grain a little bit, which serves me I like that, I also get to be more me, hey, and I’m alone with my own ideas, I have to question them, I have to be willing to sit with my brain and not be scrolling in a newsfeed because I just have to be alone with my own thoughts, and where I’m at and where I want to be. And working on that. Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable. Sometimes I would rather be scrolling on some Instagram, but I’m not. I don’t have that as an option for myself anymore. You might it’s totally fine. Again, I have no judgment on that if you do or you don’t. But there are a lot of reasons why. As a health and wellness practitioner, you may be seeing writing’s on the wall, the things that we talk about the ideas that we share, go against the established narrative most of the time, and right here, where we are in the world and in the landscape. people’s social media accounts are disappearing overnight, like disappearing. I just had another friend last week, whose entire Instagram following 5000 people where she gets most of her clients woke up one morning, done, gone. It’s not coming back, like a record made a wax she had never come in.

Andrea Nordling 17:27
Okay, this is happening a lot. So what are we doing about it while we’re recording podcasts like this? First of all, I want to let you know that it’s important. It’s important, this word that rhymes with Mensur BIP that I’ve hesitated to even say because of this meta issue and of my own content, being shared less because of it. This is a really big deal. It’s happening all the time. And it is important that your business is not built on social media platforms where you don’t own the content, you don’t own the platform, you don’t own the followers, you don’t own any of it. It can be very, like, I just want to shine some light on that. Okay, that it’s important. Just pragmatically speaking from a business strategy perspective, to have assets that you own, I talk a lot about this, I feel like I’m a broken record. But I’m gonna go there again, in case you are new to me want to just talk about it is very important to focus on assets that you own in your business, your own website, your own social media, list your own original ideas. These are the things that can’t be taken away from you, you want to put your time and attention into growing those and making them better and improving them and pouring value into those things. The like social media and other things, other platforms. This podcast is a great example. I have the recordings of these podcasts, I could republish them if I need to. If tomorrow I wake up and this podcast is not being shared anymore. I’m D platform somehow I have the assets here that I could go republish somewhere else. But I also am aware that I don’t own this. I don’t know that I don’t own Apple podcasts, I don’t know. And I don’t make the decisions on who gets to see it and who doesn’t. And it could be gone tomorrow as well. All of my eggs are not in that basket, so to speak. And that’s where I coach on a lot. I just want to make sure that you’re fully aware that if you are spending time on social media, it’s a bonus. It’s an extra, it’s not your sole focus of where your time and attention is going. Because it is not yours. That would be like pouring your life savings into renovating a rental property instead of a house that you own. I you know many years in real estate that’s where my mind goes to is to the housing market. Me they’re always talking about houses or food again, if you’re new here, you don’t know this yet, but never not talking about food or houses around here. This is a great metaphor for it. If you are pouring all of your time and attention and resources into renovating a rental property that you don’t own that your landlord can evict you from not a good plan. Definitely can live in that rental and you can enjoy it while it makes sense for all parties for the landlord and for you enjoy it but be Definitely allocating your resources, your time, your bandwidth, your attention, your value. And monetarily, also those resources towards Website, Email List current clients, deliverables, assets, processes, things that are yours that are going to make you money for the rest of your business. And no one can take away from you a little bit of a rant there, but just want to make sure that we’re on the same page. So for me, when I decided that I was going to take my business off of social media, that was much more of a principle issue for me, and kind of giggling at myself, I have a rough outline of things that I wanted to talk about on this episode. And so far, we are 21 minutes in and I have not even talked about any of that.

Andrea Nordling 20:43
So welcome, I hope you’re caffeinated. And you’re strapped in, we’re gonna just gonna keep going and see where this episode leads us. But I want to also touch on what I deactivated all of my social media accounts, it was feeling very, very much like a principle issue to me, just like a soul feeling that I did not want to spend my time there anymore, I did not want to I, I had been very successfully running ads, it was really good at running ads, I loved running ads. And I just was like I cannot support what I don’t feel is good. In this world. I don’t feel like a lot of good is coming from the amount of time that we and our kids are spending on screens on social media and our dependence on it. I don’t like it, I don’t like the manipulation that is taking place on the platforms I don’t want like I just it just was a no unsubscribe all of it done. For me, that was a principle issue, you may feel the same, or you may feel like it’s just somewhere that you want to be spending less time so you have more time available for other things in your business. And in your life, you may feel like it’s less of a principle is the word that’s coming to mind. But it’s less of a right or wrong societal like huge rock in your stomach type of an issue that you think about and more of a, I just feel like I’m healthier, if I’m not on my screen all the time. And I want to be a good example of that to my clients and to my kids, I want to you know, not be building a business, I see this a lot. And I can totally understand it with my students and my clients that I coach, they’re just like, I don’t feel that it is healthy for us to be on screens all the time. And I feel like a hypocrite with my clients if helping them to limit their screen time. And then I’m over here, quote unquote, building my business, on social media and on my phone all the time as well, that just it’s a disconnect that doesn’t feel in integrity with what they teach and with their processes. Totally understand that too. So for whatever reason, you’re still here, you’re still listening to this, you’re still wondering, okay, well, what is this about know social media? How is it possible? What are what does this look like? If you’re still here? Probably you have a reason right? Now you’re like wondering, how do I do this? How do I make money in my business without social media? Well, first of all, you have an answer to that, like, ask yourself that question, how am I going to do it? How would I do it? If I was going to do that? How would I do it? And again, it doesn’t mean that you asking these questions of yourself? Is you deleting all of your social media platforms tomorrow, it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t let your brain go into the all or nothing thinking that it’s so accustomed all of our brains are to going into just explore it. Like here’s what I mean, thinking outside the norm, like, wonder about that a little bit wonder about people like me that are not on social media. And I talked about this a little bit already. But has your brain gone to that place where you are thinking about the people just like you that are not interested on being on social media? Or they’re very infrequently on social media? Like, where are those people? How do you talk to those people? How do you find them? Just the same people? Same people that are out in the world with you? And how are you going to talk to them? Like, I just love this as kind of a challenge to think about okay, so enough social media is off the table? Where am I going to talk to new people that need my help? Like, where are the people that need my help? Where are they hanging out? Where are they talking to each other? Where are they networking with each other? Oh, and your brain might be like they’re on social media. That’s the only place okay, but what about the ones that aren’t? And here’s what I want to say about that couple of different directions, we could go with this conversation. And I’m sure that will zigzag back and forth. And we’ll circle all around all roads lead to Rome, as they say, but here’s my thoughts on this. The more intentional you can be about putting a label on why you are drawn to exploring how to not use social media, in your business, whatever those reasons are for you, if they’re like deeply rooted in the principles of like the degradation of society, I mean, you can see where my mind

Andrea Nordling 24:47
if it’s like that, talk about it, like put a label on it, really think about it, I would highly suggest doing some journaling on this and just exploring the thoughts that come up around this issue, why it’s important to you why you want to talk about it. Why you don’t want I talked about it while you’re resisting talking about it that could also be really interesting to explore and a thread to pull on was why don’t I want to talk more about this five feel? If I am feeling like this? Why am I resistant to talking about this? Because for a while, that’s how I was feeling I was I had a lot of thoughts about me and my resistance to ever being on social media and the things that I hated about it. And all my very bold thoughts about my business on social media, and why that was out of integrity for me, and I had a lot of thoughts about it still do. But they’ve calmed down a little bit. As I’ve done this work. I started thinking, or I could catch myself having the thought that other people didn’t feel this way, or like other people don’t, don’t get my thoughts on this. Like they were so complex, and only I understood them and other people didn’t, which was a lie. Absolutely. And you know, I know that, because I’m recording this podcast right now telling you all about these thoughts. And the reason I’m doing it is because I know that there are so many people listening to this podcast that feel exactly the same way I do. So I got very curious with myself about my resistance to talking about it, like, Where was that coming from, you might want to do the same. If you’re feeling some, and explore what would it be like to just talk about this, and to just allow others to have the conversation and the people that also feel this way will come to you, they will want to hear more about your perspective, they will want to hear about your unique reasoning, and your your perspective, and how you’ve come to these decisions. And what that means in your life. And all of this, whatever your magic recipe is for talking about why you feel like it’s important to build your business off of social media or with less reliance on social media. Those people want to hear it, and they want to talk about it. And they will share it with the other people just like them who don’t want to be on social media either. I think that this goes for anything in your business. And we’re going to talk about the way of being being the thing that is attracting people to you. And their way of being is just being very confident and bold, about what you talk about what you stand for who you help how you help them your processes, and having a high level of belief in yourself having a high level of belief in your clients, people coming to you that they also are capable of doing the work and that they are resourceful, and that they want to make the changes that you’re going to help them make. This is just kind of basic marketing stuff. But when you really have a high belief in yourself, and you really have a high belief in your clients, you really have a high belief in your offer, which is the way that you help them what you’re going to sell them the way that they’re going to work with you. You have a high belief in that. And then kind of globally, when you have a really high level of belief in your business and where it’s headed. And the success of it, the inevitability of the success of you and your business and your clients, which might feel far away for you right now, I promise it gets your your capacity for growing, this belief will grow and grow and grow. When you were at that point where it’s just much more natural for you to think about the successes of all of those things than the failures when you meet someone new for the first time, that would be potentially a client, they ask you about your business and you just confidently, like your brain doesn’t go to this panic place of like, oh my gosh, they’re gonna judge me, they’re gonna think I can’t help them, they’re gonna think I’m not an expert, they’re going to think that their doctor knows better than anything, I’m gonna say, I should just not say anything I mean, or, you know that those thoughts that talk you out of saying the words to someone I can help you. Or if someone’s talking about, you know, their, their kid or their mom or their, you know, whatever, saying I can help them, have them, contact me, here’s how I can help them. If you’re not confidently doing that, it’s because you’re not at a high level of belief. But when you are, guess what, you don’t even think about it. You just say the words, I can help them. Here’s what I do, I can help them. You make it very succinct. It’s very simple, your delivery of it. It’s just confident it just happens and your brain goes to that place of why it does work. And why you do believe and why they are totally resourceful and capable and why you are totally resistant, resourceful, and capable, and why your offer is the best thing that they could ever do for solving this problem. Your brain just defaults to that, instead of all of the naysaying because of your work that you’ve done to increase your belief. This just is like how you grow your business is like how you talk to people on the planet anywhere not necessarily off social media by design. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. But just people just talking about your business without sounding like a weirdo. That is how you grow your business. That’s it doesn’t matter where they are. But I’m going to just suggest that if you also infuse those conversations from time to time, with why you are not on social media, and why anybody anything that you feel strongly about is going to attract people that also feel strongly they will also your clients will always be a mirror for your beliefs. We talked about this a lot as well. That will always be true, but I’m telling you, especially in this department, and maybe it’s because I just think so much about social media and also to media, and it’s something that takes up a lot of brain space. So I’m open to the suggestion that maybe I just collect a lot of evidence for this, because it’s top of mind for me. But I’m telling you, this is an issue that people bond over. And some people want to do all of the scrolling, and they want to live their life in Instagram rails, and they love it. And that’s totally fine. They may not be the clients for you, if you don’t feel the same way. That’s okay did neither here nor there. But the people that you talk to, or that hear about you from someone else you talk to, and referral, referral referral, like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, whatever, whatever that is, those people who hear about you and your reason for why you choose not to market your business on social media they are if they feel the same way, if they have that same little nudge inside of them, they are going to want to hear more, they’re going to want to hear more about what you do, they’re going to feel drawn to you like a moth to the flame. To hear more about your perspective on that. And to bond about it. It’s just one of those things, I’m telling you that people want to hear why they want to hear why they want to tell you their why they want to do business, like I’m just going to make this bold statement. People want to do business with businesses that share their values. And this is a big one, the like amount of time that we spend on screens, and that we the amount of our decision making and life that we are giving to technology is a hot topic. People want to port other people who feel like they do. And so for people that that are really engaged on social media love it think is a great use of their time, that’s where they want to be connecting with people, that’s where their kids are spending time, like you’ll you’ll see that value in someone, they may not resonate with a practitioner, that is that they that they never see on social media, because they won’t remember them, they won’t see them, it won’t be constantly in their face. And that’s okay. Because there is an equal amount of people, please believe me, when I say this, there’s an equal amount of people who have no interest in that and who want to support another business, and to connect with someone that shares those values. There are just as many people please believe me, you need to talk about it. So I’m still looking at this outline. And I’m not even scratching off these bullet points. But I want to say, and that’s okay, we just we just follow wherever the thoughts lead, right. But I just want to say that I want you to explore your either your reasons behind wanting to market your business on social media, and how you would talk about that and how it’s possible that other people feel the same way. If your brains really sneaky, like mine had been for a long time, I’ve now question this thought and decided that it’s not one that I wanted to keep and have changed this that. But if you have that thought that other people don’t understand, and other people don’t want to be off social media, and they’ll never find me, because that’s the only place they’re looking, I want you to question that. I also want you to question any resistance, you have to talking about your desire to spend less time on social media, or no time on social media. Either way, whatever is coming up for you around that really want you to question it and like go back the layers of the onion a little bit and figure out what’s there behind it. Like, what is the fear there? What is the fear of blank? Is it rejection? Is it exposure is a vulnerability? Is it failure? What? What is that for you? It’d be very curious. Yeah. Also,

Andrea Nordling 33:23
I think this is kind of ties in to what we’re talking about. But like, if you have a feeling that you would like to spend less time on social media, this is another thing that I coach on, and that I see come up with my clients, that they want to transition off of social media, but feel like they owe something to their followers that are already there, like these people already are paying attention to what I’m saying, and I can’t just leave them. There’s some abandonment there, I would get very curious about where that’s coming from that that idea that you could offend other people or that you that they are looking to you for blank, whatever that is, be very curious about it. Because I think that what you’ll find is if you explored what would it be like if I just told everybody that I’m deciding not to be on social media anymore, and these are my reasons, I got really bold about that. And I was okay with them leaving, or them judging me or them arguing with me or them being offended? Like, what would that be like? This could be really interesting questions which your brain offers up around that because the solution to the problem is just being very bold, saying what is true to you, and then telling people and here’s where you can still find me. Here’s how you get on my email list. I send emails twice a week. Instead of being on here, you’re just gonna get my emails like this just I’m just kind of, you know, just throwing ideas here. But that’s what that could just be as simple as letting people know I’m no longer here. This is where you find me instead of just moving and just telling people they have to be on your email list and a problem, but does your brain think that There is a problem there could be interesting to pull on that thread a little bit could be interesting to see what’s behind that. What am I afraid of? What am I afraid of others thinking about me? Or how I run my business? What am I afraid of other practitioners thinking about how I run my business? What’s the worst case scenario here? If nobody ever hires me again, what am I going to do? Let your brain go there. Because you will have these worst case scenario thoughts. And this is going back to the all or nothing thinking that our our brains just go to, it is just always either the best case scenario or the worst case scenario, there’s nothing in between, it’s, we have to do this or not do this, there’s no going back like these decisions are final, this is what our brain likes to do it, these decisions are totally final, I can never fix this, if I make a wrong choice. There’s no going back. It’s all done. Like, I’m either gonna scroll three hours a day on social media, and miss my children’s entire childhood. That’s one option, or I’m going to delete every social media platform. I’m never signing on again. That’s it. And and that’s those are the only two options, right? This is what our brain wants to do. Just question it. What’s coming up for you around that? Where are you finding yourself going into all or nothing thinking this applies to every area of our business and our life, by the way, but I think it’s really can be really illuminating when it comes to the topic of where clients are going to find you or where you’re going to connect with clients. This is a really big one business wise, where our brains want to be all or nothing and wants to be very confused. And also default to a lot of scarcity, like there are not enough people, there are not enough people that are going to find me and interact with me and hire me. And it’s going to be very hard and there just aren’t enough and there aren’t enough and there aren’t enough. That’s where your brain will probably go to, I’d be very curious about what flavor of that side comes up for you. When you think about this and where your all or nothing. Thinking shows up around marketing your business, on or off social media can be really interesting. Because really, there are 100 different options in between the all or nothing thinking. And before making any decisions, you should look at all of those options. For me, this was a process, I did not just wake up one day and delete all of my social media platforms. It was a process it took years of me pulling away, not ever posting not wanting to be there exploring what was behind that trying to articulate my thoughts to myself about where that resistance was coming from asking a lot of questions about why really going to a place of okay, I might never have clients come to me, my pipeline of clients coming to me might totally turn off, I might turn off everybody. And then what will I do? And they answer what like, actually, it turned out, I knew exactly what to do. I knew how to start over if I needed to. I had done that before. I knew how to do organic marketing. And it turns out that actually organic marketing skills, like just learning how to talk about your business and what you do without sounding like a weirdo. That’s what makes social media successful for people too. So I just want to also point out, it’s not the platform necessarily, that is going to make your business successful. It’s how you talk about your business or don’t talk about your business. It is what you say, and how you say it that matters always, always just the where really is quite inconsequential. Clients are literally everywhere. Potential clients are everywhere. The people that are on social media, also off social media, you can find them everywhere, they can find you everywhere, there is no shortage of clients for you, they are everywhere. It’s not where you are saying the things it is what you are saying and how you’re saying it. That’s why it’s so important to think about your thoughts behind what you’re saying and what you’re not saying and where you’re saying it where you’re not saying it. And that’s why I’ve spent so much time in this episode, wanting you to explore your resistance to being very bold in your ideas and in your philosophies and in your stance on things. Yeah, like what comes up for you, when you think about that boldness, that’s going to be the thing that is going to make your marketing so much better. So understanding where the resistance is for you understanding where your belief level in yourself in your in your potential clients, or in your existing clients for that matter, or in your offer and your process and the way that you help people or even just globally in your business. Like where is your level of belief of success here? Where is that falling short? And how is that coming through in the way that you talk about or don’t talk about your offer and your business and telling people I can help you because it’s showing up somewhere? Does it social media? No social media really is quite inconsequential, because it’s all about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Have we made that point? Are we good on

Andrea Nordling 39:45
that? Alright, I just want to kind of like recap here, land this plane a little bit because we’ve been all over the place. Right? And that’s okay. I kind of like episodes like this where it feels like we’re just exploring But in between of all of the ideas, I think that that’s really valuable, especially in this topic that is kind of loaded it for a lot of reasons for a lot of us but also just like, like we said at the beginning, just pragmatically, it’s very important that you are building assets in your business that someone else can’t just take away with a click of a button. So there’s the nuts and bolts reasons why this conversation is very important. Let’s not forget that right? Ultimately making money as a health and wellness printer. While while printer, who isn’t on social media is 1,000% possible? It is so possible, it’s not even hard. Actually, if you understand that your successful marketing efforts no matter where they are at, start in your brain, with your belief in yourself, I’m gonna say it again, we’re gonna go there, your belief in yourself, your belief in your clients, your belief in your offer and your belief in what’s possible for your business. How do we know that this is true? I’ve said this a lot. Now, how do we know that there’s that this is true. Here’s how there are 1000s and 1000s of practitioners that are diligently posting multiple times a day on all of the social media platforms, the newest ones, the oldest ones, all of them, and their marketing is falling flat. They hear nothing but crickets, they post they post and nothing happens. And, and by the way, you’re not going to see on social media but and we have 1000s of practitioners who have clients flocking to them without any social media presence whatsoever, you just won’t see that on social media, you won’t see their success blasted all over your newsfeed, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening and that there aren’t people that are just killing it with organic marketing, the where doesn’t matter, clients are literally everywhere, okay. But just remember, if you’re looking on social media for evidence that people can be successful with our business off social media, that’s not going to work. That is a cycle of No, a cycle of No, this is not going to show you what you want to see. You’re just going to create evidence and more confusion for you about who is marketing, what on social media. And I’m telling you, it is a whole lot more fun to grow your business without having any inputs on what anyone else is doing. And just being laser focused on what you’re doing and leveling up your belief in yourself in that moment,

Andrea Nordling 42:20
what you believe about the people that you’re speaking to what you believe what the offer that you have for them, and what you believe about the overall success of your business, you’re just focusing on those things, and not what everyone else is selling, and launching and pricing and creating, it’s so much more fun. And it is so much more valuable for your clients, because your bandwidth is going to be focused on them, and on them getting the best results. And that is a win win win, then they go talk about it to everyone that you don’t know, on or off social media, they go tell the world in their world about you, and the client leads keep coming in. And then you keep delivering to those people at such a high level and focusing on them and obsessing about them getting even better results in the most non handholding and smothering way. But in the most valuable, I’m going to make your success inevitable kind of way that they want. They want more and more and more of and then they go share it to more people. And then those people share it to more people. And it just happens organically without you micromanaging it without any likes, or shares, or DMS or reels or algorithms without any of that the actual words that you say and type on your website and in your emails and in casual conversations with people. That’s how you’re gonna convey this belief to them that you have in yourself and that you have in them and that you have in your offer, and that you ever do your business and they’re just going to feel it and they’re going to want more of it. And then they’re going to work with you. And they’re going to get really good results because you are focused on that you are not focused on growing an audience and being an influencer and making the best videos and if not, yeah, no, I’m sounding really down on all of that. If it’s working in your business, and that is time well spent for you. Fantastic, go do it. But please also be building something that you own that has a website and a an email list and processes and other things that can’t be taken away from you with one click of a button so that when that happens, not saying if I’m saying when that happens, you have a plan B you have your business doesn’t skip a beat, it just keeps going. People could still hear from you. They know exactly where to find you and you’re not going to have the feeling that my friend is having right now where her 5000 Instagram followers are just gone. All of her DMs conversations with potential clients are gone. And she’s wondering what the heck do I do now? Okay, so no, like no shade if social media is working for you, but please be working on your life raft building your life raft in the background right inside my program. I have to tell you that the first thing that you get to wear Oregon in the program is assessing your level of belief in these four foundations that we’ve talked all about today. It starts on the very first page of your workbook. And it builds with each piece of strategy that you implement throughout each stage of growth you go through in the program from your first $1,000 that you make in your business, to your first 100k. And if you’re jumping in between there somewhere, it’s just starting where you’re at. and growing. From there, you’re going to be constantly evaluating and increasing your beliefs in those four areas. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to do that. I can almost hear your brain screeching, saying I don’t know how to increase my beliefs. I don’t know how to do that. How do you even do that? Don’t worry. It’s baked right into the process. I teach you how we, we do it each step of the way. It’s baked right in, you can’t even screw this up. It’s all part of it. One of the students in the program recently reported she was on vacation from working on her business, she was like totally on vacation, and was not focusing on anything business related. And she just kept on having new clients reach out to book consults with her, because of this exact thing, the organic, natural conversations that she was having. She wasn’t even trying to sell on. She wasn’t working. She was even trying to sell it was just her way of being. It was just her natural self concept was to answer people’s questions as people do. They ask about what you do. And she was willing to talk about it. She talked about her expertise and her business confidently, succinctly, simply, boldly, which of course led many people to refer her in their conversations and to their networks, and to people that she would never have personally met. And it keeps coming back to her even when she’s on vacation. With interested future clients. This is just organic referral based marketing, which has worked since the beginning of time since long before the internet was ever a thing. People were telling their networks about things that they use that they liked, and products that they liked, and they were sharing because as human beings, that’s what we like to do. We like to share with people the things that work for us, we like to be the

Andrea Nordling 47:01
like the Pioneer that finds the cool things and then gets to share them with our people when they work. That’s what we like to do. That’s what humans like to do. That’s why the seven degrees is it six degrees or seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, whatever that is your only six or seven points of contact away from everyone in the world, whatever that is, you know what I’m talking about? Well, clearly, that phenomenon was well known before social media ever debuted. Because no one is talking about Kevin Bacon anymore. So obviously, that is a well known fact and phenomenon long before the days of any social media platform that we know that we’re all connected very, very closely, actually. So it’s just all about making money in your business, growing your business, it all starts with your brain. This is what I want to say. And I think it will actually end with this making money in your business starts with your brain and with the thoughts that you’re repeatedly thinking. The repeated thoughts are your beliefs. That’s what a belief is, it’s just a thought that you’ve thought so many times that you just believe it unconsciously, without even thinking about it. Those beliefs are going to leak out all over every conversation you have, it’s going to leak out all over every website page, you create an emails that you write, and phone calls that you have, and networking opportunities that land in your lap, and consult calls with clients and working with your clients on your actual delivery with them. If you’re on social media, your beliefs are going to be posted all over there, too. That’s what’s going to be coming out. So

Andrea Nordling 48:31
the best news is, I guess, to tie that up with a pretty little boat, when you increase your beliefs in yourself, and in your clients and in your offer. And in your business as a whole. You’re going to have more marketing and promotion opportunities that open up that right now you cannot even dream up right now. Trust me, I am a living example of this. Even just one year ago, I mean, I could say two, three years ago, but even just one year ago, the opportunities that would be banging down my door, not even things I’m searching out, but organizations that are reaching out to me and opportunities that are seeking me out. Because of me continuing to prioritize this work in my own brain. First and foremost, don’t allow yourself to be confused about how how do people find you? How do people find you you don’t even know yet, you don’t even know. But when you are consistently, systematically working on exploring your existing beliefs in yourself and in your clients and in your offer and in your business when you’re looking at what’s already there, which is why so many times in this episode, I have directed you to like look at what’s there. What’s coming up for you. What are your thoughts about that, when you can see, have an awareness of what thoughts and beliefs are there right now. Then you will see where you need to increase that belief in one of those areas, maybe all of them but you’ll be able to see where like where is my belief lacking here and then you can start to get really open I think opens the word I want to use you can get really open to opportunity As for how you can increase that belief, I also teach you how to do that. But for also for like the opportunities for marketing and for networking, that don’t even feel like they’re there right now, if you’re feeling very confused about how people will find you, or how you would find people off of social media, I just want to ask two things. First of all, have you thought about like, have you really sat with the fact that that is possible? First of all? And second of all, if you’re very confused about this, my hunch is that your belief is quite low in those four areas. And I bet that your social media, promotion and marketing isn’t working very well, either. So be honest with yourself. If is social media working for me, either is that working for marketing my business? Am I getting clients, there are people consistently reaching out to me and I feel like it’s just growing and growing, or not. And if it’s or not, that’s because of these four foundational beliefs that need to get worked on. For you and your business, you really need to increase your belief in yourself and in your process in your offer. And in your clients. I don’t want to gloss over that your thoughts about the people coming to work with you are really, really important, we need to explore them a lot, we work a lot about that inside my program. Because if if, for example, if you’re assuming when somebody comes to work with you that they’re not going to follow through that they’re not going to understand what you’re teaching that what you’re teaching is too complicated for them that they’re going to quit, that they don’t really want it that they’re going to have a lot of excuses that they’re not going to make the time. If you’re assuming that they’re never going to pay you what you’re charging, that they’re not going to be able to afford it like all of these things can you see as they’re coming up for you, maybe where you are not having a high level of belief in your people, that’s going to be bleeding out in all of your marketing as well on social media are off. So we have to deal with all of that. First we have to teach you, and in like Teach you how and increase your belief in what you’re doing in this world, what your business is about where it’s heading, what you’re capable of what your people are capable of what your offer delivers for them. We work on that first, because that’s how to organically market your business. That’s how to talk to people, strangers, or people that you know, without sounding like a weirdo. That’s how to just really naturally stand tall in your authority about what you do and what you offer and just tell people I can help you, you set up a time to have a consultation with me. And we’re going to go through a very personalized plan. Just for you, I’m going to show you exactly how it works set up a call here. That’s how you do that from this very, very confident, calm place. And it’s helped people are just attracted to it, they want that they want that confidence. They want to work with you when you can calmly deliver and organically just talk about yourself and your offer. And your business in a way that is very certain. Certain is the word we want to go with it when you’re very certain people are going to be very certain You don’t sound like a weirdo, they don’t think you’re a weirdo. So on social media, off social media, via carrier pigeon, in Morse code, smoke signals, it’s totally up to you, however you want to convey your marketing message doesn’t matter. It starts in your brain first with the words that you say and the ones you don’t say, to real humans, they need your help. So that’s it in a nutshell, how do you build your business off social media, you start in your brain first, and then you just sit back and watch all of the doors open. Like they will just swing open and start pulling you through the stores you don’t even know where they are right now. So that’s it. That’s what we’re gonna land for today. Making money without social media starts in your brain, as do all good things in your business. And if you are new to this podcast, keep listening. And we will reinforce that with all of the episodes. Up to this point 28 episodes before this, that’ll show you it’s all in your brain. It’s all starting in your brain and the success of your clients is starting in their brain as well. So when you get much better at questioning your thoughts and your beliefs and using these tools to make more money in your business, you also are going to be able to model that for your clients. And they will get better results as well. Which spoiler alert is going to have them telling even more people about you. And having even more people wanting to work with you and building up that demand over and over. This is the most predictable and profitable cycle that there could possibly be which is to organically market your business and then deliver to your clients at a really high level and help them get results that blow their mind. And then they just tell everyone, and those people come and do the same thing. It’s just this circle of wonderful profits.

Andrea Nordling 54:47
That’s what it is the circle of profits. Have a wonderful, wonderful week, my friend I will be back here again next Tuesday. We’ll see you then.

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