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113. Growing A Business Through Health Setbacks with Kari Hochachka

Want to hear a success story of a holistic nutritionist growing their business while going through health challenges?

I knew you would.

On this episode I’m joined by The Profitable Nutritionist® student Kari Hochachka to talk about the evolution of her business, including how she has navigated chronic illness while starting from scratch.

Kari shares so much on this episode, including:

  • How network marketing prepared her for holistic business ownership
  • The exact opposite approach she uses with her clients (instead of what she learned in her nutrition certification)
  • How to reclaim confidence in yourself after a challenging season so you can still help your clients get the results they came for
  • And more!


Connect with Kari:



Unknown Speaker 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my friend, I am so thrilled to bring Carrico tchotchke to the podcast today. She is a student in the profitable nutritionist program. She has been up for about a year and a half. And she is talking all about how she has grown her business through her own health struggles. And after the podcast was over, we wrapped recording. And she said I can’t wait to see what you title this episode about. And I was like, Well, what do you think we should, like we talked about so many different things when you think that we should title it just that I think that one of the themes was kind of working on your business when your own health is struggling and how to protect your health and how to heal yourself while still growing your business. And I completely agree. That is what we are titling this episode growing a business through health setbacks, because Carrie has a really great story about how she has done this. And what it has looked like over the past three years as she has slowly steadily surely grown her business while also addressing her own health situations which she talks about on the episode. So if you have any health concerns for yourself or are struggling with chronic illness, and are just I don’t want to say are scared of but if you’re in any way, having hesitations about also helping other people with their health when you’re struggling, or taking on the responsibility and the tasks associated with growing your business because you are protecting your health, this is going to be a really valuable episode for you. And Cory also really openly shared a lot of things that she has gotten from the TPN program, which I feel compelled to tell you is going to be open for enrollment for the final time in 2023. On December 7, so December 7 to the 14th, you will be able to enroll in the program. And if you are not aware we do this quarterly so it’s time to get in I have a big announcement coming on December 7 about the program. But we talked about this in the episode what she has gotten from the program, what have been the most valuable insights for her what she is recommending for new students coming in. And then also I kind of debuted on the episode but I’ll say it here as well. We are doing the 3k in 30 days challenge in January inside the program. So for a lot of reasons. If you’re not already inside there with us you need to be this is the perfect time the December enrollment is the best time of year to get in because you get to jump right into the 3k in 30 days challenge for the month of January. And we only do that twice a year. So well that to say get all of your ducks in a row get ready to join. If you’re listening to this in the future, you will be able to go to the same page and get the enrollment details for the next enrollment, which is the profitable nutritionist.com/join J o i n you’ll always be able to get the next enrollment dates on there if this enrollment has passed. But if you’re listening in real time, December 7 is the day the profitable nutritionist.com/join. All right, I’m going to hand it over to our amazing conversation with Cory. And I know you will enjoy.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
Thank you so much for coming today and welcome to podcast. Thank you so much for having me, Andrea. Okay, so let’s just dive in, tell us what you do and how you came to do it.

Unknown Speaker 3:10
Okay, I am a certified holistic Nutritional Consultant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I work primarily with Christian women who are struggling with DIY buying their own health issues, Doctor googling everything, not quite sure what to do. And I’ve really just been, I’m a baby practitioner. So just starting. So my story began, actually, like 20 years ago, I was married. And it was a very unhealthy relationship. And so there were multiple separations. And at one point during the separation, I don’t even know how this happened. But a friend of mine shared this book called with me called the Beauty Bible. And if you’ve heard of it, but it it shares about like cosmetics and different beauty products and all the different chemicals in it. And I was like, What on earth is this, like people are trying to poison us, or cosmetics work. So that was kind of like the first light bulb that went on about health issues or like health things, things in our world that could affect our health. So I was separated, I ended up going back to my husband and I hadn’t been noticing that I was having digestive stress, like I would be gassy, bloated after eating certain foods and wasn’t sure what was going on. And then I ended up being separated again, several years later. And that was a really long term such separation at the time I Okay, so I have a background in cabinet making. I’m a red seal, journeyman cabinet maker, which is you know, little fun fact. And I had been trying to get out of the cabinet making space because it was really hard on my body. But when I was

Unknown Speaker 5:00
separated, I needed to go back to that as a full time income because it was kind of like the best money I could make. And so during this one period, I had benefits. And I thought I’ve never been to a naturopathic doctor, but I know there’s stuff going on in my body. I don’t know what’s what it is, I don’t know how to figure this out. So I’m gonna go to this guy. And so I ended up going to the naturopath. And he pretty much said, based on my issues I had like Zima, and unexplained asthma attacks, and like massive digestive issues, food was just like going through me, and migraines that weren’t correlated to even hormones. And, like I was completely exhausted such immense fatigue that when I would come home from work, I would have to lay down on the floor and take a 15 minute nap, I just couldn’t function. So he basically told me, your chronic stress has created a leaky gut, which has, I suspect that you have food sensitivities. And you’ve got all these issues, because your immune system is just tanked. So I was like, wow, how do you know this stuff about me? No surprise to anybody listening to this episode. Everyone’s nodding like, Well, yeah, of course. But it’s so crazy when you don’t know any of it. How this just changed your world. Yeah, it completely revolutionized my world, I was like, what food can make the difference and stress what? So long story short, or I did a food sensitivity test found a bunch of stuff that was irritating me and pulled out all those foods. And I felt so much better. And I was like, wow, this is something I need to explore a little bit more. So about a year later, I ended up being introduced this kind of different side tangent to my story, I was introduced to a direct sales company that I was, like, already involved with the products, and I got really passionate about it. And so I was like, well, I need something I don’t know, if this marriage is ever going to get back together, I could be single the rest of my life, I don’t know, I need to find something that I can support myself, that doesn’t rely on my physical capability. Because, you know, in 1020 30 years, I’m not gonna be able to doing cabinet making Are you kidding? So I’m trying to find something that would support me financially, that I would be able to help women. And I didn’t know what it was. But this was kind of something that I was trying to build a business with. But I was so like depleted, I had no ability to even focus and do it. So it wasn’t very successful. I had some success, but it wasn’t great. And then I ended up going back to the marriage. And it was a complete disaster. The A year later, I left again permanently. And I was like physically, mentally emotionally depleted, there was nothing left, I was a shell of my former self, I had normally been a very confident person, and very outgoing. And I was just so I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I believed anymore. There was all these crazy thoughts in my head, I was very depressed. And at that time, a friend of mine introduced me to another network marketing company that had health prod natural health products, and I started taking these products and my energy increased, I was able to sleep better, I was functioning so much better. I mean, I was still working through a lot of stuff, but it was so much better. So I thought this is my ticket. I’m gonna do network marketing the rest of my life. Yeah, and I love these products. And I, I still love the products. The company is no longer around. But same story as the direct sales a couple years prior was I couldn’t get my crap together enough to make a business out of it. Like I had some success. And I was doing well. But I just couldn’t sustain it. So what didn’t good. Okay, I want to pause Yeah, what part of it didn’t feel sustainable? Because I feel like we should talk about, we should talk about network marketing for a little bit. I have done all of the network marketing. I’m a big fan and also not a fan at the same time. I have thoughts. So I’m curious what part wasn’t sustainable for you.

Unknown Speaker 9:17
So I think that to be really successful in network marketing, you have to be a certain type of person. And I wasn’t that that type of person. Like, I think if you’re a type A go go go getter all the time, like you want to be that boss, babe, you can do it. But for me, that wasn’t my personality. I didn’t want to be that person I and I knew because of the chronic stress in my life and the long term effects of the chronic stress that I didn’t have the energy. I didn’t have the mental focus. I still had a lot of brain fog. And I would get really excited about something and then I would start but I couldn’t follow through. Like I would start and not finish and start not finishing

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Get excited and try and then fail. And so it was just this constant, like gas brake, gas brake gas brake, and I was depleting myself more. And it was very emotionally depleting for me, like it was draining. Because of all of that you have to put yourself out there so much all the time. So that’s what for me, didn’t feel sustainable. I think some people can be really successful at it. And I think if you have integrity, and you really love the product, and you’re just you’re not just trying to, like sell product to make money, or bring on team members to fill your downline, I think you can do really well at it. And, you know, bless a lot of people through the product. Yeah, I think similar, kind of similar to your sentiments on a certain kind of person can be very successful. I agree with that. And I think what I have found and what I have seen in growing teams, like through various different network marketing companies, like when the hardest part is putting yourself out there, right? Like the hardest part is figuring out how do I talk to people? How do I tell them what I do? How do I tell them about like, how whatever the product is, how do I introduce product? How do I do that. And so when you learn how to do that, to get to the point where you’re successful in network marketing, you realize, oh, I could just sell my own stuff.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
If you’re a holistic practitioner, or a nutritionist, like any type of health coach, anybody that sells their own services, you quickly realize, oh, well, I’m doing the hard part here of learning how to market and sell, I could just go sell my own stuff and make all of the money. And so I think, I don’t know, but I have complex thoughts about I think that it’s like a really good entry point, if you don’t know how to sell and if you don’t want to sell your own stuff in the beginning, but I think someone that’s going to be successful in network marketing very quickly realizes, Oh, I could just somewhere on surfaces. Yeah, yeah, I don’t know. 100%. And, and I was already trying to, you know, my brain was just tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, trying to figure out what can I sell.

Unknown Speaker 12:01
And I was thinking about all these different businesses that I could do. At one point, I thought I could do like an organizing business or whatever. But during that period, when I was going through all this network marketing training, and I was like, eating it up, like candy, I learned that I was, I had this entrepreneurial spirit. And that was really the direction that I wanted to go. I always hated being employed. I like the stability of the income. But that was it. Every other part of it like you tell me when I can go to the bathroom and what time I have to be here. And when I can take my holidays and how much I’m worth and whatever. I was like, this is garbage. I don’t like this is not for me. Some people, you can have that. I don’t want it. So let’s see going back to the store. That way, I totally know what you mean, network marketing is such a great introduction to personal development and to entrepreneurship and just to Yeah, thinking a different way. So I do like I just want to circle back that i That’s why I love me some network marketing for a lot of reasons. I feel like it, it expedites that the entrepreneurship, like if through, you know, I don’t know this through not having to create a product yourself, you have something you can already go sell. But I totally see what you mean, like, Oh, this is amazing. This is exactly what I need. And then you realize if you do it yourself, and I learned a lot like through, I did a lot of personal development stuff. But I was also really put off by the, like the law of attraction stuff, which really grinded my gears and was opposed to my Christian beliefs. So at first, like it’s really subtle, and you can’t tell that they’re sliding it in unless you know what you’re looking for. And at one point, I was like, I can’t do this. I’m not doing the vision board. I’m not doing the manifestation, the affirmations, the whatever, like this is garbage for me. And I actually think it’s garbage. But you know, it’s my opinion. So yeah, anyway,

Unknown Speaker 13:54
I did. I did a whole podcast episode on that. So I think that’s probably similar. That’s Yes. Yeah. I listen to those podcasts.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Okay, so I was depleted. It took me a few years actually to, okay, I spent like 1000s of dollars on my own health during this period of time, trying to regain my energy, my mental capabilities, my confidence. I did like emotional work, and you name it. And then a few years in, I found that I finally felt like I was confident and healthy enough to get a part time job like, this sounds so terrible. But if you’ve dealt with chronic stress and the effects of it, you can understand what I’m saying, like, I thought I can get a part time job. I don’t think I can do full time, but I can do part time. So I got a job at a greenhouse. And then that ended up leading into a couple more part time jobs. And then I was looking for a full time job at one point because I thought, okay, maybe I can handle a full time job.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
And the economy was tanked and so I ended up going back to cabinet

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Making I was done with it. I kept saying I’m retired, I’m retired. And then I went back to because that was the only full time job that I could get at that time. And it was a blessing and a curse at the same time. It was great income, but physically and emotionally, it was so destructive, like it was a horrible place to work. The people that I worked for were just, like, really nasty. And I ended up during that time I started researching things that I could do. And I have no idea how this popped up on my, my screen on my phone one day, but there was this ad for something, I think it was maybe even called holistic health coaching. And I’m like, What is this? So I read the description of you know, they say, if you are this person, that Allah, Allah, Allah, and I’m like, Yeah, that’s me. I need to do this. This is me, this is like my life, career, whatever. So I explored it. And it was a online program from the United States, I’m in Canada. So for one, I don’t do well on online like learning online as well as I do in person. And for to the Canadian exchange with the American dollar is not great. And for three, I thought that a lot of the things that they would be teaching me would not be applicable in Canada, because, you know, we have a lot of similarities, but there are a lot of differences too. And so I wanted a Canadian based program. So I ended up finding the Canadian School of Natural nutrition, which had a physical classroom in Edmonton and researched it. I was trying to find out, can I actually make money doing this? And how do I make money doing this? And I went to the open house. And long story short, I signed up

Unknown Speaker 16:51
that fall, I started at csnn. And I was doing really well physically. I had lots of energy. I loved the learning. My What year was this? It was give us a timeline. Okay, so this was fall 2019. Okay, perfect. Yeah. So my diet during school was stellar. Because you know, I had, you had to bring snacks to school. And I was like, one more I can eat potato chips. While I’m at school. I have never eaten better than during any nutrition like event ever. I know. I know. So my diet was great. Love the learning. And I started because just the stress load of being in school and learning full time and having to just do all these things and papers and assignments and exams and whatever. I mean, I went back to school when I was 48. So I was in the beginning of menopause. And I didn’t know it, but my hormones tanked. Like my cortisol rose. And all of us who understand hormones, understand my hormones, or my cortisol went up. And then my progesterone went down and my hormones went tanked. And I started having all these crazy Peri menopausal symptoms. And by the time I wrote my, I had to submit my case studies at the end of the year, like in June. And then I had to write my board exam in July. I was actually concerned that I wouldn’t pass. I had a 90, I don’t know, 91 average throughout the year. But I thought there’s a chance that I could fail. Just because physically you were not well, yeah, I was so distraught.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
And I ended up in August, I got the confirmation you passed. Yeah. So that was exciting. And I thought, Okay, now I’m going to start my business, I’m going to get my website going, and I’m gonna find my ideal client, I’m gonna do all these branding stuff, and well, whatever. So I took a self employment program, I paid a bunch of money to do branding. I spent six months trying to figure out what the perfect business name would be. And I wish that I had had Andrea’s podcast about just do use your own name.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Nobody’s gonna be able to spell my name and they pronounce it and whatever. And

Unknown Speaker 19:13
so keep it simple. Keep it simple on the name isn’t it so crazy that we agonized over this decision? And then for the most part end up changing it anyway, stick close to your name as close to name as possible decision made done? Yeah. I mean, I do love my name, my business name, but it’s really long. And I could probably use my own my own name eventually. But oh, yeah. Okay, so another aspect of my story was,

Unknown Speaker 19:38
were that period between finishing school writing my board exam and then starting the self employment program in the fall, I had a couple of months to make money and I didn’t want to get a job because I thought, Well, I’m gonna have to quit this job anyways, because I’m going to doing this other program. Yeah. So I

Unknown Speaker 20:00
I just I mean, I love gardening. I love waiting. Most people hate waiting. I love waiting. So I hired myself out to these people just randomly, I’ll come and meet your garden and pay me like 20 bucks an hour. And then after the first couple jobs I went to, I was like, No, you can pay me 25 bucks an hour.

Unknown Speaker 20:20
And then I did make some money. So this factor is in the following season, which I’ll come back to in a second.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
After that, I finished the self employment program in December of 2020. Oh, right. Okay, going back to 2020. Because, you know, big stuff happened at 2020.

Unknown Speaker 20:41
In the middle of school, like I said, I had chosen a school that I could sit down in the classroom, talk to the teachers learn in person. And then in March COVID, shut the world down. And we went online. And I was like, this is not working for me. And that’s part of why finishing school was so hard because I had to hand in all my assignments. And we did all our all our testing online, and my board exam was online. And it was just all staring at the computer screen. And I think the maybe the EMF or just maybe like looking at the computer screen or whatever, fries my brain a little bit. I just, I don’t think as well, like even talking to you right now. My brain is not working the same looking at the computer screen. So yeah, we went online. Where was I going with that? Oh, right. Okay, so at the end of the Self Employment Program, did the branding stuff. And I had planned to get my website up and running, and then start taking on my first client in January of 2021.

Unknown Speaker 21:43
Again, I was burned out, I had no time in between to recuperate. So, and then January, like here in Edmonton, middle of Canada, it’s dark at 430, even now is dark at 430 in November. So by the time you get to January, like you’re just done, no vitamin D, I love the sunshine, I need that I’m like a plant, I just need that to thrive. So by the time January rolled around, well, actually February rolled around, I had been trying and trying and trying to get this stuff done. I just couldn’t keep focused. So I finally threw up my hands. And I said, Okay, when springtime comes, I’m just gonna go back to the gardening. And I do that full time. And try to figure this thing out in between, and there was no energy or time in between that season.

Unknown Speaker 22:34
That means you were busy with gardening. I was very busy. And I was working four days a week, probably like between seven and 10 hours a day, depending on what day it was. I was exhausted, I had no time, or like energy to work on my business. In the evenings or on my days off, I was just trying to take care of myself. So I was almost crying because I thought I did so well. And I like my health was getting so much better. And then I’m going backwards again. So this is like my greatest fear going backwards again. And then I have to spend all this time and energy and money to get healthy again. So that fall, I had planned to start my bit get working on the business again once the gardening season was over. So this is fall 2021. Correct. Okay, so I had actually saved money from the gardening work, put some money in the savings account. But I was so depleted that by the end of October, I ended up getting COVID.

Unknown Speaker 23:39
And it wasn’t just like a little bit of COVID it was the whatever. I think it was the Delta variant and I was super sick for like two weeks. Didn’t get to the hospital. But I was like on the verge. Interestingly, I also had COVID for two weeks in October of 21 Yes, I did. Same thing. It was it was not that I was really really really sick. Yeah, it was terrible. Yeah, so I had actually had an appointment to go to a chiropractor before I got sick because I knew that my pelvis was twisted from all the gardening work. And I couldn’t get into the chiropractor. I had an appointment but then I had to cancel it because you know if you got COVID symptoms you got to cancel so I ended up sitting on my couch laying on my couch for two weeks and the violent coughing from COVID

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Like really messed up my my lower back. And I ended up developing sciatica. So by the time I was able to get into the chiropractor, I was hunched over like an old woman. It was painful just to drive to get there. And it took me three four months beyond that to like be able to even do a light workout. My back was just wrecked.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
So needless to say, I didn’t get a whole lot of work done that season, I was just a mess. So here I am thinking, I’m trying to get my business going. And, you know, I was like, I need to tell people, I can help you. But I was like, I can’t even help myself. So here’s the imposter syndrome. My health stinks right now, how am I supposed to help anybody else? And if I can’t even focus long enough to do my work, how am I going to help anybody? So you know, depression kicked in. I had a terrible January that year. And then in May, was April, maybe? April of 2022. I think I happened upon your podcasts like it just popped up in my, my feed. Yay. That’s the

Unknown Speaker 25:46
work. I’d love to hear that. Yeah. for that. I don’t know where it came from. It just popped up.

Unknown Speaker 25:54
Let’s use those algorithms to our advantage. It should just always pop up. That’s so good. Well, I was listening to a lot of stuff on, I was probably probably searching for like how to start your nutrition business again, or something. I had listened to a ton of podcasts. And so I found you. And I, it was like the right time, because a couple weeks after that you had the time. Like oh, yeah, summer time. Challenger. Yeah. So my time Yeah. So I was like time management. I so need this. So I ended up starting it. And I went through some of the exercises, but I didn’t finish it. But I was on the live q&a with you on the Friday. And I remember, I don’t know, you probably don’t remember this, but I was like, so um, I’ve like I graduated in 2020. And I’ve been trying to get my business going for the last two and a half years, and I just can’t do it. Can you help me? And of course, Andrew was like, Of course I can

Unknown Speaker 26:50
get on in, you know, so I was like, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 26:55
so there’s a verse in the Bible that talks about counting the cost before you make a commitment. So I was like, number crunching, I’m okay, how do I make this work? I don’t have the income right now. But I know that if I don’t do anything, right now, like my, when I get to the fall, my business is going to be the same as it was before. And I need to have moved forward by then I need to get this thing going. So I decided I’m going to make that investment. And it was like add 1/3 Given the Canadian exchange. So it was a big investment for me and I did the payment plan. I’m so glad that you had introduced it at that time. Because that was the only way that I could have made it work. I was like I’m not I can’t just drop this on a credit card. So during that summer, I was still doing the gardening work. I had pulled back to three days a week, I was just doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday to give my body a break in between. And that was much better for me. So I was on probably every coaching call that you had, I was listening to all the podcasts, I was listening to the back the backlog of podcasts that you had previously, like I went right back to the very beginning, the very beginning. Okay, so for anyone that doesn’t know, in the profitable nutritionists program, we have a private member podcast feed. So that’s all the past coaching calls that are in audio format that and you can watch them in video too. But in the private member podcast, you get access to that feed when you join the program. And you can just listen to the coaching calls, audio, and you’re paying, you’re so good. And I haven’t been like I haven’t been coached live very often. It’s maybe only been three times. But

Unknown Speaker 28:33
like when you say you learn, you’re you’re being coached when somebody else is being coached. It is so true. I have learned so many things and made so many changes or gotten so many really great tips, just listening to other people being coached live or even on the recordings. And it’s just brilliant. And the lounge. I’ve gotten a ton of information from the lounge as well, just from other members. So that’s, that’s our, our private community where we that’s not on Facebook, but that’s like the the group component of the program. So we call it the lounge. Yeah. Yeah. So um, during that summer while I was doing the gardening work, I was trying to get a little bit done in the workbook, which is brilliant.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
But I was making very, very slow progress. And I just thought I’m gonna do what I can do now. And then in the fall when gardening season is done again, I’m going to really dig in. So I remember being on one coaching call live. And I was contemplating like, I didn’t have a three month or I didn’t have an offer a solid offer. And it for those of you listening Andrea had Andrea suggests that you have only one offer, and then you just focus on that one offer. So I had been trying to figure out like, I don’t know what my offer is. I don’t have any real systems in place. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, or how I’m going to work with the client and I

Unknown Speaker 30:00
But I thought like, I want to start making money doing this, even without something solid in place. So I was on this coaching call and I said to Andrea, so what do you think about me doing like, a one off appointment? And she’s like, something to do with? Well, is that what you really want to do? And I’m like, Well, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 30:23
But anyways, I ended up doing it because part of the training it is, I don’t know what you call it, but like the decide, take imperfect action? Yeah, it’s like da decide, take imperfect action and then evaluate. And most people Yeah, like either you get you most people get hung up on one of those three, a lot of people on the decide never make the decision. Some people can make the decision, then just have a really hard time taking the imperfect action and it not being perfect. That’s like a huge thing, or not evaluating. So yeah, that’s a concept I teach you. The program’s like decide, take imperfect action, and then we’ll evaluate it. Yeah. And that has been brilliant for me, because the deciding, you know, most of us in the program probably have a perfectionist streak. And I was thinking, I can’t decide until I have everything perfect and lined out and whatever. But the imperfect action, lifted this massive weight off of my shoulders, because I thought I can make a decision and take an imperfect action and see what the results are. It doesn’t have to be perfect. So it’s like, so I thought, Okay, I’m gonna take this one client, and I’m going to do a one hour consult with her. And I did it. And I made a little bit of money. And the way that I did it, and just the results of it, I decided I evaluated and I decided I don’t like that. I

Unknown Speaker 31:47
don’t want to do that again.

Unknown Speaker 31:49
So then when fall came? So that was my first $311.25 that I made in my business consulting. Yes, that’s probably a specific amount. I love that. Yes, three.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Yeah. And my goal was to evaluate my financial results on consulting work, not all the other little things I was doing on the outside, like not the gardening work, not the reselling supplements, or whatever I was doing on the side. So when the fall came, and gardening season was done, and my health was better, because I had been taking care of myself. Oh, during that summer, too. I also decided that, actually, no, it was in the springtime. With my own health journey. I realized, you know, I want people to come to me to help with their health issues. Why am I not going to somebody else to help? Issues? Yeah, so. And I remember, maybe it was even a podcast that you had done around that time about going to, you know, going to see somebody. So I decided, I’m gonna go back to a naturopath and get some help and just get some direction. Like, I feel like I’m just shotgunning everything. So give me some direction, I’ll follow it. So as I was doing that, month, by month, my health was getting better. And I was taking more care of myself, I was getting some good results. So then when the fall came, gardening season was done, I really started digging into TPN and started making those decisions and putting together my offer and starting to tell people, I had been telling people, I’m getting ready to get ready. Like I’m I’m not quite ready yet. I will be able to help you, but not right now.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Just wait a minute. Yeah, I remember us coaching on this. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
Let’s take a minute and talk about podcasts. Here’s how they work, you subscribe. And then every Tuesday rain or shine, you’re going to get a brand new episode in your feed for free from me, that’s going to help you make more money in less time and impact more people’s lives. It’s incredible that we just have the best jobs by the way. We sure do. And because we don’t run any ads on this show, but one thing I would ask from you in exchange for all the value that you’re getting here is to take 60 seconds after you subscribe and leave a review. When you rate their podcasts and leave a review. It tells apple and Spotify and all the other podcast platforms that this is quality content. And then those algorithms share it with way more people who also want to impact more people’s lives. See what I’m saying? Leaving that quick review might just change everything for someone else and their business. We’ve made it really easy. If you don’t know how to leave a review in your podcast app, just go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review where you’ll get a magic link to leave that review in whatever podcast platform you use. Again, if you don’t know how to do the review, go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review And we’ll show you exactly how. Thank you so much for taking the time. It really really does mean the world.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
Fall of 22 I decided I’m going to start telling people I can help you. So I did. I was talking to like the ladies at church I’m like I can help you

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I sat and I was giving away so much free advice, which was like drive me crazy because like I need income. And, but all of that eventually paid off. So I put together my offer, I decided it was going to be a three month offer. And I came up with this random number of 1090, like $1,090, where I came up with that I can’t remember. But by the time January rolled around, the Lord absolutely blessed me. And he brought me my first client. And this was somebody that I had been speaking with, like months prior, she came to me and she said, Okay, I’m ready. How much is it? And I said, Well, my price has changed a little bit since the last time we talked, it’s now 1200, which is given the discount for you, right? So it’s like, it’s more than 1200. But I’ll sell it to you for 1200. So that was my first client. And then a week later, I got another three month client, and I was like, God, thank you like, wow, this is absolutely mind blowing. So those are my first two clients. And it just started 2023 beautifully. And I had another lady, a friend of mine who I did a one hour consult with, with the Get with the specification that I’m just like, I’m not gonna do any research for you. Let’s just sit down, I’ll give you some advice and give you some direction. So she was like, that’s great, perfect. That’s all she needed.

Unknown Speaker 36:21
But that was the only time I ever did that since. So since January, my business has been growing. And I haven’t had clients like new clients every single month. But the Lord has been consistently providing for me financially in different ways. And I have been learning how to work with clients how I like to work with clients, what I don’t like, I think I tend to err on the side of way too much information. And my goal was to try to cement like, I wanted to have a simple business that was easy and effective and not overwhelming for people just simple.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
I haven’t gotten there yet.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
That’s what’s going to be my next question is like, how close are we to there? What do you what isn’t simple, I would love to hear

Unknown Speaker 37:15
TMI just too much information. When I was in school. So csnn, we were taught how to write a case study. And it was a, I think a seven page case study with loads of details on foods and nutrients and every issue that was related to their primary, like their main concerns, and the different body systems and how it all worked together. And so it was really extensive information. They didn’t teach us how to actually work with a client. And they like they for sure didn’t teach us how to do a package. So yeah, this this package concept was like, what, like, oh made so much sense to me. Have somebody commit to a package because they’re going to get so much better results. When they’re with for a longer period of time. Yeah, then the one off or they don’t have the commitment, they can just come and go as they please. And they’re going to get the same results as they come in long case study that would be like you would meet with someone you would do an intake and then you would prepare a case study for them about like, what’s going on in their body? Is that what is that how that fits in? That’s what we learned. Okay? Because in school, we had to do 10 case studies. And most of them were like, well, they were all one was on me myself. And then the other ones were people that I knew. So then I would just write the case study. Yeah. So are you saying that you’re still kind of relying on that model, but it’s just too much information for the know the clients? No, I very, like the very first client or Well, maybe the both the two clients in January, I tried to do a modified version of that. Like, here’s how, you know, here’s the results of your intake forms. And here’s how I see everything kind of working together. And here’s some suggestions that we can work towards. But it was too much. I think they were both very overwhelmed with all of that. And I know that one expressed that, you know, even after we were done the three month time together, she’s like, I still have so much to work on. I was like, that’s not what you were supposed to feel like.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
So yeah, but I’m like learning that and taking people through and giving your best worst guests and trying out your process. Like that’s just part of it. It just is because that’s how you get better. Yeah, imperfect action, imperfect action all the way. So how have you changed your process? Now? That’s a great question. I have tried to simplify the information that I present to the client on a bi weekly basis and just zero in on what their concern

Unknown Speaker 40:00
errands are at that time and what they want help with the most at that time. But I still think I’m giving way too much information. And I would like to take all of the content that I have produced at this point and organize it in such a way that it’s kind of like a course. But not like, but just so that I know, and they know where we’re going at what point and I can move things around if I need to. But just having that all laid out, so that it’s simpler.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Okay, so that they can see what’s coming. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. And so I know where I’m going, because I spent an inordinate amount of time researching specific issues and writing content for them. Like, this is like, follow up, follow ups to suggestions and protocols, that kind of thing. Okay. Yeah, recommend? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
I think that that’s so common, I think after you work with initially, your first few clients 10 In your like getting into like, 10 clients, even more than that, you start to realize, okay, this could be more efficient. I could be creating systems and processes. How do I do that, and it’s nothing has gone wrong, I don’t think that you think anything has gone wrong, I’ll just say this, for anyone listening, nothing’s gone wrong. At that point, when you realize, oh, my gosh, I could do this so much better. And it was part of it. Like every every stage of your business growth, you break the old processes, and you recreate new ones. And then you break those old processes, and you create new ones, and then you bring on team members, and then you break those processes, and you start new ones. And it’s just part of it. I’m very much in that right now.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
As we’re growing pretty quickly, and it’s just like, okay, nothing is wrong here, we didn’t have the wrong process, it was just the right process for that time, which sometimes feels like not a process at all. And then you clean it up, and you just know, it will probably change a second in the future. And that’s okay. Yeah, and I have loved watching your progression, even from listening to some of the older podcasts or recordings of live coaching, how you just keep morphing your business and teaching the members in TPN. Like, what it looks like to change your business and what it looks like to take imperfect action, like make a decision, take imperfect action, evaluate, and then make another decision and take imperfect action and evaluate. And that’s what I’ve been doing. So I know that I’m not where I want to be. But I’m continually moving forward. And I have the willingness and the wisdom to just keep I hate the word evolve, but keep evolving. In my business. And as a protector practitioner. I’m a bit of a info junkie, I tend to be on a lot of webinars and read a lot of stuff. And then I get sidetracked as well, because I’m like, I get excited about stuff. So anytime I share my view, many people listening to this can relate.

Unknown Speaker 43:08
Yeah, it’s hard to rein yourself in. But you know, you keep you keep redirecting. And I appreciate that even if you’re not doing that directly to me, indirectly, I’m being re redirected. Oh, that’s a lot of direction in that word.

Unknown Speaker 43:26
There was direct what I want the direction you were going, I wanted to have you on the podcast, I want to kind of reflect this to you. One of the reasons I wanted to have you on is because I see that you have had such a huge shift over the last few years. So it’s been I mean, it’s been a year, year and a half that you’ve been to a program. So I’m paying attention. There are a lot of people in the program, but I do like I’m gonna give myself a little bit of credit here. It won’t be like this forever. But I like I do remember people’s names. I remember things we’ve coached on before. And so like I mean, I don’t know, I just I remember that how far you’ve come. And so I have been watching you like, initially, you were just so like, my thoughts on it was that you were just so nervous about telling people what you did at all. Like they’re like, there is a right way and a wrong way to tell people who like what I do for a living and this is scary stuff.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
It just was. And I’ve seen you just come leaps and bounds from that and experimenting with different packages and what is my process like and you’re, at least from what I’m seeing it from the outside looking in. You don’t seem to be nervous about that at all anymore. So can we talk about that?

Unknown Speaker 44:32
Well, okay, do you have a specific question? I can go into 100 different directions. Yeah. What is that like for you? Do you Do you still feel here’s what I actually want to know. I do have a specific question. Do you still feel nervous about it? And am I even putting the right words to that? So you have to tell me in your words. Do you still feel that way and do it anyway? Or has that like trepidation around just even talking about how you can help people has that lessened over time, the more you do it? No, I think you’re correct in that

Unknown Speaker 45:00
evaluation. I think at the beginning, I was very hesitant, like, timid is the word I want to use. But I don’t think I was really timid because I’m pretty confident person. But I was very hesitant to tell people, I can help you because I was in the midst of this menopausal shift in my own life, and trying to figure things out. And

Unknown Speaker 45:29
part of me, really wasn’t sure if I could help them. But then there was another part of me. And I learned, you know, a lot of this from you, and the conversation that we have in the lounge and, and TPN also, that I know enough to help somebody else. Like, I have so much life wisdom, and personal experience with multitude of health issues, I can help you. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do it. I can help you. Exactly, yeah. And then pressing yourself to kind of put the parachute together on the way down out of the plane and figure it out. Yeah, I’m going to figure out how to do this. Yeah, yeah. And like I said earlier, I think a lot of the confidence comes with the imperfect action. I know, this isn’t exactly how I want it to be. Or maybe this isn’t going to get the absolute best result. But I can get the client results. And I can just continue morphing my process and making it better every time so that every client I work with has a better result, or, you know, it’s simpler or whatever. And, okay, at the beginning, when I would join TPN, and people were talking about selling a package for like, 1000 2000 $3,000. I was like, Are you crazy? What, how can you ask people for that kind of money. And over time, as I went through the exercises, and the one exercise that really blew my mind was how much money? Or know, what is the value the lifetime value? Yeah, have the results to that person? Yeah. So I went in my, in my workbook, and I just wrote a full page of all the different benefits for my clients.

Unknown Speaker 47:19
Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally, like, all of the different things that all the money that they would save on shotgunning, and the time that they would save in Doctor Googling, and DIY Ng, and whatever. And it was a phenomenal amount. And through that process, I realized also, I have spent 10s of 1000s of dollars on my own health, and my own education, I certainly have invested a ton of money into you. And now I have the the experience that I can offer you a result that had I known back in 2011, when I first went to that naturopathic doctor, if I had known that there was somebody out there, who does what I do now, who could help me make a massive shift in my health in a year’s time, rather than spending 10 years trying to figure it out, I would have gladly dropped $10,000. Like, that’s how valuable it would have been to be to me, because the amount of money that I have lost, not being able to work. Because of my health issues. It’s ridiculous, like for years, right? So that

Unknown Speaker 48:39
really boosted my confidence. And then I was still trying to number crunch, like, how many hours am I going to put in and how much is an hour of time worth for me just to give myself a ballpark

Unknown Speaker 48:52
to start with. And I was comfortable with that. But I’ve increased my price and shifted my my offer several times since last fall. And I was like, well, it’s gonna be 1090. And

Unknown Speaker 49:10
so now my offer is currently it’s $1,800 for three months. But I did something that you also told us not to do, I wouldn’t got another. If we broke in, it’s okay. I can hear Andrea in the back of my mind going. You don’t need another certification to help people. And it was like, what I want to get this certification. I found out about this program called metabolic balance in the springtime, I was really digging into it. And I found that every client who came to me wanted to lose weight. And they had also come to me with chronic stress and the results of chronic stress. And so I kept saying to them, you need to deal with all the other things and get your hormones in balance before you’re going to lose weight. So don’t expect that that is going to be a result that you’re going to get in three months. Let’s deal with all the foundational stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 50:00
This program though metabolic balance is primarily used as a weight management program because it balances the hormones, primarily the insulin. And so when I learned about it, and I researched it more, I decided this is a modality that I want to introduce into my practice for my clients because they want it and they need it. Yeah. So now I finished the certification in October. And now I’m trying to figure out how do I refine my offer to include metabolic balance, and still help people with the foundational things? And I think it’s going to be a six month package? Because I don’t think three months is long enough, even with what I was doing before. I don’t think three months is long enough. Yeah. And that’s what it sounds like, especially with, I was going to ask you about that actually circle back to it with with your clients feeling like they still have so much left to do. I was going to ask if you are considering extending your offer to be longer. Yeah. Yeah. But I just think about all of the members of TPN, who, when I was starting to listen last year, and they were talking about a six month package, I’m like, why? Like, I just couldn’t conceptualize it. And now like, yeah, I can understand that now. Yeah, when we get that. That’s so great. So great. And what an amazing, I feel like it’s a winning the lottery experience for your clients to know, oh, my gosh, I want to be with you for six months, at least. Like that’s, this is going to be so transformational. You’re here for me long term. This feels so great. Yeah. And it, I think it removes a lot of the pressure that I have to get a result in this, you know, shorter period of time. Because when you’ve been dealing with chronic issues,

Unknown Speaker 51:52
really, it’s just a springboard to the next step, that first three months, especially for people who don’t know, what am I supposed to eat? What am I not supposed to eat? Do you want to talk about money? Let’s talk about money. Money. Let’s do that. I think we should definitely talk about money. Okay. So like I said earlier, 2022. My total for actual holistic nutrition consulting was $311.25.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
And I have a I have a list of a bunch of firsts that I did. Okay, so I joined TPN may 2022.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Got my first paying client in August of 2022. So like, June, July, three months later, sold my first three month package my real offer in January 2023. In March of 2023, I recouped my investment to TPN. Which was like, Yeah, that was my goal. And then this fall, in September, October, depending on whether you look at tax or not tax, I made my first 10k. Yeah, that was like, big goal for me. Huge. And even though you know it in the scheme of a year’s income, $10,000 doesn’t seem like a whole lot. But

Unknown Speaker 53:17
as a foundation for my business. It is massive. It’s so massive, you’ve learned so much about where you want to go from here and how you’re gonna get there. It’s incredible. Yeah. And the fact that I am fully self employed blows my mind. So good. But okay, I also have to give God glory, because he has been providing for me month by month, by month by month, he brings me clients, when I’m not asking for them, or when I’m not looking for them. I had my first two referrals in September, and then I had another referral in October. And so these are like, not strangers from the internet, but strangers from my community. Like, I’ve never met these people before they come to me. And, you know, for somebody to, here’s my money, take care of me. Yeah, my mind. And I don’t have a website. I don’t do emails, email broadcasts yet, someday we might get there, but not yet. In there, but not yet. So I’m doing this kind of I feel like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for the last several years. And it’s all the work that I’ve put in is

Unknown Speaker 54:30
finally getting results is coming in. Yeah, but it’s not about me. And it’s not about the money. It’s the results that my clients are getting. That’s how I can keep going. Because they are actually getting results. Yeah. Which is why those referrals are coming in no surprise. Yeah. Yeah. Since just so great. It’s the best cycle. We have the best jobs, we have the best. We have so much freedom. We get to help people make the transformation and boom

Unknown Speaker 55:00
literally changed their lives every aspect of their lives. Like you said, If you had known 10 years ago, that it was possible to make the changes that you now know you can make to increase your productivity, your life enjoyment, your working hours, I mean, just everything, every part of your life, your relationships, all of it would pay for that. Yeah. Yeah. So good. It’s, it really is a blessing to be able to help people. And, you know, I look back at, you know, 1012 years ago, when I was thinking, I need to find something that I can help women that I can do until I’m old, and it doesn’t, you know, it’s not dependent upon my physical health, and well being or whatever. This is it, I can do this forever. And I can do it part time and still make a good income and still help a lot of people. And eventually, I would like to, you know, I want to get my website up, I want to have the weekly email broadcasts and blog ish. I would like to do a podcast eventually, that was kind of on my radar a long time ago already. And there’s just so many things that I want to do, I would, I think I would like to do a group program so that I can offer that to people who maybe wouldn’t actually have the money to invest in a one on one. And another aspect of the finances is I want to be able to type a part of my time to people who legit can’t afford to hire me financially.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
So once I’m more finally financially stable, I’ll be able to do that. And just bless other people too.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
I would offer that something like a podcast is is like a is that free offering for people that can’t afford you either. Yeah. And the emails to you’ve taught me a lot about that. Yeah, sharing. Being willing to share your best stuff on your emails, and the people who want to work with you one on one, we’ll come to you.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
So good. Okay, before we wrap up one final question, what did you think that your business was going to look like versus the reality of it? I know, we’ve talked like a lot of things. But is there anything on the list that we didn’t talk about that you feel like we should add here, the good, the bad, the ugly, any of it? Well, I wanted to do all of the things. At the same time. One of the things that you have taught me is to just focus on the one offer.

Unknown Speaker 57:40
And that just feels very freeing. Focus on the one offer, get really good at that one offer. And then, you know, adjusted or bring on something else. Yeah, yeah, you’re really good at that. So you thought you would sell all the all of the different things in your business? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Meet you. So much better not.

Unknown Speaker 58:03
I’ve done it both ways. So much better than I do. Yeah. Okay. Amazing. Anything else? You wanted to share that we didn’t get do enough? I did. Yeah. I wanted to talk about the model. Oh, let’s talk about the model. The model is so brilliant. This is like a life coaching thing, right? Yeah, The Life Coach School teaches the model. So I am a graduate of The Life Coach School. So I am certified there so I can teach the model. And our support coaches in the program are also Life Coach School coaches, so they can teach the model. Yeah. So the model is basically a thought that you think creates a feeling, which creates an action, which creates a result. So this is brilliant in so many areas of life, but I taught this to one of my clients. She was having these thoughts about, I feel so deprived, because I can’t have gluten and dairy. And I was like, Okay, so here’s the thought that you’re thinking that’s creating the feeling of deprivation, that’s creating the action that’s creating the result. Let’s back that up. And she put that into practice. And the next session that we had, she’s like, I feel so much better about like, not, I don’t want these foods anymore. I’m like, so she changed her thoughts about gluten dairy, which I’m guessing she chose a new thought that didn’t make her feel deprived, that made her feel something else. Yeah. And then her result was much better. Oh, so good. That was so good. So the model is a tool. It’s a mindset tool, but it’s just I mean, it’s just the way that the world works. Our thoughts create our feelings. We take actions or avoid actions based on how we’re feeling. And we get results in our life based on the actions that we take. So we can very quickly reverse engineer any results that we’re getting in our life of why they’re happening or not happening based on the thoughts that we’re thinking. So the model is just a way of looking at that in a very flowchart in a way that is very black and white. It’s so useful. As a coach, it’s really helpful to see that in your clients and to kind of see where you’re going to direct the coaching which is I think what Gary’s talking about now as she was able to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Show this client, okay, you’re having this very, very poisonous thought that is making you feel deprived. It’s not the lack of gluten or dairy that’s making you feel deprived, it’s the way that you’re thinking about it. And if we change the way you’re thinking about it, you’re not going to feel deprived anymore. So it’s just a great tool to have in your tool belt. And then, of course, to use for yourself in your business, the way that you’re thinking about your business is going to, of course, generate results, good or bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
And we can, we were thinking about it to get the different results that we want. Yeah. And even, you know, the way that I think about my clients, or my offer, or finances, or whatever, it all creates these emotions and actions or the lack of action. And yeah, it’s brilliant. So I’ve learned so much through TPN. And I’m so very thankful that I, you know, bit the bullet and made the investment, and it has been well worth it. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
a lot more people do it. Because well, when this comes out, we enrollment is open very soon after this episode comes out. So for everyone listening December 7 to the 14th, come on in. We have actually I have some announcements I’m very excited about that I’m being mysterious about in regards to this enrollment. But I will say we are doing the 3k in 30 days challenge in January inside the program, which you’ve done before Chari. So everybody like that is public. I will say this right now, when you come in TPN. In December, you get to be part of the 3k in 30 Days Challenge, which is really fun. Yeah. It’s very challenging. For 30 days.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. It is we get into those inner corners of your brain and into those thoughts that you are thinking about yourself and your business and your clients and your time and all of those things. That’s what we do in the challenge. So good. Yeah. Yeah. You know what, I just want to say one more thing. What attracted me to you, Andrea, was that you’re very real.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
Thank you. I have been on business coaching, and webinars and other things with a lot of different business coaches. And we’re not like coaches, necessarily, but business people trying to hock you their wares. And I felt from the beginning that you were just real, like, you’re like, Okay, this is stuff I know, I want you to know it too. And I’m gonna give you everything I have. And even that is the business model. It’s a very simple business model. Yeah, just have everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
By now, I mean, even as you’re growing your business, you’re teaching us all of these things about, okay. Now, how do you scale your business? And how do you

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
begin taking on employees and, and having all this other stuff? And at first, I thought I would never have an employee. And I’m like, No, I want to hire somebody to do the stuff I don’t want to do. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I received that. Thank you. It is, it is so fun to be able to, to show the application of all of this stuff in real time, too. And like, Okay, here’s where I made a decision took Imperfect Action evaluated it. And I’m not going to get into doing that, or I am doubling down here, I guess. Yeah, I like to be very open about what that looks like. I think it’s a great conversation starter. But also, I just think it’s so helpful to see other examples of other businesses or other I don’t even know what I’m trying to say, or if this is going to come out, right. But what I am wanting to convey is that you could see kind of, like you said, with group coaching before when you can get coached by watching someone else, like I want to be that too. I want to show Okay, here’s another example of what is going on in your business. This is what is going on in mind, maybe at a different level, maybe not. But I just think like seeing lots of different examples and being able to put yourself in situations and and kind of coach yourself through them. Even if it’s not you get into coaching is always valuable. Yep. Oh, and all the different,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
like bonus courses that you’ve done. Those are brilliant two, I haven’t watched most of them. But that’s a works

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
on my to do list. It is a very comprehensive program. So for anyone looking at coming in and getting into TPN, you absolutely should. Because you have lifetime access to all these resources. So there is a lot there’s live coaching. Every week, you learn the model, you go through the repeatable revenue process, which is like what to do at this stage of your business what to do after you’ve made this amount of money and it’s very step by step. But also you have these bonus courses that car is talking about. So since you teed that up beautifully, I will just do a little sales pitch. So there’s a lot of information in there setting up time management systems. There is how to run a high converting sales console call if you don’t know how to run a sales console call. There is website in a weekend if you do not have a website or your website is not converting how to do that how to start sending emails writing compelling copy to your easiest clients trying to figure out what kind of clients you want to work with in the first place then how to speak to them and I’m probably forgetting a bunch of things. Oh, easy. Outsourcing is another bonus course we have how to start hiring contractors to do the tech stuff that makes you just want to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
fry and how to really inexpensively outsource that kind of stuff. You you talked about that a little bit ago too. So there’s lots of resources in the program. It’s not the kind of program where you come in and you work start to finish through all of it. There’s just so many hours, you could never do that anyway. And I would never want you to you take the nugget that you need, you go implement it, you go make money, and you’ll come back to the next step. It’s, you have lifetime access for this exact reason, because you’re going to need to come back and revisit depending on the stage that your business is at. So I kind of love sorry that you shared that you haven’t gone through everything in the program. You’ve been in there for a year and a half. You haven’t gone through everything you haven’t needed to. That’s the whole point. No, I’ve taken the nuggets that I needed. And there’s like a boatload of information that I want to go through. But yeah, I just, I mean, I haven’t finished working through the workbook yet even. So great. Yeah, there. There really is. There’s a ton of information. And I appreciated that the very beginning. You said you don’t need to work through it. All right now, take what you need. That’s all Yeah, at the end of every video, I’m like, Okay, now here’s what you’re gonna do it, you’re not gonna go on to the next video, I’ll tell you this thing, because I am totally guilty of that of wanting to learn, I’ll learn everything work ahead. And it’s just not like, this isn’t that kind of a program because there’s just so much stuff in there, you would be a full time student, and I want you to go make the money, work with the people get the data and then keep working through as you need the next, like the next dose, then you come back. It’s like an all you can eat buffet, I think I always use this example. You’re not supposed to eat everything on the all you can eat buffet. That’s the most you’re supposed to go take what you want here, and then you can come back later. And don’t fill up your plate so much that you’re going to feel like your throw up later.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
Don’t do that? Yes, exactly. Don’t try to eat your whole plate. No, don’t do that. Oh, my goodness, this was so helpful. I think for a lot of people to just listen to what is it like especially well, what is it like to work through the start of your business, or really any stage of your business where you feel like your health is going backwards. So I’m glad that we had to talk about this a little bit and hear your story. Because it is a concern for a lot of people like I don’t want to take on too much and have my health go backwards. And the truth is, I think and I I kind of feel like this is what you were saying. You can protect your health, you can move slower in your business, if you need to, you’re the boss, but also you know how to get your health on track. And you can trust yourself to be resourceful and to utilize the resources that you have when you need to. And we do know, like, same thing with our clients, their health isn’t going to only be a graph that just goes up and they never have any setbacks and they feel better each day than they did the day before forever. It’s that’s probably not realistic, either. So giving yourself the same grace that you would give to your clients if they were having a setback in their health. Give that to do yourself in your business journey, too. Yeah. And you’re probably not going to be the be all end all for them for every little issue that they have. Like they’re going to need other practitioners too. So yeah, that’s such a great reminder. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast this week. This is amazing. Thank you so much for having me. Oh, and I almost always forget to do this SAP? Where do people find you? You don’t have a website? How do people find you? That’s a great question. I have my phone and my email.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
We’re not gonna give either of those out on the podcast. Here’s what I was saying. If you want to connect with car, you got to come into the profitable nutritionist program. That’s what you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
have on it and find her in the lounge. That’s it. Yeah, I don’t think we should go out your phone number on the on the podcast. Let’s definitely not do that. I technically have a business page on Facebook. I don’t use it a whole lot. Because I just don’t love being on social media much. But if people really are desperate to get a hold of me. You can go to a place Facebook and it’s flourishing free. I think we’ll link it up in the description of this episode. If you want to find it. We’ll have a link there. Okay. Okay, fantastic. Thank you again, Carrie. This was so good. Thank you

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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