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80. Current Podcast and Book List

Reading great books and listening to interesting podcasts is one of Andrea’s favorite ways to learn and relax.

Candidly, that’s why she’s also writing a book and has created a podcast!

Andrea’s favorite podcasts and books have all come from personal recommendations, which is why she wanted to create an episode for you with exactly what’s currently in her podcast feed and bookshelf, both personally and business-wise.

If you’re in need of some new podcasts to check out or new books to read, this list could be a great place for you to start.



Okay, so are you a reader? Or a podcast? Listener? Obviously, that’s a trick question. You are a podcast listener.

But if you are a reader, this episode is for you as well. I’ve been getting lots of questions recently about what my podcasts are on my podcast feed, and what books I’m reading. So I thought it’d be fun to pull a few off the top of my head off the top of my shelf and share them with you. Because as I looked at this list, I just like literally pulled from, oh, what are the what are the books I recommend all the time? What are the podcasts that people ask me about that I recommend all the time. So those are the things I’m gonna tell you about today. For sure, not an exhaustive list. Of course, I’m forgetting tons and tons of my favorite books, in particular, I’m sure. And with podcasts, it’s kind of cyclical for me, like I get really into something that I forget about it for a while, then I come back to it. So I’m sure there’s a ton of forgetting. But I think every single one of these, as I’m glancing through the list was a personal recommendation from someone, either that I know through business or that I know personally in my life, obviously, personal recommendation, but somebody told me, I should read these books, or listen to these podcasts. And that’s how I ended up listening to and reading them. So I thought, how fun would it be to share with you since people have been asking me anyway, what some of my favorites are, and give you some ideas, if you need some new reads, or some new podcasts in your feed as well. As you’re about to see, it’s kind of cool. There are some definite themes. Maybe it’s just cool to me, I don’t know, as I was compiling this list, I realized, oh, I have some different interests in the personal list and in the business list, and they overlap quite a bit. So there are zero health health podcasts that I’m going to share that may or may not surprise you what I know, I know. There was a time when I listened to a lot of health and wellness podcasts. And I wanted to know all of the things and I wanted to know all of the tools and the tips and the latest research and I wanted to know all of it. But like I said, and I think that this is probably true for everyone, for sure it’s for me, these things are cyclical. And maybe I’m going to get back into a cycle of plugging back into health resources at some point. But right now, definitely not something that I’m pursuing or interested in listening to podcasts. So also, I want to say and you if you heard my recent podcast episode, I think it was my last episode where I talked about turning 40 I am being quite selective about the inputs in my brain, meaning the things I listen to the things I watch the people around me the things I spend my time on all of that. And for me, that means a lot less podcast, and that’s kind of cyclical, too. Sometimes I’m in a season of really plugging in and wanting to hear all the things or maybe I’m in the car lab. Maybe I’m No, I was gonna say maybe I’m listening more on workouts, but I’m going to tell you I have really, this has been for the last couple years but diligently I would say for the last year, I have prioritized going on boredom walks, instead of listening to podcasts, when I go for a walk or a run I have made myself not do that not listen to music, not listen to podcasts not have any, any inputs whatsoever, and just have quiet I call them boredom walks like I’m going on a boredom walk family CLE

which really sets the tone for a great walk, right? No, but it actually is it’s a fantastic way to clear my mind. And I have all sorts of great insights much like when you’re in the shower, and not distracted by anything else. That’s where we have our best ideas that’s I also have great ideas on my boardwalks. So I’ve been trying not to listen to podcasts intentionally when I’m walking or running. And that means I’m listening to this podcast right now. I’m also selective about which ones I’m listening to. So I’m going to tell you all about what I do listen to when when you catch me listening to a podcast, what am I actually tuning into, but there are no health podcasts kind of crazy. I know. It’s for sure a reflection of my current interest and constraining my inputs that is for sure. Now, truth be told I read a lot. So I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite books. And I do even listen to some audiobooks. But I haven’t been listening to many audiobooks for the same reason that I haven’t been listening to many podcasts. And I actually have been reading a little bit less recently than usual. But I am getting back into the swing of things because I am prioritizing per my this is what I’m looking forward to when I’m 40 podcast last week, like I said, if you happen to hear I’m prioritizing reading fiction books. And I have definitely found myself over the last six months or so. Being in a very focused state. My attention has been very focused, I’ve had been working, thinking about work thinking about creating new things for my students, and new things that we’ve rolled out in our programs, marketing stuff, lots of work focus things and I love that like it’s truly a I was gonna say a passion but that feels so generic. It’s like something that’s really interesting to me and fascinates me to think about business strategy. So it’s not work necessarily for me to do that. Although I have been applying it to my work, but it is interesting to me. I like reading business books I like

Thinking about business strategy. I like listening to people’s business origin stories. I like hearing the mistakes that they made and hearing how they overcame it and different business models like, I don’t know, one book that I didn’t talk about on here. But I will tell you is a great example of this. It’s called Little Black stretchy pants. And it is the story of Lululemon and the founder of Lululemon. And it’s just fascinating, I must say, highly recommend.

If you’re into business, like business stories, like I am, and you geek out about that. Now, if you aren’t for sure, don’t read that, because you’re gonna find it very boring, but I thought it was fantastic. I’m just kind of like a great story. Anyway, I digress, what I want to tell you about is that I have found now, now that I’ve made this list I have found that I really should have been in the military. Let’s just start there. I really should have been. A lot of the resources that I tend to gravitate towards are extremely diligent with literally and figuratively and very masculine and very murdery.

Okay, so let’s just dive into it. Here is what is on my podcast feed personally. These are not business podcasts. This is like personal podcasts. There are two personal podcasts that aren’t business related that I find myself listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and the Jocko podcast now everyone on the planet, I’m pretty sure is familiar with Joe Rogan. But if you aren’t, he brings on various types of celebrities and influencers is influencers the right word, I’m not really sure authority figures, let’s go with authority figures in lots of different arenas, lots of different specialties. He has scientists, he has comedians. He has political analysts, just celebrities, I don’t know all sorts of different interviewees. And he usually has about a three hour conversation with anybody that’s on the podcast never know what direction it’s going to go. And it’s totally unscripted. And I find it to be very interesting. So for me, the Joe Rogan podcast is my go to if I’m going to be listening to something just for pure entertainment, if I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’m gonna tune into a podcast, I’m going to listen to Joe Rogan. But like I said, these are three hour long episodes, and he produces a lot of them. There’s 1000s of these episodes. So I am lucky in the fact that I can employ my husband and my best friend Katie to tell me what their favorite episodes are, and I just filtered to the best ones. So we have a group text thread that we have together where they when they listen to a good one they’ll put on there. Okay, Andrea, listen to this. Okay, listen to number blabbity blah, it was great. I think you’d like it. And so then I just cherry pick those now. Brigham Buehler when I was thinking about this, I was like, I wanted to talk about one Joe Rogan podcast that I tend to refer a lot and there is one in particular that stands out Brigham Buehler. It’s episode 1873. I looked it up. It is a great story of this functional and regenerative Care Clinic. It’s called Ways to well, and he interviewed the founder that that’s who bring in Buehler is who came from pharmaceutical sales and as a big pharma drug rep. And he has a fascinating story about how he ended up in that industry and what that industry was like behind the scenes, and how it led to him creating a different cash model for preventative care and for supplying a lot of treatments that are not FDA approved. Fantastic, fantastic episode. That was one that they were like, you gotta go listen to this one. So I listened to it. This was last fall, I think at some point. And fun fact, I sent this episode immediately to my dad, I think this was in October of 2022. Sent that episode to my dad immediately, also Joe Rogan fan, he said This gotta be at the top of your list. This was a dandy, and he afterwards he called me he’s like, Oh my gosh, we got to figure out how to get into that Clinic. My dad has had three knee replacement surgeries. Yes, I realized that a person only has two knees is that one of them replaced twice. And he still has a lot of residual knee pain and inflammation around his knees. He’s like if there’s a way that I could go get stem cells at ways to well, we got to do it. So we made an appointment at this way’s to all clinic all coming from stemming all puns intended from this episode, which was fascinating. And he recently got it was like a four month wait, I mean, it was a he. They’re massively busy, especially after this episode aired. And he was able to actually get in that clinic and he had some really cool alternate therapy and has had amazing results. And so just a little, little plug there. Fun fact. Ways to well, Episode 1873 With brigand Bueller, if you’re interested in such things, but I do listen to lots of different Joe Rogan guests. One of his really good friends, a fellow comedian named Tim Dylan was one of my favorites. If you are easily offended, I would not recommend listening to any of Tim Dylan’s episodes, but I find him to be so hilarious. He just he’s wildly inappropriate and just tickles my fun

Annie Vaughn and I listened to every Tim Dolan episode for sure. So I wait for my husband or Katie to tell me Tim was on you gotta go then I go listen to it. And actually I’m going to go see him live in a few days just happens to be in our area and I’m really excited about it because I’m a dork like that. Anyway, personal podcast Joe Rogan. And Jocko who was Jocko Jocko willing is going to come up in this list several times I’m very big jackal fan. He is a leadership consultant and former Navy SEAL. And I mean, I think more than that he was like a Navy SEAL trainer, super military strategist and has taken what he learned in the military, what he taught in the military and the strategies that he employed in the military and has turned them into business leadership trainings, and the intersection between military and business and just excelling in life. I think he has a really interesting take on it. And I love to hear his thoughts. Like I just think he’s kind of brilliant. And the Jocko podcast that’s another one I listen to personally, although I will say that I think that could bleed over into the business category as well, because I apply a lot of the things that he talks about to business, but I think it just being a better human in general being more disciplined his tagline is discipline equals freedom. And I think that that applies to lots of areas of our life being disciplined, in various ways equals freedom in various areas. So I love listening to the Jocko podcast he liked Joe Rogan. And actually, they’re friends and they go on each other’s podcasts, often, he has very long episodes, like two to three hours long. And so I’m selective about which ones I listen to. But I don’t know, if you’re into that sort of thing. He does a lot of interviews with fellow military leaders, they talk. I mean, just lots of different interests. You never know where the episodes gonna go. That’s what I like about it. So those are my two, go to personal podcasts and my podcast feed. And by the way, all of the podcasts and books that I’m gonna talk about today will be linked up in the show notes for this episode. So if you are interested in any of these, we’ll link them up for you. Okay, so personal. It’s a shortlist of podcasts, books, also kind of a short list, I find that I wanted to have this really long list of books for you. And then I was like, oh, turns out, I have very specific tastes in books, and I didn’t really have too much to report to you. I read a very long series of books like books that have 20 in a series and I’ll tell you about some of those. So the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. And recently the Scott Horvath series by Brad Thor are some that I meant to these are all like long running series on CIA covert war clandestine operation type things like who done it in a military sensitive things. Is that a good way to explain it? I’m not really sure what the exact genres other than I like fast action twists and turns, thriller type books that involve like I don’t really care for like personal murder things, but I like like, murder on the world stage. I like to go big. Okay. I really like to read books about worldwide espionage and what have you. So Jack Reacher excellent series highly recommend. Mitch Rapp is although my very favorite Mitch Rapp is just a real bad dude. He’s you don’t want Mitch being mad at you, nor nor do you want Scott Horvath, which is the other series I just told you about. Jack car car has a good series as well. I think he’s on book four or five right now. And he’s also a former Navy SEAL. I actually heard him on Joe Rogan. Maybe it was Jocko. Maybe it was both, I’m not sure. But he has military background and started as after he retired, he started writing he always wanted to be a novelist. And so he writes about it like his character is a former Navy SEAL that gets into lots of predicaments. That’s a great series as well. So clearly, I have a pattern here. I like I’m very interested in my military stuff, I guess, I don’t know. Fast Action. That’s that’s how I like to zone out. Maybe it’s not the best thing to read right before you go to bed like I do everybody like to saddle up with my Kindle in my bed. Before I go to sleep. It usually takes about three pages and then just like Pavlov’s dogs, my bodies, my eyes just shut and the Kindle falls right on my face, and then it’s time for bed. So I think that my body is well conditioned to know that as soon as we turn on the Kindle in bed at night, it’s bedtime. It’s like a lullaby to me, but at any rate, that’s what I read before I go to bed. Here are a few other personal books that have been very transformative to me especially recently, breaking the habit of being yourself and becoming supernatural by Joe Dispenza. Those are two separate books they’re by Joe does

Benza, I did an episode recently actually, I’m gonna find out what episode this was. So I can tell you the number it was episode 72, which was in regards to me attending a Joe Dispenza week long advanced retreat in Cancun. And the way that I found myself at the Joe Dispenza advanced meditation retreat is because I read his book breaking the habit of being yourself. And that kind of took me down the Joe Dispenza rabbit hole, which was a beautiful place to be and still is beautiful place to be. But I did an entire episode about my Joe Dispenza journey. So if you can go back and listen to that, I’m not going to take you on the same diatribe again. But I will say that I love both of those books, breaking the habit of being yourself. I listen to on audiobook and becoming supernatural. I have the hard copy of actually I have the hard copy of both of them. They’re fantastic about specifically the kind of deep, I would say almost self hypnosis type meditation that Joe Dispenza is renowned for, and why it’s amazing and what like what it actually is doing to your body, how it’s resetting the brain, the brainwaves, all the things. So if you are kind of into the sciency aspect of meditation or brain body connection, highly, highly recommend breaking the habit of being yourself and becoming supernatural. Those are I’ve been recommending a lot lately, so they had to make it on the list. Now let me take you. Well, okay, I see I have these outlined but now I’m I’m going in a different order. I’m going rogue as usual.

All right. One book that I read in the last six months that was incredible that I have found myself recommending to a lot of people is called Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill is the author of thinking grow rich. So if that’s a familiar name, that’s probably how you know it. You’ve probably heard of that book, also amazing, highly recommend. And I’ve listened to Outwitting the Devil on audiobook, I actually listened to it while I was refinishing some furniture. And that was great. Love it. So I would recommend the audiobook because I have I mean experience with that the reason it was great was because the book is a conversation between a man and the devil. And it’s narrower. So it’s narrated between two people. And I feel like it’s easy to listen to it. Because there’s two voices, there’s two people talking, I feel like it was very easy listening, it was great way to understand it. And also, here’s a really cool thing about this book. It was never published. He wrote it in 1936. And they tell you all this in the audio book, they tell you that kind of at the beginning, they tell you the history of how this book came to be. So Napoleon Hill wrote it in 1936. And then he had people around him read it, and he thought it was too provocative, and that the world was not ready for this book. So he didn’t publish it. And then he died. And his wife had the manuscript, and she read it. And she thought, oh, my gosh, this is way too provocative. The world is not ready for this. This is too it’s too extra. We can’t We can’t do it. So she didn’t publish it. So it actually wasn’t published until I think like 2012 2013, something like that. And recently, actually, and that was from the Napoleon Hill Foundation finally published it. And the concepts that he’s talking about the the problems with society that he’s talking about in this book from 1936 will blow your mind because it is so pertinent to, in my opinion, the world right now. Highly, highly recommend this book. Again, it’s called Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill, very thought provoking and well written and intriguing and interesting and very different. So there we go, Outwitting the Devil highly recommend.

Now, let me take you on a journey with Jocko again, I’ve already given my plug for Jaco willing I, that’s the Jocko podcast that I already talked about. But he has several books that are also worth investing in. If you are a reader. They’re very different. Here are my three favorites. He has several books, actually, he has authored several books, but here are my three favorites. Extreme Ownership, which is this is actually even one of the values in my company is someone that takes like as a value in the company, we take radical ownership and are internally motivated. So to me, and I base this off of a lot of what I read in this book, and the concepts that I’ve kind of internalized since then, taking radical ownership means not passing the buck. It means looking at every situation and finding how you can take responsibility and learn from it for next time. Even if it’s not readily apparent how it is your responsibility. How can you take responsibility? How can you own it? And how can you never, ever say it’s not my fault. Basically, this is also something that we have embodied in our household and I’ll talk about that as well because I think that this is an excellent book for every parent to read. So okay, Extreme Ownership here is by jakka willing and leave my I can’t remember. No, it’s not leave it’s leaf leaf who, anyway, they co authored this book together. It doesn’t matter. It’s called Extreme Ownership and it takes a lot of the left

Since like very specific battles and military objectives that they had, like real combat situations that he was in, or he was leading men in, and then how so he like tells the story of those which are fascinating. And then he talks about how those concepts and what they learned. And usually it’s from big mistakes that were made, like what they learned and how they can apply that to business now, and to personal development now and how they teach people to lead companies based on what they learned in these combat situations. It’s like really an interesting book. And obviously, as someone who finds military strategy to be personally interesting, I really like Extreme Ownership highly, highly recommend. Another book of Jocko is this was actually the first Jocko book I ever read. It was called discipline equals freedom. Love this book, it’s very different than a normal like book that you would read cover to cover. This is more of a coffee table book, I think, is that true? I mean, it’s not. There’s no pictures. I don’t know if it’s coffee table book. But here’s what it is. He calls it a field manual, meaning you can just open it up to any page. And there’s just lessons to be learned. You could just open it up, read that page and be set for the day. Lots of strategies like mindsets of tons of mindset strategies, tons of good nuggets on health and staying disciplined. I mean, the name of the book is called discipline equals freedom. Why is it important to be disciplined? Why is it important to follow through and to not give up on yourself all of the mindset around that? And I just think it is really, I don’t know. I like all of the concepts in the book I really liked Jocko. So I liked the book anyway. But I also think it’s a really interesting format for how the book is written. Because it isn’t something that you need to read an order or you or that builds on each other. Anyway, if you ever get this book, you’ll see what I mean, I highly recommend discipline equals freedom. And if I ever get another tattoo, it’ll probably be discipline equals freedom, somewhere, I’m not actually going to get that tattooed on my body. But if I did, if I was I would. Did that make sense? If I did,

any way, okay? So Jocko has a lot to say about habits, and about looking at your goals, and then working backwards on establishing what habits are going to get you towards your goals. Obviously, that’s a huge component of what he teaches personal development wise business leadership wise, I mean, combat training wise, probably just, just everything he does is pretty dialed on that concept. And so he wrote a kid book series, called The Way of the Warrior kid. And this is three books. And then another field manual, they called the field manual at the end. So for an all in when we were traveling with our kids in 2010, this would have been in 2020, or early 2021. I don’t know when we actually did this. But we were spending a lot of time in the truck, pulling our RV around and moving from spot to spot as we were traveling the country. And so I got the audiobooks of these. And I just forced my kids to listen to them. As a family, we listen to these books, because bombs into it, and has a captive audience. They couldn’t say no. So we listened to all of these books while we were on the road. And they’re mazing highly recommend. This is great listening for when you’re in the car with your kids, I would say probably younger kids, this would be better for it. The premise of the story is a kid named Mark. And he I think, is in third or fourth grade. And he’s kind of scrawny, and he’s like not getting picked for sports and gym. And he feels like he doesn’t have very many friends. And he’s just kind of like down on feeling weak, and I don’t know without purpose in general. And then his uncle comes back for the summer from the military in his uncle kind of takes him under his wing and teaches him a lot of things that he learned in the military so that he started school in the fall in fourth grade, I think it’s maybe fourth grade, he starts in the fall. And he can do a pull up. And he’s been getting up early all summer. And he’s been he’s, he’s like had some social situations that he really killed it. And it’s feeling really good about himself. And it’s like the story of this kid that learned some really valuable lessons. And it’s great. So it talks a lot about healthy food foods and making strong foods that don’t just in general, I thought it was very worthwhile family listening, Kid listening was super good. And I find myself recommending that book a lot. So the way of the warrior kid, it’s a series, there’s four books, and that’s by Jocko willing, highly, highly recommend. I think like, this is just how we talk in our family after and if you’re a better listener of this podcast for any length of time, it will not surprise you. I go big when I’m into something I’m very, very into something my 13 year old calls this my phases. She’s like, Oh, mom has a phase again. Oh, that’s mom’s new phase. So we had a way of the warrior kid phase for sure. Where we were making lists about like, the traits of a warrior kid. And what time does worry what time do warrior kids get up in the morning?

What kind of chores do what are your kids do? How do you or your kids talk to their parents? How do they not talk to their

Parents, and there was a flip chart involved. And both kids had to we had like family meetings on this, I’m dying, laughing, remembering. Anyway, they had to make lots of bullet points was a lively discussion, like a boardroom type discussion about the traits of a warrior kid in our family. And so that was a face, I’m going to have to now that

now that I’m recounting this to you, after I stopped recording this, I’m gonna have to go tell Chloe that I just remembered another phase. And we’ll talk about this. And she’ll giggle because for sure was a phase. But though it may be a phase, this is something that we do talk about still in our family. And there are things that we got from that series that we all listen to together, that we have built on. And just like, I mean, it just has become common vernacular in our house and the way that we talked about things, such as taking 100% responsibility. And that’s something we talked about a lot. So that came from that book. Okay, have I given you enough of a sales pitch for Jocko and all of his things yet, hopefully, I have discipline equals freedom, Extreme Ownership, the way of the warrior Kid series, highly, highly recommend he has other books too. And but those are the three that really stuck out to me. Okay, lastly, I am currently reading a book called die with zero, which is really kind of just confirmation bias of what I already believe. And that’s that I want to enjoy and use our money with our kids right now, instead of scrimping and saving for someday. And then when we’re older, and they’re not here anymore, and then we have excessive amounts of funds and are like now how do we use this. So I don’t know, it’s really a great, I find it to be a great read. And I’ve been referring it to a lot of people lately. Like I said, it’s called die with zero. It is about intentionally spending your money when you’re at the age where you can enjoy it. So going on adventures now. Because when you’re 90, you probably aren’t going to be able to do the same things. So being intentional about how and when you spend your funds. I’ve I’m just finding it to be a good read. But this is kind of what I already believed anyway. So it’s totally confirmation bias to me if I’m being honest, but a good read highly recommend, it’s, it’s taking most financial advice that you’ve ever heard and turning it on its head. And I kind of like that change of perspective. So I’m into it. Alright, that’s it. For right now, at the top of my personal podcast and book list, I’m gonna transition into business podcasts and business book list, which I will be totally honest, is where I spend most of my time because it is like a hobby and, and my career at the same time, it feels like kind of cheating, like I get to do a little bit of personal you know, personal interest and also use it for the good of my business out same time kind of feels like double dipping, cheating a little bit. So here are my top two current business podcasts, The Life Coach School podcast with Brooke Castillo, I have actually been listening to this podcast for years. It is what prompted me to get certified with the Life Coach School in 2020. I think I have talked quite a bit about that on this podcast as well. But I found this podcast, my gosh, maybe 2017, or there abouts, and started listening to Brooke and becoming familiar with mindset strategies and self coaching. Long before I decided to do the Life Coach School certification. I always knew I was going to get certified. I just I think I’ve talked about this before it was like this thing in the future. And then one day I realized no, this right now what am I waiting for? I could use this with my clients right now I could use this in my life right now. So I got certified with the Life Coach School in 2020. All from the podcast, like the things I was learning on the podcast, were so transformative. And were helping me so much that I knew that I needed to take those tools into my business coaching practice so I could better support my clients. And the rest is history. So I still listen to the Life Coach School podcast, highly recommend the other podcast that I’m not sure if I ever have talked about this one before. But I’ve been listening to this podcast for well over a year. And I think that this is my go to if I am going to be honest, when I turn on, like if I get in a car, and I have a half an hour in the car, and I’m gonna turn on a podcast, there’s a 90% chance I’m gonna go to this one and find the most recent episode and listen to it, which is the game with Alex Hermoza H O R M Ozi. And it’s called the game. And business is the game that he’s talking about. So this is business strategy podcast. It is very in alignment with my beliefs about business, but it’s spoken differently, very, very differently. Alex Hermoza is very different than me. And his perspective is of someone that now invests in businesses. So he has grown several companies to 10s of millions of dollars and then sold them. He has a net worth of I think, approaching $200 million or something like that at this point from sales of his companies. And he now and his wife together jointly invest in a

their businesses. So they on the podcast, and she has her own podcast too. But on his podcast, he talks about how they now are investing in businesses, what they look for the mistakes that they made along the way. And what they what they’re doing differently. Now, it’s really, really interesting because they’ve been in several different industries, coaching, software, physical products, they’ve done a lot of different things. And so he can talk about different concepts from the standpoint of different business models. And I find that to be really interesting. Also, it’s really cool to hear someone talk about the perspective of millions and billions of dollars. And just thinking that big or hearing someone so casually talk about numbers that big is really pushing my self concept and my, I don’t know, like my ideas, I guess, in a really good way. So my favorite episode, and I find that I have referred this episode to many, many, many people, including in the profitable, nutritious program. I sent this out, and I was like, everybody, listen to this episode immediately. It’s episode 490. From January 23 2023. It’s called billionaire recession advice. sell to the rich, and it is a fantastic episode. Again, this is the game podcast with Alex Rosie, Episode 490. From January 23 2023, billionaire recession advice sell to the rich and it is a fantastic plug for why to have a premium offer and to solve rich people problems. And if anything, I just said there was triggering to you and irritated you, then for sure go listen to this episode, I bet it’s going to be very different than what you think is going to be taught on that episode. I’m just going to leave it at that. So highly recommend the game with Alex Hermoza. And at any point, when we talk, we can rehash all of his episodes because I listen to all of them that is for sure my go to at this moment. So now we’re going to transition into books, business strategy books. 100 million dollar offers by Alex Hermoza is the first one on the list. So I actually found this book was referred to me first before I knew that Alex had a podcast. And I read 100 million dollar offers loved it. And actually 100 million dollar offers is now required reading for all of my students inside the mastermind. Before we start the mastermind, they have to read 100 million dollar offers and we discuss the creating like, actually I have this book literally sitting on my desk, I’m gonna read it to you. Here’s the tagline 100 million dollar offers how to make offers. So good people feel stupid saying no. That is the book. And we talk about how to make their offers so good that people feel stupid saying no, there are a few things in the book that I like kind of aren’t my favorite strategies, especially when he talks about urgency and scarcity of offers creating an offer. So I’m not like hook line and sinker. Yes, every single thing in here is exactly what I would do. However, I do think that it is a fantastic book. So if you’re listening to this podcast, and you have a business, and I’m pretty sure that you do if you’re listening to this podcast, I would go into your Amazon app right now and order 100 million dollar offers. And it’s a really, it’s a quick read, it’s an easy book, very easy read, get the hardcopy version of it so that you can take a lot of notes because you’re going to want to go back and forth and take notes on this one and read it you’re gonna have fantastic fantastic ideas about exactly how to create your offer which is the collection of deliverables that you give to your clients because it isn’t just one thing that you’re selling to people you’re not just sending selling them testing you’re not just selling them weekly coaching calls or check ins bi monthly or a package of four calls they don’t know why they need that that’s not an offer we’re going to learn in 100 million dollar offers is exactly how to create an offer the people that so good that people feel stupid saying no and we talk about this obviously in the profitable nutritionist maybe not obviously I should say this is something we also talk quite a bit about in both of my programs in the profitable nutritionist and in the mastermind because it really is the key to a successful business for you is having an offer that people want to buy so this is a go to business book I talked about it a lot I for sure knew I had to include on this list the two required reading items that are for the mastermind so the second one after how to after 100 million dollar offers is profit first Have you heard of Profit First Profit First has been around for quite a while. It’s by Mike oh gosh, I should Mike’s really hard to pronounce last name. I’m not even going to try just Profit First you’re gonna see Mike is the author with a really hard to pronounce last name. That is the book that you want. Private First is basically how to allocate funds in your business so that you make sure you are paying yourself first and foremost that your taxes are paid and you know exactly how much you have to reinvest back into growing your business that be that hiring people marketing’s

strategies, etc. And this is how I have been running my business for years. This is how I recommend if you don’t already have a profit strategy that you adopt this one, I think it’s great. Most of the most successful entrepreneurs I know, have modeled their cash allocation, their revenue allocation from this model. So it’s very easy to understand highly recommend Profit First, this is the boring stuff that we have to do. As business owners, we have to figure out where’s our money going? Where do we want it to go? And how do we make sure that we are paying ourselves first. So very, very important considerations? I highly recommend profit first. And then I had two other books on this list that I thought I should include because I have been recommending these as well. They’re both by Russell Brunson, who is a very well known internet marketing guy. He owns Click Funnels. If you know the software, click funnels that was created by Russell Brunson, and he has built a lot of marketing funnels. He has a software that makes funnels, he lives and breathes funnels. One of those funnels that has been the best for his business is a webinar funnel. And this book expert secrets again, this is all linked up in the show notes for you. But expert secrets by Russell Brunson is very specific book about his webinar funnel strategy. So if you do webinars, I highly recommend that you buy expert secrets. It is very, very juicy for running webinars. And then he has a follow up book called Traffic secrets. That is a marketing traffic strategy. Basically, for online businesses. No matter what kind of funnel you have, or no matter what kind of sales conversion mechanism you use traffic secrets is a really good book as well. And it just talks about the different types of traffic, how to know what to leverage and basically, spoiler he’s gonna say do one thing really well first, before you try to do all of the things which is very in alignment with what I teach as well. So expert secrets and traffic secrets, by Russell Brunson highly recommend. Now, this is actually a trilogy, the first book is called.com secrets. And I don’t think that that is going to be useful for you. If you are listening to this podcast, it’s probably because you’re a health and wellness entrepreneur, and you already know what it is that you sell, or how you want to work with your clients. And the.com secrets book is an introduction to different types of online businesses, for people that know that they want to have an online business, but they don’t know if they want to sell physical products, or if they want to sell coaching or if they want to have a software and I don’t think that that’s useful for you if you’re listening to this podcast. So I’m gonna tell you expert secrets and traffic secrets, highly recommend, especially expert secrets for webinars strategy, both by Russell Brunson. So that’s it, my friend. That’s what’s on my personal and business podcast and book list, top of mind, and current list right now, again, I’m sure that I could go on for hours with especially well, a lot of personal books that I’ve really liked. But especially business books that have been really transformative for me over the years, I could go through my Kindle, and I could go through my bookshelves and pull a ton. But I thought that this would be useful because these are what are on the top of my mind right now. This is what I’m referring right at this moment. And this is what I’m tuning into right now. So hopefully, your amazing list is now going to be full of ideas to add to your podcast feed or add to your Amazon list. Like I said, links to all these books and podcasts from this episode are linked up in the show notes page, you’re gonna find that in the description. And here’s what’s coming up. We’re switching gears for the next few episodes now that it’s officially q2, summer is coming fast as we know, I mean, I got eight inches of snow yesterday. So I

feel like summer is gonna be fast. But a lot of that has already melted in it actually is like 50 degrees outside now. So it’s feels like summer could be coming fast. Yay. For most of us. That means a lot more social outings, and vacations are on the calendar. Kids may or may not be home from school change of schedule in general that happens with the change of seasons and summertime. So time management and task prioritization for your business is about to become even more important than usual. And for that reason, we’re gonna be talking all about how to get your ducks in a row with your calendar and task management wise over the next month or so. So I have one tiny ask for you until then, if you haven’t already, please rate and review the podcast. I haven’t asked this in a while, but really it makes a huge difference. It takes about 30 seconds to leave a review, but please do because it helps the show get promoted organically on the various podcast platforms so that other health and wellness professionals can tune in and find it. Not only will it make my day and I do read every review, but it will for sure make someone else’s when they find the show and they didn’t even know it existed before. So with that, please please please leave a review and I will see you back here next week starting to shift gears into summertime.

Preparation have a wonderful wonderful week my friend

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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