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57. Book Reveal

My friend, I’m writing a book.

Which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

And I’ve been keeping it a secret.


For the same reason I see so many health and wellness professionals keep their businesses a secret. And I’m stopping it TODAY.

Let’s talk about it.


Andrea Nordling 0:00

My friend, I’m writing a book. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. And it just gave me so huge of a thrill to just even say those words, I’m writing a book. And I’ve been keeping it a secret. Why? Why have I been keeping it a secret? I honestly have no idea, I’m going to be really honest with you and say that this is not a podcast that I plan on recording, which is so silly when I think about it. And I’m going to talk all about that on this episode. But I guess I had this idea that I would just just state and birth this book, and then I would announce it and tell you about it, which is so dumb. You can see where this is going, right? I’m gonna relate this to your business. Because there are a lot of parallels here. And I’m finding myself being guilty of something that I coach people on all of the time in their business. Because so many people start their businesses just like I started this book by thinking that there really wasn’t anything to tell yet. I can look inside my thoughts and kind of be the observer of my brain here on this whole book creation process and my secrecy around it, and see that the reason I didn’t want to say anything about it was because I didn’t feel like I had enough specifics yet. Like there wasn’t enough to tell. I don’t know when it’s going to be ready. I don’t know the name of it yet. I think I do. But I’m not sure. So I felt like there weren’t enough specifics. Like there wasn’t really anything to tell yet. And so I haven’t talked about it at all. And I see people do this with their business all the time, I coach people on this all the time, have the idea that you’re gonna go or they’re gonna go, I’m gonna call you out. If you’ve ever thought this, maybe it’s a you’re gonna go and get a bunch of strangers on the internet as clients first and then you’ll decide that you have a viable business and talk about it with your personal circle and people that care. Have you had this thought? Or do you know someone that’s had this that I know many people that have had it, and in the beginning of my business, on some level, I kind of did the same thing? So I see you, if that’s, you know, I really really do get it because I could see that I was doing the exact same thing. When it comes to this book project. I’ve been asking myself why I’ve been really thinking about it. And like I said, I think it’s because of the lack of specifics. I don’t have the timeline for the publication. It just seemed premature to be talking about it. And here’s what happened. Here’s how this this came full circle and really slapped me in the face. I have been polishing up the teaching that I’m doing at the mastermind live in person event in a few weeks, all about selling so when you get this episode, the mastermind will have already happened. But right now when I’m recording it, I’m getting ready for everything that I’m going to be teaching to my mastermind students. They’re all flying in from all over and coming for. They’re coming on Monday and leaving on Friday. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we have three full days of teaching and masterminding and workshopping and strategizing and all of the business breakthroughs that are going to be happening. I’m structuring into my teachings and kind of curating the conversation and the coaching, that’s going to be happening. Of course, there’s lots of room for unexpected things to happen while we’re there as well. But I’m getting ready for all of the teaching, making sure that I have all my ducks in a row for everything that I want to cover that I don’t forget anything. And a lot of what we talked about in the mastermind is about selling. And then it clicked, oh my gosh, I need to be talking about and selling this book, even when it isn’t for sale yet. Just like I tell my mastermind students to do just like I do in the profitable nutritionist program, when it isn’t actually time to enroll like the doors aren’t actually open, you can enroll depending on how familiar you are with the way that we enroll into that program, there are three to four to five times a year, when you can enroll in the profitable Nutritionals program. And if the doors aren’t open, you can’t get in until the next time that it’s open. But I’m always selling the program, and just saying the dates of the next opening, so I’m always selling it, it just may not actually be open to get in yet. I tell my mastermind students to do the same thing. We work on their selling concept and getting more and more and more practice in selling and how we can get better at selling. Because, sidenote, we usually as business owners just don’t give ourselves enough opportunities to practice selling. It’s just something we need to practice a lot. So especially with a group program, or something that is only open to enroll in a few times a year or just not all the time. We can really undershoot the amount of times that we need to practice selling it until we really master the sales of that. Anyway, this part of what I teach in mastermind is part of what we talk a lot about in structuring their sales process and their offer and all that. So as I was polishing up all of my teachings for the mastermind, I’m like, oh my goodness, Andrea Nordling 4:35 I’m totally not practicing what I preach here. In terms of this book, I’m not selling it at all. Not even talking about it. I’m being a secret agent and being a secret author. And it was so clear to me as I was putting together the finishing touches on the sales strategy portion of the mastermind I just thought oh, this is so perfect. I have to do a podcast on this on how I’m being. I’ll seek about it, because I teach my students to oversell their next thing if their current one is not open yet, or oversell their waitlist, if they’re currently all booked with clients and keep selling, just keep on selling, but just sell the next thing, sell the next one on one opening that you have if it’s two months from now, even if it isn’t open right now, okay, overselling very, very important concept, which means I need to practice what I preach on this and I need to be over selling the book, I think of an I teach to my mastermind, students, when you’re when you’re thinking about selling, it’s like a volume dial and not an on and off switch. This has been so helpful for me to think about in my business, it’s a volume dial, sometimes we turn it up louder than other times, but it’s not an on off switch. We’re not either selling or not selling. No, as a business owner, you’re always selling. It’s just depending upon what your sales strategy is. It’s how loud that volume dial is going to be. Do you see what I’m saying? Alright, so it’s clearly needed to take my own coaching, and realize that it’s time to turn the switch on and then turn the volume dial up a little bit and tell you about this book, which actually, I’m really, really excited about. And it’s been taking a lot of my bandwidth, and it’s taken a lot of my attention. So how have I not been talking about this? I don’t know, it felt premature. But that’s probably just the perfect time to start talking about it for your business and for mine. Okay, so how does this whole book thing even work? Andrea Nordling 6:18 I’m so curious about the process myself. So I will be very open and honest with you that I am in the figuring out process right now. But here is why the book is happening now, which is kind of the first part of this question I want to answer. First of all, I have something to say. And I’ll explain what I mean about that in a second. But if you listen to my podcast episode a few weeks ago about how to know if you should record a podcast, a big portion of that, and I’ll go into more detail with this is do you actually have something to say? Have you said something enough times that you have a firm stance on it, you have opinions, you have concepts and philosophies that are yours, and that you own? Not as in, you’re the only person who’s ever said them, but like they’re yours? It’s your stance, you’ll put your flag in the sand on that? Do you have that? Do you have something to say I do. So writing a book makes sense for me from that point of view. Second of all, I am ready to focus on it as a priority. Right now, in my business, I think that this is a really important thing to think about when taking on any big project. A book, obviously, is a very big project. First of all, the writing of the book is a big project. But second of all, just learning how to do something that you’ve never done before, in this case, how to write and self publish and promote and sell a book Never done this before. So that is a really big undertaking. The actual writing of the book is one thing, but I think the logistics around figuring out how to publish and then sell and get the printed book into someone’s hot little hands. That is something I’ve never done before. So to make that a priority, and to learn this new skill set that is completely foreign to me, I wanted to make sure that I was going to have the space and the resources available to do it. Up till now I have not made that a priority. Again, I talked about this in the podcast episode. So I went into excruciating detail on kind of how to know if your business is ready to take on the creation of a new project like this like a podcast, or in this case, a book. Let me just get you up to speed you can certainly go listen to that episode. I think it’s Episode 55, for all of the specifics on that. But in a nutshell, for my business, I wanted to focus exclusively on marketing and sales and delivering to my clients up to $250,000 in annual revenue. So I track my gross revenue on a 12 month rolling basis. So I know in the last 12 months exactly how much money I’ve made, what my expenses were, what my profitability was, I track all of that, well, I have a bookkeeper that tracks all of it. And so it’s very easy for me to know at any given month where I am in a rolling 12 cycle. That makes sense. So I made the decision that I was going to focus exclusively on marketing and sales up to $250,000 in a 12 month period. And then when I felt like I was stable at that income level, then I was going to create the podcast. So that’s when the podcast was born. And that the creation of the podcast itself, and then the weekly creation of the podcast because for me, I release these podcast episodes every single week, you get them on Tuesdays. So the consistent creation of the podcast and the system for that production. And how that all works was something that I wanted to stabilize and perfect for in my business, which at this point I can say is a pretty well oiled machine. But in the beginning, that was an adjustment to figuring out how much time did I need to allocate to outlining episodes and figuring out what I was going to talk about and then recording them. And then how much time did my Podcast Producer need to get those episodes before she would have them edited and uploaded and making the show notes and transcripts. And there’s just a lot that goes into the production of a podcast. I had to figure out what did that actually look like? What was that process? Could we sustain it? What was going to be the best way to tweak it for the business and then Get to maintenance on that like kind of stabilize and go into maintenance mode, making sure nothing was falling through the cracks. And we were able to handle all of it. So doing the podcast and getting those systems in place stabilizing was the priority until 500k. Now, as we’ve surpassed 500k, and we’re stable at that gross revenue level, I have the resources both financially in the business, and mentally because we have a lot more systems in place, I have people that are helping me now I brought on a few team members that are doing some of the tasks that used to be me doing them now I have systems in place and processes and other people that are helping to do some of those things. So I have more bandwidth. And as a result, I am now at a point where I am able to allocate some of those financial and mental and time resources into writing the book. Third reason why the book is coming now is because in the long term in my business, I would like to be doing speaking engagements. Even though I cringe at even saying that didn’t right now it feels like a really scary, weird thing to do. But it’s going to happen, I can see that that’s where in terms of my business, like where that is going to be heading. And books are a great catalyst for getting speaking engagements for booking them. And also a good, Andrea Nordling 11:18 I don’t even know how to say this in a concise way. But people that talk on stages usually have books and people that have books tend to get invited to talk on stages. That’s what I want to say. So in that sense, it was already something that was on my radar as wanting to write a book or a couple books, it probably have a couple books coming, now is the time to do it. And I’m ready to be working on it. So here I am now publicly saying that a book is coming. Here’s why here’s why now, and in the future, it probably is going to mean that I’m going to be doing more public speaking, I want to throw up when I say that. Right now I look back at this episode. And remember that that made me extremely nauseous to say out loud, but I’m gonna get there. I don’t know why I can do a webinar for 1000 People like it is nothing that’s no big deal. But the thought of standing in front of a room of 150 people, for example, just makes me a sweaty mess just thinking about it. But I’m going to get there, that’s going to be my next hillclimb, it’s going to be a fun challenge in the future. All right, so taking on something like a book, I’m going to tell you what I know about it thus far, which is not a whole lot. I really just totally honest with you. But I am at the very, very beginning of this. But I do know that it can take a while and that there are a lot of moving parts. And that to write a book that is at the caliber that I would expect for mine to be at this may not be true for everyone. But for the kind of book I want to write. And for the quality of book that I want to write, I am going to need to have multiple rounds of editors coming in at there’s a technical editing, there’s like content editing, and there’s grammatical editing. And those are two separate people that do this job. So there’s one round of editing for the actual content, making sure that it flows in a certain way. And that it is logical for the reader and that the outline basically make sense as you read it and that it’s taking you on a journey that you get what you came for when you read the book. And then there’s also the proofreading like the grammatical stuff that are all the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted. And of course, all of the commas in the right place, that kind of thing. So logistically, that’s two different rounds of editing. And then there’s also formatting of the print book so that it gets printed correctly. And it looks the way that it’s supposed to on the page. And apparently that is quite the technical skill to format the book the way that I want it to look. And that it will also print in a way that makes sense. And then there’s ebooks, and there’s audiobooks. There’s so much going on here, which is really exciting. And I’m very, very amped up to get into this process and learn more about it. So I’m happy to share about that. But just so you know, it’s going to take some time. So I know this, I know that there is no rush right now, I am not in a rush to get it done quickly. I’m not in a rush to master this and move on. It’s kind of a fun project right now that is challenging me in a new way. And like I talked about in the previous episode on podcasting, I have taught myself and I really think this is important to reiterate is that I have really built trust with myself and taught myself that I can count on doing what I said I would do, which compounds over time. This is an entire podcast episode in and of itself, the compounding consistency of doing something over and over again. I said I was going to do something I did it. I followed through I got it done. I can trust myself, I can trust myself that I will write a Friday email every Friday, that email will go out I can trust myself. I’ve done it for years and years. I can trust myself. I can trust myself that I can produce a podcast every Tuesday, and that I have systems in place to do that and that I won’t bail on it. I won’t flake on it that every Tuesday you will get a new podcast episode. I have that trust with myself. There’s no rush for me to try to create something new from that place of knowing. Okay, I said I’m going to write a book. I just trust myself now. I’m going to figure it out. It might take a minute to figure it out. I am going to be a published author, and I’m going to have this asset that I’m able to sell so that for $15, someone’s entire business can change, which means their life can change, which means that they can impact hundreds and 1000s of people whose lives also can change. Because that’s what books do. Books are transformation for $15 that you hold in your hand, I love reading books, I love listening to books, I love reading books, I download all of the books, the library is my favorite place. I love books. Andrea Nordling 15:27 So all of those good thoughts about books are going to clearly helped me to write a great book just might take a little while. So I’m not in a hurry, I want to tell you that there is no timeline, I don’t know exactly when this is coming. My hope certainly is that it’s going to be next year that this book is available. But I’m not in a rush. This is really something that’s important. I want to reiterate this like five times throughout this episode there, meaning when the book is done, and I can check this off, my list isn’t better than here. And I say that again, there isn’t better than here. All of the reasons why there is exciting. And for you, you’re there might be your next 10 clients, your first six figure year, your first 500k your million dollar year, whatever that is, whatever the thing is that’s driving you that you’re going towards getting there isn’t actually better than right here. And whatever you’re going to believe about yourself, or you’re gonna believe about your business or emotions that you’re going to feel when you get there in big air quotes. You can just feel those now. And you can just think those things. Now. This is something that has taken me a while to really feel deep in my bones as I have accomplished a lot of the big goals in my business that at one point seemed so far away and seemed so unattainable or seemed like they were a fluke, when they happened, and I would never sustain it, I have all of the same thoughts as you by the way. So those things that seemed unattainable at some point I have attained, and I have consistently maintained and then set new, bigger goals for myself. And I just noticed every time I get to what used to be a really big goal, and I get there, it’s not better than it was there. So I get to just enjoy all of the freedom and being proud of myself, like deep sense of accomplishment, I get to just feel that accomplishment now, because there when it’s done isn’t better than here, making a ton of money, whatever that is for you isn’t actually better than where you are right now, you can choose to just feel the same way, of course, you get more options, and you can buy back some of your time and more resources with more money. But you can feel that same sense of accomplishment and that sense of freedom and that sense of security, you can decide to feel that now, which makes it a much more enjoyable journey. So I guess I’m really applying that right now to this book creation process, especially since a lot of it is so foreign to me. And it’s like learning a new language that I don’t really feel like I know anything about the publishing industry. And I’m quickly learning exactly how much I don’t know, which is fun in a way and I’m enjoying it. But I’m not in a rush to figure all of it out. So I would offer that to you in anywhere in your business where that same perspective, it would be helpful for you take it and run with it. There’s no there isn’t actually better. We get to just be beginners, we get to just enjoy the journey of figuring things out, and learning all of the new things kind of fun. So back to why now and what I am learning is really helpful as I am doing this new thing and learning something completely foreign to me. I’m currently in an acclamation period for my business Agla mission. Not sure why that word had to come out in like seven syllables. But I’m in an acclamation period, meaning that I’m stabilizing the new processes and systems and people in place at this level of growth in my business so that we can have a solid foundation to move forward on. So sometimes, and I think that this is something really good to think about. Sometimes growth isn’t the goal in our businesses. At times it is and we do have a goal that we’re working on, we are growing and then we get to that goal. And a lot of times I find when we get to a big goal, it’s time to work on stabilizing at that level. So for the last six months in my business, I’ve been focusing on building systems and repeatable processes and really honing in on what those are. Meaning I’ve been hiring people to help I’ve been teaching them processes, they’ve been teaching me better processes than we’ve been recording these processes and building systems around it so that we can have anybody jump in and watch a video or a series of videos on what these systems and processes are and they know exactly how to do it. So clearly, that doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s been a labor of love and something that I’m sure we’ll be working on continually and always changing those processes and upgrading them but for me for stabilizing and maintaining this level of growth in my business. It means having the infrastructure and the foundation so that my business can handle growth in the long term and it can because I am taking The time to stabilize before entering another period of growth, which this book is going to be part of. It’s been very important in my business for me not to be hustling like crazy and burning the candle at both ends, I Andrea Nordling 20:11 want to have these systems and processes in place. I like my part time workweeks and having a very robust family life and personal life and not stressing and obsessing on my business all the time. That’s very, very important to me. So for that reason, the stabilization period and making sure that the foundation is strong on everything that we already have going in the business before we add new things, is a critical consideration to make. So now it has been happening, it has been a lot of stabilization has been happening, a lot of systems and processes have been happening and refining and lots of patience. And so now I am ready to take on something new like this book, because the foundation is solid, and it’s not Rocky. And so in a period of growth in my company in next year, this book is going to be part of that I like knock on wood, I’m sure I will have this done and spoke it’s going to be part of it, right? Wink wink, right, right. I’ve had this look on this someday in the future list like way in the future list for a long time. This is an actual list that I have. I have all sorts of brainstorm ideas, like workshops, I want to teach and ideas for different offers or trainings, all kinds of stuff that I put on someday in the future list. It’s an actual Trello board that I have someday in the future. And when I have these ideas, I put them on those lists, and I make the deal with myself that every six months, I will revisit the list. And I will see if there’s anything on it that can or should get moved up the ladder, and actually get created. And I’ll be honest, most of the things on that list, never get moved up the ladder, and never get created, which is great. sure that they’re all 10 out of 10 wonderful, amazing million dollar ideas. But that doesn’t mean that I have to actually create all of them, which I offer to you as well. Just because you have a great idea doesn’t mean you need to deter your focus from the other great idea that you’re currently working on to go do something new, I’ll be honest, most of these things end up in the idealist graveyard, every six months, when I go back and look at it, sometimes they just are a quick death. Sometimes I’m like what the heck was I think, when I had that idea, which is why it’s really a beautiful thing to let these ideas sit on the shelf and get a little dusty for a long time before you go pick them back up again, and decide if you’re gonna bring them to life. So this book was on the someday in the future list for years, like, literally years, I’ve been looking at this and thinking it would be so amazing to write a book that people would read that would really help them in their business. That’d be so amazing. But that’s like so far in the future. I have no idea what that book would be about. And it was always very vague in my mind. But in July, this changed for me, I saw a YouTube ad about book posts. Here’s a YouTube ad about book publishing. And it sparked an instant thought in my head that oh my gosh, I should go back and look at that idea, again about the book. I just had this intuitive hit that it was time to go back to that and see if it was time to dig in. And you can probably imagine what happened next, everywhere I turned. I was hearing about people who are publishing books. You know how this is when suddenly something is on your radar. And then it’s like it’s everywhere. Confirming to you. Yep, yep, like a beacon. Yep, this is something to pay attention to beep, beep beep. For example, I met a new friend at a business conference. I told her I was considering starting a book soon. And she’s like, Oh my gosh, I’ve published three books, I’ll send you my editor and my format or she’s amazing. I’ll send it right over. Like what just happened. Then that same night, I sat down to dinner with another new acquaintance that happens I did not know this happens to be a writer that teaches other writers how to self publish books. That was who I sat next to. Andrea Nordling 23:44 So much fun. So it seemed like I was getting a lot of those signs all over. Like God was blasting a bullhorn in my face to pay attention. So I tried to pay attention. I bought a book about self publishing a book how meta is that? I started listening to podcasts about the book writing process, I bought an online course about how to self publish a book, which is kind of my process. Just like I shared in the podcast creation episode, I like to get the big picture kind of sleuth out first about in a big overview what the process is going to be like. So I can then get to work mapping out my exact strategy and my timeline together. So in this book that I bought called published by Chandler bolt, which is great, by the way, published by Chandler bolt is awesome, very simple. And it’s written in a way that’s really easy to understand and put the information to practice. I felt very called out about my secret book pregnancy, very, very called out. Because in this book, he’s like, You have to tell people it’s like at the very beginning, when you just decide that you have an idea is when you start telling people and I’m like, Oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I was doing. I was not telling people so here I am. This is my public accountability. I’m telling you about this book. So if you are hearing this and you’re like I’m being a secret business owner, too. I’ve been not telling people in my life that I’m open for business because I’ve been thinking I need to be further along first before I tell them, I need to have all of the things figured out before I tell them, or if you have a project that you’re working on in your business, and you’re thinking you need to be further along, just talk about it. People are interested, honestly, people are interested. And what I’m finding, the more I do talk about this book, is that people want to hear inspirational stories about other people doing cool things. Just like I want to hear about the process of my mentors and my friends who are doing cool things. They want to hear about the cool things I’m doing. And I was just telling someone the other day about this book, someone in my personal life who has never had any interest in my business whatsoever. And they were like spellbound about this. So like, Tell me more. And then you do what? And then how do you publish a book, I’ve always thought about that. It was such a great conversation starter. And it just was a great reminder to me that people want to hear about other people doing out of the box things right, your people want to hear this about you as well. So don’t be a secret business owner, tell the people all of the things they really do want to know. As you can tell, the tone of this episode is part confession. It’s my true confession that I’ve been holding in this secret and excited announcement that the book is coming. And then of course, part reminder for you to toot your own horn to talk about why you’re doing what you are doing. Tell people seriously, they’re interested, I promise, they want to know what you’re working on, and why it matters to you. So even in casual conversation, or certainly can be more formally announced in your email newsletter or on social media or whatever, start sharing, start announcing, casual, formal both, sprinkle it everywhere. Just start telling people what you’re working on and be pleasantly surprised at how interested people actually are. And so as for the timeline of this book, I really don’t know, like I said, I don’t know exactly when it’s coming. Since I’m self publishing, the only thing that will really hold up the progress is going to be my own perfectionism here, I’m self aware enough to know that could be considerable. So I’m just not committing to any timeline. But what I would have said six months ago is that a book was so far in the future. Because I didn’t know what I would write about, like, I have no idea what that book would even be about. So it’s a Sunday idea. That’s what I thought, but boy, was I wrong. As I’ve actually started outlining. And we’re like getting into the nitty gritty and working on this process, I’ve realized that I have so much to say that the hard part for me right now is actually paring down and not saying everything. But I’ve I really, I guess I don’t know why I’m surprised I’ve worked with so many clients at this point, I really have honed my processes and my unique concepts that I talked about. And so I do know what I want to share in the book, it’s just a matter of how much gets cut out before it hits the actual press. So there probably will be more than one book, let’s not kid ourselves currently in this outline phase and realizing that I might be outlining more than one book at this point. I don’t know how fun is that could be very, very exciting. next few years, who knows. Now I do have to give this caveat, I do not recommend writing a book at the beginning of your business, please do not hear this and say oh my gosh, writing a book is the best thing I could do at the beginning of my business a book is, as you can imagine a huge project. And if you don’t know what to say, because you just truly haven’t said it enough times yet full stop. It’s not time yet. No book, don’t even waste a second of your time, on the book project, make money and just let the book idea sit on the someday ideas list for a few years like I did. And then all of a sudden it comes together and you realize holy cow, I have a book, I have more than one book, I might have three books what so good. Andrea Nordling 28:40 I’ve got to tell you, I did take my friend’s advice. And I hired her editor and her book consultant, which means I have someone helping me figure out this outline. Because right now I’m pulling together a lot of content that I already have and seeing how it all fits together, you have to imagine I have so many emails and so many podcast episodes and so many videos in my program and things that I have created where I explain in detail the concepts and the strategies that I’m going to be sharing in this book. And so I want to make sure that I compile all of it together in a way that’s really cohesive, that makes sense before I start any of the writing. So like I said, I do have someone helping me with this. And I think that the result is that it’s going to be much more cohesive and professional when it’s done. But in all honesty, I don’t know how long it is going to take us to do this together. And then the multiple rounds of editing and formatting and all that I imagine it’s going to be months. So I’ll keep you up to date here on how this progresses, how the gestation of this book is going because like I have said it’s a totally new thing for me. I’m just bringing you along for the ride. But maybe you have been thinking about writing a book and it does make sense in your business and you are having this episode be one of those synchronistic moments where it’s like someone’s talking about books again. Maybe it is good timing for you like it was for me, when I sat down next to the book editor after learning that I had another friend who had written multiple books, and so many more of those have come out since then as I’m talking more about it. So that’s for you. I am thinking about doing some live work shopping or teaching about this book writing and publishing process along the way, if there’s enough interest from people that want to hear about it, so if you are interested in the topic of book writing, make sure you’re on my email list so that I can at some point in the future, I’m gonna gauge the interest of how many people are interested in this topic. And if you’re on the email list, then of course, you will get notified about that question, you’ll be able to signify your interest. And then any upcoming events that are book related, like workshops or trainings or anything like that. Get on the email list. If you aren’t there already at Build a Profitable practice.com forward slash free, that’s where you sign up for emails from me and where you get the free course. That’s build a profitable practice.com forward Slash Free. And I think that’s it. That’s all I needed to tell you. In my true confession. I’ve been keeping a secret but it’s a secret no longer a book is coming podcast episode. I’m feeling very, very committed over here now because I’ve publicly outed myself as an author to be so it is time for me to get to writing. Wish me luck. All right, I will see you next week. Bye.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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