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129. Behind The Scenes Of Our 7 Figure Content Marketing Strategy

There have been some big projects in the works here at The Profitable Nutritionist® HQ and I want to talk about the what and why behind these changes. Specifically, I’m sharing what the big company goal is for 2024 and beyond as we move past the $1M mark and continue growing and serving more clients with free and paid resources here at TPN and what the specific plan is to achieve that goal. 

Start making more money in your holistic nutrition or health coaching business right now without relying on social media. Get The Profitable Practice free course.

Listen and Learn: 

  • Where some of the mistakes have been made over the last 5 years of my business and what I would do differently
  • What we ARE doing differently as we plan for the $2M, $5M and $10M versions of The Profitable Nutritionist®
  • How the six figure content marketing strategy was different than the seven figure version
  • The surprising addition to 2024’s marketing plan you probably did not see coming

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Andrea Nordling 00:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast my brand. Today we are talking about
content. What in the world? do I mean by content? Well, you are about to find out, we’re talking
about blogs, we’re talking about podcast episodes, we’re talking about social media and as in
websites and emails and all of the virtual content types. It’s so much to share today, because
there have been some big projects in the works here at the profitable nutritionist headquarters.
And I want to talk about why and I want to talk about what that means and what these changes
are. And I know in my brain, I really appreciate at knowing the big picture strategy of
something. So I’m going to get into detail over the next few episodes on some really specific
things that we are doing differently here at TPM this year. And just some changes that have
been made. And I don’t know new look new feel new strategies. But I wanted to start that series
of the specific stuff by first giving you the big picture. I like I said, like, I really appreciate
having the big picture. I think I’ve said this before, but I have what I call a Candyland brain, like
I think of things and projects and problems and whatnot as a Candyland board that I’m looking
down at from above. And so I like to see where the end is like what what is the big picture was I
want to see the whole Candyland board. And then I feel like I can make much easier work of
figuring out what to do next, when I can see the whole big picture. So if your brain works like
that, as well, you will appreciate hearing a little bit of the behind the scenes in the bigger
picture strategy today on what content is looking like around here this year and how it is
different. Specifically, I want to take you on a journey of what the big goal is for 2024 here at
my company, and beyond really as we grow past the million dollar mark and continue growing
and serving a lot more clients with a lot more free content and paid resources and the
programs here at the profitable nutritionists like what is the plan to achieve that goal? What is
the goal? How are we breaking it down? What does that even look like? And I think that this is
going to be really useful for you at no matter what stage your business is at at any level really,
because what I’m sharing is where some of the mistakes have been made over the last five
years of my business, in my opinion, and what I would do differently if I could, as well as what
we are doing differently, as we plan for the continued growth at $2 million at $5 million a year
at $10 million a year. And those versions of the profitable nutritionist what does that look like?
And how can we set a really solid foundation right now for that level of growth. So that’s
exciting, and really fun. And just even saying those numbers is so fun. Okay, so here’s the
timeline to give you a little recap. So you have some frame of reference, in 2019. The what is
now the profitable nutritionist was born, it came from a little website called Build a Profitable
practice.com, where I started serving my colleagues, my nutrition colleagues that were very
curious about how I was getting clients and how I was growing my practice. So the very, very
short version is I had had a real estate company for many, many years, I knew how to get
clients, I knew how to get referrals, I knew how to talk about the kind of people that I worked
with in a way that drew them to me. And I was pretty good at that whole process and never had
a website for my real estate company. I never had an email list. I never was on social media
marketing, any of my real estate deals or getting clients or anything that way, it was truly all
good old fashioned word of mouth. And that is how I grew that company. It was very successful.
So when I completely burned myself out, my body shut down after my son was born. And I was
30 years old, totally sick and tired and depleted and burned out from said real estate business
for many years. I found holistic nutrition as a way to heal myself and to reset my body and to
figure out how to feed my family better. And it was everything that I needed to know at that
exact moment in my life. I had no intention of making it a business. But it very quickly did
become one I was so excited about everything that I was learning and how much it was truly
changing my life, my family, everyone around me. So I knew that that had to be a business.
And I did have very quick success because of taking that skill set that I had for my real estate
life and knowing how to get clients I knew how to do that I knew how to talk about what I was
doing and how to make a good offer and how to sell. So I quickly had success with that and
continued to get a lot of clients that I transitioned from the initial success of running some
group programs and having some a few of what I want clients into what I thought was the only
way to make money in nutrition. And that was by having online courses and digital products for
sale. And I did not know anybody that was making money doing one on ones or selling groups
the way that I had been and when I say making money I mean like really making money like six
figures or more having the kind of money where you quit your job and have a very comfortable
life. So I didn’t know anybody that was doing that. That’s not to say it wasn’t happening. Of
course it was but I didn’t See it, I didn’t, I wasn’t looking for those people. I wasn’t introduced to
those people, they were not in my online or personal sphere of influence, I didn’t know that it
was possible. So I did what I thought was the way and that was getting into online marketing
and online business and growing my nutrition business through online courses and a
membership, which was also successful. But there, I was learning a lot of different stuff of all of
the online marketing strategies, all of the online sales and webinars and podcasts, and email
funnels, and just all of the things I was learning, that was a different way to sell, which I already
was pretty good at. So it’s a different vehicle for the same messaging. And I had all that to say I
had a lot of colleagues that were approaching me saying, Can you teach me how to get clients?
Can you teach me how to sell? Can you teach me how to do what you’re doing? It’s obviously
working. I don’t know how to do this. And I realized, I love talking about business, I love talking
about the mindset of business, and money and goals. And that just really excites me. So in
2019, I closed my holistic nutrition practice, and started build a profitable practice.com brand
new website, no email list, nothing on there totally from scratch, very, very lean and mean,
website. And that was in June of 2019. So that is the start of the story. This was the start of the
business coaching side of my business, which was like I said, June 2019. So from that point,
until January of 2021, I grew the Build a Profitable practice email list and that offer, which was a
membership, it started with a membership. And there were several different offers over that
two years, about two and a half. No, not even two and a half years, one and a half year period.
Could that be true? One and a half? Yeah, not even two years. Okay. So over that time, there
were some different digital offers where I was teaching people how to get clients, and I was
teaching membership sites, and I was teaching what had worked for me and my nutrition
practice, again, started with an email list of zero with a website of zero, nothing. So it is not all
that long ago, that I was where you might be if you’re at the beginning of your business, where
you have none of the infrastructure built yet and you have none of it put together, which is why
I’m so passionate about what I teach in the profitable nutritionist program, because that really
does start from scratch, it presumes you have no audience yet, you don’t have an email list,
you don’t have a website, you don’t know what exactly what you’re selling. And we’re gonna
figure out the most profitable thing for you to sell, and you maybe don’t know exactly who
you’re selling to. And we’re gonna figure that out, too. So everything that I teach in that
program is because I have done it, and I have got hundreds and hundreds of people how to do
that. And that all happened from 2019 of June of that year to the beginning of 2021, through
various programs, various different memberships. But what I felt I deeply felt in the end of
2020, was that I wanted to simplify that I wanted to make one program where I took the best
stuff that I saw had been getting the best results for my clients. And I wanted to teach it in a
new way. And I wanted to repackage some of the stuff that had worked really well before, but
with a very strong mindset component. And I wanted to use the tools that I had invested in, in
getting certified as a life and business coach through the Life Coach School, wanted to use
those tools, in addition to the proprietary stuff I had already made. And I wanted to get people
unstuck faster. So So what my clients given to me, they they couldn’t make a decision, I
wanted to have a framework for getting them to make the decision faster and stop second
guessing themselves. And when they were nervous about their website looking unprofessional,
and things not being exactly, exactly perfect, or not knowing the exact process they were going
to bring their clients through or not knowing exactly how to do whatever it was they were doing
and wanted a framework for how to do it anyway, how to do it when it is imperfect and how to
make it make it okay that it’s messy. And how do we get unstuck in that way, and not worry
about rejection from people and not worry about judgment from people in our lives, and all of
that all of the non tangible, tangible stuff that comes with running a business. So that’s what
the profitable nutritionist program is now and that was born in early 2021. I swear there’s a
reason I’m telling you this, but I just want to make sure in case you’re tuning in new and you
don’t know any of this backstory at least you have it all in one place. So everything else I’m
going to tell you about our content marketing strategy for this year makes some more sense.
So in January 2021 on the Build a Profitable practice site, which had about 500 email
subscribers at this point, so it was still a relatively small email list, I would say. But a mighty
email list might also say because there were a lot of strategies that I had put in place on that
website and email list to ensure that the people that were subscribed were the most wonderful,
perfect client candidates for me. They were my easiest clients for sure. And they were buyers.
So although that was a small email list, and the only way that I was doing any selling was
through email, so it was very successful, but a January 2021 Like I said, I took those previous
programs that I had had I stopped selling them I consolidated all the best stuff, added new
material and created what is now the profitable nutritionist program. At that point it was called
your net One case, but that is skipping ahead in the story a little bit. So January 2021, we
started with your next one, okay, I created it. But I and I started telling my email list that it was
coming, but I didn’t sell it until March of that year. So really what I want to say and the reason
that I wanted to give this lead up to like, what the Tech had looked like, and what the
marketing had looked like up to that point. So I was not worried about growing the email list at
that point from I mean, really, until this year, I haven’t. But I have been relying on organic
marketing, meaning clients that are getting good results are out talking about it word of mouth,
I always have been and do sell through email. So I give value to my clients through email, I
teach through email I sell through email. And that’s through my email list as well as paid emails
that I send to other lists. So although I don’t run ads on social media platforms, because I’m not
on social media, and we will get to that in a second, I have paid to run ads via email to other
email databases. So that has been something that’s been very successful as a marketing tool in
my business, to pay to send emails to organizations that already serve my ideal clients. And if
you’re listening to this podcast, maybe that is how you initially found it in the first place. I also
have had one call to action on the website until recently, which was just a free email course. So
all roads lead to Rome to the free email course get the free email course, then you’re going to
be subscribed to my emails, and get value every single week through email broadcasts that I
send weekly to the list, as well as learn about promotions, when the program will be open for
sale, and get sold to via email as well. So all of that was what got the business to well over a
million dollars in total revenue, like well over that. Very, very simple, okay, and they actually
have a course inside the profitable, nutritious program. It’s called website in a weekend where I
show that exact website, the first website, how to structure your four to five pages that you
need, on your website, exactly what to say, how do you hook up emails to a free course or your
email newsletter? And what does that actually look like on the website. So if you’re in the
program, or when you come into the program, because of course you will, right? If you’re not in
there already, then you will go into the website in a weekend course. And you’ll be able to see
what that initial website looked like, because I filmed that course, with the initial site. That is
where all of the magic happened for a very, very long time. In early 2021. I also deleted all
personal and professional social media accounts. And I decided I’m not going to be on social
media, I don’t think that it is good for my brain. I don’t like the distraction of it. I don’t like the
time that it takes. I don’t like the censorship that’s happening on the platforms, I just, I want to
unsubscribe experience. So I did. So I deleted all of those profiles. And I have been social media
free for the most part until well, that for the most part totally social media free until summer of
2023, which I’ll talk about in a second. And then we have some changes coming as well on that
front. But it has been no social media, as my business has grown from about 150,000 a year to
now into the seven figure land, which is super exciting. So all of that stage was set January
2021, the new program, which was then your next one, okay, now it has been rebranded after
we got the trademark came through for the profitable nutritionist and we changed the name to
the profitable nutritionist. But it’s the same program. That is the only thing that has been for
sale, other than my High Level Mastermind. And that has been for years now. So just one thing,
I want to say that this was a huge, huge change in my business, to just sell one thing and focus
all attention on one thing. But that was a very, very profitable decision. And it’s something that
I also teach to my clients. So fast forward later, in 2021. I introduced the profitable nutritionist
podcast, you may have heard of it, since you’re listening to it right now. But the podcast came
after the business was already doing 250 ish, a little bit more than 250,000 a year. And I keep
track of the revenue every single month in a rolling 12 format. So I know every single month
what we’ve made in the previous 12 months before, and that’s how I calculate it. I don’t wait till
the end of the year to find out what we made for the year. I know what we make in the rolling
12. So I had made the decision that the podcast was going to be the next thing that I
introduced into the business and this was in early 2021. When I reconfigured the new program
and deleted social media. I knew that the podcast was coming. I knew I had a podcast in me I
knew I wanted to do a podcast, but I made the decision to constrain my focus and not do the
podcast until I was at 250 or more a year in rolling 12. So that came in fall of 2021 and I
launched the podcast I’ve now done all this is episode 129. So 129 episodes and have been
diligently creating podcast content every single week for years now for two and a half years. I
love this podcast. It is the best creative outlet in my opinion. I love I just love podcast Stay I like
listening to podcasts. But I really like though the what it does for my thought process to
articulate my ideas into a podcast episode for you. I feel like it makes me a way better coach, I
feel like it makes me it just uses my brain in a way that I really appreciate. I think it makes me
smarter. Can I say that? I think being a podcaster makes me smarter. I’m gonna say it right
now. Alright, so that happened in October 2021. And, for sure leads come in from the podcast,
people share the podcast, my clients share the podcast, other people. Although I’m not on
social media, people on social media share podcast episodes that they like. So the podcast
does bring in a new audience. Although I will say that my intention with the podcast has always
been for it to nurture my existing audience. So people that already know me or know, the
profitable nutritionists are aware of the resources that I offer at the profitable nutritionist.com,
which is the new website, we’ll talk about that in a second as well. But I have always thought of
the podcasts as a way to nurture those warm leads, and to further support my clients in the
profitable nutritionist program. And you’ll notice on the podcast, there aren’t ads here, although
I get approached all the time that people that want to advertise on here, I don’t do that.
Because I want this to be where my clients are getting more value. And my future clients are
getting value from the content that’s here. So I guess all that to say the strategy for this
podcast, is to grow my business not as a money grab, to make money from advertisements, or
to host a lot of other business owners and to grow their businesses. That is a podcast strategy.
Some people do that. That’s just not my strategy. So just a little behind the scenes on that. I’ve
talked about that before. I think it’s Episode 53, which is should you start a podcast. So if you’re
interested in that, you can go back and listen to that one as well. But keep going on the
timeline here, I have to keep myself focused. So December of let me see December of 2022.
I’m really fast forwarding here. So we October 2021, the podcast debuted, I just sold the
profitable nutritionists program, and created content on this podcast every single week, wrote
emails to my list created frameworks and trainings for my students. But the content that was
coming out was only really podcasts and email, if you were outside of my client, my client base,
I don’t think I’m saying that very well, if you weren’t a client of mine, the content that you were
seeing of mine was emails in this podcast. And that was the only new content that you’re
seeing from me, from October 2021 to December 2022. In December 2022, I debuted a new
webinar called three secrets to grow your practice without social media. And there have been
different iterations of that. But basically, it’s how to grow your practice without social media.
And I committed to refining that webinar and teaching it over and over again to different
audiences. I’ve run ads to that I’ve done that for my email subscribers, I have done that same
webinar for other nutrition schools and other people’s audiences. So that was really something
that was new content wise, in December 2022. And for the last year, I mean, I’m doing that
webinar again in a couple of weeks. So I’m still doing that same webinar, it has been refined, I
have changed the content and and I’ve changed the teaching a little bit. But that same
webinar, content has been repurposed and reused and re taught all over as content that I am
then using to market my business. There’s a reason that I am explaining all of this, I swear, July
2023, we’re fast forwarding here, as when there was a new website to create it for the
profitable nutritious.com. Remember earlier than that it was build a profitable practice.com.
And that’s where everything was, up until that point, it was totally fine. The website was fine.
The website was very lean and mean. And when I say that, I mean it didn’t have a lot of bells
and whistles, and it didn’t need to all roads lead to the free course, the free course did a great
job of getting people on the email list and serving them. And that’s where I sent my email
broadcasts from, that’s where you got emails, if you’ve been on the email list for any length of
time, that’s where you get emails from letting you know about the new podcast episode for the
week. And when the program was going to be open for enrollment. All of that was happening
through that other website until July of 2023. And at that point, we had kind of outgrown the
email functionality that we were using on Kajabi which is what I love and recommend. And you
can hear me gush about Kajabi at the profitable nutritionists.com/kajabi kJ ABI if you’re curious.
I have a love affair with Kajabi. I think it is the most fantastic tech platform for website and
email sending when you’re starting out your business and growing your business and scaling it
because you learn one platform and you have everything all in one place which I had done. But
the email functionality was not as robust as we needed as we continued to grow and introduce
some of the new funnels that we were doing the webinar that I taught, and have been teaching
now for over a year being One of those things, the way that we were sending emails with that
webinar just needed to be updated. And I’ve done an entire podcast about that. So I’m not
going to belabor that point. But all that to say, we needed to upgrade the emails and at the
point that we were going to be taking our email sending off of Kajabi. I said, Okay, I think it’s I
think it’s time for us to do a new website now that we have trademarked the profitable
nutritionist, the podcast is the profitable nutritionist, the program is the profitable nutritionist, it
really stands to reason that we get our act together and create the profitable nutritionist
website, which we needed to do. So that was the point when we did that, because we were
already going to be changing the email sending at that point anyway. And that’s what we did.
So the new website is on WordPress, and that’s the profitable nutritious.com. That happened in
July of last year. Okay, the actual migration of the website was not great. execution of that was
not great. And in the time that we did this, our email sending broke, like our entire email
sending software completely failed us. We had to migrate that again, unexpectedly. And
basically it was six months of having a lot of tech fails in my business. So the website itself was
really backburner. And I had anticipated that my team and I were going to be getting that
website really up to speed the way I want it to be functioning last year. But that did not happen
because of the unexpected tech stuff that we had to move to the front burner. Stead. So all
that to say this is the year 2024 is the year of the total overhaul with the profitable
nutritionists.com website total redo a simpler layout, better layout, better functionality, much
stickier, and I’m going to explain what stickier means in a second. And that is, the huge focus
for this first quarter of the year for me and for my team is this website rebuild that we’re doing.
And I cannot wait for you to see the new website, it is so much better than our current website.
I also want to say that our current website has a lot of broken links. It has a lot of images that I
don’t like it has a lot of graphics, it just things that I don’t prefer, really don’t prefer. And it has
been something that I’ve had to coach myself on quite a bit over the last six months to be
honest, that it’s going to get fixed. And it’s okay. Like it’s okay, if it doesn’t all get done
yesterday, because I feel impatient about it. I don’t love that there are things that aren’t
working the way that they’re supposed to. And there’s just a lot of irritation that I have about
that. And there have also been a lot of way more important things that needed to take priority.
And I know that that’s the case. So although it has been bothering me, I’ve coached itself on it
knowing we are going to fix it. It’s okay. And I’m so excited because the website redo is well
underway right now. And the new website just is fixed, everything has been gone through with
a fine tooth comb, and that feels really good. So I’m also going to explain that to you in detail in
an upcoming episode. But now with the new website, and with the new our new digital home
being renovated and beautiful, we have made a lot of decisions about that based on where the
business is going and based on what it needs right now. And for the first time in the history of
Build a Profitable practice or the profitable nutritionists since June of 2019. The focus this year
is leads, leads, leads, leads all of 24 we are focused on leads, meeting more eyeballs, more
people here and on my email list. So listening to the podcast, and then subscribing to emails
and ultimately getting onto my email list where That’s where my best content and best value is
served. And that is the goal for the year to really grow the email list and get a lot more leads.
Now I said this, but I just want to really reiterate that has not been a goal up to this point. Not
to say that leads were not welcome and that we didn’t want more eyeballs. But it hasn’t been
the focus, the singular focus has been serving the people that were already here and serving
the clients that I already have, so that they are then spreading the word. And that the process
that I bring my students through the program is so top notch that they’re talking about that
experience in their spheres and with their friends and with their colleagues. And those people
are then coming onto the email list. So of course, our audience has been growing and we have
had more leads. But it’s been growing very organically and it’s been growing as a result of the
results that clients and our people are already getting. So that has been very intentional. Okay,
I wanted my brainpower to be used to make a better experience for my clients. I wanted my
brainpower to be used to make this podcast and to articulate my thoughts. Like I said, I think
that podcasting makes me smarter. I think that it makes me think about things really at a deep
level and that’s great for my clients and for future clients. So that has than the focus. Until now,
now that we are laying the foundation of having a wonderful new website to welcome people
to, we want to be welcoming a lot more people in. And we didn’t want to be doing this, I say we
because I do have a team that is working behind the scenes, it’s not just me anymore. So that’s
kind of fun as well. It’s not just I it’s not the end of the show, there’s definitely a winner here. So
we at the profitable nutritionist did not want to be allocating our time and resources into
getting a lot more leads until we knew that we were going to be most effectively capturing
them on the website so that they got on to the email list because for my business, and I would
suggest for yours as well. The goal is to get people on the email list and to be able to contact
them via email. My friend, have we connected on LinkedIn. In my opinion, LinkedIn is the
platform for professional networking and getting client referrals hands down. If you’re already
spending time getting the word out about your business over there, I would love to connect
with you just search Andrea Nordling and then connect. And I’ll confirm so we can share our
networks. So that is what we are doing over the next three years, four years, five years, the
goal is going to be more leads and then serving those leads at a higher level. And that is a
future podcast that I cannot wait to talk about as well. But for right now, leads is the focus. So
for the first time that’s at the forefront, as we’re growing into like thinking What is this $2
million business? What’s the $5 million business? What’s the $10 million business, we got to
crank it up with more leads, we need more people. And we are ready for that we have the
systems in place inside the program to support the new leads coming in. We have support
coaches, we have automations, we have just so much so much good stuff going on that we’re
ready. It’s like Okay, time to crank it up and get more people here. So again, this is my seven
figure strategy, not my six figure strategy, six figure strategy was constrained the focus, don’t
try to do all of the things have a plan for when you are going to divert your focus. Like I said,
with the podcast, there was a very specific time when I was going to allow myself to do that
and not a minute sooner, so that I knew I was growing at a sustainable rate. So six figure
strategy is all about constraint. Seven figure strategy now is leads, leads, leads and team
growing the team and growing the leads just so fun. So to get more leads, there’s a bunch of
things that we could do. But I’m going to tell you what I want to do. And what my seven figure
content marketing strategy is, is getting more eyeballs on my content, not necessarily creating
more content, although I am creating more content these days. But I want more visibility on
what I’ve already created. So I told you, this is 120/9 podcast episode, I have a lot of value that
I’ve already created in the past 128 episodes that a lot of people don’t see or don’t know about,
because we haven’t made it a concerted effort to get that in front of people’s eyeballs. So now,
that is a huge goal of the new website. And when I told you that we want it to be sticky. What I
meant by that is we want people to come onto the website and consume a piece of content,
whether that is a podcast episode, or more likely an article, which is the written content like
blog post format of a podcast episode that I’ve created, to get into that content to consume it.
And then to find related content and to click into oh my gosh, more things about time
management, oh my gosh, more things about money mindset, oh my gosh, more things about
selling on consoles. And so that first introductory piece of content being really optimized for
SEO, so getting a lot of organic visitors and strangers from the internet onto the website, but
then serving them really valuable content in a sticky way, like getting them stuck like a
envision stuck like us in a spider’s web, just getting stuck and realizing oh my gosh, everything
that I need is already here. And it truly is already here because I’ve created this content
already. So now it’s all about having a system for getting people’s eyeballs on that getting new
people introduced to it and getting them stuck on it. So to do that, we need a system. And the
system is not for Andrea to be running the show and doing all of that in addition to creating the
new content that I create. So we have more of an editorial vision for what the profitable
nutritionist new website is going to look like as we keep building out this year and into next
year. And I’m really excited about that because that means that other successful practitioners
and my students, my successful students in TPN, and other experts in our industry are also
going to be submitting content to be published on the website within VI and our editorial
guidelines, but really valuable content that is going to be necessary for my people where
people get in and you being one of them get to the website, you start clicking around and
realize holy cow this is so useful. Like this is exactly what I needed one stop shop. What’s
happening behind the scenes to make that happen right now is we have some copywriter Has
that have been going through my past podcasts episodes, and turning them into long form
written content so that we have more article I call them articles. I like the word article better
than blog personally. So on my website, it’s called an article. And that is the content that have
already created, but long form and really optimized for SEO to get a lot more organic eyeballs,
from the internet from search results on to that content. And then like I said, getting them
stuck and clicking and clicking and consuming more of this podcast and other written content
that we have, and ultimately getting onto the email list to get the best stuff via email, as you
know. So that has been a process having having copywriters having the the thought processes
that I that come really naturally to me that I assume that people understand that they don’t,
which is the problem, not at that problem at all, and be getting better at teaching that that has
been out that has been my work over the last few months. But the point is, it’s happening, the
content is getting just optimized, I think optimized is the word, the stuff that I’ve already
created, is getting freshened up and optimized for more people to see it. So to do all of this, we
have to have a goal. The number one thing with getting more leads this year and with a
content marketing strategy, in general is to have a goal and define it with actual metrics that
we can track. So my six figure content strategy, by the way, it was consistently producing, the
thing that I was tracking was every single week publishing a podcast episode on Tuesday, and
an email to my email list on a Friday. Okay, that was it consistency, and doing it that was what I
was measuring. And that consistency, compounded and really worked well. But the metric I was
tracking at six figure level was weekly production of those two things. Now, the seven figure
level, the content strategy is more visibility of that content. So I’m not stopping either of those
things. But I want more eyeballs on all of it. Okay, I want more leads, which for me, I define as
email subscribers, those are my leads. So my goal for 2024 is to 10x my email list right now it’s
around 3000, give or take, I think it’s like 3200, something like that. But I want 20 to 30,000
email subscribers this year. That is big, big growth. And you can probably appreciate why that
is the sole focus of the year, it is big. So we’re doing more, we want more visibility of the
content not to get the emails, more email subscribers, and to get the email list to grow from
3000 or 3200, or whatever to 20 or 30,000, we are going to have to be very intentional about
the resources in the company, which is time and money. And how do we best leverage both of
those things to get more people onto the website? For me, I don’t think it’s creating more
content. I think like I’ve said, it’s making the content that is all has already been created. The
100 Plus podcast episodes have already created the best emails that I’ve sent that have a lot of
people that respond to them and love it, like using those things and getting more eyeballs on
them. So you may wonder, well, how are you going to do that? That is the second facet here,
which is have a plan to get to the goal. So the first thing is have a goal that you can measure,
which is for us email subscribers, but before it used to be consistency and publishing, second,
have the plan to get to the goal. So we have a few exciting things I’m going to talk about in the
upcoming podcast episodes after this one where I’m going to go into more detail on what this
looks like. But we have a fresh lead magnet that is going to be splashed all over this beautiful
new website. And I’ll tell you all about that upcoming about specifically like a funnel in general,
how do you structure a funnel in your business? How do you decide what kind of funnel What
does a funnel mean? I have a whole podcast episode telling you all about that. And I’m going to
tell you about the new one that is coming to our website. So that’s really fun. We are using this
new lead magnet and the way that we’re using it is going to be to better segment the
subscribers on my email list and to better understand that their needs and the level of business
that they’re at so we can deliver better, more relevant content that’s going to be really
applicable to wherever they are in business right now. And more about that coming up. It’d be
mysterious on this. But just trust me they have a lot to say on that in a future episode, I think
two episodes from now. Secondly, the plan to get to the goal. The second part of this is like I
said, having copywriters taking my podcast and my long form content I’ve already created here
on the podcast and video and then turning it into those articles for SEO for more stickiness to
the website, all of them. And I’m going to go in detail in a future episode on exactly what we’re
changing on the website. So I’m being vague for this right now, for the purpose of just giving
you that big picture, but I’m going to be talking all about that in an upcoming episode. Don’t
worry, you’ll hear all about it. Thirdly, creating LinkedIn content and posts on LinkedIn. Which I
also have a future episode all about the changes on social media and link Did in particular here
at the profitable nutritionist and what that has looked like. But short story is in July of 2023,
when we launched a new website, we also started posting on LinkedIn. So I actually had a team
member, it was not me doing it. But there was a team member that was repurposing some of
my emails and content on to LinkedIn and connecting with potential clients on there. So that is
a strategy that I have changed a little bit since then. And I’m going to tell you all about as we
well, I think that’s like three episodes for now, I have a lot to say about that that has changed.
But the LinkedIn content that is being repurposed and having a presence on the professional
networking site, that is LinkedIn is different, but that is also contributing to getting more email
subscribers. So I’ll tell you all about that in an upcoming episode. And last but not least, to have
a plan for getting more email subscribers, we are running ads to the best content on the
website to get more people there and get more people stuck in the sticky website and
subscribing to the email list. I hope that that isn’t a gross way to describe it. But to me it just
like in the best, most juicy way. It’s just like getting stuck there. I love when I discover
something online, whether that’s like something I click on from Pinterest, or really could be
from anywhere. And I get to a website and I start clicking around and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I
have so much to explore here. This is exactly what I needed. This is so perfect. This is
answering questions I didn’t even know I had yet. I’m going to be here for a while. I love that
feeling. That’s a sticky feeling. So how do we get more people on there? Well, we are going to
be running ads to the best performing content. And that is really fun. That is something that I
haven’t done for a while I have not run ads since 2020, since I, in a fit of rage deleted my social
media accounts. So it’s been a while I had some pretty successful ads back in the day. And I’m
looking forward to getting back into that strategy. As we execute this plan, which is the third
component of the strategy, first of all, we had to have the goal and define it with trackable
metrics that we need to have a plan to get to the goal. And then thirdly, we have to execute on
this plan. So here’s how we’re executing on the plan. We have made a huge investment
timewise and monetary in the website. And again, I’m going to do an entire episode and tell
you what the upgrades are on the website, and what are the different, you know, like bells and
whistles and knobs and buttons on there to make it sticky. So I will tell you all about that. But it
has not come without a lot of thought and a lot of planning and a lot of meetings and a lot of
dollars invested in doing that. So that is part of the plan, huge investment in the website so
that we feel comfortable. And I would say so I feel comfortable in investing time and money in
the future in ads and in other content that’s being created to bring people to the website
knowing that that they aren’t just going to bounce, that’s literally a website term balance
means they get there and then I can’t snap for me and they leave, you don’t want to have a
high bounce rate, you want to have the right people sticking around and getting stuck in your
web. So we’re spending a lot of time and effort and money and energy and all of that on the
website. Let’s see emails also stickier. So in the vein of having more we call it segmentation.
But that really means more personalized content for the email subscribers, we have put in
place some ways to measure this. But really, I feel like I’m being so vague here, our new lead
magnet is going to do a great job of segmenting people’s journey and where they’re at. And
that means that the emails that they get subsequently from the profitable nutritionist are going
to speak to their stage of business much more effectively than it has up to this point. So I want
to say that this is something I’m very excited about at the time and place that we’re at right
now, when I’m 10x in the email list. However, I don’t want you to use this against yourself. If
you are not segmenting your list and sending personalized content to people at different stages
of their journey. Right now, that is not something you need to worry about. If like if you know
you know when it’s time to do that, you’ll know it’s time to do that. And it’s probably isn’t for
you. If you’re stressed about it right now and thinking do I have to do that? Probably not. You
can make millions of dollars like I have without worrying about that at all. But in these emails
that I’m sending in that is my primary marketing channel and sales channel. We want to make
sure that people can customize the journey a little bit with what kind of emails they get for me.
So we’ve started doing this has been, I mean, not really started, this has been probably for the
last year, we’ve done verbiage at the top of the emails during promotion periods that allows our
subscribers to mute, meaning they can click a link if they don’t want to get promotion emails
about that particular thing at this time, they can click that mute link and then it won’t send
them the rest of the promotional emails about that we do this specifically when I’m promoting a
free training or if the enrollment is open for the profitable nutritionist program or for the
mastermind and people are not into that or they’re not ready for that. Or they know they’re not
going to buy then they To mute that, and they won’t get the rest of the promotional emails. So
what that does is it allows people to opt in or opt out of those promotions. And instead of just
unsubscribing from the whole list, they can just unsubscribe from that certain promotion. So
that’s kind of an upgrade with the segmentation. And the emails being a little bit stickier, meaning people aren’t unsubscribing, they’re muting. Instead, we also have changed the links
in the footer of the emails, which we were not able to do in Kajabi. But we are able to do an
active campaign. And that’s the platform that we’re now sending emails from, we have a
customized footer that links to important things on the website, kind of like a navigation that
you would have on a website. So that is definitely an upgrade, it makes the email stickier and
we track those link clicks. So we can see that people are clicking, for example, from an email to
the free course maybe they opted in for something else on the website, they didn’t see that I
have a free course. And then they click in an email in the footer to the free course and go. So
taking the free course things like that. Also, leveraging affiliates and referrals from clients to
get more eyeballs on free content and free promotions in particular. So this is something that
has happened very, very organically. For years, students in the program, my clients do an
amazing job of spreading the word about TPN. And about the program. And really, most of the
sales come from word of mouth up until this point, because it has not been a huge focus of
mine to be growing, the audience that has just happened organically, like I said, so this has
already happened for a long time. But I decided last summer. So this would be about six
months ago, that I wanted to make a dedicated affiliate program like a way to track referrals
from clients in the program, and to pay them a commission on referrals that they were sending.
And basically, they thank you for what they were already doing. So that affiliate program has
now been built out. And people that are currently in the program have access to it, when we
are doing a promotion, we let them know that they can sign up, get an affiliate link to promote
to their audiences, which obviously gets more people to the email list, it gets them subscribe to
the free thing and gets them getting value from me and from the profitable nutritionist. And if
they decide to stick around, they know that they’re going to be served well, because they just
got a taste of it for free. If they don’t, they don’t, that’s totally fine. But our affiliates and clients
do a great job of sending those referrals. So to actually put the tracking and like the onboarding
affiliates and what that looks like and how people actually get paid out how we track that the
software’s that we use. All of that takes time and attention to refine and get it to work the way
that you want it to work. It didn’t it didn’t work the way we wanted it to work the first time we
had to change platforms a couple of times. But that is another way just of getting the plan
executed, I guess if the plan and it is to is to get the goal of a lot more email subscribers into
next email list, then I’m just telling you, here’s how we’re executing the plan affiliates and
referrals is one of them. And then lastly, running ads. So I said this is a big area of focus this
year, because we have not been running ads. So we’ve been playing around with ads on
LinkedIn, and on Google for the last six ish months and having having some success, but
nothing that’s like an out of the park, home run oh my gosh, great, great, great ads, I think just
because of the nature of both of those platforms. So LinkedIn is a very expensive platform to
run ads on. It is effective. But it’s it’s hard to get enough leads off of LinkedIn, because they’re
so expensive to get statistical significance and make decisions. In my opinion. Some people
might argue with that. But they’re expensive leads. So getting enough of them to make a
decision on what’s working, what isn’t working are a little more difficult than I would like. So we
have had success on running LinkedIn ads. But the it’s slow going. Let’s just say that slow
going. Now, Google ads, on the other hand, are a different beast, because the way I’m using
Google ads is to retarget people that have already visited the profitable nutritionist website.
And then it shows like during the promotion period, it will show that enrollment is open for the
profitable nutritionist program, it could show that ad to you or someone that has already looked
at the website on any website that you’re on that is showing the Google Display Network ads.
So that’s just a different, like, it’s a different way I kind of think of the Google Display ads as a
safety net, to catch people that may otherwise fall through the cracks by showing them like I
said, when an enrollment is open, or a new podcast episode, or remind them about the free
course or an upcoming webinar, ultimately get them on the email list. Okay. That’s why also
these podcasts episodes always have a call to action to subscribe to something on my email
list. That’s not an accident, because the best content that I send is always going to be via
email, then you want don’t miss anything. So that’s kind of the concept with the Google Display
ads and we use those to retarget people that have already been to the website. It’s just like
that safety net. Just Hey, remember you got to do something to get on the email list so that you
don’t miss all The best stuff. All right. What else do I have to say? I have actually a lot to tell
you about LinkedIn. Like I said, that’s coming up. But I want to talk about ads. Let’s do this.
Let’s talk about running ads on Facebook or Instagram. I’ve had a lot of people asking recently,
are you going to be back on Instagram anytime soon? And the answer is yes. And no. Yes, the
profitable nutritionist as a company is going to be back on Instagram, in the near ish future, but
not with any content. And it’s not going to be me on Instagram, what the heck do I mean by
that? Again, I have an entire episode coming out where I’m gonna talk all about this. But
ultimately, I want to give you the big picture. So the big picture here is that Facebook and
Instagram ads are very, very inexpensive in comparison to other social media or search ads
that you can run. So I don’t want to not use that. Never, never not using a double negative
here. So I don’t want to I don’t want to miss out on very inexpensive ads, especially as we’re in
the Leeds like Leeds is the focus for this year. And email subscribers is the focus. So I’m not
going to be very self righteous about this, which I happened in the past. And what I mean by
that is I’ve been very convicted to not spend a single dollar on Facebook and Instagram and be
very, very self righteous, like I said, and have all of the justifications about why I don’t like this
censorship. And I don’t like the I don’t like a lot of things about the platforms. And those, those
still stand true. They do. And also, a lot of potential clients are waiting for me on there, they
don’t even know that I can help them solve their problem. And I’ve coached myself on this a lot.
And I’m ready to get over my self righteousness, and to spend some money on ads on
Facebook and Instagram. So to do that, we have to have professional accounts there to run the
ads. So you are going to see, and I will let you know when this is has been created. It hasn’t
yet. But what you’re going to see when we are back on Facebook and Instagram and running
ads there, there will be a static grid of it’s called the nine grid, which is like a static grid on
Instagram, that doesn’t change. It’s basically kind of like a website or like a web page is going
to have information about the profitable nutritionist about this podcast about the free course
about our new lead magnet, and all of the things that you need to know all in one spot, and
then nothing updated. From that there’s gonna be no reels for me. I mean, okay, you never
know, I suppose I should never say never. But I feel very, very comfortable almost to saying
never that it’s not going to happen, that I’m creating any content or anything on going on
there. Because I don’t have any interest in scrolling social media or spending time on social
media. For myself, I feel like my life is so much better since 2021, when I deleted all of my
profiles, and I just spent zero time and bandwidth and energy thinking about other people and
what they’re doing and what I could be doing and should be doing and all of that have no
interest. So I can’t imagine that I would be creating new content for Instagram or for Facebook,
although like I said, Never say never. If that happens, I’ll bring you along the thought process
every step of the way. And I’m sure it would be someone else on my team repurposing
something from somewhere else. But that’s not even the plan. At this point. Basically, it’s just
to run ads to our new lead magnet and to other free content on the website and grow the email
list. So that is something new coming. I don’t know exactly when that’s happening. It depends
how fast the new website project allows us to take a deep breath that has been a huge focus.
And it has taken a lot of bandwidth to create the new content on the new website and all of
that. So for best the recovery is from that project will determine how fast the expansion into
Facebook and Instagram ads are. I also have a lot to tell you about the new visual branding of
the website and the new visual of all content that is coming out at the seven figure level at the
profitable nutritionist. It’s different, it looks different. The photos of me look different. The
graphics look different. The emails look different. Everything really is up leveled and upgraded.
And for this. I feel like it’s kind of like a new rebrand really at this kind of like a seven figure
rebrand happening here. There’s a lot that I have to tell you about that about how we’ve
created that and what are some of those decisions. So you’re going to hear about that in next
week’s episode basically, but I have spent quite a bit of time figuring out what I want that to
look like and then creating. I don’t want to say creating those photos because lord knows I
didn’t create those photos. But when you see the B roll for video that’s on the website and the
new photos, the new just all of the new stuff. You will see that it was a well thought out plan. I
hired a company called Work play branding that helped has helped with that continues to help
with that actually have a photoshoot with them next week for even more updated photos. And
like I said I have a ton to tell you you in the next episode all about what that has looked like.
But it is not by accident that things look cohesive on the new website. And that is something
that I feel has really been missing in the last iteration of my website. And so I’m excited for it all
to look put together. And this episode comes out before the new website does. So you can go
to the profitable nutritionists.com. Go poke around, find whatever you think the examples that I
am referencing are of things not looking the way I would like them to look, you can go go take a
peek. And then you’ll see with the new reveal of the new website if you were right on the things
that changed. But ultimately, working with wordplay has been amazing. The structure of
working with them is that we do quarterly photo shoots for updated branding, updated
marketing materials for launches for social media, if you’re on social media, they build out all of
your social media content with the new photos that you take every quarter. That’s that’s
something that I have needed. But I didn’t need just a good refresh with lots of new photos and
to rebrand the podcast look, and all of those fun new things. So I’ll tell you all about that on the
next episode. But that has certainly been part of this content marketing strategy as well. So I
need to include it in the big picture here. I think what I want to say about that is just feeling like
you like the look of it, like I feel much more confident to be running ads and be more visible
with the business as a whole. When I feel like it looks good. I think it’s kind of like your house,
like when your house is decorated and clean and it looks nice. You want to have people over
versus messy dark, the shades or the shades are pulled down and you like it kind of want to
hide in here. And you don’t want anyone to see what it looks like, of course, then you’re not
going to be visible. So making sure that everything looks good, has been part of that the the
new content for this year and moving forward, that’s going to continue to be a focus, though it
has not been up to this point. And I also want to say that that is something that I am glad I
didn’t do, I didn’t put a lot of pressure on always having new photos or a ton of different photos.
Because I don’t think that that would have been a good use of my energy to be worried about
that I just had a few they worked and I didn’t stress about it. But now at this level, it’s time to
change, you know, it’s time to have a lot more visibility that’s strategic. And to do that, I want
to make sure that we have varying photos and have lots of options of photos for my team to
choose from when they make marketing materials and have different, you know, different looks
and different, like different situations. We’ve been doing photos like inside a grocery store,
which is super fun, just things I haven’t done before. So it’s making me feel excited and
reenergized. And I think that that also shows through in the marketing. So I wouldn’t change.
The fact that I wasn’t doing quarterly photo shoots up until now I wouldn’t change that I don’t
think you need to be anytime in the beginning of your business, I think you need to just have
basic branding basic photos that show your face and that tell the story that you want to tell and
then not have drama about it. However, at this stage, it feels pretty good to freshen everything
up. So that’s one thing I don’t think I did wrong. I do want to say, I wish because I don’t think I
touched on this, I wish that I had been running ads on Facebook and Instagram for a really,
really, really long time. That is it’s not something I would change. So I don’t say that. Like I
regret it. Because we couldn’t run those ads. We did not have Instagram or Facebook still don’t
at this point. But we literally couldn’t run those ads. And that was a decision that I made. And I
was happy with that decision. I loved my reasons for it. But so it’s not something I regret or that
I would change. However, if you are listening to this and thinking oh my gosh, she’s saying like
don’t ever run ads until you’re making a million dollars a year. I’m definitely not saying that. In
fact, I would have been running ads this entire time had I had the option to do that. So if you
have Facebook and Instagram and you’re willing to spend some money to get some leads, and
to figure out your messaging, we’re going to talk about this in an upcoming episode. But I think
that that is such a great way to get feedback really quickly on what resonates with your people
and what doesn’t. Like I said, I think it didn’t just I didn’t do a great job of closing the loop on
this. But like I said, with LinkedIn, the leads are so expensive, that it’s hard to get enough. It’s
not hard. It’s just very expensive to get enough for there to be statistical significance on what is
working and what isn’t working. But that isn’t the case on Facebook and Instagram. The leads
are so inexpensive in comparison, that you can get 1000 eyeballs on a registration page, for
example, and see if people are opting it and you can see oh, okay, like 15% of people opted in.
If something is wrong here, let’s change this headline and try again. And then you can do it
again and see oh, okay, now 25% are opting in interesting. That obviously resonates a lot more
they like what I’m saying here, let’s try it again. And you can keep iterating and that way, that’s
just one example of how you can use it. But that’s, that allows you to get feedback so quickly
on your messaging and figure out what lands with your people and what works while also
growing your list. So whereas I’ve been over here spending a ton of time you You could just
spend some money. And that could go a lot faster. So I don’t know, I guess to say, I don’t regret
it, I wouldn’t change it because I couldn’t, literally couldn’t because we didn’t have social media
platforms. But I had I had the access and option to be running ads on Facebook and Instagram,
I would have been doing that all along. And growing the list a lot up to this point, because really
to have a million dollar business and 3200 people on your email list is not a lot of people. And
that’s okay, because this is a small and mighty list of buyers. And I’m, I love everything about
it. But we could also have been testing a lot of messaging all along the way to. Okay, so to
recap, I feel like this got a little longer than I wanted to, here are the steps for figuring out the
content marketing strategy. First, we had a goal and we defined it with trackable metrics, the
goal is leads, leads leads. And for my business, that means 20 to 30,000 on our email list by
the end of this year, should I feel really good about having a concise metric to track right?
Secondly, I have a plan to get to the goal. And I talked about what that plan is and then how we
are executing the plan. So the plan basically is leverage the content that is already created on
this podcast every single week and with the emails that I send every single week and get more
eyeballs on them by having other people, me included, create valuable content around it that is
really easy to find in the new website. That is I think something I don’t know if I said this, but I’ll
say it now, I feel like on our current website, the content isn’t linked together well. So related
content isn’t easy to find, you could find one piece of content that really resonated that you
love. But in all likelihood, you wouldn’t know what else there is available like that just because
of the way that the website has been structured. So getting a lot more eyeballs stuck in the
new website in the content that they’re already interested in. And to do that, we’re gonna be
running some ads, we’re relying on our affiliates and referrals from people in the program. But
we’re making it easier for them to do that. And making the content that is on the website a lot
more SEO friendly. So it’s bringing in organic eyeballs as well, just from search results. Okay. I
think that that’s everything I wanted to tell you. The seven figure content strategy is a lot
different than the six figure content strategy has been which is stay focused and consistently
create. That’s what the six figure content was, stay focused, don’t try to do all of the things do
the things that you’re doing well, and just produce for me, that was weekly emails, so many
emails, I write so many emails, and then that those emails got repurposed into an email free
course, into launch emails into sales, emails, all of the emails, they’re now getting repurposed
as static content on the website. Later on, I added the podcast. And I committed to consistently
producing that every single week, like I said, but the content production was all about
consistency, not necessarily of getting everyone in the world to see it. So six figure strategy
was all about building that muscle being consistent. And you know, really having all roads lead
to Rome, to get people on my email list. So the content database, on my website and the
podcast, we’re all going to the email list. And then seven, seven figure strategy is paying other
people that turn that content into more content to get seen by more people. It’s really just
more at this level, but not necessarily of me creating more, it’s me training other people to take
what I’ve created and make it better for more people. More, just more. And while it is tempting
to go do all the things on all the platforms and make it all happen right now I am consciously
activating my constraint muscle a little bit and committing to dialing in one platform on
LinkedIn, which I’m talking about, like I said, a couple episodes from now, and then adding in
ads on Facebook and Instagram. A little while after that, again, I’ll tell you all about that
strategy. But it’s not doing all of the things. It’s just constraining. So even in my more phase
two still constrained, that’s being activated. No, no, if you listen to Alex Hermoza, I love his
podcast, but he’s always in the back of my head saying more than better than new. Okay,
that’s the order. First you do more of what’s already working, then you do it better. And then
last, but totally least you do something new. I’ve seen so much wisdom in that over the years,
as I’ve tried to get to New too quickly when I should have just kept doing more. And I should
have done better, and just done more and done it better. And so in the name of that of just
learning from the past, that’s what we’re doing with the content strategy around here. You’ll
probably see in here a lot more content. And you’ll see here and see better content, but we’re
not expanding to any new content types or channels. Anytime that I can see in the near future
or even future future. All right, I’m gonna land this plane for the big picture strategy, but like I
said, I’m so excited to dive into a lot more of the nuanced tactical. Here’s how we’re actually
doing this over the next few episodes. So that’s what you’re gonna see where I go into way
more detail on all These components that I touched on here so I will see you back here same
time next week my friend

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