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117. Awe of 2023

Humility check – how do you show up if you aren’t hitting your goals or your plan isn’t working out? Even better question – how do you celebrate when you ARE hitting your goals and your plan IS working out? In this episode I’m sharing my 3 step process for evaluating the previous year to know what to double down on for the following year. It’s called The Results Created List, and making one for yourself will completely transform your business. Even better yet? Bringing your clients through this same 3 step process will completely transform their results as well so make sure you do it ASAP. Enjoy!

How To Do Your RESULTS CREATED Exercise

Seriously, write your answers down. This is going to be a long list.


Are you completely in awe of what you’ve created for yourself and for your clients in 2023?

What results did you create in 2023?

In 2023…

  • What is your total revenue that you have collected?
  • How many clients have you worked with?
  • How many people have reached out to you wanting to be clients whether they ever became clients or not?
  • How many people are interested in the services that you offer?
  • What are the website assets that you’ve completed?
  • Did you register your business entity?
  • How many emails or how much written copy you have created to market your business?
  • What intellectual property have you created to use with your clients?
  • What relationships have you established with other practitioners or other people in your network that are referring to you?
  • Did you create a schedule or a process that made it easier for you to work in your business?
  • Did you create content like a podcast, training, workshop or webinar?
  • Did you create an online course of some sort or membership content, or recurring content for your clients?
  • Did you implement an online calendar for scheduling?
  • Did you make it easier for people to book with you?
  • Did you put in any automations or employ any tech in your business that makes things easier for your clients or easier for you?
  • What results did your CLIENTS get? (How many pounds did they lose? How many prescriptions are no longer needed for them?)
  • How many referrals did you receive?
  • How many consult or discovery calls did you do?
  • What valuable content did you create for your website?
  • Did you create your website?
  • Did you do copy for one page on your website?
  • Did you do an online launch? How many?
  • Did you sell and deliver a group program?
  • How many groups did you sell?
  • Did you complete any certification programs?
  • Did you master any new skills?
  • What have you learned this year that you can put into practice for your business and for your clients?
  • What things you were putting off and finally got finished?
  • How are you THINKING differently and how has your self-concept changed in the last 12 months?
  • What are things that your diligence in your business allows you to do that are results created in other areas of your life?
  • How do you think about yourself?
  • How do you present yourself? How do you show up in the world? In all the different areas of your life? How has that changed in the last 12 months?
  • Did you hire an accountant to figure out your taxes?
  • Did you set up your email list? Did you send your first email?
  • Did you do any live video?
  • Did you start sending imperfect weekly email broadcasts?
  • Did you get your client forms automated instead of manually sending them each time?
  • Did you master Zoom for client consults? Or some sort of client consult process?
  • Implemented profit first in your business finances so you know you’re getting paid each month?
  • Are you paying yourself each month?
  • Did you vacation without stressing over “missing work”?
  • Did you implement work hours and stick to them most of the time to be more present with family?
  • Did you invest in business resources + support instead of spinning wheels for another year?

Write down all of the results, everything that you can think of the assets that you’ve created, the relationships, you’ve created, the clients, you’ve created, the money, you’ve created, all of it. What results did you create this year?

Then ask yourself “What else?” at least 10 more times.

Get really granular and specific around things you did, even if it was just one time, that you really didn’t want to do. This can be in ANY area of your life, not just your business.

What results have you created in all areas of your life, because of how you’re showing up in your business and because of your business,

Now ask yourself…

What results did my clients get in 2023? The sky is the limit

  • What did my clients create?
  • How many pounds did they lose?
  • How many medications did they discontinue?
  • How many hours of sleep did they gain back?
  • How much more time did they get with their family?
  • How much money did they save not continuing to try to DIY and figure out the solutions themselves?
  • What did my clients accomplish by working with me?
  • What are the results of the people that I don’t even know befitted from the work I do with my clients?

Now read this list back and soak in the feeling of accomplishment. Revisit it in a few days and add anything else you’ve thought of in the meantime. Hang it prominently in your workspace.

Refer to this “Results Created List” weekly or anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stuck when it comes to your business and you need to renew your purpose and focus.

The reminder of how far you’ve come, and how much you’re capable of will switch that negative glass half-empty brain of yours into a “look at what’s possible here!” mindset in a flash.


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast, my foray and apologies for my voice today. Here’s the deal, I have put off recording this podcast as long as I possibly can, and there’s no pushing it back any further. So for me to get this out to you on time, I have to record and for the last six days, I have had no voice or this voice that you’re hearing right now. So it was my intention to heal myself and to record this podcast when I sounded a little bit better. But that didn’t happen. So the show must go on, here we go. Going to just power through. And it’s okay that my throat is a little sore. And we’re going to get after it today, because what we’re talking about is time sensitive, A and B. So so so important. Before we get into that, want to give you a quick reminder, to please please, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. It really does help other people find this show. Because the more reviews there are the more five star ratings that we have. And the more people are subscribed, the more it tells the all powerful algorithms that people like this show, and it’s valuable content, and it gets shown to more people, so is the way of the world right now. So if you haven’t done so already, please take a minute and rate and review the podcast, that would be absolutely amazing, I would be so grateful. We’ve even made it really easy for you to do that. If you don’t know how to find the review setting in your podcast player, you can go to the profitable nutritionist.com/review. And we have it all linked up there for you to do in whatever platform you listen to the podcast. All right. In, we go to this exercise. Now the exercise I’m going to bring you through today. It’s called The Art of 2023. I’ve done this in years past as well. So juicy, I love doing this every single year because of what I’m about to share with you, which is how our brains lie to us unless we make them tell us the truth. They’re like naughty, naughty children that want to lie to not get in trouble. And then we have to make them tell us the truth. Is that Is that really how I want to phrase that I don’t know, I actually think that it is our brains are very, very naughty toddlers sometimes, and this is one of those times. So I’m going to explain this short written exercise that my students do in the profitable, nutritious program. So you can do it for yourself. Like I said, I have done this in years past, I have done it for myself, I do these things that I teach you, I just want you to know like, these are things I actually do as well. And they’re very simple. For the most part, they are very easy not to do because you think I’ll do it later, or you think I’ll do it in my head. And I just really, really want to push you not to do it later and not to do it in your head. Okay, you’re going to notice that this is not hard. It’s easy to do. But like I said, it’s also really easy not to deal with just like most things that get results in your business. And just like most things that get results in your clients health, we like to gloss over those simple things that compound over time. But we’re not going to do that today. You’re here. I’m here, my voice is scratchy, but we’re going to do it. So I want to share this exercise with you. And what I came away from it for myself with when I did this for my 2023 year in review as well. And what it brought forth was some good stuff, why I want to talk about that. And some I’d rather not share this, but I’m going to anyway stuff and yours might do. So first of all, we’re going to start with finding the gems, specifically what is working. Now remember, your brain is an errant child, it’s like a naughty, naughty toddler that really wants to convince you that nothing is working at all, and that you’re behind and that the plan isn’t coming together and that it’s not working. But that’s just what our brains do. So we need to show that that is actually not true. And we need to find what is true, which is that things are working. And you have done a ton this year, a lot to be proud of. So we’re gonna find the gems, we’re gonna find what is working. And I also want to say, before we jump into this, that we’re not going to hide from the dark things, we’re not going to hide from the negative stuff, we’re not going to hide with anything that we find that we don’t like we’re not going to hide from it. So I think it’s famously said that shame doesn’t live in the dark or something like that. Meaning shine light on whatever emotions are making you uncomfortable for me this year. I’m going to be honest, it’s been a little bit of success entitlement. I’m going to have a podcast coming out about that in the future about exactly what that means. But I do have some element of shame or embarrassment around not hitting all of the goals that I set in the timeframe that I expected to this year and wanting to hide from it. I’m going to be totally honest. And of course they will be I don’t like to look at that. I don’t want to see where things aren’t working just like you don’t want to see where things aren’t working, sometimes you want to hide from it, some doesn’t want to pretend it isn’t happening. But that shame only lives in the dark, the embarrassment only lives in the dark. So shining some light on whatever it is that you’re disappointed about, or embarrassed about or shameful about, or whatever it is, it completely robs that emotion of the power that it seems to have when we shine the light on it. So that’s another thing in this exercise that we’re going to do together, and I’m gonna help you with because it is truly so so so helpful. final reminder, before we get into this exercise, consistency compounds, if you’ve been listening to this podcast for any length of time, you’ve heard me say that 1 billion times, but it bears repeating consistency compounds for you in your business, and for your clients in their health journey. We know this, the little things that seem so inconsequential, like I said at the beginning, those are the things that add up to big results. It doesn’t take very long to start seeing the fruits of those labors. That is the best news of the day. So when I say that your business can be simple, I’m not kidding. It starts with a piece of paper and a pen and answering a few questions, which is what we are going to do together today. So if you’re listening to this without the ability to pause and write, that’s totally fine. Just listen to it, we’ll go through this together. But then truly do come back to this tomorrow. Or whenever you have the time and the availability with a pen and paper to do this, and listen to the questions again, and then hit pause and answer them. If you’re all you know, able right now to do that, if you’re not driving a car, or you’re not out for a run or whatever. Do that right now get a pen and paper. And I’m going to ask these questions, just hit pause and answer the questions as we go through the list. Okay, are we ready? Are we ready? So let’s do a little reflection. First of all, are you completely in awe of what you’ve created for yourself and for your clients? In 2023, it’s the perfect time of year as this episode is coming out to think about your business and everything that you have created the results for you and for your clients this year. Like it’s the time of year to be grateful and joyful, and reflective. And we’re looking towards the new year. But we’re also just like cozy and thinking about all the amazing things and wrapping ourselves in the awe and the wonder of this season for so many reasons, including the amazing things that you created. So are you so completely in awe of what you’ve created? Or have you been so focused on the next thing. And the next thing that you haven’t stopped to reflect on that at all, be honest with yourself. And if it is the the ladder, it’s okay. But we do want to take some time to reflect and be in awe of all of this. So don’t rush to the next big milestone, you want to be proud of yourself in the process, getting to the next milestone isn’t going to make you feel any better, you’re just going to then have the next milestone to get to ask me how I know.

We have to really sit in the process pride, which is being proud of ourselves for being in the process and for showing up and for continuing and for working it and for just letting that consistency compound and showing up and showing up and showing up. That’s process pride. So we’re going to do it together. Right now, let’s go, here’s what we’re going to do, you are going to make a list of all of the results that you’ve created in your business over the last 12 months. And if your brain is anything like mine, it probably will throw a mental tantrum, the minute that you commit to making this list. And it’s going to tell you that you have way too many other things to do right now. And you’ll come back to this later. And it’s not the best use of time, and that there aren’t that many things for the list anyway. Yeah, no, that’s a lie, do it. Now this is going to be worth it, it’s going to be very, very profitable exercise for you, I promise. And if your brain is still arguing with you and telling you that this list is going to be too small to even warrant getting out a sheet of paper, if you could just list these in your head, then just trust me, that’s not true. Get your paper and don’t listen to that brain of yours because it’s going to say that you haven’t really done that much that the last year has been a flop because of XYZ thing, and that you didn’t get as much done as you planned. You can insert all of the excuses and crappy thoughts here they are lies, your human brain is just doing its thing the same as mine does, which is to tell you that everything is overwhelming. There are circumstances outside of your control, you’re behind. What’s really not that great. You have to get to the next milestone, whatever that is, before you can you can rest for a second data data. How do I know all these thoughts because they have all of them myself? They’re totally normal. Most of us have these thoughts. I for sure have had these exact thoughts on repeat very recently, for months. So depending on how closely you follow this podcast, you may or may not know that we have had considerable tech issues in my business since about August of this year. So I’m recording this in December, end of December. We have been struggling over here at the profitable nutritionist to figuring out so Roll layers of different tech issues that we have been having that have prevented most of our email subscribers from being able to get our emails. And I sell via email. I’m not on social media, I have this podcast and emails and most of the communication between me and my prospective clients and clients for that matter, comes via email. So the fact that we were having such issues with emails has really thrown a wrench into a lot of the plans for this year, we’ve had the last two launches, actually not last two launches, two out of the last three launches that we have had since August, like I said, Now is December. So since since August, we’ve had three launches. And two of those three did not go according to plan because of these tech issues, which we then thought we had fixed and found out there was actually a lot more going on than we thought, Oh, my goodness, it’s been so fun. So those unexpected issues completely derailed some other projects that I had on the calendar, and other priorities have been pushed to the backburner so that we could fix these things over the last four to five months. So believe me, I am no stranger to all of the thoughts about being behind. Thanks for being overwhelming. And there’s circumstances outside of your control all of that I totally, totally get it. There’s totally normal thoughts if you’re a human with a human brain. But the best news of the day is that we can be aware of the fact that our brains default to half empty thinking, unless we intentionally change that default setting by compiling evidence of how the glass is actually half full. So that is what we are doing with this exercise. I know this has been a long preamble to get to the point where I can tell you what this exercise actually is. But I just really want you to I mean, first of all, I want to be honest about the fact that I struggle with all of those same thoughts. And I know that this is a very, very useful exercise to get out of those thought patterns and to really be in the process pride. So first of all, there’s that. But second of all, just say that if you aren’t just wallowing in that pride all the time, there’s nothing wrong. It’s not that you have a bad attitude. It’s not that you have a terrible mindset about your business, maybe we could put all sorts of labels on things we could be really overwhelmed with, like the quote unquote, mindset, I hear people tell me this a lot. They’re like, Oh my gosh, my mindset is just terrible. It’s just terrible. No, you just have a human brain. This is how our brains work. They’re easily overwhelmed. And they’re very glass half empty ish. So we are going to make a list of all of the things that are half full in your business and in your life. And this is going to really help to craft your plan for 2024 when you do it. So here we go. Now I’m about to give you a ton of questions. And this would be a great place for you to pause as you’re going through and listen, pause, answer, push play, keep going through the list. But you also can find this entire list in the show notes page that’s linked up in the description of this episode. So when you click through to that, you’ll go to a page on my website, where we have the show notes for this episode. And we have compiled this whole list in written format, if you would prefer to read it and go through the prompts there. Okay, seriously, pen and paper, write your answers down. This is going to be a long list, I want you to ask yourself in 2023, what is your total revenue that you’ve collected? Total Revenue, this is probably a big number, probably bigger than 2022. If your brains arguing with you that it’s not a big number, but it’s bigger than it used to be. Write it down total revenue collected, I want you to ask yourself how many clients you’ve worked with answer that question. How many people have reached out to you wanting to be clients whether they ever became clients or not? How many people are interested in the services that you offer? What’s that list? What are the website assets that you’ve completed? And now everything in this list may not apply to you. But these are just common things that I’ve seen from my students when we’ve done this exercise. So I’m just going to go through a total list. Okay. Did you register your business entity? This is a big one. Did you do that this year? If so, put it on the list right now you just want to write down all of the results that you have created in your business in 2023. Okay, this is a big list. I want to hear on this list about how many emails or how much written copy you have created to market your business. I want to also hear about intellectual property that you’ve created to use with your clients. So all the copy that you write isn’t necessarily promotional copy. What about the stuff that you’re sending to your clients that you’re supporting them with? That’s your IP. That’s your stuff that you get to keep using forever? How much of that did you make this year? Huge results, put it on the list. I want to hear about relationships that you’ve established with other practitioners or other people in your network that are referring to you. What about those, how many of those results have you created this year? Has it been a year where you’ve been talking? Can people and you’ve been telling them who you help? And how you help people? Did you create a schedule or a process that made it easier for you to work in your business? Maybe working from home maybe working while you still have another job, maybe replacing your other job where someone else used to tell you what to do. And now you’re telling yourself what to do? Did you create a process for that? So huge result? Put it on the list? Did you create content like a podcast or a training or a workshop that you put on or a webinar or something like that? Get it on the list? Did you create an online course of some sort or membership content, or recurring content for your clients? Okay, all of these things are results that you may have created in 2023. So pause here, write down all of the results, everything that you can think of the assets that you’ve created, the relationships, you’ve created, the clients, you’ve created, the money, you’ve created, all of it. What did you create this year? And then I want you to ask what else at least 10 more times? Because as soon as your brain says up, that’s it. We know that we can find more. So I want to know, did you implement an online calendar for scheduling? Did you make it easier for people to book with you? Did you put in any automations or employ any tech in your business that makes things easier for your clients or easier for you? It’s a huge result, get it on the list? I want to know the results that your clients got with your help that needs to be on the list, how many pounds did they lose? How many prescriptions are no longer needed for them? So cool, right, get that on the list. This is results created in your business, big stuff. I want to hear about the referrals that you’ve received. People are talking about you the clients are coming. Where are they coming from? You don’t even know. But you know, people are talking about how amazing it is to work with you. So how cool is that? Very big result,

put it on the list how many referrals came your way? I want you to put on this list the number of consult calls or discovery calls that you did, or the number of people that applied to work with you, however it is that people work with you how many people showed interest, raise their hand and said I think it might be interested. I’m not really worried about how many of them said yes, right now I want to hear how many of them raise their hand and said, I think I need your help. Get it on the list results created. So huge. I want to hear about valuable content that you created on your website. I want to hear if you created your website. I want to hear if you finally got copy done for one page on your website that you’ve been mortified about for a long time, all of that super big results, get it on the list. Like I said before, I want to hear about any presentations or workshops that you presented. I want to hear about launches you completed, did you launch an online launch? No joke, if you launched, you get that on the list, huge results created. I want to hear about any group program that you sold. And then you delivered. I bet you learned a ton selling a group program if it’s the first time you’ve done it. If it’s not the first time, I want to see how many times on this list. How many groups did you sell? How many times did you just keep showing up and showing up and showing up and then taught those people and delivered to them probably changed our lives. So cool. Get it on the list big results created. I want to hear about any certification programs you completed or any new skills that you mastered as part of your specialty. Like what is that? What have you learned this year that you can put into practice for your business and for your clients? Huge result? create it, get it on the list? And then just keep asking what else? When the wall has run dry, and you think that there’s nothing else? Keep looking? Go back, look at your calendar previously go back to January and start scrolling through. If you have a digital calendar, it’s easier to do this. What are those things that you’ve done? Get really specific and granular about those things that you did even if it was just one time. And even if you didn’t really want to do it, put it on the list. And also this we’re talking about business. But this can be in any area of your life, not just your business. What are things that your diligence in your business allows you to do that are results created in other areas of your life? Get that stuff on the list? I know I certainly did. And I’m gonna read you my list in a minute. I also want to know what things you were putting off that you finally got finished, no matter how small this was. I bet you have examples of things that you just didn’t want to do. And you finally did them and check them off your list. What freedom did you experience in your life because of these efforts in your business, Loeser results that you’ve created, get them on the list? How are you thinking differently? That’s a result. Get that on the list? How has your self concept changed in the last 12 months? Talk about that that’s a result that you’re creating how you think about yourself, how you present yourself how you show up in the world, in all the different areas of your life. How has that changed in the last 12 months? That’s a huge result to be in awe For 2023 Get it on the list. All right, I’m gonna go through a few more examples of things that students have told me in the past that made it on their list. This is probably going to help jog your your thinking of some some possibilities for you that might not already be on the list. hired an accountant to figure out your taxes. Set up your email list, since your first email, did live video, started sending imperfect weekly email broadcasts consistent weekly emails, got your client forms automated instead of manually sending them each time to each client. It’s a huge result. By the way, congratulations, if that’s on your list. If you mastered zoom for client consults, or you mastered some sort of client consult process and streamline that, if you implemented Profit First in your business finances, so that you know you’re getting paid each month, or some sort of accounting system in your business. And or if you’re paying yourself each month, get that result on the list, we want to just make note of everything big, small, doesn’t matter you’ve so much to be proud of. And we have to remind our brains remember the whole point of this exercise is to show your mind just that toddler in there, that naughty, naughty toddler that just wants to tell you and Sass you and say that nothing is good enough, you want to show that brain of yours, look how much we have done this year. So everything makes the list. Okay? Whatever you’ve done in your business, finances, whatever progress you’ve made there, get it on the list. If you vacationed without stressing over missing your work, get it on the list. If you implemented work hours, and you stuck to them, most of the time to be more present with your family or just life, do your other things that you’re interested in, get it on the list. If you invested in business resources, get it on the list. All right, if you got support for your business, instead of spinning your wheels for another year, get that on the list. That’s huge. Okay, hopefully some of those kind of knocked loose some more ideas make that a long, long, long list? I know it already is. But keep adding to it. What results have you created in all areas of your life, because of how you’re showing up in your business and because of your business, such a big deal. Now we’re going to do another addition to the list. I kind of asked this a little bit earlier. But I really want to get into detail. What are the results that your clients got this year? I mean, this is just massive. What did they create? I don’t care if you had one client this year, or if you had 100, I want you to write down this list of what the results were that they got in 2023, how many pounds were lost? How many medications discontinued? How many hours of sleep gained, whatever it is? How much more time did they get with their family? How much money did they save, not continuing to try to DIY and figure out the solutions themselves? The sky’s the limit here? What did those people accomplish? Because of working with you? This is the ripple effect of you showing up of course. So we need to document their results, their results or your results is so huge. So really go through what did they get? As far as results in 2023, all of the people that you worked with? Then you can even go a step further. And ask yourself, what are the results of the people that I don’t even know? Like? What is the ripple effect of the people you worked with? Or the people you directly talk to? And that you impacted? And then the people around them that benefit from that change? Or from that information? What are those results? So big, so exciting. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. So ask yourself, what else? What else? What else more and more, make this a very, very long list for yourself, then I want you to read this list back and soak in the feeling of accomplishment that you have so rightfully aren’t. It’s amazing what we can do in a year. Be excited about what you’re going to do in the next year. But really, really just at this point, soak in the accomplishment, and the awe of 2023. And what you did to this year, even all the while your brain probably telling you every step of the way. It’s not enough. It’s not fast enough. It’s not working well enough. It’s not just right. Should be better. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, we all have those thoughts. That’s just our brains. But it’s not true. What’s true is that you have amazing, amazing results to be so proud of. And I want you to just soak in it and just marinate in it. It’s the best time of year to do it, put it on like a blanket and just wear it and then revisit this list in a few days. add anything else that you’ve thought of in the meantime, and most of all, hang this list prominently in your workspace. I even have a recurring to do list items every two weeks on my calendar to go read this list and remind myself of just how incredible it is to watch the results compound over time, because I’m over here blowing my mind on a yearly basis with what’s possible, but week by week, it doesn’t feel like That much is going on. I know you feel the same way, because that’s just, that’s just living, we have to remind ourselves how big the compound effect actually is, how big the ripple effect is and how much we have to be proud of. So I want you to refer to this list weekly. Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed anytime you’re confused or stuck, when it comes to your business, and you need to renew your purpose and renew your focus a little bit, do it. But just have that recurring to do list item. If that like lands for you like it does for me. Just go back to it often this reminder of how far you’ve come how much you’re capable of, it’s going to switch that negative glass, empty glass half empty brain thinking into the look at what’s possible here mindset. And that’s what we want. We want to switch from the it’s not enough to Holy cow, look what we’ve done. Look what’s possible here. And if we’ve done this already, what’s possible in the future, she’s so expansive, it’s just so much more motivating. It’s just it’s a better place to be to remember that we really can do so much. My friend, have we connected on LinkedIn, in my opinion that LinkedIn is the platform for professional networking and getting client referrals, hands down. If you’re already spending time getting the word out about your business over there. I would love to connect with you. Just search Andrea Nordling and then connect. And I’ll confirm so we can share our networks.

I want to ask though, what may have surprised you when you made this list? or what have you forgotten about? I think that’s kind of an interesting way to approach it. After you have this whole list made. It’s like huh, what have you totally glossed over and forgotten about or like really surprised you, I asked some of my students to give a quick update on this after they completed the exercise. So I could hear from some of them about what they were surprised about one year, like after a year when they look back at the whole year. And one of them was celebrating her first six figure year in her business. And she said after going through this, she’s like, Oh my gosh, I love that this allowed me to revisit the list of previous clients and dwell on their success. It’s so easy to rejoice in their success, and then quickly go back to looking at the long list of clients that are still in the thick of it and not at their goals yet. And I forget about those other client wins. I really like taking the time to revisit those and remind myself that it’s possible for the ones that aren’t there yet either if it renewed my motivation for them. Oh my gosh, how true is that we have to look at our clients results. Often. I also think I’ve talked about this before, but I think it bears repeating here. I also have a recurring to do list item every single week to go into our testimonials database. We have a big spreadsheet. And it’s it’s kind of more than a spreadsheet. It’s a big database, full of testimonials from students in the profitable nutritionist program and in the mastermind. And I go through and I read those testimonials, and I look at their results every single week as a very high priority business activity. Because what it does for me is it reminds me how important it is that I keep showing it up showing up. It reminds me how possible it is for the ones that aren’t there yet. Because just like my my client said, she’s like, Oh my gosh, when I started looking at those wins of those people that are having huge results, which my brain just wants to totally discount and say that’s gay. But that’s what about these ones that aren’t getting the results like our brains do. It makes me think about them, it makes me think, oh my gosh, it’s possible. For everybody, even the ones that aren’t there yet, they’re gonna get there. And I know it’s possible, because I can see how many people are already doing. It just renews my motivation. And it renews my sense of purpose. And I think that that’s a really high level business activity that I would want to share with anybody listening to this is to keep track of those testimonials from your clients and revisit them on a weekly basis at the very least. So So, so huge. In fact, as we are looking at building out my team further in 2024, and we have potentially some people that are going to be doing some sales copy or doing some sales conversations, we’ve experimented with that a little bit in the last six months, I want them to be revisiting the testimonials and the wins of our clients even more frequently than once a week. Because if you’re the one selling and you can we just like fresh in your mind, the amazing results people are getting, you’re gonna sell way better, you’re gonna sell from so much conviction and so much compelling energy, because you believe in it, because you can see, oh my gosh, this is the best thing you could do for yourself, and you have all of that evidence at the forefront of your brain. So if I’m doing that for my sales team, I think we should all be doing that for ourselves as the salesperson in our business too, right? So little, little tip there. I thought I would work in here anyway. It clearly makes no difference if you’re just starting out and you have no clients yet. Or if you’re making six figures, like my client that said that she needed to go back and look at some of those wounds from our clients. Your brain is going to tell you no matter what stage of the game that you’re at, that your business isn’t working or it isn’t working fast enough or it’s not working well enough or you should be doing More, or you should be further along by now, or your clients aren’t getting enough results started out at, you’re gonna see the pattern because those are the default thoughts for pretty much all of us until we intentionally collect the results created list like we just did, and prove the opposite is actually true. I had so much fun doing this exercise for myself this week to like I said, I do this in my business, these are the these are like, really the things I prioritize. And I’m going to be totally honest, that my brain argues with it’s like, oh, my gosh, we have so many other things we need to do. And I’m like, no, no, we need to do this. First, it’s so important to get my brain in the headspace that I want it to be at, to be able to show up and pursue the goals that I have, which are pretty big. And I can’t do that from a place of feeling unsure or feeling behind or feeling like it’s not working, or it should be working better. None of that is in service to you, or to my business or to myself, really. So I prioritize doing this just as much as I’m hopefully compelling you to I do this myself, I did it this week, I sat down and created my results created list and got really excited about it. Some things I was not so excited about and that revealed some areas of coaching, that I’m certainly going to be diving into deeper. But all in all, it’s so good. Okay, first, I looked at my revenue and profits. And I was so freaking proud of myself that, well, gosh, we have come so far, like I can’t even believe that just a few years ago, I wasn’t even making six figures in my business. And now we are. I mean, we’re just like miles and miles and miles beyond that it’s so cool to me. I also continued to see kind of a thread, I’m gonna talk about those results in a second. But I continued to see the thread as I was looking at my results created that I am a thought leader in this industry. And I’m like, I’m really owning that identity more this year. And I can see that is coming through in the kinds of content that I’m creating, and the relationships that I’m creating and fostering and just you’re like really how I am showing up, that I’m believing that more and more and more that I am a thought leader, there’s genius in my brain, I get to teach people how to find their genius too, which is pretty much the coolest job that a person could ever have. And I’m grateful for it like I’m in it. I’m in awe of 2023 as the probably the year I will always reflect on as the year I built a team. Like I stepped into the self concept of a boss this year. And I’ve never had a boss. Aside from some part time jobs, I’ve never had a corporate job before. So I’m figuring this all out over here trial and error wise, but the CRA I feel like I really became a boss. So on my list and this is not everything but some of the things I pulled to share with you. I released a weekly podcast every Tuesday, rain or shine. Every single week, I had a weekly podcast email sent to you on my email list every single week, giving you the bullet points of what’s in that episode. I do an email every Friday to my entire email list every single Friday, rain or shine. I also sold and hosted like I could just really glass over sold and hosted but let me tell you, if you know you know that both of those are quite the accomplishments and results created in and of themselves sold and hosted two live events one in Mexico and one in Big Sky Montana, actually, and I would add that I also sold an upcoming event in Miami also this year. So in March, I am doing a higher level retreat for students in the profitable nutritionist program that are in stage four, meaning they’ve made at least $10,000 in their business. And we are going deep on funnel creation live in person for three days in Miami. So I sold that event in November. So I actually sold and I sold three and hosted two live events this year. Such a big deal. I feel like that is a huge results created. I am going to give myself all of the props for that. I’m very proud of it. A side note if you are not in the TPN program, you totally should be because then you get invited to do fun meetups like in person events in Miami. So yeah, what are you waiting for? I planned and executed six big launches four of them for the profitable nutritionist program and two of them for the mastermind enrollments. And when I say planned and executed I mean, I have a team helping me to do this. So I’m overseeing other people helping me do things I’m delegating. I’m learning this skill. And it is it is a skill.

But I’m proud of myself. I’m in the process and I am doing it. I created a team handbook and onboarding portal for new team members as they come on including the videos and tutorials, all of those for new team members to more seamlessly bring them into our company culture and introduce them to our company values and how we do things around here. Which I first had to figure out what are our company values? And how do we do things around here. So that’s another thing I’m proud of, kind of articulating those thoughts. And actually, you know, putting it into a format where other people can learn something I’m proud of, because, like I said, that’s not something that comes naturally to me. So it’s for sure ending up here on the results created list for 2023. I oversaw a complete website rebuild from build a profitable practice.com to the profitable nutritionist.com. This is something I’ve talked about in previous episodes, and was somewhat of a part of some of our tech issues was moving from one domain to a new domain, and also one website hosted to a different website platform, I’m not going to get into much here because I have another upcoming podcast episode where I’m going to really bring you through my whole tech stack, and everything that will every all the changes we made, and why we made them and what we’re doing now. So we won’t get into that. But let’s just say that a complete website rebuild, and migration, not for the faint of heart did that this year, also migrated email service providers twice, not once, but twice, didn’t know it was going to be twice. That was a huge project, I presented online workshops for several nutrition schools, that was a huge result created, I launched a TPN student affiliate program. So inside of the profitable nutritionist program, we created an affiliate system for our students to actually get paid for the amazing referrals that they were already sending in. And they were already telling everyone about the program. So we have now created an official affiliate program to pay them for those referrals, which we’re so grateful for. And that like just the the tech that goes behind that and all of the preparation and the messaging. And all of that is quite a project. So very proud that we did that this year, I hired and trained multiple support coaches in the TPM program to make the coaching even more diverse and impactful for people in the program. And I have a lot more coming up in that department, which I’m really, really excited about. But I would say hiring and training coaches has been like it’s been the year of the team 2023. And I think that that’s going to be a theme for all yours moving forward. So it’s in my results created list for this year, I’m in awe of how far I have come and our company has come in that department since this time last year. Speaking of since this time last year, I have stopped being the only coach in the program, and I let go of that desire to control everything and to want to be the only person in there and to know everyone’s problems. I’m sure you can imagine maybe you have some of those thoughts about your people, too. I didn’t want to let go of being the only coach in the program. So that’s something I have coached myself on quite a bit. And I am proud to say that I stopped being the only one coaching in there and people are getting much better results as a result of that. Because it really is best for everyone to have multiple viewpoints and multiple brains collaborating together, I built out and while I oversaw and helped and contributed to the build out of a massive testimonial database and testimonial webpage super proud of this result this year, getting our testimonials organized and searchable and categorized so that anytime I need to use one, I know exactly where to find it and can go quickly grab it, if I’m going to write an email about mindset. For example, I can go into the testimonial database, I can pull up any testimonials about mindset. And I have a long list of people that have talked specifically about results they’ve gotten in that department, and they can grab it and use it. So that was a long overdue project that got completed this year I’m super proud of and then we were able to publish a testimonial webpage at the profitable nutritionist.com/testimonials. If you haven’t checked that out, it’s super cool. And I’m very proud of that as well, just these things that have been a work in progress for a while but finally done. Those should be on your list as well. I really feel like a result I am proud of as I became a leader in a new way in 2023 really planning for and building a team, like I said in the team culture, like I said, but also casting the bigger vision for what is coming in my company in the next few years. And really anticipating what those next hires are going to be. And I’m already planning ahead for that for next year. And for 2025. I feel like I can really see like the compounding effects of planning further and further in advance and how useful that is. So it’s on my results created this year for sure. I learned how to hire and fire, hire slow and fire fast. That’s what they say. Right? Well, they are right. We learned that this year on my team. Actually we’ve had great experiences working with some very amazing people but some of them don’t work out and I have learned to trust myself a whole lot more when I see in the beginning. I don’t think it’s going to work out to trust that I have successfully trademarked the profitable nutritionist. And I have another trademark and process now. So I know how to trademark I know how to figure that out, I’m not the person doing it. That’s how you figure it out as you hire other people that know what they’re doing. This is a big result that I am super proud of I delivered the same webinar 12 plus times over the last year, the exact same webinar, and I tweaked it every time and I made it a little bit better. But I didn’t really change anything, I just made some tweaks. Even when I wanted to do something new, I kept doing the same webinar over and over and over again, I’m going to do the same webinar over and over and over again this year, even when I want to do something new. Because constraint equals cash, repeat after me constraint equals cash, and doing the same thing over and over again. But just making it better. And better and better instead of starting from scratch is a huge result that like it is gonna give you huge results. But it’s a result in and of itself to actually do it, it’s one thing to know that that would be the good thing to do. And to know that constraint equals cash, and to tweak and repeat instead of starting from scratch. But it is quite another thing to actually do it. And I’m really proud of myself this year for doing that. I also focused on only three essentials per quarter. Even though those essentials changed from what I thought they were going to be because of a lot of the tech issues that we had, we really did try to constrain our focus on only three things per quarter. This is something that I teach in both of my programs, it’s like knowing what you are going to be focusing on and doing it executing a while, but not trying to do all of the things at one time, or when I can just feel that my voice is fading. So I’m going to try to speed it up for the rest of these. I love the result that we maintain way less than 1% refund rate in the TPM program. If you are not in TPN. And you don’t know this, we have a money back guarantee in the program. So you come in, you make your money back, or we give you your money back. And I’m so so proud to say that it is very, very, very rare that we ever issue a refund in the program. Speaking of which we supported and coached over 400 active members in the program this year, which is so exciting. Another note on constraint, I did not prioritize my book project. More on that coming in a future episode. But I have had the writing a book project and been working on the book writing project on the table for a little over a year. And I haven’t talked too much about this recently. I haven’t talked about this at all recently because it has gotten pushed so far to the backburner because it just isn’t the priority.

And there are other things that are the priorities. And I had to take my own coaching on constraint equals cash constraint equals cash constraint equals cash. And to be totally honest, the book project took a sharp left turn, which I’m gonna talk about, but just not right now. Because my voice is fading. And it was a slap in the face to me to realize, Oh my gosh, this is not the best use of my time right now. It’s going to be the book is coming. It’s amazing. But it is not for today, or for this quarter, maybe even for next year. I’m not sure yet. But I’m proud of that that’s a huge result that I created this year was taking my own coaching on being able to put push that to the backburner, when I wouldn’t be inclined to push through and grind through and do that huge project because I said I was. And so that was growth from a major result. I started a LinkedIn profile from scratch and hired people to actually hired people to start it and to grow that platform and repurpose my content there, which is something that we are really going to go full force into in 2024. It has not been a priority really until this point. But I have big plans for that platform in 2024 that I’m really excited about. And I’m most excited about the fact that it isn’t me doing it. So we have systems in place for taking podcasts like this and creating content from it. And then publishing that content and linking to it to build our email list on LinkedIn and connect with people on LinkedIn that don’t know about the profitable nutritionists yet. So that’s definitely the goal. We’re also running ads on LinkedIn. So that’s a huge result that is created is all the work that goes into figuring out ads we have. I’m definitely not doing the ads myself, but we have people doing the ads and there’s a lot of communication back and forth and proofing and testing and all of that. So that’s a big project, but a very fruitful one as well. So I am excited about all the results we’ve created on LinkedIn this year that we’re going to be building on for next year. It’s amazing. I also turned 40 in 2023 and I did not lose my mind. We spent my 40th birthday in Alaska skiing with my family. My husband my two kids and me. Which brings me to another result that I created last year which is I traveled or this year, which is I traveled a ton for fun also traveled for work I hosted work events, but I traveled a ton for fun. And actually my family came with to Mexico when I was doing the live event for the mastermind, so they got to see me working. I’m air quoting the working, by the way, because my family’s like, do you work? What do you do? I, we don’t really know what you do, which is totally fine that my kids don’t really know what I do. But then they saw me in real life with real clients. And they were like, Oh, my gosh, I think mom actually has a job. So that’s a result created. That was fun. We also on a personal level, bought and renovated a beautiful property and move this year, all while traveling and launching and working and lifing. And all of the things which was great stressful at times, yes, but great. And I’m putting that on my results created list. Because this house has been a big goal for the last few years since we moved back to Minnesota after being nomads for a while. And now we’re in the house. So that is that’s a big result that has been created. I helped people make money this year, they have that on my list big money, like millions and millions of dollars, which is super exciting. And I think that I want to keep better track of that actually, we do revenue reporting in side both programs, but it’s it’s mandatory inside the mastermind, but not in the profitable nutritionist. So I do want to keep better track of how much money people are making in the TPM program. So I can have a running total of how much money is actually being created. I think that that’s super motivating. And so I love it, I love to see what’s possible. And just thinking of how much change and how and what the ripple effect is of all of that all of those clients that are being transformed. They’re being impacted, like their lives, their families, that generations to come so big, I love it. On that note, I help my clients get comfortable with the success they’re having and know their numbers instead of hiding from them because we do track revenue. So they know their numbers, they’re tracking their numbers. And they’re not beating themselves up. If they don’t get the numbers that they want. They’re just figuring out why it happened and what needs to change for next time. I also feel like I gave my audience which would be you an example of someone that’s really going for it, I really do feel like I am going for it. I have very big goals for my business and my voice at the moment. And I am going for it not at all costs, not to burnout, not at the expense of my family or other things in my life. So I think there’s something to be said for that too. But I am trying at least to be an example of what’s possible. We’re really going for it I get that’s how I say it like I’m really going for it. I help people transition to full time to their businesses out of their jobs. I also created jobs for people to work in my company and support their families. What that’s kind of a cool result that I am proud of. This is a place where people get to come and work and like they love their job. How fun is that. But it isn’t all rainbows and daisies, I failed a lot this year as well. And I have that on my my results created list that I’m proud of I failed a lot this year, I had many fails, I had big fails, private fails, big public fails. So much failing. So many things I did did not work as planned at all. And that’s just part of it. So lunches that don’t that don’t pan out like things that totally flop tech migrations that totally flop events that don’t sell out the way that you think that they’re going to look. It’s part of it. Okay, so I’m celebrating all of those failures as results, because I learned from every single one of them. And this kind of goes back to what I said in the beginning where we can hide from things and let its like fester in the dark and feel really scary. Or we can just shine light on it. And we can just be like, Yeah, I failed. I tried a bunch of things. And I failed. And I’m actually really proud of that, because I know that to really win big, you’re going to strike out sometimes. And this year, I felt like the dial was really turned up on the strikeouts. Which tells me I’m in the big leagues. And I’m really proud of that. So it’s all good. And I’m gonna keep reporting to you more and more of these fails as they happen. I won’t be I won’t be shying away from them. I’ll tell you all about it. Last but not least, we doubled the business from $522,000 in 2022 to about a million this year. I’m recording this before the final tally is in for the year. But it’ll be around that million dollar mark I believe. Truthfully, I thought we would be way over that this year. But the tech issues of the last five ish months really derailed our sales considerably. And so those numbers changed quite a bit. And in truth, if I’m going to be totally honest, and of course I told you I would be my brain wants to dwell on that and tell me that I am so far behind because really, I thought we were going to make more than that. But guess what, it’s just not true. Because in reality, I have a business that doubles every year. That’s unimaginable in most industries and for most businesses. And when I look at this list, and black and white, and all the results that have been created in 2023 It’s incredible, and I am so proud. So I just know that I blazed the trail for what’s to come up in my business in the years coming up but also in my personal life. And I’m very excited about things coming up in that department too. Because of the freedom that my business provides for us. And I just know I hooked my future self up in so many ways just like my past self hooked me up right now and it’s too great to take some moments of gratitude and really be proud of that. And see in black and white, all of the results that have been created. And my list is really long. It’s way longer than everything that I shared. And I hope that yours is too. So when I really take the time to be in awe of 2023, I feel so happy. And I hope you do, too. Here’s what I told my students. And I hope that you’ll do it too. As we wrap this up, just seriously read this bad boy, at least every week.

I know I already said this. But I just want to remind you revisit this list and feel the satisfaction and the art and the pride of how you are hooking your future self up to because your brain is not going to remember the good stuff by default. Right now you’re like, wow, I really did do a lot this year, I got a lot of results, my clients got a lot of results, it’s working. Oh my gosh, look at this, look how much further ahead I am now than when I started. You think you’re gonna remember that, but your brain is it, it’s gonna quickly, laser focus in on what isn’t working. And that’s just part of the deal. Being a human with a brain. So we have to be really intentional about bringing ourselves back to this feeling of satisfaction and awe and pride. So do this often. Okay, read this to yourself make the deal. A lot of my students say that they hang this up by their computer, and they look at it at least weekly. So do that for yourself. And then daily, do the self coaching. I’d like to do it every morning. That works best for me. But I think that morning is a good time to do it to set the tone for the day. But do it anytime that you can to really do some sort of coaching for yourself and create this these types of lists for yourself on a daily or weekly basis and keep looking at what’s working and remind your brain that you’re in charge that you don’t believe that it’s not working. Okay, you don’t have to believe that it’s not true. Very Lastly, for goodness sake, I cannot stop this podcast even though my my voice is like we must stop this podcast. But I’m going to say this last thing. You have to do this exercise with your clients about their results, for goodness sake, because your clients have human brains that are skewed to negative as well that are liars to them. And they need the boost of being reminded of all of the results that they’ve created this year, too. So the final CTA call to action of this episode is for you to help out your clients and do this exercise with them. As you’re wrapping up the year. Bring it into your early sessions in January and look back on the results that they have created. So far as they’ve been working with you. I think that our brains really want to look at this ideal of where we want to go and this perfect eaten ahead of us in the future where everything is just perfect. And we have like crossed every T and dotted every i and checked every box. And the reality is that that is just that it’s an ideal. And we’ll just keep changing that ideal always because we never let ourselves actually get there, which is so frustrating. But what you can measure against is where you were at when you started. So if you can do this for yourself, and you can be so proud about the results that you’re creating and reminding yourself of the art of this year, or any time period, since when you started and how far you’ve come, you’ll be able to feel that satisfaction and you’ll be able to feel that pride. So do that with your clients to show them how far they’ve come since they’ve started. So people can really get in their own head or in their own way thinking about how far they have to go. So it’s your job to remind them as their coach, how far they’ve already come, and the results that they’ve already created. So help them out, do this exercise with them. And like I said, you can click to the show notes page of this episode where all of those prompts are that I asked you, they’re all written out so that you can do it in text form and reading instead of listening. Okay, so do this exercise, I would love to hear a report on what some of the takeaways were for you. So hopefully you are getting the profitable nutritionist emails, if not, you need to go to the profitable nutritionist.com/free and start the free course which is an email course. So then you’ll be getting emails from us and just hit reply to any of the emails that you get from us and say hey, I want to share my results created list and I want to hear about it. I really, I really do want to hear what comes up for you and what some of the big results are that you created in 2023 I’m so proud for you. I’m proud for all of us. And just I mean honestly I’m proud of you for taking the time to even do this exercise because I know that that’s hard to do. These little things are so easy to just say I’ll do it later and actually prioritizing it is a result in and of itself. Okay. So have a date with yourself. At the close of this year be in awe of all of the amazing things that 2023 has been in your business and in your personal life and all of that success that is coming in 2024 have a wonderful rest of the year and I will see you back here in January my friend

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