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128. 9 Ways To Market Your New Business Without Social Media

Another “Ask Me Anything” inspired episode… Once a month I’m sending out requests for your Ask Me Anything questions via email, and the short video responses to those “Ask Me Anything” Q’s get sent out monthly via email. The Q’s with longer answers needed will get turned into podcast episodes like this week’s about MARKETING WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN YOU’RE JUST STARTING OUT:

  1. As a brand new business, what are the best ways to self-promote (aside from emails) to get your name out there, without using social media?
  2. Where do I FIND clients? I’m just getting started and having a hard time!

Listen now to hear my top 9 suggestions for marketing your new health and wellness business with OR without social media so you can stop second guessing and start spreading the word.


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Andrea Nordling 00:00
My friend Welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast. It is Ask Me Anything time every
month we send out an email to the profitable nutritionists email subscribers with an opportunity
to submit their asked me anything questions, who doesn’t like a good AMA? And they send back
business or personal questions, lots and lots of them and then choose a handful to answer via
video, which we then send out to all email subscribers. Now in addition to the video answers
some of the questions that we get I feel warrant an entire podcast episode to answer, which is
what you are getting today, you’re getting two questions on promoting your business and
getting your name out there, which I cannot wait to get into specifically how to do that without
relying on social media, my very, very favorite topic. So all that to say, if you’re not getting our
emails, let’s change that there’s so much valuable strategy and tactics that you’re missing out
on, including submitting your ama questions every month. So to sign up, just go to the
profitable nutritionist.com/free and sign up for the free course. Which means not only will you
get the free email course you will also be subscribed to get all of our fun emails. Okay, so let’s
get right into it. Here are the two questions that overlapped quite a bit. And I have a lot to say
about both of them. So let me just read one was as a brand new business, what are the best
ways to self promote, aside from emails to get your name out there without using social media?
That was question one. And then a follow up question that I felt overlapped quite a bit with the
way I wanted to answer that first one was this? Where do I find clients? I’m just getting started
and having a hard time. Okay, let’s dig in such great questions. And really, these are both
things we talk about quite a bit inside the profitable, nutritious program inside my mastermind.
And I do teach an entire process on how to get clients without relying on social media, or how
to make your social media work better for you to grow your own database and your own email
list. So you’re not relying on it. So there’s a lot of nuance here. There’s a lot that we talked
about, I can’t wait to dive in. Okay, so kind of unedited answers here. It is not really where
you’re getting your name out there, which people tend to really focus on. Like I want to know
the platform, I want to know the place, I want to know exactly what I’m supposed to do. It isn’t
that that is as much of a consideration as how you are doing it. And what I mean by that is how
you are starting the ripple effect of people reaching out to you. So you’re thinking, I have to go
find the people like I’m a hunter, I need to go on to the people and find them on the right place.
And what I want to offer is really, there’s a way to grow your business that is going to be so
much more sustainable, so much more fun for you. When people are coming to you, you’re
planting seeds, letting them grow and then reaping them because people are coming to you
reaching out to you. And it doesn’t take long for this to happen. This isn’t going to be years and
years in the making really it’s a lot simpler than people think. So I want you to envision a
dartboard. Okay, start with the bullseye. In the middle, you are in the center of the bullseye.
Okay, this is where people in your life are interacting with you, the people closest to you, as
you as the bullseye are people that you’re already doing life with, okay. But those people
probably have no idea what you actually do, they probably have no idea who you actually help,
or why someone would want your help. They probably have no idea what nutrition or what
whatever testing or tools you use could be useful for, they probably don’t really know, they
probably don’t know how different areas and systems of the body are connected. They
probably don’t know how things like insomnia, and joint pain. And all sorts of things that seem
unrelated are actually related and connected and could be affected by their food or food
sensitivities. And we think that everybody knows all of these things, because we’re so in it, that
we think everybody knows that. I’m telling you, people do not know that. Even people that
know that don’t know that all the time and need to be reminded. So thinking of yourself in the
center of the bullseye. And the other people in the bullseye are the people you’re already doing
life with that want to support you that love you that want to see your business succeed. They
would love to send you referrals, but they probably just don’t know how or don’t know what to
say, or don’t know what you actually do. And I find with the clients that I work with, and we talk
about this a lot, like I said, this is something we coach on a lot of my programs I find from
coming from them and then also know this in my real life is that people don’t want to ask
questions that they feel stupid, not knowing the answer to. So if you think well, of course,
people in my life know what I do. And they know otherwise they would ask they probably
wouldn’t ask because they probably feel like they should know, or maybe like they do know and
it’s completely erroneous information. So just remember any opportunity that you have, where
you’re showing up with these people that you’re doing life with and providing information on
how they can spread the word on your behalf is going to be time well spent. being repetitive
about it, coming at it from different angles, being curious, being confident, like how do you
actually talk to people In your life, when they ask how is your nutrition thing going? How’s your
business going? Are you really tentative and you’re confused about what to say? So you just
back out of the conversation as quickly as possible. Or you stumble over your words, and you
feel like you can’t articulate what you want to, or you get way too in the weeds and way too
specific. And you can see their eyes glaze over, and they have no idea what you’re talking
about. Think about these conversations, okay, there is a way to approach them with
confidence, and also curiosity and also an element of fun. And what I mean by that is just
having a lot of different conversations with people in your life, coming at the messaging from
different angles, exploring what types of things could you talk about that really get people’s
attention, and just be curious about it, it’s exploratory, it’s just all an experiment, and it’s not
make or break, and none of these conversations are going to be the reason your business
survives or doesn’t know, that kind of pressure is terrible. And that’s what’s gonna have you
stumbling over your words, that’s what’s gonna have you second guessing everything you say,
don’t do that we want to do is just be like curious about it. Just be experimental about it. I give
this example all the time, but I’ll give it again. Because saying things like this were so huge in
my business, and I’ve seen this work for my clients really well. So what I would want you have
to do is think about a few different symptoms that people have that are ideal clients for you. So
your easiest, best, most perfect clients, what are things that they suffer from? And how can you
talk about, I think insomnia is a great example of this acid reflux. Great example. Restless Leg
Syndrome, great example, just things that people know, either I have this or I don’t have it.
Okay? Well, of course, you can play in the vague as well with chronic fatigue, or things that are
more ambiguous, but I just think that that is, especially in the beginning, a little less black and
white people know if they have that, or if they don’t have that. And it’s just going to, I don’t
even know if I’m saying this, right. But it’s going to make, it’s going to muddy your data a little
bit. Because you’re not going to know if people aren’t responding to it, because they don’t
know if they have it or not, or they don’t know other people that have it or not. So I just want
you to be really specific if you can, so something like insomnia or acid reflux, or really bad joint
pain, or just something where people know, do I have it or not have it, okay, and then you’re
not going to try to create an elevator speech speech that’s going to apply to everybody, I see a
lot of people really get stuck with this, where they think I gotta know how I explain what I do.
That’s going to apply to everyone. But the thing is, is sometimes I work with men, and
sometimes I work with women. And sometimes I work with teenagers, and sometimes I work
with senior citizens, and I just, I don’t know what to say, and then they get really stuck. Don’t
let this happen to you. Okay. That’s what I mean by just play with it. Just try different examples,
different angles, don’t put too much pressure on any one conversation, just really give, give a
specific example, that’s going to lead to a more interesting conversation, and about specifically
about how things are connected in the body and how the things that seem really unrelated
actually are related, because those are the conversations that you want to have with people.
Okay, you don’t want to get stuck in I work with women under the age of 60 that have this and
this and this is so boring, first of all, and you’re going to have drama in your mind about does
this apply to this person? Do they even know anybody? That’s my ideal client? I’ll say don’t I’m
not even gonna say it not even worth getting into? I’m Believe me, I know what’s going on. And
when you do this, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Well, you want to do is think, oh, my gosh, what
can I talk about, though, kind of lead to a conversation about how nutrition or whatever it is
that you work with, can impact so many areas of the body and things that people think are not
connected actually are connected? Because I’m dealing with a root cause approach. And so
dealing with those foundations is going to impact everything in body, like how can we start that
conversation? Just so much more interesting. And it’s so much more exciting to the person
you’re talking to, especially if this is new information. So I think it’s great to say things like, I
love working with clients that have insomnia in particular. So if you know anybody that has
insomnia, you have to send them to me. Now that person that you just talked to you that you’re
doing life with that very politely asked how your business is going, just learn two things. First of
all, that nutrition has something to do with insomnia. Hmm, that’s a head scratcher. So that’s
something to maybe talk about. And to that anytime they hear the word insomnia, they are
now going to associate your name with it, and they we just cannot help as human beings. What
we do then is we instantly start making a list of people in our mind that we know that have
insomnia, and that potentially, we should be referring to that person that just told us that they
are the answer to the insomnia problem. Okay, humans want to do this. We want to be the
person that answers the question that has the resources that connect somebody with the
solution that they’ve been looking for. That is how you get the ball rolling and start the ripple
effect. Like I said, we’re starting in the middle of the bullseye, but we are starting the ripple
effect going out other people talking about what you do, and sending the clients to you. Okay,
if you don’t ever talk to people about any of this stuff, they just don’t know what you do. I am
sure that your friends are very nice. Your family is very nice. People want to support you and if
they aren’t supporting you, it’s because they truly do not know what you do or how to talk
about it. So be playful with this, have some just have some things up your sleeve to talk about,
and then just see which ones land with people, you’re gonna very quickly see which ones
people are like, Oh, my goodness, what are you talking about? I had no idea that that had
anything to do with what you eat, or I had no idea that that had anything to do with fill in the
blank, what you do, like, yeah, of course, I have testing that I do with my clients, where I very
quickly can see, boom, boom, boom factor, and why they’re having that problem. And they’re
just not getting those answers anywhere else. Talk about why it’s different talk about, like, I
don’t want to get too, down on Western medicine in any way. But for a lot of my clients, that’s a
huge selling point, they want to say your doctors don’t have these tests that I have. So you’ve
never heard about it before. That’s why people need to come and work with me. So there’s an
angle there for you to take to start conversations and just connect dots for people in your life
on who they could be sending your way. It can be a roundabout conversation about how things
are connected in the body. And things that seem unrelated actually are related, could be like
that great conversation to have, or like I gave the insomnia example, it can be really nuanced,
it can be really oh my gosh, I love working with clients that have x. Because we get to the
bottom of it really quickly, they see results so fast. And then now forever, that person is going
to think of you and that symptom that’s very, very easy to know if somebody has or doesn’t
have. And that’s going to spur them to be having conversations on your behalf. No bonus points
if the person you’re talking to has that symptom. That could be great. Maybe they would be a
client. For you. Who knows. But that’s not really the goal. We’re starting these conversations
and we’re starting in the center of the bullseye. The goal is for you to be leveraging people that
they know that you don’t know. You just want them talking about what you do. You want the
word to be spreading, okay? So be curious with that, just see where those conversations, go. Be
curious, ask questions of your people. And just keep it going without getting too technical, or
giving DIY tips, it’s another thing that people love to do here is try to solve that person’s
problems, or that person’s kids problems or their mom’s problems in one conversation and
giving lots of DIY tips. That just overwhelms your people, they don’t retain the information. And
of course, they’re not going to follow up with you, because they just got a bunch of homework
to do. And they’re going to be embarrassed to say, I didn’t really know what I’m supposed to do
next. So your best intentions on giving them all of the DIY homework and tips to solve their life
problems is really just overwhelming them. And what needs to happen is they need to work
with you. So always know that having these conversations doesn’t mean that you’re giving
people free advice, that’s really not in their best interest. Okay, so these are not, and I’m gonna
help you for free sessions than not, because that’s not even possible. You can’t have one
conversation with someone and solve their huge health problems or help them get to this huge
transformation that they want, and how they feel in their life. That’s not possible, you know that
them working with you, and going through your full process is in their best interest. So
remember, when this conversation is going, when someone’s really interested, you’re going to
tell them, let’s do a call together where I can collect the information, I need to get a better
understanding of everything that’s going on, or something similar, if that’s what you do,
whatever the call to action is that you need your people to take to start, let them know why
that’s in their best interest to do that, because it’s going to help you give a much more
personalized and much more comprehensive solution to their problem. Okay, so just
remember, conversations with people with humans that you’re doing life with are not gross,
they’re not salesy. It’s not weird. They want to help you or they want to know what you do, or
they wouldn’t have asked you about it, or they want to spread the word on your behalf. Okay,
that doesn’t mean that everybody that talks to you about your business is trying to get help
from you for free. That’s not that’s not even possible. And there’s a way to set a boundary
around that as well. So start there with the people that already love you, they already want to
support you. They’re already here in life with you, your friends, your family, your co workers,
parents of your kids, friends, or sports teammates, or people at church, wherever you are, this
can be online or it can be in person. So don’t think that this doesn’t apply to you. There are
people in your life that are paying attention, I promise, start with them. Now those people that
already know you, in some way, are going to spread the word to the next ring on the dartboard.
Okay, we started the bullseye. And now we’re on the next ring. And that’s people that you don’t
know. But they know remember, this is really where you want to be having a word about what
you do spread the friends of friends, okay? Again, we have an innate desire as humans to be
the one that solves other people’s problems. So you better believe when people in the bullseye
with you actually know what you do and how to tell people about it, they will do that. But you
have to make it so easy for them to do it. So like I said before, tell them when you tell someone
what I do, or people are gonna be curious about what I do, and when you explain it to them.
Tell them blank, it’s like it’s a very assumptive close. Okay, the verbiage here is of course,
you’re going to be spreading the word about what I do. Here’s what you tell people. Now that
does two things. First of all, it tells them where to send people, okay? So we’re going to talk
about that in a second but also what kind of Prime’s the pump that you expect them to be
telling people about you and subconsciously they’re going to pick up on that. And that’s just a
good thing. So it’s kind of the assumptive. close here, like, of course, you’re going to be talking
about what I do here is what is going to happen next. So you tell them, Okay, when you talk to
people about what I do, and you want to connect them with me, here’s the easiest way. And
then you tell them what the easiest way is, okay? Text us on a group text together, have them,
email me, send them to my website, have them call me whatever it is, make sure it is easy for
them, like easy for this person that’s going to be referring you and easy for the person to do, I
would not recommend introducing friction for people going to your website, unless you know
it’s going to be very simple for them and not overwhelming at all, like the first thing they see on
your website is going to be how to book a call with you. And it’s very easy. Now in most
websites, that’s not the case. So I would suggest a personal contact to have people in your life,
give your personal contact information to their friends of friends, until you’re so busy fielding
these inquiries that you have to automate it. And then you can introduce a little bit more
friction, but just think about yourself. And how you would approach this, if you get sent to us to
a website, you’re going to feel like you need to go explore the entire website, and probably not
have time to do that, or probably not make time to do that. Or maybe put it off longer than you
would if you just had somebody’s email address or you had somebody’s number to text and
find out the next step. So make that as easy as possible for your people in the bullseye. Just
spread the word to the people on the next ring. Okay, now the next ring outside of the Friends
of Friends ring, I hope you’re getting a visual here are parallel businesses that can refer
business to you. A parallel business is somebody who serves your ideal clients, but they don’t
have a competing offer to yours. Okay, so I suggest approaching these and this actually doesn’t
have to be a business, it could be anybody with an audience. So I say business here, because a
lot of my clients are networking with yoga studios, or chiropractors or naturopaths, or
supplement stores or natural food stores or something like that, which is a business but it
doesn’t have to be somebody that is serving your ideal audience, but in a different way doesn’t
necessarily have to be a big brick and mortar business. Maybe that is an online business, or an
influencer in some way. I don’t know, the sky’s the limit could be a blogger could be who
knows, but but you want to approach these conversations the same way as your warm personal
network, which is organic conversations with the people that you already know. So start with
business owners, or people serving your demographic of your ideal clients that you already
know. So start with your chiropractor, start with your naturopath, start with the natural food
store that you already shop at, or the CSA that you patronize in the summer, or the gym, or the
yoga studio that you work out at, et cetera, et cetera. And then this is the same as your warm
contacts. Be interesting, and be interested. So tell people what you do very concisely who your
most ideal clients are, again, so that they start taking a mental inventory of who do they
already work with? Or who do they already know that fits the bill there, and then ask if they
have clients like that, who could use deeper support. I think gyms are the treasure trove of
treasure troves for business referrals. And I will tell you why people that specialize in fitness, I
mean, this is a generalization because it depends on the business model. And it depends on the
offer. But by and large, people do not want to support their clients with nutrition. And they’re
just like a rolling their eyes, with their clients that need help figuring out their food, they would
love to have somebody else to take that load off of them, and who also can help their clients
get way better results. Okay, so think gyms, if at all possible, right? So then you’re ready to tell
the business owner or whoever, you know, they’re your trainer, or whoever owns the business,
depending on what kind of business you’re talking about. You’re going to tell them, Hey, these
are my most ideal clients. Do you have anybody like that, that you know, that could use deeper
support, just get their wheels turning? You might not get a? Yes, for sure I have all of those off,
fill up your client roster next week, you’re probably not gonna get that kind of response. But it’s
planting seeds so that in the future, they’re thinking, oh, yeah, I remember she said, she does
that. And he’s planting the seeds, okay, connecting you with those clients in their brain is really
important. Now, bonus points here, if you can solve a huge pain point for that referral partner,
like I said, with gym owners or personal trainers in particular, okay, this could actually apply to
any business, I’m going to use two different examples. One is a different, like a different
modality, like a chiropractor, or a naturopath are really good selling point for that referral
partner is, hey, if you have really complex clients that aren’t getting results with you, and you
don’t have the time to go really deep with them, those are my specialty, or something along
those lines. Of course, it has to be true. Don’t lie. But if that is true, that is a massive selling
point for that other business owner because they’re thinking, that’s not my model. It is not my
model to take a half an hour or an hour every week with these clients to try to figure out their
problems. That’s not what I want to do. And now they’re instantly thinking, oh my gosh, you
could take my really complex clients like those really difficult ones not difficult because they’re
hard to work with, but difficult complex cases off my hands, and they would actually get
results. Holy cow. That’s amazing, right? That’s a huge selling point. And a huge problem solved
for that business owner, so if applicable, make the sell like that, right. You can also tell a gym
owner, if you have clients coming in here that are consistently working out and the weight just
won’t budge for them. Those are the clients that are my specialty. And if you don’t have the
time to work with them and monitor their food every week, that’s exactly what I do. So I can
help with that. Just so simple, right? Just lay it out there, tell them this is who I would love to
work with, you know, anyone, that’s my ideal client. Now you’re planting the seed. There’s
nothing weird about that. There’s nothing salesy or gross about it, it is an offer that really helps
that business owner. And now you have made a connection in their brain of who in the future if
they don’t know anyone right now, or if they’re not ready right now to refer they at least the
wheels are turning on who they could be sending your way. So think about that. Think about
how you can make it a no brainer offer for anybody in that ring of the bullseye that already is
serving your people. Let’s take a minute and talk about podcasts. Here’s how they work, you
subscribe. And then every Tuesday rain or shine, you’re going to get a brand new episode in
your feed for free from me, that’s going to help you make more money in less time and impact
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because we don’t run any ads on this show, the one thing I would ask from you in exchange for
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podcast platform you use. Again, if you don’t know how to do the review, go to the profitable
nutritionist.com/review. And we’ll show you exactly how thank you so much for taking the time,
it really really does mean the world. Now, if you want to do this type of professional networking
virtually and not in person, I want to direct you to a really, really juicy episode that we did last
summer. This is episode 99. And it’s called securing referral partners and clients on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is such a treasure trove for professional networking and for everything I just said in
this ring of the bullseye, where you are going to be networking with other professionals that are
already serving your ideal clients, but in a non competing way, you’re going to love LinkedIn.
And there is a way to find these people and to secure those referral partners. So that is what
the entire episode is about episode 99. That is what you want to go back to we will link it up in
the show notes. I do not actually consider LinkedIn social media sidebar, if you have any
thoughts whatsoever that you don’t know anyone who could refer clients to you. And you don’t
know how to find them in a professional capacity, then go back to that episode is an absolute
must, because there’s so many ideas and strategies for how to find those parallel business
partners. And I personally felt like circling back on that don’t consider it social media tangent, I
think that there is much less of a possibility of you getting lost on LinkedIn and scrolling the
feed forever, I just find it to be a place where you can be so much more diligent with your time
and purposeful with how you’re spending time on there. And it is such a high value platform
because of the professional relationships and just because of how you can use it which I’m not
going to go into detail here because we did that entire episode episode 99 on how to actually
search for the right people and find them on LinkedIn. Okay, so next ring on the Bullseye is the
strangers on the internet. how insanely cool is it that we live in a time when strangers can find
us without putting up billboards or running commercials on TV or all of the things that when we
weren’t kids was the only way to do that. Now I do have clients actually that have done both of
those things. So that option is still available. But by and large, we are leveraging this little thing
called the World Wide Web and having our own websites which is our digital storefront. That’s
what we own. So insane and so cool. Hopefully you are collecting email addresses on your own
digital storefront on your own website as well so that you can then nurture the people that are
stopping by and continue adding value to their life and selling to them long term. Okay, that is
the goal. The ultimate goal is when we are on this ring of the bullseye. The strangers from the
internet are finding you they’re finding your little digital home your little website and they are
adding themselves to your email list. Buying things from you booking calls with you so great.
Like seriously the most one ever I boggles my mind. I think about it all the time. How incredible
is it, that we live in a time when this is even a possibility? Now of course there’s pros and cons
to that. I think there is a lot about our lives that is not ideal because of our reliance on
technology. But for this example and in this moment, let’s be grateful that we can reach our
people so fast and so at scale the numbers are amazing. Okay, many people you might be one
of them think that social media is the only way to get people to their website. That is not true
best news of the day, that is absolutely not true. So I’m going to give you some ideas on other
ways that my clients have used to get a lot of traffic to their websites without using social
media. Before I do that, I want to say that many of my clients do use social media. And actually,
this year, my business is getting back on social media, I have another episode coming out
where I’m going to be talking all about that. And I’ll tell you more about it in a second. But the
point is, that it’s not an either or our brains want to have everything be black and white, either
or all or nothing thinking. And I also am going to offer you a lot of ways that you can do this
without using social media, I’m also going to offer that it’s not wrong if you do. It’s not wrong, if
that’s working for you. And people are finding you that way as well, which like I said, we’re
talking about in a second. Okay. So many of my clients have a lot of success with Google My
Business sending leads to them organically. What is Google My Business? Well, Google it. It’s
where you set up a profile with Google that will anyone using Google to search for nutritionist
near me or anything like that will then find you and they will prioritize you, Google will prioritize
you, once you have your Google My Business profile set up for those organic search results,
especially people close to you. So many, many, many of my clients have a lot of success in
getting leads through Google My Business. So get that set up. Okay, that’s a great way to get
people coming to your website has nothing to do with social media. I have many clients that
run ads on Google, or on social media platforms for that matter, which I have a lot to say about.
First of all, those are very, very different strategies. So an ad on Google, for example, is going
to prioritize your website in the results when someone is searching for the solution that you
offer. So you rank for certain keywords, you bid on certain keywords in your ads. And it takes
into account the content on your website and how much authority you have in your topic that
you are ranking for. Or that you are I shouldn’t say ranking for that that’s organic, for that you
are bidding for in your ads. And then people will get the sponsored results with you at the top in
their search results if they are searching for something that you are bidding on and that you’re
running ads for. So that is a very, very different strategy, because you aren’t interrupting
somebody on a social media platform where they’re there just to be entertained, you instead
you are getting leads from people that are actively searching for the solution to the problem.
So two different strategies. Both of them work, I have clients that very successful use both of
them, or either, but they are different. Now, other social media platforms where you might run
ads are, in my opinion, a great way to test your messaging and your marketing. So the pros of
running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, is that you are going to quickly
test what works. Okay, you could get 1000s and 1000s of impressions on a hook or a headline
in your ads. And you can see, okay, people liked this ad, but they didn’t click through. Okay,
interesting. Why didn’t that work? Or a bunch of people click through this ad to my registration
page, or my opt in page for a freebie, but they didn’t register? Or they didn’t opt in? Why could
that be? And then you can change something on that page, keep testing it, see oh, now it is
working. Okay, that’s interesting. This is how I need to be talking about it versus the other way I
was talking about it. And you can just get those results so quickly. And pretty inexpensively on
social media platforms, because those ads in comparison are pretty inexpensive. So a pro,
there is a great way to quickly test your messaging, in my opinion. And it’s also a great way to
get leads. So once your messaging is working, of course, then you are getting people on your
email list, you’re getting leads, I have a lot of clients that successfully but console calls that
way. So there’s so many things you can do with ads. And like I said, quickly test the messaging,
what’s working, what isn’t working. Now, the cons of running ads on any platform is there’s
definitely a learning curve to run the ads and learn a strategy for doing it, how to use the
platform, how to maximize your dollars, or you’re gonna pay a contractor or an agency to do it.
So in my opinion, I think you’re best served to get recommendations from others that have had
good results with a contractor or an agency or a method for how they do it. Ask who they used,
share those resources. That’s what people are doing all the time inside the lounge in the
profitable nutritionist program, sharing those kinds of resources. Because once you get
something that works, let’s not reinvent the wheel. Let’s just know, okay, hey, I had great
results with this ad agency. If you guys want to use them. Here’s the information. So good, so
good. Okay, another way to get a lot of leads is to pay to send emails to other databases that
have your ideal clients. This was the main lead driver for me for years in my business, I would
say from 2021. Until right now, I still do this I pay to send emails to professional organizations
or other businesses that serve my ideal clients. So think about that ring of the bullseye, where
we have the parallel business partners where they serve the same people that I want to serve
but in a different way. I can pay to advertise to their database. I choose email because email is
my jam, right? So I want to attract people that are going to be be tuning into emails because
that’s the way I am going to be communicating with them as well. So I choose to pay for emails.
But just think of that, like there’s so many different places that you could be providing value
and leveraging someone else’s audience that they have already collected and serving them
really deeply. It’s not salesy. It’s not weird. It is a service to those people to get whatever it is
that you offer. Another way people have a lot of great success. And I have also benefited from
this is organic search results from search engines. Because when you’re creating really
valuable targeted content on your website that answers the questions that your ideal clients
are searching for. You don’t always have to be running ads to be prioritized in those search
results. If you have a wealth of knowledge and information on your website, you’re going to just
naturally be getting a lot of organic traffic for that topic. I’m thinking of several students in my
mastermind that were really are masters of this and get most of their leads organically because
of the great content that they have on their website. Which leads me to the next strategy,
which is pinning that content on Pinterest, if you have it so that it lives on and keeps referring
back to your site for years and years. Pinterest has something that really really served my
business when I was a not as much not because it doesn’t work. But just because we haven’t
really prioritized it for the profitable nutritionist. But when I was running my nutrition
memberships and courses 20. So this would be 2016 to 2019. Let’s say Pinterest was massive
for traffic to my website. So first of all, Pinterest is not dead. People love Pinterest, I still love
Pinterest. And the content actually gets better the longer it’s on Pinterest. So instead of other
social media platforms where your content dies a day later, or maybe two days later, at best.
Pinterest actually gains traction, the longer it’s on the platform and more people are pinning it
and going to your website. So kind of awesome, especially for health and wellness tips, recipes,
things that people are like, oh, I need to know about this, but I can’t look at it right now. We all
know Pinterest is a great place for those things to be saved. So if you do have valuable content
on your website, especially niche content, make sure that you are getting it pin on Pinterest.
It’s just such low hanging fruit. Okay, what about good old fashioned flyers printed paper? Wow. My students have had such great success with doing just good old fashioned flyers. They have
hung them in coops and health food stores and yoga studios, and all over the place where they
actually live where the people actually are, and have gotten lots of clients that way. So let’s not
discount the ways that people were getting clients and getting the word out about their
businesses long before the internet because that stuff still works. And bonus points if you are
putting on your flyer for people to go to your website and join your email list or something like
that. If you have the infrastructure setup, that makes perfect sense. But you don’t have to
make it that complicated. You certainly could have them just email you to inquire. And that’s
also fine. Okay, what about attending wellness fairs, but a lot of students in the TPN program,
attend wellness fairs and like have a booth at some sort of a live event, which is a fantastic way
to network, you think that you’re going to find clients there, and maybe you will, and that’d be
great. But I’m telling you are the reason you really want to do events like this is to network with
the other vendors that are there. Again, this is that ring of the bullseye where there are other
people there that really would love you to come in and serve their people in a way that they
can’t, but you have to tell them about it, and you have to meet them first. So attending
wellness fairs is a great way to do that. I would highly suggest having an open mind when you
go into situations like that, to offer to serve for free for someone else’s audience. If that makes
sense. Until you have a relationship established, I think a lot of people assume that they have
to have a perfectly fleshed out plan for what they are going to pitch another business owner in
terms of am I gonna pay them a referral? Exactly what is it going to cost? I don’t know what my
package is going to look like a month from now. So I don’t think I could talk to anybody about it.
Because I don’t have the specifics. You don’t have to have that. Okay, you don’t have to have
any of that figured out. In fact, I would recommend if it works, and this would be nuanced,
depending on the situation. But if it works, I would recommend offering to just add value to
their audience. So teaching a workshop teaching a class offering a free assessment for their
people, a free consultation, something like that. Now, if it’s true, again, I would tell them that
their most complex difficult clients are actually your specialty, that you would love to take
them. Tell them why something like that, that gets them making a mental inventory of all the
people that they want to send to you. I think that that’s just a good practice. If it is true, if not,
there are plenty of other ways to serve any audience in just the way that only you can. So
make sure that you are exploring all possibilities there. You also can guess on other people’s
podcasts if you don’t have your own podcast yet. I don’t know if you’ve heard this but podcasts
are kind of a great way to get in front of people. So meta, but if you don’t have your own
podcast yet, then you can guest on other people’s podcasts. Okay. That is a fabulous, fabulous
way to get your name out to people. Well, first of all that are already serving your ideal
audience. Again, we’re in the parallel business partners ring of the bullseye, but also to those
people, right? Because they’re already tuned in to a podcast that they listen to that they love
and having you be a guest on there and share value is obviously going to be good for your
business. But it’s also good for that host right? If they don’t already have an offer that
competes with yours. It’s great for them to have your expertise to serve their audience. So we
did an entire podcast episode episode 56 on getting booked on podcasts. Okay, so if you are
curious about how do you get booked on podcast, how does that even work? Listen to Episode
56 getting booked on podcast, we’ll link that in the show notes for exactly how to do that. I
even just did a little search before I jumped on here to record this, just to see if it was possible.
If I could type in LinkedIn, because you know, it kind of Love me some LinkedIn for the
professional networking, if I could search in LinkedIn, for podcasts, and you totally can. So what
you do is you just search a keyword for the type of business and then add the word podcast at
the end. And it will populate profiles of people that have both of those words in their profile. So
I just went nutrition podcast, and I got a bunch of hits of people that have both of those words
in their profile. And they’re going to have to look one by one to see if they all apply, but most of
them are people that have podcasts that have some sort of nutrition focus. Okay, amazing. So
that would be a strategic way to connect with people outside of what I taught in Episode 56. If
you wanted to kind of blend the two strategies together on networking with people on LinkedIn
and getting booked on podcasts, you could kind of customize the people that you are
connecting with on LinkedIn to be people that have podcasts. And then when you connect with
them, maybe you have a virtual coffee, maybe you have some sort of an exchange. It may be
that they invite you onto their podcast, which is beautiful. And one of my mastermind students
just guesting on a podcast last week. And she said, Oh my gosh, it was so much fun. I had great
rapport with the host. And actually as soon as we were done recording the episode she hired
me. Okay, perfect. Perfect. That’s what we’re talking about. One last thing I want to say about
guesting on podcasts is that you can create a Spotify playlist of your best podcast guest
episodes. So this is where you are making the rounds. And you are doing a lot of podcasts
guesting on other people’s podcasts. I think this really only makes sense. If you don’t have your
own podcast, I wouldn’t do this, in addition to promoting your own podcast. But if you don’t
have your own, you could create a hit list of the best episodes that you have been on the ones
that you think, okay, nailed it, that was so good. When someone listens to that they are going
to be so sold on taking the next step with me, whatever that is, could make a playlist of those
episodes where you have guest ID and use that as a lead magnet on your website, or as
something that you email to people as you’re getting them introduced to the work that you do
and learning more about you. Such a good way to leverage podcasting, even if you don’t have
your own podcast. Okay, so those were just some ideas, those are some things that stand out
to me as ways that you could get people to your little corner of the internet, without social
media, or in combination with social media, you get to decide. But the main thing about doing
any and all of these is that it’s building your messaging muscle, you’re just working out, you’re
putting in the reps, and you’re getting stronger. With all of your messaging, you’re getting
more concise, you’re getting more confident, and you’re just getting better at talking about
what you do, and why it’s different than what other people have tried before. And I think that
that’s really the missing link for a lot of people’s messaging is calling out what what their ideal
clients have already tried before and why that didn’t work. And you might think that people will
know. And they will understand why what you do is different, but they really won’t unless you
tell them. So you have to tell them, we have to make it so obvious and so apparent. And when
you are then getting great at your messaging to your own people, and you’re borrowing other
people’s audiences and adding value to them through workshops, or guessing on podcasts or
anything like that, you’re also building that muscle of selling the other business owner on why
you’re adding huge value for their audience parallel skills that I think but a little bit different.
And it’s a little bit different sales pitch. It’s you telling that business owner, why is a great idea
for them, to let you talk to their people. Hey, why is that a great idea? Why is it so great that
you’re going to take the hardest, most complex clients of theirs and take them on and get them
great results? So you’re going to make them look better? Is it going to make whatever it is that
they sell work better, and their clients are going to actually get better results? What does that
look like? Make sure that you’re thinking about that when you’re pitching other people. And
again, that’s just something that gets your get better at it. The more you do it, you’re building
the muscle you’re putting in the reps may not feel fluid, or like it’s coming naturally the first
few times you do it, but the more experience that you have the it’ll just be like old hat and it’s
just, which is just what you do. It’ll just roll off the tongue. It’ll feel so natural and you’ll feel so
confident. Can you use social media for any of these things we just talked about? Yes. For for
building that muscle and practicing your messaging of course, but do you have to absolutely
not remember businesses have been successful long before social media I should know, I had
one, I had a brick and mortar real estate company for a decade that never even had a website.
And it was never on social media. So it was successful because I got really good at messaging
and talking to people who either would be my ideal client or new people in the next ring of the
bullseye, who would be my ideal clients. And they started spreading the word. So one more
note on the social media, no social media topic, because I think it gets misconstrued. And I
said, I did want to talk about this. I don’t think it’s bad to be on social media or market your
business there. But I think, Okay, I think it could be bad, I’ll be honest, I think it could be bad.
But I think if all three of the things I’m going to say next are true, then it’s probably not bad.
Okay. So hope that makes sense. If you’re on social media, if you want to be on social media,
see if you can check all three of these boxes, first of all, you’re getting leads there, okay, a lead
to be clear as someone that you can contact. So is that true? Are you getting leads on social
media, if not, let’s really think about if that’s a good use of your time, or bandwidth, or energy,
or attention, or any of it. Number two, if your call to action is something that’s ultimately going
to get people off of the platform and onto your email list that you own, that you’re in control of,
that can’t get taken away from you, or censored, or go offline, or the servers are down or
anything like that. Okay, so number one, you’re getting leads there, and a lead to someone you
can contact number two, you are systematically getting people that are paying attention to you
on social media off of their and onto your email list. And that is your goal. And then number
three, it’s not taking time away from your other massive business actions, aka you’re doing
other big priorities first, before you let yourself get lost in the scroll. And if all three of those
things are true, it’s probably fine, you’re probably not relying on it, you probably would be okay,
your business would survive, and you’d be able to still talk to your people, if and when you
didn’t have access to that platform anymore. And if you’re prioritizing your other high income
producing activities, first, it’s probably not as detrimental to your time. The thing is, I see so
many people that can’t check yes to any of those books, in which case, it is a terrible, terrible
use of their time, and energy, and effort and creative juices. And there’s so many other places
that we could better put all of those resources to use. Okay, so this is the year that my business
is going to be back on social media after three plus years of absolutely zero profiles or
presence at all, personally or professionally. And it’s only because we can check all three of
those boxes, getting leads there that we can contact, the call to action is going to get them off
of that platform, and onto my email list. And it’s not taking away from other business priorities
for me or for my team. So I have a few podcasts coming out over the next few months, I’m
going to be detailing this strategy and talking all about it and explaining why and how we’re
going to do it. But basically, I am not going to be on the social media platforms at all. And that
is a personal preference for me. Because I don’t want to spend time lost in the scroll. I think
that my life is so much better, not having any social media whatsoever. I love not knowing the
things that are happening, totally fine with that. I think my life is so much better for it for so
many reasons. And there’s definitely a way to do that in my business and not get caught up in
it. So for me, that means I’m not going to be creating content for our social media feeds. But
we are going to be running ads on those platforms. And I’m just to be totally honest, the reason
for getting back and activating any accounts is so that we can run ads to a lead magnet that
gets people on my email list, I have another podcast coming out where I’m gonna be telling you
all about our new lead magnet that we are debuting in April. And there is going to be a whole
strategy with ads going to that. And like I say what it is going to that asset very soon. So that is
the primary driving force of getting back on social media at with business profiles, I’m not
gonna have any personal profiles. But business wise we will so that we can run ads to a lead
magnet that gets people on my email list. And then any and all interactions there are going to
be managed by someone else on my team, not by me. That is the simplified version. And again,
I’m going to dive into more nuances of the strategy over the next few months and exactly how
we’re doing that and what we’re doing. But all that to say you can start the ripple effect of
people spreading the word on your behalf. And getting referrals coming in and leveraging other
people’s audiences and attracting strangers on the internet, all without social media. If that’s
what you want to do, it is your business, you get to structure it whatever way you want. And
then of course, I welcome you to get into the profitable nutritious program where we’re going to
work backwards to create the systems. And the process is to support whatever type of business
it is that you decide you want to have, if all of the resources available to make it happen. Which
is so much fun. So I love these ama episodes I love when you guys are asking questions
sending them in. I think that this was just a fun one I have. I’ve touched on different aspects of
this on different episodes, but it was kind of fun to do a recap on how do you find clients when
you’re just getting started? And what are the best ways to market aside from emails to get your
name out there without social media? Great questions. I probably went way too deep on the
answers but better safe than sorry or something like that all right my friend have a wonderful
wonderful week

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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