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62. $7K In 48 Hours with Natalie Pelto

Today I’m bringing my student Natalie Pelto onto the show, and it is such a pleasure to share this episode’s conversation with you.

Natalie’s business story is going to blow your mind.

In fact, we realized as we were recording that this episode is releasing one year to the day, almost exactly, of when she found herself suddenly unemployed and jumping in with both feet to support her family with her holistic nutrition business.

She has such INCREDIBLE nuggets to share with you on what she’s learned over the last year and how her business took off so quickly.


Connect with Natalie:


IG: @rebellespectrum


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Whoa, you are in for a treat today. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode, which is a conversation. It’s gonna say interview. But interview sounds so stuffy. This is a conversation that we just recorded between me and a student in the profitable nutritionist program actually in my mastermind as well. Her name is Natalie Pelto. And she is such an incredible example of taking imperfect action and making a lot of money in her holistic nutrition practice because she’s willing to do the work in service of her people. Her story is absolutely incredible. And I don’t want to give too much of it away, because we talk about it in this episode. It’s only actually been a year since Natalie was abruptly let go from her Healthcare Job, which she also talks a lot about. And so she has been full time in her business as the breadwinner of her family for a year. And it has been a ride for her over the last 12 months. In fact, the day that you get this episode is almost to the day when her business started, which is really kind of incredible. And we were celebrating quite a bit. I love that Natalie is sharing her story with you so that you can be inspired. And when you can be inspired. There’s a lot of things you’re going to learn from Natalie’s story, you may be sending her some clients. So well, because she has an incredible offer, and works with a really, really specific group of people, which she’s going to tell you all about. Again, I’m not going to give too much away. But what I do want to say then what I left this conversation thinking about was what a fabulous role model she is for always getting what you came for what she came for. This is something that I teach to my clients in the program. And she is such a great example of it. She came into the profitable nutritionist program almost exactly a year ago in December 2021. She had just been let go from her Healthcare Job, for the reasons that she will tell you all about in the interview, and she jumped in with both feet, she said I need this, I need to figure out how to make more in this practice, which I have never done before. Then I made on my salary in healthcare, and then 20 year position, she watched a few videos, she completely changed her offer minutes before getting on a call with a potential client. And she made more in her first two days in the program than she would have at the top of her pay scale at the hospital that she had been working at for over 20 years. It’s an incredible story. And I just want to give her kudos. I don’t know Natalie, if you’ll listen to this episode. But for all of you as well, she just just know that she’s a fantastic example of always getting what she came for, I think that you’re gonna learn a lot. From just a few videos and a few mindset switches, she was able to completely turn around the trajectory of her family financially. It’s absolutely incredible. So if you are not in the profitable nutritionist program, here’s what I need to say to you. Before we dive in with Natalie, the doors are open enrollment is open if you’re listening in real time, and they will be for the last time until Thursday, December 8. So if you’re listening, when this episode drops, you have less than two days to join the program for the final time this year. And if you’re listening in the future, that’s okay, go to build a profitable practice.com/join. And you will also see the dates on there for the next enrollment. So you can put it on your calendar, and you can get ready to join. We would love to have you if you’re listening to this in real time. Like I said, the doors are still open. So you go to that same details page, build a profitable practice.com/join. And you will be able to get in right now doors are open. And again, this is the final time for 2022. So another cool thing I guess I should say is that when you’re in the program you get to hang out with and learn from Natalie, and lots of many other successful inspiring amazing practitioners all the time. That’s what we do here. So without further ado, I want to introduce you to Natalie and let her tell her story. I know that it is going to be a daymaker for you enjoy. So Natalie, thank you so much for coming on today. I am very, very anxious about the ages in a good way, like anticipatory about this conversation because I think you have so much to share with people about your journey in the last year. And this is why I wanted to do this interview with you now in December 2022. Because December 2021 was such a big month for you in your life and in your business. So without further ado, introduce yourself Who do you work with? What is your deal and why was December 2021 a big deal?

Natalie 4:34
Well, it was such a big deal. And so my name is Natalie Pelto I am the co founder of blue life our exes name of my company, and it has grown so much in a year to be truthful. And at this time last year, I was actually working full time corporate in health care. And we all know that in the last two years there have been many, many changes in the world and for For me, this impacted me hugely as someone who had 21 years and been in basically frontline health care, was actually certified in some nutrition courses, and was interested in pursuing nutrition, but was the breadwinner for my family. And in 2021, December 4, I was mad. Well, actually, in November, I was mandated to get the COVID vaccine, which for me was not of any interest due to my, actually, to the people I serve. There’s a lot of reasons behind that. And but to make a long story short, I chose at that time to be fired. That was my choice. And so I was kind of like a trial by fire. Here we go. And yeah, and then I just went all in, in nutrition, and I joined the profitable nutrition practice right away. I had been actually following Andrea for Oh, my goodness, probably about a year had toyed with the idea of purchasing the new like the profitable nutrition practice probably in the summer. And how interesting that here we were in December. And and that was it. I said, Yeah, this is it I’m in. And so it’s been a journey of going from, like a shotgun done corporate, to a full time nutrition practice that is getting more profitable as we go. And the people that I serve, I actually specialize in in an area, which is I work with autistic children and their families on being able to put their autism into remission or to overcome severe autism.

Andrea Nordling 6:35
Yeah. Which is a personal story of yours as well, right?

Natalie 6:40
Yeah, so actually, that’s what propelled me into nutrition is about when my son was two, he was nonverbal, and he was considered on the severe end of the spectrum. And as any parent would know, that that is absolutely devastating to think that your child may never lead a normal life. And yeah, it really culminated when I realized how much nutrition can impact, you know, our children, the microbiome. And so I started on this journey of recovering autism. And then I just became so obsessed that I just decided to go into school, I ended up with like, seven certifications in nutrition, and never took action on it. Right. I can feel like this podcast is so good for people who are sitting in the back in the backseat and watching all of these now, you know, flourishing nutritional practitioners and thinking, Man, I can’t be me. But it’s okay, man. Yeah, yeah, it’s doing all the courses, right. Like this. Well, cycle like, I need to learn more. I don’t know enough. I need to do more.

Andrea Nordling 7:40
Yeah, yeah, we don’t we know enough. We definitely not enough. Okay. So you use the nutrition principles that you learned and all the certifications that you dove into for your family? You implemented you use with your son? And can you tell us a little bit about where he’s at now, because Inquiring minds want to know,

Natalie 7:58
I know, it’s so funny. A like I always love to tell, like, we talked about a lot about like, the vision that we have as entrepreneur entrepreneurs. But I always forget to tell like the miracle that I got to see in my own family, like I give them the story of why became and then I like stopped short. Yeah, no. So my son later, four years after our journey, and my goal, like let me just bring us back to like a time where autism in a severe like having a severe diagnosis just really meant that you pretty much were it’s like you actually felt like your your child had died. Because basically everything would close off to you. It’s extremely devastating. And we we started just aiming for I wanted him to be able to laugh with another child. That was like the only goal I had for him, like, Please let him one day connect with someone and not be stuck in this bubble, like a prisoner and the Eiffel Tower or whatever tower that he’s in. And it’s so interesting, because as he progressively got better, with just like these nutrition practices, we just didn’t stop. And I realized, like, Well, I’m not going to stop this. And he just progressively got better and better. And eventually, like, I brought him to his pediatrician appointment. And she said, I guess we were wrong. And he lost his diagnosis. And so my son don’t no longer has any diagnosis. And it’s so interesting, because I started to share about it. I actually kind of shelved it for about a year because I mean, after a lot of trauma there. I was like, Oh, we’re just going to enjoy our lives. And I started to meet all these other autistic kids in the world. I started to see other families and moms having the same success I was and I thought, oh my gosh, I need to share this. And from there so far, it’s like it 100% works 100% of the time, like I just am blown away by watching these little children that will have so much impact in the world just wake up. It’s like I don’t know i don’t i There’s no words that can possibly describe like the messages that I get from families. They get to communicate and have have deeper relationships with their children, and just knowing that they’re going to have impact in the world.

Andrea Nordling 10:06
Yes. That’s, this is so cool. So I was telling your story to my dad recently, this is a couple of weeks ago. And he was like, There’s no way there’s no way. And I said, there’s there’s no way and he’s, uh, he’s actually, I mean for like a Harley driving Budwig, Budweiser drinking 66 year old, he’s actually fairly open minded and progressive in these alternative therapies and whatnot. So it’s, you know, take it with a grain of salt, but he’s like, No, there’s no way that that’s possible. I’ve never heard of that before. And so we’re just not tuning into the right people. That’s totally possible. And he told the story to my brother. And he’s like, there’s no way you can’t reverse that. And I said, You guys have to you guys have to open up your minds a little bit. This is absolutely possible. But it just goes to kind of speak to, which is a central topic here. The censorship and the reason that, you know, it’s, it’s not talked about, it’s not shared. And that’s why I think what you do is obviously, so incredibly valuable. And just such a

Natalie 11:02
people are picking up so I will share very, I’ll share it very quickly. I had a pediatrician conversation with my business partner, and she is seeing it more and more in our practice. Oh, really? So yeah, I got and she is very open to all of these different aspects. And she promotes it. And she Yeah, it’s coming. It’s gonna be mainstream soon.

Andrea Nordling 11:26
So Oh, my gosh, that’s so so exciting. Okay, so back to December of last year, you suddenly were the unemployed breadwinner of your family, which I know was a very stressful situation. I didn’t know at the time, actually. But I found out shortly afterwards. And so from my point of view, we had enrollment for the profitable nutritionist program in the beginning of December, must have been around the exact same time that you are no longer working in your healthcare job quickly, like, you know, overnight, and I get this email. And I will never forget where I was when I got this email. So I was in the parking lot, two days after enrollment had closed for the program. So I had Mentally take given myself a couple of days off, I was getting ready for Christmas, I was doing other things. And I don’t normally do this. But for whatever reason, I had pulled in a parking lot in front of a Panera where I was going to Dick’s Sporting Goods to go get some stuff for Christmas. Anyway, I know exactly where I was, it turned off my car. And I was like, I’m just going to check my email, which is not something I normally do, I’m not the type to always have their phone in their hand and be checking email. And I don’t even have social media. So this is this was kind of weird. And I was just sitting there just had this nudge, like, go check your email and check the email. And I get this email from you that and I didn’t know you personally at that point you had enrolled in the program a couple days before. And you’re like, you just want to say thank you and paraphrasing here, I just want to say thank you. I’ve been in the program for two days. And I’ve already made $7,000 I’ve only watched a couple of videos. This is more than I would have ever made at the top of the pay scale in my job. And I was like who is this? What is going on? I started bawling. I’m also not a crier. So not only was it strange that I was reading my email in my car in the parking lot. But then I was ugly crying and like I was like this is so amazing. I’m so happy for her. So this is really stands out to me. I remember exactly the specifics about it. But can you give a little bit of context around how that went for you and how you went from I have a corporate job at the beginning of December to oh my gosh, I have my own nutrition practice. I never thought I was going to do anything with this. But now I’m going to make a go for it. And oh, I just made 7000

Natalie 13:32
Yeah, it was so amazing. Actually, it’s funny looking back and thinking of the thought processes going through my mind at that time of the value that we place on ourselves and our ability to help people. And we automatically I believe, lower our standards because of many different reasons in our in our current culture, which I won’t go into, for sure. But I remember watching the set one of the videos specifically you interviewing someone who and I can’t remember her name, but she was a lawyer. And she in school I remember she was like charging something like $10,000 for well, you know, seeing people for six months, it was it was a very large pile of money and I thought to myself, Okay, and she’s cool. And I’ve done seven nutrition practices. And I’ve been in healthcare literally looking at the body from the inside out. And I understand illnesses and I really do have a lot of value. And I want this to work and my decision between that video and my first consults call was like an hour and my price point changed within that hour from like almost nothing. I shouldn’t say almost nothing. It was like I think I think it was like $1,000 And as I walked through the door to my office to have the console, I said to myself no I am value I am worth this And I, my first pricing point was $5,000 for six months. And for me, that was huge like to ask for that much. And it was just a yes. So that was my first one. And then I had someone enroll in a similar program that I offer, because I only did one on one, but for a shorter period of time, and they also, yes, they enrolled a family member for $2,000. So right there, even at the top of my space scale of 21 years, I would like after taxes, and everything would have maybe made around $5,500 in a month period. And so it just was like this affirmation and validation that he was on the right path, and nondairy Whoo, I know that you are not either. So it just really, but I was praying. And I remember thinking that I remember sending her an email saying please pray for me, and she earth or something. And she said she was so it was like this perfect, like little like affirmation that this is it. This is where I’m supposed to go. I’m supposed to go all in. I got a ton of practice with adults at the beginning to learn how to have a lot of conversations. And I realized quickly that in my healthcare job, I was doing that anyways, that’s something that as healthcare or not healthcare, but like nutritional practitioners, when they go into this thought of like seeing clients, they get really, really worried about having conversations with people. And really, I learned really quickly after maybe my first like three consults, I’m like, man, I’ve been doing this this whole time, like, that’s all we do is have conversations.

Andrea Nordling 16:24
Absolutely, when we call it a consult, all of a sudden, it seems like it’s a high stakes conversation. But really, it’s just a conversation, the same kind that you’re having all of the time. Such a good reminder.

Natalie 16:37
It helped me to like really be open to having more of them. From there, I had always like this was my dream was from like what I had been working on just a little bit before I was released from the hospital or like go from the hospital or fired whichever word you want to use. And I have been working towards a program for autistic children. And it just really helped me to really give myself the time. By working with adults, it gave me time to like build out the rest and the beauty of this program, which now I run on repeat, and I have a period. So this like this really was this moment. And then you had I don’t know if you want me to talk about the mastermind, because I want to talk about

Andrea Nordling 17:16
let’s just go I have no agenda. Let’s just go. Yeah, yeah,

Natalie 17:19
so I remember when. So I had just purchased the profitable nutritionist. And then you had launched this just this little very intimate circle of people. And I do have to say that I really questioned myself on that one. And I dove in and between, and just so everybody knows, I do the profitable nutrition practice, I actually go through that process quarterly. So the value of like, a Do I like to use? And I just finally printed up that book, by the way, in Canada, it’s like very, very. But yeah, so I actually like that I have the workbook, I use all of the the mindset portion of the work that I realized very quickly after starting my evaluation processes on what was working in my business, what was not working, that everything really came down to my brain. Yeah. And so I use that over and over in the practice, like it’s like even the if it’s not money, if it’s, you know, just the thought between talking to people, I realized so quickly that that’s where it was. And so that’s why I keep using that workbook over and over and over again.

Andrea Nordling 18:22
I love that. Okay, so what she’s talking about, in case you are wondering, in the profitable nutritionist program, there is a very extensive workbook, that comp that brings you through the different decisions that you make in your business, and the mind drama that may or may not, but may come up along the way as you make those decisions. And as you implement your plans around them. So the workbook follows all of the modules. And basically, you just open up the workbook to the page that you’re at, and you fill in the workbook, as you go through the videos simplifies the entire process, and really will tease out the limiting beliefs that you have around your pricing around your people, your audience, your ability to deliver amazing results to your people, we get into all of that, that I think is the secret sauce. I think that that’s what really gets glossed over a lot in business strategy in general is like just do this and this in this and it doesn’t take into account the in the massive tantrum that your brain will have along the way with implementing the things which is why most of us have had lots of experience with lots of different processes and courses and never actually implemented them or finished them. So that’s the workbook that Natalie’s talking about and let’s talk about the mastermind a little bit. So the timeline of events here is last December, you joined the profitable nutritionist program. You made a lot of money in two days. I cried about it. You cried about it. It was so beautiful. I was praying for you and I think that now that you say that that was part of the email you said thank you for praying for me and I was like, Oh my gosh, like I’ve been praying for it. So you were you were working with people you were making offers you were working with one on ones and then as I recall sometime maybe around January, we did some coaching on your Mitch and you were thinking, you were either going to niche down, because I think that, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you were just working with anyone that wanted help at this point, which is highly recommended when you’re working with one on ones and just make the money, make work with the people, let’s go. And then you were like, I kind of am liking working with the autistic parents, because I’m really working with the kids. But I also have cancer patients that I’m working with, and I’m having great results with them. And I don’t know what niche I should go into. So we coached around that which we should go back to and talk about. And then I was in I knew that this was happening in background you didn’t know at the time, but I knew that I was creating the mastermind. And so I what I did is I reached out to by invitation to some of my students that I knew would be a really good fit for the mastermind, and I made a private invitation to come in to start masterminding together. So before I launched the mastermind publicly, Natalie was among that the first group that got to come in and we started working through the process and coaching and doing our masterminding privately. And then that was the part of that I think you said was it was hard for you or hard for you to start. But once you did, obviously, you’ve had amazing results. So two different offers there the profitable nutritionists program, which transitioned into the mastermind, and now Natalie is in the mastermind. So let’s talk a little bit about your evolution of your niche. And, like from the context of someone who feels like they have to have their niche figured out right now before they can get started, which a lot of people do. And you didn’t have that drama. So let’s talk about it. No, I

Natalie 21:26
was like, just bring me the people like I just I am the breadwinner for the family, I can help anybody with the knowledge that I have. I know because I’ve watched literally over the last like two decades, people just get sicker and sicker and sicker. So the inside of the human body I get and I know what helps. And I could do that. So I worked with people who just really were just slightly imbalanced people who wanted to lose weight. I worked with cancer, people who were going into, like out of remission from cancer, who had recurrences, and then had huge results, which was like, okay, like, do I really want to focus on this, because cancer prevention is also and longevity are also an area that’s not very much touch. So I will share this, that’s a bit different from a lot of practitioners, even from the mastermind. And from many of the other groups that we have, I’ve heard get coached, nobody wants sick people. Everybody wants motivated people that want to do the work. I’m like, give me all the sick people, like I want them, they are my people. I want to inspire and I want to change them in a way that’s like good in the way that’s like going to be from a place of inspiration. So I love complex cases. So that was like a big one for me. So like the more complex, I noticed that working with complex people really stimulated a part of me, that was like the coaching part that really wanted to uplift people. Now, what really allowed me to hone in on my niche, though, was that I had this very deep understanding of the long term impact of our future generations on our world. Because like, personally, I’m not going to lie, the world that we live in, I have very choice words to say about it, but I keep it within. But I really want to see change, right? I don’t want to complain about the world, I want to I want to, if I’m going to complain about I’d better be doing something to change it. So I’m really looking at the future, right? Like, it’s like, I don’t want to just be like the person in the bleachers, I will be down there in the arena and just doing my thing. And when I saw I think after that coaching call that you’re talking about, actually the one that we’re we talked a little bit about niching down, I remember connecting someone else connected with me from the program. And she said to me, she said, I’m crying, because of what happened to your son. I’m crying because of the story. And I know this person, and I really wish that you know, you could just help them. And it really showed me that there was this need, yes, I could help everybody. But I could help our future generations so much more in an area that does not have enough research that does not have enough people in there that do not like if you look at all of the studies that they’re currently doing, it’s mostly towards lifestyle medicine and looking at chronic illnesses, such as you know, all of all of and they’re so needed. I don’t want to take away from that. But there’s nothing for our kids. And yet we’re looking at autism rates of going up at around right now. I think the talk was saying it’s like one in 30. And really half of my people in my program are non diagnosed yet because the wait times it looks more like one in 15. So that thought is very, it’s more of a risk. It’s it’s happy thought to do it, but it’s also a responsibility.

Andrea Nordling 24:38
Yeah, yeah. And I will say something I really admire you for is that you get coached on something and you you just do it and you you take the coaching and you process it and you move forward very quickly. And I think that that has served your business so well, because you were really waffling back and forth on that. Like is it cancer? Is it autism do I really even know Want to pick? Do I just work with anyone? And you had some indecision around it, I gave you the coaching that, like, from my point of view what I saw, it sounds like you came to a similar conclusion. And you just took it and ran with it. And we never talked about it again. It’s like,

Natalie 25:13
such an amazing thing at the beginning, where it’s like, once you make a decision, you should stick to it. It really, I have tried my best, even though it’s natural for us to want to go back, I get it, I get I, I even in my business offerings. Sometimes I’m like, I want to change it. But no, don’t change it. Who wants to check No, don’t change. So I do have the internal turmoil like everyone else does. But I think that and it’s, I’m just really diligent in in the, like, I the responsibility, the plan, and the outcome that I the vision of what I want for the world. And so yeah, I just really try to hold on to that when either the shiny new thing comes around, or, yeah, and I think that it’s safe to say that, like I have come to coaching and cried my face off, because something didn’t work out. And it was really hard those days. But at the end of the day, it was like I needed to fail the hardest. And to in order to really realize a failing was really not that big of a deal. Yeah,

Andrea Nordling 26:21
that’s such a good reminder. Because we will fail, we think we just somehow got this idea. Like if I just do everything right, I won’t have to have that incredibly crushing, disappointing failure feeling. And that never is going to happen. Because we for sure are going to have that feeling a lot as entrepreneurs, that’s how it goes. That’s what makes those wins feel better.

Natalie 26:41
Like try to fail faster. I go into almost every switch, like every new like opportunity, or even like even my thoughts. I’m like, Okay, how can I fail a little bit today. And I actually teach this to my son as well. So my son’s like, exactly where he’s like considered one of the leaders in his class, he’s going to leadership camp on the 21st, which is like, so crazy, because he’s like, going into teenagehood. And he’s sassy pants now, which is exactly what I always dreamed of for him. You know, I’m like, man. But I think that and I’m like, what have you failed at today? Like, if I can give him that little piece of not being afraid to fail. It’s like, it really is what holds so many people back. And I had a big flop. And it wasn’t even really that big of a flop. Like really, in my mind, I think we create these failures, that means that we are like, if this happens to us, we are going to just like crumble to the ground and no longer be able to be built back up. But once you do that, it’s like you actually just realize, like, wow, it’s never gonna be that bad. Like, it’s not bad. It’s not it’s just something it’s just a process.

Andrea Nordling 27:44
And I think I would add, I think that you probably would agree that the the failure of not even trying actually feels worse to us than the failure of trying it and failing. sitting on the sidelines and wishing I could wishing I would try making excuses that feels way worse than trying and having it miserably fail.

Natalie 28:05
Yes, I see this in my clients do sometimes, like around the coachee all the time. It’s like, they’re like, oh, I don’t know if I should try this or I don’t know if I should do this. I’m like, Well, what’s like, if it’s not gonna hurt you why? Why haven’t you tried it? It’s only like it what’s the worst that’s gonna happen? You’re gonna learn something? There’s I think someone went said it that I really stuck to me was there’s no winning or losing, there’s only winning and learning.

Andrea Nordling 28:26
Yeah, it was just so true. It’s so true. Did you win? Or did you learn sometimes it feels good to win. But those learnings, they really, really stick with you. Absolutely. Okay, so you like are phenomenal at making decisions sticking with them and executing, which is a fundamental process, you kind of talked about this, but I’ll just explain it for anyone that isn’t in the program. I teach three step process, decide, take imperfect action, and evaluate. And then the evaluation process is a three step process in and of itself. So we make the decision, we make our best horse plan, and we execute on that, and then we evaluate it. And we go back and take more imperfect action. But we don’t go back to the design step and make a new decision when things don’t work, we know that they’re not going to work as planned the first time. So we just take a different action, we evaluate, we take more action, we evaluate and it gets better and better and better. And the results, of course get better and better and better. So what I see is that you are fantastic. At that process. The end, I know you teach it to your clients, which is another thing that I teach because everything that we’re doing in business is going to be mirrored by our clients and their health journey. When you’re going towards a goal and you’re doing something new and you’re learning new skills is the exact same thing that your clients are doing when they’re going towards a goal with their health and they’re learning new skills. And they’re needing to get coached on the mind drama that comes up along the way. It’s all the same so we can apply everything in our business to our clients. So I thought it would be cool to ask you what are some of the things that you see in your clients that might kind of like be a mirror for you.

Natalie 29:50
I was actually just going to say like they literally mirror where you’re at today. Like I like if you think it’s not working, then they’re going to be like oh you know this happen? It’s a negative or this one, like, all of my effort, there’s sickness going around right now. So everybody got sick in the last like, couple of weeks. And they’re like, Oh, my kids are regressing. I’m like, it’s part of the process. It’s supposed to happen. But now I know that, but and we talked about and we coach on it. But I noticed very quickly that how all of my insecurities as I was going through the process of getting very confident in what I could deliver, because I knew that it worked. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if my delivering of the knowledge and the application for them would work. And just so you know, it always works. But but it’s really just the thought behind like, Can I do it? Or that stops us from wording things the right way. But yeah, so they would show up, and then they reflect that and they feel uncomfortable in what they’re doing in their lives. And so they would show and mirror exactly. And it’s so interesting, because the more I started using the coaching models that you offered us, the more I taught them about the coaching models, the more that they started to change their mindset, stress would go down and their children would see results faster. Oh,

Andrea Nordling 31:07
it’s so good. So, so good. What else do you think has been really helpful for you as you’ve grown quickly, so I should tell everyone, so you were doing one on ones you were working with your one on one clients, you were experimenting with your process. And I do want to say as we when we talk about like delivering results to clients and your process, this is something we talk a lot about in the mastermind as well. Well, in the profitable nutritionist, I guess in both programs, we talk a lot about this, you just make your best guess on what your process is. And you bring people through it and you tweak as you need to and you are hands on and you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, figuring out what your process is, but but I think that a lot of people listening to this may think why don’t have a process. Of course you don’t if you haven’t tested something yet, you don’t have a process, the way you get your process is you you help real humans and your process come to light. So you were doing that you were working with people, you were making money, you were getting data and figuring out what your process was. And then you created your program where you could deliver that process to a group of people. So I would love to hear what you’re like What do you think has been responsible for you growing quickly from one on ones intergroup? And how has that looked like for you, for anyone that’s listening to this thinking of doing the same thing, I would just love for you to share your your experiences. So

Natalie 32:22
I feel like I almost feel like you were right. So I always because I was working full time healthcare, I was often like one on one just didn’t feel possible or feasible or very, like it was very time consuming. And so I had already my toes in program and in group and I realized very quickly that it’s a totally different process selling to groups and programs than it is to one on one, no one my time opened up, that was a very different story. One on One is much easier to sell to. And even higher price points, even at the the you know, it’s just very high quality. Like I don’t want to say that it’s high quality, because I actually feel like now in-group I get and give more high quality. But I think you also need to have those conversations with people one on one to know their thought processes. So working one on one was great for me to get really comfortable with like adulting, I like to say are talking to adults. And I found this really helpful but very quickly, like I always knew and I had already started a little bit of a program in the back of my mind. And part of it was already, you know, written out and done in slides. And some of it was recorded here and some of it Anyways, long story short, I can I had sold group very, very inexpensively for detoxes. And so that was very appealing to me. But when I chose my niche to be with autistic kids, I had to have a process where where it would fit my people. And I think that’s something that has only come after you’ve talked to your people one on one for quite some time. For me and my people need long term. I don’t want to say long term care that’s I hate that word because it sounds very ominous and scary in the long run. But like six months wasn’t gonna wasn’t gonna cut it. And I didn’t feel that they would even get enough out of six months where all everything you’re seeing with a child is beneath the tip of an iceberg. You would you would see some things but you would not see like the biggest changes. So I decided to have a model that would be a program a digital product that led them to process right kind of it was called it’s called the repeatable milestone process. So it’s how to use very specific nutrition and lifestyle practices in a very specific order to compound results quickly. And so I offered it at lifetime access. I thought that was to me the my best way to have the biggest impact in the world and still, you know, be able to be profitable. So at first I struggled with price points to charge like everybody else. really did. I really struggled because of a lot of different reasons. way that you coached me on this and you one moment where you were like, you’re like treating the whole family. Oh my gosh, like here, I’m charging $4,000 for lifetime access. And I’m literally treating people, sometimes Sometimes more, sometimes less, but like, I really am putting the entire family, they’re all benefiting from this. And it made that process of doing that really simple. But understanding your people first, I wouldn’t. I mean, I had personal experience. So that helped a lot like my autistic kids. Like I have personal and professional experience with that. But you have to have that a little bit like you have to dip your toes with a one on ones to to get to that thing, like where you keep coming up on these things. Otherwise, like your I feel like it will keep you recurring on a problem which you fix a little bit in your program. You’re really kind of always recreating your programs. Do you? Do you kind of know it? Yes, I do like nodding

Andrea Nordling 35:54
my head vigorously. Yes.

Natalie 35:57
I just always recreating the state like these different aspects of the program. So you’re not really just one and done. Yeah, no. And

Andrea Nordling 36:03
your people get coaching with you every week, they get a group coaching call. So yes, they have, it’s similar to the profitable nutritionist program, they have modules, and there’s a process and you bring them through, but they’re also getting live access to you and getting their questions answered. Which is so important. Yeah, so important. So I love that you have been such a fantastic model of premium one on ones transitioning into a group program that you to my recollection, I mean, I know you had some parts of it that were recorded beforehand, but to my recollection, you delivered it to your first group live and recorded that as you delivered it, and that’s what you sold to the next group. And then you’ve been tweaking it and redoing content as you go. But you you didn’t go build out a huge robust program. First, you sold it first made it as you were delivering it very imperfectly, but perfectly for your people, because you’re very hands on and helping them get incredible results. So although it isn’t perfect to you on the back end to them, it is perfect. And they’re getting literally life changing results for their entire family. So you built out the program, and now you’re at the point where you are selling the program exclusively and no one on ones anymore, correct? Yeah,

Natalie 37:14
no more one on ones I do. I mean, I have said yes to some people who really, really, really, really wanted it. And we’re willing to pay the price for it. Right now that is, because it is a very huge part of your time. But I definitely now now that my process is really efficient, I don’t feel that I feel that it’s actually less valuable to be truthful, like I had a one on one client that just finished. And after we were done, I actually was very kind and I told her you need to go into the program, like you could just go into the program, please. And it just really helps to have those people like those that community that you can have in the groups of people that are where you’re at mentally, I find that so helpful. So I almost feel like through the process like your one on ones, you’re almost just learning the speaking the like the foundations of what you’re doing for your clients and how it’s going to work best for either your type of client or your non niche client. Either way, you’ll have a process that works. And then it’s it’s it’s about getting those clients to continue, like long lasting results with community. So they do groups, and you kind of move forward. And it was it’s been amazing.

Andrea Nordling 38:26
It is a different you you said this a little bit, it is a different process to sell from one on ones to a group. So I love that you didn’t just quit one on ones cold turkey and then try to start selling a group and have a gap in time where you are in that learning curve. Because it can be quite significant. It is so much easier to sell one on ones at a premium price to one person to have a conversation where you can mirror match their body language, you can answer their exact questions and then mentally you’re taking notes. Okay, this is an objection people have I need to make sure that I cover that next time or here’s how I would answer this next time. And there’s a there’s a feedback loop that is instant, when you’re talking to a person, it’s so much easier to sell them very different skill set to sell to many people at one time when you are you can’t see what are how are they receiving this information? Is this landing? Or do they have objections? I don’t know. Because I’m just sending out emails and I can’t see their face. It’s a very different skill set. So I love that you bridge the gap for yourself between the two and kept doing one on ones while you were working on the group. And you didn’t you didn’t have that learning curve. And

Natalie 39:29
what a difference right when you actually have like, and this has actually come up to me too. So like I have to share that too that because it’s been a year, right? And it has grown like if I look at most businesses don’t really do that well in their first year. And I feel like I truly have done really well. And I’m super grateful. I did miss the components. I missed the components of the objections and so I’ve had to even myself in and I think we’ve coached on this multiple times in probably the last couple of weeks where I also have to like I was reopened to having console calls. Because I wanted to have one on one conversations they could go into the program that I have. But I wanted to see what the whole process of their mindset around believing that this could work for them. And the objections that came up. It’s such a different way to talk to people.

Andrea Nordling 40:20
Yes, yes, it’s a you had to go through it. So you opened up consults again, you were doing consults for your group. And then I just have to share with everyone that she was taking copious notes. And I think you also recorded those consults. And then you turned the objections people had into emails, and then you you automated it, and you’ve covered it, and you will leverage that forever, but you were not afraid to go in and get your hands dirty with it. I just love that about you. I think that’s why you’re so successful. Your business is absolutely killing it.

Natalie 40:45
Yeah, I don’t I want to share to really truly, like how grateful I was for the profitable nutritionist. Program. Because that aspect of it of having someone like myself, like I’m a spaghetti thrower, like, I know that I think you’ve named yourself like I, I will go in and try every single thing, but not always evaluate the process efficiently and have someone to give me feedback. I do like to think that I take feedback very, not to heart but to I take feedback well, and then I love to work with that. And that’s what you offer. I don’t think that I actually I shouldn’t even say don’t think I know that my journey would not have been the same shit without that kind of really good. Yeah, no, it’s changed my it’s changed my life, my family’s life, I get to go to the gym every morning. Now, we would have never had that before. When I worked healthcare. So like my life, I always think like, Oh, my life is amazing. Now, it is amazing. It’s

Andrea Nordling 41:36
just your business is just starting. It’s so cool. It’s so cool. So I love that you came in and share this. You said this earlier. But I feel like it’s so important to just give you kudos for it. You said, you talked about the case study that’s in the program with Kristin that sells like sold her first clients at $12,000. And you ended up being a light bulb moment for you before you went into that first consult. And so and I’ve thought a lot about that, and this is why I like to share stories like this, because I think that for so many practitioners, we just don’t know that that’s an option. We don’t know that people that are successful, are figuring this out and are helping that not everybody can invest at that level. But there are people that want to and that can and when you serve them, you have the resources in your business to keep serving more people and you have the resources in your business to stay in business and to refine your process and to get it even better and to maybe invest in other resources to make that delivery even better for your clients. And it’s just it’s so valuable to know that that’s even an option. So I love you coming on here and telling people about your story and how quickly you went from Okay, I have a corporate job in health care one day to the next day. I don’t and oh my gosh, I’m going to go start making offers to people and letting them pay me for help tomorrow. And you did and you sharing that with people is like that light bulb moment for them of oh my gosh, I could do that too in one day. And they can

Natalie 42:55
they can it’s like the four minute mile.

Andrea Nordling 43:00
It’s like the four minute mile like nobody knew that the four minute mile was was possible until it was and then yeah, so many people did it all at once. Yes.

Natalie 43:09
It’s so true. I totally believe that. So

Andrea Nordling 43:13
good. Okay, so I know what people are going to be thinking of people in their lives that need you. Where did they find you? And thank you by the way, which was totally unsolicited, but thank you for pimping the program which is the date that this episode is coming out is open for enrollment so you guys go to build a profitable practice.com/join and you can join the profitable nutritionist program is open for the last time in 2022 But tell people where they can come and find you because I know that they’re going to be sending people your way Where are you

Natalie 43:41
she did not ask me to talk about the program it’s really hard for me not to I actually held back because I knew at some point she would talk about it but it’s true. It’s like super life changing but yes for me, you can find me at www dot blue life our x.com So we talk about the Blue Zones and lifestyle medicine there and on Instagram. It’s www.instagram.com/rebels spectrum so rebel spectrum

Andrea Nordling 44:09
hold on is that two L’s or one two L’s okay rebel spectrums this will be linked in the show notes as well you guys if you need to go it’ll be like below this episode but I just wanted to hear you say it okay.

Natalie 44:19
Totally French girl here so yeah, that is one thing that does come up and then yeah, so honestly, I spend most of my time in those two areas just because and get on my email list from those areas because I give so much free education there if for if I’ve had people that I have to share that message me even just from going on there and say my children are changing because of what you share. So if there if even that’s like what people need need to see that it’s possible right to do the four minute mile four minute

Andrea Nordling 44:48
mile with your autistic kid. Yes, yes, yes, it is possible

Natalie 44:53
to learn and there are hundreds of families right now that I even I’ve just seen happen like that. This is happening for them. So it’s it’s going to Yes, it’s so exciting. So anyways, yes, come find me. I love conversations send me emails. I love to chat very very extroverted as you can tell.

Andrea Nordling 45:12
And I love that about you too. Okay, well, this is clearly going to be the first podcast episode of many. So we will have you on again, we’ll be talking about your next six months or a year journey, which I bet is going to be a really fun story to tell because you are moving quickly, my friends.

Natalie 45:27
Yay. So excited.

Andrea Nordling 45:30
Thank you so much.

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