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135. 3 Reasons You’re Behind (And How to Finally Get Ahead)

Do you remember “roll over minutes”?

You know, the concept from the 2000s where if you didn’t use your entire monthly allotment of cell phone minutes, they rolled over to the next month?

Today I want to introduce you to a similar concept:

“Roll over behind” which is absolutely a thing for business owners.

“Roll over behind” is where you carry over yesterday’s, last week’s, or last month’s unfinished tasks and “behind” into a brand new day.

How do you know if you’re guilty of doing this?

You wake up already feeling behind.

Before your day even starts.

And the worst part?

There are only 3 reasons why this happens, which means you’re just 3 quick fixes away from solving this problem for good.

Start making more money in your holistic nutrition or health coaching business right now without relying on social media. Get The Profitable Practice free course.

Listen and Learn: 

  • The 3 reasons you get behind as a business owner
  • The 60 second 2-step process to fix any/all of those 3 things
  • How to apply this simple framework outside of your biz so you can feel calm, relaxed and (mentally) spacious in all areas of your life instead of overwhelmed and guilty

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Andrea Nordling 0:00
Whoa, I’m feeling feisty today, my friend, because time management is our topic of conversation in this episode, and it’s one of my favorite things to coach my clients on. In fact, I have brought 1000s of health and wellness business owners through my time management system, and it is one of the best bait and switch moves ever pulled off. Do I have you confused? Good. That’s the point. Before I tell you about this bait and switch, let me lay the groundwork of this episode, I am going to tell you the three reasons that you are constantly feeling behind how to finally get ahead. And I’m going to invite you to a brand new, completely immersive experience with me and my team to actually do these strategies together so that you can then cruise into June, July and August without feeling behind in your business or your personal life. For real. So exciting. So coming up may 13. To the 17th 2024. For five days straight, you are invited to join the all new updated and completely upgraded summertime free challenge. To do that go to the profitable nutritionist.com/time To save your spot. For a little bit of context. I have done a summertime five day time management training in years past. But this year, my team and I are going all out with completely updated content, new tutorials, a guided workbook and more to help you map out your entire next 90 days, your summertime emphasis on the time and create a 90 day plan to actually grow your business, meaning make more money, more money, my friend than you are right now in way less time. In fact, you can do it in just five to 10 hours a week. And we teach you a plan for exactly how to do that. It is the ultimate time management training. The summertime 2.0 challenge, it’s totally free for you to register right now, again, that’s at the profitable nutritionist.com/time. Though, did you catch that I said it’s the ultimate time management training for wellness business owners. That is the bait and switch actually, because time management is not really a thing, a better plan. And a better planner isn’t going to get you ahead in your business so that you finally feel caught up. And dare I say so you actually are ahead of schedule in your business. Time management doesn’t do it. I know you’re scratching your head, I get it. What actually gets you there is mind management. And that’s what I teach in my time management system called Total calendar mastery, which you get access to for free. And we’ll circle back to that in a minute. But inside the challenge, you get access to my entire system for free. So let me just acknowledge that this little time management training is a blatant bait and switch. When you sign up, you think you are getting 100% time management strategies. And you actually get about 20% Time management tools and shortcuts and tutorials and systems and 80% mind management strategies along with a color coded calendar, and system and all those goodies. I’m not a monster. after all. I know the goods I know we want the better planner, we want it color coded and beautiful and usable. Of course, you get that too. But really the implementation of said calendar and system is the key to the kingdom. And you’re not going to stick to your plan if you don’t have the mind management piece in place. Which brings me to this big announcement. So for the first time ever, ever, we are offering a paid VIP implementation option, when you register for the summertime 2.0 challenge. Again, the dates are may 13, to the 17th 2024. So you have to be listening to this in real time for this offer to make sense for you. But when you sign up for the free challenge, you can then opt into the VIP coaching and pay for that and get extra support in the form of focus groups, live coaching workshops, tech Q and A’s and more to actually put this plan of yours in motion and ensure that you stick to it. So to join the VIP experience, register for free for the training at the profitable nutritionist.com/time. And then after securing your free spot, you will have the option to upgrade to VIP if you would like I’m not going to spoil all the surprises here you’re gonna have to register and find out just what awaits you in that never before seen VIP experience for yourself. But just know that we are going all out to help you implement this plan. And it’s going to blow your mind. Again, register at the profitable nutritionist.com/time that is coming up in a few weeks. All right. Let’s talk about why you don’t get your stuff done every day or every week or every month in your business because really, that is the crux of the issue. After coaching 1000s of wellness business owners through my total calendar mastery system. That’s what I’m teaching in the summertime training. I have seen that there are three reasons people don’t get their stuff done. Truly, there’s only three reasons. One, you underestimated how long things would take two, you allowed interruptions and then reshuffled your calendar. Three, you procrastinated straight up. Those are the only three things that happen. Now why does this matter? And how do you stop doing those three things? So very glad you asked. Let’s chat about it. I I have to give credit to the following analogy to my dear friend Olivia vizac Ro, who coaches lawyers on time management. And she and I talk about time management a lot, because we both coach a lot of business owners and a lot of professionals on those things. So shout out to Olivia and her incredible membership called lawyers only for you guessed it lawyers only. So if you know a lawyer that needs to reclaim their time, send them to the less stressed lawyer.com, which is also linked up in the show notes of this episode. Olivia will take great care of them, I assure you. So here’s a her analogy. And it’s so good. Do you remember rollover minutes, you know the concept from the early 2000s, where if you didn’t use your entire monthly allotment of cell phone minutes, they rolled over to the next month rollover minutes. Today, I want to introduce you to a similar concept, because we love analogies like this. Similar to rollover minutes, Olivia talks about rollover behind, which is absolutely a thing for business owners roll over behind I’m very emphatically giving you air quotes on this roll over behind is where you carry over yesterday’s, or last week’s or last month behind into a brand new day. How do you know if you’re guilty of doing this? Because you wake up already feeling behind, before your day even starts. And you tell yourself that you need to get all of that behind done. And you have to do it quickly today, because you should have already done it. So you’re already behind the eight ball, oh my gosh, it feels terrible. You have a low level anxiety at all times about being behind needing to get caught up. Because not only do you need to get caught up. But really you should actually be ahead by now and not still behind. And oh my gosh, how are you still behind. And then you’re shooting all over yourself about what you should have done yesterday and last week, and what you should have not done yesterday. And last week, if that was anything other than your to do list. Ask me how I know this, my friend asked me how I know this, I’m behind is my most practiced belief since forever. We call these the Old City’s old shoe. These are the old thoughts and the old beliefs that you have practiced so many times in your brain. And you have told yourself that same thought over and over and over again, that it is it just feels so true. You don’t question it. It’s just there. It’s with you every day, underlying all of the decisions you make and all of the other things that you’re thinking in your life. It’s an old shitty, like an old boyfriend that you want to move on from, but you think about them, okay, that’s an old shitty. Mine is one of several but my most prevalent one is I’m behind. It’s my most practice belief, okay, so I totally get it. And that’s why I love coaching on this so much. And that’s why I love talking about it so much. Because the mind management around these thoughts and be having awareness of what these thoughts are and that they are optional, meaning it’s not actually true. It’s just a very well rehearsed thought that you’ve thought over and over and over again, is magical. Okay, so it’s not true. And it doesn’t serve you or your business to ever think that thought I’m behind ever. There’s nothing good that is coming from that thought ever, it’s not useful.

Because when you wake up with that knee jerk feeling of being behind, here’s what you do, you make a plan for the day without any regard for how long the behind the tasks are going to take you to complete. So you’re not being realistic with your time. Chances are those tests are not going to fit into the time that you have available in your day today. Along with all of the other things that you plan to do in your day, personal things, business things, life, things, just all the things. This isn’t I want to just say this isn’t only in regards to your businesses isn’t only in regards to your personal life. It’s how you show up for all of the responsibilities and goals that you have for yourself all over. Okay, this isn’t just business related, but of course, it will manifest in your business. So that’s what you do when you’re feeling that knee jerk feeling when your eyes pop open in the morning. You’re like, Oh, I’m buying tickets. Okay. Oh my gosh, I gotta go faster. There’s a lot to do. This is gonna be a lot, you know those thoughts? You know? Um, yeah. Then you’re going to try to cram it all into today, and it’s not going to fit in. So you’re not going to finish all of those things that you have the intention of doing. And guess what, then you’re going to lay your head on the pillow that night feeling unsatisfied and anxious and guilty because of all the shoulds and then you’re going to wake up tomorrow feeling rushed and overwhelmed and more guilty and you guessed it still behind and the cycle will continue. You’ll end the day feeling behind and you’ll roll over that behind to the next morning. And then you wonder why it keeps happening. You’re feeling overwhelmed and inadequate that entire time. She feels terrible and is totally optional because listen, there is no such thing as rollover behind. Once again, this is as much for me as it is for you and this is something that I coach myself on constantly and is a work in progress for me so just know this is as much for me as for you. There is no such thing as rollover behind you can stop punishing yourself with it. I stop punishing myself with it. You can’t wake up and already be behind that the only time you can be behind is throughout a single day. Because every single day is a fresh start. best news ever. The habit I want you to get into instead is this, you make a plan for the day you implement it. And throughout the day, or by the end of the day, you might be behind that might happen. Because of these things. You underestimate how long things would take you allow interruptions, things come up you reshuffle or you broke out poro crashed and ate. Why is that such a hard word to say? Those things happen. Okay, so you are looking at how you’re getting behind throughout the day. And at the end of the day isn’t a problem. When that happens. It’s a learning opportunity to figure out why you fell behind. My friend, have we connected on LinkedIn? In my opinion, LinkedIn is the platform for professional networking and getting client referrals hands down. If you’re already spending time getting the word out about your business over there. I would love to connect with you. Just search Andrea Nordling and then connect. And I’ll confirm so we can share our networks. Because it’s one of those three things, you underestimated how long things would take. Okay, if that’s the pattern, let’s look at that. Let’s change it or you allowed interruptions and reshuffled. Is that a problem? Is that a pattern is that something we need to look at? Or you procrastinate it, sometimes it’s a combination platter of two or three of those things, but you have to know which ones, which means instead of racing and racing and racing, literally and mentally, by the way, you have to slow down and evaluate midday. And then ideally, again, at the end of the day as well. And if you’re not on track, and you’re falling behind why it’s so simple, you’re going to want to make this so much more complicated. And it doesn’t have to be it’s truly just a practice of asking why if I’m behind right now, why is that? First of all, am I really behind? Or is that such a well rehearsed thought in my brain that I just assume I’m behind. Because I know for me, that is the case. So much of the time, I’m actually ahead. And I could collect so much evidence for how I’m actually ahead instead of behind it. But I’m so used to feeling behind telling myself I’m behind, telling myself I should be further ahead, should be doing something else I should be at XYZ result by now, instead of where I am. It’s just habitual. So having that awareness, looking at it and asking why if I really am falling behind? If I’m not on track for the things I wanted to do today, why is it? Did I underestimate how long things would take? And if so how can I change that for the future? How can I be more realistic? How can I increase the time horizon of how long I’m giving myself to get things done, especially working on big projects, we think that they’re going to take a lot less time than they do very often. So let’s readjust, spread it out over a longer period of time and be more realistic about how much time we’re actually going to allocate towards those tasks. A lot of the times that is really what needs to happen. But we’re not going to see that opportunity for not checking in and evaluating on if we’re actually behind. And if so why, if we’re allowing interruptions and reshuffling constantly, how is that pattern needing to be addressed? Is this a people pleasing situation? Are we saying yes to things we shouldn’t be saying yes to are we prioritizing other people’s tasks. Instead of setting boundaries. Sometimes that is possible to set boundaries. Sometimes you’re working in a job that you don’t have control over things coming up and interruptions coming up. And you can’t set a boundary. But if that’s the case, and if you are continually having to reshuffle your priorities because of unexpected interruptions, you got to factor that into your plan, you have to factor that into your realistic expectations for what you can do in a day. Instead of being surprised when it happens. We need to plan for that happening. And it’s only going to ever happen. If you’re asking yourself why? If I’m not on track, why is that? Okay? I have an awareness that there’s a lot of interruptions coming my way. Some of them I could create boundaries around some of them, I can’t so for the ones I can’t, I’m going to have to figure out how to plan for those and not be taken by surprise when they keep happening. Or number three, you procrastinated and if so, why, hey, find so much value in asking myself, why didn’t I do that thing? I knew I wanted to get that done today? Why didn’t I do it? And when I am truly asking myself out of curiosity, why did I procrastinate the thing? That’s typically because I knew it wasn’t important. Or I knew it wasn’t the best use of my time. Or I knew at some level, there was a resistance, because I knew it just didn’t need to happen. And that kind of goes back to having a perfectionistic plan. We have all of these ideals of what we want to be doing. We want to be getting done. And in a perfect world we would check all of the boxes and we would do everything so thoroughly and at 1,000% execution on all of it. But for a lot of us we know on some level that that isn’t necessary and it’s just doesn’t need to happen. And we’re just going the extra mile just for the sake of going the extra mile and I find for my Self, when I’m procrastinating, that’s what’s going on. I know on some level that I just need to rest, and then it’s just not really a priority. And so I have to check in with that. But again, I don’t check in with it. Unless I’m slowing down and asking myself, why am I falling behind? So you want to understand why you did whichever of those three things, and then figure out what changes you need to make to not repeat those same patterns tomorrow. That’s really what we’re doing here. It’s so simple. Like, what am I doing? Why am I doing it? And how am I going to do it differently tomorrow, it’s not hard. And because it’s not hard, and because it’s so simple. Most people will not take the time to do this. Because the little things that are so easy to do, are really easy not to do. Oh, it’s maddening. It is maddening, because the same thing is showing up for your clients. By the way, these little easy, simple evaluation points and habits to look at why am I doing or not doing the thing I said I was going to do, it’s totally showing up for your clients to and they’re not going to take the time to do these evaluations, if you’re not setting the example and reminding them to do it. So do it for yourself. First, it’s not hard, most people won’t take the time to do it. Because we think that things that make a big difference have to be hard.

Our brains are so fun. Do you feel the sarcasm? Do you sense it? Do you hear it? Oh, this is totally showing up for your clients to so you have to look at it. Think about it be curious, how can you support them in doing these mini evaluations as well, and how they’re spending their time. So after evaluating for one or two minutes, you just plan the following day from that. And you can do this at the end of the day. I think it’s really valuable to check in halfway through the day. And at the end of the day. It’s just not hard. It’s just a quick evaluation for yourself. Am I on track with what I thought it was going to do today? And if not, why? If I’m falling behind? First of all, am I really behind? Is that true? And for me? I think a lot of the time the answer is no. That’s just a well rehearsed thought. But if it is true, they’re like why? Why was that? Huh? So after that evaluation becomes very clear what to do the next day. And you plan the following day, knowing it’s a clean slate. There’s no rollover behind. We can’t roll over our mind. We’re going to start tomorrow, fresh, how much time is there available to get the things done? Personnel professional all of it? How much time is there available? And then what on yours mine anyone’s to do list? Can you complete during that time? Teach this to your clients as well look at the time available, what can you actually complete during that time, and then make the plan, make sure the math works, though, because we’re not doing rollover behind where we’re adding all of the behind from yesterday, and two weeks ago, and up four months before that onto tomorrow and expecting the math to work. It won’t. So just do yourself a solid, make sure the math works. And then wake up tomorrow and give it another go evaluate in the middle of the day, evaluate at the end of the day, if you did stick to the plan, why? What worked, that you can double down on for tomorrow and the next day and so on. And if you didn’t stick to the plan, why? But let’s not assume that if you are sticking to the plan, you have to cram more in. I say this feeling very, very uncomfortable with my day yesterday, where I got the things done, and I took a nap in the afternoon I read a book, I did nothing and it felt great. But also there was an underlying anxiety, that whole time thinking I should be getting ahead should be doing more, I should be doing one more thing instead of wasting my time here. Truthfully, it isn’t a waste of time, my body needed to rest my brain needed to rest I wasn’t behind. I didn’t need to get ahead. It is really interesting to watch how we will try to talk ourselves out of that truth. So it’s the other side of the coin. I have to bring it up here. If you do stick to your plan. Why? What worked? Well, why was it a doable plan? How can you double down on that for tomorrow? And to keep going with it? And how does it feel to stick to your plan? Is it uncomfortable? If it’s uncomfortable? Why is that? Really interesting to explore, right? But of course if you didn’t stick to your plan, why that’s really what you want to know. And it’s one of three things you underestimated how long things would take you allowed interruptions and reshuffled or you procrastinated and the best time management system in the world will not fix any of those the most beautiful planner, the best calendar, the software’s the project management systems, I use all of those by the way, and they really helped me but only mind management will fix the recurring patterns because it’s really what’s going on in our brains that’s going to determine if we fix these problems or if we keep perpetuating them. Oh, it always comes back to the brains always. So this awareness and evaluation process my friend it is the move along with of course the beautiful color coded organized calendars that tell you when to do the things and how to do them and make it easy to move things around. Of course, I teach you all of that. Okay, and I use it too, but it’s the mind management that is the piece. I promise you feeling behind feels too Trouble. I know this intimately, it does not feel you to go forward. It doesn’t make you more productive. It doesn’t help you get stuff done. So quit saying that you work best under pressure, your brain might tell you that I’m the best I work best under pressure. When I’m under the gun, that’s when I do my best work, quit have those same thoughts. I’ve said them and they’re not useful at all. They’re not even true. Because what we haven’t explored if that’s our very, very well practiced pattern thoughts we haven’t explored is working under eats. What is that? Like? Wait, what? We don’t know, that’s an untested experiment for most of us. But what if that was true? What if you would work even better, and you would produce more and it would be higher quality, and you’d get better results, and your clients would get better results, and you’d have better relationships in your life, and you’d enjoy it so much more. And you’d have way more time for your personal endeavors and other priorities, if you had ease. And then of course, your adrenals would thank you for it too. So the best way to tackle whatever remains on your to do list is by staying calm, and grounded, and intentional and focused. And we do that by planning, not by punishing ourselves. Not by having rollover behind thinking that we’re always behind or catching up, we still have to catch up Ill it feels terrible, absolutely terrible. And it’s not sustainable. And it’s not nice to your body. And it’s not nice to your adrenals. And it’s just not nice. So we do this a different way. If you want to learn how to master time management, and it’s one of the core skills that I teach and that you will learn inside the profitable nutrition is programmed by the way, you have the unique opportunity to learn my exact time management and more importantly mind management system for free in the upcoming summertime 2.0 challenge. Again, the dates for that are may 13, to the 17th everything that you learn inside the challenge. And it’s a really live immersive challenge experience, by the way, totally different than anything we’ve done before. I’m so excited. Everything you learn in there is paid content from directly inside the TPN program, you get access to that paid content for a limited time. Like I said at the beginning of the episode, my team and I are doing a never before seen VIP implementation upgrade on top of the totally new challenge experience where you can get coaching and extra implementation support lots of mindset coaching on the mind management piece of this, we’re doing it live every day during the challenge along with some other fun surprises. So you have to register at the profitable nutritionist.com/time If you are listening to this before May 13 2024. And if you are listening to this episode, after that timeframe has passed, go to the profitable nutritionist.com/join where you will see the next enrollment dates for the full TPN program where you learn everything I’m teaching you the challenge inside the program. So don’t worry if you miss the challenge, you’re not going to miss these strategies. But we do have a really fun challenge experience for you to experience them get a little peek behind the scenes for May 13. To the 17th 2024. When you do the challenge, your next 90 days are going to be the most efficient and spacious that your business has ever seen. I guarantee it, you are not going to have any rollover behind because it’s not a thing. And that’s critically important because we cannot be ruminating on rollover behind when we’re at the pool. And we’re at the lake and we’re at the graduation parties and the weddings and the kids sports games and all of the things that happen all summer long. No, it is not allowed. We can’t be thinking about a rollover behind. It’s just not right. Next week’s episode, my friend you are really in for a treat because we’re taking this time management conversation to the next level and then applying it to your spouse.

How do you control your spouse’s time management?

What does that even mean? Oh my gosh, that’s right. How do you make an efficient plan and stick to it when you’re competing for time with your spouse or your partner? So glad you asked. I’m going to reveal all of that next week. So I’ll see you then.

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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