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115. 3 Big Marketing Mistakes That Keep Most Holistic Nutritionists Broke

There are 3 big marketing mistakes I see holistic nutritionists and health coaches make in their businesses that keep them broke.

And I do mean broke – it’s such a dismal statistic that industry-wide less than 10% of practitioners have a successful business.

(Not in The Profitable Nutritionist® Program, though! We are changing the entire industry because being broke is truly not an option.)

You need to avoid these mistakes in your business so you’re making your dream income and dream impact simultaneously, ok?

The 3 Big Marketing Mistakes are:

  1. Not Selling Something Your People Actually Want To Buy
  2. No Time Management or Systems Management Processes In Place (Spending way too much time working)
  3. Not Leveraging the #1 Traffic Hack to Grow An Audience of Buyers (Without Social Media)

Let’s get into exactly how you can avoid these mistakes in your business.


Andrea Nordling 0:00
Hello, my friend, welcome back to the profitable nutritionist podcast. So excited to be recording this episode today. And I know that I start every single episode that exact same way. But it is the truth, I am really excited, because I know that what I’m about to share with you is going to be so helpful. And when I say helpful, I don’t mean like a little, the little nudge in the right direction. I mean, this is the stuff that is going to change the entire trajectory of your business. I was recently at brunch, this is three, four or five, I don’t know in the last week I was at brunch with some friends of mine. For other coaches that have similar businesses to mine, we all have a little bit different specialties but similar businesses, similar business type similar businesses. And one of those friends shout out to Jackie Murphy was talking about how she has found there’s so much value for her. And then of course, she knows that there is for her audience as well. So we we learn about ourselves first, and then we think about and extrapolate how that is true for other people. But she said it is so much more valuable for me. And now to teach her people that you have to look at where the burning bridges and I’m going to totally just completely mutilate her sentiment, it was delivered beautifully. And the way I recall it and the way I’ll say it to you is just going to be a hack job, but you’re with me here, okay? So she said, I need to know where the bridge is burning, not where the best road is. what she meant by that is, you and I and she and all of us can talk about the best path we can talk about like this is the way to do it. This is how the best way is my gosh, follow me this is the yellow brick road. This is the easy version. This is the smooth path. I’ve already taken all the rocks out of your way, this is what you need. And that’s great. And some people respond to that. And they’re like, I want the smooth path. Yes, I want to listen to you, I want to learn from you. And they follow this smooth path. But the majority of people this probably applies to YouTube, if you’re in the majority, you probably are respond much more viscerally and quickly. Just someone saying oh my gosh, don’t go down that road. The bridge is out. It’s it’s burning, you’re gonna get hurt. If you go down that road, don’t go there. It’s like, oh my gosh, I have to pay attention. I can’t go down that road because the bridge is out. Okay, two different things come down the smooth path. It’s a better path. It’s the best path. It’s, it’s paved in gold. Okay, that’s one. That’s one mentality. The other one is, oh, my gosh, don’t get burned. Okay, which one? Are you more likely to pay attention to? Which one are you more likely to respond to the fastest. And that’s going to stick out in your mind, probably the burning bridge, probably the burning path. That’s just called being a human. And it’s the same for your people. Actually, I’ve been talking a lot about this inside the mastermind and inside the TPM program, and I will do a future podcast episode where I really articulate my thoughts on it. But the crux little like foreshadowing here is we have to talk about the bad stuff, we have to talk about the burning bridge. And we have to talk about what really happens in the future, if people don’t address the problem that you help them address. And a lot of times we really gloss over that, okay, because we want to talk about the good stuff, we want to talk about how we’re going to make it more convenient for them. And it’s gonna go faster. And we have a great process. And all of that is true. And all of that is wonderful. But are you shying away from talking about the really tragic bad things that are going to happen if they go down the path where the bridge is out, and it’s burning? Something to think about? So all of this conversation sparked for me, a thought that I need to fast track this episode a little bit where I talk about the three big marketing mistakes that I see so many people make, and that I know really contributes to keeping a lot of holistic nutritionists and health coaches completely broke. And from never actualizing their dream of having this amazing business, which is what they really want. They want the time freedom and the financial freedom to live their purpose and their passion and help people to transform their health to transform their lives and they want to P to P they want to be very handsomely compensated for that. Okay, they want to make a great living, they want to have the financial freedom and the time freedom to do what they want when they want to do it and to have their healthiest life whilst they are helping their people do the same. You’re nodding your head, I hope as you’re hearing this, because I know that that’s what you want. That’s what I want. That’s what we all want. But most really, really insanely talented, motivated, and genius health coaches and nutritionists don’t get to that point because of these three mistakes. So I’m gonna talk about today. All right, these are things that I address inside the profitable nutrition program. I address these inside the mastermind. I address them in lots of different ways. But I think I’m going to come at this from a little bit different vantage point that is hopefully going to hit your brain in a different way because we’re going to talk about the burning bridges.

Like SOS don’t go down this path. It’s so bad. I don’t want you to get burned. So three big mistakes. We are going to really dive into that. Today so that you don’t make them. Before I jump in, I want to let you know that if you’re listening to this episode in real time enrollment is currently open. With the most insane offer that I’ve ever made with a 12 month payment plan option for the profitable nutritionist program. You’ve never seen this before, you very likely will never see it again, I don’t plan on offering it again anytime in the near future, if at all. So if you’re listening to this, while the doors are open, which is until December 14, you need to get yourself to the profitable nutritionist.com/join. And get yourself into the program. Because everything we talked about today on this episode, and more is waiting for you inside. In fact, you have frameworks and processes to make sure that you avoid the big mistakes that we’re going to be talking about inside your marketing and inside your business. It’s all for you inside there. Okay, we have entire frameworks around this to make sure it doesn’t happen for you. That’s the profitable nutritionist.com/join. And if you are listening to this episode, in the future after this enrollment has closed, you have missed the payment plan for 12 months, sorry about that you snooze you lose. But you can always find out the opening of the next enrollment period at that same pitch, the profitable nutritionists.com/join We always publish the dates of the next enrollment so you can plan ahead. Okay. So let’s get in to the big mistakes, big marketing mistakes, to be exact, that I see dozens, hundreds bajillions it feels like a holistic nutritionist and health coaches making industry wide and it’s keeping them broke. And I do truly mean broke. It is such a dismal statistic. But industry wide, the less than 10% of practitioners go on to have a successful business. That is not the statistic inside the profitable nutrition as though we are changing the entire industry standard. Because being broke is not an option. I want to say that, again, being broke is not an option. I don’t want you to have a business where you barely scrape by where you just keep the lights on where you just pay yourself the bare minimum. No, that is not why we go into business. That is not why you are a business owner, you are a business owner, because you know that you can and you will have ultimate time freedom and financial freedom. That is why in my programs, we talk about money, we talk about goals, we talk about impact. And we address the mindset blocks that prevent so many others from achieving all of those things. Get your dream business is what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about how do you create a model where you just kind of barely scrape by every month and it’s incredibly stressful? No, no, no, no, that is broke. That is what we’re avoiding. So here are the three big marketing mistakes. Number one is not selling something that your people actually want to buy. Huge mistake, it all comes down to what are you actually selling, we’re gonna talk about it. The second mistake is no time or systems management in place, which means basically, you’re spending way too much time working way, way, way, way too much time working. The third huge mistake is not leveraging the number one traffic hack to grow an audience of buyers. Now specifically, when I talked about this mistake, I want these buyers to not be coming from social media. So just bear with me, there’s different ways to do this. But I’m gonna talk about the number one traffic hack to growing an audience specifically the way I teach it without using social media. Okay, so that’s what we’re gonna go through. Let’s talk about them. Mistake number one, not selling something that your people actually want to buy a huge deal. This is so obvious that it often gets overlooked for most business owners, but you have to sell something that your people actually want to invest in. Yet so many health and wellness practitioners are not doing that. So big mistake, gotta talk about it your offer your offer, are you offering something your people actually want to buy? You may think that you are but if they aren’t buying? The answer is no, you are not. So don’t get attached to your offer. And to believe your own hype that of course, people want this, they probably don’t if they’re not buying it or they don’t understand it. And we need to package it up a little differently. So first of all, let’s talk about what is an offer. An offer is a pretty package that your products and services or combination of the two are bundled up in so your offer is a shopping bag. Everything inside of the shopping bag is what you are giving to your people. It’s what they’re getting from you. But it’s not just one thing. So people think for example, that their offer is weekly zoom calls, weekly sessions. That is not a compelling offer. Your people don’t want that. That just sounds like more time on their calendar. What is a compelling offer where that is maybe one of the components of it. It’s one of the things in the bag, but what is the entire offer? Okay, so I want you to zoom out a little bit on what your app offer actually is. So that when you sell it to your people, they actually want to buy it because they can see that it is immensely valuable for them. Okay, where I see this go wrong, huge mistake that is made. And I made this mistake so I can talk all about it is thinking, I should just make an online course that I can just sell really cheap, and like passively. Okay, like, oh my gosh, it’ll just be on my website. It’ll be such a no brainer for my people, because it’ll be inexpensive. And so I’ll just do that. Oh, my gosh, I did this. I made this mistake. I understand the thought process behind it. But believe me a mistake it most certainly it’s in 2016 my business bestie Amy and I created an online course called paleo boss babe. I still die. When I see all of our marketing from paleo boss babe days. But listen, we were going for it. We I’m I joke now about this, okay, but I am proud of 2015 2016 2017, Andrea, and Amy for that matter that we did this. And we like we created it, we we launched it, we went to the endzone with this product. Okay. And the reason we did this because we thought this exact same thought were like we’re we know these things. We know these concepts. We know the foundations of the body and of health. And we’re going to package that into a course, that we’re going to record all of the modules and all of the videos and then we’re just going to sell it to infinity and we are going to be so successful overnight. Oh my gosh, there’s no way that this can’t be a slam dunk. There’s just no way. And ignorance is bliss. So we did we launched the course. And against all odds.

I mean, amazing. Like, I’m so proud. I’m so proud of this. At the time, I thought this was a dismal failure. But at the time, we launched this, we created about $5,000 in revenue, I think it was a little over 5000 in sales during this first launch. Like I said at the time, we thought this was a dismal dismal failure. Okay, we’re like, how are we not millionaires? What is wrong? This know? How could this even be, we shook ourselves off a little bit. And we decided to never launch it again, created a couple of different online courses from it, Amy did something else I did something else. This was like our first taste of launching and of online business anyway, we didn’t understand the strategy, we didn’t understand the progression of what to offer. And when depending on your audience size, depending on your business goals, depending on like the entirety of your business model, not just hey, I think I can cash in on this one thing and make a few bucks. And because we didn’t understand any of those things, it is a wonder that we made $5,000 selling the Paleo boss babe course in it’s one time that it was ever launched that it ever saw the light of day. Kind of amazing in retrospect, as I look at that, but I know we got to make $50,000 or $500,000 or more had we a while probably changed the name but via Well, if we had known what I am going to tell you about and what I’m going to kind of reveal with the big picture strategy of what to sell to your people. So they actually want to buy it. And ultimately, I want to close the loop on like my story with this course. And I’ve had many things that didn’t work since then. This is just my favorite story to tell. But believe me, I could regale you for days and days on all of the all of the failures. But this one in particular, I think is such a great example of we just needed more practice selling. And we just needed more practice delivering the process that we were teaching in the course, to be able to market it really well. This was not a compelling offer that sold 50,000 or $500,000. In its lunch, because we didn’t know how to talk about it. You know why we didn’t know how to talk about it. We hadn’t worked with a bunch of clients yet. We haven’t. Hadn’t haven’t still haven’t but hadn’t at this point, had a bunch of one on one conversations with our real ideal clients asking questions about what was included in the offer. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. We just created the product without having done a ton of market research and really rolling up our sleeves and having those one on one conversations. So we didn’t know where people were getting stuck. We didn’t know where they were confused in the messaging. We didn’t know what a really, really compelling offer for them would be. We were taking our best worst guests. But we didn’t actually know what they needed. Because we hadn’t asked them we hadn’t had enough of the conversations. Now, if you had asked me at the time, I would have told you of course, I’ve talked to people like I know exactly what they want. But now all of these years later, when I look back on it, I can see how good just so clearly clear is about how much different that experience would have been if we had taken more time first to practice selling and practice delivering the process to More people before launching a course. So huge, huge, huge mistake that I see so many people make is thinking, I just want to make this cheap thing, that’s going to be a no brainer for my people. Anytime you have the thought this is going to be a no brainer for someone, please check yourself. And just know that there’s some mindset work that needs to happen there. Because you’re looking for a shortcut, I’m sure anytime you tell yourself or I tell myself or I coach, someone that’s telling themselves, this is going to be a no brainer. It’s not a no brainer, that’s looking for a shortcut that’s thinking. And so I’m just going to make it cheap. So that I don’t really have to figure out the messaging. So I don’t really have to figure out how to coach myself on my mindset around money or selling or push myself on making the offer more compelling. There’s so many different reasons that we want to do this. And I’m just going to tell you from a lot of experience in coaching a lot of people and running an online business for many years now, check yourself, if you’re having that thought I want it to be a no brainer, or it’s just going to be a no brainer. Okay, so making an offer that your people actually want to buy, it has to be so valuable for them, they have to be able to see so clearly how their life is going to be immeasurably changed, when they take you up on this offer. And I just I always default to going back to the example of weekly zoom calls, whilst they might be a really important part of how you deliver your offer to your people and how you support them. They don’t know that. Okay, so I’m gonna just keep defaulting back to that, as an example of a component of your offer that you can see is really valuable. But your people probably can’t until you educate them on why that is so important. What are the ultimate results that they’re going to get? And how is that weekly support, absolutely critical and so different than anything they’ve experienced before? How is that going to be easier for them? A lot of times people don’t know that they need to just show up, they think that they have to prepare, they think they’re going to be quizzed, they think they have to come with something that they need to offer to you. They don’t understand how those calls work. So a lot of times just the messaging around the offer, and educating people on why the offer is structured the way it is hugely important. That’s kind of a tangent, but I feel like it’s important in the context of this entire conversation. So marketing, marketing, marketing is all about you explaining the value of what you’re offering and making it so irresistible that your people can’t say no to it. And the way that you do that is you have lots of conversations with people and you figure out what they’re not understanding, what do you take for granted that you think is so obvious that they actually don’t understand? Okay? One more, one more tangent, I can’t help myself. If you are confused about how to do this, explain your offer to a third, fourth or fifth grader. I happen to have a fifth grader in my house. So I do this sometimes. And it is amazing to me, what is not understood. But I think it’s very obvious. So if you’re an elementary school child or some someone’s elementary school child in your life can’t understand what you’re doing, you might want to reconsider the way that you are messaging because we really need things to be that clear. And that simple for people to understand. Okay, so what do you sell? How do you structure it? What do when do you make an online course you may be thinking you may be thinking but D’Andrea, you do have an online program that you sell, where did that come from? What? Like, you’re telling us don’t do that. But how do you know when to do it? Well, it’s a great question, one that I shall answer. So I teach a framework inside of my programs, which is called a value ladder, or an ascension model, the version that I teach is called in up max. So if you’ve ever seen me teach this before, you know what I’m talking about, imagine a triangle cut into thirds. So the bottom third is much longer and larger than the middle section. And then at the tippy top, you have one more little triangle, which is the smallest section. So the bottom, the base of the triangle is your in offer, this is delivered to the most amount of people highest volume of people, and it is the least expensive offer that you will ever sell. So this is an OP Max model. And the reason I like it is because it assumes that you will only ever sell a very maximum of three offers in the entirety of your business at one time. This is a very long term business model. Okay, this is not something that you create three offers simultaneously, and then you sell all of them. This is just for you to be able to see in the long term of your business, what it will look like what it could look like, very simple three offers at the very maximum, maybe you only ever have one, maybe two, maybe three, but a maximum of three. So that bottom offer that is the biggest chunk of the triangle is delivered to the most people it is the least expensive of the offers. Okay? The middle section, less people it’s if you can visualize the triangle cut into thirds. This is a smaller section than the base of the triangle. So there are less people that you will be delivering this offer to but you charge more money for it. Okay, so you actually make more money with this offer because you’re charging more for it, even though you aren’t delivering it to as many people, then the max offer offer at the top of the triangle is your most expensive premium VIP creme de la creme offer. And you charge the very, very most for this offer. But it is delivered to the fewest amount of people, this is the tiny little tip of the triangle, it’s a much smaller piece of the pie. Okay, there aren’t very many people that can get this amazing, super VIP, super Gucci offer. Okay, so in up Max in at the bottom, most people charge the least for it, then you have the middle tier, you’re charging more, but deliver to less people. And then that Max section at the top is where the most premium offer lives, but delivered to the least amount of people. The reason I tell you this, and the reason I always teach this in all of the processes that I teach us because I think it is so important to understand long term, what a really successful business looks like. Because when you see only one piece of this, you make decisions based on just seeing one piece and not understanding where the money is being made in that business. For example, if you see a low price membership, or a low price, quote, unquote, no brainer offer like an online course, you may think that that is the key to a lucrative business. And you might see somebody selling that or a business selling that that is very successful. And you think, oh my gosh, that’s it, I need a $19 a month membership, that’s the key, that’s what this person is doing. They’re killing it, what you are not seeing is that they’re probably making the majority of the money in their business on a back end offer. Meaning that in offer that that lower ticket offer is bringing in a larger proportion of people. But then on the backside of it internally, after they buy that offer, they are being upsold, the up offer or the max offer. And that is where the real money has been generated in the business. So just knowing full clarity, oh, I may only be seeing one component of a successful business. And I can’t base all of my decisions based on just that one thing that I’m seeing someone else doing or a few other people doing. This is why it’s so dangerous to do the Compare and despair of looking at what other people are charging and looking at other people’s business models and then feeling like shit about being in that cycle. Terrible idea, because you don’t even know what the full story is. So looking at offers, I don’t want to go on too long of a tangent there. But looking at offers really, really important to know that there’s a progression of the offers and for the long term of a business, it will be to create something lower ticket that you then can upsell your services on the back end of that are more premium services. It’s just a different strategy. Many people think and I definitely thought this as well, that you start with the lower price offer. That’s why I created paleo boss babe, it was like we’re gonna sell this, I think we sold that for 495, something like that 395 Something in that neighborhood. So the thought process was, this is not an incredibly premium offer, but we’re going to sell it sell it to so many people, it’s going to be such a no brainer for them. Like that’d be so great. Okay, start there. Well, what I didn’t realize and I now have so much appreciation for is that it is much harder to sell cheap things than it is to sell expensive things for so many reasons, but we could probably just simplify it by saying that people inherently value things that are more expensive. We just do something is more expensive. We and also our prospective clients think oh, well, that just must be better. This is the bias that we have. And it’s reinforced a lot. So is it even a bias? Maybe it’s just a fact I don’t know. But it definitely is there. So it is much easier to sell expensive things. There are some other reasons behind that too. But I think let’s that’s like a separate podcast episode. Okay, so let’s just keep our eye on the prize here on making sure that you are selling something your people actually want to buy. For the most part, your people want to buy your most premium offer where they are going to get the most support from you. And the results are all but guaranteed. Hey, people do not want to DIY, they really don’t. And if they do, they’re not your people. So I am going to suggest and I suggest this to all of my clients. To start with the max offer which is your most premium VIP creme de la creme. Start with that. Not with the lower ticket offer. It boggles the mind. I understand I made this mistake too. I get it. But I am telling you, you will have so much greater success so faster. When you actually figure out that your people want to buy the more expensive thing. They want your help. They want you to hold their hand. That more expensive offer is probably going to involve one on one support from you and that is what they want. And in the beginning of your business. That is what you need to give them because that’s how you are going to figure out where do People get stuck. How can you shore up your processes and make them more efficient? How

can you teach things in an even more concise way, so they get even better results? Where are the little shortcuts that you know that you can then teach to them, and you build out your processes and your entire client delivery, based on people giving you real time feedback, what’s working, what isn’t working, so that you can quickly iterate, and you can make it the most insanely valuable experience for them. The benefit of this is that you don’t need very many clients, when you are charging a super premium rate, you get the benefit of knowing exactly what they need, and figuring out how to deliver it, which you don’t know in the beginning. We’re going to talk about that in a little bit. So So if right now if your brain is screaming at you, but I don’t know how to do that. I don’t even know yes, we’re going to talk about it. I know you don’t know. None of us know, it’s like, it’s the elephant in the room, nobody talks about. But when you deliver this really amazing offer, that is probably pretty high touch, it’s going to be different than anything that they’ve experienced before. It doesn’t require them to DIY, it doesn’t require them to go figure out more things or learn new things, or listen to podcasts or read books, or try to figure out what different specialists they need to go to, and how do I get a referral here? And then what do I need next? And then what supplements here? I mean, there’s just so much so much. They don’t have to do that, because you already have the answer. They know you have already got these resources, you already have a process, and you are going to help them that is an offer that’s really compelling. Okay, so with over 100 episodes of the profitable nutritionist podcast at this point, my team asked if we could create a podcast and roadmap quick guide to the most popular episodes, which I thought was a fabulous idea. They’re so smart. We ended up categorizing 30 ish of the top episodes into a few different lists and categories. So you can easily find the most useful content for exactly where you’re at in your business right now. To get the podcast roadmap download, just go to the profitable nutritionist.com/roadmap One word, you’re more than welcome to binge all of the episodes, of course. But if you’d like the shortcut guide, this roadmap is going to be gold for navigating to the exact episodes that you need right now. Again, download the PDF at the profitable nutritionist.com/roadmap. Let’s see, you now have an idea, basically, of what you are going to sell that your people can’t say no to, what do they what are they actually wanting to buy and don’t sell something that people don’t want to buy. But the way that you figure out what they want to buy, is by taking your best guess making it really, really valuable for them, which probably means a lot of you in the beginning. And that’s okay, nothing has gone wrong. So don’t look at those other businesses that are selling digital products to the masses and think oh my gosh, I’m not doing it right, if I’m not doing that, because you totally can. And then you can have a story like paleo boss, babe, or you spend six months or a year of your life, creating something that you really never end up actualizing to its fullest potential anyway, and you start over and you do something different. I see it all the time, which is why I just have to talk about it. I have to talk about it. I also see my clients get really frustrated in the beginning and then quickly change their tune as soon as they see how true this is that people people selling. How do we want to say this, people selling inexpensive offers are really doing it the hard way. Okay, because there are two ways to be the cheapest. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ve heard me say this, but it bears repeating. There’s two ways to be the cheapest, what most people do is they lower the price. And that’s where you get the thinking of like, I have to make this a no brainer offer I have to be the lowest people are shopping around and they’re comparing, I’m not going to be competitive because other people are charging XYZ. It’s not the same. Okay, first of all, that’s what most people do is a race to the bottom. And they want to lower their price to be the cheapest, terrible idea. Do not do this for a multitude of reasons, not least of all, because do you want to be the Walmart and cap of your health and wellness services? I think you do not. I suggest that you do not. So that’s one way, that’s what most people do. And they will stay broke forever, their business will never take off, they will always stay broke because there can only be one that’s the cheapest. There’s no benefit to being second cheapest, except that you’re completely broke. So don’t do that. But that’s what most people do. The second way to be the cheapest is to massively increase the value of what you’re offering. And that is what I suggest you do. Put your time and your energy into figuring out how do I make this even more valuable for my people. Because when they’re weighing the value, your offer can be insanely expensive compared to the next person that they’re considering. And I would argue that most people aren’t really shopping around. But if they were if your brain really argues with you about that, that they are you can still win by having a much more valuable offer. Even if it’s considerably more expensive, value does not necessarily mean more it can, but it means that they’re getting the results faster. They’re getting them easier. They’re getting them with less perceived effort. These are all things that you can consider in your offer. So how do you make it so incredibly approachable? Where your people are thinking, oh my gosh, all like, seriously, all I have to do is show up. What does that look like? That is a really, really valuable offer. Okay, so have we belabored this point on big mistake, number one, not selling something that your people actually want to buy, I want you to put your time and attention into making your offer much more valuable, not cheaper. And I also want you to really push yourself on selling something much more expensive than you think you can? Because you totally can’t. You absolutely absolutely can. My student, Natalie, that has been on the podcast before. So if you’ve been a longtime listener of the podcast, you’ve heard from Natalie before, but she had this exact experience, she went through a very kind of bad situation with her corporate job in healthcare, where she unexpectedly lost her job. And overnight realized, oh, my gosh, as the breadwinner of my family, I now need a new plan. And I need to actually prioritize my nutrition business, because that’s my ace in the hole right now. So she joined the profitable nutritionist program, she went through the first few videos, and it was admittedly, she told me, she was like, I literally watched two videos, but one of them was about structuring your offer and pricing. And she said, Okay, I’m gonna do this. And I have a few people that are interested that wanted to jump on a call. So she watched those videos before her calls. And she made $7,000. In one day, she charged $5,000 For six months to one of them. And another one was $2,000. For six weeks, she made up those offers on the fly, but just using the framework that she had learned in those first few videos. And she’s like, this absolutely blew my mind. But I just needed to know that I could like I just needed to know that that was possible. And I needed to figure out how to sell what they actually wanted to buy. So all that to say, don’t want to sell things that people don’t want to buy, if they aren’t buying, it’s probably something wrong there with your offer, we need to fix it. Okay. Mistake number two. Big mistake number two, is no time management system or no systems at all, no systems or systems in place, which means that you’re spending way too much time working. If you are like a lot of people that I see, before they get this flushed out. There are no systems whatsoever, and they are working at least twice as much, if not more than they need to be in their business. And the reason that’s problematic is because we really value I know if I know I do. And I know if you’re listening to this, you’re the same. So I can safely say big generalization here, but I can safely say, we value our health, we value rest, we value our adrenals. We value the time with our loved ones and our hobbies and our life and we want to life more, we don’t want to work more, I don’t think anybody starts their own business with the intention of it overtaking their life. That’s not why we do that. Okay. However, if we don’t pay attention, that’s exactly what can happen. And then it is this whole hypocrisy, where we’re talking to people about their health and protecting their health and protecting their stress. And then internally, we’re thinking, I should really take my own advice on this. And it’s a whole thing, right? So the big problem here big mistake is not having systems in place to support the amount of time that you actually want to be working, and then be able to efficiently do the things in the amount of time that you’ve given yourself to do them. So this is time management, and systems management. There’s a right way my friend and a wrong way to do this. And the wrong way costs people their dreams. Is that a little bit dramatic, maybe, but I’m going with it.

Because so many people hear this advice, very common business advice about how much time they should be spending, especially on social media for as a business owner. And that is what gets prioritized. And what I see is oh my gosh, like it’s this black hole of productivity death as I think of it. And it’s completely unnecessary. Because in reality, if you have systems in place to prioritize a very few select high value activities during your week, you are going to grow your business, it is inevitable, it’s going to happen. You just need to know what those things are. And then you need to have the discipline and systems in place to be able to prioritize them and actually get them done instead of being distracted by other things. Okay, so you might be like, what does she even mean by that? She’s talking in circles in 2020 When my family and I were traveling full time in our RV depending on how much you know about my story, this might be news to you. So I’ll give a little background on that in 22 We sold our house and the acreage that we were living on, and we hit the road to find our own adventure. And to honestly just like, find our own freedom and spin the experience into something that we wanted it to be, instead of what we didn’t really want that week or that year to be when clearly kids weren’t going back to school. And it was challenging in a lot of ways. So we hit the road in our RV, I found myself at a crossroads. Like first of all, I, I needed to be able to work, okay, my business definitely was helping to support our family during this time. So it wasn’t an option to not be working, nor would I have wanted it to be. But I didn’t have the benefit of this beautiful office anymore. With the French doors where I could go in and waste all day doing God only knows what but still feeling a little bit productive. That’s kind of how I recollect those days being spent. And I didn’t have that anymore. The kids weren’t going to school all day while I was at home working, that wasn’t happening. We were instead, in very close proximity to each other. We were homeschooling, we were adventuring. We were maximizing our time on the road as a family and we were doing the adventures and I didn’t want to be chained to my laptop at all times. But I couldn’t have been even if I had wanted to be because it all much time you’ve spent inside of an RV with your entire family, basically on top of each other with a laptop, but it isn’t the move. Okay, it’s not the move. So I was figuring out how to manage my time, and I was getting pretty good at it. And then as things happen, like, I don’t think this is a coincidence. But as things happen, I got very compelled to cancel all of my social media accounts, I was not loving the censorship that I was seeing going on. And I was very frustrated by a lot of aspects of that. So I just decided that’s it, all social media is gonna go personal professional, all of it gotten deleted. And that freed up a considerable amount of time in my week, I already felt like I was kind of killing it in the time management arena. But this was massive. And I would have told you pre deleting all of those profiles, I would have told you, I don’t spend that much time on social media, it’s not something that is sucking my time, it’s not a big deal. That’s what I would have told you. And I would have been lying because even though I wasn’t really active on social media, and I was very hit or miss but mostly Miss let’s be clear, because it just don’t wash my hair that often just wasn’t very good at showing up on social media for that reason. So anyway, I was very Miss hit or miss very miss, but it was consuming a lot of my bandwidth to be thinking about all of the should B’s. So I was constantly thinking about I should be doing this, I should be doing this I should be more consistent, I should be creating more content people love when I do stories, I should be doing more stories, I should be promoting my launch on there, I should be scheduling advanced I should be I should be I should be. And that was really taking a lot of my energy, I would have told you otherwise. But that’s just because I didn’t understand until it was gone. And I realized holy cow, I have at least 10 more hours per week to be working on my business. And I can’t believe that. And I think that that’s conservative, even considering that I would go on to maybe do some research on something and an hour would go by of, you know, Mindlessly scrolling the feed, I definitely was guilty of that. So probably 10 hours a week is maybe even conservative. But once I had that time back and I just wasn’t doing any of that anymore. professionally or personally, I realized holy cow, I have so much more time than I thought I did. And that was when I got really, really efficient. Because I could see where those holes had been, I could see where I was completely getting myself off track when I didn’t want to be doing something that I actually needed to prioritize in my business. And that was definitely a pattern I would go scroll. And I know a lot of people listen to this podcast will definitely kind of resonate with that. So I just say hey, that’s that’s a thing buffering with scrolling, definitely a thing. But when that was no longer an option for me, I was so productive. And I don’t mean like I took all of that extra time and I used it all for work. I mean, like maybe I took an extra hour or two a week got way more done, and then went out and and lived my life. I was adventuring with my family. I was soaking up all the time with my kids that I could and having so much fun. So I have I have lived this okay, I have earned the right to talk about how much time it takes to be thinking about engaging on social media, creating social media content, actually executing on that following up on it. Trying to get more followers thinking about what else you should be doing more strategies more this more that it is a lot and don’t lie to yourself and say that it isn’t. If you’re doing it and it’s working. I’m not saying that you should do what I did and delete everything necessarily. But be honest with yourself about how much time you’re spending and if you don’t already have a very, very specific time management system in place. To make sure that you get the other stuff done first, you can very easily find yourself in a pattern of prioritizing social media engagement or social media content. And you’re not actually moving the needle in the the areas of your business that are going to bring you money that are going to get you more clients more impact, or income, and all of that. So definitely the time management is a huge piece of this. And I see people not having any way that they know to approach time management as a business owner, especially if you’ve never worked for yourself before, it can be very overwhelming when you’re looking at a blank calendar in front of you for the day. And you’re like now what do I do to fill this? What do I actually do here? So I teach a very specific process inside the profitable nutritionists program on how to approach this and what to actually prioritize on your work calendar, which is critical if you are staring at a blank calendar, but also critical if you are building your business on the side. So if this is a side hustle for you, and right now you still have a corporate job, or you are parenting full time, or you’re homeschooling or this is something like not your full time focus or your number one priority focus, I guess I would say right now, it’s even more important that you have a really specific time management system. And you know what your priorities are each week, so you can schedule those first. Yes, I do have a process that I use for actually doing the things that you schedule, because that’s, that’s a skill set in and of itself, and then filling the rest of the time should you choose to with things like engaging on social media creating content, not that that can’t be valuable. And not, that can’t be a marketing strategy that works. I don’t want to minimize that, especially if it’s working for you. But there are certainly other priorities in your business, like creating systems and processes, and ultimately repeatable systems and processes that are going to save you a lot of time in the future. And you just cannot do that. If you’re filling all of your time with activities that are not producing income, we have to have income coming in, we have to have clients coming in. And we have to be moving forward on systematizing, both of those things, so that your business continues to grow. Otherwise, you are in the camp, where you’re doing the things, you’re bringing in some money, but it’s not growing, you’re not getting better at it, you’re not getting more efficient, you aren’t raising your prices, you’re not creating the consistency that you want. And I would say I would call that broke. I think that that’s still broke, even when you are having success. If it isn’t consistently growing, and you’re getting better at it, and it’s taking less time, instead of more time.

That is still broke. Okay, so big mistake number two there. I got to look at my notes. Did I say everything I wanted to say but big mistake? I think I did. If you’re spending way too much time working, and you’re not making the money you want to be making this is a mistake you’re making, I probably could have taken the last 15 minutes and just said that. All right, big mistake. Number three that keeps most holistic nutritionist and health coaches broke is not leveraging the number one traffic hack to actually growing an audience of buyers without social media. What is that traffic hack? You ask? Well, I’m going to tell you, it is very simple. It is paid research and development, otherwise known as getting your clients insanely huge results. So they go do all of your marketing for you. That is the number one traffic hack. Number one traffic hack. You don’t need social media to do that. You can use social media, you can use a carrier pigeon, if you would like you could send signal fires, you do whatever you want, but it’s going to work. If people are getting results, they’re going to talk about it. And they’re going to send you the referrals. It is very simplistic in nature, it has stood the test of time, referral based marketing and a referral based business is always going to work. Because you don’t know the people that your people know. And they are going to spread the word for you if they’re getting results to those people. And then those people are going to spread the word to the people that they know that you don’t know. And on and on and on. And while that is happening, you are making a lot of money in your business. And what you are doing is you are generating those resources, you are getting better at delivering your processes, you are setting up repeatable systems in the background, hopefully following the project management software trainings that I teach in the profitable nutritionist. And you’re hopefully following the time management protocols that I also teach in there. So you have those skills. And then you’re teaching both of those things to your clients as well. And you’re getting better at it and you’re able to serve more people, and you’re able to make even more money. And then with those resources, you are able to hire experts that are already really good at it to run ads or to get you featured on more podcasts or to do paid workshops or to partner with other practitioners or other parallel businesses and get in front of their audiences. And you’re able to do these other things that are going to get even more eyeballs on your stuff. But you don’t have to do it first. You don’t have to do any of that on your own without any resources and without any data behind you. And when I say data about what I mean is what’s working. It’s kind of like what we were talking about with the mistake number two about selling something that your people actually want to buy. How do you know? Well, you talk to the people, they tell you what they want to buy, they tell you, what have they tried before that didn’t work, and you go Note to self, Okay, interesting. And you have lots of those conversations, and then your marketing gets a lot better. Okay, then you’re able to run ads that really convert, then you’re able to create website copy that brings just a looky loo from Google, into your website. And they’re like, holy cow, she’s reading my mind. Oh, my gosh, how did she know that? That’s the problem. I have, oh, my gosh, how did she know that? I’ve already tried that before. And that’s the exact result I got, oh, my goodness, she knows. She knows. And when people have the thought she knows, or he knows, what do they do? They trust you. And they should because you do know, you’ve helped people, you have a process, and they can trust you. That’s a beautiful thing. And it all happens because you start with one person. And you really help that one person which is again, another reason why I’m such a huge advocate of starting with one on one clients, even if you don’t intend to build a business on one on one clients forever. Starting there is going to renew your chops is that this phrase? Now? I’m like, second guessing myself after? After I said that. I think that’s what I want to say, well, you you understand the sentiment, regardless, you are going to earn that credibility. Okay, you’re like, you know, you’ve worked with clients, you’ve heard where they get stuck, you’ve seen in real time, what works and what doesn’t work. You’ve heard how they explain the problems that they have, how they’ve told you what they’ve tried before that didn’t work, what their dream solution would be. You’ve heard their wins, you heard what they get excited about, you realize, oh, my gosh, if we do more of that, they’re gonna stay so motivated. This is amazing. How can I build in more of this, I teach a very specific evaluation process inside the profitable nutritionist program. And I teach it from the framework of this is how you’re going to evaluate the progress in your business every week. However, you’re also going to teach it to your clients so that they can evaluate their progress every single week, because everything going on in your brain, as a business owner, as you’re trying to achieve your goals is the exact same thing going on in the brain of your clients as they are trying to achieve their health goals. We’re all humans, we all have the same patterns, it’s all the same. So you’ll figure that out, you’re going to use those tools, hopefully you’re in the profitable, nutritious program. If you aren’t, did I mention enrollment is currently open, and you shouldn’t be. But if you aren’t, you’re going to have a harder time, okay, you’re going to be going a little bit blind, you’re going to be kind of like covering your eyes with a blindfold, and feeling it out as you go. And that’s just a slower way, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there. Of course, I think your success is inevitable. And if you don’t quit, your success is inevitable. But I know that there are ways to make this a lot faster, like taking the blindfold off. And just using your eyes to walk down the hallway is a lot faster than feeling along the wall the entire way and walking really slowly. So I don’t know why I felt compelled to give you that visual, but that’s how I see it in my brain. So hopefully, that’s helpful for you. So like round this out, big huge marketing mistake I see people make is not believing in or not leveraging the power of referral based marketing, which is the number one traffic hack because it doesn’t, it doesn’t take more of your time, it doesn’t take more of your dollars, you’re not having to have money allocated to running ads, if people are just out doing the ads for you, okay, because they got great results that’s free. And that is limitless, because the more people they talk to the more people those people talk to, and it just keeps going. And the reason that keeps going is because people tell people when they’re getting great results. So as long as you are prioritizing your paid r&d, that’s your research and development in your company, meaning you are getting paid handsomely to love on your clients to really obsess about their results and figure out how do I make them even better? How can we get these even faster? How can we make this even more sustainable? How can we make you celebrate every bit of progress that you make, and not only be focusing on the end goal? Like how do you do that? How do you build that into your process? How do you take the mindset hacks that you’re learning for yourself and the way that you coach yourself for your business? And how do you apply that to your clients? I teach a lot of strategies around that as well. But how do you take every little piece of that building into a process that is such an unbelievably transformative experience for your people that they cannot help? But go talk to people about it. And I know if you’re just in the beginning of your business right now, well, first of all, if you’re not in the beginning of your business, and you’ve worked with enough clients to have seen this play out for yourself, you’re just nodding you’re like yes, that’s exactly what happens. If you haven’t and you’re at the beginning of your business, you may feel very unsure because you don’t know exactly what your process is. You don’t know exactly how to do this yet. And I just want to offer you you’re not going to know it’s like riding a bike. You You get on the bike. And hopefully you pedal and you fall over. And it’s very wobbly and you fall over and you get back up and you pedal again and you do it. And then you figure out how to ride a bike. versus thinking you got to watch courses about riding a bike, you have to watch videos about riding a bike, you need to listen to more podcast episodes about riding a bike, you need to learn about the bike, you need to take another certification program, to figure out how someone else could teach you how to ride the bike better in a new way. Like all of these things, you just you’re just not going to know how to do all of those things. And you’re still not going to know how to ride a bike until you get on it and you wobble and you fall. And you maybe have a scraped knee here or there. But then you just get really good at riding the bike. That’s how it is with working with your clients and testing out your processes. And that’s why I’m it’s research and development all the way I highly suggest you get paid well to do that. First of all, keeps the lights on in your business, it gives you the resources to keep investing in your business and grow faster. But also, like we talked about earlier, people value what they pay more for, they show up in a different way. So there’s definitely a strategy for taking free clients. I’ve done podcast episodes about that as well. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But when you get into the territory where someone is paying a premium investment to work with you, they are going to show up for that process differently. They are going to show up for themselves in a different way. They are invested literally and figuratively, at a higher level. And they’re much more likely to sell you to other people and to send referrals your way and to basically tell people, you have to work with this person, this you have to do this. And that’s when you feel those referrals coming in. It’s like I don’t even know how that where this person came from, I don’t even know. But it just keeps happening. And that’s because you’re prioritizing the results that your people get. So to close the loop on that one doesn’t seem like a marketing hack. But I tell you, it is a huge marketing hack to be obsessing about the results of your clients, especially in the beginning when you only have a few of them. And of course you can and then it just gets better and better and better. referral based marketing, I’m telling you, though, it’s where it’s at 100%. All right.

I think I’ve, I think I’ve told you everything that I wanted to tell you about these mistakes, although I could just go on and on and on. But I want to just show a little bit of constraint here. Okay, as a reminder, the three mistakes that we talked about are not selling something that your people actually want to buy, not having time or systems management processes in place, meaning you’re spending way too much time working, that doesn’t feel good. And also not leveraging the number one traffic hack to grow your audience without social media. If you love social media, great, but I still want you leveraging this referral based marketing hack. obsess about your people do your paid research and development, get the word out, get wobbly on your bike, you’ll get stronger, you’ll get better, you’ll fall less as you go. Just trust that process. Nothing has gone wrong. If you feel a little bit unsure about what the heck you’re going to be doing with these clients, especially in the beginning, nothing has gone wrong. The only way to figure it out though, is to just pedal. Now, I think that I have a process inside the profitable nutritions programs, it’s going to make it easier for you to get on that bike and pedal, it’s going to be a little bit easier path with less bumps and less things to shake you and rock you along the way, which is called the repeatable revenue process. So when you join the program, you are going to get access to this process is part of the offer. It’s not the entirety of the offer, but it is part of the offer in the TPM program when you join. And it is step by step videos with a companion workbook that bring you through all of the foundational decisions that you need to make regarding what is your offer? What are the components of your offer? How are you pricing this offer? Who are you selling it to? All of those things, okay, the financial decisions in your business, all of those foundational decisions are made. And then we get into selling that offer, okay, and then you’re going to go into stage one, which is all about selling it and then you get your first taste of peddling and of selling your premium offer. There’s an entire process for that it is much, much easier than you think it is, I promise. And we have dozens and dozens and dozens of testimonials of people in the program that have said the same. By the way, I don’t think I have mentioned this webpage that we have we newly published this in the last few weeks on the website. But if you go to the profitable nutritionist.com/testimonials plural with an S at the end, you will find dozens and dozens and dozens of testimonials from students in the program specifically the results that they’re getting. It’s incredibly motivating. We keep adding to it. It’s a great page. So anyway, you will see people having great success in the program. Following this process. You get started selling you’re selling your premium offer. You have more clients that you’re bringing in. You’re systematizing that selling if you don’t know how to sell by the way, if you don’t know how to do a console call, or what to talk about how to overcome objections in a sales call like that. We have an entire process for how to structure your high converting consult call. That’s all included in the program as well. If you don’t know how to manage your time, guess what I have an entire process that you will learn in the program about how to time block, how to prioritize what activities, you should be working on how to fit your business into your life, and not work all the time. Biggest thing that I want you to take from this is you don’t have to be working all the time. If you don’t know how to use a project management software, you don’t know how to organize processes, we have an entire system that we teach in the program for doing this, are you getting the gist here, we have these processes already created for you. And it is so easy for me to do a podcast episode like this where I just emphatically sell you on the program, if you’re not in there already, because I know it will work for you. I know it will help you. In fact, we have a money back guarantee in the program, you make your money back or we give you your money back. Do you know why I can do that? Because I know I won’t have to give you your money back. It’s the easiest money back guarantee ever to perform on because I know that we won’t give you your money back. It has only happened a very, very few times. Maybe I’m going to talk about that in an upcoming episode about money back guarantees, that’s something notice something we should talk about. So all that to say, if you are wondering how do you do these things? How do you not make these big marketing mistakes? How do you actually put it all in practice that is more nuanced and more detailed that I can do in one podcast episode, but rest easy come into the profitable nutritionist program, everything is in there, including live coaching every week with me support coaches, with other students in the program, we do breakout sessions where you are going to be collaborating with colleagues that have way better ideas than I do. You also can get coaching from me, you also are going to learn a lot of really useful tools that you can then teach to your clients so they get better results. Because we’re all humans with human brains, everything you learn for your business is then easily applied to your clients. So that’s what I want you to know. That’s what I want you to walk away from our time together today with that knowledge that you can do this. And I say this with love, you can do all of this on your own, okay, it’s not rocket science, if you don’t quit, you are going to be successful. Just like your clients can do their healing on their own too. But it’s like having that blindfold on and feeling your way in the dark down the hallway. Rather than taking it off turning the light on and just walking straight, right. And I want your success to be faster, I want it to be simpler, I want it to be much more enjoyable than you doing trial and error on your own. I also want that for your clients. So I really do urge you to join us inside TPN where you’re going to have all of the step by step processes and all of the support along the way if you haven’t already, so enrollment is open right now until December 14. If you’re listening to this in the future, again, go to the profitable nutritionist.com/join and you will get the upcoming enrollment dates for the next enrollment. And you can join us then. All right, my friend have a wonderful wonderful week, not making any of those three big marketing mistakes I’m sure

Disclaimer: The podcasts on this website are for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or counseling; we disclaim any liability for actions taken based on its content. Additionally, we may receive compensation through affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using our links.

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